June 19th, The Mother Of All Father’s Day Sales?

Look…it’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a Father’s Day Sale Extravaganza.  We’ve all been trying to figure out just what exactly is in store for June 19th. We’re still working to paint a total picture of what exactly is happening that day, but the above image should give a better idea of what is going down.  As always, this is all subject to change.

These images are none other than the scripts for two commercial spots, filmed last week and airing sometime before the 19th of June.  While our sources have stated some additional details that may not be included, we’re only going with what’s actually on the picture itself.  Is this rock solid information?  No, of course not, nothing is rock solid until we can say, “this is rock solid”, but we’re confident that the above images are real and actually scripts for commercials regarding the Father’s Day June 19th promotion.

So, while it looks as though new lines or new family plans are the real sell here, there are still plenty of unknowns regarding this promotion.  As with any other rumors, we’re still trying to figure out fact from fiction. For now, hopefully, the above images will get some buzz going and allow T-Mobile to pick up some customers and actually begin a real fight for third place.

We have plenty of lingering questions, however, about what plans will this work with.  Will it be Even More and/or Even More Plus?  What happens to customers who want to upgrade AND add a line?  Plenty of questions over here, but we’ll keep hunting for details!

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