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If the above picture isn’t a throwback to the origins of TmoNews than I don’t know what is. Thanks to you, our readers we have grown from a small fan site to the premiere T-Mobile online news source. Its been a fantastic journey and one we hope to experience for a long long time but in the meantime, if you aren’t getting enough of TmoNews from the blog homepage we’ve got some other ways for you to find out more. Who knows, maybe I’ll drop some hints over on Twitter or Facebook on upcoming news stories, maybe a handset release or two.

Want to follow up on Twitter? Find us @TmoNews

Want to find out what Alex and Andrew are working on, they’ve got their own twitter pages going on as well!

@TmoNews_Kick13 for Alex (Kickstar13)

@TmoNews_Andrew for ummm, Andrew

And I’ve got a brand new page I’m working with, you can follow me, little ole me @davidtmonewsthough it’s a work in progress, as in I haven’t done anything with it yet, but I will!

What about our forums? Seriously, why haven’t you checked them out yet? Connect with the most knowledgeable and friendly T-Mobile users around the web on the TmoNews forums! Talk about new phones, old phones and your dream phone.

I’m working on the Facebook page as I type this and you can become our friend:


I hope to see you all around and stay tuned, we just might have some giveaways coming up shortly!!!


  • Elias

    David and the Gang,

    You’ve got a great sight going, and you’ve managed to balance the enthusiasm aspect with the reporting part very well. Great work and thanks!

  • SKA

    You guys are great, besides making fun of the Cubs a few times but I forgave you guys. I’m a Cubs fan I got use to it.

    • David

      Who made fun of the Cubs?? I’m a die-hard Cubs fan!

      • SKA

        You guys had a couple of articles last year, something about hard times and had a Cubs pic along with it.

    • Andrew

      I will take the blame for this. I have, on occasion, made fun of the Cubs. Don’t get me wrong though, I am all for the Cubs. The are my second favorite team (behind the Diamondbacks) and will always root for them. I do find the Cubs bad luck humorous though, and take every opportunity to laugh at it.

      • SKA

        It’s all good, I even make fun of them at times. It comes with being a fan. Love the site I am on here all the time.

  • Patrick

    ahhhh…..3g is coming. less than a year ago i didn’t even HAVE 3G…now I couldn’t live without it lol

  • This is my favorite site. I check it numerous times a day and I’m a die hard Cubs fan also!

    Looking forward to the evolution of this site and to find out more about Project Emerald!

    Keep up the great work fellas…

  • craig

    GO WHITE SOX! T-Mobile dont forget about the weak 3G signal in Blue Island IL. its been over 2yrs.

    • SKA

      3 major disasters of Chicago; The Flood, The Fire, and The Sox

      • craig

        i dont hate the Cubs, but please win first before you meantion disaster. this site have been really good to me since 2008

      • SKA

        I just like giving you guys crap, even though we haven’t won since 08*. Bloomington IL has a few Sox a lot of Cubs and too many Cards. No hard feelings.

        Take Care

        *1908 ;)

  • Matt Hatter

    I enjoy reading also. Often times I learn things here first. What would be really cool is a widget for my phone….

    • Matt Hatter

      I’ll put it next to my Fox News widget

    • J-Hop2o6


      and TmoNews FTW!!

  • jdog

    Hey David do you or are you working on a app for Tmonews for Android because that would be a sweet app to have on my Nexus One.

  • kendrix_myrealname

    I wonder what happened to T-Mo expanding network? ATT is still expanding their anemic network and Magenta should be no different.

  • tmo eats verizon dick

    funny thing is you have verizon ads on your website, yet you consider yourself tmo fan site. Stop getting money from verizon to put adds on tmonews then maybe you will win a fan or 2.

    • David

      You’re an idiot. On that note, I don’t get to decide some of the ad runs, Google does that for me and I can’t alleviate all the ones that you don’t like. Though I’ll certainly see what I can do just for you. You don’t like what you see, don’t read the site. Plain. Simple. Goodbye.

      • Dashi

        I LOL’D

        Thanks Guys You Make My Sales Job SO Much Easyer Plus I Love How The Phone Company Reps Look At Us Crazy When We Ask Them About Stuff We’ve Already Seen On This Site Like “How Did They Know?” LOLZ

  • mike

    tmonews needs a android app :)

  • Ricardo

    That intro was scary. For a second it seemed as if you were telling us that the site was shutting down.Love you guys. Keep the updates coming.

  • tmofan

    1 vote for mobile site (like i.engadget and bgr)

  • Prince

    great job on the news reporting, you guys are my number one source! how about changing the front layout on how it was before

  • Vision77

    Heck of a job giving us TMO news….I have to agree with Jdog. A Tmo news app is long overdue and it should have access to the forums. (see the xda app for ideas). Or can we at least get a mobile version of the site/forums.

    • Rosario

      You guys really do need an app. I would think one simple post asking for help would probably get you guys some nice developers.

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