Nexus One Getting Android 2.2 Love In The “Next Few Weeks”

Even with the various 3G problems Nexus One owners have been plagued with, the one thing Nexus One owners have an advantage over other Android handsets is that they’re always the first to get updated to the latest and greatest Android OS. This is because once the update is ready, Google can quickly send the OTA over to Nexus One owners without any issues and also because their isn’t any proprietary UI to update, its just plain ‘ol Android.

Yesterday, after Google’s announcement of Froyo (Android 2.2) at Google IO, the company’s official Twitter account updated their status to say: “Froyo on Nexus One soon! (next few weeks).” So that pretty much “confirms” it. We’ve queued up a demonstration of Froyo running on the Nexus One below, courtesy of PhoneScoop. Be sure to check it out!

Engadget Via Twitter

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  • Jay Antwan

    This is great news!! I dont have an N1 put my get one depending on whats coming out i the next few months..

    Question.. did the issues get resolved with the N1? last i heard there were coverage issues and screen calibration woes… anyone can confirm or deny if this is still (or ever was) an issue?

    • umaluver

      never was an issue for 99% of N1 owners. mine works flawlessly

    • Spencer

      My nexus hadn’t had a single problem our even a minor glitch and I’ve had it since it came out. Never heard of any user with those problems. (written on my nexus)

  • Jay Antwan

    “put my” = “but might”

    sorry.. too excited to proof read this over…

  • MrCker

    The question is will the Nexus One phone receive upgrades. LED flash with a 8-10
    megapixel camera perhaps?

  • JBLmobileG1

    My question is WHEN will Tmobile start getting this phone in stores… and for how much? Also… I wonder if you will be able to get it through Tmobile over the phone or will it just be an instore thing. I REALLY want a new Android phone. I was looking at the Slide… but I know I will end up kicking myself when a more powerful Android device launches. I was also looking into rooting my G1… but now I dont even know where to start. I’d rather pay someone to root it for me. Anyone out there interested? LOL I really wish there was some concrete news as to when the Nexus One will be coming. Right now its all rumors to me. Just because Google said they will sell it in stores means nothing. They also said there was a Verizon version coming soon and that has been cancelled.

    • manus

      go to to root your G1 with video and step by step.

    • badaphooko01

      Rooting your phone isn’t as complecated as you think. Take the other guy’s advice that replied and go to and follow the video then flash HTCClay’s SuperBadCM5 1.2.5 Test 4 ReVisit. Its the fastest Eclair out there almost as fast Donut 1.6.

  • manus

    so early august?

    • 2FR35H

      It said the few coming weeks not early august think earlier. like June or early July now THATS a few weeks August would be considered a few months.

      • manus

        ya but how many times do these updates get pushed back.

      • umaluver

        Generally phone updates are coming from the carriers and they get pushed back and delayed big time.

        This should be different as its an update from Google by Google. This update doesnt have to go through HTC to get the Sense treatment, and then get even more delay from the carrier that is paranoid that they will lose customers if its broken.

        fingers crossed :)

      • 2FR35H


        Updates get pushed back because of bloatware

        Nexus is stock 2.1 and the official google phone not to mention they already do have it out on the Nexus One for Adobe employees.


        Its not even in stores yet by the time it hits I am sure it will already be updated to 2.2

  • 2.2?? Meanwhile my frakkin’ POS bastard child CLIQ is frozen in time at 1.5?!

    If only I’d known the Nexus One was on it’s way back when I purchased the Moto outright… *sigh*

  • Gago

    Thank goodness I got my Nexy

    • unknown

      That is so funny. I call mine my “Sexy One”

    • tomato

      awww you gave it a name? hahaha cute!!

  • unknown

    Proud owner of N1 and I’m so excited I’m getting the N1 soon. I have a BB9700, HD2, Mytouch Merlot, White G1, and the N1 and I can’t really complain about UMTS not working properly. Even if it drops once in a while I don’t expect or demand perfection. I rather be realistic. APPS TO SD CARD AND FLASH HERE I COME!

    • davidohio

      wow you have a lot of money invested in those devices. Myself, two at the most. Then again I have better things to spend my money on.

      • unknown

        I got most of them for free or emp discount. I did buy the N1 at full cost just like any other customer.

    • tomato

      I love the BB 9700. Really, really cool and underrated phone. I wish I could have gotten it, too, and just bounce my sim card forth and back between the N1 and the BB bold but TMO said I couldn’t do it.

      • unknown

        It can take up to 48 hours for data to provision depending on the data service you initiate. Tmo will tell you you can’t if you expect it to work immediately. You can change your features from tmo website and wait for data to work. They’re all the same price depending on your rate plan. I switch sometimes but I do love my N1 too much. My BB9700 is just collecting dust.

  • Cybersedan

    I know they say a couple of weeks, but I check my Nexy every day to see if it’s available… can’t wait.

    Aps to SD is the biggest thing I’m happy about, the Wifi Router and performance gains are just icing on the cake.

  • Dino

    Yeah the Nexus One radio is still really sensitive to rapid changes between 3G and EDGE. Obviously the more dense your local 3G network is the less this will happen but even then for no reason while idle it will do this.

    Regardless, I’m stoked about 2.2. I’m really hoping that Google provides integrated Calendar Sync for Exchange and allows us to synchronize multiple calendars. Touchdown is nice but I’d rather take a workable free option if available.

    Oh yeah… and the OS needs a way to make apps work so we see less of the infamous “Force Close.”

  • tomato

    Force close s…cks!!! Not a fan of that.

  • Will

    Proud N1 owner here very happy about the news. Just hate to tell the girlfriend that there’s still no news on her Cliq update and my loving is right around the corner. I do believe we’ll see it soon considering there are already lots of folks running around with it.

    One question though. Maybe this has already been answered but why can’t we get Sense UI on the N1?

  • Socalfrank

    Too little too late. I rooted my N1 a few weeks ago for Wi-fi Hotspot and have been extremely disappointed with T-mobile 3G coverage in my market (Palm Springs, CA).
    I have an HTC EVO on order and will be giving that a try. Once my 30 day grace period is over, if 3G hasn’t improved and if Sprint’s coverage is better, it’s bye bye to TMO after 8+ years of loyalty.

  • Some Guy

    I’m pretty sure its been said before but, when you put ur hands on the lower side of the nexus one on the back, your signal drops ALOT, it is hardware related IMO. if you lay it flat on a surface it goes back up…thats the problem i’ve had with my phone, thats why it switches from 3 to 2g. that is also why i think google wont confirm nor deny it because they know what a hassle it will be if its true…

    • steve

      maybe you should stop puttng ur hands on the lower side of the nexus one on the back then ;)

      Mine works fast no matter how i hold it