Official HTC HD2 Update Coming May 18th

This past week we managed to get our hands on an internal link for a forthcoming HTC HD2 software update. Judging by the response to this update, which was a flurry of HD2 users wanting to get their hands on something that might resolve some of their freezing issues for the most part, it did just that. However, after almost 40 hours of uptime, T-Mobile and/or HTC took the link down. Well good news for those of you were unable to grab the link in time, the official download hits May 18th and this time, it’ll be yours for the taking.

One of our sources just sent in this snipped just sent down through the ranks:

HTC HD2 Software Update On May 18, T-Mobile will provide a software upgrade for HTC HD2 customers to download at All customers with an HD2 are encouraged to install this upgrade as it improves device stability and performance.

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  • lol

    hopefully it stops freezing…1 here in the store never works for more than 2 days

  • drivethruboy168


  • bknowledge

    Maybe the my account app will actually be available then. I installed the update 24hrs ago & haven’t had any issues in it did improve the freezing when messages load.

    • bknowledge

      It looks like the my account app that came with the update is now live. It appears to only work with a 3G connection no Wi-Fi.

  • Is this the same one that was on HTC last week? I flashed that update this weekend — so far, so good. Connection-hunting isn’t gone, but between the replacement handset a couple weeks ago and this update, it’s getting better.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    I’m selling my HD2 soon. I’ve been through waaaayyyyy tooo many problems with it in the last week and a half.

    No signal for days (Not even Voice), Tmo Customer Service Reps not knowing what to do to resolve the problem so they go to the obvious solution (Factory Reset) which lost all my contacts and info (Luckily I sync’d it before I did the factory reset), but then Active Sync stopped working, but wait, there’s more, Microsoft MyPhone wouldn’t get past the Authenticating User screen for almost 5 hours and when it FINALLY came back up, I had to run the software multiple times just to get my stuff back.

    I went through at least 15 Tmo Customer Service reps, Now they tell me to get a new SIM card from the store to fix the problem, when I do that, The Tmo Store Clerk does it which was cool, then for some reason my phone starts deleting all my contacts every 2 days so I find myself resyncing very often just to keep my contacts, then my charger started making the phone’s charging light flash on and off from green to Orange.

    That’s just a few of the problems I’ve been having with this HD2. It started out great but over the two month period, it has done nothing but gotten worse. For the people who likes the HD2 you have your opinions but I’m switching to Project Emerald phone/Sidekick Twist. I just REALLY hope that Tmobile doesn’t have your info stored on servers like the previous Sidekicks. I wouldn’t want outages to delete everybody’s info like the previous sidekick incident(s).

    • TMoEmployee

      I hated my HTC HD2 also. Too many issues and short comings. Went to a MyTouch Fender. I missed the customization and the simplicity of just rotating a damn photo! Geesh Microsoft!!! I’m looking forward to the MyTouch Slide or, hopefully, the Galaxy S.

      • Wilma Flintstone

        I don’t technically hate the HD2, I love the design and the specs but the some of the software is buggy as all get out. I love HTC Sense UI overlay and don’t hate WinMo but I can say that I can see now why some people do.

        I can’t get with the Mytouch, I was thinking about the Galaxy S but now that I hear about this new Project Emerald Device, I’m waiting on that. I heard training on it already started and it’s being released in the Summer. If so, it’s coming real soon and I’ll have it. I bought the HD2 unsubsidized.

  • ms. Matrix

    It probably will freeze more after the update. Windows anything sucks.

    • TMoEmployee

      I second that!

  • strayelectron

    I too flashed the update last week. Unfortunately, the voice command announce to the bluetooth headset issue was not resolved, so I re-flashed Kumar’s Premium ROM v.2.0 which has been extremely stable and quite fast.

  • daniel

    my hd2 freezes and when i try to unlock it i turn the screen on and the top and bottom are there but the middle is like its already unlocked it shows the clock but its frozen and i cant even unlock the phone. i really thought this phone would be awesome but now i cant stand to admit that i really want the evo 4g… there i said it and im kind of sick of tmobile anyway!

  • dean

    the update works great, the SPB MOBILE SHELL make it so stable and lightning fast, it will be difficult to choose now.

    • Nick281051

      i ran that on my htc tilt 2 and my dad ran it on his fuze while he had it, great shell. Looks similar to android and works very well

  • bigc17

    It took all this time for tmo to even get an update for the phone and now i’m thinking, do i even still want the update. I guess i have to take it because my mom said this was the last phone she was getting me for this year so, i have to wait until march of 2011 to get my next phone, unless i can save around $350.00 for this new htc superphone as a upgrade. I have a problem and i cant keep a smartphone for longer than 12 months or less, even that’s hard but im only 17 and i dont have a job right now so im not the one paying for the phone, my mom is. I do promise one thing, if this new tmo phone is the best ever, i’ll save up enough paper to get it when it comes out.

    • mmaxxsooner

      Problem solved! GET A JOB!

  • kai

    the hd2 is a monster…..awesome phone….but i agree isn’t a great phone out of the box…..needs to be tweaked here and there to improve performance and also to get to look just the way you want it….

  • jwgizmo

    Good for the update, now how about an effin holster to carry this damn thing. What ever happened to them? We use to get holster with all phones, now you have to carry it in a place your not recommended to or you might break the screen. Come on cell phone manufactures….. WAKE UP!!!

  • ZORD

    Come on guys everybody knows windows mobile dont really work… just grab a nexus one flash modaco desire rom and live happy :) u can do almost everything with this phone… sownload free music, movies, games, apps, etc etc etc… really worth it!!!

  • Joe

    jwgizmo says:
    May 17, 2010 at 7:00 pm
    Good for the update, now how about an effin holster to carry this damn thing. What ever happened to them? We use to get holster with all phones, now you have to carry it in a place your not recommended to or you might break the screen. Come on cell phone manufactures….. WAKE UP!!!

    I 2nd this comment… I Love this Phone and I will be honest and say I am one of the “lucky” ones to have had No real issues with it…. But I am at the point now where I leave the phone at home because I just have no way of carrying this beast. Last thing I want to do is crack this screen. But as the weather gets warmer, I will have less pockets to carry it in..

    • ReadingGood

      A holster? What are you? 50 years old and wear Dockers?

      • jwgizmo

        No dick, I’m 49. If you know anything about anything, there is a such thing as a holster. It’s made of high impact ABS plastic. not the stupid leather case that most people carry. The screen faces in so idiots like you don’t crack it then walk around pissed because you can’t afford to buy a new phone. get a job!

  • efjay

    Windows Mobile sucks!! I downloaded the update and when my HD2 saw I was downloading the update it froze!! Then I reset it and looked at it sternly and it froze!! Went to reset it and it froze on top of the freeze it had just frozen!! I put my HD2 up for sale on ebay and it froze!! My baby cried and my HD2 froze!! Damn you Windows Mobile, damn you Microsoft. Please mighty spydroid, let me buy you so i can have tell my friends how my HD2 FROZE!!!!!!!

  • Chris_817


    well I couldn’t do rapidshare cause I only have a free account and the file is 206.18 MB so i used this new one instead: here is the Link

    You will need winRAR to extract and build the .exe

    I split the .exe into two .rar archives on 4shared so it would be under 200mb so I could upload it, its uploading now, you will have to download both .rar files and right click .rar1 and hit extract and it will automatically extract .rar2 and create a folder with the Official .exe in it.


    • Justin

      Scammer. Do not do it. I didnt even try it either. I don’t like download update come from people. I only download update officially from either HTC or T-Mobile.

  • lol

    this article/blog is for the HD2, why are the android fans in here? lol
    Don’t get me wrong, I love android and all, but you can’t deny that the HD2 is a great phone. all of you having problems with FREEZING! go back to your iphones damn it. HD2 is to be used by people who knows how to use windows mobile. and I’m gonna tell you, it doesn’t SUCK. I haven’t had any major issues with this phone. all the lag i have was because of my settings, I have everything updating every 15 mins and it just sucks coz every app will update at that time. Now that I’ve set update times on fb contacts, weather, e-mails (4 of them), twitter, and outlook, phone has been running fine. Take a step and learn how to use this damn thing and maybe you guys won’t have the problems you guys do. if you don’t wanna take a step and learn something, then go back to android and iphones. No one forced you to buy this phone and winmo.

    • Wilma Flintstone

      is the fact that the HD2 keeps deleting my contacts because of my settings? I don’t think so. So fact is, the device is very buggy. I agree that it is a good device overall but there is no way you can sit there and say that the HD2 is supposed to delete all your contacts every 2 days. Now, I don’t have many problems with freezing and I dag on sure would buy the HD2 over the iCrap anyday but after experiencing some of the software problems I’ve just been through within the last week and a half, I can say I see why some people dislike WinMo. I don’t dislike WinMo but I do dislike WP7 (That’s a total piece of crap since the first video of it).

      It’s also very true that WinMo has a Crapload of Apps all over the web, but the problem is, that for most of them, you have to be a computer programmer in order to figure out how to install them and most people aren’t computer programmers if you get my drift.

  • Mr. MultiMedia

    New TMOUSA HD2 *MultiMedia SuperNova ROM, 2.13 Base, DirecTV NFL SuperCast, WMP7 Skin with Xbox photo, Xbox Games Folder by JaxBot’s, [Default HTC Sense], YomoMedia [Video/Audio], BingTellMe [When Starting BingTellMe, It Will Search For Your Location, Tap on Cancel And Place You Zip Code In The Bing Search Bar, Tap On “Search”…. BingTellMe Has Turn By Turn Directions With Microsoft’s Speech/Voice Command Technology], BsB Tweaks, Anti-Freeze Tools on board, GSPlayer, Pandora, Saturn Liberty Movies with 7 movie houses, 10 HD radio stations, TCPMP Digital Video/Audio player, SlingPlayer Mobile [Enhanced color version], The ChannerTV, SelectRadio [Satellite Radio], SecondToday Screen [Via Data Master Left Soft Key], TellMe, and more…get the download at the TOP OF POST # 1 just below the Tech1 UFO ROM icom HERE

    A YouTube Video Of DirecTV’s NFL SuperCast Via Mobile Phone …….

    Xbox Games Folder

    The WP7 Skin is full functional, it even has a Xbox Games folder for your Xbox games, plus a Xbox Icon Games folder…

  • HD2 Fanboy,not!

    I downloaded this update and it is close to flawless. I went from wanting to throw he phone out the window to a converted fan. It is not quite the email device of a blackberry, but does everything else so incredibly well, I’m sold!

  • Jshin

    Love my HD2, LOL is spot on! WM is for power users who know how to tweak and complete reg edits. Been running Energy ROM with cookies since the day after my HD2 arrived in the mail.
    I can agree that a device this high if caliber and price should atleast be stable for the newbs out of the box.

  • Doug

    question, do you flash this like all the other custom roms? my boss just bought one and she already wants to take it back because of the freezes and text messages going to the wrong people. i told here there’s an update on the way. but there’s no way she’ll figure out how to flash a rom, as simple as it is. so i get to play the role of hero…

  • Jshin

    @ Doug, yuppers. connect it via device managwr, download the update make sure 2 back up the data. I prefer PIM backup and make sure it has atleaswt 50 percent battery and run the update.

  • Jshin

    @ Doug,

    yes, remember to back it up first, I recomend PIM Backup.

    • Doug

      thanks. i’ve been running elegancia since a couple weeks after launch. so i’m used to flashing. just didn’t know if this update was similar. i appreciate the heads up.

  •* you have an extra ‘.com’ on there.

  • James T

    if your looking for the update, its on the original thread that was started last week. the new link isn’t working as of this morning anyway.

  • col batitong

    is this update will fix the keyboard sensitivity? because every time i used the keyboard to text, it is so sensitive, it is so annoying. cannot type without mistake. the onscreen keyboard really suxxx.

  • alex

    So where is the update, the link in the article doesn’t work (it has 2 .coms in it)

  • Craiger_B

    Update is not on today. I got all prepared to flash and everything. New to the whole carrier-released ROM updates: how does T-Mobile normally inform their customers an update is available for their phone?

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Man What the heck? My IMEI number has 17 numbers instead of 15 so for some reason, It won’t fit in the required space.

    • Rick

      Put in your first 15 digits and leave off the last 2

    • STFU Already

      After reading all your previous comments… you’re a retard and I don’t know what ever compelled you to get an HD2. And now all you wanna do is whine whine whine about something you should have never got in the first place.

      And your problem w/ the Contacts deleting? Thats YOU and only YOU which means YOU have an issue that NO ONE ELSE has. Don’t f’n tell come here and tell people the HD2 is buggy when I’m sitting here with this phone from day one and haven’t had one single issue with it.

      You are the exact kind of person I’ve been trying to deter from getting an HD2 because even if the phone did work flawlessly for you like it does me, you would undoubtedly find something to bitch about anyway.

      For the last time Android lovers: STAY AWAY FROM THE HD2. WinMo is NOT like Android and YOU WILL hate it.

      • Wilma Flintstone

        @stfu already
        Haaaaa!!! That was a hilarious attempt to insult. You seriously have to come harder than that to try to offend me bud. Just take your own name’s advice and stfu already because the only retard here is obviously you. I am no Android lover, never owned an android device. I have owned Symbian devices though Mr. Cleo. “call me now”. Haaaa!!!

        Also, if you ACTUALLY COULD READ, you’d know that I said I don’t hate WinMo, I do however dislike how WP7 is turning out. Oh, and I owned the HD2 from day one also. Bought it for the$450 price off contract. First person at the store to buy mine.

        You want to know what compelled me to get the HD2? Me wanting to try out WinMo which again if you COULD ACTUALLY READ was stated in my previous posts.

        So please, before you come trying to insult someone, just stfu already, read the FULL comment and think about what you’re saying before you say it.

        Also, you want to talk about just happening to one person, you having a flawlessly working HD2 is what is considered happening to just one person. You probably are just too bent over by WinMo to get some backbone about yourself and say if anything is wrong with WinMo. I realize that all OS’ have issues thus the reason for updates. If you could read, more people are having problems with the HD2 than not meaning that if you have a good working device, then you are in the minority.

        I’m willing to give the HD2 and WinMo a chance despite plenty people telling me that it’s a crappy os. I wanted to see for myself. I think that it could use some work and I see why people say it isn’t good, but I know from seeing myfriend with a WinMo TP2 that it could be a pretty good os especially with Mobile Shell. This was typed on my buggy HD2 which one of the 15 tech support agents said was most likely a defective unit (means one unit that was malfunctioning if you didn’t know) so I don’t need you to reconfirm what I’ve already been told by a tech support agent so just stfu already. Haaaa!!! My replacement unit is on the way and should be here within 7 business days.

        So next time, read and at least try to understand what I write before making yourself look like a complete WinMo servant. And learn some more vocabulary, that way you don’t have to swear or use curse words to get your point across.

        @ rick
        Ok, I’ll try that. Thanks. :)

  • Srki

    Well this link started working now, and I’ve downloaded update. I did have many issues with HD2. After I got first replacement device things are way better. I think that T-Mobile fixed it’s 3G connectivity issue because I was not able to be on 3G for more than 10 hours before data would reset itself to 0 minutes and in some cases not even able to download e-mail.

    Now I can run on 3G for few days without any reset or lost data connection. Most i got was 130 hours. Even SMS app does not freeze anymore. I’ll see how this update will make it even better HD2 experience. I was going to return my HD2 at beginning with 3G connectivity and sms issues but lets face it, device is simply gorgeous. I will probably get Galaxy S since Win Mo 6.5 versions are endangered species because of Windows Phone 7. Galaxy x is awesome but no flash for camera. Android will be main OS for mobile phones in near future.

  • Michael

    I just got my HD2 in the mail yesterday and it already had the new ROM on there. I haven’t had any problems…yet.

  • Mr. MultiMedia

    According to my inside sources at T-Mobile, the new TMOUSA HD2 ROM update will be released on May 22, 2010 via text message letting you know where to get the download, stay tune to here for further info updates… You can still get the Ultimate Multimedia SuperNova ROM 2.13 base HERE

  • Mr. MultiMedia
  • Mr. MultiMedia
  • alyero

    I just installed the new update. HD2 Seems slow. Slow to load sense, serious key stroke lag.. anyone else getting this? For example when I type there is a 3-4 second lag before the characters show up.

  • tthomas

    (3- pm- pst) the update will be available on the tmobile website.\wmupgrade.

  • joey

    talked tmobile tech support update will be released today @ 3 pm pst on windows upgrade on t-mobile ppl calm down and wait a few hours

  • Deke218

    I went back to to 2.10. 2.13 did nothing to fix my reception.

  • Cyclone

    I can’t seem to stay connected to 3G or even just Edge anymore. It’s always connected at G and it’s ridiculous. The text doesn’t lag anymore but the data is unusable.

  • trickystyle

    some one stole my hd2 2 weeks ago. i miss my phone.

  • NuShrike

    Well, already running 2.13.531.1 (90963) from the leak last time, and my major complaint is touch-scrolling is awful compared to the 2.10 release.

  • Mark

    3:03 PM PT. Nothing on TMO upgrade site yet.

  • Ben

    wow 320 and still nothing this is getting pretty ridiculous…. i tryed the htc version the sensitivity sucked and i had teh worst keyboard keys lag ever. Come on tmo where is it…

  • Ben

    well i take that back its up finally but its is the same version as the leaked one from a few days ago… o well let see howit works

  • longer

    I talked to a customer rep today and they said the official release is tomorrow. Today was the release for employees.

    • Ben

      nope its already up my man just go to the winmo update on tmo website its right there

      • longer

        Thanks, should have known not to trust customer reps.

  • kevin

    this update does nothing 2.13 sucks and who ever wrote code for this phone need his ass whooped im so mad im stuck with this damn phone.

  • Ben


  • Mark

    How is the screen sensitivity? Better with today’s release?

  • rus

    How do i downgrade my software back to the old version. this new one keeps me on edge and never connects to 3g while on the old software i was always connected to 3g.

  • James

    I am sending my Crappy HTC HD2 back to Tmobile, This phone SUX big time.. Old ROM was better, (Stupid Me updated with new one, worse touch performance) then down graded then even worse, So Sending Back the HTC HD2 and Going with Sprint HTC EVO 4G lets see how that works.. what a phone but Tmobile distoryed it. Shame shame.

  • Mr. MultiMedia

    NEW UPGRADE, UPSCALE TMOUSA HD2 *MultiMedia SuperNova ROM VER. 2 [JUST RELEASED], 2.13 Base [Mixed Drivers Old And New], NOW WITH *NEW MMS [Photos/Video messages] QUICK SEND TECHNOLOGY TO ALL CARRIERS/TO ALL MOBILE PHONE, INCLUDING TO THE IPHONE, AUTO RESIZING, NEW MMS SETTINGS ARE NOW BUILT IN, ON BOARD, [The New MMS Software is CopyRighted Software By Technology1]…. DirecTV NFL SuperCast, WMP7 Skin….! The WP7 Skin is full functional, it even has a Xbox Game folder for your Xbox games, plus a Icon Games folder by JaxBot’s… [Default HTC Sense], YomoMedia [Video/Audio], BingTellMe, GSPlayer,[Plays Just About All FM Stations On The Planets Via The Mobile Scream Center via ], Pandora, Saturn Liberty Movies with 7 movie houses, 10 HD radio stations, NEW TCPMP Digital Video/Audio player [Upscale Version With Added Enhancer Color Codecs], SlingPlayer Mobile [Enhanced color codec version], The ChannerTV, SelectRadio [Satellite Radio], SecondToday Screen [Via Data Master Left Soft Key], TellMe, Wifi Router, New Windows Media Player Skin [Anastasia], SciLorsGrooveMobileAlphav10 play any song by typing in the Artist name, and more…get the NEW download at the top of post # 1, just below the Tech1 UFO ROM icon, again thanks to Technology1 for this awesome ROM…….. Get The NEW ROM HERE …….

  • i think satellite radio did not gain so much popularity these days.*-“

  • HTC Hax’d ME

    Well, I’ve had this update, and I’ve been playing with it. Have to tell you that I’m not impressed at all. Ironically enough Tmobile sent a text message to tell me about the update. 2 days ago, pffft. I still get the slow/freezing issues acquainted with the phone.

    I hope this thing upgrades to WinMo 7 which is supposed to be a lot more stable. For now I’m going to look into flashing the ROM with Adroid.

  • the good thing about satellite radio is that you can access it anywhere”`;