T-Mobile Garminfone Now Available

This device may not be the most anticipated, but we’re sure it’ll attract at least a few customers. The first Android-powered smartphone with Garmin GPS Navigation is now available for $199.99 (After a $50 mail in rebate) with a 2 year contract and $449.99 retail. For those that have purchased the Garminfone already, feel free to leave your likes and/or dislikes in the comments!


And don’t forget, its the last day to try and win a free Garminfone from T-Mobile!! Twitter faithful, send your favorite getting lost story to #needgarminfone and @TMobile_USA for your chance to win!!


  • God

    $200 bucks.

    • Jesse3

      LOL so true!!!!!!

  • Mercer One

    Should be good for those customers that are Garmin fans and will only truly trust a GPS system unless it is a Garmin.

    For $199 though? I think the common consumer may not care and think its fair, but they might be thinking its on par with other $199 smartphones like the EVO, Incredible, or even the iphone 4, but it truth its not when you start talking tech specs. So, don’t mention processing power or OS and T-Mo and Garmin should be fine.

    I don’t think this over-priced as much as the mytouch 3g slide is because you can argue you are getting two devices in one (don’t mention the last Garminfone this thing is good to go).

    It’ll sell to a nitch market which in my mind won’t break any sales records, but I guess its another Android smartphone for T-Mo.

    But back to the real issue at hand; lets hear some true confirmations on the Samsung Galaxy S!!! I want to pre-order right now!!

  • $200 is not that bad when you consider that most GPS only units (decent ones) are $150-200.

    • dumas

      it would be if the phone was $200

  • jimbo

    Its Not going to sell a lot most people will recommend the slide over this anyday

  • mingkee

    Does it equip with 2.2?
    Too bad I had some bad experience with Asus handheld (bad wifi and bt reception), so I am a bit hesitate with it.

    • timmyjoe42

      It ships with 1.6.

  • Mohammad

    Any data plan required?

    • john

      Android phone…hmmm

    • To use the GPS it does not require a data package. Because GPS itself is not android…

  • swilkers808

    I just threw up in my mouth a little bit

  • Max

    They can keep it.I’ll b waiting on the Galaxy

  • Ace

    wow so much money for an android 1.6 device that probably will never have an upgrade

  • pimpstrong

    The rave of GPS units is long gone and its not like GPS in phones is something new, not even ones with full on Navigation… Sooo who does this appeal to? The traveling buisness man already has/needs a Blackberry, The traveling outdoorssman needs a motorola i1, The tourist isn’t gonna spend $XXX.XX of hard earned money to replace a phone that already does this… I just don’t get it… Its just another punk @$$ small Android device to fit in with the rest of Tmo’s small @$$ phones.

    • pimpstrong

      Also for those who say “superphones arent making Tmo $, its the midrange family oriented phones that are” then how do you explain this Same price as the EVO phone that isnt even in the vacinity of the myTouch type line up?? It just doesnt make sense anymore at this point…

      • Homer

        I believe this is a true GPS device. The GPS on phones is only as good as the data connection. So if you’re out in the middle of nowhere you don’t get navigation.

      • john

        Well, not to be the asshole here, but I do have to point out that superphones aren’t making tmo any money…seeing as they only have one, and it has a high return rate.

      • pimpstrong

        Nah john I can get with that 100%

  • Max

    They can keep their phones.Waiting on something better (Galaxy S)

  • Steve

    Folks have been calling in for days about this phone. The comments section under these articles do not provide any true indication of what the market calls for. No doubt, superphones will do TMo very well…and they can’t come soon enough, but the Garminphone will sell plenty. Lots of business folks out there looking for a SOLID GPS option. This is it.

  • zmoboss

    wonder how many will buy it at the full retail price …. 450 ? “insane” is a very mild word ..

  • SteveBerman

    This is great for T-mobile. Since there is relatively no data outside of major interstate beltways you would need true GPS like this if you were lost.

    • WhatdoIknow

      Unless, of course, you just used your normal average android phone and downloaded one of the many GPS apps that does not require a data connection. But if you really want to go waste your $200 on a phone that was barely relevant a year ago… go ahead.

      • shakarak

        Yeah but having used this phone this gps is top of the line. The phone itself is actually very nice.

      • shakarak

        Yeah but having used this phone this gps is top of the line. The phone itself is actually very nice.

  • Daedalus

    Personally i think it is kinda cool, Not for me but still kinda cool. I have the MT3G v1.2 and if I hit an area that I am not getting data to use the Google Maps I will pull out my Trusty Navagone with Traffic and use that.

  • wojax

    YAWN…..and in other news…..

    • Wilma Flintstone

      in other news, PROJECT EMERALD HAS BEEN CONFIRMED for the June 19th release date and it will be a HTC Branded Superphone JAM-PACKED with Android 2.2, A GLORIOUS 4.3 inch Super AMOLED screen, 5000Mah battery so it’ll last you all month (on Wifi), Preloaded with a 32GB Micro SD card with ALL 3 TOY STORY movies and AVATAR in full 1080p 3D HD (No glasses needed for 3D viewing), 32GB on Board memory, CRAMMED with one of those SNAZZY 1.5Ghz Processors, Wifi N Capable, Secondary Videocall Camera to ANY phone with a Secondary Camera over 3G/4G/HSPA+/Wifi, and more. For $199 under contract/$449 retail. Better get to Tmobile Stores early because this device is guaranteed to sell like crazy. Doors open 6amPT. Preorders start Tomorrow. We’ll be overstocked to the limit so don’t worry about it selling out.

      If only this was true. Haaaa!!! That would be a dream come true to Tmobile’s customers. I know I’d buy it without question and get rid of this 2nd Replacement HD2 of mine in a heartbeat.

      • J-Hop2o6

        HAHAHAAH @ “5000Mah battery so it’ll last you all month (on Wifi)… ALL 3 TOY STORY movies and AVATAR in full 1080p 3D HD (No glasses needed for 3D viewing)… For $199 under contract/$449 retail.”

        YES!! i’ll be in line 2 days early with a Tent X_x

      • pimpstrong

        priceless. +1

  • jake

    anyone waiting for a SGS is an idiot, samsung sucks

    • Wilma Flintstone

      Opinion is as opinion does. I’m not waiting on the Galaxy S but I do know that it’s a good device. I’m waiting for Project Emerald.

    • Green Robot

      @jake: this label would be much more applicable to the buyers of the Behold II. They were foolish enough to buy that junk and are now jaded and bitter and are trying to scare others from buying SGS. I took one look at that 3D cube joke and I knew to stay a mile away from that POS Behold II junk. On top of that, if all the bad reviews that Behold II received weren’t enough to keep you from buying it, you pretty much have nobody but yourself to blame from falling for it. SGS is whole different story though. I’m pretty sure that Samsung is going to stand behind and support a high profile flagship device that they are releasing almost worldwide. Behold II was a failed experiment, it stunk of a failed experiment from the very beginning, and it really was not all that hard to see it for what it is. It is really sad actually that T-Mobile is still trying to sell it for $99 at this point.

      • pimpstrong

        lmao @ that 3D Cube. I took that phone as a joke when I saw it, especially after having a “cube” on the garbage origional HTC Touch. horrible memories. Furthermore dude I’ve said basically these same things about the damned BH2 – SGS comaprisons and I’ll be thrilled for the SGS to come out and those fools eat their words while we eat on some Eclair.

      • jake

        Firstly I dont think that samsung does stand behind their products, I am not trying to be biased, but I got shafted on the behold 2, and by the way at the time of its launch it was a damn nice phone, unless I wanted a mytouch or moto cliq, I think not, the behold 2 was better looking had a way better screen (amoled) which still isnt available unless you get the nexus one, for its time the behold was a good phone to consider, samsung promoted it, said it would get updates, and guess what they abandoned it. The SGS I will admit is going to be a damn nice piece of hardware with a beautiful super amoled screen. I was actually planning to upgrade to the SGS untill I found out they werent gonna support the behold 2 any longer. So now its just a matter of trusting samsung and I dont. I am gonna wait to see what project emerald turns out to be, cause it sounds more appealing than the SGS anyway.

  • WhatdoIknow

    I believe that if you went to a tmobile store today and said “Hello” you would actually hear a echo because of all the empty space. …and maybe some crickets.

    • pimpstrong

      I went to my store per the “june 7th stores start to recieve demo mTSs” and it looked like it had been vandalized. Swear all the operational display models were missing and only a nub was in its place. The only thing there to even try out was a Cliq… I fled.

  • Davidohio

    Why do you guys ALWAYS bring up the Evo and Incredible every phone launch? If you want those phones go to Sprint or Verizon already and shut the hell up! It really is old. Really old.

    • pimpstrong

      1. Select the phone that does not fit in the group

      a) Incredible

      b) iPhone 4

      c) myTouch Slide

      d) EVO 4G

    • Vffvf

      phone is sik

    • Vffvf

      phone is sik

  • Richard, Richard Head

    I have used the Garminfone and I especially liked the big bright screen. I overloaded that sucker with apps just to see if I could break it. Everything worked Great including SlideIT KEYBOARD. The device is thin, well made, pocketable, and has a solid feel to it. It will never run 2.xx and so what? Everybody reading these posts is an uber-geek or an uber-geek wannabe and should buy an sgs or wait for an HTC-MADE device similar to the Nexus one, or just migrate yourself to a Sprint blog cuz we ain’t got no EVO here (yet). Garminfone WILL do okay especially if Tmo advertises it well.

  • Richard, Richard Head

    Oh yeah, it WILL do the gps thing whether you are near a cell tower or a hundred miles in to the boonies, and the cigarette lighter power cord goes to the suction-cup mount directly. The unit has a ‘ hot-shoe ‘ connection so the instant you snap it into the holder the power is there for you. Ride down the highway enjoying the gps as the phone is charging itself! What’s not to love?

  • Derek22

    not fair enough to judge the phone if you haven’t used before. this one doesn’t feature its spec, but its integration of smartphone and GPS. If you ever have a chance use navigation on other smart phone , you will know how crap it is. This one work even faster and smoother than garmin PND. Garmin phone is no doubt leading the way on navi-phone market.

    • pimpstrong

      we aren’t judging the Garminfone. We’re judging Tmo’s decision to carry the Garminfone. It’s probly a nicely thought out and put together piece of hardware/software but who really wants it is the point. TMO has SEVEN! Android phones I believe 6 of them have 3.2″ screens and the Slide has 3.4″. We’re just tired of TMO rehashing the same caliber of phones.

  • 007

    ATT gets iphone
    verizon gets droid
    sprint gets evo
    and Tmobile gets garmin phone..
    Am i missing something????

    • jake

      I think project emerald should even the playing field a bit ;)

  • Tarik

    This is nice phone … not sure why everyone is thrashing it …


  • Solrac924

    one acronym: POS

    no keyboard, Android 1.6 ?!?, no Snapdragon, only 256MB, only 256K colors ?!?

    this phone should be going for $99. i’m predicting most people will pass.

  • Jfkdsjafkl

    This phone is the S**T! I got it for free w/ 2 yr agreement.

  • Ramirez Salki Sal

    This is a great phone its nice attractive , but if your looking for a richer android experience i recommend getting something more like the htc g2 or the lg optimus t with Google . there is a bit of a delay when texting and opening apps it force closes , but then again its only running android 1.6 , compared to todays new firmware android 2.3 ginger bread which can be found on the nexus s by samsumg