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Be The First To Own The MyTouch Slide

I’m really mixed about this sort of eBay sale as the seller came to me and asked that we help him out on getting attention to his auction.  We’ll help alright, we’ll help in expressing to you as we did already that your asking price is ridiculous. For the record, we were approached with the intent to purchase the device, we declined as as we’ve already learned buying phones can be bad for business. On the other hand, the asking price was astronomical and gave us a good laugh. However, under normal circumstances, I would say no to posting an ebay auction but tech blogs do tend to post auctions that exist with phones that are yet to be released. See this post and this one. The fact is that he is selling the MyTouch Slide, a phone that won’t be released for at least another 3 weeks, perhaps makes it worth a little attention.  What’s even more deserving of the attention is the price he is asking.   With a starting bid of $750 and a “Buy It Now” of $1200, believe me when I say that it’s less than the original price he told me he wanted for it.  Far less.  For the moment, however, he is sticking to his guns and asking what I still consider to be far too much for the device.  I suppose if you have plenty of free cash and a desire to own this phone before anyone else, it’s yours for the taking. Anyone?  Anyone?  Bueller?


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