No Froyo for G1

Warning: if you are looking for good news, you should probably find a different post. It’s official, the G1 is basically dead, killed by Google themselves.  The first Android phone’s fate was decided during the fireside chat at Google IO today.  The Android team straight out said that the G1 will not see 2.2.  So, to all of those G1 users out there, you have two options.  Consider upgrading to the the MyTouch 3G Slide (or some amazing Android phone) or go the back alley way and root your phone (because cooked ROMs are the way to go).  Leave your thoughts in the comments!


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  • Cybersedan

    This is unfortunate, but at some point all hardware does become obsolete. Modders will likely find a way, but this day had to come eventually.

  • What? No FroYo from Google!

    Wait… what is that?

    It’s Google..

    No It’s T-Mobile (hell no)

    It’s Cyanogen!

    (Music pLays)

  • Coooold.

  • closetoupgrade

    Anyone really surprised by this? Oh well was a good run. Been a damn fine phone for me cyanogens till november than an N1 or samsung gal.

  • QDOG8

    We all knew this day was coming…but this is too soon

    • GregP

      Too soon? The phone was released October 2008! It’s nearly 2 years old, and in the tech world, that’s a long time.

      • Ed

        When you have a 2 year contract, it’s end-of-life’d before the contract is up.

        For T-Mobile customers, though, we’re still stuck at 1.6.

      • 30014

        You should be able to expect that your phone will be maintained at least through the life of your contract.

      • Dashi

        Unfortanitly In The Tech World A Phone Or Computer Is Obsolete Before It Is Ever Off The Conveyor Belt At The Factory Good News Is Thats Why Tmobile Does Upgrades Every 11 Months
        I Am Sad To See The G1 Go As A Main Stream Phone The Good News Is With The Amount Of That Phone Thats Been Sold It’ll Still Be Around At Least Another Year

    • KrisCee

      So I must agree QDog it is too soon…especially since, if you remember back to when the G1 first came out, it was marketed as a phone that would be able to receive updates and grow with you…now I realize that eventually all phones must die out, but as someone else said..if you have a 2 year contract, it is not unusual to expect it to be supported for AT LEAST 2 years!

      As for me, I will definately be upgrading to the mytouch slide when it comes out!

  • chotpy


  • The Truth

    Gotta have sen it coming. It the original android phone

  • SoTacMatt

    Does that mean we can expect to see an official Eclair release from T-mobile / HTC?
    I doubt it. So, as long as Cyanogen and team put out the best releases, the G1 will be fine. And if not, then enjoy or upgrade.
    I for one am really looking forward to see what is available once my two year contract for the G1 is up!

    • claysu

      You should be able to upgrade now. With SmartPhones you can now upgrade at full discount after one year.

      • kilari

        Not true. Or Tmo just screwed me. I just bought a Cliq XT 3 weeks ago upgrading out of my G1. It had been 14 months since I bought my G1 the discounted price was $189 + tax insted of $129. Not a bad price to get a phone early. Also I know the guy himself didn’t pull a fast one on me, I went to a Tmo corporate store, talked to them 3 seperate times, and after he punched in my info he turned the screen for me to see what my prices were with my 1 year partial discount.

      • Dashi

        @ kilari I Think You Were Unfortanite In The Fact I Do Believe You Started B4 They Started Doing It So For Sure It Should Happen To Where You Can Get An Upgrade A Year From Now. Also Did You Try Calling Tmobile And Asking WTF?

  • It’s not coming officially. But 2.1 didn’t come officially either, and yet it’s running happily on my G1 right now. So I’ll patiently wait for a custom ROM from the fantastic hackers at XDA.

  • MagentaMagic

    Alas, dear G1, we knew you well… and will continue to do so! Thanks to XDA and Cyanogen and others, this beast will still kick ass for some time to come!

  • Matt

    Hey atleast its not like my Behold 2. Killed with no update at all. Nice 5 month life span.

  • TheAlchemist
    • David

      No they really don’t, they say its possible but unlikely and that it will only happen with some hacking magic. They don’t come out and say its going to happen or that its absolutely possible, there is nothing definitive in that post.

      • TheAlchemist

        This article states in the headline that there is “no FroYo for G1”, and in the article, that “the G1 will not see 2.2”. The report at AndroidGuys states that FroYo will run on the G1 and it is possible. While I understand the source of your disagreement, it is not true that FroYo will not be seen on the G1, just that Cyanogen has his work cut out for him. While this article does state, later, that a cooked ROM is an option, the headline and meat of the article are misleading, but then again, that probably generated many click-throughs.

      • GregP

        Actually, the article is about GOOGLE saying there will be NO OFFICIAL FROYO UPDATE for the G1. Sorry if this site reports both official and unofficial information simultaneously. UNOFFICIALLY, ROMs are an option, but there will be no OFFICIAL support.

        I hope that didn’t mislead you at all.

  • Kusgan

    My N1 will see the official FroYo but Cyanogen will give my rooted G1 the unofficial FroYo. That’s the beauty of android. Long live ANDROID…

  • It’s ok arent most of us due for upgrades this year?

  • weemoney

    “Cooked roms are the way to go” nuff said

  • Wilco

    CM 5.0.7 is a fully functional custom OS, with Android 2.1 at it’s core. It’s very good. As a G1 user, this customer ROM makes the G1 tolerable.

    T-Mo must offer a better phone than the Slide. It sounds decent….last year. But compared to the EVO, Nexus One, Incredible, and other phones, it’s way out of the top-tier Android phones.

    • davidohio

      it is not meant to be a top tier android phone.

      • Anthony

        O RLY?

        It’s interesting then how it is consistently referred to as their “flagship” device. So I guess what you are saying is that T-Mobile has a plan for their “flagship” device to be a mid-tier android phone.


      • mad dog

        I agree with Anthony, passing the mts off as a flagship device isn’t going to bring in new subscribers. All it will do is get some current subscribers to upgrade. I know I wouldn’t change carriers for the mts, hell I won’t even give up my g1 for it.

  • Axcell

    “good night sweet prince” October 22, 2008 – May 20, 2010

  • DeadPlasmaCell

    Sorry if this is a dumb question, but does that include the MyTouch 3G 1st gen?

    • ermac

      No it does not. Mytouch doesn’t have the memory issues that G1 has G1=78MB MT3G=200+MB

  • Dear TMo… please give us a high end device running stock Android 2.2. Thankyou.

  • JBLmobileG1

    Who cares if it doesnt get 2.2 However I do think Google should patch ALL… and I mean EVERY built of Android ever built and enable it to save and run apps2sd officially. I mean thats the LEAST they could do. There are still people who probably picked up a G1 not even a year ago.. and what? Are they just going to be left in the cold? No offense but thats fu*ked up Google. I know my 2 years is about to be up… but trust me… when those late adopters find out that the G1 is limited they will either b*tch and complain like me… or take the risk of rooting their phones. I like Android and all… but I remembered when we were promised Flash on the G1 and did it come? No… not unless you rooted. Also they claimed there was an app2sd fix in the works a while ago. Will it ever come? Yes.. BUT… now only to Android owners whos phones can run 2.2 I guess. This kinda makes me feel like I was the beta tester (which actually I was in a way). However… after getting a taste of Android… do they have anything to really please past G1 owners? Atleast on Tmobiles network? True the MyTouch Slide may be the answer… but for some… some people want more. Yeah we know the Nexus One is coming… but when? Ha… it took so long for them to release a possible Verizon model that even Verizon said no. Why? Probably because by the time the phone would have hit (what did they say? This Summer during the beginning of the year?) it would have been outdated with even better phones a.k.a. the incredible already released. This update leaves us with truly an outdated phone now… with no hope. Like all things… there is an end… I just wish Google would have given us everything they had planned. Ok…ok… so Flash is Adobe… but Google could have still worked something out to get us a form of Flash. The apps2sd though is a no excuse. It should have been created a LONG LONG time ago. This IMO makes even Apple look good… because even after the iphone3G and iphone3GS there was still updates for the old school iphone wasn’t there? Maybe I am wrong… but lets just hope there is one final update to the G1. Maybe at least Android 2.0 with a version of app2sd.

    • Reece

      Well, it’d be hard to get apps2sd officially working since officially it is baked into 2.2

      Seems like alot of other old Android phones could upgrade abit further due to the fact they all learned from G1’s error – the very limited internal space. Thus even low end Android phones being churned out have more then 2-3x the internal space of a G1 at the least. Of course with the iPhone’s being made no lower then 4GB space isn’t an issue to do whatever.

      Apps2SD is possible rooting, but from the looks of things it won’t be officially ported to older versions anytime soon since it calls for stuff that an official build probably won’t be able to handle very well thus ROM’s being the way to go for the moment. Otherwise I’d tell anyone who looks to buy a G1 to look for a Mytouch 3G instead unless they really don’t want much out of their phone.

  • Mushasho!

    I’d still take my rooted G1 over a MOTo BLUR or Samsung Behold… those guys really have no hope…

    @Wilco “T-Mo must offer a better phone than the Slide. It sounds decent….last year. But compared to the EVO, Nexus One, Incredible, and other phones, it’s way out of the top-tier Android phones.”

    The Slide is considered to be a midrange phone not a “top-tier” phone… we ARE getting a TMobile branded Snapdragon Device soon.. you’ll see

  • Alejandro

    G1 is outdated. The hardware on it is only going to last you so long. I doubt it can run froyo smoothly and play flash content well. Pinch to zoom barely works on it without it skipping a beat.

  • Leigh

    I don’t particularly like the G1 as hardware, but at least it has a keyboard.
    Is there going to be a Tmo device with a keyboard and 2.2 or do I have to switch carriers?

    • john

      Mytouch slide has kb and will go to 2.2

  • Rick

    No surprise. But we need a solid confirmation about a 1Ghz Android super phone real quick or many of us will ditch and go elsewhere. I’ve got 2 co-workers with the Incredible, so I’ve seen and played with it. GIVE US AN EQUIVALENT OR BETTER NOW!

  • Snapples

    I wouldn’t expect the g1 to get froyo or andriod 2.2 in the first place. But if we get the eclair I’m happy it wouldn’t be that bad. But they did say g1 is getting 2.x unclear what verison but I’m hopping 2.1 lol. They say the G1 should be getting it around early June or lately June I can’t remember and it’s basically wipe all ur pictures and stuff. Just like sprints hero they had to download it and install it urself or wait for the ota which I doubt people would wait for if the manual install and ota is the same. Just follow the steps and u should be good. But like I said I hope g1 run eclair.

  • JBLmobileG1

    I know Flash could have run on the G1… heck they started the whole project on the phone and I have seen videos as proof. They could have at least offered us a version of Flash lite. Sure the G1 hardware is old and outdated compaired to other newer phones but I believe they… no wait… KNOW they could have done more with it. Heck hackers have done what some say was the impossible…. but I say anything is possible so long as you try and work with what you’ve got. As always… with Google I am sure its about the money. Do you honnestly think carriers would want to support an o/s that could be upgraded forever? If that was the case no one would ever upgrade their phone. Heck if my G1 had enough memory or Google added apps2sd support…. I’d probably hold onto my G1 a little longer. I still say the keyboard is one of the best out there… and looks to be better than the MyTouch slide.

  • Or if your town doesn’t have Tmo 3G yet. Leave Android and Tmo. That’s how they treat the early adopters that put them on the map. Not even 2.1?

  • tpavey

    It was either stop giving updates or do it the Apple way and give updates with reduced functionality. I feel that it is better to say a phone is no longer supported than to “support” something the way Apple does.

  • JoeMamma

    People still use the G1? i have a nexus one and couldn’t be happier. i pre-ordered the G1 and loved the damn thing, but it was so freaking slow, multitasking while running something intensive like navigation was pretty arduous. comeone ppl what do you expect? the phone is closing in on two years old!

  • UnHappy

    Ditched my WinMobile phone because of Microsofts failure to provide updates. Now Google is becoming just as slimy

    • Already

      You make that comment in regards to the G1? Are you kidding? I considered my G1 outdated a YEAR ago… I wouldn’t want any updates cause all it was going to do was make it run that much slower. Once the revelation hit that the G1 was actually mediocre hardware from DAY ONE, I realized what a bad choice it was to be the first Android phone.

  • flfny

    I blame Google and HTC for creating a base spec to run android and not foreseeing the fact that in little less then a year their revisions of the OS went beyond the G1’s capacity. Clearly the amount of memory is the weak link. the processor and battery are tied for second.

    I love android and I love HTC phones but it seems imo that Tmo USA isn’t getting as much love from Google and HTC as they should be. (Like the Desire not being sold in Tmo stores… I know there’s the Nexus one but the Desire is more accessible imo, prob be cheaper, and fore most wouldn’t be bound to one specific plan(!))

    • Already

      Yes, absolutely agree. No one should shed a tear over the G1. It was like they were testing rocket fuel in a Toyota Corolla.

  • Tony

    I have a G1…I’ve had it since launch day on 10/22/08. I also have a super-grandfathered T-Mobile family plan that other carrier can match (not even Cricket or MetroPCS).

    I love my G1, but the stock ROMS before rooting were so slow to the point that the phone was unbearable. Cyanogen 5.0.7 test 5 has my phone running faster than ever, and everything works reasonably well. Even with Cyanogen’s fine work, I realize that the hardware has its limitations…i.e. it cannot do pinch-to-zoom with the speed and smoothness of the Incredible, and cannot run things like live wallpapers without serious slowdowns. I also realize that one day a ROM will come along that the G1 cannot run reliably and fastly enough for daily use…just like you can’t run Windows 7 on a Pentium 1. Simply put, the G1 is becoming obsolete.

    I will happily continue to use my G1 until T-Mobile gets a high end HTC Android device…hopefully by the end of the year, they’ll have something on par with the EVO.

  • trees247

    What about MT3G the new one came out in 2010 right?

    • Nick281051

      thats not really a high end phone, its more mid end

      • Nick281051

        dont get me wrong i like it its just not really high end

  • Larry

    This wouldn’t be such bad news if T-Mobile suprises us with an LTE compatible, 1.5 ghz Snapdragon Android device by HTC, with no “extra” data plan like Sprint. I’d gladly pay $249 for a phone like that if I could keep my grandfathered voice family plan and “preferred” $20 Android plan.

    Plus, I could still keep the G1 and use it as a backup with no SIM, like an iPod Touch.

  • ermac

    Alotta people are forgetting one sure thing. The G1 is the phone that started it all. The foundation of Android. Long time ahead people are gonna say, “yeah remember their first phone? The G1?” It was a new phone with the debut to a new OS, new possibilities, and everybody loved it. Think of the first time u showed ur friend “hey, I can see what ur house looks like on my phone” or “hey check this out, I can see how much that shirt is for ya” the G1 has had a long prosperous run, is it up there with the iphone 1st gen? Nope. Is it up there with the razr? Hell no (carriers were still sellin them like they was razr2’s when the razr2 came out!) It has left its mark and won’t be dead in ppls hearts, I for one remember my G1 I was so scared to root it but I’m A+ Certified so that brought my confidence back up and I did and I was happy. It has some landmarks besides it being the first Android phone. Everybody still loves that keyboard layout so the G1 maybe dead but it will live on in spirit.

    • Huh

      I remember the Razr as a piece of crap phone that fell apart in everyone’s hands, it multiplied like cockroaches and was offered for free at one point on every carrier. I don’t get people’s love for the Razr. Everyone I knew had a Razr… and they all hated it.

      As a person who pre-ordered and early-adopted the G1, I gotta say… your sense of nostalgia is all you and only you.

      flfny’s comment above hit it on the head… Android was awesome, the G1 was NOT. In hindsight, its apparent now that neither Google, HTC or T-mo were THAT confident in Android because rather than ship it out w/ a powerful, future-proof phone, they put it on the G1 instead. Like I said, they were testing rocket fuel in a Toyota Corolla.

      For Android fans, I hope T-mo will finally get a premiere Android handset and not continue to slip… VZW and Sprint have stolen quite a bit of Android thunder in the last year.

      • tortionist

        Are you kidding me? The G1 was a great phone. It did a bit more than even the I-Phone 3GS. The G1 ha 2 processors and can multi task, the I-Phone could not. The G1 could copy and paste. The I-Phone could not. The G1 was customizable, the I-Phone was not. I could keep going. The G1 was a great phone for it’s time. There are a lot of people who will look back on it fondly, myself included. Powerful future proof phone? what the heck are you talking about. There’s no way to future proof a phone. There was no snap dragon processor when the G1 came out. It had the fastest processor out there. I’m sure they were trying to figure out how to improve and fit more memory in a smartphone at that time, but didn’t have an idea as to how to do it right away. Your comments are way off base, and you obviously don’t understand technology or marketing. if you did you’d know about Moore’s law as well as Pareto’s law and not make stupid comments.

  • Eric

    If you still have a G1 and haven’t rooted it yet, please do us all a favor and go buy an iPhone. The G1 is 18 months old, which is pretty old for a modern smartphone. It’s not getting upgrading because it can’t really handle it and you wouldn’t like if they tried so do yourself a favor and go get a new phone.

    • jabombardier

      iPhone is nice but the price and plans on AT&T are not.

      • Nick281051

        then unlock the iphone

  • Mr. Strat

    We G1 owners have been sucking hind teat almost since the beginning. When my contract is up on October, I’ll be taking a more in depth look at my next phone as it relates to upgradeability, etc.

  • JBLmobileG1

    About Froyo. I guess my question is…. isn’t it supposed to be like 400-450 times faster than previous versions? You would think in order to do this they would cut back on the ram side of things. I am not a computer genius but I really wonder if Android 2.2 could run on the G1 and Tmobile told Google no because of the MyTouch slide a.k.a. G1 replacement. Anyone remember the MDA then the WING? Once the Wing came out both Tmobile and HTC pretty much stopped supporting the phone. And NEVER was a WinMobile update released even though the MDA pretty much had the same specs as the Wing. Which brings me to another point… if the G1 doesn’t get the update the original MyTouch may have the same fate.

  • rickb928

    If the Slide had dedicated number keys, I would just buy one. I’ll wait until contract time and see if something better comes.

    Or root it.

  • DannOfThurs

    Makes total sense to me and I hope TMO does bring up some nice new high-end phones to pump up android!

    Original MyTouch users – I think you’re out of the froyo loop as well, your phone was not a new 2010 release :(

    //will stick to G1 until a next-gen phoen is out

  • 313dash

    Whatever I’m running 2.1 right now so plz stop it. Its possible

  • chris

    Bye bye Tmo, HTC and Android… Nice way to treat your early adopters. I’ll root; load a 2.2 rom and ride out my contract.

  • dave

    1) Google is generally, well, to put it lightly, lame,when it comes to organized software releases and a thought-out roadmap. Gmail, Google phones, their One, etc. Even Microsoft has a better idea where they’d like to head and put in more than a blink of an eye for the longevity of products.

    2) eg. Even my HS friend who’s app programmer at Google – er., why didn’t we see easy docking = full phone backup feature on the first day? (w/o using a 3rd party app)
    Lame, IMO, response = there’s only so much time and we’re focusing on what users will want more, first.
    errr…. how many users did we interview, if at all?
    ANYONE who’s damaged a phone knows how easy it is to dock & re-sync other phones w/o a bother. Why make it harder to use than an…. iPhone!?

    3) Things constantly move about and such.
    Yeah, one might say there’s the need to do so as features get added, but there you go again – where’s the planning ahead and features roadmap w/ interface design?

    4) No good reason not to be able to do it. Enough ram & cpu power in them G1’s to run most anything they’ll likely release 2.x wise, so what do you have?
    Lazy programmers that simply toss in new features, but don’t bother with compatibility, optimization,etc. Like it took until 2.2 to get faster whatever!?!
    er… how many Indian programmers for <$20k/yr does it take Google capitalized at $1 billion+ to hire to optimize the OS in a month flat?
    I laugh when my friend suggests 'we only have so many programmers' to handle extra features, etc….

    $1 billion and a month – hell, I'd be able to get a team of programmers hired and OS optimized faster!

    5) Virtual Memory.
    It's basically a Linux/Unix platform on a CPU/system that can do it just fine. Look a Windows 3.x/95/etc. Virtual RAM swapping since the days of 20MB HDs and all….
    lol…. can't fit it in???

    6) RIM Blackberry & Nokia
    IT's no wonder Blackberry's have the largest share of theUS smartphone market; Nokia of the entire world for phones sold period.
    Both don't mess with users – RIM solid, encryption, pushed email, and you lose one, you don't lose it all. Nokia – S60 platform, runs everything, and downloadable city maps for free GPS w/o a problem. Add FM broadcasting (hello, Android? never heard of it? lMAO), etc. and general OS stablity that does everything Android does and more. (hello, heard of FULL FLASH support yet? Nope? No N900 Linux competitor with Firefox? oh, well…. Guess $1B+ at Google really buys 0, zip, nothing in today's world.)

    Overall, Google has merely been catching up to other platforms for features and available apps, IMO, not innovating beyond a 'pretty interface' that doesn't even come close to what iPhone has (honestly, iPhone is still cleaner, faster, more intuitive).

    7) Way too many *.dot releases on too many phones that almost look identical. Pretty much what drove Microsoft to standardize in WM7, perhaps. And none of them are innovating at all. Just a screen in a rectangle. (not even a simple 'stand' like some Nokia smartphones have!) Almost like trying to release Diet Coke, Coke Zero, etc.

  • Kerry

    I knew this already.. why? Because unless you rooted you are still running 1.6 and 2.0 and 2.1 have been out for a while. It’s sad, it stinks, its all that. I bought my G1 in Dec of 2008 and it was obsolete (for updates) earlier this year. HTC and TMO missed the mark on the specs… but how were they to know what was to come?

    Question: Why is TMO still selling people the G1? Seems almost criminal for them to sell someone a 2 year contracted G1 knowing what they (and we) know.

    Look at how fast PC’s were considered obsolete during the PC HW hayday. You’d instal a brand new video card and a week later the newer, faster, card was out making yours old and slow. Innovation does this, but consumers fuel it. If people didn’t buy the new faster HW, we would see a different affect on how products are developed and released.

    I’ll buy a ‘Slide when it comes out. It’s a step up from my G1, though not the full leap I’d like; and I’ll drop the $400 and save my upgrade for the monster android phone on TMO I know is in the wings still.

  • sidekickuser

    lol how are you guys surprised? this phone is old and ugly as hell lol.
    however, they will never say this about my beloved cliq =]

    lmao and then they say it next month. ha

  • ihatefanboys

    even at 1.6 my G1 was still running fast….and to say the CLIQ is prettier than the G1 is to ask for ridicule. the phone is 2 yrs old but can be modded up….i recently rooted my G1 and installed a modified 2.1 rom that has apps2sd, and the JIT compiler, and tethering…and it all runs smoothly. it is true that anyone surprised by this should be smacked…lol

  • ihatefanboys

    hey i hear that google has finally got their crystal ball so they can see the future of technology 2 yrs down the road. cuz its so easy to know how tech is gonna advance in 2 yrs, duh, theyre so stupid. u guys are such losers. so because u dont want to …A: root your phone or B: get a new phone , its googles and HTCs fault ? lets just repeat…u guys are losers

  • Bob

    I don’t know about all of you here but I just don’t have the extra money nor do I want to just keep buying a new freaking phone every two years. It seems as soon as one buys a phone these days, it soon becomes obsolete. Or the hardware isn’t any good after about 8 months. C’mon. Don’t you all get tired of not only sending your money to these cell companies every month but also every one or two years for a new freakin phone?

  • darkwingduck20

    I really dont want to root the mt3g 2.1 fender and risk losing touchscreen.. and is there even a decent rom for this phone yet?

  • Riopato

    Just to start this flame. How is it that winmo 6.5 can be run officially on my original dash where a 2 year old phone can’t get it’s own upgrade? Android doesn’t sound very open all of the sudden!

  • jcomptuerguy

    To axcell

    Lol that was hillarious… you talk as the g1 phone died lol
    I have g1 and I have 1.6 version…I’m waiting for 2.1 ..yeah right..

  • Haha let’s say someone wanted to take option two(Root the phone) and avoid wasting money.. how would some do that? ? :]

    • oldadam
    • Jessie

      You can find videos on the web showing exactly how to do it. I would recommend or Just make sure that when you do it, you give yourself enough time to complete it without being interupted. Its important that you follow the instructions exactly so you dont brick your phone.

  • Evan

    This is a pretty low blow coming from Google. Then want to be less controlling than Apple so why not support all original phones? Apple isn’t giving it’s 2G phones anymore OS updates so I guess Google figured they’d follow suit. Shame on you big G!

    • Agx

      Before you put shame on Google and compare them to Apple you have to understand that they did what they did for two different reasons.

      Apple stopped supporting the first gen iPhone because everytime they put out a product, they expect everyone to buy it. For the most part the two most recent iPhones aren’t so much better than the first that you would want a new one so badly so by canning the first version you have to either stick with it or buy a new one. You can say the same about the G1 but remember, Google doesn’t manufacture the phone so they don’t lose money if no one buys it. They stopped supporting the G1 due to its hardware and the fact that the phone doesn’t have enough RAM to continue to support these upgrades.

      If they put Froyo on the G1 it would probably be a horribly slow experience and nothing says bad PR than a slow experience. Even if its simply the fault of the device that an OS runs slow, the media blames it on the OS anyway and that’s not something we need.

      • jomla

        I don’t care if it’s slow just let me decide. We all have PC’s and understand how we continually need to upgrade in technology. I think it would be a great way to get everybody to move up on hardware is to let us run it and then we will say ” you know what? I want that feature” and justify our upgrade. It really is not much to ask.

  • Live to Follow

    Original G1 owner, already running 2.1. Thanks to custom ROMs. If I get a new phone, i’m leaving T-Mobile. They have nothing that interests me, beyond the Nexus, which isn’t actually supported. Hello, Sprint.

    • Mercer One

      Not sure what you are talking about when you say the Nexus One isn’t supported; it is (hell, T-Mobile is nice about helping you set up your unlocked iphone if you’d like on T-Mobile). And they are running Android 2.2 now. T-Mobile will be getting the Nexus One in stores soon (not sure of the exact date though). Plus, T-Mobile is getting the Samsung Galaxy S soon running the new hummingbird processor (3 times faster than the Snapdragon) as well as this Twist device which will basically be the HD2 running Android (I imagine since its an HTC device running the same hardware specs and screen size).

  • My G1 is running the Cyanogen 5.0.7 which is Android 2.1 that is currently running on the Nexus 1. Works great. Cyanogen Rocks.

  • Dubya504

    Well no Froyo for the G1 I hate to think whats next for the MT3G original.

  • We haven’t even gotten 2.1 yet. I’m still on 1.6. If we haven’t gotten 2.1 by now, despite hints that it “may be coming” in Q1 2010, then there’s no reason to expect 2.2.

  • BillStein

    Just one more reason I can’t wait to get rid of T-Mobile. I bought all the hype over the G1 barely over a year ago, and it’s about as outdated as a cassette player already.

  • CynthiaWilson

    I just got my G1 11/09, this is a Great Phone even with the outdated OS. So does anyone know how to upgrade the hardware in our phones? I am very disappointed that Google is not giving the owners a choice to upgrade the OS. Tmobile is not to blame for this change, you know S happens.They have the best phone plans, their coverage areas are getting better, now if they will do something about their CSR’s.