Android 2.1 Update For Motorola CLIQ Delayed

Don’t say we didn’t tell you! Today, Motorola officially announced, via their support forums, that Android 2.1 for the CLIQ has been delayed. Motorola states that the reason they’re unable to deliver the Android 2.1 update for the planned Q2 date is because of a decision to take more time on the release to help “optimize the experience in some key areas”. This delay seems to line up perfectly with what we heard previously of an update for the CLIQ scheduled for release sometime in July. Let’s all hope there aren’t anymore delays!

Motorola Support Forums

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  • Dalton

    They delayed the Cliq XT too, if anyones wondering.
    Oh, and good job Moto.

  • Jay

    Any word about the MyTouch getting 2.1? Seems like it’s been a while since I’ve heard anything about it.

    • Me

      you mean 2.2… it came with 2.1.

      • Jay

        Actually your right I meant 2.2, but I have the original MyTouch without the 3.5 mm jack and so far it’s only been updated to 1.6

      • bfhmd68

        He’s talking about the original Mytouch which came with 1.5 or 1.6.

      • Jay

        Does the MyTouch with the 3.5 jack come with 2.1?

      • Sinn

        The 3.5mm jack version came with 1.6. Cant wait for ANY update. Rumor is ALL versions of mytouch will be getting froyo

      • Tmo

        Just spoke to an HTC rep…mytouch is getting 2.2 before the slide, she said its easier to update because no HTC sense on the mytouch

      • Jay

        That’s what I thought too, but there hasn’t been any news in the last month about the update. Not that I’m bitter or anything but the way T-Mobile rolls out updates I don’t think we’ll see it until August at the earliest. I bet their saving that as a nice surprise for the 1 year anniversary of the original MyTouch :)

      • FILA


        or you mean the end of the 2 year contracts for G1 users

  • Johnny

    Well that bursts my bubble, I was just starting to get excited when it said testing.

  • Me

    glad i sold that POS phone and got a mytouch slide.

    • Fujitsujeff

      if this report is true, your MTS will not be getting a Gingerbread update …

      • pimpstrong

        yup not a single one of Tmobiles 7 Android phones to date stand to live passed FroYo(the ones that even get that atleast) who cares really tho cuz FroYo is just sick.

      • alex

        it’s not true the MTS3GS does not have a 1ghz processor, and HTC has said that that phone is indeed getting froyo, yet i can be wrong, but most likely the rumor is not true.

    • boda

      same here! owned a G1 which was great, then a Cliq which was AWFUL, now a Slide which is fantastic!

  • JAKE

    idc anymore i jus ordered my samsung vibrant this morning

    • Giga

      How did you order it already…not suppost to go up for preorder till the July 1st?? Or at least i though.

    • JustMike

      Where did you manage to find a pre-pre-order before July 1? Are you a TMO Employee by chance?

  • kathrin

    Most people does not care. I would be happy if I can get 2.1 on my CLIQ. But only few nerds wants.

  • this is bullsh*t…they f*ckn wait till the last minute to tell us…u better get it out soon moto or I’m going postal

  • Kmm

    Apparently Motorola cares about its customers just as much as Samsung cares about the people who but their phones. I am pretty pissed about this. They just need to update it to 2.2 at this point. I bought this phone bc I was told these Moto phones would get 2.1.

    • pimpstrong

      The Moment updated to 2.1, DROID to 2.1 then soon to 2.2, Droid X slated for 2.2 as well as the DROID 2 soon after launch… yeah MOTO could give a flying F!@k about you and your phones I see.

      • William

        It seems more like they don’t care about T-Mobile’s offerings.

  • 3g rules

    Motorola pulled this same crap with Verizon lol. Motomorons

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Uh Oh!!! Now Motorola has a “bad track record” because of this. I’ll never trust Motorola again!!! Ha(3x)!!! Just kidding.

    Here comes everyone’s instant disgust with Motorola because of this. At least they just delayed it instead of just stopped the update.

  • MichMan

    I wouldn’t release an update just before a holiday either. I’d totally release it next Tuesday.

    Hope this comes soon. Still wait and see on Morotola’s commitment to their installed base.

  • Bill W

    This is very frustrating. I am not getting the most out of my phone. The BS that motorola is probably working on probably pertains to certain programs that no one is really using to begin with. The delay is fine, but let people know prior to ONE day before the release.

  • its amazing how fast they plan on pushing 2.2 out to all the superphones…but what about the rest of us waiting on 2.1 u f*ckn as*holes

    • nesto

      Thank you that’s what I’m saying…..I’m gonna order me a friggin moto xt720 milestone from europe cuz it works in tmo 3g bands and has a xenon flash…but it blows how they just take their sweet a** time with the people who chose or coulnt buy a high class super phone.

    • Justin

      Thats what i was about to say! the droid. ships with 2.0, got 2.1 and is getting 2.2, didnt the cliq come out before the droid anyway??? and we are still begging for 2.1 when everybody else already has it. The cliq and cliq xt are the only android phones in the U.S right now that run 1.5…sad motorola.

      • kenbot

        You seem to forget that the droid uses Vanilla android unlike the Cliqs.

  • lol

    That is funny I am glad I said good bye to Motorola on Fathers Day and got the Mytouch Slide. Motorola can kiss my a$$ I will never buy another thing they make! I feel bad I handed the piece of junk Cliq down to my wife. I hope she doesn’t realize it. Maybe she will want her old Nokia back anyway.

  • phoneking13

    According to a network technician i talked to the other day, he said that the 2.1 update will come out about July 3-5.

    • MichMan

      No no. It will come out Monday or Tuesday. Not over the weekend. Those people have lives.

      • kenbot


        Plus the last thing they want to do is brick phones on a long weekend.

  • ExJxS

    I will be soooo glad to finally replace my Cliq. It feels like a pet a crazy girlfriend leaves you with when she runs off to NY with a homeless guy she just met who says he’s an artist but really, is drawing on discarded cardboard with things found in a dumpster really art?

  • Annony Mouse

    From someone I know on the inside. They say that the Cliq and XT update is coming the same time the Motorola Charm is coming out. Around July 21. It’s not too far, just be patient. Why is patience so difficult for most people? It’s not like you’re 5 years old anymore. Well maybe you’re one of those from the “entitlement generation” that feels like the world owes you something for your presense. Sorry to break it to you, you suck just like everyone else.

  • Justin

    Hey at least they have changed the chart to testing in progress! i dont think it willl be that long before it is released. But i dont think they have even been working on the update for us. They have just been updating all of the verizon phones because thats where they get all of there money from. How hard can it be to upgrade us to 2.1 when you have the droid x thats running 2.1 with the updated motoblur that we are supposed to see and you have the two new motblur phones the charm and the flipout that run 2.1 and the funny thing is that flipout has live wallpapers so do you think there is a chance that we will see it too?? There is also a picture of the phone with the nexus one default live wallpaper on it.

  • rfjdeffdjnfcbhdj

    I got 2.1 today :) jk hahaha

  • alank009

    Never again will I buy a motorola and tmobile just lets this happen. Motorola would not pull this with Verizon

    • joel

      You moron :/

  • DaveInCO

    Oh come on people. BFD! I have had my Cliq since November and have been extremely happy with it because it works as advertised. Any software upgrades should be seen as a bonus. Lighten up. It’s just a phone. A very useful, empowering phone. But still, a phone.

  • Saku

    Can anyone say that they were really surprised? I mean really.

    I think I just need to sell my CLIQ. And get the Vibrant.

    • Domi

      I agree I think I will do the same… I hate that I traded my Blackberry for this… I will just get the Vibrant… I hated Motorola before and Hate them more now!!!!

  • kast107

    I got the 2.1 update on June 11… when I got rid of the Cliq XT and got the Evo. :p

  • Cr4zyLaxr

    Wow this is a great push down towards moto, I’m changing my cliq now… the only reason I didn’t change it earlier was because the rumors of the coming update but now that is being delayed I can’t keep up with my cliq big dissapointment… :(

  • Andrew

    I am SOO glad I dumped fking Moto for HTC. Never again will I buy their device. They are going to put that motofail on everything now. NO THANK YOU…

    • 100% agreed. HTC does way better with device updates, moto waits till the last second and pushes dates back. Glad I bought a N1 after selling my cliq :)

  • Andrew

    For you douchenards telling everyone to calm down. The reason people are upset or mad is because they are stuck with a phone that is about a year outdated. That i important to some people. Its not a big deal until they start passing up other devices because of the promise theirs will be updated to the latest and greatest, over, and over, and over, and… You get the point. If its not a big deal to you, fine, but why do you have to antagonize people that expect a company to keep their word?

  • ksb78

    I was just on the phone with a representative of Motorola and as far as he knows there is no update for the Cliq’s yet. He says they are working on it(whatever that means), but they have no release date for any updates. I have been waiting for the Amazon Kindle application to be released on Droid since FOREVER and when it finally comes out, it requires an OS of 1.6 or higher. Thats a slap in the face for us who have paid our hard earned money on a product that sold itself as something that can give the Iphone a run for its money.

    Other than that my phone is okay( I’ve been having issues with it lately). I’ll just have to wait and see…

  • jmts80

    NNNNNNNOOOOOOOO! My Cliq XT needs 2.1 now!

  • HaVoKTEK

    See maaaaannnnnnnnn…………it’s a conspiracy dude their out to bamboozle us!!!

    • HaVoKTEK

      ooops “They’re”

  • zmoboss

    Lets face it folks .. may be, *just may be*, moto doesnt have what it takes to stick to any date !!!!!! Just dont give me this “optimize key areas” crap .. dev team screwed up .. will some REAL PROJECT MANAGER own up his/her shortcomings???
    yeah .. there .. i said it ..
    (to all holy saints who tell me to be patient, please pay FULL RETAIL on cliq, wait patiently FOREVER for the upgrade, AND THEN COME AND TELL ME TO BE PATIENT, OK ???)

  • SoonerSaint12

    Sounds like a great time to jump ship. Later TeenMobile!

    • stressed

      I feel like jumping ship too. I just want to have faith in the under dog. My are crossed hoping for the best for tmobile. My patience is running thin

  • Pneumatic

    Live and learn. 2.2 is dropping and we are still on 1.5 with the HOPE of being upgraded to 2.1. When my G1 was destroyed in a tragic fall from the roof of my car I thought I was upgrading with the Cliq… Instead I took a step backward and still don’t have the turn-by-turn navigation that I had on my old G1. Lame.

    This will be my last Motorola phone.

  • Giga

    Yeah I wish I never paid for this thing….actually went back to my G1 … now I have a rooted cliq collecting some dust…if anyone wants it for a price…let me know or direct me somewhere I can sell it :P

  • Queue515

    Cliq XT does not even get any love from TMO News…

    I’m miffed that they waited until the last day and then gave us basically NOTHING: “um we’re working on it”…

    And it seems to have become Motorola’s MO now:
    “Droid X, ships with 2.1, 2.2 coming later this summer”

    I doubt I’ll ever buy another Motorola phone again.

    • Kickstar13

      You mean T-Mobile, right?

  • Domi

    I wish I never go this phone… Ive been waiting for 2.1 and now it feels like it will never happen… I would go with Mytouch Slide, but I had a bad experience with the regular mytouch… I guess I will just wait for samsung vibrant, or the moto charm… Or just switch providers!!! :D

  • sidekicker89

    My bill last month said Data Services 11.063 Megabytes used at no charge…and now T-Mobile wants to charge me $1.99 per Megabyte per use??? wtf!

  • mikeeeee


    patiently waits for the update to arrive.

    has a decent 2.1 phone to sell when 3.0 arrives for the holiday season and takes the money and gets a 3.0 device.

    there will be buyers.

    no hysteria or angst and decent economics.

  • AmaSan25

    This is why your better off rooting your CLIQ and installing a custom 2.1 ROM like I did.. easy to do and runs perfect. Search for Eclair2CLIQ Alpha6..its worth it at the rate Moto is going

  • Look – it doesn’t matter who’s fault it is at this point. We are the consumers, and collectively, we have the only voice that should matter. This is getting absolutely ridiculous. The level of frustration that we have had to endure is just absolutely unquantifiable by mere words. T-Mobile needs to hone up to their customer base and offer up some compensation or reimbursement. This is the ONLY wireless carrier that still has MULTIPLE PHONES running android 1.5, not 1.6, not 2.0, not 2.1, not 2.2, we’re talking about 1.5

    Enough is enough. This is misrepresentation at its FINEST. I know DOZENS of people who were told – and relied detrimentally – by IN STORE TMOBILE REPS that the cliq would be getting the 2.0 update by the END OF THE YEAR. Here we are, 210 days later, and NOBODY has to bear any responsibility to the THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of us Cliq users.

    WE ARE FED UP, WE WERE MISLED, AND TMOBILE MISREPRESENTED THEIR PRODUCT AND SERVICE. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH – DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS RIDICULOUS PROBLEM INSTEAD OF JUST PUSHING IT OFF ON MOTOROLA. We deserve compensation, we deserve reimbursement, we deserve an apology, and at the very least, we deserve the most BASIC of information concerning our paperweight / stone-age device.

    1.5? REALLY? This is getting extremely pathetic.

    • underdog378

      End of the year. Lets see, what month is it again?

      • stressed

        The end of last year artard

  • Mr.Crabz

    Wrd Dabe……. SMFH…..and with all the bs/delays…. we should be getting 2.2…..if the 2.1 does not have the live wallpapers and/or adobe 10.1…..I dont want it….cuz as advanced as these phones are, They should (out the gate) come with a flash player….I know right about the cliq coming out b4 tha Droid, now they have 2 more Droids..what’s up with that? And they are getting 2.2. Come on So Tmobile N Google…get it together….

  • DaNutz

    Motorola uses to be a good company that cared about there customers. But these past two years it like they don’t care anymore about there reputation which is in the gutter now. Who’s running Motorola? Is it the CEO of Ford? LOL

  • Ms. Matrix

    I’m pissed, they waited until the last day to when I was hoping for an update to tell us this. *sigh* I see all these brand new phones coming out with a newer android and wonder why they couldn’t do this the first time around.

    It just seems like Motoblur is causing more trouble than it’s worth. I don’t mind it, but I do like the Friendstream that comes on the HTC phones.

    Plus I’m hoping the new update will give the Cliq xt a new keyboard, but I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.

  • these motherf*ckers are trying to pull a “samsung” on us….this will be my last motorola phone

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  • Chris

    Well I say if you bought this phone you did it with low expectations because Motorola is not the first company I would call reliable. I knew from the start their phones would be the third rate quality phones to carry the android platform and its no surprise to see them delay updates to an already bugged phone. The issues they’ve carried from day one shows that they’re not ready for a smart phone standard. I personally think Motorola was dead as soon as their Razr lost its steam.

  • jordan

    wow this sucks. even though tmobile released the update date for the behold 2 most users haven’t gotten it? so they dropped the ball twice!!

  • stressed

    Makes sense to delay the update once again. Motorola has bigger plans at the current moment. With thedroid x being released june 15th why would they give a crappy over the android sidekick “cliq”. The only good product motorola ever made was the razr. After that we havebeenleft with a bunch of glitchy. Ugly phones that never meet standards. They market these phones like their great products, but motorola allways has a problem. This is is my third motorola, and I will never purchase one again. Tmobile will never get it right, I gotta stop playing games and get an iphone

  • Go to this link to join the Upgrade my Cliq now group on Facebook. Remember Betty White was booked for SNL just because FB had a group!

  • dubya504

    Check This Out!!!

    Beginning July 1st, customers that upgrade through T-Mobile Customer Care will be required to pay for their handset upgrades at the time of purchase by credit or debit card instead of billing the charges to their T-Mobile account. EIP customers will be required to pay the first installment only in addition to the Upgrade fee and shipping costs. As for non-EIP customers, T-Mobile will require you to pay the full payment. Customers who want to pay by check or cash will be required to visit their local T-Mobile store to complete their transaction. Government and Business accounts are exempt from this policy change.
    Why is T-Mobile going to enforce this new policy? According to Magenta, changing this policy will also create consistency by aligning all of Customer Care with the “pay up front” policy currently used by FlexPay and Retail. How does it effect Magenta? In the long run, these changes will increase revenue, which would go towards improvements with Customer Loyalty offers and network expansion.

  • Ed

    I installed the Eclair2Cliq Alpha5 last night and let me tell you, it is something else. Besides a few issues, I have never seen my Cliq like soo beautiful(no pun intended). The only reason I did this was because I was soo upset with Motorola, I took matters into my own hands. If one guy or a hand full of guys can creat ROMS for their phones and make them work, what does that say about a company.

  • Jennifer

    I don’t have time to read everyone’s post, but my frustration requires me to put this out there – Perhaps the “geniuses” at Motorola should just kill and dismember the proverbial elephant in the road (Motoblur). Seems the only benefit of Motoblur is to stand as a blockade to any and all future Android updates; at that it’s been an overwhelming success. I just wish I’d had the sense to anticipate this before I bought the Cliq! Owners of Motoblur equipped phones should be compensated for this kind of incompetence. You’d think before they create some special custom function firmware and go public with it they’d have plans on how to incorporate future updates. I wonder if the folks in charge of that were let go as part of some broad company layoff or something.

  • Lizandra

    Join the facebook campaign of disappointed Motorola Owners on facebook.

    Let us be heard by Moto!!!

    If you are any bit concerned about the way Motorola disregards its customers, please join. It only takes a ‘cliq’.

  • Josh

    This is irritating. Maybe I’ll just switch to AT&T and get an iPhone :/

    • Josh

      don’t do that!! at&t has awful coverage and reception, so I would stay with T-Mobile and then just be patient and get ur upgrade or update for ur cliq.
      I have a cliq as well and i’ve been getting a little tired of the UI and i want a new one. but it is what it is, and i can’t get a new phone until November of next year, so i’ll just have to wait patiently and hope for the best!

  • Daniel

    Wow, by the time this update is received there will be 25 new smart phones in the line up….I for 1 would love to have the 2.0 on my Cliq!! Please!!

  • Mooch

    The update isn’t going to be received. It’s not happening. Simple as that. I don’t get why everyone is so upset about it being delayed. If you were foolish enough to believe that we were going to get it in the first place, you are sorely mistaken. There is no upgrade to 2.1 or 2.2 or anything beyond 1.5 for Cliq/Cliq XT users. No, this is not me starting a rumor. It’s common sense. Droid users get the upgrade because they’re on Verizon. I know, before you start whining that I’m turning this into a Verizon vs. T-Mobile rant, I assure you I’m not. It’s simply Motorola not biting the hand that feeds it. They take less of a loss by not upgrading us because we represent a small number of consumers. Think of how many folks on a Cliq vs. a Droid. If they piss us off…meh, oh well. What are we going to do? Write a nasty letter? Oooh boy! May as well huff and puff and hold our breath until those meanies at Motorola give in. Give me a break.

    Think of it this way, if you had to kill 100 people in order to save 1,000,000 people, you probably wouldn’t think twice about it.

    The apology letter from Motorola pretty much writes itself.

    “We apologize but due to certain circumstances, we are unable to provide an upgrade to Android 2.1 to Cliq/Cliq XT users. Customer satisfaction is very important to us at Motorola and we hope to continue to bring you nothing but the best in the future. Thank you for being a valued customer of Motorola.” blah blah blah.

    • RogerC

      U R lookin at it all wrong. They dont loose anythin by udating the Cliq like the Droid… but they did want to give all the new phones like the Droid, X and Nexus time for buyers to grab the NEW device with the NEW OS! Their expecting alot of people to switch phones instead of wait on an update. The CLIQ update was ready when Droid rolled out their update but an OLD phone with NEW updates makes the device a little harder to part with for new hardware. Motorolla want to push out hardware to be bought before and update is pushed and the cell companys are all for it!

  • mad cliq oner

    man this phone is good because of its hardware ( it good enough for me ) but the software is horrible. i feel like getting an iphone and jailbreaking it at this stage of waiting.

  • Jordan

    I’m thinking about switching to the iphone 4. Cuz motorola isn’t up to snuff. Facetime here I come!

    • Xtian

      Lol, Facetime only works on WiFi only. Skype on Nokia N900 works on the TMobile data plan and Wifi.

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  • jayzn

    Damn.. this update is taking forever… iphone 4 anyone?

  • If I had done a little more research before buying this phone, I NEVER would have gone with T Moble, let alone a Cliq.

  • mike stivick

    What the “f” with this damn update?

  • Ed

    According to motorola’s website the 2.1 update is “testing in process”

    Hopefully it will come soon !

  • brad

    All I have to say is that with as long as this update os taking it better be flawless!

    • jeffery


  • jeffery

    dude im a 16 year old with this phone..wheres the damn update….they say testing in progress but what the hall it takes that long

  • WHERE IS THE UPDATE, I am searching to flash eclair2cliq but no instructions, but I am hating motorola!!! HURRY UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • That 1 chick

    My ancient G1 pooped out. I wasn’t receiving my calls, even though I had full bars so I called up and Tmobile had me do a few different tests. My ancient G1 still wasn’t ringing (but everythibg else was working fine) so Tmobile replaced my ancient G1 for free (meaning I didn’t have to pay my $130 deductible through the insurance I pay for) and since my ancient G1 is so ancient they don’t make them anymore (so they said) they gave me the option between a comparible device such as the MyTouch or the Cliq Titanium. Since I prefer the keyboard rather than the onscreen touch keyboard (which I’ll adapt to later in future phones) I went with the Cliq. I’ve been using it for a week now and I dig it. It’s an upgrade I didn’t have to pay for so I’m happy. And the fact that I’ve been reading about this possible Android 2.1 update that my ancient G1 wouldn’t have recieved I’m patient cuz again it’s an upgrade that I didn’t have to pay for. Not to mention my first initial problem with my ancient G1phone not ringing was, as I have discovered this week, because of a problem with service in my area. I have full bars and 3G, but still not able to receive calls. So if Tmobile could just fix that and if I recieve this Android 2.1 update on my new Cliq I’ll be a happy camper all in all til January when the iPhone 4 goes to Verizon (cuz I refuse to go with At&t). By then the dropped call thing will be resolved (along with any other bugs) and my contract with Tmobile will be up in December which leaves me ahead of the game. The moral of my story: A little patience goes a long way. Don’t jump to the gun. =D Oh, and I totally agree with RogerC.

  • Aaron

    I saw the Droid X today in person. It’s a very nice looking device, but I will never buy a Motorola phone again. I will wait until HTC releases something similar on T-Mobile later this year or next. Motorola has let us all down.

  • so i’m on the 5th moto cliq holding out for the sixth to arrive.. Sad and i need to say i’m quite disappointed with the replacements ive been recently getting, keyboards not lighting up, the display breaking , turning off unexpectedly, being extreamly warm when charging..etc.. ive just had the worst luck with this mobile phone.. they offered me the new dash and the new blackberry.. but i really like the overall flexibility of this phone so significantly that im attempting to look past it.. i just need to know if anyone else is having these problems with replacements.. or just in general.

    • Mike

      I am on my 3rd Cliq, waiting on the 4th. I have had the keyboard not light up, Phone constantly reseting, and the latest is the letters “D”, “O” and “T” don’t work on the keyboard. I have talked with T-Mobile numerous times and the only offer I get is another Cliq or they can give me another phone at a “Reasonably” fee. Forget the fact that I just paid for this Cliq 5 months ago and the best offer is the same crap or buy another, thats just great customer service LOL. In regards to the update to 2.1, well everyone is getting 2.2 and yet we sit around waiting on Mototrola to release us the old version. Let me say that again, “We are all waiting for the OLDER software release”. What the “F” is not right about that, considering Motorola is one we are waiting for and yes what are we to them, however the question is also what are we to T-Mobile. One would think that T-Mobile would be putting some heat on Motorola for the sake of not loosing customers to other carriers that aren’t having these issues, Just T-Mobile.

      • Mike, I know exactly what you mean, 5th replacement waiting on the 6th.
        Last one, powered off because of low battery, plugged it in to charge and left it while I went to train, came back 2 hours later. Sitting at the Motorola screen, wouldn’t go any farther.
        Went back to using my defective phone that the “T” and “D” keys dont work.
        First one; screen would randomly turn on and off after calls, like it was stuck using the proximity sensor when your on the call.
        Second; got it with the screen cut wrong, didn’t fill the full face.
        Third; wouldn’t send or receive MMS.
        Fourth and Fifth; are the two from the top.

    • John s

      This is my ninth cliq, I’ve had different problems though. Electrical pulses in the ear piece, buttons coming unglued and bluetooth issues. The ninth is the best one I’ve gotten and ofcourse my girlfriend and to scratch the crap out of only this one. Good luck with all the replacements. If you beat me on them let me know…

  • so i am on my fifth moto cliq waiting for the 6th to arrive.. Unhappy and i need to say i’m extremely unhappy with the replacements ive been recently getting, keyboards not lighting up, the display cracking , turning off unexpectedly, being extreamly hot when charging..etc.. ive just had the worst luck with this mobile phone.. they offered me the new dash and the new blackberry.. but i love the versatility of this phone so significantly that im trying to look past it.. i only want to know if anyone else is having these problems with replacements.. or just in general.

  • nka2415

    Just switched to iPhone 4. F*ck you Motorola, f*ck you T-Mobile.

  • doc onassis

    F***k motorola!!!! Just dropped $400 on a HTC HD2. I hated to spend the money but got tired of the waiting for the update and to think i bought 2 cliq’s at full retail price!!!! What a disappointment!!!

  • I fact i’m highly dissappointed with motorola, The hard of the phone is good but i guss the andriod Os runs the phone to bring down Motorola downfall…million of users hate motorola now just bcos andriod strew them. my Motorola overheat,Wifi problem and upgrading problem… but honestly the phone is good only if the wifi and the battery issue can be solve

  • G William

    TMobile should stop selling all Moto phones since Moto is not supporting them, but only with Verizon! I’m smelling a class action lawsuit, watch out TMobile!

  • Madison

    I have the Cliq, upgrade never came when it was suppose to so I got the iPhone 4. Sorry guys, you took to long. It was suppose to be by the September and nothing yet. iPhone is working great and Facetime is ridiculous!!

  • dboyle421

    W.T.F. ! My girl has the cliq and has no prob whatsoever. I liked the phone so I upgraded to it happy for a day or two then BAM!! If I plug any headphone at all into it, and I have tried six pairs lying around, it skips from speaker to headphone erraticaly, then slows the phones touch response so slow its just about frozen. Why is it I can plug into my ipod speaker station and have no problems at all using a patch cord but the exact same jack with headphone(including the crappy ones that came with it) sends my phone into manic psychosis??!! BuLLS#!T

  • Adele

    Still waiting……really had it with Tmobile!!!!

  • Garyalvinartz

    just go to
    update from motorola.
    as long as you follow the steps correctly (VERY EASY)
    You will update your phone to android 2.2 (blur version)
    I did it successfully today. Now I get the updated market and can use google NAV.

    • It states that it’s 2.1 on the site you listed. My office mate will be happy about any update, nonetheless. I’ll always be happier with my G2!

    • bre

      I just downloaded the new update and I have no complaints!! Thank you so much! It’s about damn time!!