Samsung Behold 2 Goes Cubed

Our ninja sources are at it again, this time with a look at the Samsung Behold TouchWiz interface. The “Cube” is a different take on the Android platform and from the looks of the video, will either be a smashing hit, or a what were they thinking.

Edit: While the video might appear to showcase a little lag in the interface, the ninja source assures me that there is little lag and its just the choppy video.

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  • yzmael

    it’s ok i guess :-)

  • Wrath

    Seems like a no-brainer, the cube NEEDS to be customizable.

  • John

    wow, the cube actually works pretty well. I hope it is customizable. And at least we didn’t get the same fail as with the x10 infinnity with their ultra-laggy-barely-working rachael UI.

  • NiiDiddy

    Yes, camera with flash. But still…3.2 inch screen. I already have one of those 3.2 inch screens on MT3G I am patiently waiting to get rid of, for a 3.7+ inch screen. I dont want to keep changing phones, so I will stay put…for now.

  • Yaniv C

    For chrissake all i want to know is….. whats friggin cpu & ram?!?!

  • Brent

    This phone needs to be $100 on contract. Or the MT3G does and this one $150 since it has the better camera. Either way. They should both be cheaper than the Droid.

    And seriously, an all touch 3.5 in + screen needs to happen for Android soon. Ideally, HTC’s CEO was just kidding and they will throw Android on the HD2. That would be amazing.

  • Wicked1

    That. Cube looks crazy, but kinda cool too. Any word on the specs? Processor? RAM & Rom?

  • mikeeeee

    looks like the cube is customizable because one of the faces is empty.

    the only thing i want to see on it is red signal bars coming out from the left horizontally.

    then i can start figuring what i can pawn off on craigslist.

  • The cube looks kinda cool but seems like more of a gimmick than anything else

  • Joey

    Your ninja is also a heavy breather…

  • hi!

    lame. I want a phone that works and works fast.

    I don’t have times for cute little games. Imagine needing to get to some information in a hurry and now you’ve got to spin a cute little cube around like a refject trying to find what you’re looking for. A 13 year old might like this while she gets to youtube, lOLZ!1 but for the rest of us…nope

  • xx23

    really? i go with “what where they thinking.” is cool idea but honestly useless. i agree with hi!. ill deff pass on this one

  • usedthephone

    The phone does not come with the cube on the cube on the main screen out of the box. It has the same old samsung touchscreen interface. So you truly dont have to be bothered with the cube if you dont like.

  • Ray

    I just confirmed the processor is NOT the 800mhz we all wished for. Just spoke to our Samsung rep. Processor is the same as mytouch. Not sure of RAM.

  • maxxsooner

    Ok I think I have an answer for the proc on this one…. Can you say.. I know you can, say it… say it…. SAY IT!!!! 528 MHz processor QUALCOMM. See ya 800MHz chip, thought we knew ya but, NOT! Blah! I gleaned this from newegg’s stats (look for the unlocked i7500) . Showing the phone has availabilty today for a sh**load of cash. Again this is a standard android build beside 8gb storage and 128 MB RAM. I am on Tmobile and plan on staying, however these prices on contract better start getting competitive and lack of 3g in my area of 500,000 humans needs 3g now, like yesterday! Step up! good lord tmob! go crazy and contract or cheaply sell sell some high end stuff (With ur brand! N900, HTC HD2, and get the iphone, PRESSURE AT&T or DROID or MILESTONE, multi touch android anyone?) with the new hsdpa+ tech with 5 MBS speed? kill them with phones to go along with speed like the n900 showing of some really cooll flash stuff?!? and did i say,? GIMMME 3G!!

  • Had a chance to play with this phone…. LAG CITY

  • Galen20K

    @Ray its cpu is NOT the same as the MyTouch, stop wasting our time please.

  • Ray

    Ment the same mhz 528. Was the douchey-Ness really called for?