LG Sentio Now Available For $69.99

Just as we anticipated earlier this month, T-Mobile’s first LG device, the LG Sentio, is available today, June 30. The Sentio offers a 3-inch touch screen with a virtual QWERTY keyboard, along with 3G connectivity and a 3 megapixel camera. The LG Sentio will run you $69.99 with a 2 year contract (after rebate) and $179.99 sans contract.



  • Ray

    guess this would be better than the nokia nuron

    • Deaconclgi

      Do you know anything about Symbian 5th Edition? It is a smart phone OS, why would this LG be better? What Smartphone OS is on this LG, app support and navigation?

  • TranquilNight


    just kidding

  • wack mode

    yea rite nokia nuron is better then this junk phone

    • Tmofor4thewin

      The Nuron is able to add apps from the Ovi store and comes with a free navigation system. I’d go with the Nokia if I was looking for a phone in this price range.

  • TmoHax

    Just fyi walmart is selling it for 18.88 on new or upgrade in store

  • edward

    I would make a “what!?!??!! no FFC???!” joke but thats old hat already too.

  • NiiDiddy

    Sweet…!!! Nah, I really don’t care. Hope it serves someone else good though. Where’s the Vibrant already!!

  • Tmofor4thewin

    I don’t much of the complaining transpires on this website. I love my Tmo service. I also don’t understand why the Moto Charm received so much hate and a phone like this, is skating home free without all of over dramatic post about leaving T-Mobile.

    • kathrin

      >> I also don’t understand

      That’s because most of people here, are nerds. Not normal human. (Including me :p)

  • bfhmd68

    I’m glad T-Mobile partnered with LG. Now maybe we can skip to the good stuff and get something like the LG Ally, or any LG Android device for that matter.

  • Andy G

    Screw the vibrant…This is the biggest release all year… YES!!!! LG Sentio finally!!! lol


    Pretty cool little phone for the customer in this price range….

    • Logan

      I’ll agree with that. Anyone that’s looking for a cool-looking phone yet basic, get this.

  • I had a nuron and it sucked

  • Wantaiphone

    I hear Verizon won the next iphone competition. Just another nail in TMO’s coffin!

    • brucewayne73

      Then leave already and good riddance

    • KB

      Let it go. Please, let the damn Iphone go.

  • Mohammad

    Nuron is much better than this just for the simple fact that I can get free offline turn by turn gps navigation and walk navigation for over 130 countries for life!

  • TMOsucks

    This phone sucks because:

    It’s not Android 3.0
    Doesn’t have a 160 megapixel FFC OR LED flash
    No keyboard
    No 4.5-5.0 super amoled screen with 3d technology
    The phone is not as thin as a piece of paper
    Because it’s an LG
    It doesn’t have a dual 2 ghz processor
    The phone looks like junk, the buttons suck, and the color is just aweful
    It has a crappy name!!

    Did I cover most of it for everyone???

    • Taylor

      you are a fucker you know that

  • rev2redlineguy

    Hahahaha! Oh well I’m sure someone will enjoy this phone. Looks like a good starter phone for a teenager wanting a touchscreen or just someone who’s just starting out with their first touchscreen phone.

  • Tony

    This thing works with Web2Go. If the browser and touchscreen work well, this may be very successful.

  • Gern33

    Great phone for a Teen or Tween… Kinda like the Highlight…

    • jdjax

      Got this phone a week ago and it’s great. It’s got the attributes that matter most to me – it’s inexpensive to purchase ($20) and has a cheap monthly data plan ($10), it’s small and light, solid construction, the call quality is good, the battery lasts 3 days w/o recharging, texting is easy and it can get to the web for the occasional peak at the news, emails or directons… I don’t need a $200 phone that can play Avatar in HD and cost me $360 a year in data plan charges … but everyone has different needs!

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  • Cmac3of3

    just because the nuron haz navigation means nothin.thats one thing. forget it dang!!