Nexus One Getting Android 2.2 Love In The “Next Few Weeks”

Even with the various 3G problems Nexus One owners have been plagued with, the one thing Nexus One owners have an advantage over other Android handsets is that they’re always the first to get updated to the latest and greatest Android OS. This is because once the update is ready, Google can quickly send the OTA over to Nexus One owners without any issues and also because their isn’t any proprietary UI to update, its just plain ‘ol Android.

Yesterday, after Google’s announcement of Froyo (Android 2.2) at Google IO, the company’s official Twitter account updated their status to say: “Froyo on Nexus One soon! (next few weeks).” So that pretty much “confirms” it. We’ve queued up a demonstration of Froyo running on the Nexus One below, courtesy of PhoneScoop. Be sure to check it out!

Engadget Via Twitter

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