HTC “Vision” Coming To T-Mobile?

This little rumor is making the tech blog rounds today as yet another of unreleased HTC product names has made the inter-webs early thanks to the folks at Engadget. The HTC “Vision” being one of the codenames has three letters we always love seeing next to the name of an unreleased HTC phone, “Tmo.” Of course and we emphasize this fully that this could be a reference to any T-Mobile unit, not just the USA division. So its possible that this phone, which is being billed at the HTC Desire with a Qwerty keyboard that this phone may never make it to this side of the pond but hey, we can dream can’t we?


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  • We’re already dreaming, its called the g1…lol.


      Lol. Took me a few seconds to get it. Then I remembered the g1 is the dream!

    • redman12

      I wonder if it has UMA?

  • dethduck

    I remember when they came across something like this for the HTC Bravo, they rumored it would come to T-Mo, and it did… T-Mo Uk. As the Desire. And what did TmoUS get at that time? Freakin’ CliqXT …

    Who did TmoUSA p**s off anyhow?

    • Ryan

      They didn’t piss anyone off, they just spent all their money having HTC design them a customized phone called the “MyTouch Slide”.

      If you had to pick, would you rather have a custom made Mytouch Slide or would you rather have a cookie cutter EVO that’s just an HD2 with Android. OBVIOUSLY you’d rather pay $180 after a $50 rebate and get a slide. DUH!

      • mad dog

        Dude you’re in the minority if you would choose the mts over an hd2 packing android.

      • X-MAN

        im pretty sure he was being SARCASTIC

      • Housetek

        mad dog = fail

      • Eli

        I would DEFINITELY go with the “cookie cutter” Evo than a damn Mytouch Slide

  • dethduck

    Something wrong with the site? my post didn’t show and I can’t resend it, wordpress says duplicate comment.

  • erik

    is this the possible “sidekick” phone from a few rumors back?

  • J-Hop2o6

    yea i read about this yesterday.. Project Emerald = HTC “sidekick twist” superphone? = HTC Vision?

    I HOPE SO! and hopefully the keyboard will be similar to the TP2! THIS will be my next phone.. the mT-Slide will be for my girlfriend.. we both have TP2’s right now (since November).

  • rolo

    will it challenge the SGS???

  • ermac

    Its an EVO 4G, look-a-like. Has the same 800×400 screen and possibly an AMOLED.

    • James

      Is that a guess, or based on information you know?

    • pimpstrong


  • xDeToXx

    This would be great. I immediately thought Project Emerald when I read this on Phandroid this morning. Everyone seems to think it is just a Desire with a keyboard. I’m still holding out hope this will be a GSM version of the EVO with the bigger screen. And a SAMOLED would be great too. Here’s to hoping. Project Emerald, Emerald is May’s birthstone. Maybe they’ll announce (or release?) it this week, as May is basically over.

    • DannOfThurs


      • J-Hop2o6

        the rumored Project Emerald (aka HTC “SK twist” superphone) has a Super AMOLED screen.. wayyy better than AMOLED

  • jordan

    its official, its project emerald!!(:

  • narunetto

    It looks like this is all coming together nicely, this device looks like it has a QWERTY keyboard!

  • Tim

    What ever happened to the “Motoroi”?


      An excellent question

    • nforcer

      I’d like the answer to this too.

  • marcus

    F*** a mytouch slide and any other phone tmobile comes out with, i have had tmobile since the mda, had the wing, the dash, all 4 sidekicks, a bb the g1 and the cliq and now i have a hd2 and i can honestly say besides my g1 i have hated every phone ive owned under tmobile, ive dont the comparrisons and im leaving tmobile for greener pastures with sprint n the htc evo, killin the hd2, and it has android 2.1 and will be getting 2.2, even the the mytouch slide will eventually its specs match nothing compared to the evo

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Marcus, I did the same thing this week, pre ordered two Evo (got the free) and two lines. But after the order I did some additional checking to see if Sprint has changed it’s horrible ways.

      I did not like what I saw so I canceled the order.

      I’m hanging with T-Mobile to see what handsets they have coming out (and I do love my HD2, especially with the new ROM and Cookies Tab user shell).

      But my bone to pick with T-Mobile and Sprint is customer service, not handsets. I am fine with T-Mobile’s handsets. They always come out with some nice phones, usually around the time that everyone complains about T-Mobile’s handsets.

      For you handsets are paramount so I can understand you going to where the handsets are, the ones that make you happy. For sure, how many people hated AT&T but went to that carrier to get the iPhone.

      So good luck. The Evo is a very nice phone and will make you a cool and happy person.

      As you may suspect, I found some pretty bad things about Sprint to cause me to turn down two free Evo phones (they were free after getting a switching from T-Mobile bonus and rebates). I just don’t trust them.

      Oh, did you catch that to use 4G, that’s an additional $10 charge per month on your data plan?

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Pardon the grammar and spelling errors, e.g., “it’s” instead of “its.” Sigh… no rest for the weary.

    • B

      I guess trial and error just takes a lot longer with some people.

    • TMO.Event Rep

      Awwwww -> there’s the door!

  • marcus

    i already have my evo preordered, bye bye wack ass tmobile, this website is the best thing about tmobile n its unofficial, lol

    • Joe Pa

      You probably wont be missed by T-Mo dude. Oh yeah, have fun with all of Sprints wack ass charges…you will love em.


        Agreed. +1

      • tmogeek

        I don’t know about Sprint’s customer service department, but I know some of the site techs over there, and they say that Sprint moved it NOC operations from Kansas to India! Apparently it is quite challenging for Sprint Techs to get support from their NOC. The Indian NOC techs are horrible with the English language. ….packy jokes please…..

      • mad dog

        Tmobile lost 77k subscribers, they’re not in a position to ignore any lost customers.

    • jaymax

      Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. You’ll probably be making the same complaints on a Sprint blog in 6 months…

  • akawik

    stop the presses htc vision and htc led have been conformed for at$t and verizon do you like them apples i could write an article and spat out a thing that are not likely to happen. So no idk if they are going to at$t or verizon but i just hate the fact that you are giving hype to thing never to happen to get more viewer. Dont tell me it was the first time to anyone remeber the n1 (no not the nexus but the nokia phone that never came to tmobile amoung other).Just get more info before you bring peoples hopes up to only coming down.

    • Reece

      Seen nothing about the Vision and LED being on AT&T, on Engadget Mobile they also hinted @ T-Mobile for the Vision (US or UK not sure) with the screenshot that pretty much says “T-Mo”. So if you’re going to be the bearer of bad news you can at least cite & link your source that would easily contradict these findings..

      …otherwise stfu, thanks

  • tato22

    I really hate people that come to this website and talk crap

    • tato21

      Change your avatar. You are scaring the readers away.


    The way I see it, I am with T-mobile for there prices. I left Sprint to come to T-mobile after I went through hell with sprint. There customer service was horrible, there reception even worse. I was constantly losing signal all the way from Seattle to Puyallup. My phone got shut off 8 times in three weeks because nobody at customer service would enter in my information right. I kept getting charged with internet (even though I signed up for an unlimited plan) and when my expenses got higher than the cap they shut you off. Screw Sprint and the horse they rode in on. My company which is a fortune 500 company left and went to Verizon because of sprint. I love my prices with T-mobile and in this economy savings is great. Who cares if it takes a little longer to keep up on the high end phones as long as there prices cannot be matched. Nobody is ever happy with there phones, there is always a better phone coming out and everybody gets jealous over it. I did get an HD2 and I did return it a week later and go back to my Iphone is it because I wanted an something better or it’s not good enough….No, its because it was not my cup of tea. If you wanna leave TMO go ahead its your choice, but we are on here because we like T-mobile and want to talk or hear about whats coming out, not here to trash talk. If your leaving T-mobile and wanna trash talk, sign up for your FUTURE carriers forums……

  • threetee14

    sprint is just a tad bit cheaper though… but i see you’re point, the ace in the hole for t-mo against sprint is customer service. i enjoy it.

  • marcus

    i wasnt talking crap nor said anything about their prices, the prices are great, its the service and phones for me, i can be in the room with 5 people that have tmobile, and they can have full service, and me ill be in egde or g, my bro has the hd2 and gets hspa and i have to fight for 3g and we are in the same city, u can praise tmobile all u want, but i can say for a fact, their service isnt that great, and their phone selection is horrible, like i said ive been wit tmobile for years, i get a new phone every 4 or 5 months with them. thats the only thing tmobile does right, if u complain enough they’ll give u free upgrades and phones, besides that its worthless

    • En2Mente

      I had the same problem before, it could be that you need a new sim card.

    • dcb

      Marcus…….do you know how ridiculous you sound???? If you are in a room with 5 other people with t-mobile and they all have service but you don’t then it is a problem with your sim or your phone….if the other people have service then the service works!….unbelievable

  • Reece

    Yea, I remember how excited I was when I heard the HTC Desire was hitting T-Mobile. Of course I became a sad panda again when it was T-Mobile UK.

    Thus even if this phone is real and breathing, if it’s for any carrier not named T-Mobile of USA I’m pretty much gonna be angry enough to yell and curse out little babies.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    T-Mobile UK does things a little different than here in the U.S.

    For one, and it’s something I like, they have a “coming soon” page where they tease about phones actually arriving to T-Mobile (UK).

    They are getting something called the Wildfire. Don’t know if that’s what this is referring to.

    • Matt

      Wildfire is a smaller Desire, has a 3.2″ screen compared to the Desire’s 3.7″. More of a mid-range phone.

    • 2FR35h


      Why on earth would it be the wildfire?? The wildfire doesn’t even have a keyboard!

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        I was under the impression that no one on here or Engadget knows what the HTC Vision is, who will get it, when it will debut or where. It’s just a word that may be a model name, but may not be. To be sure, no one knows if the Vision is even an actual handset. If it is, it could be anything, with a keyboard or not.

        Considering T-Mobile’s penchant for secrecy, a list with the words “HTC Vision” is the thinnest of reeds upon which to crystal ball a guess as to what the HTC Vision might be.

        I’ll admit that my speculative posts on closer examination fold like a cheap suit, just as much as the next guy’s speculation. I just threw in some additional info for thought on these subjects. (And to trumpet how I like T-Mobile UK’s handsets “coming soon” page.)

  • Wilma Flintstone

    I hope that if this is the Project Emerald device, that it has the 4.3 inch Super Amoled screen, secondary camera and other specs like what was in the other article. Now that I have the HD2 I’m finding it hard to go back to a screen smaller than 4 inches now.

  • 2FR35h

    If I am not mistaken the numbers next to the model number are the dates they were supposed to be released in format of year/month/day/list number

    or maybe year/ quarter it should arrive/day/list number.

    If my theory is correct then we should expect to receive the HTC Vision in the 4th quarter of this year on the 23rd day.

    The LED and Glacier on the 13th day of the 4th quarter.

  • Khan

    I think the “Wildfire” is the HTC desire mini

    • bigc17

      actually, i think it’s the nexus one mini. Look at the design comparison for the two phones , they look pretty much exactly the same in every way.

  • bigc17

    I had said something about this story a few hoursbefore tmnews even posted this here and i said that this was probably the new htc superphone that comes out this summer. Ifvthis is really the new superphone coming out, they need to do three things 1.) Give the full specs and features of the phone 2.) Put out the photos and videos of this megaphone and 3.) Give the actual release date.

  • I don’t think I can put, in words, how much I love coming to this website and reading the comments. The ones in the beginning are always pertinent to the article posted, then after that it’s always “I don’t like this about T-Mobile” or “I love this about T-Mobile”. It definitely keeps things interesting :)

    Anyways, if this HTC Vision is what Project Emerald was talking about (that super packed qwerty keyboard Android device) then I am in like sin! And if it looks like that photoshopped photo that someone posted, then that would be awesome (although I know that’s a picture purely based on speculation). All in all, I am VERY excited to find out more information about this phone so that I can get rid of my Touch Pro 2 and Windows Mobile and be introduced to the Android world once and for all…

  • SteveBerman

    Bring the iphone, not this crap

  • Kidemerald

    Gotta love the crap-phone trolls. I will only get hyped when this phone is on TMO site with a “coming soon” label.

  • AgDon
    • David

      You do know that picture is photoshopped right and just an imaginary device??

      • tato22

        lol poor guy thinks its real firt thy said it would have a 4.3 not 3.7

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      That is a cool looking concept rendition. Whoever made it looks like they took an HTC AT&T Tilt keyboard and attached it to the Desire.

      What I like about it is the tilt display. I think all slider keyboard phones should have a tilt display, like I had on my Touch Pro2. I really liked being able to put on a movie, tilting the screen and letting the handset sit on a surface.

      At times I even typed out e-mails with the Touch Pro2 sitting on a desktop like a computer.

  • AgDon

    Yes anybody would know it’s photoshopped did not you? But if it looks close to that it would be a nice looking device, like I said the “picture” looks nice.

    • 2FR35H


      Oh stop making excuses you know you thought it was the actual thing.

      You said the picture looks nice thinking it was a real picture of it nowhere did you imply otherwise.

  • Omeer

    This might just be the sidekick twist? It sounds far fetched but then again it does share a lot of specs with the rumored specs of the Sidekick Twist i.e. it’s from HTC, has a QWERTY keyboard, 1GHz processor and it’s landing on T-mo etc. etc.

    I wouldn’t mind it personally. A 4″ screen with QWERTY would be too big so tis better if T-mo and HTC took this route with the SK Twist.

  • bigc17

    Ok, so that clearly photoshopped desire with a keyboard looks kinda cool but to be truthful, i hope the sidekick twist looks nothing like this. No offense to the desire fanboys but, i really would like to see htc create a new design for this superphone because after a while, the same type of phone design gets old and just makes customers go to other phone makers. As long as HTC keeps pushing out these great mamoths of a phone, i’ll keep gettin em.

  • Zach

    Has no one connected these two yet?
    TMO US Getting HTC Vision
    Done and done.

  • bbqribs

    if this phone head to Tmo UK i will flip s**t, its just not cool that Europe gets all the cool phones

  • arcangel7

    Move over mts, I just had a vision of a real phone.

  • jeff

    @marcus you hit the nail on the head. the tmo phones are terrible and the best thing about tmo is this website. on top of it the coverage it spotty and the 3g is slow and even spottier. let us know how sprint is. i was thinking of ditching too. maybe this could be a sprintnews site.

  • DarkCloud

    im glad im a tmobile customer and man they take care of me. i always had faith in them, tmobile gets the best phones out of every company. its just funny to see how many ppl i know talking about how there leaving tmo for sprint for that Evo and there video chat. little do they do some digging before they jump the gun. HSPA+ is the key to perfet streaming video chat and if you have heard we just got the ok from the almighty FCC OK front facing Camera beging of 2010. hence why att jumped on the HSPA+ bandwagen and also why they tossed a frontfacing camera on the iphone 4g. but i have a feeling that the evo is going to be a joke once more info about this Project Emerald unviels i feel that this is tmobiles golden nugget. no all i have to say is dont f… it up :p

  • GreenTe

    Google just gave everyone at their developer conference and EVO 4G..Even they know that is the hottest device out right now.

    Come on Tmo! My G1 is being phased out with each passing day. Give me something. I dont even need a keyboard. I just want an Android phone as good as or better than the EVO.

  • so i think the HTC Vision is the Project Emerald phone why? front facing camera i mean think about it VISION

  • DJ

    everytime i see someone pull their G1 out and slide the screen up i smh. seriously its way past that time to upgrade.

  • Alex

    Tmonews, please try to get an interview with the jackass CEO of Tmobile. Ask that douche, why does he take so long in giving info on a phone and not stage some cheap stunt with these new phones. Heck, evben verizon has “lost” and found a Motorola Shadow in their own company!!! I guess Mr. Blurrycam is retired….

  • NiiDiddy
  • Picked up a brand-new Desire about a month ago as a company cellphone however am very disappointed , firstly i would have about 900 contacts on my previous XDA and was able to view by organisation or personal, not so on Desire only by individual which is of no use particularly with no search option either. Android 2.2 is intended to have search facility however not different view option launch date seems to differ each time . Battery pretty good approx 18 hrs medium usage. Wireless bluetooth poor, paired with parrott car kit ok for day or so however won’t connect even by unpairing and pairing new, same issue with wireless bluetooth headset……..any ideas

  • I’m a ‘quickly-to-be’ htc wildfire user from Kenya. I have been performing some analysis on this phone and i’ve discovered it to be the most effective budget-smartphone.I’m now ready to order it, unlocked clearly, since it hasn’t but began being offerd in my country. The only huddle but to be falt with is findinga reputable firm prepared to export overseas, especially to Africa. So far the one website i’ve discovered is