Motorola XT720 Headed To Magenta?

A while back there were several rumors of the Motorola Motoroi headed Magenta’s way, which many of us have been eagerly waiting for. Motorola has now announced the new Motorola Milestone XT720, something the folks over at Engadget are told is a “…sister device of the Motoroi”. The handset is equipped with T-Mobile USA 3G bands (hooray), so there’s that ever so slight chance it might be headed Magenta’s way. However, Motorola has not yet announced any plans for a U.S. release. The XT720 sports an 8 megapixel camera with xenon flash (the first Android handset to include xenon flash), 720p / 24fps video, along with a 3.7-inch, 480 x 854 full touch-screen, a 550MHz ARM Cortex A8 CPU (same as the DROID), 9 hours of talk time and 320 hours of standby time. Lets keep our fingers crossed and hope Motorola shows T-Mobile some love. Be sure to check out the Milestone promo video below!


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  • Axcell

    I have only one thing to say about this phone. “Its not a tumor!”

    • Archie

      No, its a tumor.


    Please come….

  • Laz

    A little to late! This tech is now a free phone on the other carriers…

  • mingkee

    Can it be sold as unlocked?
    If so, it should have band I/II/IV/V 3G

  • Nokia N900USER

    I am not going to start today with a rant but please hear me out. Why can’t T-mobile demand a better design from Motorola like other service providers? Better yet, why can T-mobile demand better designs from HTC also?

    Just to give you an example:
    1. T-mo got moto cliq, VZW got droid.
    2. T-mo got my touch; VZW, AT&T and even sprint got the better version as Hero.
    3. This Motorola XT720 is the same phone rumored as ” Droid Xtreme” that verizon is getting soon. They both share specs and GUESS WHAT, Droid extreme design looks better and has a bigger screen.

    Take a look at Droid Xtreme pics here:

    I can only hope T-mo came demand more from the cell phone companies or simply hire a better phone design team.

    • Matlock

      Says the guy with the N900! T-mo might finally get a good Android phone and you still find something to bitch and complain about. Good Lord! It doesnt matter what you get, you will always find something to bitch about. And by the way, the design mostly comes from the manufacturers! And also AT&T never got the Hero, check your facts, nor did VZW!!!!

      • adam

        He mean vzw got droid eris a cousin of the droid

      • drew

        Apperently, you know nothing about cell phones….how about you get your facts straight before attacking someone ass… if those are the specs for the phone then it is outdated…do some research on phones that came out 8 months ago and then compare them to this….you will realize they are very similiar and once again…these are phones are almost a yr old and tmo is about to get somethin like this just now?!?! All you tmo breast feeding hippies need to realize how far behind tmo is compared to other carriers..o and by the way……the manufacters that makes these phones get the dimensions and roughdraft ideas from the carriers….every carriers has a design team for there devices…what goes inside of them * spec wise * is also chosen by the carriers…..get your game up kiddo

  • the real mrs. smith

    yes this is good!!! the only reason i still use my memoir is because i love the camera. i hope this is true

  • kast

    550Mhz? SEROUSLY? Come ON! We need at least Snapdragon or a separate GPU… Not to mention that based on Motorola’s track record with T-mobile, I wouldn’t be surprised if this comes with Android 1.6 (to be updated to 2.1 in Q4). LOL.

    Sorry to rant, but I am tired of phones with last year’s high end specs coming out on a great network like T-mobile.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      You do realize that the Qualcomm chips come in different configurations and that the 550 MHz is a current offering. It’s not “last years specs.”

      Some phones have superphone specs, others mid-level and some will have bargain basement specs.

      Quit ranting about phones that don’t have the highest powered processors.

      Do you complain about the fully loaded Toyota Corolla not having a moon roof, leather seats, climate control and a V6 engine?

    • J-Hop2o6

      UPDATE: Motorola boosts Milestone XT720 spec with 720MHz CPU and 512MB RAM

  • Wilma Flintstone

    As one other Tmonews member said once, “Tmobile’s the first to get it all. First Tmobile got the Chin, and now The Hip”


  • Scott

    Still waiting for T-Mobile to regain the lead in Android handsets. Looks like we’ll be waiting a while longer. :(

    Dear T-Mobile: why have you given up the smartphone lead so completely?? And, no, becoming the second iPhone carrier in November will not help much. Don’t put all your eggs in that basket!

    • Wilma Flintstone

      given up? When has Tmobile ever actually had the smartphone lead?

  • thoughtSausage


  • A xenon flash? Sweet!

    720p/24 video? Neat!

    A processor that over a year old and slower than the (now OLD) iPhone 3GS? W. T. FFFFF???

    • steven

      It has a TI OMAP3440 clocked at 720MHz!
      It has a TI OMAP3440 clocked at 720MHz!!!

  • Barry

    isn’t this supposed to be getting a snapdragon? isn’t that why it hasn’t come out yet?

  • The Cincinnati Kid

    Cincinnati Bell is testing this phone right now. They roam off of T-mobile 3G in other regions. Something tells me they are getting it….

    • cmptrgreek

      Is it coming soon? I need to switch, and I want this phone!!

  • Green Robot

    Okay, tech blogs seriously need to stop spreading misinformation about this particular device. Once and for all, Milestone XT720 has a TI OMAP3440 Cortex A8 based processor clocked at 720MHz and not the TI OMAP3430 clocked at 550MHz that is in the original Droid. If you don’t believe me check for yourself on motorola’s own developer website:
    There are actually 3 different versions of this phone but the Milestone XT720 has the better processor and 512MB of RAM compared to the other two. Check it out:
    There is a lot of confusion about it since this looks just like Motoroi but it is not internally.

  • jose

    i dont understand why its got such a crappy processor? 550mhz? that pretty much makes this phone DOA. moto needs to add a front facing camera and snap draggon and then itll be the hottest phone tmobile has to offer.

    • dethduck

      Ok, seriously. Mhz alone are NOT an indication of the processors performance. The Motos use the TI OMAP family of processors, completely different from the Qualcomm snapdragon processors. Completely different architecture and design. It’s like the difference between an Intel CPU and an AMD CPU. One of the main difference I believe is that the Omaps have a seperate dedicated gpu and the qualcomms gpu are integrated into the processor, though I could be wrong.

    • Reece

      If you knew anything about CPUs… you’d know that this CPU actually eats snapdragons for breakfast… launch.. and dinner. Note how the same CPU in the Moto Droid is RIGHT BEHIND a Nexus @ 550Mhz and as you clock it upwards it will clearly show it’s efficiency.

      The GPU in the chip has it easily poop on a Snapdragon when clocked @ 1Ghz, so the 700-something speed would possibly make things more equivilant to Snapdragon

      Geez if it’s this easy let me find out I can make a killing selling 3Ghz Pentium 4 chips for 300 bucks a pop.

  • tmofan

    The people who reply to these posts are such marketing drones its rediculous. 550mhz does not equall the same speed with each cpu type. Using that analogy my 4 year old 4ghz pentium 4 would be faster than my new 2.66ghz core i7

    • Matlock

      you have to understand majority of these schmucks who want to have snapdragon processors, just want it so they brag their phone has a 1Ghz processor. 90% of them will never use the full processing power of the phone.

      its the same as horsepower figures in cars, more power doesnt always transfer to better!

  • DH

    550 mhz cpu?!? lame. can tmo just transplant the 8 mp cam w xenon flash of this phone 2 the soon 2 b released samsung galaxy s? JK

  • DH

    550 mhz cpu?!? lame. can tmo just transplant the 8 mp cam w xenon flash of this phone 2 the soon 2 b released samsung galaxy s? JK

  • Green Robot

    It has a TI OMAP3440 clocked at 720MHz!
    It has a TI OMAP3440 clocked at 720MHz!
    It has a TI OMAP3440 clocked at 720MHz!
    Everybody heard it now?

    • Apparently they can’t read. THIS WILL BE MONSTER ON T-MOBILE, I CAN’T WAIT!

    • Apparently they’re illiterate, lol

    • What does that mean in lay man’s terms? Compare it to the snap dragon processor. That seems to be the norm for a power phone these days.

      • Reece

        The Motorola Droid which have the same CPU is RIGHT BEHIND a Snapdragon in terms of horsepower and that is only clocked @ 550Mhz. While modding folks who clocks it upward past 1Ghz seen the Moto Droids eat Snapdragons for breakfast lunch & dinner. Thus with 720 being somewhere in the middle you’d figure it’ll be at least equivilant to Snapdragon speeds if not slightly edging them out lol

        CPU speed isn’t everything otherwise the Pentium 4 CPU’s that have 3Ghz speed would still be a faster chip then say… a dual core chip clocked @ 2Ghz. Slightly exaggerated analogy but close enough.

  • bskballa92

    When will people learn that the clockspeed is just a number based on clock cycles? If you dont believe me, look it up, especially with ARM processors clockspeed =/= preformance.

    • JAG

      See TI OMAP3440 is originaly clocked at 800MHz!

      So in this case was underclocked

  • Tony

    Hope this bad boy is like the Droid, in that it comes with the stock version of Android and no MotoBlur or any other custom UI. Stock Android = faster updates!

  • 2FR35H

    Wait wasn’t this the Motorola Motoroi?

  • Jennifer

    I have this phone and it is awesome!! I live in Korea. It is called the Motorola Motoroi XT720… I was surprised at the features that came with it and I am still getting used to playing around with it

  • Negtne

    Ok so it has a TI OMAP3440 how long do you think it will take the devs to bring it back to 800mhz? Now that would be nice!!! My only problem is my cliq that is siting here collecting dust still hasn’t been upgraded to 1.6 yet how long you think it will take for This to take to get to 2.2?