LG Sentio Releasing June 30th?

I thought about making this an April Fools post in June by saying LG coming to T-Mobile was in fact the REAL Project Emerald. I realized that would be downright low and I don’t want to really upset anyone.  It was just two days ago that T-Mobile and LG announced their very first partnership in the United States with the announcement of three devices. Sadly, none of them are exciting, especially to those of us who can’t ever imagine life without a smartphone. If a feature phone is still your forte, the LG Sentio is the best of the bunch, though we again stress that isn’t saying much. Availability in the press release stated availability this summer but the above image shows that LG Sentio dropping June 30th. When are the other two devices dropping? Does anyone really want me to find out?

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  • Max

    Come to think what happened to Project Emerald?

  • Matt Hatter

    Project Emerald was the MyTouch Slide. That’s the truth of it. No, I don’t know what is happening on the 19th either.

    • Galen20K

      you’re a moron if you think the slide was project emerald. just sayin’

      • Robert

        June 19th, Emerald colored Slide release!

      • laphoneuser

        Is it really necessary to call him a moron, just because you think he’s wrong?

      • davidohio

        what is with the name calling mr. Know it all?

      • ryan

        We don’t think he’s wrong, we KNOW he’s wrong. Go back to the MyTouch powerpoint slides tmonews posted a few days ago. Are the slides “emerald colored”??

        Just connect the dots.

    • Maddy Dunz

      I believe the quote about project emerald was a “nexus one like device.” I could be wrong, but it sounds more like the specs for the Sidekick branded device.

  • Kristin

    I tend to believe that since the “OFFICAL BIG LAUNCH” for the mytouch Slide is June 19th…that T-Mobile is goingto have some sort of special promotion to get people to buy this phone such as BOGO or early upgrade opportunity. I got my mytouch slide and I can honestly say it’s nothing special, I have been getting a “Force Close” when I’m trying to send a text or take a pic.

  • mj

    same thing as a nuron…..

  • blablabla

    another piece of crap phone.

  • alex

    I dont get why their target market is kiddy phones. I wonder if they havent realized that the X–Factor when it comes to why they might be last place is because they have shiet phones. And if they arent crappy phones, they are just overshadowed by cooler more up to date phones that end up going to a different carrier, and to make things worse, are announced within days of the tmobile announcement. I have been with tmobile for a while now and i said i wouldnt leave because of the customer service, but really? whats the deal? why do they always get the not so cutting edge phones aka the HD2

  • fujitsujeff

    No Dave, lol, you don’t need to waste your time finding out more on the crappy LG phones, unless you find out, this really was the project Emerald, lol

  • raymond

    im tryin to wait the evo 4 is out my b day is a few days away damn

  • insider

    Every phone will be free on the 19, one day only!!!!

  • derrickps3

    god it’s hideous, looks like the dang samsung tap or whatever it’s called

  • derrickps3

    god it’s hideous, looks like the dang samsung tap or whatever it’s called

  • shakarak

    According to training our Project emerald training for employees was on the Mytouch Slide.

  • bubbles says this

    What is wrong with T Mobile USA, I am leaving and going to Verizon when my contract is up very soon. They either like being in last place or like getting crappy phones over and over.

  • BoomBoomBang

    If had a slightly larger screen and a qwerty, maybe it would be …. idk , cute.

  • LMAO omg i cant wait to pick this up im be the most happiest little boy ever im beg my mom omg i cant wait i want this phone so baddd

    *wait* pulls out incredible* thanks again for the phone (droid dog) ;]

  • raymond

    i knew it was a joke when you said little boy noo little boy would want any of this crap -_-

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  • dude

    This is a nice free phone, and you nerds need to get laid!