Motorola Cliq Getting Bump To Android 2.1 In July?

While we’re running this one without any sort of documentation to back it up, a number of sources emailed in last light stating the Motorola Cliq will be getting the Android 2.1 in “early July.” Normally we’d take it with a  grain of salt, but when a dozen or more people email in the same thing, we have to consider the possibility its real. So take this with a grain of salt but it looks as if the Motorola Cliq will be receiving some Android goodness in the next 45 days or so. No word on the Cliq XT in case anyone was wondering.

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  • SteveBerman

    Wonder if it will improve the lagging I’ve had since I tried to use more than one app at a time. I will take any improvement I can get, but I am curious is early July still in the 1H 2010 time frame?

    • dolphin

      You got things backwards. 2.1 uses more memory and less for apps.
      My guess is that voice crap will take up lots resources.

      If you are already using task manager/killer, I don’t think there’s much you can do.

      I had many android phones including cliq and I don’t recall that much difference…
      In fact, I bought used cliq xt to try swype which was interesting toy app for a week but not for me. I bought used nexus at good price too. But other than little bigger screen and impressed one guy, no difference.

      I hope they fix the buggy annoying “green” message during charging for you.

  • tato22

    they need to stop selling it phones sucks big time

    • timmyjoe42

      says you

      • No it really does suck, I had it & just sold it last week, couldn’t take it no more.

      • Dashi

        Had It Rooted It ROM’ed It Was Tradeing It For The G1 Will Wait Till Up Dates Out To Flash It Back From Handler YAY TMONEWS!

      • Tyler

        No the phone is horrible, I have had it 2 months and customer care has had to do 3 device exchanges do to problems! I’m now back to my old phone (blackberry)

    • shakarak

      I have my cliq and really like it. My only gripe is it does slow down but considering I have 70 apps dled and often times many things running in the background that is to to be expected.

    • Aya4

      I would totally agree just sent mine back three days ago! Motorola should know better!

  • Amanda

    That is so not the 2nd quarter!!

  • lewminous

    I have the Cliq and although its not without its share of flaws, it has been a great phone. I have no major complaints at all. There are gonna be a lot of people disappointed if this is true. I’m not upset, but I did assume it would be out any day now.

  • Psqunq

    I am so glad I’ve already dumped the POS CLIQ for a MTS. Didn’t Moto promise the update in Q2? July is Q3. The CLIQ is the last Moto phone I will ever get.

  • ApexPredation

    @tato22 I’m with you.

    @Amanda I have been with Android from day one. I found that whatever date is given bump it to the next one instead ie: Q2 = Q3(If you’re lucky)

    The good news is a Moto customer rep told me that they are putting the final touches on it and it is comming soon… for whatever that is worth. (Probably told me that so I would stop calling)Oh well hopefully they live up to their claimes and keep the Q2 deadline.

    • andrew

      I guess Q1=Q3 in Moto’s world. I cant wait to dump my Cliq for a MT slide. Looks kinda girly but I would rather rely on HTC for my updates than to be baited and lead on by moto. If they would just dump their motoblur… It will really not have much of an impact with 2.1 and 2.2. I wish there were a phone with a hard qwerty that ran a vanilla version of Android :-(

      • Dashi

        LOL Because HTC Did Such A GREAT Job Updateing The Hd2 BTW (If You Didn’t Hear It Made Half The Users Phones WORSE)Oh And On Top Of It NO Windows 7? OWW

  • Wicked1

    No july is not Q2, Q2 is April-June, that’s when we were supposed to be getting. Android 2.1, Not in July!

  • DisKO

    Wah wah. :-( I was hoping it would be next week but oh well. I still <3 my Cliq anyway…

  • patrickem

    Maybe we will get the bump to 2.2 for the extra wait.

    • Hahahaha

      maybe we will get it when android 5.2 comes out and they will just bump us up to it ;)……what do u think

    • Hahahaha

      maybe we will get it when android 5.2 comes out and they will just bump us up to it ;)……what do u think

  • john

    I really don’t understand being upset about getting an update that you were promised, especially since you are mad about a whole 15 days max. Quit bitching, or go buy a behold 2 and wait for 2.won’t happen.

    • Have YOU tried owning a CLIQ for 15 days?

      • T

        Shut up, I have owned a cliq since it came out! It’s a great phone, you obviously can’t find the good in it. Nothing is perfect, learn to deal with it, or buy a nokia flip phone.

      • john

        Same here…troll

  • Jay

    I personally am done with Motorola products like you are but if I was ready to dump my Cliq I would have at least waited until the end of July to see what all the Project Emerald and other announcements turn out to be….I like my Cliq and have had no major problems with it but I want a monster 4 inch or bigger screen with a snapdragon or better….I would prefer an HTC phone too….But since you already bought the MTS how do you like Espresso?….Is it a dumbed down HTC sense experience for younger users or do you think it can hang with the big boys?…Also, what do you think of the Genius button?…It intrigues me….LOL

  • dethduck

    It would be nice if we could get an official Yay or Nay as to whether the original mytouch will get an update. Hell don’t even want to know a date, just whether one is or is not coming. Can’t even get that.

    • andrew

      I have seen many websites report that it will at least receive up to 2.2…

  • Mike

    Spent over three hours on the phone yesterday with Motorola and T-Mobile. While I love my cliq, I feel duped as a customer. I originally purchased the cliq as an upgrade from my G1 which at the time had just received the 1.6 update. I had no idea that I was walking into T-Mobile and purchasing the at the time “latest and greatest” android handset from Motorola running an outdated android O/S. While I agree that certain homework should be done. You don’t expect to walk into Bestbuy today to purchase a computer running Windows XP. I love the cliq as a phone and a device and I love even more my service from T-Mobile, but I ultimately feel duped as a consumer by the powers to be at Motorola and T-Mobile.

  • DayJob

    Just in time for my switch to the EVO.

    • justsomeguy

      Be sure to buy like 3 batteries to get your thru the day.

  • eYe

    My wife had to replace hers twice already. I’m just waiting for this one to break and I’ll. Be pulling some muscles to get her MTS under warranty. Cliq has been nothing but problems for us. Good bye Moto :-D

  • Jay

    I am very impressed with the EVO but you cannot convince me to go to Sprint with no sim cards, bad customer service, and no truly unlimited minute plans that include calls to land lines….As much as I would love an EVO its not worth the jump to Sprint for me at least….I hope you enjoy your EVO and I guess this is the last time we will see you on this blog so good luck with finding Sprint 4G in your area and Godspeed with the customer service.

  • kast

    I guess Tmo and Motorola really prefer people in Chicago switch to Sprint. First, no HSDPA+ love in Chicago, now Cliq (and I’m assuming Cliq XT owners) have to wait until Q3 for updates.

    I agree that Sprint customer service is way below Tmo’s, but you shouldn’t have to go to customer service if you have a more reliable phone. Personally, I’ll stick with Tmo a lil longer since it has been one of the best carriers I’ve had, but if it continues to lag behind in its phone quality, I will have to say, “Hello EVO! (or whatever the flavor of the month is).”

    • SteveBerman

      I did some research and I figure the CLIQ won’t get the 2.1 or greater update until July because Moto is releasing two major phones on a carrier other than Tmobile as usual. They will have 2.1 or 2.2 with motoSUCK, so they are probably just waiting til those are finalized. They’ve already sold us their garbage, so what does it matter if we have the update? They only need the update to sell the phones…

  • ExJxS

    July. Perfect. That’s when I’ll be dumping my Cliq for GalaxyS (I don’t know anything you don’t, but that’s my suspicion). I have liked everything about the Cliq except for the 1.5 OS and what comes with it. While I don’t hate it, I’ll be glad to dump Motoblur.
    But I will never buy another Motorola phone again. Lagging behind 1 or 2 versions of the current OS version is one thing but letting it go to 4 is just a slap in the face of everyone who bought their product.

    • john

      Best of luck, let us all know how that whole samsung update thing works out for you. Hell, at least moto is giving you the update. Honestly, can someone please explain the reason that people are mad at motorola for DELIVERING AN UPDATE THEY PROMISED. As for anyone getting an iphone enjoy the new data rapes…er I mean rates. I also wouldn’t suggest emailing the ceo of apple if you dislike any policy/process. help me out, those with functioning brain cells, I understand they missed a timeline, but by 15 days and you’re flaming them. If you’re that touchy I’d like to sic you on BP for taking their time.

      • I couldn’t agree with you anymore, you hit it on the nail!

  • JB

    Not quite the Q2 release that was “planned” — but I guess that’s why they use such ambiguous terms and no more specifics than 3 month windows of time to describe their release dates. Ugh. I just purchased a Cliq and am currently waiting for it in the mail — starting to regret that just a bit and I haven’t even received it yet.

    And before someone states the obvious back to me.. I am well aware I could’ve bought a host of other android phones that either have 2.1 on them already or have already been promised 2.2, but I wanted to stick with T-Mobile, did not want to sign a new contract, wanted a phone with touchscreen and physical keyboard, and was able to get a brand new one pretty cheap.

    • Send it BACK immediately, you;re in for a world of pain.

      Get the Slide.

      • JB

        I thought about getting the slide, but I hate the way it looks — I know that’s a dumb reason, but someone at T-Mobile assured me that it would get 2.1 and most likely 2.2 — of course the big issue is when.

      • Dashi

        Cliq Is A Great Phone Although I Do Have To Say I Can Show It A Lil More Love When It’s Rooted And Running SetCPU The UPdate Is All I Want!!! Well… And Better Back End Tmobile…

    • Erin

      I have the Cliq, it’s not a bad phone, people just like to complain.

    • Asparagus

      Word….i love my cliq…..didnt think I would, but when it bailed into water twice and was still ticking……hardware is great….when software is updated….clutch

    • Wicked1

      Well, you have 14 days to send it back if you want, but considering you just bought it, your wait isn’t that long, hahaha. I bought mine in October. I haven’t had any major problems with mines either, but there seems to be quite a few defective units in the bunch. Hope you get a good one.

      • JB

        I’m sure better phones will come out, but if I was gonna wait for the next best thing.. I’d be constantly waiting. I did a lot of research regarding whether and when it was going to get 2.1 (and even whether it would get 2.2 eventually) — and I think I’m still going to love it regardless. Of course just from a business standpoint, you’d think Motorola and T-Mobile would want to please their current customers if they hope to maintain their current relationships and continue to grow.

  • coggy9

    In the famous words of will Smith “HELL NAW”. Motorola never,NEVER, deliver their promises. Plus we already kinda have 2.1 on the CLIQ,via an AOSP ROM.

  • Rrovman

    Awe, Too bad. Tmobile a day later and a dolllar short I will be getting the new iphone in june, and junking this pos cliq !!!!

    • Dashi

      You Sir Are An Idiot While Tmobile Has Been Doing PLENTY Wrong Not Updateing Your Phone Is NOT One Of Them Thats All Moterola

  • alex

    I have a CLIQ XT, and need to get a new one sometimes, when i am going to type the letters don’t show up, and ten i have to turn it off, and like 2-5 times it restarted by itself! I got the C;IQ XT, because it is the best full touch android phone tmo has, i would have gotten the new my touch, but i don’t want an android phone with a keyboard, i’m waiting for a high-end phone, like a Monster My Touch, that has a 4-4.3in screen, Android 2.2, 16gb internal storage, same/better/similar specs to EVO 4g, Genius Button, My Modes, Faves Gallery, Available color in white as well as black, and red,Super AMOLED Screen with Atmelmax touch sensors, xenon flash, 8p camera, with 3mp in front for video chatting,pre-loaded with flash 10.1,mini hdmi output,etc,supports HSPA+.=) that would be awesome it’ll probably cost like 540 with no contarct like the N-One.

    What sucks even more is that since the new update for the CLIQ XT came out it’s not rootable, and i don’t think that the normal CLIQ is either, last moto phone i buy, at least with motoblur, i just want an HTC Phone, i want a My Touch since it always has a lot of accesories, etc.

    • Dashi

      Just An FYI BOTH Are Rootable :) Handler version 1.6 alpha FTW

  • derrickps3

    this phone is screwed just like the behold 2, if they do get 2.1. then the behold 2 owners will really be pissed off at samsung lol

  • Lamar

    too little too late. I cant stand this Cliq XT, its lags and freezes on the dumbest things. I cant even make a text message without it lagging. I use task manager all the time and it still lags like crazy. I only use text/twitter, NOTHING else. kinda tired of this phone. looking to sell it next week.

    • mikeeeee

      looks like there will be a lot of good cheap moto hardware showing up on ebay.

      good deal, 2 seconds after it’s simcarded, the new owner will get updated.

  • jason

    i like my cliq xt, what’s wrong with me? sucks we have to wait the extra month (maybe) but mine is working great.
    oh well what do i know.

  • It’s total BS until it’s actually released.

    I was sold on the CLIQ the week it came out thanks to the hardware features, which were great for the time. But the whole software scenario is a total clusterfuq. That a user is stuck on an old version with little to no recourse due simply to a manufacturer’s laziness is pathetic and insulting. If it the CLIQ had no physical keyboard, it would have been usable a lot of the time.

    And it’s gotten to where there’s a significant number of apps that 1.5 can’t even run, so frankly it’s downright dishonest (illegal?) to sell a device based on the promise of “so many” choices that don’t actually exist.

    I mean, what if your 1 year old car couldn’t drive on streets built in the last, say, 3 months? You’d be livid!

    I’d go so far as to say it’s antithetical to the Android project. The advances and “benefits” of the platform are meaningless to users trapped in the MotoBLUR walled garden.

  • erod

    Look there is this dude that has a a 2.1 rom in its 2nd alpha stage and it looks like hes working pretty fast with it. by the look of it motorola is just going to tell us that they have delayed it again. Q2 ends this month and they havnt giving us any reason to believe them, i bet the android community will give us 2.2 before they give us 2.1. and god knows what features are going to be left out due to motoblur. so as soon as travis gets out a solid 2.1 rom im rooting and giving motorola the finger. they have failed.

  • I happen to like the MotoBlur as well bcuz it suits my social networking crave. The UI isn’t the sexiest but the meat and potatoes of MotoBlur is what it does behind the scenes (behind the interface). Like syncing of all your contacts, contacts– something Android should have already carried out the gate.

    People are hating now but once Moto touches around the rough edges some more people will become hypocrites and hop back on the wagon.

    • kennyb

      I agree. I love my cliq, and would love to see it upgraded to 2.1. But theyres nothing I can do to make it happen any faster. And to be honest im not going drop dead if it doesnt happen. People just need to relax and keep things in perspective. :)

  • DoLo

    I give up!!!! If it comes it comes!!!!

  • Ms. Matrix

    Man!! I thought we was getting the update in June!? I mean I know now not to get to up tight about it because anything an forums say may or may not be true, so I wait.

    I still enjoy my cliq xt and yeah I could a few fixes but other than that, I haven’t screamed out “I hate this phone” yet. Unlike my Dash 3G, I couldn’t wait to get rid of that phone. (even though I’m still trying to sell it) hehe

  • Solidus433

    Im starting to wonder if ANY 1.6 or older T-Mo customers are going to get an upgrade. Like most, Im some, Im not hurting for the upgrade, but like most, Im sick of being told “soon”

  • motojon

    The Cliq is a good phone (although my keyboard strangely isn’t lighting up anymore). Motoblur can be costumized or disabled completely. I think most people don’t mind motoblur…it’s just waiting forever for this update this is pissing us off. We feel primative with android 1.5.

    I can’t wait for this update…

  • Gagan

    its a custom UI its gonna take some time, if you don’t have patience then you should go buy a vanilla version like the nexus one.

    • Claudio

      Or like the mytouch? Oh no, no update there either, it is ” vanilla” right?

  • JB

    I hate to say it — but at least Apple releases things when they say they will. That’s coming from someone who is pretty anti-Apple.

  • acesauce

    I have a cliq xt and on my second month of having it my hole os went crazy….I’m talking sending all my calls to voicemail and restarting…I’m on my sec and the lag is just bad,blur sucks,wish I could destroy the hole thought of blur,its useless and makes a slow phone slower….all in alll this is my last moto phone

  • Mark

    I moved to a Cliq from Blackberry. I don’t know why so many are saying its POS because I have no problems with it. Sure, it could be a little faster, but have no technical issues with it at all.

  • SteveBerman

    It’s a lot faster when you don’t use all of the motoSUCK

  • acesauce

    Wish I could have a nexus one,smh google should of sold the phone in the tmobile stores

  • Jake

    arg. I want a nexus so bad. I wish Google would’ve just sold them through T-Mobile in the first place. the cliq itself is a great phone. I’m just starting to get a little pissed at Motorola.

    • JB

      Hope they come out with a new Nexus One with a physical keyboard.. then I’d be all about that. As for them selling them in stores and through T-Mobile; they’ve already committed to do that.. it’s just waiting for them to announce when though.

  • xXjcruzXx

    I have the cliq and am happy with it. I can’t complain but I do want the 2.1 update lol. But I am rooted on HANDLER 1.5

  • joe

    I’m gettin tired of diz BS post by tmonews…..1st dey say Q1, den dey say Q2, n now dey say Q3….won’t u juz shut da F up n let da ish happen if iz going 2 happen or not….den dey go post dat nexus one not being sold in google site….well hello u r very late wit dat cause dats been up 4 quite a while now….google had already announced phones r gonna b sold by authorized sellers….u guys r lame

    • David

      Learn to post in proper grammatical English than I’ll listen.

      • Hahahaha

        WHAT LANGUAGE IS THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Dashi

        AHHHHHHHH Attack Of The Hood Rats O.o

    • Matt

      If you ever want anyone to take you seriously, please speak properly. TMONEWS only post what Moto is saying. If you want to point the blame finger, point it at Moto they are the ones releasing these deadlines for completion.

  • Hahahaha


  • Matt

    This is absolutley ludicrous. They give no answer to why its taking so long. As one of the previous posters mentioned … its understandable to be 1, maybe 2 versions behind but 4?? Give me a break!

  • Let’s hope this is true!

  • Sung

    Motorola said that 2.1 will be released for the Cliq in Q2, well they have released it to T-Mobile correct? It is T-mobile that is preparing/delaying the release now….so Motorola has done its part.

  • CLIQuid Damage

    As far as I can tell, the update appears to have been pushed back to August. The T-Mobile training calendar originally had the Android 2.1 with Enhanced Motoblur training for reps listed with a launch date of 6/20, then 7/14 (the cause of the above rumor)… as of this week it is now listed with a launch date of 8/19. This is all

  • CLIQuid Damage

    As far as I can tell, the update appears to have been pushed back to August. The T-Mobile training calendar originally had the Android 2.1 with Enhanced Motoblur training for reps listed with a launch date of 6/20, then 7/14 (the cause of the above rumor)… as of this week it is now listed with a launch date of 8/19. This is all subject to change, of course…

  • Matt

    seriously throw ur phones in the trash… you could have stumbled into at&t and bought an iphone like the rest of the losers of the world.. i cant believe how incredibly un-fun and complaicent the android community has become.. my phone (CLIQ XT) works absolutely fine!! and do you want to know why? because i took the time to learn it.. how to randomly maintenance it.. same as you would run a defrag on a computer the thing needs work.. what a bunch of lazy people we’ve become when we sit and complain while motorola scrambles to fix problems that YOU CAN fix.. mtv generation = FAIL

  • RogerC

    I have a few problems with my phone but by far it has kicked every previous one of my phones in the ass. People sayin it is slow does not know the meaning of TASK Manager and use 2 a NON-multi tasking phone like the iPhone! I still enjoy my Cliq but would like Google to come out with Google Navigator app for the Cliq … because thats the main feature that I’m waiting on 2.1 and it is takin forEVER

  • thatkid

    Yes I agree…if the Cliq doesn’t come out with the update soon, either I am going to Sprint to get the EVO or give in to Att and get the iphone 4…this is BS how long we had to wait for an update.

  • Herbie7159

    This site was right again…. Moto just psoted this

    “For those asking for an update regarding a software upgrade on CLIQ in the U.S., we’ve made a decision to take more time on the release to optimize the experience in some key areas. We will continue to work to deliver it as soon as possible and apologize that we have been unable to provide an upgrade to these users in Q2 as planned.

    We are working hard to provide an upgrade to Android 2.1 as soon as we can. Our consumers’ experience is our first priority and we will provide an upgrade when we can deliver the best possible user experience.

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  • James

    You called it.

  • =(

    it is Motorola that is updating the phone….this is not new. Look at the Droid.

  • James

    I wonder if we r going to get 2.2? What do u guys think…because we need it to make the phone faster.

  • Aaron

    Early July is getting ready to pass us by. Where is this update?