[Updated] Nexus One Users Waking Up To Froyo?

Update: Engadget is confirming that their own Nexus One has received the device along with various reports popping up on twitter also reporting Froyo update availablity.

Update 2: Want Froyo sweetness on your Nexus One now (No root access needed). Click here for details

Update 3: Google has confirmed Froyo rollout for the Nexus One

Apparently this night is different than all other nights as Nexus One users are waking up to a treat. Well at least some of you are as Google has apparently begun rolling out the Froyo Update to Nexus One users. This is quite unexpected, as Google had just stated at the end of Google IO that it would drop in the “coming weeks” and I suppose they really meant at the end of the coming week. I can see how someone could easily mistake “coming weeks” and end of the week. Honest mistake. Of course, it’s really only just a few one individual(s) receiving this so its possible that a widespread update is still “weeks” away and this is merely a fluke, a test or a tease. Until we can confirm, take all this with a grain of salt but in the meantime, N1 users, watch your phones like hawks.


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