T-Mobile Passing On Pearl 3G?

We’re chalking this up as a pretty thin but plausible rumor as the boys over at BerryReview.com are claiming T-Mobile will pass on the upcoming Blackberry Pearl 3G. Why would T-Mobile pass on a device it originally helped make so damn popular and in so many colors? Why another Blackberry of course, possibly a 3G version of the 85xx series or perhaps the 93xx. For the moment this is all speculation, rumor and “grapevine” talk as BerryReview puts it and I don’t know if T-Mobile will pass on a device that may end up at all the major players. Guess time will tell.

Crackberry via BerryReview

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  • tato22

    a new phone for tmobile to charge data plan nice

    • David

      I think that would necessitate them carrying the device though my friend!

      • TehAndroid

        Yeah why should you have to pay for DATA on a DATA phone. If you can’t afford the monthly don’t buy the phone.

    • ColoradoGray

      Actually, the Pearls (and the shadows) don’t ahve that requirement. It is really for the full keyboard devices.

      • arcangel7

        I have the old curve and do not have the data plan. Had to cancel it because of tough times. As a former T-Mo sales rep the ONLY reason the data plan is required (besides G1) is because of $$$.

    • Bigs12

      you wouldn’t need it on that phone…curve and bold only

    • RBB

      You don’t have to have a data plan on ANY BlackBerry. You can request a required messaging bundle instead… Besides, what is the purpose for a “smart-phone” without data? To look cool???

  • 2C

    I hope they get that Blackberry slider. That would be a nice addition to the network.

    • arcangel7

      Not happening, AT&T bought a million with exlusive rights ( or at least for the first few month).

  • Sneakerfreak360


  • nell_z

    Maybe their passing it up for a version of a, say, touch Blackberry???…..

  • Housetek

    I hated the old pearl, and customers came back all the time b/c the thing was a POS.

    Lets not revive this junk in any way shape or form.

  • david

    I hope this is true. Is anyone clamoring for a Blackberry Pearl?

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    It’s quite simple really. Data is where the big money is now being made.

    Data for the masses means using smartphones for socializing, e.g., Facebook.

    For socializing on a cell phone one needs a device with a large enough display to see pics, video and use the Net.

    The Pearl has run its course and is not a good data phone, at least not by 2010 standards. The screen is too small and RIM’s software is lousy at socializing, so to speak.

  • jmts80

    Passing it up for another BB….I hope Tmo does not get that full keyboard BB flip it is UGLY

  • gadgetguru

    TMO is known to have ugly phones. What’s new? In my personal opinion they should fire the whole staff that is involved in bringing or negotiating for new phones at TMO. I am not sure which marketing or fashion school they went too, looks like they are stuck somewhere in 70’s or 80’s.

    • ScottzBY

      Hey GadgetGuru, have you seen the HD2? Broadly considered the sexiest phone since the iPhone? How about the myTouch? Climb out from under your rock. Beautiful things are happening at T-Mobile. Finally.

      • gadgetguru

        Hey, Scotty..Buzz

        Do you realize it is only two phones that you mentioned, Ohhhh..guess what in last 12+ years? I have been customer of t-mobile since it was voicestream and voicestream use to carry the best and latest phones when it was around. The execution of voicestream management was much superior to that of TMO.
        There is nothing that beats iphone or even verizon droid by MOTO and now Incredible. TMO only has HD2? I have played with HD2, looks sexy, browser/OS performs like same old windows junk . The only thing it has going for is faster processor and memory otherwise it would be have been complete disaster for TMO.
        Mytouch is a an ugly beast with buttons in the front of the phone that looks like someone was drunk when they designed this phone..complete 80’s and with slow processor it is not even worth investment of $149.00 on contract. The only thing is it going for Mytouch is Android otherwise this phone would be in the dumps. I am only sticking around with TMO because of its service and reasonable plans and not the phones. But I hope to God they get iPhone sooon or they need to get sexy device like iPhone and runs latest and greatest version of Android; PERIOD.

  • Jim

    Maybe T-Mobile is seeing the writing on the wall, that is, that Blackberry is way behind in what has become an Android – iPhone world. I loved my Blackberrys but they are just not keeping up. Maybe they will surprise us with a new OS and modern touch screen?

    • john

      Iphone is a freaking toy, BB is a business phone and NOT truly intended for socializing. Android is another OS designed for enjoyment/socializing, not business. IE all the fart apps!! yeah iphone is a nice phone and apps are great,just is not a business phone and NOT in same class as a BB

    • arcangel7

      New Blackberry OS 6.0 should be on it, the 9800 Bold Slider and the clamshell.

    • TheGuy

      its actually a Symbian world… maybe a Android iPhone country…

  • MikeTheProf

    Loved my BB 8120 (still have it, waiting to upgrade). I do not have a data plan on it, only the T-Mo $10 e-mail, which is not being offered anymore. This phone has been awesome for me.

    Believe it or not, a lot of people don’t give a flip about twitter, facebook, etc. They just want a good phone that can slip into their pocket with a great calendar and e-mail function that syncs with their work computer. This has been the 8120 for me.

    I wouldn’t get the Pearl 3G, only because I’m ready to move to an internet device, hopefully the Samsung Galaxy S.

  • djdarkknight96

    I work in care and would love to see the pearl 3G come to tmo….more phones to choose from the better….I would love to see rim make us a exclusive touch berry slide or a pearl touch…. Come on Rim get caught up, touch is the future!

    • john

      trust me if TMO passed on it is is junk,thus why they passed on the Storm

  • sorandkairi

    Really ppl, who cares…!?

  • Pablo

    this is legit. i met with a blackberry rep a few weeks back and he told us in the meeting that the new pearl was the only upcoming bb phone he could disclose. he told us to keep it hush hush, but come on, does he really think this is going to happen? mark my words. tmo will get a new 3g pearl

  • Galen20K

    there’s No way they’re passing on this. all lies!

  • timmyjoe42

    This device looks nice enough and all…but…

    I got rid of my 8120 (really liked it) because of the OS and the trackball. I hated both. The smaller keyboard wasn’t too bad, but every now and then when typing it would predict the wrong word and I wouldn’t catch it in a text or quick email. I really like the weight/ size/ and battery life out of it. The seamless Exchange sync was the best part. I can see why this has appeal.

  • Licious

    Even if they did release another BB other than the Pearl 3G, they should still carry it. People like options. Give them the Pearl 3G.

  • Dashi

    JUST Talked To My Blackberry Rep 2 Mins Ago And She Said That She Hasn’t Heard One Way Or The Other On Wether Or Not The BB 3G Pearl Is Comeing To Tmobile What She Has Heard Is That It Is Going To A GSM (Sorry If I Did Tht Wrong I Can Never Remember) Provider First But She’s Not Sure Which One -.- Lot Of Help These Reps Are…

    • MikeTheProf

      CaPiTaL LeTtErS BeLoNg At The BeGiNnInG Of A sEnTeNcE OnLy.

  • Solidus433

    I had the 8120pearl, well, still have it..its my back up phone at the moment. Until I went android, BB was the best phone I have owned. I hope T-mo picks this one up. A lot of people would jump on this one quick.

  • marco

    If T-Mobile had had a 3G blackberry half a year ago, I would have never switched to Android ;)

    • beastly

      Um, the 9700 came out over 6 months ago.

      • sorandkairi


  • interweb

    Maybe cuz they can’t get the 3G to work properly with the 9700 on their network??