Nokia 3711 Now Available


Just in time for the Holidays the Nokia 3711 finally launches today! T-Mobile’s newest Nokia device, is a low-end flip phone that would be great for customers looking for a user friendly phone with 3G capabilities. Not to mention this would be the perfect gift for a beloved grandparent, not into complicated phones. The Nokia 3711 is availble for only $69.99 with a 2-year commitment or $159.99 for those of you that dislike contracts. Order yours today!



  • tonka

    Even after admitting that handset competition is what is costing them customers, T-Mo charges $70 for a bare-bones basic handset on contract. Not very many people price shop service prices… they shop more handset prices since it’s such a more tangible object. Why pay $70 for this basic phone when $100 gets you an iphone? People don’t necessarily look at the long term costs. T-Mo needs to rethink its strategy here. If the Billshrink program really worked, T-Mo wouldn’t have netted a loss of 77,000 customers.

  • Taj

    I’ll take the SE Equinox

  • James

    I believe Rogers (yes it’s a Canadian wireless carrier)is offering the LG eve, their first android phone for $49..yes $49 but Tmo is offering a no frill 3G for $69?? Are you kidding me? Wow

  • matt_TX

    Truly unbelivable….Droid, Eris, Hero, Samsung Slider….All much better phones that any of the Android phones on T-Mobile. And this is what they come up with?

  • Anand

    The LG Eve is $49… with a 3 year contract. The 1 year and 2 year contract prices are significantly higher ($349 and $299 respectively).


    More phones for the bottom feeders……..

    Nothing for the more affluent customers except insults to our intelligence.

    Matt_TX – I agree with you. We spend weeks hearing buzz about Droid, Eris, Hero, iPhone and others. We’re lucky to be getting a late to the game Blackberry…..most other phones are hopeful. HD2? X10? N900?

    Other carriers know what’s they’re getting. We’re always assured to receive yet another junk phone. End of my contract can’t come soon enough. I’m tired of the torture.

  • NiiDiddy


    I went to Best Buy today to see if I can find the Droid to play with (since it seems they are releasing it tomorrow). They didnt have it, but I got very lucky!!

    I ran into a Motorola Rep, and when we got into conversating about the Crappy Cliq and it’s lagginess, he pulled out he DROID – which Moto gave to him as his company phone! Wooow…It takes a lot for me to be impressed, but boy was I impressed. So for the next hour, I played with the Almighty Droid. Sporting Android 2.0, it had the perfect hardware to run applications flawlessly.

    Absolutely nothing bad to say about that phone…fact is, not once did it feel like any of the other Android phones from T-Mobile, as it wasnt laggy. You can open up an application on the Droid and it opens before your fingers come completely off the screen. Now that is fast. myTouch sits, thinks about it for a sec, before it opens up an application. Home screen could go Portrait or Landscape. Both Virtual and Physical keyboard. They were both very responsive. To test VZW’s 3G network and lagginess on phone, I also used Google Maps in satellite mode. I wasnt disappointed!

    I love T-Mobile, but I am getting this phone and unlocking it. Then I will decide if I want to use it on our less developed 3G network, or just migrate to VZ. I see why VZ customers are very loyal…

    Anyway, this is a T-Mo news site, so let me stop boring you with this stuff.

    BTW…I send him off to tell his execs how much they suck for “tarnishing” their image…ie, the Cliq on T-Mobile’s network. I told him they could do better for us!!!

  • rossi


    How are you going to use this on tmo’s network? It won’t work.

  • hi!

    70 bucks…70 freakin bucks????

    They should pay you to carry that thing. And anyone who thought that the even more plus plans were a deal should take this as a warning. Here’s the first phone that’s come out under the new price plans and off contract it costs $150. $150 for this piece of garbage. What’s a decent phone gonna cost 5-600? How about an actually nice phone? $90000-$4516156176181??

  • Steven Y

    While I think that this phone is an insult to anyone who has moved passed the flip phone echelon, every carrier needs to refresh their lower end phones to appeal to all demographics.

    There are carriers that have “better” phones; but what are you really trying to do with your phone anyway. It’s always going to be missing something. It is virtually impossible to please everyone all the time. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side of the fence. Verizon is going to be upping their ETF’s to $350 for subscribers that purchase a Droid. THAT’S INSANE!

    Whatever T-Mobile brings…they’ll bring in time. Why do we need to be the #1 carrier anyway? I am happy with decent phones, great customer service at a decent price.

    Quit ya’ bitchin’!

  • Murble

    @NiiDiddy – You would not be able to use the Verizon Droid on Tmo, as that is the CDMA version of the phone. You will need to wait until the GSM version is available.

  • cockpitinferno

    Nothing wrong with cheap phones (it could have been another Samsung flip) $159.99 with no contract is a nice price–if this was 2005.

  • NiiDiddy

    Not is it’s unlocked?

  • NiiDiddy

    I meant even if I can get it unlocked it wont work on our network?

  • Murble

    That is correct. CDMA phones will not work on GSM networks and vice-versa.

  • mnDave

    Verizon’s network runs on completely different radio bands than T-Mobile. The hardware is incompatible. Verizon doesn’t even use SIM cards.

  • mnDave

    This phone is just a slap in the face. It’s absurd. It’s insulting.

  • rossi

    Nope. Droid uses CDMA frequencies. Tmobile is GSM… Maybe when LTE becomes standard unlocked phones will be interchangeable because every carrier will be using it (hopefully).


    Let’s make something clear. Alot of the current phones Verizon offers are equipped with SIM slots. Some even having SIM cards for when you travel abroad. I’m a T-Mo customer using an unlocked Blackberry Storm 9350. Case in point….Verizon and Vodafone have a joint venture for service coverage for customers traveling abroad. Vodafone uses GSM (SIM) technology so I’m sure the Droid has a SIM slot since it also has the GSM bands included in its specs.

  • bob

    don’t need to hear its a “low-end phone” because T-mobile only offers low end

  • NiiDiddy


    I see what you are saying. Duh..don’t have my thinking cap fully turned on apparently LOL. Thanks again!!

  • rossi

    @ Maximus

    Actually the Droid does not have a sim slot. According to motorola’s website it does not offer support for worldwide roaming, and CNET reviews which list it as a con, “Dual-mode functionality for world-roaming capabilities would have been a nice addition.”

    There are a few phones on verizon that are listed as “world phones” that have that functionality. The droid is not one of these devices.

  • rushmore

    NiiDiddy, I got to use a Droid for a little over an hour.

    Good: Screen, more zippy than Tmo androids, good sound quality

    Bad: KB was weak, still sluggish in spots, camera is poor, sd card under battery is lame- especially since the HD2 is even thinner and does not do this.

    Longterm Android bad: Low app space and only MP4 codec for video.

    Still, it kicks my G1’s a$$!

  • RCtennis3811

    For this phone, the price should have been $49 on contract. It’s only a $20 difference, but $49 just sounds more appealing for those looking for a no-frills phone.

  • abcxyz123

    N900 is $520 at D3ll without any contracts, should be available on 11/14. Why would anyone get a locked Droid is beyond me.

  • Dalton

    $160. Seriously?
    Take of the 0 from that, that’s how much it should cost.
    Damn t-mobile. (Speaking of high prices, why the hell does the G1 (Yes, G1) cost the same as a MyTouch? $400 too. WTF is all i have to say. Either way, both phones are incredibly overpriced. Whatevs t-mobile. If it wasn’t for having to have a contract to get a quality android phone on another carrier, I wouldn’t be getting you for Christmas this year.)

  • motoman

    Can’t understand those prices either. I guess they are aiming at a totally different market which i don’t understand.

    @abcxyz123 : What kind of apps are available for the N900? Did Nokia do the right thing and opened this thing up, or is it going to be like Verizon’s old app store, where they will be offering apps that no one wants at prices no one will pay?


    @Rossi You are incorrectly about the Droid not having a SIM. Check the link below.

  • Tim

    Screen resolution 128×160??? What year is this?

  • jmts80

    And yet another reason y we are 4th and now losing customers :(

  • tmoguy89

    One of our Moto Reps came to our store the other day and i ask him if t-mobile was gonna get the Sholes , he smiled and said he cant really say anything but gave me a definitely maybe !! in Q2010.. ;)

  • rossi

    @ Maximus

    You got me, I’m “incorrectly” about the droid. Actually, I am, in fact, not incorrect about the droid that is available for purchase now. There is a GSM droid in the works, and I never denied that. However, it is not available for purchase yet.

    You changed your argument from, “Let’s make something clear. Alot of the current phones Verizon offers are equipped with SIM slots,” which I corrected you on, to say that there is a GSM version out there somewhere with screenshots of a droid coming from southeast asia that has a sim card, etc etc. That’s okay, change your argument, but I wasn’t wrong in my post…

    Let’s make something clear. The verizon droid does NOT accept sim cards (from the original discussion, and contrary to your original claim). However, you are correct, a GSM version of the droid is coming (which is in addition and unrelated to your original claim). Will you be able to get an unlocked droid? NOT YET.


    @Rossi…..I’ll let you know for sure in the morning after I pick up my Droid.

  • rossi

    @ Maximus,

    I look forward to it.

  • BGK

    It’s not unlike my beloved old 6133. It’s a nice feature set (especially flashed to be able to tether to the laptop!). Not everyone wants or needs a Super Phone. But brown? Really, T-Mo? Really? It’s worse than that bronze Samsung garbage. It’d be something I’d get while I sit on the fence and wait for the improved successor to the MyTouch 3g.

  • ps

    I am interested in this phone, why all of the s**t talking? Jump on over to AT&T’s site and look at the comparable phone, the Nokia 6750 that retails for $249 and doesn’t come with GPS. I am not a huge fan of throwing money away, but I think that $159 is a reasonable price for this piece of equipment. I just wish that people would understand what a phone actually is/does. Tell me that there isn’t 1,000,000 times more tech in a cell than in a graphing calculator, but those cost $100+ and no one is b**ching about the price there.