Nokia E73 Announced

Good news for those qwerty loving Nokia fans out there!  Today, T-Mobile and Nokia have officially announced the Nokia E73 “Mode.” This portrait qwerty will carry Symbian S60, WiFi, a 5 megapixel camera with flash and auto-focus, a 3.5mm headphone jack, GPS (with OVI Maps for free turn by turn directions), a full WebKit-based web browser (are you listening RIM), and support for Mail for Exchange, IBM Lotus Traveler, Ovi Files, QuickOffice, Adobe PDF Manager, and ZIP manager, making this a great business phone.  Don’t worry though, you can keep your business life and your personal life separate by changing the appearance of the home screen on the fly, based on your lifestyle.  Everything is pointing towards a June 16th release date and it will put you back only $70 with a two year contract.  Press release after the break and leave your thoughts in the comments!

Nokia E73 Mode smartphone from T-Mobile USA helps customers balance work and life
June 03, 2010

The Nokia E73 Mode is expected to be available on June 16 through T-Mobile retail stores, select authorized dealers, and online at For more information, please visit or

Sleek and stylish productivity solution provides access to thousands of apps via Ovi Store and turn-by-turn navigation

White Plains, NY and Bellevue, WA USA – Nokia and T-Mobile USA, Inc. today announced the upcoming availability of the Nokia E73 Mode, exclusively for T-Mobile customers, designed to help balance the need to stay connected with one’s work and personal life at home or on the go. The Nokia E73 Mode, a Wi-Fi calling enabled QWERTY smartphone operating on T-Mobile’s blazing-fast 3G network, includes Nokia’s unique Switch Mode feature, which allows consumers to switch between fully customizable home screens that help promote a work-life balance. The Nokia E73 Mode is expected to be available beginning June 16.

“The Nokia E73 Mode brings style and function in an affordable device without compromise,” said Mark Slater, vice president, Sales, Nokia. “Working together with T-Mobile, the Nokia E73 Mode enables us to bring our customers a ‘Work & Life’ solution that allows consumers and businesses to be as productive as possible, while still providing an exceptional consumer value and performance.”

The thinnest full QWERTY keyboard smartphone available from T-Mobile, the Nokia E73 Mode is the perfect device for business customers and consumers who appreciate both form and function. T-Mobile customers also continue to get great mobile coverage with the device’s Wi-Fi calling capabilities, which allow consumers to use both cellular and Wi-Fi networks for voice calling. With Mail for Exchange, based on Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, consumers can receive their corporate e-mail, contacts and calendar pushed directly to their device.

“T-Mobile is committed to providing a variety of devices that serve our customers’ needs to stay connected to the central people in their lives including family, friends and even colleagues from the office,” said Travis Warren, director, product marketing, T-Mobile USA. “With the Nokia E73 Mode, we’re excited to offer a premium device at an attractive price that helps Mom and Dad put work aside and make their family the top priority.”

The Nokia E73 Mode comes pre-loaded with services and applications to make life easier, more fun and more efficient. With Ovi Maps, a turn-by-turn navigation solution from Nokia using the device’s built-in GPS at no additional cost, consumers can get from point A to B with voice-guided directions – even when walking. Also pre-loaded on the device is the Ovi Store by Nokia, which provides access to thousands of compelling applications and games including “Shazam” and “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.” In addition, Ovi Store enables a simplified purchasing experience for consumers by allowing payment for content billed to their monthly T-Mobile bill or via credit card.

The Nokia E73 Mode includes support for services such as IBM Lotus Traveler, support for and access to, Bloomberg and more to help business customers bring their office with them while on the go. The Nokia E73 Mode also comes pre-loaded with many business productivity tools allowing employees to take their office with them wherever they may be. With applications such as Ovi Files, QuickOffice, Adobe PDF Manager and ZIP Manager, files can be easily accessed, sent, viewed and edited right from the device, allowing customers to be more productive from nearly anywhere.

The Nokia E73 Mode comes with a full QWERTY keyboard, 5 megapixel camera with flash and autofocus, Wi-Fi for voice and data, long battery life, personal and corporate e-mail access, a full HTML Web browser with support for Adobe Flash, media player and more. With a full portfolio of multimedia functionality combined with Ovi Services, the Nokia E73 Mode provides consumers with everything they need to get the most out of their personal life.


Use of some features or services may incur separate, additional charges and/or require a qualifying data plan. 3G coverage is available in locations nationwide, but may not be available everywhere. For more details on where T-Mobile network coverage is available, please visit

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  • daEducator

    Does it support T-Mobile’s UMA (WiFi) calling?

    Does it have threaded messaging?

    If the answer to those questions are yes, then I will seriously consider giving up my Sprint SERO with BIS…

    On 2nd thoughts, maybe not yet

    • john

      Yes, this is a uma phone

      • Michael

        UMA is awesome! Miss this feature on my Motorola Dext MB200 :(

        Hope T-mobile will release a UMA enabled Android device sometime in 2010!

  • sd

    I’m on it. I’m scheduled for a new phone this summer. The Nuron was not a bad stand-in. But the E73 looks like just the ticket for me. *happy dance*

  • Elias

    I’m thinking this will require a smartphone data, not web2go right?

  • Nokia N900 User

    @daEducator: I do not know if it supports UMA calling but I know that it does not have threaded messaging, you will have to purchase an app for that.

    If the E73 is anything like the E72 it will be a pretty damn good phone.

    Oh & just to tell you guys something, no keyboard, I mean NO KEYBOARD is better then the E71/E72 keyboards, since the E73 is basically the same.. it is the best around.

    • john

      The third paragraph from bottom, supports voice and data over wifi. (Uma)

    • john

      Third paragraph from bottom of the press release “supports voice and data over wifi” (UMA)

    • Dashi

      Ummm I Had The Nokia Rep In A While Ago And Yea… Its Basically The E72 In A New Case Is What He Said. Not My Peice Of Candy But Go Wild! Lol

  • mikeeeee

    i loved my e-70.

    i got almost 3 years out of it b/4 i had to upgrade to a UMA phone.

    look on ebay for a stowaway keyboard it will pair with the nokia keyboard driver.

    if i could get UMA on my e-70 i’d still be using it.

  • coolmen777

    How much will it cost to buy outright (not through upgrade?)
    Would be sweet if it worked with T-Zones!

  • Bigg

    Ehhh bring on the Nokia N8 Tmobile….

    • Dolpao

      Tell me about it, like the phone….but the N8 will show how serious T-mobile are about bringing Nokia products to customers.

  • raymond

    well this isnt the big phone i was expecting -_- more waiting

    • john

      Still more of a step in the right direction. Tons better than another bar phone.

  • §ü|»è®mªn §wªg

    This phone seems pretty sweet actually. I’m still loving my HD2 but at only $70, this isn’t bad at all…

  • justsomeguy

    It also has a front facing camera.

  • Alek YO

    @justsomeguy I saw that too, and it isn’t just a sensor, if anyone was wondering because i have the E72 and it has a camera on the front at that same spot.

    • justsomeguy

      I’ve used the E73 already and tried out the camera. T-Mobile’s network isn’t setup for video calling, so you can’t use it for that. You can use it as a secondary camera for taking pictures though the quality isn’t good.

      Biggest selling points on this phone is the battery life. You can get some major use out of it before it dies. The phone feels good too. It feels like a well-made phone. Not plasticy at all. Very metallic.

  • john

    Also has the ability to conference up to 6 calls at one time.

  • threetee14

    can i use web2go with this? if not, then i’ll just buy the E72 unlocked and use it through AT&T and their new cheaper $15 tiered plan. Cause i know for sure that nokia’s e series doesn’t need a $30 data plan (only androids need those).

  • steven

    Wow, a pretty good deal. From what I’ve read, people are saying it requires a data plan, albeit the cheaper one ($10 web2go). I have tried my friend’s e72 and it’s really good. Keyboard is pretty solid and although the OS isn’t up to par with Android, WebOS, or iPhoneOS, it still works very well.

    If I had to choose, I would pick this over any Blackberry.

    • Talked to t-mo about an hour ago and it will be the cheaper data plan.

      • Seado

        The screenshot posted here on Tmonews says the Smartphone Data Soc is required, which would put in the same boat as the blackberry and android phones. Web required – $25 for grandfathered and even more plus – $30 web for even more.

      • Mohammad

        Hey David, someone else also said in here that they twittered tmobile and tmobile said it DOES need the $30 data plan. I wish I knew the correct answer.

  • Chuong

    MSRP price?

  • daEducator

    when are free week nights gonna start at 8pm? that will bring me from Sprin tto TMOB

  • Deaconclgi

    You can use all Nokias with the granfathered Tzones, wheter it is $5.99 or less. There isn’t a plan specific for Nokia like Android and Blackberry so if you Tzones has “overidden” the smartphone data plan requirement before, it will overide it with this phone as well. I have 2 Nurons with the $5.99 Tzones (and a N900, N82, HD2 with Tzones). The hard part is talking them into selling you the phone without the new plan. The easier part is buying the phone with the new plan and then calling CUSTOMER LOYALTY and telling them that you want your $5.99 Tzones back. Trust me, CL has the ability to give you $5.99 Tzones at will…..

    Just my 2 cents from experience…


      Good luck trying that again. unless you get some idiot who transfers you to loyalty, you can’t request being transfered to loyalty per streamline. and 5.99 t-zones don’t work anymore on the new phones. Troll.

  • Mohammad

    @Deaconclgi, yeah but there are no guarantee that customer loyalty will give u back ur tzones once its gone. i wouldnt take that risk and lose tzones.

  • threetee14

    well, in the leaked brochure they had a few weeks ago, it said that SmartPhone Data SOC is a required add-on. Is that the $30 or $10 one?

    • kathrin

      $30 one. I asked TMobile_USA yesterday through twitter. They said $30 or $25 (for EM+ line level service).

  • mike

    this was announced a while ago… this should be a solid phone that only needs the phone first $10 internet feature

  • mike

    just like the nuron

  • Mohammad

    I think the leaked brochure means $30 data. (smartphone soc)

  • sdfsdsf

    so lame

  • lp894


    (sidenote) that “no keyboard is better” comment is purely opinion. Because I don’t know if you’ve ever used a G1 or a Touch Pro 2 keyboard…but in my opinion, THOSE are the 2 best keyboards on the market….just my opinion

  • Pat

    I was never a fan of the G1’s keyboard, but I hope this keyboard is better or atleast as good as the blackberry’s.

  • mj

    i would get this

  • mj

    i would get this if they offer phone first data plan.

  • Mohammad

    Being that it is the same price as neuron I would also get this for a spare if they offer phone first web. I’m not willing to pay $30 a month data for this.

    I do have a qs though. For those of us who are grandfathered into our $20 data plan or have preferred $20 data plan, when we get upgrade to a smartphone can we keep our preferred data plan and still upgrade and receive mail in rebate or they’ll want us to move to $30 one? The same applies for those of us who are in $5 preferred phone first data plan. Can we keep that when we upgrade to a phone first device or they’ll want us to move to $10 one? Thanks.

    • Tmoslave

      If you want the discounted price, you are required to move to the new more expensive data plan. Only way around it is by paying full price.

      • Mohammad

        If we are required to move to the more expensive data plan then how come loyalty was offering $20 preferred android or wm or blackberry data plan just a month ago, when we were able to actually get that ourselves through online for a few days. I guess my qs is, what is the point of loyalty offering us the preferred $20 data plan when every time we want to upgrade to a smartphone they’ll just want us to move to the $30 plan to get that particular phone or eligibe for rebate? Same qs applies for $5 preferred phone first web vs $10 phone first web.

        If what you guys are saying is true then I guess there would be no way I can keep my $20 total internet w free hotspots when I upgrade for discounted price since that’s a grandfathered feature while the new $20 preferred android or wm or blackberry data plan is not a grandfathered feature bc they just came out a month ago. Than you.

    • john

      As for the five dollar variant, not so sure but the twenty would suffice

  • Wilma Flintstone

    seeing how I’m going through my second replacement on the HD2, anything from nokia would please me. I had my old relic (nokia 3220) for 5 years with no problems, and that was after someone else had it for around 3 years and yet I get the HD2 without contract and am waiting on my 2nd replacement after 3 months.

    I like the HD2 and it’s really nice hardware specs but I just wish I could get a durable one like some of the people here have. This message is coming from my HD2. I can’t hear any sound unless I use the headphones, it seems like the connector broke on the phones speaker. :(

  • blablabla

    come on tmonews where’s all the juicy phone news? it’s been nothing but dull articles about dull phones lately. WHERE THE HECK IS THE EMERALD NEWS?!?!?

    • David

      I really don’t understand why you guys even post stuff like this. Do you HONESTLY think I am not posting stuff? That I am holding back? Get real.

    • 2FR35H

      on the contrary I find this great news although its not android phone its just as good. I need a phone to replace Samsungs crap they call an android phone.

  • Danny

    This phone is geared towards the mobile professional, business owner or large enterprise. At $70 bucks a pop you cannot go wrong and your employees will love it.

    It has a full qwerty, is very light and thin yet feels solid, UMA and a complete host of business related applications that work great. Exchange or Lotus/Domino admins can use the remote wipe feature if ever needed.

    I had the opportunity to play with this at a launch event. Seriously even as a BES administrator I would much rather launch these over RIM’s BlackBerry solution any day. It does everything you need and then some.

    Call quality is fantastic in the usual Nokia style and reception is top notch.

    This device can connect to DL speeds up to 10.2 Mbps or so which makes it capable of throughput speeds faster than any smartphone T-Mobile currently offers.

    This is an experiment for both Nokia and T-Mobile. They’re both trying to solidify a solid US relationship and Nokia even stated that they realize that pricing good equipment too high has been a big turn off for US consumers. If it goes well Nokia has much bigger plans for T-Mobile’s media centric (touchscreen) crowd. With AT&T pushing the Apple platform and Verizon’s refusal to accommodate Nokia’s requests, I would not be surprised to see Nokia aggressively market some hot new devices in the coming months with Magenta.

    T-Mobile has pretty much left this phone alone and has not stripped it of any of its capabilities. This is how Nokia likes it.

    The OVI maps come preloaded with US POI’s (points of interest) that works even if there is no PCS or AWS signal. If you want to use international turn by turn directions you have to sideload the international version from a PC.

    Both T-Mobile and Nokia weren’t shy about this phones ability to tether but admitted that although current management does not charge for it ‘you never know,” how this will shake out down the road. Both USB and BT tethering are supported.

    In all I’m glad T-Mobile hasn’t abandoned UMA and this new device proves it.

    • Phil

      I have found the phone to be unusable due to poor design and constant low memory related issues, and after months have given up hope that it will be addressed by either Nokia or TMO. Have not been able to get USB or Bluetooth tethering to work, and the responses to this are similar to the responses to everything else, never a way to resolve a problem but a work around one does no want such as WI-FI tether with a purchased app. Since the phone never has any memory to spare, loading apps is not even a valid work around option. Thus far I am paying ore for services that I am less able to use with the Nokia e73

  • mj

    this phone is certainly not worth it if they charge $30 for data.

  • 2FR35H


    So in other words its an HSPA+ device which means capable of of up to 21mbps when tmo rolls that out. Its a beast.

  • TheDude

    Ok, so that’s what’s up.

    A QWERTY Nokia smartphone with S60 and UMA – zing!

  • zanj

    What are the ram, processor, and memory specs? Haven’t seen them anywhere.

  • kershon

    Does anybody know how this phone compares to the bb 9700? I just ordered one in white. If this phone has better specs I am sending the white bb back and wait for this to be released.

  • kershon

    I just checked out Nokia website. This thing is a beast! Now, if only the girl in the video would demonstrate for me. lol