Samsung Galaxy S Promo Video Goes Online

While we still await “official” word on the Samsung Galaxy S making an arrival with T-Mobile, we’ve already had some pretty good indicators. There is nothing in this video, which will make your jaw drop, but it’s a 90 second look at a possible Android superphone for later this summer. Sound off below if you are going to wait and see if this will be you next T-Mobile device.


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  • Toro

    Saw this on Friday…can’t wait! I hope that when this phone gets released we get Froyo right away.

    • mmaxxsooner

      Don’t hold your breath on froyo. Because if its anything like samsung is doing to the behold 2 owner the update will Never come. Go with anything but Samsung android!

  • Esh

    i just hope its released for t-mobile and within like the next 3mon. I just might hold up buying the Slide to see if this comes to light.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      I say June, so that T-Mobile has something to compete with the Evo.

      Plus, from the YouTube video posted, the TMOUS SGS appears ready to go.

      Anyone else have a guess, from all the evidence out there?

  • DannOfThurs

    Either this or the HSDPA EVO4G ;) – but I’m still going to hold off until June / July to find out if there’s anything else cooking!

    • God

      how can you have an HSDPA 4g device? that doesn’t even make sense.

  • Marcelo L

    Only if they still ship it with the Hummingbird processor. If they wimp out and substitute a Snapdragon, then it becomes just another “Also has…” in the powerhouse category, and with the HTC EVO coming and HTC Incredible already out, plus whatever Apples shows at WWDC, TMo has it’s work cut out for it.

    And TMo certainly isn’t going to win any market share with the MyTouch Slide…hopefully Samsung didn’t wimp out on the processor.

    • Joe

      The processor as described is a Samsung 1 GHz ARM processor. It’s not a Snapdragon

  • LOVE IT! Either this or the Superphone “Sidekick Twist” :D

  • mikeeeee

    is this the one the t-mo customer service rep was talking about with UMA?

    he mentioned a new android would have UMA.

    • Bigs12

      we are getting UMA androids soon and cell towers for your house to get 3g and improve signal so you don’t have to worry about your home not getting coverage anymore

      • Halamadrid

        Can you please elaborate as to when “soon” is. I’m really suffering with my coverage at home.

  • Maz

    I am definitely looking at this device and if it comes out within the next three or four months it is without question mine. I for one do not care about a hybrid sidekick android phone, but who knows it might be impressive.

  • Ryan

    I’ve seen it in person via Samsung rep. And yes, it is coming to TMobile. Not that I have any proof of this, so take it for what it’s worth. But you’ll know I’m right soon enough. :)

  • AJ

    nice phone, but the screen is too large IMO

    • Toro

      Huh?? If you ask me (not that you are ;) I think this screen is perfect!! Not too huge like Evo and HD2, but still big enough to impress the ladies if ya know what I mean haha

  • jay

    i spoke to customer service the other day, and the lady told me that in like 2 weeks there was going to be a meeting held for new phones. I guess this may be one of them. I mention project emerald..she had no idea what that was…

  • tmofan78

    does anyone know when nexus one will sell on tmobile retail stores?
    will 3g issues be fixed as well when this happens?
    i have wanted one since february but couldnt get it because of googles single plan and mess of online store.

    • Bobomo

      Things that I’m excited about: Super AMOLED; DLNA server; Hummingbird Chipset (don’t believe the source, there is no chance they will put a competitor’s chipset in their flagship phone); The dock accessory shown in the video.

      If/when this comes to T-Mo, I’m going to get one. The only thing that will give me pause is the lack of camera flash. It just seems so easy to slap and LED on the back… but it will probably only give me pause for a moment and I’ll still buy it. I hope T-Mo doesn’t screw this one up…

      • JaylanPHNX

        I paused at the lack of a camera flash, but just just for a second. Then I realized that every picture I’ve taken using the flash on my Cliq xt (which takes killer pictures) has been washed out. Then I thought further and realized that my Sony digital camera took crappy pictures with it’s flash. Digital photography usually works better without the flash, even in lower light. If only I had a Samsung TV to use that DLNA thing…

    • Bobomo

      Sorry – that wasn’t supposed to be a reply to you!

  • DannOfThurs

    Front-facing camera….just caught that. This phone is really shaping up as faster than EVO….

  • Nick

    Damn, this video actually makes their Samsung customizations look pretty sweet. Slick vid that really does the phone justice. Can’t wait to get my hands on this.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    I put up Howard Chiu’s excellent SGS demo video, that I say contains evidence that the SGS is coming to T-Mobile, in June is my prediction.

    Having a lot of YouTube videos up (on my other accounts) to compare this one with, it’s interesting that this video has a few hundred views every few minutes. That’s amazing for a video where the title contains the words T-Mobile, Samsung Galaxy S, and Supersonic.

    Must be a lot of people wondering if T-Mobile get the SGS.

    • J-Hop2o6

      u need to widen the video

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Actually, we are lucky to have it at all. I cannot edit it.

      • J-Hop2o6

        i seen it when Chiu had it up.. and that sux u can’t widen it.
        hopefully u can put Vanilla/SenseUI on it,, but keeping its camera GUI since its really useful.

  • This thing looks pretty awesome, actually. I wasn’t excited about it at first, but the more I read, the more I start to like it. But…does it really lack any kind of directional buttons? (trackball, d-pad, optical pad). That would really suck, I use that on my G1 daily.

    • soon2TMO

      left button = menu
      middle = optical pad
      right button = back

  • not4sakn

    Hopefully Samsungs bloatware doesn’t ruin this phone like it did the Behold 2.

    • Leonardo

      We should learn from the Behold 2.
      Lack of support, lack of upgrades, slow interface, and bugs.
      Samsung and T-Mobile didn’t support the phone at all.

      Avoid Samsung T-Mobiles phones!!

  • Kerry

    The Plan? Buy a Mytouch 3G slide outright to at least get off 1.6 and into some 2.1 Android love (more memory, storage etc… G1 is painful to use these days).

    Then I’ll use my upgrade to buy the Galaxy S or other fast smartphone later in the year. Once I’m on an faster phone I’ll sell the Slide via e-bay or something.

  • AndroidRRR

    I still like this commercial the song is catchy and it shows the phone off pretty well. About 97% sure this phone or the HTC SK Twist will be my next device, unless we get some other super surprise phone lol. Oh and btw if the SK Twist has those massive specs it should have a name like SideKick Endall, Scorpion, Brilliance or something like exciting. But If its called the Twist and still has massive specs i’ll take that name :).

    • Toro

      Is it just me or is there no sound to this commercial?

      • Axcell

        same no sound for me, but I’m super excited for this phone.

  • Nick

    I have been eyeing this phone for sometime. Everytime that I get my hopes up, the phone always goes to another company. So this time I am not going to do that. I continue to rock my white G1 and mod it everyday. Cyanogen is every root users friend! I really want a new phone and the Samsung Galaxy S looks like it definitely could fit the build. Keep me updated.


  • Pablo

    AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL! apparently you bozo’s dont remember the freaking behold II. aka, crappiest phone ever. samsungs touchwiz ui is crap. buggy, slow, no support. i couldn’t give that phone away, speaking of which, customer care actually is now. this will be the biggest disappointment of a phone in tmobile history. the slide blows this thing out of the water any day of the week. hell, even the original mytouch will probably freeze less than a freaking samsung android device. stick to tv’s samsung, your phones suck.

    • JaylanPHNX

      This phone will be nothing like the Behold II. Calm down and look at the differences. The Behold II had a non-samsung processor whereas this one should be their Hummingbird set. The difference is that they can optimize the ROM for their chips. Two, this is Touchwiz 3.0, which looks like a whole new animal–the only thing about Touchwiz they kept was the name. Three, of course there was no support for the Behold II, it was universally rejected so they moved on to bigger and better things (like the Galaxy S). Four, this is Samsung’s flagship phone, meaning they are resting their place in the handset market on this device–it will be supported. Five, the MyTouch Slide (though a great mid-level phone) can’t hold a candle to the Galaxy S. Processor, RAM, ROM, screen size, screen resolution, all outstrip the Mytouch and Slide by far. Set aside your anger (it is the path to the dark side) and take another look.

      • soon2TMO

        + 1000

        totally agree with you… samsung moment just got an upgrade to android 2.1
        most likely, they will ship this phone with 2.2 and will have abundant support for this galaxy S and their new line -up of handsets..??

      • mmaxxsooner

        Lol he said touchwiz 3.0 like its a good thing! run run away fast and if I heard right no flash Samsung get clue. Anyone heard of bada lmao damsung get a clue!

    • Nick

      Sense also sucked on sub-1ghz units but runs great on the Incredible.

  • J-Hop2o6

    i can’t wait for HTC to start using Super AMOLED screens (if they can).

  • ObsceneJesster

    @Pablo…Fact of the matter is that the Slide is still a midrange smartphone and the Galaxy S is a high-end smart phone with much better hardware which will run apps and custom ROMS a lot faster.

  • JL

    This thing has wireless tethering. This is definitely my new phone

  • JL

    I put the wrong link. Here is the one that states wireless tethering.

    • soon2TMO

      thanks.. so t-mobile allow tethering? no extra charges whatsoever?

      wow.. cant wait!!

  • hiddengopher

    I refuse to buy a Samsung device. I’m loyal to HTC. My Nexus One is great.

  • RockTripod

    Seriously, why does everyone get their panties in a twist over which CPU their cellphone is packing? Its a phone for god’s sake, it doesn’t need something that you’d find in a netbook. I have been enjoying a myTouch Slide since Friday. Its only got a 600Mhz ARM11 chip in it. Guess what. It works like a champ. Everything is smooth as silk, and I haven’t experienced any significant lag. About the only thing that does chug is the Genius button, and this is all pre-release software. Yes, it would be neat if every phone had a 1Ghz chip, but that would also be really, really stupid. Hell, someone commented that if Samsung “wimps out” with a Snapdragon processor then the phone would only be an also-ran. That makes no sense. Why in God’s name would they put something way more powerful than what the device and the desired user base calls for? To make the geeks happy? Seriously? You do realize we are the only ones who even notice what CPU our phones are running.

    • soon2TMO

      this phone is supposed to have a better processor (hummingbird) than that in the Desire, incredible, Evo.. there was a rumor that samsung might change the processor to a snapdragon instead of the hummingbird .. and that is soooo unlikely to happen, i mean what is the point of swapping it right?

      overall, this is the annswer to all the rants and whinings of some of t-mobile’s customers.. ;) and im not one of them.. LOL

    • NiiDiddy

      Yes! Seriously! If I am going to buy a smartphone for multi-tasking – email, web, talk, data, all media, social networking…etc, I better have a good chipset in it that’ll make sure it doesn’t lag at all. So far as I’m concerned, the larger the chipset, the better. And YES, it’s not for everyone. You can make do and enjoy your 600Mhz ARM11 in the MT3G-S, good for you; and I’ll wait and enjoy my Samsun Hummingbird when it gets here. That’s the beauty of “different personalities”…even in phones. After all, a person doesn’t like could be another man’s treasure.

  • TeoMas

    I’ve been patiently waiting to upgrade from my G1 and this is an intriguiing device. Hopefully T-Mobile nabs it b4 AT&T

  • ObsceneJesster

    @soon2TMO…Your right, it would be stupid. I don’t know where that rumor came from but why would Samsung swap out a CPU they manufacture (ARM Cortex A8) for a CPU they dont (Snapdragon).

    @Rocktripod….Not only does it have more CPU power but it has more RAM as well which will allow you to run more apps without bogging the phone down. People are facinated with specs because they know they will be able to run the next cool app or game that demands more power. By your theory nobody should be buying a computer with 16GB of RAM being that no programs are capable of utilizing that much. Everybody is always going to want more and company’s know that.

  • JL

    @soon2TMO, It appears that this phone is going to be shipped with android 2.2

    I know that HTC has wireless tethering on its windows phones.

  • Vlad

    eww… touchwiz

  • Ryan

    I’m going to laugh at anyone who buys into this phone and is later informed that they are stuck with the OS it shipped with. Do yourself a favor and stick with HTC.

    • NiiDiddy

      you’ll never be stuck…there are so many ROMs out there you can flash anytime. depending on who uses it – i dont have to like or stick with the OS shipped with it.

  • ObsceneJesster

    @Ryan…..Thats what custom ROMS are for. I won’t be stuck with the same OS it ships with….MUAHAHAHAHHAHAAH

  • Bobomo

    There’s a lot of misconceptions posted in these comments. This phone will have the 1Ghz Hummingbird processor. There is no way Samsung is going to put the competition’s chip in their premier handset. The Hummingbird is fast – check out the GSM Arena video posted a few days ago to see this thing fly – and has better graphics processing than Snapdragon. Also, we still don’t have any further verification on the alleged HTC Sidekick reboot… just “a source” as I understand it. Whereas we’ve actually seen a Galaxy S running T-Mobile firmware. Of course, that still doesn’t guarantee it will be finding it’s way to T-Mo stores, but it’s certainly more evidence than we have for anything else.

    I also don’t understand the Samsung hate… I’ve been using Samsung phones for years – my first cell phone 11 year ago on Sprint was a Samsung and it was great. I currently have a t809 that I’ve been rocking for over 3 years with minimal issues. I think they make great products and, as someone pointed out, this is their flagship device and they aren’t going to let it rot like the Behold II. Also, Touchwiz 3 looks miles better than anything previously. I kind of hated the rounded-icon iPhone look to it, but it’s clear to me after watching many of the demo videos that it performs extremely well and that’s priority number 1. If it’s true that this will make its way to all 4 carriers then we will definitely see some hacking going on.

    • TeoMas

      Well said… I agree that Samsung is a reliable brand. I’ve owned three in the past and none of them failed me. I currently use the G1 made by HTC and I have to reboot the device regularly to keep it from freezing on me. G1’s internal memory is way too small, and if I modify it to run apps from the SD card my warranty and insurance are void. I’m looking forward to switching back to Samsung. What do you think about this talk of the Galaxy S not being able to software versions?

      • TeoMas

        What do you think about this talk of the Galaxy S not being able to *update software versions?

      • Bobomo

        Are you talking about rooting? I don’t know enough about the process it to say whether it will root-able or not… my thinking is that if it’s popular enough, and available enough, someone will find a way to do it. As for if it will get regular software updates, I’m sure it will get Android 2.2 … but it will probably be subject to the same delays that other branded phones are. But if this phone really is a 4-carrier flagship device, Samsung will have to support it.

        Bottom line for me, however, is that the features look good enough out of the box that I’m willing to take some risk on the software update side. It wasn’t that long ago that phones NEVER got software updates – at all. They came with the features on the box and that’s all you ever get.

    • mmaxxsooner

      Yes I owned Samsung phone in the past
      also, but smartphone makers they ate not

  • Cujo

    Am I the only one who is wondering why there is no flash on the camera!?

    • Bobomo

      Does seem like an oversight. There was a rumor that final hardware for all carriers but AT&T would include a flash, but I’m not sure how much I trust that source (he is the one that claimed it would have a Snapdragon). And the Vodafone version doesn’t appear to have one, but I guess we’ll see.

      I certainly would like one, but I’m not going to let one tiny LED be a deal-breaker on what looks like an otherwise great piece of hardware.

    • spongebob

      I agree it’s odd to not have the flash but hey it has a front facing camera so that’s definitely something I gotta have.

  • ObsceneJesster

    @Teomas…That is just speculation and that’s what custom ROMS are for. They are better than the real thing anyway.

    @Cujo….Some people don’t care about a flash. I myself just care about how fast the internals are. I will use my camera if I want to take quality pictures.

  • D

    T-Mobile was the first supporter of Android at a time when even Verizon scoffed about offering a handset with an “unproven OS.”

    I believe T-Mobile deserves a shot of launching the hottest best spec’d Android phone in the market to its current and potential customers.

    It may not have 4G, but seriously when HSPA + is built out it will be just as good if not better than WiMax.

    I really look forward to this phone.

  • WhatTheHay

    I would buy this phone, but why do i have to wait any longer. All the other carriers have phones available now, that i would buy in a heartbeat, but with T-mobile I keep hearing what they might get and it is annoying. i been with them for 5 years but if i don’t see this phone or something else worth getting soon, i am going back to verizon!! I paid the cancelation fee to leave verizon for t-mobile and did’nt mind. now i have been without contract for 8 months waiting for a new phone to come out and my paitience is growing thin. If i don’t see something with in the next month, I’m gone!! I mean come on Verizon will get the iphone so tmobile needs to unload some new toys. where is the sony/ericsson xperia? show me something from nokia.

  • killi

    really will you all please get over yourselves are you tryin to shoot video in a dark room or somethin flasd is overated i mean come on it shoots HD i would rather have a camera that shoots HD but no flash than have flash and no HD

  • soon2TMO

    i’ve completely lost interest. not with the phone but with tmobile’s plans.

    i wanted to be on the even more plan, but it seemed like they will charge more now.


    sprint will be charging more on their EVO 4G, and that is considerable, but on their other handsets, they will still be charging less and not the same amount as the EVO.. in other words, people can choose a different smartphone with their much lesser offerings

    but with t-mobile, you are obligated to pay their monthly offerings ($80 being the lowest on even more) with all of their smartphones , regardless! ughh how ridiculous!

  • soon2TMO

    so let’s say i get a TP2 or the MT3G on tmoble, they will charge 80 bucks on their even more plan..

    a TP2 or the Hero on sprint, i will be charged 70 with their simply evrything plan/any mobile plan..

    i think this may have something to do with their HSPA+ , that’s why they changed their monthly rates.. is the TP2 HSPA+ capable? what about the mytouch fender is it also HSPA+ capable? what about the other smartphones that are not HSPA+ capable?

    greedy much?

    • JaylanPHNX

      My wife and I just switched over to the Even More Plus plan, the no contract one. You pay full price for the phone, but it’s cheaper in the long run because the extra you pay per month to get the phone subsidized continues on for two years on contract, and T-Mobile more than recoups their cost. Pay for the phone up front (or split it no-interest over multiple phone bills) and reap the savings for as long as you want after it’s paid for. It’s truly the best deal in wireless.

      • soon2TMO

        Oh ok.. Thanks..

        So I can get a phone and split the cost and partially pay that cost into my monthly bills?

        Let’s say the phone is 500 bucks, then they will divide the amount into let’s say 12 monthly payments?

        So how does that work exactly?, maybe I should come over to the store and ask one of the rep..

      • JaylanPHNX

        Actually I think it divides up among 20 payments, but don’t quote me on that. I plan on paying the phone off in several larger payments, rather than the extra $12 on my bill, but it’s nice to have an interest-free payment plan so I can save money on the back side.

    • soon2TMO

      i have decided , that i’ll just do the EM+…

  • UzukiC

    90 million triangles per second, boys and girls, that’s the speculation on the Galaxy S since we first heard about it… No way they’re going to just drop the processor that’s been helping develop the hype for something that makes it look lackluster in comparison.

  • damien

    The samsung rep was at our store yesterday, confirming that we will be getting the gravity 3, and a couple of other samsung phones in june. He also said we are getting the Galaxy phone sometime in July :)

    • JaylanPHNX

      I hope you’re right about July. i could wait that long. In fact…my anniversary is in July. Hmmmmm… :)

  • MikeTheProf

    I would like to get this phone if/when it becomes available. I can use my upgrade for it and sign a new 2-yr deal. I have a lot of grandfathers things on my lines:

    4-line family plan, 1000 minutes: $69 +$10 + $10 (2 extra lines)
    Unlimited family texting: $10
    BB E-mail: $10 (would get rid of this)

    15% corporate discount

    My total per month is around $109.

    If I moved to a EM+ plan, I would be paying a lot more, since the plans are more expensive, I lose my $10 texting plan, and I lose the corporate discount.

    Therefore, for me, I am best served using an upgrade. Thoughts? Suggestions?

  • not bad as a matter of fact it leveled my expectations. nice Vid about the phone. a thumb up for this.

  • Luvs_Frogs

    I just want to know price! – I’ve read ALL I could find – Heard release date early JUNE… (Again according to what I’ve read online.)

  • k_love

    This is the hottest phone tmobile will offer after the hd2! Its android and I cant wait till it comes out! Hey I work for tmobile and we all are waiting for it to become available to us!

  • Matt


    Behold 2 Man

  • soon2TMO
  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    I posted that missing Galaxy S video that had indicators it was T-Mobile’s version.

  • Eric

    For those debating this phone, read up on whats going on with the Behold 2. Following what has happened, 2.2 will come out well after 3.0 is out. Wish you luck if you decide to get it.