What We Think June 19th Is, But What Do You Want It To Be?


Just over one week ago, the guys over at Engadget got their hands on a some myTouch Slide documents containing all sorts of goodies about the device. However, one piece of information contained within these documents set off a mystery. On June 19th, it was stated “STAY TUNED – THIS WILL BE BIG.” Well, we didn’t think anything of it really other than it would be a myTouch Slide promotional effort until we got word later that day that T-Mobile retail stores across the country would be opening two hours early that day. So naturally, we asked the hamster in our brain to start working a little harder and have spent quite a bit of time since then trying to figure out what exactly would case T-Mobile stores to open nationwide.

Now lets just get this out of the way, the information itself was contained within an myTouch Slide informational packet. Some of our astute blog commenter’s  are playing connect the dots with information and have come up with the theory its absolutely going to be the iPhone. What else they say, could make T-Mobile open early that day? Well, lets just spoil this rumor right now, there is ZERO indication of an iPhone launch on T-Mobile. We’re not saying its not possible, anything’s possible, but the odds are so astronomically low and yet some of you continue to theorize it’s the only possibility. So I ask those of you who seem to be so good at predicting the future, can you tell me why my beloved Chicago Cubbies will win the world series?

So what do we think this promotion is? Actually we believe and all our info current points to a BIG promotion as stated in T-Mobile’s own words.  Some of the more prevalent rumors are a big fathers day promotional sale, “No More Ties For Dad.” This promotion, if true would see a number of free phones, including smartphones that would go free for new line customers. Possibility of this rumor? Big big maybe. We’ve also heard this promotion will be “better than the BOGO.” That’s not hard, two free phones is better than one free phone. Simple.

Recapping: Its a promotion but not the iPhone. It likely involves the myTouch Slide, not the iPhone. The Cubs need to win a world series, the iPhone doesn’t.

What do you want it to be? If you say iPhone, I’ll let that go, if you say you think its the iPhone, I’m going to scream.

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  • Jonathan

    Its time for Tmobile’s Superphone

    • Garret

      It’s long past time… :( already time to dump my slow MyTouch 3G – circa Aug 2009…lol

    • skye

      tmobile has a superphone..its called……. nexus one!!!

      • 30014

        No, Google has a superphone. The n1 can also be used on at&t.

      • jdog

        @30014 Thats how super it is and now with 2.2(Froyo) which I already have its in a whole different class of phones and no it doesn’t look like the new iPhone is in the same class. I can say 100% the iPhone has been outclassed but of course without competition doesn’t come real innovation as the 3GS proved.

      • john

        @30014 enjoy that super edge speed on at&t with the nexus.

      • umaluver

        John there is a version with ATT 3g bands. wtg!

      • mad dog

        John don’t comment if you don’t know what you’re talking about.

  • Black Kristos

    So, in other words, you have no idea and cannot even venture a guess other than NOT an iPhone launch and MAYBE a Fathers Day sale.

    Well, that was worth the 341 words.

    • David

      Pretty much, but at least I’m honest and I really just wanted to take a dig at those people with fantasy connections to the iPhone. I hope they can tell me who really killed Kennedy.

      • phonegeek

        yea the iphone rumor was beginning to bug me …greatly

      • Black Kristos

        If you think those iPhone rumors are bad, have you seen the MT3G boards with all the Android 2.1/2.2 rumors? It’s a war zone over there.

        I cannot imagine it’s not Slide related, though. I mean, it WAS on the Slide document.

      • Ryan

        It’s a Father’s Day Sale. The MyTouch Slide will be $190 now but no rebate hassle! YESSSSSSS!!

      • lol word i agree with you David i enjoyed reading the post

        cause it made my brain think harder ;]

  • wcdude18

    Cubs win in 2015 in Ryne Sandberg’s second year as head coach …

    • Robert

      And astoundingly enough, Back to Back in 2016 as well!

      • Leachpunk

        That means they’d have to beat the Reds to get past the playoffs, I somehow doubt that will happen :)

      • Yankees all the way the cubs im sorry will never win a world series

    • cvette83

      Love it! Can’t wait! I’ll have to keep suffering until then.

  • MEhhh

    Can I have my 45 seconds back? K Thx…

  • Kathy

    Likely to be totally unrelated to T-Mobile, June 19th also happens to be the holiday “Juneteenth.” It commemorates the announcement of the abolition of slavery in the U.S. State of Texas in 1865. Celebrated on June 19, the term is a portmanteau of June and nineteenth, and is recognized as a state holiday in 36 states of the United States. [courtesy of Wikipedia] When I saw the headline question, Juneteenth immediately popped into my head.

    • Marc

      Maybe free phones and free service for a month for all people of African descent, yeah!

      • Reece

        Not to be picky with reparations, but I would prefer if this freebee offer includes a Nexus One

  • Jorge Savoff

    Must be slow, covering a non story and putting up a smoke screen for TMO, to cover up the lack of good phones they have!!

    • David

      It is very slow, but I really wanted to just dismantle the iPhone rumor. It was beginning to bug me, especially those who after reading in the post that I said it wasn’t the iphone, still think they are Sherlock Holmes and believe that it is.

      • umaluver

        Yet for some reason you constantly keep bringing up the iphone. Seems like you’re just trolling for page hits.

      • meowington

        Isn’t the purpose of a rumor just that? It’s speculation. WIthout rumors this site would be worthless.

        • David

          Well I’d like to think not worthless, but certainly not as much fun!

        • I say David makes a bet. If it turns out to be an iphone he has to get a T-Mobile tattoo on his butt. If not then uhhh, hmmmm…that’s where I’m stumped. How about you just man up to it then David? I don’t think it will be an iPhone either but I’ll bet you get hits from saying if it is you’ll get a T-Mo tatto on your butt. You’re welcome.

      • Jay Antwan

        I understand your reasoning behind doing so, but in all actuality, who are you to tell people its something that its NOT going to be? No one has any more factual proof that it will be the iPhone than it wont be. Everyone is basing it on their assumptions. And isn’t that the fun of these secret events? to keep guessing, if not “conspiracy theory’ing”, about what it could be?

        I guess you felt the need for some reason to shut people’s hopes and dreams down. I honestly connected the dots to the iPhone at first, but after really thinking about it, realized that it was far fetched. But that doesn’t mean i need to shut down anyone else who still feels that way. The iPhone on T-Mobile would be a huge plus for our carrier, regardless if we like the phone or not.

        I agree “Black Kristos” in saying that this post was a waste of space / used for clicks. Not only did you just shoot the iPhone down (and I am no Apple fanboy… I’m actually the one of the furthest from it), but you didn’t even say what YOU felt it was going to be, just other people’s assumptions that i guess you agree more with. This could have been handled as a comment, and did not require a full, front page post about it.

        But thats just my .02

    • Vinchenzo

      Gee Jorge. I can think of several awesome handsets strewn across all of T-mobile’s lineup as opposed to the other one-hit-phone carriers. It sounds like you are a bitter child who pines for an iPhone but doesn’t have the means to acquire one without some type of subsidy. Now I for one would rather have an HD2, MTS, E72 or9700 as opposed to the locked-down iPhone. And if you aren’t into smart phones, you can also get the Nokia Neuron or other quality hand sets. Or maybe, you are one of those people who are like,”Gee whiz dad! Can you buy me XXX,” and are mercilessly beaten by your father in a drunken stupor and all you can do is focus on the have-nots. I personally say both are true.

  • aagvain

    maybe coincidental but starting yesterday the austin, tx area seems to have gotten a speed upgrade. normally been getting 600-700 download speeds but starting yesterday i’m hitting over 1.5 consistantly

    • Vinchenzo

      I’m getting .86Mbps down and .07Mbps up in Houston. No love para mi.

  • sleepyyazo

    i say maybe alfonso soriano will retire just like griffey just did lol

    • Keebler02

      We as cubs fans could only be so lucky for that to happen

  • applepiter

    I bet it is -froyo-, for the slide.

    • David

      I agree, i thinks its either Froyo or Nexus one to the T-Mo retail stores.

      • TMoEmployee

        You two must be children…. right?

        The stores are opening up early on the 19th! Why would they open up early for a software upgrade you idiots!!??

  • keith


    • lattahavoc

      “PLUSE T-MOBILE” Is that a sister company of the T-mobile I work for. If they get the iPhone befre we do I am going to be sooooo pissed!

      And no reps know about it yet you fool. NOBODY that would post on this site knows exactly what it is for sure yet. The details of the promotion haven’t been spread past Regional Vice Presidents yet. I’m honeslty holding out that the whole thing might be full of misinformation in an attempt to smokescreen and iPhone launch. I also don’t go on cruises, I’m always afraid they will sail off the edge of the world!

    • lattahavoc

      “PLUSE T-MOBILE” Is that a sister company of the T-mobile I work for? If they get the iPhone befre we do I am going to be sooooo pissed!

      And no reps know about it yet you fool. NOBODY that would post on this site knows exactly what it is for sure yet. The details of the promotion haven’t been spread past Regional Vice Presidents yet. I’m honeslty holding out that the whole thing might be full of misinformation in an attempt to smokescreen and iPhone launch. I also don’t go on cruises, I’m always afraid they will sail off the edge of the world!

      • Robert

        Dude! It’s scary that far from civilization!

    • TMoEmployee

      If a rep told you that, you must be as annoying as your all caps and they wanted to get rid of you! Dude, no one knows. Especially not a rep! We know as much as you know. We read the same damn TMoNews!

      Unless he’s related to Dotson, or best friends in which he wouldn’t be a rep, he knows NOTHING!

    • ReallyGuyReally

      Im sorry Keith….but your an idiot.

      And if that rep really told you that, he’s an idiot too. Unless he just told you that to shut you up and get you out of the store.

  • kathi17

    I sure hope it is that rumored android sidekick!

  • kinoy

    Maybe it’s the day when Nexus One will be available at retail. Who knows.. :)

    • Black Kristos

      That would make more sense than most of the rumors I’ve heard.



  • Marc

    Let’s not start this again.

  • kast

    I hope it’s an Android superphone a la Motoroi w/ Snapdragon (it could happen… a guy can dream, right?). I love Tmo, but if they’re going to continue being 2000-and-late with all of their phones, I may have to go the way of the EVO.

    Also, I’m a die hard Cub fan, but I think the “iPhone coming to Tmo” theory is more feasible than the Cubbies going to the series THIS year. In the meantime, GO HAWKS!!!

  • Roger

    Whatever happened to the Samsung Galaxy S coming to T-Mo? I thought that would be it.

    • Jay Antwan

      I’m waiting for that too! I hear they (samsung + T-Mobile) have a press release in July so I’m crossing my fingers on that one.

  • Dan

    Some free for everyone not just new cus, but for early upgade everybody!

  • swoosh042507

    my friend that works a t-mobile is saying its the nexus one

    • ReallyGuyReally

      Your friend that works for tmobile is an idiot. he has no idea. no one does. unless hes a head hauncho or something, much respect if he is, no one knows at this time. If it is? great.

  • kricizz

    ill be great if we can get upgrades for the latest phones !without paying the full price !

  • John Doe

    Keith is absolutely correct. That’s all this really is so people put your hard-on away for awesome new devices. Exactly why this company is so clueless as to make some big celebration on Juneteenth is just another level of showing just how out of touch these idiot executives are. Can’t wait to Dotson is completely removed from this company along with all his loyal followers who believed that the key to revenue was all midrange phones and cheap plans.

  • swoosh042507

    im really hoping t-mobile releases a super phone already . we are way behind compared to verizon att and sprint in phones

  • Bbswany

    Nexus One. That is all

  • If I can pick up a mytouch slide for free on Jun 19th I’d be totally stoked, I’m eligible for a full upgrade in July so I’m sure I’ll get screwed on that deal.

  • sheednyc

    Its going to be the samsung galaxy s!!! 110 countries launching same day!! June 19

  • db

    Is this so called news just a filler? Is this news just here so that TMO News hears themselves? It’s ok to be comfortable with silence.

  • franktronic

    Whatever it is, I hope you don’t have to wear a bathrobe to get it.

    • RockTripod

      Oh god, you remember that crap promotion!! I hated that day! I refused to wear it. There is nothing less professional and stupider than approaching a customer while wearing a bathrobe that says “Jimmy’s a one phone man.” Wow.

  • alex32

    Probably the Nexus One, if its not that..then its most likely a bunch of low end phones with new plans, it has always been that way.

  • TonyJohns

    It isn’t the iphone. First why would T-Mobile put some much emphasis on the mytouch Slide, only to have it crushed and overshadowed by an iphone launch? Doesn’t make sense. While I do believe AT&T IS losing their exclusivity this year (there is too much changes they are making that indicates they will lose their iphone exclusivity), I don’t think the iphone will come to T-Mobile this summer, I think it will be more like a Winter/Holiday release. Probably boasting HSPA+ capabilities.

    That being said, I believe June 19 will be a big mytouch slide promotion, and I am hoping it will include EM+ customers. Maybe a 50% off full price deal or what not. I had a chance to play with the slide and while I DO think it’s a great phone, I don’t think it’s $400+ great.

    • Lori


      i’d get one if it werent $400+. EM+ pricing kills it. for $400 i want snapdragon!

  • what the pho??

    i also think its the nexus one finally coming to retail stores

  • Captain Picard

    Meanwhile, I popped in to a local Radio Shack this morning on the way to work and what do I see. A geeky looking dude buying two Evo 4G’s. As I was meandering around, I couldn’t help overhearing the conversation he was having with the Shack Dude and what do you know, he just happened to be porting his phone numbers out of T-Mobile family plan to switch to Sprint. They had the Slide in stock too but I guess this guy was going for the gold instead…

    • Wilma Flintstone

      Whoa, Sprint allows your to port your Tmobile number over? Learn something new everyday. Thanks for the info. I’ll keep that in mind just incase this actually is a crappy iPhone launch.

  • TehAndroid

    It will either be a mytouch slide promo or the N1.

  • kast

    New rumor from a Tmo rep, and I EMPHASIZE that this is ONLY A RUMOR: June 19 HD2 with Android.

    Take this with a grain of salt.

    • Wilma Flintstone

      More like with a block of Salt-lick

      • ReallyGuyReally

        A bunch of reps thought that the hd2 would come with android at a later date….yea thats not gonna happen. ever noticed that they’re happens to be a microsoft symbol on it?? Slap that rep silly. Ive told my reps the same thing, why would you put a google os on a phone with a microsoft branded symbol on it?

        I dunno, this is one of those rumors that i just cant believe someone would believe it. Excuse my venting.

  • binfartin

    They found the sidekick in Mars.

  • lev

    I think its the Nexus One personally, I asked tmobile a week or so ago about that, and they said they are getting the Nexus One in stores in June. I was going to get the Evo today, but you know, that phone will be outdated in 3-4 months, Verizon is already working on a 1.5 ghz processor, so you cant catch up to technology. It can also be the Samsung Galaxy S, maybe, regardless, based on discussions I have had with tmobile, they know they need to stay competitive, and told me they will have some very high end phones before the year ends, more then one, so I remain patient, just ordered a mt3g slide, and they gave me a tremendous deal, so I am grateful for them working with me

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Of course I think/hope it’s Project Emerald or at least more info on Project Emerald but why would they open the doors early for that? Unless that’s the day the phone *Gasp* actually launches? If it is the iPhone, I may very well pack my bags and head over to Verizon. I will not get excited over an uncompatible proprietary device like the iPhone. Sorry iPhone lovers, I just will not fall for such a low tech uncompatible device when I realize that there are MUCH better devices out there. Now if it were the Nokia N8 or the Dell Streak, then I’d be jumping for joy.

    Now seeing how it was found in a stack of MyTouch Slide papers, that has me worried that it will just be something like Half off on the MyTouch Slide or some more low end devices for the masses. Kind of Kills the hope for Project Emerald for me.

    • SteveBerman

      You would leave for Verizon if T-mobile got the iphone? You are retarded, kid.

      • Wilma Flintstone

        Learning to read before calling someone retarded would help you out alot.

        I clearly stated that I’d probably leave Tmobile FOR Verizon if The iPhone was the BIG deal.

    • TMoEmployee

      Regardless of what you feel. The iphone is probably the most stable device to boot. So what it’s on lock down from Apple. It’s for good reason. I see a lot people coming into the store from bad downloads on Android devices. Why? Because it’s so open. I think Apple is correcting it’s mistakes this time around. I don’t think T-Mobile getting it just yet but, Apple still kick ass!

      • kast

        @TmoEmployee: People going into the store with problems is one of the reasons you stay employed. People OPENLY creating programs is how they stay employed. Besides, I’d prefer to make my own decisions as to how I choose to use, upgrade, or brick my own phone, regardless of what Jobs and Apple crew have to say. That’s why I will never own an iPhone.

        Besides, at the rate at which Tmo has been releasing “new” phones, I wouldn’t be suprised if they release a fully Tmo compatible iPhone 3G. LOL.

        Like I said before, Tmo has been great to me for years now, but they REALLY need to step up their game in the smartphone business.

      • Wilma Flintstone

        That I can agree with. iPhone is a Crowd Magnet and would generate tons of revenue for tmobile.

      • ReallyGuyReally

        Id agree. For business and growth for tmo, the iphone would generate a lot of revenue. I personally prefer android mainly because of the freedom i have with the OS, but the iphone is still a really good phone. Despite me siding with android (nexus in my case) i say that the iphone does have the best touch screen/physics out there so far. Unfortunately i like to have freedom and not be part of an iphone communistic party.

      • Wilma Flintstone

        All except a few points, for one, it is stable but of course it is seeing how plain jane the Proprietary Software is. Also, how couldn’t it be if you cant even send or recieve MMS? Having it closed source has just as many cons as it being open source thus the reason Android has overtaken them as top OS even though iPhone OS isn’t even a real OS due to it being only on iPhone making it a Proprietary Software. If iPhone OS was a real OS, then all proprietary software should be considered an OS. I’m glad you at least think that Apple has made mistakes. Not being PC compatible is one HUGE mistake and people are starting to finally realize that MAC’s can’t do everything PC’s can. And that false rumor about MAC’s not getting viruses is about as false as it could be. I’ve talked to plenty of people that have said they’ve had to remove viruses from MACs. Oh and the Browser. Safari? really? You can’t even go to Gamespot’s site on Safari Browser thus the need for a Gamespot App. And Seriously, why do you need a Pizza Hut App to call Pizza Hut? Couldn’t you just, oh I don’t know, Call Pizza Hut? I mean it is a phone right? There’s sooo many more cons with the iPhone it isn’t even funny but I think I’ll just stop there.

        Not saying that any phone is perfect because I am going through serious turmoil with my HD2 as we speak, Terrible switching Signal, Randomly Deleting my contacts causing me to resync every 2 days or so, Tmo Customer Service is horrid (Always resorting to the “Try Factory Resetting your phone” Routine just because they don’t know how to fix the problem) seriously been through 30-40 Tmo Reps and have heard the Factory Reset fix from at least 25 of them even in the HD2 department. Waiting on my second Replacement HD2 today because the Speaker wire on the phone apparently snapped and now the only way I can hear any sound even someone calling is through headphones, and more.

        What I agree with you on is the fact that if Tmo did get the iPhone, it would generate alot of revenue due to it being a very well marketed device. I must give apple credit for that. They really know how to advertise and market well. They’ve revolutionized Simplicity, not necessarily the appstore because XDA existed long before the Appstore, the Appstore just made it much easier to find what you wanted. It’s a low tech device but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a decent device. For what it’s supposed to do, it does well so I can’t deny them that but it just got waaayyyyyy too much credit for doing stuff that has already been done.

    • Laz

      Have you read all the CDMA iPhone rumors? I thing Verizon will be getting the iPhone in the fall…

  • Corey

    $15 data plan like ATT? What I really want is HTC Vision!… But I havn’t gotten what I wanted in a while…

  • Travis

    Nexus One will be available in all retail stores…June 19.

    • ReallyGuyReally

      O well thank you for that confirmation sir. Glad to know you have the for sure answers……..NOT.

  • CeluGeek

    Hmm, how about UMA on ALL of T-Mobile’s smartphones?

  • tato22

    i think is for the slide and the nexus one coming soon

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Hey David or anyone with info, is there another update to the HD2? I just recieved a txt from Maggy that there is an Update for the HD2.

    The message reads:
    From: 456
    “Free T-Mobile Msg: A software update is now available for your HTC HD2 at http://www.t-mobile.com/wmupgrade. Go to your PC to get instructions and download it!”

    • Mark

      It’s the same release as came out a couple of weeks ago. Guess they decided to let HD2 owners know it was available via text! LOL!

  • Ktwist

    So this day will sure to be a let down for some, great for others. If this was an iphone or super phone, it would have not been on the Mytouch Slide sheet. What I do find weird is that our Managers don’t even know and they were also asked to work mandatory the following 3 days before the 19th. I would love it but everything points to super phones in July, not the 19th. One could pray for a Scorpion HTC though, f the iphone!

  • Ray

    I was told it would be the Galaxy X and the Samsung Android Tablet from the G forums. It just doesnt make sense that they would have posted the June 19th big surprise on a slide document if this is the case.

  • t3hm@n

    does anyone know when the N1 will be available via retail?

    • jdog

      Looks like June 19th :)

  • Jim888

    Yeah I agree…No Iphone Sadly I agree it will be some sort of Promotional for the Slide. We know the Galaxy S is not until July (as confirmed by Samsung) though what I wish/hope it to be is the Nexus one available at the T-mobile stores (and discounts for those on family plans with 2 year renewal)!

    Hey I can hope right?

  • jdog

    I agree with most people here I also think its going to be the Nexus One since other stores and carriers around the world have gotten them recently. Maybe they decided to wait until June 19th so when the sell them they will come with Froyo already hmmmmm :)

  • Loren

    I am sure it is some lame rate plan…

    Would be cool if it was the Nexus One and could make sense.


  • Your Mom

    Ridiculous. The info about this June 19th “Big News” event was part of a 15 page slide presentation that revolved specifically around the MyTouch Slide. Why the hell would they put a one-lined blurb about the release of a completely different phone into the presentation for the Slide?
    Whatever the “Big News” is, it’s going to be Slide related, not about the release of a different phone.

    • TMoEmployee

      See, I’ve heard that 3 times so far but, the launch date has always said the 16th. So where are you people getting the 19th from for the Slide? I mean, that would hush every rumor and that would be that. Right?

      Post some real hard facts so we can all stop speculating. Thanks.

      • RockTripod

        Honestly, dude. You cannot work for TMo if you are trying to imply its anything but a Slide promo. The promo is set for the 19th, the official release of the phone is the 16th. It really is just that simple.

  • T

    I hope it’s T-Mobile announcing a phone that can video chat, or the iPhone… Either way i would get it!

  • kast

    Is anyone hoping for a Samsung Behold 3?

  • TMoEmployee

    Okay people, read and please comprehend…

    Possibility of an iphone? Very slim it is. I for one am an Apple lover but, refuse to deal with AT&T’s bull. But, I doubt it seriously that T-Mobile will be seeing this on the 19th.

    You have to look at it this way. What ever it is, it has to be something already known to the masses. A household, name if you will.

    A Galaxy S would be nice but, it wouldn’t give reason for T-Mobile to open early.
    Yes, there are a number of people that know the name but, it’s not enough for such a date.

    The Nexus One is a little dated. The Evo specs kills the Nexus One.
    But, that would be the closest to an all hands on deck reality though.
    It’s a better possibility but, it has to be something new. Right?

    The Slides real launch date is on the 16th. Hmmmm. I’m clueless, are you?
    But the Slide can’t compete with these new Android devices.
    I don’t care how much T-Mobile pretty’s this thing up.

    According to T-Mobile, our stores receive a new demo phone on the 7th.
    Yes, this is true. I don’t know what it is. No one does. It could just be the MTS3G’s demo for the store. We haven’t advertised in the store for it yet, so that could be it. Nor did we get the live demo for the store yet so it seems more likely. I say that because, there is speculation that it’s the iphone demo because of the WWDC is on the 7th.

    So, what do I think? It’s going to be nothing. We are going to open up early and waist man hours for crap. I don’t see T-Mobile being this bold and on point. You can give away every phone it the store for free. And I still don’t think we’d have a line out the door.

    Now! If you told me the Nexus One will be $179 w/full upgrade for anyone for any type of plan or free, theeeeeeen we have a serious possibility of a very crowded day on the 19th.

    As for the iphone rumor. The 7th will shut everyone up.

    Just chill. Relax. Wait and see. It should be good. I hope.

    • kast

      Well said…

  • Wilma Flintstone

    And What’s the deal with the HTC Scorpion? I see it’s going to Verizon but I thought it was ssupposed to come to Tmo as well.

  • david

    a new mytouch 3g??????

    • rob

      Congrats genius, the new myTouch is the myTouch Slide. Give this man a dollar for his efforts

      • AJ

        hey, you never know. it could be a refreshed mytouch 3g (sans keyboard) with a better processor, 2.1, and Sense.

  • oasisontheplains

    It will be a huge discount launch for the slide. I talked to one of the reps and he said they are getting 8 times their normal inventory for that day.

  • ender wiggen

    ok so i got about halfway though reading all these and decided i needed to post something.

    i think it has to do with the slide unfortunatly. I was watching the NBA Finals last night (btw go Lake Show!) and tmobile is a big sponsor of the NBA; I was surprised there was not a single comercial for the MTS…as much as I want it to be the sidekick twist (cause that is what I’m waiting for in order to upgrade from my g1) I don’t think it is going to be.

    here is my reasoning…If it was a newer phone, or something bigger than the MTS they would spend the money to advertise to get people into tmobile for the slide and then try and get them to upgrade once again to the new phone when it comes out. i think the MTS is a POS compaired to other smart phones currently and about to come out. If it had a 1ghz snapdragon i might think about getting it (as i love esspresso and ran it on my g1 for a while) but with all these superphones comming out i have to wait…

  • cchrono

    The only way it will drive customers to come early is either going to be every phone in the store for free or the iphone nothing else can justify opening early.

    • rob

      Totally agree

  • 2C

    My guess…its the official release of the Nexus One inside T-Mobile stores. Its no way they would open stores early for plans or BOGO deals. Just wouldn’t make sense. And since I doubt that an iPhone on T-Mobile will ever happen then its got to be a device. And with nothing passing FCC or WIFI or Bluetooth reports recently this would make the most sense. I will say that with the way Android is taking over the mobile industry it wouldn’t surprise if Apple did start releasing the iPhone on other couriers. It would just make more sense for that other courier to be Verizon before any other network.

    • 2FR35H

      Actually no it would NOT make sense for iPhone to go to verizon because look at their line up for crying out loud! HIGH END Android galore! Steve Job hates android why would he put iPhone on a carrier with the BEST of android phones? Thats only going to kill his business. The only places where iPhone will move are carriers with low end androids or no androids ie tmo or at&t or both.

      • 2C

        Please if they dropped an iPhone on the number one courier in the US do you seriously think it wouldn’t be the highest selling phone on there network? For one so many people would leave AT&T to get the better service. And just look at the trends of all the new releases from Verizon. People buy the latest and greatest. Trust the iPhone would do wonders over there. And that’s not to say that it wouldn’t do the same on T-Mobile but it just makes more sense because of Verizon’s market share.

  • stperry11

    What if it is free or cheap (say $50) upgrade to Slide for existing myTouch 3G customers?

  • TR

    Ok, lets state the obvious. They will be launching the Nexus One with Google and it will be FREE for the first day of launch to the first 250 people who purchase per store. Stamp this one because its true..

    • tmorep12

      if this is the nexus launch, thats great, but there is no way they will have it going for free to anyone. especially 250 people.. considering how poor t-mobiles inventory replenishment system is… like how the first day of the HD2 we only got 6 in, and sold them in 30 minutes. Anyways, I will be at my store at 7:30 AM on the 19th.. till then I am waiting for some idiot upstairs to leak more info here..

  • zmoboss

    May be the “big news” on Jun 19th could be the Moto Droid’s GSM version launching (aka Milestone worldwide) … its ridiculous that tmo cant twist moto’s arm into getting the GSM version of the damn droid !!!! a lot of people may like it !!!!
    may be magenta execs think that people would line up for this at 8a ??
    (or it could be the MotoROI .. remember that???)

  • android envy

    Nexus One rebranded for sale in T-mo stores as the Mytouch Nexus for $150!

    • jdog

      Are you trying to give me nightmares. If T-mobile does that then they will control it and it will defeat the purpose of the Nexus One, look at the Mytouch and G1 with no updates in months and I know they can handle them.

      • 2FR35H


        What?? no this isn’t AT&T we are talking about this is tmobile carrying googles child! google will still roll out the updates regardless its googles device even if it gets rebranded for tmo.

        Tmo lets android be android.

      • just some dude

        Yes T-mobile is Android friendly, AT&T is the one that cripples there Android phones.

    • TheGhog

      That would be the best ‘DREAM COME TRUE’ ever! But…unlikely :-/
      I bought my Slide the first day it came out. I had planned to wait a few weeks to hear user reviews, but when I saw it, I had to buy it that day. Now I’m wondering if I should take it back until after the 19th! Then, if the BIG deal isn’t a very BIG deal, I’ll go get the Slide again. At first I wasn’t sure I’d use the keyboard, but it has come in handy a few times, so I guess it is worth the weight and size (bulk).

      • TheGhog

        My response was to this comment:

        android envy says:
        June 4, 2010 at 2:34 pm
        Nexus One rebranded for sale in T-mo stores as the Mytouch Nexus for $150!

    • RockTripod

      You are an idiot. Stamp that. Its true.

  • I’d like it to be the announcement of Sidekick Twist, or Xperia X10 :D

  • cchrono

    Anybody thinking this is a phone launch besides the iphone is crazy. There isn’t a single phone that comes out that justifies opening early especially not the nexus one a phone that has already been released. Like i said the only way that you are gonna drive customers into your store at 8am is either the iphone which alot of you think is unlikely( i think its not out of the question) or some kind of free smartphone promotion. Tmobile is expecting black friday like traffic in the stores this day. The nexus one, galaxy s, sidekick twist or whatever other phone you want to dream up of is not bringing mass amounts of people into a store. Nor is any kind of hspa+ launch its gotta be iphone or some crazy good deal on phones thats it point blank.

    • TMoEmployee

      You kind of summed it up. I don’t think it’ll be the iphone but, it has to be big. Black Friday like traffic will only be because of a house hold name. Something that will take very little advertisement. I mean, today’s the 4th and nothing yet. MTS3G main launch is the 16th. Only 2 days of real advertisement isn’t enough for such a prediction of massive traffic.
      And neither is that phone. Unless they are giving it away, and not even then.

      It has to be something special. Father’s day promotion? Maybe… They’d have to give away everything.

      Here is the main kicker.
      It would have to be something that will allow for new customers or for existing customers to take advantage of an offer that is out of this world.
      I just can’t see it being anything other than something free regardless of upgrade status. Or a new device with a known name attached to it.

      Realize this:
      Sprint customers won’t come because of the EVO. AT&T customers won’t come, because of the new iphone. Verizon customers won’t come because…well…let’s keep it real. If they can afford to be with Verizon most won’t come to T-Mobile anyway. I think I’ve activated like one customer from Verizon in the last 8 months.

      So it’s either something super BIG for existing customers or something that’s going to convert people to T-Mobile.

      What can do that? If you can answer that question then, we’d know what Project Emerald is…

      • hitch

        so, I think you’ve pretty much helped us figure it out: Project Emerald is….(drumroll)….
        T-Mobile Executives smoking crack!

      • TMoEmployee

        Probably…. They thought the price plan change was going to be big and all it did was confuse the hell out of people.

        T-Mobile will remain in 4th place unless they get a serious phone. The HD2 didn’t do squat and now people won’t even buy it because of it’s problems.

        I can’t understand it! Every other company has really good devices. T-Mobile should just come out and say, they only cater to the mediocre. At least we’d know what to expect.

  • TheDude

    An unadvertised promotion where a certain number of people, new or existing customers, get free myfaves added to their accounts. yup.

  • Nokia N900USER

    I am starting to lean towards Samsung Galaxy S. Thats the only phone they can market as the new best T-mobile branded Smart phone. Why would T-mobile open early for the Galaxy S? Well, it is there to create a BUZZ. Commercials for the phone will start on Monday June 7, 2010.

  • itch

    A new Blackberry??? Go Cubbies

  • RockTripod

    I have it on good authority that the evil galactic emperor Xenu will be making an appearance at all our stores (yes, he can defy physics. Seriously, what can’t that guy do?) . The first 250 customers in each store will have all of their body thetans cleansed at no charge. Also, iPhones for everyone! Yay!! Oh, and Jesus, God, and the Devil will all be making appearances. Did i mention iPhones are launching for T-Mo that day? I didn’t? Well, it is launching that day. The Easter Bunny will be handing them out. Santa Claus is also the new CEO.

  • king_pepsi

    mytouch 3gs

  • Flgirll99

    Fathers Day is on the 20th so it only makes sense that its going to be a “BIG DEAL” (aka discount) promotion for the Mytouch 3G Slide. Especially since the info came from the matarials related to that phone. Plus, they just released the phone…what better time to promote it then on that weekend when people are looking for gifts for dad anyway. Mosts dads like tech stuff so it makes sense.

    Shoot I’d love for it to be some super new phone release but we’re talking about Tmo here…don’t get your hopes up thinking it will be something better than a discount.

  • WhatdoIknow

    1. Galaxy S will be July. It’s already been reported that Samsung and Tmobile will have a major announcement in July.

    2. HTC Vision (I believe) has already passed FCC.

    3. It’s mentioned in the MyTouch presentation that the want to promote the “Franchise” of MyTouch (multiple devices).

    4. The espresso UI seems optimized for phones with hard keyboards (HTC Vision has hard keyboard).

    Just food for thought.

    • WhatdoIknow

      Also, the Vision would be the only 1ghz device with a hard keyboard. Definitely would set itself apart from anything else out there. Worthy of opening early and also still promoting MyTouch. Might even sucker a few people to get the Slide (those who want more of a mid-range/entry level phone.

      • acesauce

        Whatever it is,I hope its worth all this hype….maybe they will letter me trade my cliq xt if I ask nicely….that would make my day

  • alex

    I hope it’s something like android envy, or Tr said. Or a new my touch with awesome specs=)
    Also does the My Touch Slide support Tmobile’s HSPA+?
    If it dos how can i use it,i live in Nj.

    • jdog

      Yes it does all you have to do is have HSPA+ coverage and you will have instant access to faster 3G speeds. Every Android and most of T-mobile’s 3G smartphones can use 3G+, people who live in Philly have already confirmed 7mbps compared to .5mbps that most of us get right now. Also since it looks like most people here don’t know I recently upgraded my Nexus One to 2.2 and even though my 3G speed only got a little bit faster, the phones browser has increased up to 5 times faster because of that update, it feels like I’m on WiFi now but on normal 3G speeds. I hope T-mobile stores do get the Nexus One because all the improvements in Froyo are all way beyond what I expected.

  • hi!

    it’s gonna be so sad when they open stores early and those poor employees gotta just stand around with their thumbs in their a**.

    The EVO came out today people…..that is all

    • TMoEmployee

      I hope not, LOL! But I fear, it’s the truth…

    • Maverick128

      “The EVO came out today people…..that is all”

      Yeah on Sprint.

      I wouldn’t touch those %#$@& if they were the last wireless company on the planet. If the phone came with a date with Miranda Kerr I wouldn’t switch back to them. 3 months in a row they charged me for $100 worth of data I didn’t use. One of those months, my phone was completely off. I called and complained and the only thing those jerks told me was “it’s a valid charge.” Screw them. They can take their EVO and shove it. I canceled and took myself over to T-Mobile. THEN they offered to credit me the charges. No thanks, your service sucked anyway.

      HTC needs to come back and give TMO one of these high-end Android phones. Hey the 1.5GHz Snapdragons are out, give us a phone with one of those. I need to replace my G1 and I want to stay on Tmobile.

  • Name(required)

    Nexus One will be sold in retail stores.

  • Xsster

    I’ll say cheaper plans…

  • Spencer

    Mytouch slide launch

    • 2FR35H

      Already happened

  • MW

    iPad on TMO 3G

  • MW

    iPad on T-MO 3G, rumor has it a verizon one is in the works, AT&T and T-MO networks arentall that different so its a possibility.

    • jdog

      or Nexus One tethered to 8 iPads on TMO 3G. Sorry I had to do it.

  • TE

    What about the New Blackberry 9800 Slider? I believe it is really close to a release and there are pictures on another site showing it with a TMO SIM Card……………

  • Blake

    Being how it has to do with the mytouch slide I would guess it’s going to be upgraded to Froyo

    • laphoneuser

      Would a software update warrant the stores opening two hours early?

      • 2FR35H

        Not a chance in the world would a software upgrade have this effect.

    • Andrew

      A software update for the slide would not cause this. A software upgrade for the G1 would, but I’m not saying that that will happen

      • Homer

        Why would stores be opened early for a G1 software update?

  • simmy

    I dont thin they will be releasing the 4G iPhone on T-Mobile, but there may be a possibility the older 3GS will finally be available on T-Mobile.

  • Errjo

    Has anybody thought about it being the Dell Streak?

    1. It’s big!

    2. We know it works on Tmob

    3. The time table seems workable.

    Does anyone know if you buy this big boy from Dell, will it work on Tmobile 3g network. I mean, will I be missing anything by buying it from dell instead of tmob (whenever that happens).

  • soon2TMO

    there are tmo employees here , right? dont they have one tiny bit of an idea what that particular could be about?

    i bet june 19 will be some kind of sale..free phones, cheap phones, tmo is probably cleaning up its inventory..

    • soon2TMO

      particular day*

    • RockTripod

      I’ve explained this repeatedly already. Yes, I am an employee. Yes, everyone is idiotic for thinking its anything but a Slide promotion. No, we haven’t been told what the promo is, just that its a promo, NOT a handset launch. Managers will no more on June 10th.

  • soon2TMO

    well sprint opened early for the EVO’s launch… but then people already knew about it being released that day and it’s been announced weeks ago, so people would prepare then fall in line early in the morning if they are too eager to get the phone.. with that being said, sprint did not have to surprise the people with “stay tuned this will be big” for the EVO’s launch.. people are not suddenly gonna come that early to the store just to get a phone on a short notice..

    so i doubt it will be a phone launch.. coz if it was, they should’ve announced it already like a month ago to gain impact to customers..

    idk.. but it could be the iphone! hehehehhehe

    • laphoneuser

      Remember that on Monday, Apple is announcing (most likely) the new iPhone. IF (and that’s a huge “if”) they were to announce a TMO iPhone, 12 days is plenty of time for people to prepare for the “big” purchase.

      • soon2TMO

        but i bet it wont be the iphone!

        did that ever happen? where a phone’s launching date was announced/leaked 1 or 2 weeks before the release date? hmmm?

      • soon2TMO

        most of the time , a launch date announcement is about 3 weeks to a month prior.. or more

  • J Starr

    Nexus One is going to hit the retail store?

  • dave


    New Apple iPhone launching on June 18th?

    We haven’t actually heard that date whispered, per se, but here is where our thinking is at. We have confirmed with multiple AT&T store reps that their sales quotas for the month of June are ridiculously high. Yes, this means the iPhone is confirmed to launch in June, not July. Knowing how many units stores received per day/week last year, if the iPhone launched in the last week of June, on Friday the 25th, we’re pretty sure the new sales quotas couldn’t be met (in-store orders don’t count as they don’t get recognized until the customer picks them up). We have heard stores having a 25-30% increase in their sales quota, so we’d like to think the next Apple iPhone will launch on Friday, June 18th. We’ll see pretty shortly.

  • Henry

    okay ppl stop keeping ur hopes up on the iPhone coming to T-mobile its not going to happen end or story! PERIOD and its not even goin to Verizon anymore… ATT signed another 5 years with apple to keep the iPhone to them self…( as an T-mobile store manager told me) and it does sound like something ATT would do they r nothing but greedy ppl

    • Laz

      Were you there when Randall Stpehenson and Steve Jobs sign the new deal?

      • RockTripod

        Were you?

  • iron

    I think over the last few weeks of the Mytouch 3g Slide, alot of us including me, forgot about “Project Emerald.” This should be it.. It kind of makes sense.. You know the “Project Emerald” details leaked out in May… Now it’s June.. It was smart of them to name it “Emerald” because May’s birthstone is Emerald, June’s Birthstone is Alexandrite… So I guess the idea of “Project Emerald” will be released in June.. Maybe because its a “BIRTHSTONE” it could be the birth of something new or could just be some dumb promotion.. we’ll just wait and see.. Just trying to use some common sense and actual realization. Only time will tell.

  • WhatdoIknow

    I think this could all be part of Project Emerald.

    I think Tmobile is trying to duplicate what Verizon did with the Droid name and the way they launched (Droid – Droid Eris).

    So, it could be the launch of an unknown device (HTC Vision/Sidekick Twist/some other unknown super android device) in addition to a Bogo offer. “Buy the MyTouch super bad-ass phone and get a Mytouch Slide free!”

    MyTouch is already a established name so it’s not the same situation Sprint has with the Evo.

    Don’t you think that would justify an early opening?

    • WhatdoIknow

      This could also explain why Tmobile decided to do a “soft-launch” for the Slide. I have wondered why they decided to release the Slide that way if it’s their premier device of the summer. Didn’t make sense to me.

      • WhatdoIknow

        …and no danger of cannibalizing sales the way launching a completely unrelated device would.

  • Central T-Mobile

    This is the first time since I’ve worked for T-Mobile, over six years, that we don’t know what’s going on. We have never, since my six years, opened early. Adjusting labor hours (2) extra hours with at least (2) reps working is a big deal. Plus, factor in the “All Hands Day,” requirement, and the fact they want managers on the floor the 16th-19th. Something big. Think about it, we didn’t even open early for the Even More launch, “The Dark Project.” So, whatever it is it has to be HUGE! I don’t think it has anything to do with the IPHONE. Personally, I think it will be a crazy promotion. Rumor is that the official information, including media, will be leaked on June 16th.

  • speculation

    Free upgrade to mytouch slide for existing G1 and original MT3G users (the ones with the nonstandard charging port), huge discount for everyone else.

  • Delusion FTL

    I do think there’s only maybe a 5-10 percent chance it’s the iphone. However dealing with apple and product launches before firshand let met tell you it’s not out of the question.

    Apple simply threatens Tmobile saying they will not launch the device at all, if any concrete info leaks early. That’s enough to make tmo execs clam up harder than anything you can imagine.

    Apple is expected to launch the Iphone that same weekend (18-20). Tmobile knows this, all the carriers do. Why on earth would they time a “BIG” promotion involving early opening and black Friday like sales, the same day or day after att’s iphone launch? F in marketing if that’s the case.

    Early opening for a father day promotion? For a nexus sale? These are all fine events but hardly an early open, black Friday event. Especially since they would be immediately drown out and quashed with the iphone launch at that same time. Maybe if it was two weeks before or after the iphone. The iphone launch is going to be all over the news. Pictures of lines. Campers at stores. The media and consumers are only going to be watching Apple for the next ~4 weeks. Really it boils down to one of these:

    A iPhone
    B Tmobile utterly clueless with terrible markeing skills.
    C nothing phone related (tablet, 3g internet)

    Even VZW wouldn’t be stupid enough to launch some major adroid phone within 2 weeks of the iphone. You either need to get the customers BEFORE the next iphone (EVO, incredible) or a couple weeks after

  • raymond

    yes the evo is out im trying with all my might to not leave t mobile

  • WhatdoIknow

    Here’s another theory… How much do you think Google built up the inventory of the Nexus One in anticipation of selling compatible phones for all 4 major networks? Since Verizon and Sprint canceled their orders on, what seemed like, very short notice, wouldn’t that create a glut of Nexus ones. It’s not like they were selling like hotcakes to begin with. Google didn’t know that selling directly through the website was going to be such a huge failure. Now that they have decided to sell through retailers, they must have a ton of inventory. What if Tmobile struck a deal to repackage the Nexus and sell it as a high-end Mytouch device? Since there is a huge inventory, they could have a fire-sale and have them flying off the shelves.

    Any takers?

    • WhatdoIknow

      *Remember, there where a lot of rumors a while back about Tmobile getting a Nexus One like device. Hmmmm. It would be a great way to take the wind out of Iphone,s sails/sales. MyTouch Nexus with Froyo!

      • soon2TMO

        my touch slide is remotely the “nexus one like device”… LOL

        i bet this is not gonna be a phone launch! maybe more of a promotion for the slide or something.. and an intro to a forthcoming phone in july..

  • soon2TMO

    would they rebrand the nexus and call it “my touch nexus”??

    highly unlikely, but who knows..

    • WhatdoIknow

      They could call it something else. I’m just thinking that a device launch is the only thing that would justify opening 2 hours early. Since I don’t think it’s going to be the iphone, I am just trying to visualize other scenarios. A high end android device, affiliated with the MyTouch franchise, is the most likely option.

    • Taaars

      NO NO…TOUCH MY NEXUS…..sounds sorta kinky

    • J-Hop2o6

      or myTouch 2

  • WhatdoIknow

    Um… where did I say the slide was a nexus one like device?

  • WhatdoIknow

    Never mind.. I think I misunderstood your comment.

    • soon2TMO

      ..and i think i misunderstood yours.. LOL

      anyway, why would they have to say “nexus one like device” if it’s gonna be a rebranded nexus one..

  • Negtne

    I have a buddy who is an assistant manager at a big AT&T store. He said that there gearing up for some big changes. Along with getting ready for the next iPhone they said they changed there data plans (if you have not heard by now) including dropping unlimited data on the iPad which was the big deal for AT&T and the iPad and that they have to start saving money by having some people work one hour less cutting back on overtime, etc etc he is thinking that AT&T lost it’s exclusive contract with apple and gearing up for people leaving AT&T (nobody knows what was in that contract who knows maybe there crappy service was a breaker). He also stated that he knows they will be getting a lot more android phones. Kinda seems like a conflict of interest to me. I am not saying tmobile will be getting the iPhone but he thinks another carrier just might be..

    • J-Hop2o6

      *rubs chin* .. him… interesting.. but yea, i keep reading about the changes at AT&T.. but, i keep reading around that they extended the iPhone contract til 2012.. but yea, we’ll see monday @ WWDC.. but there’s no way it can be an iPhone on June 19th since it didnt pass thru FCC yet with AWS (1700/2100) bands.

      On June 19th, im guessing HUGE deals for the weekend (i hear all phones will be FREE).. and maybe the launch of the Nexus One (aka myTouch 2 aka myTouch Nexus), since it doesn’t have to go thru FCC again.

      • Scratch

        As far as I can tell, the new iPhone has not received type acceptance for any frequency range. So, it is possible that when it launches it *could* have the frequencies that T-Mobile uses, in addition to the frequencies that ATT uses.

        All this makes for a very interesting Monday morning!

        Personally, I hope T-Mobile gets the iPhone. And this would align with what their customer service reps were hearing at the end of 2009 – that the iPhone would come to them in the summer of 2010. Of course, a lot can change in 8 months. But that was what was being *rumored* in Q4 of 2009.

      • J-Hop2o6

        thats a possibility yes (remember the G1 & FCC?).. but the iPhone will conflict with the mT-Slide sales (even tho it was released on the 2nd–hard launch on the 16th).. so if it is a phone, the Nexus One is more than likely since they can brand it as the myTouch 2 or myTouch Nexus.

  • Guillermo

    Its the Nokia E series..supposedly..However don’t let the word promotion fool you. It is in fact a “launch”.

  • Taaars

    I hope its not the Iphone, honestly I dont want one, I want a good top notch android phone on TMO…

  • Pablo

    You are all seriously ridiculous. Why dont you just all comment on what you hope it is, cause god knows that none of these are realistic guesses. I will tell you exactly what it is not. I had a big time T-Mobile guy in my store recently, he actually asked me about the iPhone. Asked if I thought it was coming. It’s not. He had no clue. It is not the iPhone, but I guess we will find out for sure on Monday at WWDC. It is NOT the Samsung Galaxy S. I recently spoke with a Samsung rep, in my store, and was told to save my upgrade until July – and that I would be seeing said rep again soon (presumably for the launch of the Galaxy S). June 19th is not a release of ANY PHONE. It is a promotion for Father’s Day. T-Mobile is notorious for making a big deal out of nothing. And that is precisely what this is. Yes, T-Mobile stores are receiving unorthodox supplies of myTouch Slides. It is a promotion, probably a free slide with a new activation for a limited time. Everyone just needs to chill on all the ridiculous speclation.

  • tmorep

    i’m an employee and although i want it to be the iphone i really think its going to be the nexus one..i wish i knew as i have friends wanting the mytouch slide and i dont want to encourage them getting one if the nexus is going to be sold at the end of this month..

  • Negtne

    If it is, I bet tmobile will remove a bunch of the features………

  • slyman

    its gonna be the iphone!!!! so scream!!! lol

    • jfree

      To add to device launch speculation. Tmo is asking stores to hand out line holders June 15th. It is also asking the sales team to have roles as a greeter, a line person, and an activation specialist. Inventory is not allowed to be moved between stores. tmo may be stupid enough to just build up hype for a slide release, but who knows at this point…

  • Pufferfish

    With Boygenius’ report that June 18th is the release date of the iphone, it sure seems odd that it coincides with T-mobiles “big” day on June 19th. I believe it is the Iphone, but if not, it is stupid to try to compete with Apple’s launch of the iphone on that weekend.

    • RockTripod

      Still carrying on with that, huh? Can I get your promise you’ll be posting on this forum on the 19th? I’ll be sure to leave a post or 2 for you.

  • LPF

    I dont know if these two are related, and while I have been reading the Tmonews blog for some time. I have never made a post. Without getting into to much detail, but members of my family work in tmos new phone release… apparently the new Kraut CEO is making a serious push for the iphone. Sooner rather than later. I told them while im sure it will do well for the subscriber base, and the bottom line. The lack of an iphone is not whats holding tmobile back.

    • Awatt

      Well, the only thing about that argument is that Uncle Rob Dotson isn’t stepping down till next May…

      • If you read it, Bobby D. is staying on to make the transition smooth and will give most of his duties to Mr. Humm in July. Bobby will be on the board through May of 2011. I don’t expect iPhone, held my breath too many times, but if anyone would do it Mr. Humm is the guy. See what he did in Europe…

  • Ramsey

    I think its a product launch too.. either the nexus one, dell streak, galaxy s or iphone being my #1 guess.

    Anyone read the article about at&t ceo apologizing to a customer who emailed him and his excutive response team left the guy a voice mail telling the customer if emailed the ceo again he would receive a cease and desist letter?

    Something is happening at at&t… Apple (Steve Jobs)would cut off his own nose to spite his face. That being said… Verizon is NOT getting the iPhone… ever! They have trashed talked the iphone way to much for Steve to EVER let them have it… But he does hate google too… So giving T-Mobile a phone they already sell for them in other countries would not be a big surprise. In a matter of fact Apple has to and they know it. Otherwise the iphone game is over. T-mobile gives them a completely new market… an urban market. A younger market that will qualify for the service without contracts and will be the kids in school using them…

  • dave

    Gawd, I hope it’s a high end Android phone, similar to, if not exactly the Nexus One. T-Mo is lacking a phone of this caliber right now, and I cannot imagine that’s going to last. AT&T can keep the iPhone, they and Apple missed the boat, IMO. AT&T by allowing their network to go into the crapper, and Apple by assuming that the iPhone would continue to be the cat’s pajamas in the smartphone industry. Verizon stated plainly, after the launch of the Droid, that they had no need to have the iPhone on their network any longer with the other options that were available now. I would think T-Mo is in the same boat.

  • pdxDavid

    It is going to be a huge buildup for nothing… As usual. It will be some promotion for the slide but it will be nowhere near what would be needed for this much attention. Probably a BOGO or something. I am sticking with you Tmo but if this is a huge nothing again I will… just stay. My 1st gen iPhone is getting a little long in the tooth so I wouldn’t mind upgrading. With all these rumors and theories swirling around the actual Project Emerald will be a big letdown.

  • Bryan

    While I hope and would love to see a piece of juicy-new-exciting hardware that will make people want to upgrade or migrate to T-Mobile(while spending money), I fully expect them to spend an absurd amount of money on labor hours while giving away the farm on epuipment. I fully understand T-Mo’s value-oriented service/price-point stance, but we’re just around the corner from a ridiculously powerful network and it’s time to start bringing some Android(or whatever) leading “Alpha” phones. I’m all for freebies, but I want T-Mobile to grow and rule the world(LOL, or at least not be 4th)and that happens by bringing new customers from the comps. Please let it be something port-worthy!!!

  • sikkboy

    Good god people, it’s not the iPhone. Go to AT&T for it. Bye see yah!

  • Rick


    • TMoEmployee

      WROOOOOOOOOOONG!!!!! The official date of launch is the 16th. Who ever you were talking to is an idiot or you just heard what you wanted to hear.

  • Pablo


    • negtne

      pablo wow your getting worked up over a forum! maybe you should invest into xanax before you look at this stuff.

    • TMoEmployee

      And that’s still not enough to open doors early. And regular day would be good enough. Why two extra hours? That’s the question. A promotional? Get real.

  • It could be anything. I want it to be a announcement of a data plan to make room for a great tablet. I wish it to be a New Nexus phone with upgrades to make EVO fans
    jealous. Just my wish…

  • manus

    Rocktripod we need the truth!!!!!!

    • RockTripod

      I’ve already given out the truth. The dumb continue to theorize about other things. I think this time I’ll just sit back and enjoy the carnival of stupid.

  • my idiot manager left some papers in the printer that said HIGHLY CONFIDENTIAL
    it had to do with the 19th, although it did NOT say exactly what is going down it did say…
    make sure to have all employees with price override abilities working on all shifts.
    tickets are to be handed out to ppl waiting in line…no ticket..oh well…
    separate pod for bill payments trouble shooting etc etc….and the “product” is to be kept on the floor behind the tills for easy access…oh and to make sure the my touch champion is scheduled that day…
    probably a free phone giveaway of some sort..

    • TMoEmployee

      If what you say is true…. And I trust no one. That sounds like a serious MTS3G give away. I don’t see a reason to open doors early for that phone. To me that phone doesn’t attract people like that. People don’t want to pay for data, so we lose on that note. It all just doesn’t make sense.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Wow… this feels like WWII and we are getting all kinds of intell coming in.

      So your post says to me:

      1. It’s some kind of promo for handset(s).

      2. Prices will be super low.

      3. They expect crowds who want to snap up the phones.

      4. Because of the crowds and wanting to move people through, keep the product near the cash registers and not in the back where it takes time to go pick one up, etc.

      5. They want someone on hand at all times who can authorize price changes (for customers who demand a lower price?)

      6. So not to delay sales and keep the lines moving, have a separate line or area designated for people who are there for typical business, such as paying bills, etc.

      7. “Tickets?” Is that similar to the numbers we pull at counters, to wait our turn?

      All very interesting.

  • Ken

    I’m very much interested in the Galaxy S so I went to the T-Mobile next to my job and asked them when it was coming. The manager told me that June 19th the stores would be opening early because they are going to be practically replacing most of their phone line up. Of course some of the newer phones like the Hd2 would stay, but apparently T-Mobile wants a very good selection of smart phones and heavy feature phones like the mytouch, and less ‘normal’ phones. hopefully we’ll see a galaxy s in this new line up.

    • soon2TMO

      crossing all my fingers on that one!
      my toes too! LOL hehe

  • g_willi

    Who freakin’ cares about the iPhone? I mean seriously is this 2007? Compared to the Nexus One or the EVO or the Incredible, the iPhone is a piece of crap. It’s not even a status symbol anymore — every douchebag prick has one.

    • Bigs12

      Its not even about the phone being a piece of crap, ppl really like the iPhone thats all….. so getting the iPhone will help T-mobile keep customer and also regain customers they lost to ATT for the iPhone. if its is the iPhone good for all the ppl that want that phone, if you want a different phone get it when its released!!!! I’m waiting to see the Samsung Galaxy S in person to see if i will pick that up or the N1….not to sure yet

    • TMoEmployee

      I guess you’re one of those, I like my opened source capabilities, folk? Okay, the iphone is seasoned. Does that mean the new one will be trash. No! You have know idea what the new iphone will be compared to these Android devices. And in my opinion Android is still years behind the OS clarity of Apple.

    • RockTripod

      Look, I really don’t care for the iPhone. Really, the notification bar in Android puts the usability of that platform leaps and bounds ahead of the iPhone in my eyes, but it still maintains a massive market share and has hordes of fanboys clamoring for it. They’re even dumb enough to upgrade their phone every year just cuz Steve Jobs says they should. That being said, I would really like to be able to sell that phone. Hell, I unlocked a phone for a customer just so she wouldn’t cancel (long story, her idiot friend thought he unlocked it, just jailbroke it and made unlocking it that much more complicated) But yes, you are right. Every douchebag prick has one. Which is sorta why I’d like to sell silly thing.

  • ShamusORiley

    I think its going to be the Dell Streak:
    They said its going to be BIG; Dell Streak is 5 in.
    As said earlier, the MT:S is already out; why relaunch it?
    Tmobile definitely needs a premium flagship phone. When you think of tmobile what phone do you think of?

    So I put my vote to the Dell Streak…. or the Nexus one. I’d be happy with both, and I’d buy one, if I havent gone to the EVO or iphone HD (although I don’t look forward to getting screwed on rates on both carriers)

    • TMoEmployee

      You’re so wrong. Who the hell knows about the Dell Streak accept a few who follows Dell. It would have to be a household or widely known name to bring people out with very little advertisement.

  • REGGIE517

    I just got off the phone with a htc Rep she told me the nexus 1 is coming to the Tmobile stores she didn’t know the date bit it is coming that’s for sure!

  • Alex

    I would like to throw caution on the table and don’t overhype yourselves here. Save it for July!!!!! This is not some BS made up nonsense. The Project Emerald is true and it will be the Sidekick Twist. Its basically the EVO with a 5 row keyboard. They are launching it in July. My NYC people, you can head over to the TMO store on 24th and 6th ave. The manager was gracious and cool about the questions I asked. Go and find out for yourselves. Most will spill info on it anyway. Just be cool how you seek the info….Stay tune until July….

    • RockTripod

      Seeing as how their is nothing but rumor about that phone, I wouldn’t trust a store manager for info. You better believe managers and the vast majority of T-Mo employees get their information from the same blogs you look at.

  • Rilesman

    My vote…Promotion…and boring. But I would love to be surprised. I am slightly leaning towards an HSPA+ advertising blitz/roll-out and singling out the MyTouch devices. Dark Horse would be the IPad.

    iPhone? I seriously doubt it. But the recent DoJ inquiries may have changed the game a bit.

    Prefer a android snapdragon keyboard if there is a product launch.

  • Rilesman

    or could it be a Sling tie-in? For example….now T-Mobile gives you TV on your MyTouch phone….ok…now I am grasping

  • Green Robot

    Well, whatever this is going to be, I think that T-Mobile should really announce it already to actually build up some interest and the desire in the current and prospective customers to actually go to their stores on the 19th. If they continue to keep this thing secret, the only people in the stores early are going to be their employees standing there and twiddling their thumbs. At this point nobody really knows anything about the 19th so why would anybody show up at the stores early? I’ve got no reason to go there whatsoever at this point. C’mon T-Mobile, just tell us what it is so that we can decide whether it is really exciting or just another T-Mobile misfire.

    • soon2TMO

      i agree with this!

  • SEFan

    What do I HOPE it is? New high-end device? iPhone would be cool because it would have been kept sooo secret, but the N1 as an official T-Mo device or one of the new HTCs seem more likely. Even the Samsung Galaxy S would be good, though I’m generally skeptical about Samsungs.

    What do I THINK it is? Big promo for the MyTouch Slide and other current T-Mo smartphones. I wish them well on it, but T-Mo really does need one or more high-velocity devices to take full advantage of the 3G network they’ve finally developed.

  • Tmoloyal

    Alright so far we have a lot of information, some conflicting, but mostly coinciding information.
    From what people are saying, it has to be a major handset launch or it would have to be an absolutely astronomical promotion. Stores opening really early, more employees, line tickets, etc. all signal that its probably a device. I’m leaning more towards a device.
    As far as the iPhone goes, I think the odds are favoring this even more. Think about it, tmobile doesn’t have a high end device to compete with an iPhone right now. the iPhone would be the absolute gem of the collection. By now, with any other phone or project or promotion etc., we would have heard a lot more about a release date and what the device is by now. People know about the EVO 4G launch more than 2 weeks ahead of the launch. Given Apples lockdown on their product releases, which i’m sure has been even more increased since the leak of the iphone a few months ago, it fits completely with the fact that nobody has any idea what this even is just 2 WEEKS before this mysterious June 19th date.
    The Nexus One is also a possibility. Someone posted earlier how Google probably stocked up a crap ton of the phones to sell on multiple carriers only to have that blow up. So it could be an awesome Nexus One blowout sale exclusive for tmobile. It’d probably have 2.2 on it, making it the very first Android 2.2 device on any network. Which perfectly fits with Tmobiles support and loyalty to Google.
    Those are the predictions I’m going to stick to until monday when the new iPhone comes out.

    • J-Hop2o6

      but the iPhone 4.0/HD hasn’t passed the FCC yet.. yea the report can pass a day or more before release date for confidentiality.. didn’t that happen with the G1? but the Nexus One (aka myTouch 2? aka myTouch Nexus?) is more of a possibility since it already passed the FCC with AWS bands (Tmo 3G), and it can be put under that myTouch name since it doesn’t have a keyboard like the myTouch 3G.. and yea, with the reports of all phones next to the sales reps, tickets, etc.. hopefully that means ALL phones will be FREE (or under $50).. now THAT will bring in the lines.. and to bring MORE in, they need to do a GREAT tv promo regarding this BIG DAY.

  • Green Robot

    Hey, maybe they just want to make a big push at all the stores to finally reattach all the perpetually broken tether strings that the fake display phones are attached with. That’s the reason they need all their employees to show up 2 hours early on the 19th.

  • raymond

    green robot may be right on the money and if so i would gladly go early to see this moment n history -_-

    • Green Robot

      Yes, just imagine that scene: every employee gets a tube of super glue and they’re off to the races. Wonder how many would accidentally either glue themselves to the tether string or glue a fake phone to their hand. Might be worth it to get up early on Saturday to witness that….

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Sheesh… the iPhone dreamers are like zombies. They get their hopes killed over and over again, they keep rising from the grave and saying “maybe it will be the iPhone.” How many times will this make now?

    Yesterday I checked the mail at my P.O. Box here in San Francisco. Next to the P. Office there’s a T-Mobile corporate store, at the Embarcadero Center.

    I walked in to ask about the Slide. The CSR said they have not come in yet. and that no store in San Francisco has them, yet.

    So then I pretended to know about “June 19,” to see if he would spill the beans. Here is what was said, appx.

    CSR: Hey, how’s it going?

    Me: Do you have the Slide?

    CSR: Nope, we don’t even have a dummy phone to show. We will get them in next week. I don’t think any San Francisco store has the Slide.

    Me: So no Slide, well that’s all right, I’d rather wait to see the handset that’s coming out in a couple weeks.

    CSR: Yeah, that’s going to be a big deal.

    Me: Which one do you think it is?

    CSR: They won’t tell us which one it is. They said they won’t disclose it until two days before the announcement.

    Me: So it’s definitely a handset?

    CSR: Yes it’s a phone, but I don’t know which one. We already came out with plans last year. This is a handset.

    Me: Maybe it’s the SGS?

    CSR: That would be nice, but really have no idea. They said we are getting some phones to compete with the Evo, but we have no clue on what they are talking about. They are being more tight lipped than usual.

    Me: OK, thanks. See you in a couple weeks.

    CSR: See ya.

    So there you have it, is it a handset, a plan promo, I dunno. Does that CSR know what he is talking about? I dunno, but he seems sharp to me.

    So I say it’s the SGS for all the reasons previously stated. Besides, Howard Chiu’s SGS tour on YouTube convinced me that the SGS is a T-Mobile version and it is ready to go (and debut).

    • J-Hop2o6

      interesting.. but it WILL NOT be the Galaxy S cuhz Samsung said it wont reach the US until July! its a great phone tho with its processor and Super AMOLED screen.. and even tho the new TouchWiz 3.0 looks nice.. its too similar looking to the iPhone UI.. and plus i would like a keyboard.. since he said it competes with the EVO, that should be the Nexus One, or the rumored HTC “sidekick Slide”.. but that hasn’t passed FCC yet.. if that phone is actually real (yet).

    • Nokia N900USER

      SGS is not coming out till July. This is not confirmed but Im pretty sure. Vodafone started selling nexus one in their stores as of April 29th of this year and since T-mobile was the first to get the N1, expect the N1 to be sold in Tmobile stores this month. The only reason to justify listing the big event on MT3GS might be because they both have android.

    • soon2TMO

      oh please let it be the samsung galaxy S..

      now i see the silver lining.. thanks lol

  • Butzacooky

    I like the idea of a new handset :D

    But I just went to a T-Mobile store at a mall, and I was talking with the rep about the 19th

    Pretty much what happened is that: Instead of the 16th (what was on the other article), the 19th will be the day for the “buy one, get one free” deal for the mytouch slide.

    but what the heck, let’s go with a “buy one, get one free” deal, AND a new handset :D the more the merrier

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    No one commented on that photo I posted a few weeks back. So I’ll repost it now.

    This pic was provided by T-Mobile’s PR agency a few weeks back to a national news site that journalists access for stories, press releases, pics, video, and other material. It’s were a company like T-Mobile would post a press release, for example, to trumpet an upcoming promotion.

    The pic did not have a story attached to it nor even a caption (which is odd). That tells me that the pic was an advanced upload that is sometimes done for future reference.

    Look at the pic. It has the Slide and other phones. Is this a pic that will be used for the June 19 event?

    If it is not a clue, someone tell me why T-Mobile had this pic made and submitted it to a global news distribution platform?

    When I submitted this to TMoNews it was poo pooed as not meaning anything. But I think it tells us exactly what’s coming up. A phone promo, for all the 3G phones pictured?



    • Tmoloyal

      That picture is terrible, it looks like someone just took all the pictures from tmobiles site and very very loosely photoshopped each one. Theres huge white sections around each phone. Doesnt look professional or legitimate at all.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Yes, it’s poorly done, but that’s because it is huge. Many pics look bad if blown up.

        It’s a super large size so that if in print or online in smaller sizes it looks sharp and clear.

        Try it. Download the pic and make the view smaller. Notice how it looks better.

        And personally, whoever came up with the birds on the Slide, should be shot, roasted and served up with those birds, for my dinner.

        And the pic is genuine, I assure you hacks cannot access the news site it came from. The credibility of the site is beyond reproach. If someone infiltrated and posted phony articles, pics or video the site would lose a lot of business (most content is NOT free).

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Oh, an important detail, the pic was titled “HSPA7.2phones”

    Does the title give a hint on what the promo is about, pushing T-Mobile’s line of 3G and faster phones?

    Hey, like the few others in here, at least we have some hard evidence to throw into the mix, for your consideration in speculating what this is all about.

    As much as I would like it to be an SGS debut, on thinking about it, this HSPA 7.2 phone promo makes more sense. Maybe they will throw in the SGS as a bonus surprise. (I know, that’s really wishful thinking, but heck, it’s Saturday, a good day for daydreaming.)

    Besides, I think my pic of all those phones in a fan pattern looks far better than that Sherlock pic. :)

  • I love reading all of the comments and see people getting worked up over nothing.

    Okay, so what we DO know is that T-Mobile is opening very early on June 19th, but no one knows EXACTLY why (although everyone has their theory).

    I don’t know if it’s a phone or a plan or a promo or whatever, and now, I don’t really care anymore. What I don’t understand, though, is whatever it is how does T-Mobile expect people to come that early and form “lines” about something about which no one knows anything about? I mean to make the date successful, you would need to atleast advertise (hey, we’re giving away MTS ALL day on June 19th ONLY!) or (get ridiculously low plans for Father’s Day) or (we’re getting the iPhone, haha I had to say that to appease those iPhone FIENDS out there) or whatever. But they aren’t.

    So my whole confusion is, why the x not? What the deuce are they doing? And, whatever June 19th is, how do they expect people to magically show up 2 hours early and form a line at T-Mobile stores?

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Well you have to admit all this sleuthing is fun. I enjoy it and especially like it when I’m right. (Like when I said last year Dotson would be leaving. Everyone flamed me, said I was a moron. Maybe he will call me and ask how I knew. LOL.)

      • Of course the sleuthing is fun, but from a business standpoint it doesn’t make an ounce of sense (especially since they are opening stores early because with that comes added costs for payment for employees, electricity, etc… so they must have something big up their sleeve to counter act these costs and pull in a profit).

        All in all, it should definitely be an interesting day.

  • jose tineo

    first iphone ever to come out dropped june 19th 2007…………tmo is getting the iphone for sure……fact

  • Taaars

    I found out from TMO directly that this is what they are launching on the 19th..google it, ITS AWSOME!
    Motorola DynaTAC 8000X

    • pdxDavid

      Game changer!

      • manus

        i plan to be at the store by 3 am for this

  • ender wiggen

    i can’t believe nobody has said this yet, but it can’t be the iphone as att has excusivity for 5 years and it didn’t come out in 2005…it came out in 2007! so therefore nobody can get the iphone untill 2012 unless ur on att or you jailbreak it…come on people it’s not the iphone. besides apple sucks y would you want a piece of crap like that?

    if any tmoble exects look at this please give us the sidekick twist!!!!

    • RockTripod

      Yeah, look at the other article about June 19th. Its been said to death. Some people just don’t want to hear it. There’s a lot of delusions out there regarding that exclusivity.

  • TmoREPinDisguise

    Well let’s start making sense about this. The June 19th date popped up on a MyTouch Slide time table or course of event dates. What about that tells you that it would be anything different than something having to do with the MyTouch or heavily related to it or Android?

    I been with the company for over 3 years and would love an iPhone but don’t see it being June 19th. I also don’t see anything about an iPhone being mentioned on mytouch slide presentation.

    My store manager states that June 19th will set up our business for the rest of the year. I believe that T-Mobile is delusional enough to believe that whatever is up it’s sleeve would be “game changing” when it would actually not be.

    Remember “project dark”? It was supposed to be the biggest thing to happen to T-Mobile ever and bring us tons of adds and new customers and all it did was confuse the f**k out of customers and they miss myfaves and T-Mo remains #4 in the industry.

    I don’t know what happens June 19th but we have a meeting the weekend of June 12-13. All I know is that if tmo doesn’t advertise and market this thing than we will be here at 8am with our thumbs up our butts.

  • that dynatac 8000x would have all of the carriers begging for their customers back!!!!!!!!!!!

  • its deffinitely the iphone the 3gs came out last year also on june 19th

  • if it is the iphone apple can do whatever they want the mts will be left behind and nobody will even remeber it!

  • Myl3Z

    I went to a T-Mobile store and they had a flyer about the 16th and it does involve the mytouch slide. if you go in the store and check it out u get 100 bonus minutes if u refer a friend u receive a $50 credit to ur bill

  • damien

    It is definitely not the Iphone, despite what other employees have said, it will be passed down to the market managers and then to the store managers on june 10th. Stores have a meeting on the june 13th (firestarter meetings) to discuss this and planned out the following saturday. No one knows in the stores yet what it will be, other than it is on the MyTouch Slide collateral and marked for June 19th. Please dont get all hyped up over the iphone when it will be nothing more than a promotional sales launch for the Mytouch, and it looks like a one day promotion too

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      You make the most sense.

      Like I said earlier, the Slide was not available in any store in San Francisco as of yesterday. And the CSR I talked to said it would not be coming in until next week.

      So that tells me that the phone being available online or via 611 is a “soft launch.”

      Obviously T-Mobile considers the Slide a BIG deal (rightfully so, IMHO it’s the nicest physical keyboard Android-based phone on the market, from the hottest handset maker on the planet, HTC.)

      That being reality, obviously T-Mobile intends to market the hell out of it. Have we seen any marketing for it, NO. So that’s probably what is coming up.

      Maybe there’s other phone promotions that will also be featured that day (the full line of 3G phones at heavy discounts), but the Slide will be the star, as indicated by that pic I posted.

      That coupled with the evidence that the SGS will be coming out in July, well this timeline makes the most sense, June: Slide and maybe a 3G phone sale; July: SGS; August – one or two additional superphones; September-October – The WinSeries7 phones.

      Note: What I really, really want is a superphone that records and plays in HD 720p, that has a mini HDMI out port, and a AMOLED display.

      Note: At MWC Qualcomm was showing off their chips that had 1080p capability! And the rep said that the phones coming out “later this year” will have mini HDMI ports, like the Evo has.

      We just have to be patient guys. I just know T-Mobile has some great superphones in the hopper, to debut starting in July with the SGS.

  • damien

    I guess you all find out monday that its not the iphone for tmobile


    253 comments of……………………………

  • I really cant wait for that 8000x that thing is looking great what colors will it be available in does any one know

  • Tmoloyal

    I just can’t see this being about the Slide. If it is a buy one get one deal with the slide, i just can’t see lines building up and people flocking to Tmobile stores everywhere to get this deal. Nobody outside of the Tmobile circle even knows what this phone is. And they still won’t even if a big marketing campaign comes up within the next 2 weeks. This phone isn’t going to make people switch carriers to Tmobile, or make everyone who already has tmobile come and buy this phone. Tmobile can’t be dumb enough to do all of this for what’s going to amount to nothing.

  • Doug

    i have no problem with a promotion. it’s not going to be an iphone. and probably not even a new handset even. but a really nice promotion wouldn’t bother me at all. so long as it can actually appeal to current customers…

    • pdxDavid

      Funny. TMobile does not care about current customers.

  • WTF

    Are you guys stupid (not all of you) Its not a new phone launch. if it was a new phone , iphone , dell streak or which ever phone makes you happy , why would they put that date on the Marketing Documents For The MyTouch Slide leaked last week!

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Come on WTF… why do you have to call people stupid for simply having a guess at what it is. That’s not cool. That’s as mean as the other person (chingadahead or whatever his name is) who called people in here retarded.

      After all, the article title said “But What Do You Want It To Be?” So people are not being stupid, they are simply saying what they want it to be.

      (Albeit to keep saying IT IS the iPhone is lame. It’s fine to say “I WANT IT TO BE THE iPHONE” but I have not seen a shred of evidence to support that IT IS the iPhone.)

  • Iamright

    Mark my words. Every single phone will be free for upgrades and new acts.

    • manus

      so people on even more plus get screwed i understand i went no contract but we get no deals at all.

    • Agreed

      This absolutely makes the most sense. TMO wants to get the MT into as many hands as possible, and they also want to push family/multi-line plans. Giving away free smartphones would create just enough of a line for TMO stores to be able to handle for a day.

      Iamright is… right.

  • chris

    It’s most likley not the iphone but that would be awsome if it was

  • 2FR35H

    Its NOT a promotion I guarantee you that its a phone launch.

    Nobody opens 2 hours early for promotion at least not tmobile. It has to be a phone maybe it is the galaxy s maybe its iphone or nexus but its most certainly not mt3gs its already been launched. why would they open 2 hours early for something that we can already buy in stores before the launch? does not make sense.

    • Alex

      Agreed dude, something will be leaked from that meeting taking place a week propr. Heck, it might even be a handset or 2 we never saw coming. Reality is, the slide is not a phone the average person will wake up at 7am to go purchase. The soft launch has begun and the phone is sold out in most stores. Something much bigger is going to happen. I love hyping up Tmobiles rumors. It gives me a reason to go curse out the reps….joking…

  • acesauce

    Maybe,if you go to the store for breakfast,you get a free slide…..my comment sounds just as good as these I phone comments….pancakes anyone?

  • Ramsey

    I vote iPhone!

  • Bman

    maybe if it is a promotion, data plans might be 10 bucks with a buy one get one smart phone. Damn wouldnt that be nice??

    • glomom

      there are new plans coming out. data will be purchased in blocks or unlimited. $25.00 = 400mg…this is used by ALL lines on plan instead of per phone.

  • We will know if it is a Iphone launch after Steve Jobs address to the developers conference. Forget the name calling and look at the facts. 1. AT&T has increased its early termination fee. 2. T-Mobile says the early opening of the stores is for the expectation of Black Friday (Day After Thanksgiving) Traffic. 3. AT &T has announced a cap on its data plans. Could it be that the Ipad could be launching on Sprint, Verizon and T-Mobile? BTW this is an open forum people. Agree or Disagree lets not behave like a three year old on the playground…

  • Matt

    Sorry to dissapoint, but I just spoke with a T-mobile rep yesterday and he confirmed that it is the official “hard” launch day for the Slide. Nothing for any of us to get overly excited about. This explains why you have yet to see any real ads for the Slide, no TV spots, its not even on T-mobile’s official home page. All the promos will begin June 19th, and it will be big just like last year when they released the original mytouch 3g and they had that huge release party/carnival in San Francisco. I have to say, after holding the slide in my hand, it is a much nicer phone than the web pictures lead you to believe, very sturdy and the slider is very smooth. It looks and feels like the mytouch and g1 got it on in the back of a car somewhere and the slide popped out 9 months later.

    • J-Hop2o6

      the hard launch is on June 16th.. look at the mT-Slide timeline that was posted up last week.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        But a hard launch on the 16th could well have some kind of promotion a few days later.

    • Craig

      OMG if it is the slide… Total fail for T-Mobile. I went to my T-Mobile store on the launch day of the MyTouch 3G (which I love!) and there were so few people I thought I had the wrong day! There is no way in the world they need to open early for the slide. A failure of that magnitude could spell doom for our beloved magenta network.

  • MB

    100% guaranteed that you will see all smart phones free for new customers including the new slide. Mark this post and get in line early!!

    • soon2TMO

      if that is ever true! i will definitely fall in line before i clock in to work.. LOL, i’ll get the HD2 or the slide.. LOL

    • Doug

      oh, wow. as an existing customer, that would be so awesome…

  • t3hm@n

    I hope it’s the iPhone…

  • 2FR35H

    I believe I have just thought of the best theory out of you all!

    The RED Mytouch 3G Slide will be available but only as limited sale think about it. They are not letting people pre-order the red one because thats whats going be launched then on the 19th currently they will only allow you to pre-order it in black or white from tmobile. The red MT3GS will be the equivalent of the Fender edition mytouch.

    • pdxDavid

      I don’t think there would be all this secrecy, all hands on deck and opening early for a red phone.

    • joe in oklahoma

      I bought my MTSlide last Wednesday, and chose white, but red was in the store, so, I doubt this is it.

    • rob

      and you can buy it in the store

    • faddalee

      they have the red my touch 3G slide at the tmobile near me

    • TMoEmployee

      Not saying that you’re wrong but, if that’s the reason for all this hype. I will quit T-Mobile. Cause that’s just ass!

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      That sounds intriguing and all, but when I called to order the Slide it was in inventory and that’s the one I ordered. (Unless the CSR was lying to me. But then I would simply ask where did you get YOUR info, that “they” are not letting people order any phone, much less red? And as some posts in here indicate others too have ordered the Slide, in red, black or white).

    • mr.mangenta

      FAILx2 the slide in red is already out and its the same price as The black and white no limited edition or free smartphone

  • Tmoloyal

    New prediction added on to my iPhone and Nexus predictions: June 19th will be the day Android 2.2 is released on all UPGRADABLE Android devices that tmobile has. I’d also guess that this maybe a Tmobile exclusive sort of deal, since Tmobile did give Android their chance first.

  • soon2TMO

    i strongly believe it wont be a phone launch.. this ” this will be big” is something that tmobile considers as BIG as it will benefit its customers in general..

    only the geeks and tech pundits are the ones who are leaps and bounds regarding high-end devices, but the mass majority is not.. so how could it be a device launch relevant to “this will be big” agenda?

    imagine tmobile announcing that a high-end phone will be launched, will the people be surprised and excited?
    but imagine tmobile announcing free phones or some sale.. people will be rushing in for that.. like xmas sale or something..LOL

    idk, we’ll see! hehe

    • MB

      Like I said earlier, it will be ALL phones free for new customers. Watch and learn guys. It is for fathers day promo and for getting people on family plans. All phones free mark this post!!

      • TMoEmployee

        Alright, let’s say that you’re right and the other guy is right about the phones must stay at the registers. Have you ever looked under a T-Mobile register desk? It’s very small. Not enough to keep every handset in the store readily available. Try again….

  • soon2TMO

    * gets excited by leaps and bounds..


  • BEC

    My guess is it’s the launch date for marketing the MTS. Zero commercials thus far. I’ve been to two stores, neither of which had the MTS on display, nor any sort of in-store advertising. My best guess for releasing early without any marketing would be to get the phone out there to some. If there are major bugs, it’s not a wide-scale problem. Also, greater amount of time to manufacture more phones. Magenta wants to have plenty of these available on the “official” release date. Remember, the MTS is their big summer phone. It’s not summer yet. The push to get this phone into the hands of the consumer will begin 6-19. Really hope that it’s something bigger, though.

    • TMoEmployee

      Nope, it’s the 16th. Try again…

    • TMoEmployee

      Nope, it’s the 16th. BOOONG!!!! Neeeeext!!!

  • um, its not the hard launch of the My touch slide. the hard launch of the slide is on june 16th.

    I’ve worked for magenta for the past 4yrs and we have never opened early (aside from black friday) for any phone launch ever….even when the g1 came out, aka the 1st android phone.

    its definitely something big. but still have no idea what

  • Mike

    The MyTouch Slide is already out in the tmobile stores by my house, So no it’s not the MyTouch Slide

  • Chris

    Hey, you know that “trade-in-an-iPhone” promo? What if this was them launching the iPhone with USED iPhones that they got from the promotion, and they’ve hacked them apart to make them work for this purpose? And you thought those OTHER suggestions were insane..

  • the guy

    its probably the day they stock the nexus one.

    • Monarch

      ^ This. Nexus one going first-party retail would definitely drive some ‘open early’ levels of traffic.

      • WhatdoIknow

        Especially if it’s combined with a killer deal! Just one phone, by itself, is not enough to open early. Just a deal (Bogo or whatever), by itself, is not enough to open early. But combine multiple devices with a promotional deal and I think you might have a winner. It’s got to be something big enough to draw attention away from the Evo and iphone launches. I don’t think the Slide and some sort of deal is big enough. But the Nexus combined with the Slide and some sort of deal would be.
        The soft launch of the Slide and the delay of media advertising makes more sense that way. I wouldn’t be surprised if the commercials for the Slide also advertise the Nexus one (whether it’s re-labeled as something else or not).

  • §ü|»è®mªn §wªg

    Sounds to me like it will just be a special on phones, not a special phone :(

    Though I would love to see TMo up it’s selection, I don’t see it happening anytime soon. Then with the recent 4g vs +, it only makes sense to drop some phones.

  • faddalee

    the network upgrade with free phones

  • CO_yeti

    If Tmo really wants to drive some traffic they are going to have to buyout contracts for new customers and offer killer phone deals.

  • glt

    Think Father’s Day people. A phone sale of some sort. The Nexus One in stores is a possibility, but more than likely a major sale/discount/free phone offer. Other options are discounted plans, ie. data rates cheaper, as one person said. I don’t see a NEW phone coming (Galaxy, iPhone, Desire, etc). They need to drive new contract sales, not increase phone sales (upgrades). If phones are the reason they open early, FREE to new customers and discounted to existing. Two levels will probably be applied, those who have more than 22 months and those with less than 22 months.

  • Its confirmed that all 3 of my local stores will have radio and tv stations at each store… so something is big going down.

    • CO_yeti

      That is the way Tmo likes to market, they don’t have the money for a ton of TV ads so they try to use stunts, talk shows and news shows to reach people. Doesn’t mean it is anything worthy of actually having the news there.

      • Tmoloyal

        What?! lol They had Catherine Zeta Jones as their spokesperson for forever. Im pretty sure they definitely have a ton of money for advertising. Plus they got all of those celebs for the Mytouch release commercials.

    • Tmoloyal

      Yeaaa right

  • T-mobile rEP

    the soft launch for the slide was the 2nd, some stores still have them available to sell. the official launch is the 16th along with all the merchandising. in my 3 years working for t-mobile no one has been so tight-lipped about whats going to happen. no one knows. i just think it’s funny that details of the promotion haven’t emerged yet and tomorrows the WWDC. Yes it was on the mytouch slide sheet but that can all be a smoke screen or curve ball for whats really going to happen. remember apple is the one who makes the release date, not the carrier.

    • T-mobile rEP

      i don’t think free phones for everyone or a promotion on plans is going to be worth us opening 2 hours earlier than usual nationwide. we already know that most likely we are getting the SGS next month. Yeah the N1 is a helluva phone but i still don’t see it getting people here at 8am on a saturday morning. HTC sidekick twist or Iphone mos def!!

  • eric

    listen guys i think after thinking long and hard there is only one thing that could be going on and one thing only. just wait and watch tv for the promo they will do something like free upgrade no matter how long u have until ur free upgrade. killer promos for smart phones they make there money from the data and text plans so it makes sense to try and get as many smart phones in peoples hands that have to pay that 30 dollar a month plan fee for it its how cell company’s make there real money its not airtime look at boost and metro its the data plans for smart phones. im just saying

    • Tmoloyal

      I would probably crap myself if they did that. I think I’d rather have that than a new handset release

  • Ramon

    will this even effect existing customers?

  • Bigg

    If it’s the nexus…..BORING, already got it. I’m thinking about jumping ship to att…my tmobile service has been crappy lately. Phone calls not coming through, delay text message…selling alll my Tmobile phone. N900, Nexus 1, HD2, BB9700 any taker????

    • 2FR35H

      How much for N1?

  • Bigg

    JK….but seriously, I’ve had enough with tmobile crappy service lately and I’m in a pretty decent market where the signal suppose to be good.

  • Ramsey

    I have now changed my mind… I think they will be offering a trade in deal for anyone on any carrier. An offer to trade up, for one day to a My Touch slide for one day for a very discounted price. This would work on a Saturday with very little notice with a enough people buying them now… showing them off, then offering them for free with a two year contract.

  • TMO

    It’s going to be some kind of phone promotion.. most likely free phones for new/existing customers. We received a fax at my location with a template sheet of how the line quere is going to work. I won’t go into detail about everything it says, but I will say this.. the template says 1st choice, 2nd choice, 3rd choice. Also, everyone with over ride codes are required to work that day all day.

    • CO_Yeti

      Haha, yeah right! I have override permissions and I guarantee you I’m not pulling a 13 hour shift unless its the new iphone for free to new customers that activate an unlimited everything plan!!!

  • manny

    i was talkin to a couple of people @ t-mobile here in miami…. they told me that it might be either the nexus one which… i think would not make much of a difference or the new samsung galaxy s… i am still debating on this 1 … because ppl said in the past that samsung never updates their system…. so i am still a little skepticale about that …. i am really looking foward to see if they bring the htc desire… that would be awesome

  • Meatty

    I just read an article that said the iPhone4G will be announced for release on a carrier other than AT&T on June 18th, the day before T-Mobile’s “Huge” new thing… This may be a coincidence, but, imagine an iPhone with T-Mobile’s 3G speeds *quivers*. I am not a fan of Crapple in any way but it would definitely give TMO the edge they need… most popular phone for the masses and the fastest 3G speeds available…

    • WhatdoIknow

      Are you going to say where you read this article? If not, I would say you just made that up.

  • Rick

    I was told by a worker in store she expects the day Nexus One becomes available in the store……

  • Negtne

    I love t-mobile, but after the the evo, htc incredible, hearing of the new droid series and The htc scorpion, and the iPhone. tmobile has nothing to offer phone wise…it’s sad really is…..I bought my fiancé a my touch slide and it’s a cool phone but to be honest it cannot compete with any of these phones so to rely on this device as a flagship model is kind of an embarrassment. And if anyone says the hd2 is a flagship device is crazy! (ask any owner that isn’t a die hard windows mobile fanboy that owns one if they love there phone) I returned mine after a week and a half. Don’t get me wrong I love t-mobile but I know of five people in my group of friends that jumped to sprint for the evo, and three that went to verizon for the droid incredible. They keep it up, not gonna be good for tmo USA.

    • TMoEmployee

      I agree with you 100%

      T-Mo has no real flagship phone that can compete.
      I’ve had the MyTouch, Cliq, HTC HD2, Neuron, MyTouch Fender and now I’ve just ordered the Slide. Not to mention, I had the N900 for a few months (damn good tablet, okay phone). All in the past 6 months, literally! Trying to find the best fit. I refused to pay for the Nexus One with all the 3G problem talks and no good customer service for it.

      What ever it is, it has to be funky! The WWDC is in a few hours so, we’ll see about the biggest debate of them all.

      Other than that, T-Mobile needs to get it together. If not, when I move on from them as an employer, I may switch to Sprint for the Evo…

    • the guy

      i dumped my hd2 a week and a half after i got it as well… for a g1 lol.

      • analog spirit

        I had to take my HD2 back after only 1 day, due to the really frustrating issues I had with it, tho I probably just had a defective unit. T-Mo unfortunately had no other phones I wanted to upgrade to, and I don’t plan on switching carriers just for a different phone, so I just went back to my outdated (but still pretty reliable) BB 8320 (the old Curve). Sad, I know…

  • tchez27

    its been a while but im glad to see the forum is live and kicking.
    let me shed some light, the proof is in the name “project emerald”. tmo is simply going to have its employees show up early brush in hand to paint all magenta signs green to show their commitment to go green. either that or its a memorial service for the g1. seriously folks you know all this hype is for not, I love you tmo but youre in fourth for a reason.

  • A-non

    If u guys could see my quota for upgrades this month you’d be amazed. I’m in a slightly slower store and this month my upgrade quota is almost 3x higher than what it normally is. But my activations quota is only about 10more than usual. Whatever is going to happen is gonna drive more upgrades than activations…..

  • Frank


  • the guy

    i’ll be soooooo mad if its the nexus one. i just bought a damn mytouch slide on payments.

    • remister

      14 day remorse return (30 if your in California)

  • soon2TMO

    i just saw on engadget about the Evo’s launch with a long line outside of a sprint store .. this made me think that people actually do fall in line for a phone! LOL haha
    anyway, i suddenly thought that this june 19 puzzle might be a phone launch too? possibly the nexus one launch? i dont know..

    we’ll see..

  • soon2TMO

    or the galaxy S? oh pleasee let it be the galaxy S!!

    LOL, if not then i’ll patiently wait till it gets released..

  • DJ Indigenous

    i think that June 19 is going to be the final day for BOGO! all tho i wish that it would be a date for maybe pree order for the Samson galaxy s…. i slightly doubt it. but i will not give up hope.

  • soon2TMO

    hmm, no it has to be related to mytouch slide with some kind of promotion, sale too maybe?

  • Nokia N900USER

    Yet another sign from AT&T. I got this from macrumors:
    “On the eve of the WWDC 2010 keynote and what is believed to be the announcement of the next generation iPhone, AT&T seems to have adjusted user eligibility requirements forward for many customers. This means that several readers who previously were ineligible to purchase a new subsidized iPhone now find that they are eligible”

    So it seems a lot of things are being done to keep AT&T customers in. Well, WWDC10 is 5.5 hrs away. Stay tuned……

  • remixfa

    no tmobile emps have the answer, they arent telling anyone anything. Anyone that says otherwise is more than likely lying. my guess, and the guess of some colleagues is that it will be a “all phones are free” day. Apparently theyve done it before, and it was huge, so they may do it again. Last quarter’s numbers werent exactly exiting, so it would be a good last minute push for activations for the quarter.

    yea, all 3 colors of the slide are availible in store already, so its not that. If it were a new phone launch, id hope it was the new HTC touchscreen android powered sidekick phone. But if it was that, we’d be seeing alot more spy shots. Its not an Iphone, so quit wishing.

    • Cybersedan

      Not that I’m wishing or actually care much, but you just contradicted yourself, if nobody really knows what’s in store for the 19th, then nobody knows what’s not, so how can you firmly say “its not an iPhone”.

    • TMOforawhile

      This might be a silly question, but I got this phone recently and paid the upgrade price. If there is a huge phone promotion where the MTS price is going to either drop or be free on that day, will tmobile price match? Seems unfair that I was excited to get this phone, and end up paying more because I got it 2 weeks early.

      I live in CA so i have a 30 day return period. If they don’t price match…I don’t even know if I could return the phone that day and just “upgrade” again to the MTS for the second time to take advantage of promotional pricing.

      All hypothetical, who knows what that day will really bring, but just curious…

  • Nokia N900USER

    Nexus 1

  • JAMM

    Ok if I am wishing:

    I want a free upgrade from my MT3G on the unlimited Even More Plus plan to a slide. After 5 years as a tmo customer something like that would guarantee another 5+ years.

    At least an upgrade for $99.

  • Nokia N900USER

    New iphone has UMTS…….

  • Barry

    I like the idea of the N1 or Iphone(not that I woiuld ever buy one) but I think we’re all over looking what else comes out this week…the garminfone maybe the 19th has something to do with that and father’s day. I mean dad could always use a new phone with a new snappy gps system maybe the promotion has something to do with that…I’m just playing devil’s advocate here but I’m hoping it’s some kinda new device.

  • Green Robot

    Anybody watching Jobs?
    As Nokia N900USERS pointed out, new iPhone has quad band HSDPA/HSUPA.
    Wonder which ones…?
    Wait for it…, wait for it…..

    • Nokia N900USER

      Looks like its not happening for this year. Tmobile better be selling me a nexus for $99 on the 19th

      • Nokia N900USER

        So iPhone is not coming out in stores till June 24th. This makes sense now that T-mobile’s June 19th will be a big Let down. But Im still up for nexus one if they sell it to me for $99 to $200

    • artiepants

      I’m waiting, i’m waiting….

      • Green Robot

        A bit longer, a bit longer…
        Wait for it…, wait for it….

    • Green Robot

      ….and it’s the end of that rumor. No iPhone for T-Mobile. I can hear an odd mishmash of a collective sigh of relief with a wailing cry many….

  • Barry

    I hope it’s either a N1 or Iphone (not that I would ever buy one but it’ll be good for the network) But has everyone forgotten about the phone that’s coming out this week…The beloved anticipated garminfone ??? I mean dad could always use a gps right ? and this even makes phone calls :O I hope I’m wrong but that may play a part in this new promo. But I like everyone else is hoping it’s a fresh device not even the N1. guess we’ll find out soon enough. *waits in anticipation for the garmin…err HTC Sidekick Twist ;-)*

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    So Steve Jobs just introduced the new iPhone (he is playing catch up with what is out there, IMHO)

    Anyway, he said the phone will be available on June 24.

    So does this June 19 date affect that?

    I assume people know that ALL carriers do some kind of promotion in response to what other carriers are doing. (None have a defeatist attitude like some people in here. Thinking “Oh our phones are sheet, so might as well not do anything to counter Apple’s release.”)

    Now if I were T-Mobile and wanting respond to Apple and steal some of its thunder I know I would have to come out with some super big, newsworthy promo.

    So will T-Mobile be coming out with something really big? Maybe so.

    Here is Jobs keynote on the iPhone if you want to read up on it:


  • kast

    I hope it’s the HTC “Better Than Batman, Superman, Spiderman, iPhone4 and the Incredible Hulk Put Together”. LOL.

    In all seriousness, the new iPhone looks nice, but I’ll still take anything remotely close to Evo-like specs. Don’t let me down, Tmo!

  • Wilma Flintstone

    At least now we know that the June 19th BIG thing ISN’T the iPhone. Jobs just declared the release as June 24th and they’re sticking with At&t. WOOHOOO!!!!!! I’m soooo excited that that crap isn’t coming to Tmo. XD

    Now that it’s out of the question, it leaves room for better devices such as Project Emerald, Galaxy S, Dell Streak, HTC Scorpion (I only heard rumor that this was coming to Tmo, I saw an article that it was going to Verizon though) & HTC Incredible.

    Unfortunately though, I’m starting to believe that it’s just some random MyTouch Slide related stuff but why would it open the stores early for a phone that’s already out? That’s what baffles me about this news and that’s why I don’t think it’s MyTouch Slide related. *Keeps Fingers crossed for Project Emerald Device on June 19th*

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Spot on comments Wilma.

      And it could and most likely be the Slide, but in line with what I said earlier, it might be the Slide with all the other phones that are 7.2 capable.

      Since I now accept that it will be an across the board “Free” phones promotion, I am now just hoping that current customers can wet their beaks too.

      I’m an Even More Plus account, so I may be SOL no matter what T-Mobile is coming out with. That will be a drag since that limits me to just wondering what handsets will be coming to T-Mobile, no matter the price since I have to pay retail.

      • remister

        I’m on the Even More Plus plan also. I just got a myTouch slide, maybe they give like a 100$-150$ rebate on phones that aren’t subsidized for us!

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    The more I think about it, the more I like the posts in here that have talked about some kind of free or low-priced phone promo. That makes the pic I posted have more sense, it could be a “Pick any two of our 7.2 HSPA phones for free.”


    Assuming June 19 is in response to Apple new iPhone debut, what else could attract media attention?

    It would not be a new handset, by itself, because none of the speculated handsets would garner media attention.

    It won’t be the SGS since no way Samsung would introduce its flagship phone at the same time period when Apple this, Apple that is in the news.

    It’s not going to be the iPhone coming to T-Mobile (Jobs just mentioned AT&T’s generous new data plan pricing).

    It’s not going to be the N1. That phone has been on the market six months. News media does not cover phone stories on a device that everyone knows about. They cover news. And they especially won’t be covering the fine point distinction that the Nexus One (that already says “T-Mobile” on it) will now be carried in T-Mobile stores. That’s not even worthy of a yawn.

    I don’t think it could be the Slide by itself because that’s a mid-level phone and to respond to Apple (especially Apple’s “mid-level” competitive pricing for iPhones a $99, $199, and $299 for the 32GB model)T-Mobile would have to come up with something better than the fact that the Slide is $20 less than the new 16GB iPhone available for orders on June 24).

    So what does that leave? Radical, dramatic pricing, some kind of “all phones for free” promo, what someone said in here many posts ago.

    I just don’t see how with the Evo and new iPhone coming up that T-Mobile would not have something big coming up.

  • Tmoloyal

    Bottom line is, Tmobile needs something to compete with other carriers. The SGS is not going to compete because of the track record Samsung has. The Nexus one maybe would only if they release it with 2.2. Tmobile would probably be wise to wait until the 4th quarter of the year to announce a top of the line phone.

  • Freaky_Friday

    Personally I hope it’s the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 or the Samsung Galaxy S.

  • ejdroid

    Possible HSDPA+ turn on + Mytouch Slide ? Maybe nexus 1 ? i doubt the iphone but maybe

    • Nokia N900USER

      Sorry. NO iPhone

  • damien

    Well we knew it wasnt going to be the iphone, it was always going to be a promotion of sorts. It even said that on the collateral. There was always nothing stated about a phone launch… But it did say sale…So it will probally be get any android for free with upgrade or new activation on June 19th only. Thats what we are all thinking it will be in the stores

  • Travis

    I was told my the manager of my local store that the Mytouch Slide with be buy one get one on June 16th….did he get the date wrong?

    • CO_Yeti

      No he did not, Tmo is planning to have plenty of slides in stock by the 16th so it will be part of the BOGO offer. Right now it is only the “buy one” part because they are worried about running low on inventory.

      • Travis

        well I was in there to buy 2 MTS for my 2 extra lines on my account at full price, and he said to wait until then and i can get one, then get the 2nd one free.

      • TMoEmployee

        We received about 20 or so today!

  • androidking

    well not officially the iPhone but the new iphone uses quadband networkin so if ur willing to pay the unlocked price u can get it on tmo… oh wait it uses microsim tough luck iphone enthusiast

    • Vinhchenzo

      Umm… all you need is scissors and the micro-sim situation is taken care of.

    • Jonathan

      You’re only partially right. Yes, it is quadband but unfortunately (for some) the new iPhone doesn’t use T-Mobile’s 3G bands.

      • CO_Yeti

        I just read from engadget that the iphone 4 has PENTABAND 3G, so bands I/II/III/IV/V which takes care of every 3g band in the world except japan.

      • J-Hop2o6

        nope.. no Band IV (aka AWS aka Tmobile 3G)

  • Rilesman

    While sticking to the HSPA+ media marketing with phone deals…..what about the possibility that this might be a coming out party for Dell? Besides AT&T which is not a strong carrier for Android…T-Mobile is a good place to go for a new family of phones/tablets. With all the leaked phones that aren’t expected for quite some time…..could this be a Dell Phone blitz ore the beginning? Haven’t seen any posts about devices through FCC except the Streak which does have T-Mobile capability…..soooooo…..thoughts?

    Perhaps an HSPA+ with Dell Streak?

    • Tmoloyal

      But nobodys really hyped up about the Streak. I don’t know, the more and more i think about it the more I think its going to be a lame promotional deal that won’t really help anyone out that much. We saw this on a corporate timeline which is probably just something to pump up all the employees about selling phones. My hopes for something awesome are decreasing each day.

  • swoosh042507

    im going to stay put with tmobile and be patient they have great customer service and their data speeds are the top in the market. i confide in tmobile to release a phone that will shut up the doubters . again t-mobile came a long way from what it was. be patient everyone !!!!!!!

  • Randy

    my sources has the 19th as the BIG SURPRISE to be BIG. what is something that is big. 1ghz processor and android loaded. what in the world could it be. this phone has to out of this world to make such a commotion. ok ok my sources tell me it is none other than the phone most have been waiting for…. SSGS

    • soon2TMO

      …it could be the soft launch of the galaxy s, but july will be the official major lunch? i hope!

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      OK Randy… your comment is worthless without telling us who your sources are.

      Everyone in here says they have a great source but no one even gives a hint.

      So sing like a canary and tell us who told you that.

      And what is the SSGS? I hope that’s not what your source told you because I have not heard of an SSGS. LOL.

      On the plus side of what you said, that would be great if it was the SGS, but I don’t see Samsung and T-Mobile not doing some really big promotion for the SGS. By that I mean heavy marketing for about a month, leading up to a July launch.

      But then again, other than the “free phone extravaganza” I mentioned, only a fantastic phone could steal Apple’s thunder.

      And T-Mobile does respond to every iPhone launch. One year they simply offered a super cheap phone plan (I think it was 1000 minutes for $40, back when that was normally $60).

      And let’s not forget Herr Humm. He is not the type to simply have TMOUS sit on the sidelines watching his competitors having all the fun.

      As I said before, I suspect he told TMOUS to get the damn SGS on the store shelved, now… not later on its planned debut date. This is because anyone who takes over the top job at a company starts “fixing things” immediately.

      No way Humm is sitting at a café gulping down espressos until next year when he officially takes the TMOUS helm. TMOUS is in trouble NOW and that’s a lit of quarters for TMOUS to suffer even more damage.

      So it’s a long shot, but the SGS would be uber cool to see debut sooner rather than later.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Excuse all the typos and grammar errors, was in a hurry and did not proofread. I’m a mental slob at times, deal with it.

        Sidenote: Don’t be wondering what a “lit of quarters” is, I meant “lot.” :)

    • jake

      SGS is going to be a waste of money, dont bother, samsung doesnt support or update their phones……….Behold 2….end of story, anyone getting the SGS who is getting it in part because of the Android OS are better off waiting for a more trustworthy manufacturer. It would be different if the SGS were launching with Bada, because in that case samsung would probably support it for a short time.

      • Comicaze

        Will you guys quit crying about the Behold II! The reason they aren’t updating it to 2.2 is because its a suck, mid-range phone. Same reason they aren’t upgrading the G1 to 2.2. IT CAN’T SUPPORT IT. Are you going to stop buying HTC? Its like saying you have a commodore 64, and you’re pissed because it won’t run windows XP.

    • RockTripod

      You are a liar. Its a sales promotion. There’s nothing else to it. Your sources are barbituates and hallucinogenics. Actually, I bet your source is just a rep. Which, no offense to him, means he knows jack. Actually, less than jack. If you have your eyes open, you can put together what this promo is pretty easily.

  • bman

    you know what tmobile should do… since the people under contract with the iphone is getting their contract raised so that they could get the new one, tmobile should do the same with the mytouch3g and G1 customers. Wouldn’t that be a good idea?

    • CO_Yeti

      Slow down, we are talking about June 19th not Oct 19th when Tmo will follow At&t’s lead on data packages! People will still lining up for the iphone even with the increased monthly bill and Tmo always seems to adopt At&t ridiculous changes instead of using them as a tool to gain more customers.

    • john

      No it would not from a business stand point. Why give a device away to some under contract with a non t-mobile device??? Also why give free upgrades??? Quit your begging!! Also iPhone is a toy and we do not want it

  • The new Iphone is cool. If I had to choose today I would choose the EVO. I will still have to see what happens on the 19th to make my final decision…..

  • Randy

    ok so why give up a source and risk a job or worse, even so a source could be wrong, however and i am hoping greatly, my source is correct. besides if u go back and read the slide that dates everything going down in June, yes it goes into detail about the MTS, however, for the 19th, it says nothing about a promo. read it again, cause i just did. that is all speculation. thats all any of us can do. we r 99.99999999999999999999999999999999999% sure its not the Iphone, and why open doors early for a promo, doesn’t make sense. so to say this, it will be something BIG. it will probably be a combo of a phone launch(not the slide since that is already launched) and a super promo, now that would be BIG. but seriously to all those that say it is just gonna be a promo, go back and look again. the 19th mentions nothing of a promotion going that day!!!!!!!!

    • RockTripod

      Your source is amazingly wrong. No handset launch, sorry. Sales promo, that’s all. Again, can’t reiterate this enough, no phone launching that day. We’re launching the Slide officially on the 16th, why would we launch something else to steal its thunder 3 days later?

  • oo7

    Well we know one thing for sure…
    No iphone for you…lol

  • Babycakes :)

    They could be making a sidekick plan to run on this device (since it seems like it’s taking the sidekick’s place)
    That would be pretty big, && I’m sure it would steal many customers from AT&T, Virgin, and other companies :D
    It wouldn’t be that un-realistic, I don’t think.
    Sidekick plans have been going on for years, and slowly but surely, T-mobile is losing many of those customers.
    Even though many love the plan’s rates, they get bored of the same old phone… kids on the sidekick plan haven’t had a phone upgrade compatible with the plan in almost 2 years.
    Since the sidekick line looks like it’s dead, maybe June 19th we will find what rises from the ashes?
    PS: June 19th is my cat’s birthday, even though she has passed away. :(

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      I have two cats and a dog. Have had many pets pass too. So I feel your pain, literally. Sorry for your loss.

      But when they die they go to Heaven where we will meet up with them some day. And I hear that there’s no messy litter boxes up there, so that’s cool, eh.

      (Sorry iPhone fanboys, no iPhones in Heaven. I am told that iPhones are the favored electronic “down there,” if you know what I mean. So make sure to pack your iPhone on the express train to hell.)

  • The Dude

    i walked into my local t-mobile store today to try and get more info on the 19th and see if i should just buy the mts or wait. i went to the woman working there and started talking about the mts. i asked her if i should buy 2 today (for me and brother) or wait untill the 19th. she then said “HOW DO YOU KNOW ABOUT THE 19TH? my boss literally just called 5 mins ago and told me about that.” i told her i saw something on a website about it. so then she told me to definitely wait untill the 19th. i then asked her if its worth it and will there be anough of whatever it is on the 19th, like would i have to wait in line and maybe not be able to get one. she then said oh dont worry we have plentyyy for everyone. she said thats all of the info that she could tell me. so judging by this im guessing that it will be some type of phone giveaway. if its a new phone or previous phones im not sure but it sounds like physical items will be given away.

    • jake

      I went to my tmo store yesterday and they didnt know what was going to happen on the 19th, they had a lot of speculation, but said that they had not been told yet the details. They didnt think it was going to be a new phone, mainly because they often need training on a device before it launches so that they can effectively sell them. However they did indicate that once in a while phones do show up with little or no warning, but they didnt think this was the case. I hope it is a phone, something from HTC with a huge screen and android. something equal or better than the EVO. And no SGS please…boycott samsung phones.

      • Tmoloyal

        I’m with you on the samsung boycott. I’ve had 3 phones from them and they all were complete crap hardware and software wise.

    • Taaars

      If its bogo on slide, and they say this will be BIG, then the day they ever get a super android phone they will compare that to the big bang theory I gather…cause bogo on the slide, although nice for some, is not BIG news, just nice.

  • Negtne

    Accidentally put this post in the wrong section but what’s your thoughts?

    I was fixing an issue with my fiancés mytouch slide and I was trying to get what the 19th is out of them and he would not say he said he is not aloud to talk about it and all he can say is “yes” I was like what the hell does that mean? Yes to a new phone cause that was the question I was asking but he said that’s all he can say. So they are being secretive about something. I said promo and he said promo for the slide will be on the 16th. A little curious he said that he can say we will get the iPhone in nov-dec for Christmas time! I asked how the hell is that possible with the iPhone 4 not having tmobile USA bands he said that only certain bands were hooked up for FCC approval! I was like ok whatever fixed my fiancés email (q.com sucks for android devices) and left a little more puzzled then when I got on the phone. So I take it bogo for mytouch slide 16th new handset 19th and who the hell knows after that!!!!!

  • Dallamar

    Free Nexus Ones on contract, that inventory has to go somehere

    google has to get rid of all the ones HTC made for their launch, so they might as well give them away and jam the market even more full of android phones (not that that is a bad thing ;) )

  • Khamikaze

    Well, it seems iPhone is not exclusive anymore:

    iPhone 4 hits T-Mobile Germany in June, three Canadian carriers in July

    So iPhone , yes, it could be it…

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      The iPhone has been for sale by T-Mobile a few months after it debuted in the U. S.


      That’s because carrier handset exclusivity agreements in Europe are mostly illegal.

    • Taaars

      I believe iphone has always been on Tmobile Eurpoe network, no att there

    • Comicaze

      Iphone has always been offered on Tmobile in Europe.

  • Mardenator

    what do i want it to be? a killer Sense phone with a huge touchscreen *cough* Evo *cough* or at least a greater Android phone than the Slide or Galaxy S.. what do i think it is? i have no frickin’ clue. but it’s probably some kind of promotional deal for Fathers’ Day.. sadly

    • soon2TMO

      for your information, there is no phone yet that is greater then the galaxy S spec-wise .. it is the most powerful phone right now.. if you think that the EVO is greater than galaxy S, then you should do your research and find out.
      scorpion or 1.+ ghz cpus have not been released yet nor have they been made, not until Q4 i think..

      and no im not a samsung fanatic, just being objective about it..

      • soon2TMO

        evo does have sme nice features that the SGS is lacking on..
        multiple wifi hotspot
        led flash

        it’s a nice phone

      • Tmoloyal

        I think the EVO has an 8 megapixel camera and the SGS only has a 5.

    • analog spirit

      @Mardenator: You’re probably right about that; last week when I went to T-Mo to pay my bill, I asked about it and was told that on the 19th they’re having a Father’s Day promotional deal of some sort, and that was all they knew about it. So we’ll find out soon enough…
      As for the Samsung Galaxy S, I didn’t know that about the lack of a flash. Call me nitpicky, but that’s a deal-breaker for me, as I’m one of those weird people who actually uses the flash on my phone sometimes. Plus, Samsung’s track record hasn’t been the best lately. Why they wouldn’t make the Behold 2 upgradeable beyond 1.6 (or even put a flash on their Galaxy S) is beyond me…

  • Negtne

    Would anybody actually buy a samsung phone after what they did to everyone? So no to samsung they will say it can’t go past 2.1 so if 2.2 ever comes out your screwed!!!

    • soon2TMO

      don’t worry, the sources for the device is out already, it’s only a matter of time this beast gets rooted! LOL

      anad it will be updated definitely!

  • Tim

    T-mobile is an epic failure at this point. I want to smash my G1 into the ground everyday. How about making a commercial or announcing your big “secret” instead of hiding and losing customers? The last thing any of us want is that stupid mytouch slide. I seriously thought they were just kidding with that. FAIL

    • the guy

      u have a mytouch slide in my hands right now. it is awesome, the swype keyboard alone blows away the swype on the hd2. its fast. and the keyboard feels a whole lot better than the one on the g1. i’ve been using a g1 since i got rid of my hd2.

  • adam west

    cant believe people still think its an iphone, pathetic..grow up, smell the roses…it would have been leaked already especially here on tmonews, someone would have gotten the FCC paperwork, screenshots or when the i4 was picked up at a bar…IT WOULD HAVE HAD A TMO SIM CARD!! as people said b4, early opening, separate lines for activations, they r given tickets… if it was the iphone tmo would have banners, commercials, radio, blimps, airplanes superman with a T on his chest! all for this amazing day where u can get a 4G iphone fully unlimited for 79.99 no contract!!!!!!


    but its not, its been said already fathers day special, most likely BOGO on slide with a few free ones?? thats why there are tickets…


    p.s. blackberry rules htc drools, windows OS freeze all day..microSOFT just went to 3rd place in the US in revenue and blackberry is now the #1 smartphone in the US! hooray!

  • 007

    According to my source iPhone on tomobile network will never happen…

  • MM

    Everyone is reading into the hype way to much. Consider what day the “Promotion” is. It will be nothing more than a Fathers Day promo to push existing inventory. It has already been stated that Samsung & Tmo have something slated for July (probably Galaxy S) and who cares if they dont support it past 2.1 (which they will) 99% of everyone on here will be looking for their next upgrade or fix in a year. Not many people keep a phone past 2 years anymore. I’m in the same boat as everyone else, my BlackBerry is going on 3 years old and i want Android but Tmo hasn’t answered the call, lets keep our fingers crossed.

  • hectic

    I work for tmobile and its been confirmed thru my market managers boss that june 19 has nothing to do wit a phone launch. Its only gonna b a promotion, not a phone launch. As an employee i am a little disappointed but hey i guess tmo likes bein in 4th place

    • WhatdoIknow

      So they’re going to open 2 hours early for a promotion? Must be one hell of a promotion…

      I assume, though, that your market managers boss probably doesn’t even know what’s going to happen on the 19th, just like everyone else… speculation.

      • CO_Yeti

        Funny! At this point STORE managers know what’s up…

  • swilkers808

    Unless TMobile get their act together with the Android hardware, it won’t matter what they charge for data. There will only be Blackberry people with them.

  • Nokia N900USER

    So now we know which speculations are wrong.
    iPhone – Not anytime soon
    SGS – July ending
    Nexus One – still possible but I dont see it happening (30%)
    Promotion on plans only – 45%
    Promotion on free HSPA smartphones that is better than BOGO – 80%
    Percentage of people that will be dissappointed if there’s no new Super Android phone launched on 19th – 99.9999%

    • Green Robot

      That about sums it up.
      Somebody please fire Dotson on the spot.

      • T-mobbin!

        he “step down” already lol

  • kast

    So I decided to go to the Tmobile store today to investigate. Here is the conversation I had:

    Me: So what is the deal with June 19? I hear something big is coming?
    Rep: Sort of.
    Me: Any details?
    Rep: I’m not at liberty to say.
    Me: Is it anything that will keep me from switching to the EVO on Sprint?
    (Rep gives a long pause followed by disheartened look.)
    Rep: Probably not… but I’m not at liberty to say.
    Me: Thanks.

    Take this with a grain of salt. I’ll still remain loyal at least until the 19th, but I think I’m also going to be in the 99.99999% group of disappointed customers. Oh well, c’est la vie…

    • Green Robot

      Interesting, even TMO rep admits to not being able to compete with other carriers. I would say that this should be a clear signal to T-Mobile management that they are definitely on a wrong path and need to fix their strategy. But who am I to say anything. Dotson knows best…

  • nope

    we now know that magenta will be getting the sgs on the 21st of july…the only other android monster phone that tmobile will be getting is the sidekick twist…which does compete with the iphone 4g/hd and the evo…could it be we are getting the twist…could it get pushed through the fcc in 3 days, prior to it’s launch? i’m hoping so…otherwise i’m going to be stuck with my g1 for a while…

    • WhatdoIknow

      It could happen. The iphone 4hd (or whatever they are calling it) was not released by the FCC until yesterday when Apple announced it. Maybe HTC employees are a little less careless about leaving their prototype phones at the local watering hole (no leak but highly unlikely).

  • Whats wrong with the site ? its always down now-a-days. Also Phonedog and Droid Dog. It says database error or something like that ..

  • T-mobbin!

    I doubt any new phone… garmin is 9th of june… MTS is 16th of may… HD2 here already… I suspect that itll be HSPA+ related

  • Nokia N900USER

    here’s another thing that came to mind:

    1.) The event on this June 19th might be a test to see if Tmobile employees including top managers can keep details without leaking it. 11 more days to see if they will pass.

    2. ) If they indeed pass, this will set the level of management that will have future info on upcoming releases.

  • Lenexarep23

    Jim Alling was at the Lenexa call center today and the question was asked about 6/19 but he stated he wasn’t able to say exactly what was going on as “all the pieces weren’t together yet” but did mention it is a one day promotion and it doesn’t seem to have anything to do with a phone launch

  • LNG

    I guess with Froyo being announced for the MT3G, this won’t be a “trade in your MT3G for free” promo

  • udnknw s hit

    1 day promo to get as many switchers from other carriers to come over. TMO will pay your early termination fees if the come over and sign up for 2 years with a smartphone and required unlimited data feature. ALL smartphones will be free. To make it worthwhile for TMO, this promo is good for 2 lines or more ONLY.

    • Robert

      Any love for current TMO subscribers?

  • Cecilia

    sorry, i didn’t go through all the comments above…

    is it possible that june 19 is a plan promotion with the purchase of a SGS (that is if the SGS is launched on T-mobile)

    • Barker

      See comments above…

      • Cecilia

        barker, don’t be a jerk. some of us don’t have the time to read every single comment. do you?

  • newbiemn

    If they really are opening early, shouldn’t they officially tell, um, the customers? Cause we’re the ones that need to plan to show up early. So the latest we could learn what it is would be the 18th? I for sure am not going to wake up early on the 19th and go to a store without knowing why.

  • kast

    In light of these news, I think I have to work on my “It’s not you, it’s me…” break-up speech to Tmobile. Tmobile has been great, but without a flagship product (available to me at a subsidized cost, and the N1 is not) I may have to switch.

    Sprint is not too bad in the Chicago area and they DO offer a new phone, which shall go unnamed. Maybe in the future, I may return, but for now, it looks like I must say good-bye to Tmo…

  • Travis

    BOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Once again, tmo drops the ball for existing customer. time to start exploring other options.

  • Jon239

    Anyone talking smack about the Mytouch Slide hasn’t used one. If you get it at wal-mart on a two year upgrade, (it’s $140, but they’ll usually just charge you the $130 like they did to me), the deal CANNOT be beat. Look around at the reviews and what the people who own one are saying online… the thing operates as smooth as silk with multiple apps running AND it has a physical keyboard. I have NEVER seen anyone type as fast as I can with a touchscreen (had a BB for the last three years) on a physical keyboard… OR you can dictate and the dragon dictation on the Slide is simply the best there is. Couple that with the now confirmed froyo update plus even more updates to the Slide’s sense interface like more genius capabilities, the fact that for $35 you get unlimited data, texting, tethering (using pdanet, w/2.2 wifi hotspot!), AND gps capabilities and it blows the iPhone out of the water.

    For the same services on AT&T, I have to pay $25 for the first 2 gigs (easy to go over 2 gigs with pandora and tethering), $10 for gps, another TWENTY DOLLARS (that is the most insane part on AT&T, not the data) for unlimited texting and, finally, another TWENTY DOLLARS for the tethering… say I use 2.2 gigs in a month and have to pay the extra $10 for the extra gig and we’re at SEVENTY FIVE DOLLARS for the same services that I get on the mytouch slide, not to mention you’ll likely have a surcharge for 4g speed (although that may cancel out the data limitations). My ENTIRE BILL is $75 with myfaves 300 (much better than Evenmore 500 at the same price, kept my old plan) and they want that just for all the same data capabilities as Tmo.

    I really cannot say enough about this phone… it is a slam dunk and Tmo should know it. I have an itouch that I’m getting rid of now… this is my first android phone and to me, the iPhone OS is boring in comparison to android’s much richer user interface, widgets, homescreens, etc.

  • the tmobile rep i was trying to get to spill the beans, told me to get there on the 19th early, because what ever it is they are doing may run out. So i said, it is phones you are giving them away. She looked at me like, how does this guy know?? She didnt admit to it but said it would be good. Whatever it is she said its only on the 19th but the promotion would go through the weekend. She did say some new stuff (Sounded like phones) would be available but did not say what.

  • the tmobile rep i was trying to get to spill the beans, told me to get there on the 19th early, because what ever it is they are doing may run out. So i said, it is phones you are giving them away. She looked at me like, how does this guy know?? She didnt admit to it but said it would be good. Whatever it is she said its only on the 19th but the promotion would go through the weekend. She did say some new stuff (Sounded like phones) would be available but did not say what.

  • Dan

    It’s going to be the Nokia N8

  • I was at a T-Mobile mall location today. It was interesting that a District manager was there and indicated that he did not know what it was and it must be big. They tried to sell me a mytouch slide, not feeling it. I like TMO and just want them to step up on the phones. At this point it would be nice if it was a Iphone, but I think it is something else. I honestly feel it is the Nexus one with some upgrades.
    Yes technically adding the Iphone to TMO’s network would be easier I just don’t think it will be happening this quick. I plan on being at the mall early….

  • thetruth

    i like the idea of free phones with activation….gets people to the store.

    I am also wondering if its the release of the HTC Sidekick Twist?

  • Ok I have been digging into this mystery, I was wondering what the big fuzz was about and seen some material that came to my manager dated June 19th. I took a peak and seen the. Sprint tmobile sign kinda like in a swirly figuring like they were merging into one and tmobile/sprint new logo appeared I was shocked but not really since rumors about the merge were under way ps I took a picture wanted to show everyone how do I get it in here

    • Robert

      Haha, a Sprint/TMO merge? Would one network get scrapped? If Sprint was, sorry EVO users!

    • Mike

      LMAO!!!!! How much pot did you smoke before seeing that!!! LMAO!!!!