What We Think June 19th Is, But What Do You Want It To Be?


Just over one week ago, the guys over at Engadget got their hands on a some myTouch Slide documents containing all sorts of goodies about the device. However, one piece of information contained within these documents set off a mystery. On June 19th, it was stated “STAY TUNED – THIS WILL BE BIG.” Well, we didn’t think anything of it really other than it would be a myTouch Slide promotional effort until we got word later that day that T-Mobile retail stores across the country would be opening two hours early that day. So naturally, we asked the hamster in our brain to start working a little harder and have spent quite a bit of time since then trying to figure out what exactly would case T-Mobile stores to open nationwide.

Now lets just get this out of the way, the information itself was contained within an myTouch Slide informational packet. Some of our astute blog commenter’s  are playing connect the dots with information and have come up with the theory its absolutely going to be the iPhone. What else they say, could make T-Mobile open early that day? Well, lets just spoil this rumor right now, there is ZERO indication of an iPhone launch on T-Mobile. We’re not saying its not possible, anything’s possible, but the odds are so astronomically low and yet some of you continue to theorize it’s the only possibility. So I ask those of you who seem to be so good at predicting the future, can you tell me why my beloved Chicago Cubbies will win the world series?

So what do we think this promotion is? Actually we believe and all our info current points to a BIG promotion as stated in T-Mobile’s own words.  Some of the more prevalent rumors are a big fathers day promotional sale, “No More Ties For Dad.” This promotion, if true would see a number of free phones, including smartphones that would go free for new line customers. Possibility of this rumor? Big big maybe. We’ve also heard this promotion will be “better than the BOGO.” That’s not hard, two free phones is better than one free phone. Simple.

Recapping: Its a promotion but not the iPhone. It likely involves the myTouch Slide, not the iPhone. The Cubs need to win a world series, the iPhone doesn’t.

What do you want it to be? If you say iPhone, I’ll let that go, if you say you think its the iPhone, I’m going to scream.

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