Hands-On With The T-Mobile Samsung Vibrant

UPDATE: More Hands-On Videos added below!

After the Samsung Galaxy S event today in NYC, attendees were given time to play around with the newly announced devices. Lucky for us, a few of the attendees managed to shoot some hands-on videos of the upcoming T-Mobile Samsung Vibrant. So far, first impressions seem to be pretty postive. Mark your calendars for July 21st and remember you can pre-order too! We’ve queued up some quick hands-on reviews of the Vibrant below. Leave your thoughts in the comments!







  • NiiDiddy

    Sa-weet!!! STILL getting this phone… :)

  • should i go from a nexus to this?

    • Its an upgrade from nexus but Don’t think it’s a BIG enough upgrade to switch….

      • Nick

        2 main differences are the screen (Larger, higher res, and much higher contrast ratio), and the graphics processor is MUCH better (Only really useful if you need 3d. The battery life is also theoretically quite a bit better.

      • I completely agree with you that’s why I’m not dropping my N1. Besides the N1 clearly separates itself when it comes to the develop community thanks to HTC and having the latest goodies from Google before anyone else is also the icing on the cake but in this case I guess the icing on the Froyo :-)

    • rolo

      HD cam with no flash though??? Y add FFC & HD video if u’re gonna skip the flash. Pants with no belt???

      • catsigh

        they could keep avatar and the sims. They should have held out for a flash and hspa+ if that’s going to be the future.

      • God

        LED Flash is about as useful as a saddle on a donkey.

    • me

      Can people like you stop asking dumb ass questions like that? Your question isn’t even a question, it’s a declaration of “hey, look at me- I got a Nexus One”.
      It’s MF’s like you that’s the problem with this country… Stop your dam childish unrelated, spoiled, nerd-ass, unapplicable ramblings and put your GD phone down and get back to work before they fire you! (YOU MF!)

      • juniper

        your an idiot? Yep.

    • vinny

      I’m staying with my Nexus which is a better phone IMO. The dual processor coming up down the road is the device I will be waiting for. That phone will have complete HSPA+ features. That will be one ass kicker. Samsung is a great phone and if I didn’t have a Nexus I would be first in line. I still might get me one of them der phones. I’m just a damn geek. Just which it had flash, Oh well.

  • Peter

    You dont need a flash as the camera has a “night mode” feature that can capture pretty awesome dark settings with good detail.

    • TrollBUTtrue

      I saw the pictures and they weren’t that great. You’re crazy. Plus, wait until an actual reviewer takes the pictures and not some random ass dude on the internet.

      The true test will be comparing the exact pictures with the Verizon and Tmo phone at night to see if the flash actually does have that big of a difference.

      • 3g rules

        I saw the pictures as well and the night mode picture looked like a photo taken with a flash to me. At&t left the flash off too.

  • Tmo would leave out led flash and ffc and give it to vzw and sprint, respectively.

    I think flash is important no matter what ppl say about picture distortion. There is a significant difference when taking pics in certain lighting. Ffc should be a given now that iphone4 has it, this was tmos chance to live up to it’s words and prove it can handle iphone-like traffic on it’s network

    However this is still a great device….just not MY dual core :-)

    • NiiDiddy

      Verizon has the flash; Sprint has the keyboard and the FFC. I just compared all the specs.

      Flash is important to some. For me it isn’t only because I hardly ever use the camera on my phone. I use my smartphone for probably everything else but a lot of picture taking. At the same time, it’s okay for people to feel the way they feel about led flash they’d make use of it, so it’s understandable.

    • NiiDiddy

      …i realized you said the same about the specs lol ;)

  • JL

    This is why T-Mobile will continue to be a 4th rate company. Sprint and Verizon keeps the Flash and FFC. Damn T-Mobile

    • J-Hop2o6

      there was never a LED flash on the original Euro version.. Sprint and Verizon ADDED those.

    • TmoBully

      Maybe this is why Tmo price plans are better. I can live without the flash and front fail camera.

    • God

      LED Flash sucks anyways. Seriously. The only thing it’s useful for is as a flashlight.

      • z6

        Which is primarily what I use the LED Flash for, and why I want it on my phone. It’s actually something I use quite often. Why any modern smartphone would come without this is quite baffling.

  • tpavey

    There were mentions of the flash making the phone thicker…and thus it was left out. Seeing the Verizon version shows that that was a lie. Also, the Verizon version has no “chin.” It seems like the CDMA carriers got the better models.

    • tpavey

      The last video with the Sims is actually pretty nifty. Does not look like it lags at all when he actually rotates the house. Sims seems like a much more entertaining game to play when I’m bored than through the same free games I normally play through.

    • Chris

      Its just stupid to leave out the flash. Even if not for picture taking its a great tool to have when ur trying to find things in the dark.

      And for revenue purposes you have to have something that competes and looks “cool” if you want convince customers to come to ur carrier rather than buy an iphone; so when a customer sees that it doesnt have flash OR FFC they will automatically assume the phone is not better, and therefore NO activation.

      • FLASHY

        Chris, if you REALLY need to find things in the dark…download one of the many FREE flashlight apps in the Android Market. LAME excuses!

    • TranquilNight

      The Verizon one does look thicker.

  • MyDixieWrecked

    I’ll be picking this one up for sure, and I just picked up a Nexus One on Friday. Can’t wait!

  • 2FR35H

    Although I hate how this was chopped down I will still be getting it if I have money to.

    • TranquilNight

      It is the thinnest, and we get the most built in disk space! Plus, we get the phone sooner.

  • drhonk

    Hmm..what is that thing on the top left of the front part of the phone. Is that a camera or just some kind of sensor?

    • tpavey

      Light/proximity sensor.

      • drhonk

        @tpavey oh ok

  • StepupTmobile

    T-mobile is trying to grow, but they are not setting the standard. First to launch an Android device(G1). but nothing compare to the rest of the other carrier. I guess they are test dummy. HD2 should have been running Android, not Windows.Fail… Samsung Vibrant ….no flash..no ffc(nice to have) need to move forward not backward. They need to listen to their customers. For once, have Exclusivity, Quality, and Standard

  • TranquilNight

    Some things to consider: T-Mobile Vibrant is the thinnest. The space above and below the screen is same, so holding and doing landscape feels better. All of them have a GYROSCOPE! These phones have the BEST GPUs, and will for a while. It seems that T-Mobile is getting the phone much earlier than other carriers! There is a chance it costs 330 bucks unsubsidized!!! thinner phone!

    T-Mobile gets 16bg built in storage while the others get 2!!! That means with a 32gb memory card we could have a max of 48gb, more than anything else!

    T-Mobile plans are cheap. Costumer service is great.

    So, as you can see, there isn’t much to complain about.

    • darkknight49

      Don’t worry, someone will find something to complain about.

      I still plan on getting the phone. Has everything I need and want.

    • phonegeek

      if its 330 unsubsidized this is a go

      • Lamar

        i totally agree with that.

      • JaylanPHNX

        Even up to $499 unsubsidized would be a great price for this phone. It it’s anything below that, it’s an awesome price. I don’t know where $330 come from, but we can all cross our fingers (but don’t hold your breath).

      • z6

        What are people smoking to think this will sell for $330 unsubsidized? As an example, the horrific Behold 2 still sells for $380 unsubsidized, what in the world would make you believe that it would sell for less than that.

    • Rilesman

      But is that 16GB ROM or just boring memory? Doesn’t that make a difference in performance even with apps offloading from the ROM? Please correct me because I am making to many assumptions.

      • J-Hop2o6

        16GB internal (2GB for apps–the remaining for storage for videos, pics, etc.)

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Sorry your comment is a big fail.

      Posts like yours that are well written and display common sense, logic and intelligence are NOT allowed in here.

      Please correct your post to include words like “no FFC = fail” “T-Mobile is a 4th rate carrier and always will be” “the SGS is a POS” and the best of all comments “I would not want the Vibrant if it was free.”

  • TranquilNight

    I seriously cannot wait. Since these phones are on all carriers, theres going to be a lot of people with them, and A LOT OF SUPPORT!!! Don’t worry, Samsung will not ignore the Galaxy S.

    Flash IS NOT IMPORTANT. Pictures showed night mode is AMAZING and that there is no need for flash. Positive of no flash is a thinner phone!

    • twitch110

      That’s exactly what i’m saying. This is exactly what android needs. An iphone esq’ phone that will get A LOT of supporters. This is going to be awesome for everyone i feel.

  • fresh mane 101

    Hey guys if im on a flex pay 2 year contract will I be able to upgrade to this for 200?

    • tokinotabumblb

      Any account with a contract can get it for $199 if you are eligible for the upgrade.

  • JermaineJacksonhair

    Only way I would consider this phone if it was under 400 unsubsidized (not likely). Not worth an upgrade, extension or new contract IMO. Would love to come back to android (HD2 user).

  • firefox975

    coming from an unlocked iphone which can no longer take advantage of the latest and greatest ( HSPA +, latest software upgrade ) Should i consider the Vibrant or the N1 ? buying unsubsidized so $$ not an issue .

  • olypdd

    Not sure why I would upgrade from a Nexus One to a Vibrant when there is a rumor that TMO will get a dual core processor HTC device with real keyboard at years end. I’ll wait and use my upgrade for something worth upgrading to.

  • Lamar

    well after checking out all those videos. I am sold. I will have this next month, only thing that will hold me back is price. I cant upgrade to get this.

  • Ruufus

    * I use the flash on my HD2 as a flashlight regularly – flash does more than camera.
    * The internal 16GB in the Vibrant is very sweet but my HD2 came with 16GB on memory card.
    * I like that the Vibrant has TV out (like the EVO) – wah my HD2 doesn’t.
    * Someone please explain why FFC is cool – why do I need to see the person I am calling (harder to lie about calling out sick).
    * Live video streaming would be cool like EVO is cool too, though. Imagine streaming news of an accident or historic event as it happening.
    * I prefer my HTC sense look (with Cookie Home Tab tweaks)over HTC Sense over Android (like the EVO).
    * The Samsung Android look does do not give me a “cool. I get it.” feeling that HTC Sense gives in either format. – personal preference.
    *AOMLED is beautiful! Would like to see it in sunlight with my HD2.
    *Aethestics – Vibrant’s shiny metal trim , shiny plastic body and chin are downers.
    *Prefer the dark, brushed metallic with rubberized ends of my HD2. I like its heft. It solid. It feels like a tool not a toy.
    *I like my HD2’s face being 90% screen with small speaker area at top and small key area at bottom. Vibrant (and the iPhone 4) need more screen area.
    * After learning to Swype in a day on my HD2, texting was so “tappa tappa tappa” slow on my previous screen keyboard; and my man paws and tiney tiny glossy bumps called keys. Fugitaboutit! Real Keyboards are for holdover people thinking they can’t espace the laptop mind.

    • darkknight49

      just get a flashlight for yourself instead of using your phone. http://www.fenixlight.com/newping.asp <– lots of good bright, flashlights that are small and easy to carry. I have a P2D and, unlike the phone, it's water resistant and shock resistant.

      • Ruufus

        “Just get a flashlight”… well now I am carrying around two things in my pocket. My point being is that I like the idea of a “do-all”. Not lugging around a camera, phone, flashlight, laptop, iPod, video camera. Heck, pack a coffee maker in the next generation phone. :)

    • SwizzleStix

      Ruufus, as a fellow HD2 owner and former G1 owner, let me say you are not alone. You pretty much summed up everything I could say about this.

      Would I like to have a version of hte HD2 w/ Android? Sure. Am I such an idiot that I can’t handle WinMo? No. Do I love my HD2? YES.

      I think I’ll hold out and see if the rumors of a new HTC dual core comes true, and see what MS brings w/ WinPho7.

      • Ruufus

        Thanks also about the WinMo comment. We tend to be techies here outsmarting and dealing with WinMo quirks is fun/frustrating. At least I don’t have jailbreak an overrated iPhone. The XDA Developer website is gold for creativity. Seems at least Android has similar mindset.

    • Spac3Invad3r

      Ruufus said: “well now I am carrying around two things in my pocket. My point being is that I like the idea of a “do-all”. Not lugging around a camera, phone, flashlight, laptop, iPod, video camera. Heck, pack a coffee maker in the next generation phone.”

      Come on! We have become such a lazy society! What’s wrong with carrying more than one item with you? I have a carry bag and I lug my phone, camera, flashlight, gum, sunglasses, ipod, earphones, bluetooth headset, wallet, etc.

      I really can’t expect my super smart phone to be everything, let’s be realistic people.

  • stressed

    This could have been tmobiles superdroid. Cuddashuddawudda. This phone is beautiful, fast, and has great battery life. Why the hell would you not have a ffc and flash. They need to start doing product testing with the people who are buying smartphones, instead of some fifty year old dude signing off on old technology. The market is heading towards large screens with tons of gadgets like a ffc being one. Damn it tmobile, you keep raping us

    • taaars

      Ok..you would have preferred the verizon or sprint versions that have flash?..lets see…verzions has 2gb of ram…oh..sprint has the FFC and Flash..but 500mb of ram.. You can switch carries whenever you like

  • Doc

    This is a cool phone. It’s good to see T-Mo getting something in the upper tier. I’m still not sure I’m getting this one though. Project Emerald has yet to be truly revealed. I hope it is the rumored end-of-year dual core phone by HTC. So I may wait to see.

    There doesn’t seem to be a lot to complain about with this phone. Who really needs a FFC? What are all of you people complaining about that going to use it for? Video conferencing is well in the future so those bitching about that just have Iphoney envy and want anything it has. Get a grip and realize that it’s only real use is so you can’t take pics of yourself. And if you take that many pics of yourself, you’re a D-bag. It’s not needed.

    Personally, I don’t need flash. And the night mode on the cam seems to be good enough for anything I would do. For those talking about using the flash as a flashlight, REALLY!!! That’s what you’re griping about? PSST…HEY….. There’s an app for that dumbass.

    The only thing I see that I may not like is the touchwiz UI. It seems to be o.k. from all of the vidoes I’ve seen but I prefer Sense. Hopefully it will be rooted shortly after launch and have some Sense knocked into it. Then I may go ahead and get it unsubbed and wait to get the dual core HTC with my upgrade.

    I’ve bashed magenta for most of it’s moves involving android lately but this, though not a T-Mo exclusive, is a solid addition.

  • soon2TMO

    $330? unsubsidized? i think i’ll get two, one for my left hand and one for my right hand.. LOL just kidding..

    i can’t tell if the verizon version is actually thicker or just the same thickness as the vibrant.
    i think the captivate looks the best imo..

    • soon2TMO

      been looking at the hands-ons and pics of both the vibrant and verizon’s fascinate, the fascinate does look THICKER! they moved the speaker down at the bottom too to give way to the flash.. ya i think it does look thicker, but still not totally sure.. LOL

  • taaars

    Just to let everyone know..all devices are identical hardware wise..save the FFC, Flash and Keyboard and ram (and cosmetic differences), oh, and the capacitve (att) doesn’t have swype..odd. The DLNA, WIFI, Screen, processors, all the same..each manufacture basically had a few changes done based on what they felt their customers wanted (and to keep prices down)..So each one has + and – ‘s, I honestly like the vibrant, for my everday use I would take the 16gb internal memory over the flash and fcc. So don’t bash on Tmobile, other carries have made cuts to their units in order to add other things.

    • soon2TMO

      how do you know it doesn’t have swype? where do you read that from ? just curious..

      • soon2TMO

        i agree with your post though..

      • pimpstrong

        Bet $ he was there.

      • soon2TMO

        it does have DLNA.. i read from phandroid that all Galaxy s american versions will have DLNA..

      • soon2TMO

        ohh ya i forgot it was about swype.. LOL
        for some reason i thought that was DLNA.. LOL prrofreading = fail..

        ya maybe he was there at the event to know that att wont get swype..

  • soon2TMO
  • Mike

    So…. do we have built in wireless tethering??? if not, the nexus is still a keep until project emerald. I could care less about the FFC/Flash.

  • Mike

    …and by the time 2.2 rolls out for this phone, I’m expecting gingerbread will be right around the corner… and not 100% sure tmo will allow wireless tethering on 2.2 updates. One of the obvious advantages of the nexus being sold unlocked, online…

  • spongebob

    Big plus for Tmo on this is that it’s gonna be the first to release their version. For those that want to pick apart the differences between the ATT, Sprint & Verizon versions, Phonescoop.com has a great detailed breakdown. I too was disappointed with the missing FFC but I’m still gonna get this. quite a step up from my clunky G1 that I have been waiting to replace forever.

  • mikeeeee


    or i’ll wait s’more.

    all the new hardware is really kewl but, my upgrades are going to be wisely spent on stuff we can use @ home.

    just mashup a KATALYST with any ANDROID please!

    • UMA? I wish!!! Stick with a Nokia E73 or Blackberry 8900/9700 on T-Mobile for that.

  • Getreal

    This is too little too late for TMo in my opinion. No FFC, no flash, no ability to hook a real keyboard to it (iPhone does). Just now getting Exchange support with 2.2. I feel like I went back in time and am buying an iPod touch with a phone built-in. The difference is, the iPod touch has more apps!

  • G Money

    Can someone give me a link to example pics using night mode?

  • JL

    I may get this phone but I wouldn’t want to use my upgrade on this because T-MO may come out with a better phone. But if I were to buy it outright, why should I not buy it unlocked and the international version. But I think its a real nice phone except for Android 2.1 event though they said they would update it. (behold II users disagree)

  • stephan brubaker

    So I looked at the comparisons reviews over at Phonescoop and I think T-mobiles has the best design. The front is great, it’s super thin and the back is even top notch of the three.

    Seems At&t intentionally made this thing dog ugly to detract buyers from it so not to hurt iPhone sales and yes I know this isn’t going to kill iPhone sales but to a company one sale missed is too many.

    Sprints is way to big and clunky looking and I personally hate slide out keyboards but I know others love them.

    And to be clear ONLY the EPIC 4G has the F.F.C.

    and only 2gb on board memory on the VZW version and less than 1gb on the Epic

  • Green Robot

    Phonescoop comparison mentions that Captivate and Vibrant versions will not, I repeat, will not have mobile hot-spot functionality. I was afraid that T-Mobile was going to remove that. Well, it’s still a great phone. I will be getting it, and I will have to rely on the xda wizards to “add” the missing wi-fi hot spot functionality back to Vibrant. Always an uphill battle with T-Mobile….

    • And that’s exactly the reason why I won’t dump my N1 for this Vibrant– talking to you while tethering via WiFi hot spot functionality thanks to Froyo :-)

  • mailman13877

    Damn it TMO the more I see this the more I hate TMO. Must admit that this would would’ve been on of the best android if it had ffc and flash.Whyyyy???.Stupid Sims n avatar is dumb although avatar was a great movie. You idiots added 3D capabilities and no Flash???? For the sake of argument I’m gonna give u one last chance as of now but on the 28th if something better than the droid x n droid 2 is rumored I’m out no matter what. That being said why partner with untrustable Sammy???

    @All those Memory fans
    Stfu about internal memory vs the other galaxies when u can buy it for less than $50. Also what idiot is gonna really need or use 32GB??I have a rooted G1 with 114 apps and still mote than half the space left on my 8GB and my phones my mp3 also with lots of songs so in reality it would take more than 2yrs to use that kinda space and everyone gets a new phone on average every 2years. Plus the memory wont make the apps run any better. Stop saying you’d rather that than ffc n flash even if u don’t need it. Like everyone needs daytime running lights at one point on their cars back in the days but who ever used it when it wasn’t mandatory ?

    • Green Robot

      How much memory you’ll use really depends on how you use your device. I have a 16GB card in my G1 and that thing is full most of the time. You throw some music on there, couple of seasons of a show, and a movie or two, and there goes 16GB in not time. I myself are definitely going to be using all that space. I’ll probably use the SD card for music and internal storage for video – I am really looking to all that space…
      It really depends on your usage patterns as I said.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        That’s right Green… I have a 16GB chip and it gets filled in no time.

        On mine I too have a few movies (that I encode to medium quality so they are each about 1.2GB).

        I also keep on my chip all files related to the device such as apps, how-to, ROMs, and even videos that demo features, etc. (that takes up about 5GB, on my HD2, for example, where I have about five custom ROMS that I can load when the mood hits me, for a change.)

        And I keep a lot of office files on current projects. It’s a form of backup and also once in awhile I access the chip to retrieve a file I need.

        Yep, 16GB is not big at all, I can use 32GB and will fill that up in no time too.

  • I understand that people are peolpe and are always going to have something to complain about. I have been a T-Mobile customer for the better part of 5 years now and have lived through it all. That being said I think that if people are bashing a phone with the specs that the Vibrant has simply because of the lack of FFC or a Flash then whatever. The T-Mobile version of the Galaxy S with the additional memory, far more important than a flash, is considerably better than it’s competitors. And they get it earlier. These people and their gripes equate to someone driving a Ferrari and complaining about the gas mileage. Would they rather have the new iPhone and get told not to hold their phone a certain way and not have the availibility of a unlimited data plan? Keep up the good work T-Mobile, keep improving your phone selection and being the best value in the cell phone market! Thank you!

  • mailman13877

    Should i leave,Nexus One or Vibrant?

  • Wilco

    Very nice phone. Love the app partition (2GB). Is the OS stored in this same partition?

    In any case, the iPhone has only had 512M of app partition capacity, so we can get quite a lot more. Love the 16GB of onboard, with another 32GB available via SD.

    If I can get unsubsidized at $330, I’ll get, and see if I can run a proper upgrade in December with Project Emerald (if I so choose).

    I like this version of T-MO much better than the Behold 2, Cliq, and Slide. Need more high-end options, though.

    • bill

      Where do you come up with this info? The iPhone always has had the full memory allotment available for app installs. Even the first gen 4GB version has more memory available for apps than most Android phones.

  • daniel

    I think everyone is missing the point about the cameral flash and the FFC. Its not about whether its good or not. Its about tmobile stripping away the option of having FFC or LED flash. Even if we don’t intend on using either of them. Isn’t it great to have the option of having them? Anywho does anyone know if I could buy the international version of this phone and use it on T-mobile USA?

    • Sam121

      1. Stripping away, last time i check the Galaxy S itself doesn’t have Flash so why the bitching and if you scroll up you will see the pictures somebody submitted that showed how the phone take pics in night mode compared to regular

      2. The whole FFc, i was pissed of at that at first, but there only 2 phone in the Us market that actually have it as of now, so really stop bitching , Iphone can only using facetime with it, Sprint have Qik, so why the hell are people bitching over nonesense, you guys survuved this long without it, wait a little longer, t-mo havent even had a HSPA+ phone yet

      • daniel

        hey, I wasn’t bitching. I just like options, get a grip. And yes I know SGS never had flash to begin with, by “stripping away” I was referring to the FFC. Like I said, even it’s very flawed (as you think) or if we never, EVER intend on using it, it’s nice to have the option of having it.

    • JaylanPHNX

      FFC would just be a frustration without fully implemented HSPA+. Besides, if the rumored unsubsidized price of $330 turns out to be true (not holding my breath on that one) then they can take their FFC and flash and shove it! I’ll take a flasheless, but awesome phone for a great price over gimmicks any day.

  • timdawg919

    Now that my nexus one has the full froyo update I’ll wait to get either the pro version of the vibrant (if they make it for tmobile) or the rumored dual core 4.3 super phone

  • mailman13877

    The 2GB isn’t a partition dude. Its the sdcard it comes with that’s why it says avatar is preloaded on the 2GB sdcard.the apps will be used by the 16GB until Froyo then you get the option to use the sdcard. Stop comparing to the Iphone. Compare androids now jeez. Also the Iphone isn’t partitioned it the 32GB to store apps.

    • Green Robot

      Actually, you are wrong mailman13877. Vibrant has 16GB of memory built in and it is divided into two partitions. One partition is 2Gb and is dedicated as application space and OS space. The rest of the 16GB is for user files. In addition there is an microSD card slot and Vibrant comes with a 2GB card in the box but the slot will accept cards up to 32GB. Just because the included microSD card is the same size as the application partition, does not mean that they are the same so don’t confuse the two.

      • Sam121

        so that mean you can have upto 50 Gigs of memory on the phone right?

  • Antwain

    @wilco I think you can get at $330. Look at the tmobile homepage click on shop then android phones. Click on samsung vibrant then carefully look at the the grade out wording below the features list. It talks about a down payment of $82.50 then three additional payments of the same amount.

    • mega

      Yeah, i think that is the subsidized price. Look at all the other phones, it has the same footnote for the subsidized price.

  • mailman13877

    Looks as if I’m leaving tmo or getting the nexus one seeing that I haven’t seen a single nexus one owner say their getting this phone. Their all saying they’ll wait.

    • MyDixieWrecked

      Um…. I’m a Nexus One owner, and I’m getting this without thinking twice!

  • pimpstrong

    I’m posting this twice cuz I think its important.

    Vibrant is $199 after $130 mail in rebate


    Garminfone is $450 minus $200 instant minus $50 mail in rebate which takes it down to $200

    4 payments of $62.50 = $250… minus $50 mail in rebate gives you a $199.99 phone… Expect to pay no less than $499.99 for the Galaxy S US phones.

    • pimpstrong

      To clarify, the 4 payments of $62.50 is still part of the Garminfone example.

  • mailman13877

    Where u see those pricing plans cuzz I don’t see that on TMO page anywhere?

    • pimpstrong

      and the price, discount, and rebate info is right there in the purchase area

  • pimpstrong

    pull up any phone and the fine print is at the bottom

  • Macknifetx

    I have read the discussions on the merits and the negatives on this phone. Personally, I would not use the FFC and and as for the flash, well, that is why I have a Nikon DSLR. Most pictures I take with my MT3G are in lit conditions anyway. As I see it, the 1ghz processor and the GPU make this phone a definite plus. If the 330.00 no contract price holds true, I will be getting one of the these.

    For you people who keep saying you are leaving TMO for Verizon, ATT or Sprint, I have two words for you: Then leave. I have been on ATT and Sprint in the past and had problems with dropped calls, horrible customer service and billing errors. Yes, Tmobile may not have the coverage of those two, but I have never dropped a call, have always had good experience with CS and the one time I had a billing error, it was corrected. I have never been on Verizon, but to me, their prices are too high and I am not a fan of CDMA technology.

    As for the issue of Samsung not following through on the Android 2.2 update for these devices, it would be hard to imagine that. They have the same basic device on the 4 major networks and will sell a lot more of these devices than Tmobile did on the Behold II. I looked at the Behold II when it came out and realized that based on the specs it was a low end phone. I am not surprised that it is not getting the update, but the number of Galaxy S’s that will be sold on the network, means that Samsung will support it. One thing Samsung does understand is PR. If they abandon this phone with a high installation base, they will lose market share in the future.

    So there you have it…..just my two cents.

    • pimpstrong

      right on

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Spot on.

    • JermaineJacksonhair

      Would’ve been more ill if you said “I have one word for you: Leave.” The “then leave” is anticlimatic.

      But what you said is why I continue to “suffer” with lackluster phones cause it doesn’t get any better than tmobile as far as overall experience.

      I used to want an iphone so bad…

  • Andy G

    Is there gonna be launch events at stores for those who dont want to buy from the shack?

  • mailman13877

    If the $330 price is true then I will use my 12% of purchases n get it without renewing my contract so then I call do what I please when the next hot phone zones out cuzz if its $199 plus upgrade fee n stuff the its like $100 more tops n without contract. This may be the most positive thing from this piece of sh*t edited version of the original galaxy. Can’t wait to see n unboxing video and review to see if it can prove me wrong performance wise. Smfh.

  • Marcus Armstrong

    do you think the T-Mobile Galaxy S’ TouchWiz 3.0 can be disabled like Sense can be disabled on the Evo since its jus a skin? Im really not feelin the TouchWiz3.0. Its effin ugly in my opionion

    • Macknifetx

      I am sure that someone will find a way to disable the interface. On the MT3G, I just use the home screens to pin the apps I use, thus I do not really care about the interface. On this phone I will have even more standard home screens than the original MT3G.

  • Marcus Armstrong

    me too. its already bad that we got a booboo processor in our MT3G’s. Its suuuuper slow if u put more than a page full of apps even w/ a rooted and Overclocked MT3G. My bro talked me into gettin this but hopefully someone will root it to put sense or overclock it to 1.2GHz since the Hummingbird processor is better than the Snapdraggon and put plain Android 2.1/2.2 on it like it should have came w/ anyway

  • mailman13877

    Wait that $330 is how customers pay when they can’t afford it and its charged on the bill so in that case it is contract isn’t it?

    someone the only way is to root your phone which will be possible on the vibrant soon enough. If I got Tue vibrant I would be rooting it to get back my pdf viewer anyways an to get rid of that God awful Iphone copycat of a UI.

    • Marcus Armstrong


      Amen to that bruh!! TEAMANDROID FTW! i hate iPhone and the last thing i want is to have a UI i have to deal w/ everyday thats a copycat of iPhone. I guess they tried to make Android visually more appealing. I guess thats what google was tryna do w/ Android3 (Gingerbread) Nice try by samsung tho LOL. By the time i get this phone, we should have root access by then bcuz im lookin at gettin it by August sumthin.

  • Behold2User

    Why are cellphones getting bigger when I thought they were suppose to be small and convenient??? There’s EVO that is a huge. This, although not as big as EVO, is still big. I like the SGS (vibrant) but sometimes, size can a be a factor when it comes to using the phone. I don’t quite get phone manufacturers these days…

    • nell_z

      I dont get it. Theres the MT3G, MT3G Slide, Cliq, Cliq XT, G1, Garminfone, Touch Pro 2, Motorola Basil, Blackberries, soon the MotoRoi, SGS Vibrant and HD2, a phone to fit all needs and desires, yet you complain about the size. If you dont like the size of this phone, all of the above below the SGS Vibrant is much smaller. Get one of those.

    • Macknifetx

      While phones will never take the place of a laptop, it is hard to read anything on the web on the smaller screes. That is why they are getting bigger. We are relying on our phones more and more as we go about our days. With my MT3G it is hard to see everything on the screen when I remote into my desktop or laptop. I applaud the bigger screen and faster processor. Once we get HSPA in the Phoenix area I will be using the web portion of my phone more than I do now.

    • J

      I found the 4 inch screen to be perfect. I’ve used the 4.3 inch screen on the HD2, and it was too big. With this 4 inch screen, I felt comfortable keeping the phone in my pocket. I’m anti-holster because they screem DB.

    • pimpstrong

      Behold2User FAILed

    • DannyAg

      Look at it from a different perspective. Cellphones are not getting bigger, TVs and Laptops are getting smaller into a cellphone sized device that can also make phone calls.

  • mailman13877

    Yup true that’s why Samsung can’t yet be trusted cuzz they should know not to rip the Iphone UI fir android devices. My contract ends the 28th n trust me when I say I’m making moves at midnight like its a free agency signing. I’m trying to have a plane a,b,c in place right now lol.

    • Dashi

      YAY Your Gone The 28th??? SWEET!

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      “Plane a, b, c?”

      What, you planning on flying somewhere? Do tell, please. Is ICE on your tail?

  • Macknifetx

    I was just looking at some more reviews of the Vibrant, and even though it does not have a flash (as so many people are complaining about), it does have night mode and should have a F2.8 aperture. This means that you can still get a decent picture in low light. Besides, even if it had the LED flash, people fail to realize that the flash is practically worthless past 10 feet. That is why on a DSLR, you have additional flash unit you can buy to get a decent picture past the 10 feet with the built in flash.

    • SEFan

      I hope you’re right, but I wouldn’t dismiss the effect of even a small flash. A lot of phone pics are shot at 10′ or less..

  • Alex

    Great phone, love the screen but keep in mind, by the time you recieve the froyo update, Nexus one owners will be getting Gingerbread…Oh, atleast the Vibrant has been rooted…So Samsung is being a lil’ more open this time…

  • Barry

    Exactly why I wont hesitate to buy this phone gotta love root. Also fascinate doesn’t have ffc either…its not that serious

  • mailman13877

    @ Alex
    Where did you see that the vibrant has already been rooted. If that’s true then it doesnt need to wait for Froyo also.

  • mailman13877

    Forget the FFC. TMO has been a success so far in one thing n now I can wait em out. The phone is only $330 without contract n if that’s true then I’m gonna get it n have the best of both worlds as I’m out of contract in 29 days.I hate being in contracts.

    • Whoa… 330 without a contract? Link!

    • sorry dude

      Phone is going to be 450 without a contract I saw the 4 payments of 82.50 too and was happy but they updated the site :(

  • Barry

    I think he means the unlocked version sgs

  • Barry

    wow I guess people can change…lmao yea can’t beat that price

  • mailman13877

    Lol Barry
    I didn’t chNge for the most part I will bash TMO especially if they screw up that dual core vision but I just hate contracts so much I’d take the no ffc n flash trade of for no contract with up to date software n night vision plus rooted with my nexus one UI n overclocked qwerks lol. TMO I applaud you for now so don’t screw it up n change that $330 to a higher price. Plus I have my student advantage discount of 12% off purchases YAYYYY…(in Usher voice) oh my goshhhhh

  • ov1

    I am nothing like a Tmo hater but come Oct I will be leaving them after 10 years for sprints version of the galaxy pro. It has everthing I want keyboard 2 cameras flash android strong processor and a 4 inch screen. I hate to leave but I gotta get what want not what they have to offer. The slide is tempting, but its not my total package

    • Ktwist


      Sprints version DOES NOT have a faster Processor than T-mobiles. They are exactly the same and the Sprint version will have less internal memory, like 2gb while Tmobile will have 16gb of internal storage. The tmobile version has night mode so you dont need a flash so the real only reason to go to Sprint is for the front facing camera and keyboard. To each his own I guess but Sprint version is ugly and bulky, I would take the slimmest version any day and swype make all the difference.


  • mailman13877

    I will still wait till my contract is over before I get it or till the official phonedog unboxing is in plus the official review from engadget is in. No contract is perfect bit not gonna waste my money n get it to early n then Sammy kicks in n there’s all types of issues or the phone just sucks..

  • Why do people only come to a t-mobile fan site to complain? T-mo plus Nexus one still for the win!!!

    • mailman13877

      That’s easy..you complain on a TMO site in hopes TMO will hear the customers voice for future positives. You don’t call BMW n complain bout Benz do you or they’d never hear the voice. Believe me TMO hears our voices thru these blog sites as it even here’s its own employees voicing their complaints on here.

  • mailman13877

    I don’t know why people like keyboard n bulk over Swype n super slim. Swype is fast enuff to take the slim advantage. And the phones are all starting to come with multi touch keyboards. I really hope the vision doesn’t have keyboard as rumored or I’m gonna have a bash party lol

    • Dissapointed

      You would be surprised, MY IDEAL PHONE: would be made of metal, with a 4.3 inch screen, a slide out keyboard, 12mp camera, and android…

      i dont care about FFCs or lightweight, i want a SOLID phone, with a super nice screen, a nice camera, and about 16GBs of memory….im all set with that.

      everyone has their tastes, some like keyboards, others like swype…i use both, but i stress BOTH, sometimes the keyboard is better.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Just In: Don’t want the SGS? Love the iPhone?

    Said on the news that Verizon will be getting the iPhone in January 2011, ending AT&T’s exclusive. Verizon estimated that it will sell 3 million iPhones in the first quarter.

    So those of you wanting the iPhone at T-Mobile may want to wait since I suspect T-Mobile too will be getting the iPhone.

    It’s a POS compared to other phones, but if that’s what you like, go for it. (And now you have the option of switching to Verizon.)

    • MxPxFan

      are you calling the iphone a POS or the SGS? Either way your post looks like trolling.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Somebody please tell me this thing has an expandable memory card slot somewhere…

    • TranquilNight

      Yes. It comes with a 2gb card.

  • raymond

    woot woot for t mobile >.>

  • Phamine

    Ok. All of you on T-mobile must have signed with T-mobile since their service plans w/ data are cheaper than AT&T, Verizon and Sprint. Why are you complaining about the phones on T-Mobile. Would you rather see T-mobile increase their rates to get a better phone?

    If that’s the case, just switch and stop whining.

    It’s like your driving an economy car wishing it had features of a luxury car.

    • rushmore

      Yes, if that results in better 3G and call coverage :) I left Tmo to Verizon because of weak 3G coverage and no call signal in a lot fo areas.

      You get what you pay for :)

      • Cesar Trevino

        It depends where you live.

        I live in Houston so I have 3G absolutely everywhere I go.

        I’m getting 5Mbps too, so that’s NOTHING to complain about. Pretty good for being the cheapest carrier :)

  • straightballer

    This device looks awesome, when can we pre order directly through tmobile_usa?

  • Barry

    A little discouraging, especially for mailman

    T-Mobile’s Samsung Vibrant Actually $449.99 When Buying With Even More Plus http://phandroid.com/2010/06/30/t-mobiles-samsung-vibrant-actually-449-99-when-buying-with-even-more-plus/

    • mailman13877

      That’s with a plan so I guess that means without a contract its still $330. If not then no where in hell am I gonna easily stay with TMO. They better gimme something good proving it’ll remain $330. Imma call em tonight seeing pre oder starts tomorrow the pricing should be available to the reps.

      • soon2TMO

        what do you mean “that’s with a plan”?? the retail price of the vibrant is 449.00$, and 199$ for 2 year contract..

        the 330 retail price was a mistake.. ya it would’ve been sweet if the phone will be retailed at 330$, but then again , this is a high-end phone after all. so 449$ it is..

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Mailman… “with a plan?” No, the site corrected it to mean that the Even More Plus price is $449.

        Perhaps you are confused that “EMP” is a plan. It’s not. We who are Even More Plus are not really on a plan, we are on a month to month relationship that T-Mobile calls “no contract.”

        I guess technically EMP is a “plan,” but it’s a month to month one.

        Perhaps a better description of these plans and phones is to categorize them as “on contract” and “no contract.”

        In that case, T-Mobile has clarified that the $449 price is the “without contract” price.

        Sidenote: The SGS $450 price is in line what what we discussed before, that in this tanked economy the “default” retail price of phones probably won’t exceed $500, with $450 being the typical average for a superphone.

        I suspect T-Mobile learned its lesson when it launched the Touch Pro2 last August. It had a debut price of $550 retail/$350 on a two year contract, while competitors sold theirs for $450/$200 on a two year.

        Touch Pro2 sales suffered and after that T-Mobile lost subscribers for the next two quarters. End result: in March T-Mobile launched the HD2 for $200. Lesson learned.

        It will be interesting to see how T-Mobile prices its superphones coming out in Sept.-Nov.

        Since I have to pay retail via T-Mobile or eBay, I remain hopeful that T-Mobile sticks to pricing any and all superphones under $500, and preferably $450.

    • darkknight49

      D’oh! oh well, that was about what I expect anyway. Probably Save my upgrade for the gingerbread phones next year tho.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Yes, the $330 price was fun while it lasted. I didn’t believe it simply because all the other phones, including the Slide I just bought, were priced way above that, so it did not make sense.

        I was kind of half hoping Samsung was going to do some kind of radical promotion. Oh well.

    • JaylanPHNX

      $449 still kicks ass for a phone of this caliber. The EVO is $50 more, the N1 is $100 more, and the iPhone4 is way more than that. I can actually afford this phone at $449 (maybe for Christmas, sweetheart? Please?)!

  • Icemike

    WTF is up with the dumb negro comment from Mohammed khan?? That was unnecessary and I doubt he would say that to his face. Anyway, has anyone confirmed that the phone will be $330 off contract? Phandroid.com has a screen shot showing EM+ pricing at $329.99 but I can’t see it on tmo’s site

    • pimpstrong

      Good ?

  • rushmore

    Why no flash? Verizon’s has one, but only 2gb of built in memory. Seems all of the device versions are spread all over the place. None have everything and all are missing something.

  • Icemike

    Well Barry just answered my question…damn

  • ikeweezy

    I was excited about this phone when it first leaked…But now that Tmo has it and stripped away all of the goodies (front face camera, dnla, no flash)…whats the point??? It looks like a generic iPhone! I love Android and in my opinion HTC and Motorola makes superior devices for the platform…

    • pimpstrong

      The only thing taken away is the FFC…

  • Chris
    • Kickstar13

      The T-Mobile Vibrant will come with two battery cover options, the dark blue and lavender which will come packaged exclusively with the Samsung Vibrant.

      • Chris

        They looked the same in color to me.

        I just sent you guys a link about the Radio Shack pre-order site going live.

  • Barry

    Yea a little discouraging but I’ll still grab it until that vision comes

  • SEFan

    Potential, but I’ll wait for some actual reviews.

    I know a lot has been made – and dismissed – about the lack of LED flash and front-facing camera. I’m in the “should have done it” camp. Yes, LED flashes don’t generate THAT much light, and yes this phone (one of them anyway) seems to have a decent low-light mode. Still, a little extra light goes a long way. Recently saw sequential pics a friend shot w/ his iPhone 4. The flash makes a lot of difference. Different phone I know, but it does help at the ranges where most people are shooting phone pics.

    I can probably do OK w/o the flash, but I think the FFC has great potential, and will be missed more than we realize. If there isn’t already an Android Skype app with video Skype built in there soon will be. On my travels I’d actually use that a LOT as a way to keep in touch w/ family and friends. I do tend to keep my devices longer than many, so maybe I’m just looking ahead here.

    My one real wish is: please God, don’t let the Vibrant be all, you know, Samsungy when it gets here. Let them have learned something…

  • HaVoKTEK

    Ok look peeps this is the true deal………..

    No FFC? Who cares I’m not going to be using that feature anyways to show my ugly mug!

    Samsung = badmojo for me, and I’m not even speakin’ about the Behold2 screw that. Look at their other products. Their Hard-drives to their Sync Master monitors are pieces of junk to me! We get ’em cause they’re cheap and look expensive!!

    A keyboard-less smart Phone……Not happening for me…
    Smooth, not what I am, Rough, cause I’m a man!!
    I want a phone like I want my watches and women, Solid, Curvy,
    and a lot of tactile physical feedback when I touch ’em!!!
    Not a flat piece of plastic or a glass screen!
    I would dig this phone even though I dislike Samsung……

    My $2 dollars and 49 cents (combo) input!

    • pimpstrong

      A solid AND curvy woman?… thats one muscle bound heffa!

      • HaVoKTEK

        Oh yeah, you know it! Watermelon woman like!!

  • HaVoKTEK

    Damn look at those pictures!!!
    Did Samsung just make a knockoff of the Iphone Ver3.???????
    Oh that’s sad people……I mean now really????

  • JH

    Does anyone know how much the Vibrant costs if you’re not on a contract plan…just paying month to month?

    • pimpstrong

      phandroid.com confirmed a $449.99 price from T-mobile

  • xitaxuta


    dude so you wanna a solid, curvy with a tactical feedback when you touch and you like it rough??

    u sure you are a MAN?


    • HaVoKTEK

      Ha ,Ha, don’t get it twisted holmes, just because I’m a geek with a some taste. Don’t think I won’t call an Airstrike on dat A$$.

  • sdfas
    • J-Hop2o6


  • atljogger

    Will the Vibrant/T-Mobile support tethering? I read that the Verizon version will be able to do 3G Hotspot.
    Also, if the Vibrant is rooted, how easy is it to install Android 2.2? Does a self-install of the OS work without problems or can there potentially be hardware compatibility issues by not waiting for Samsung’s official 2.2 release?

  • Barry

    *off topic* How is Verizon getting the iPhone when there’s this?

    Droid X Ad Tears Into iPhone 4’s ‘Grip of Death’ Signal Issues http://phandroid.com/2010/06/30/droid-x-ad-tears-into-iphone-4s-grip-of-death-signal-issues/

  • Keith

    Samsung Vibrant: 2gb SD card, but 16gb onboard. No flash on the camera

  • Melvin

    Samsung Vibrant: 2gb SD card, but 16gb onboard. No flash on the camera

  • HEMI 922

    You feeling doubt if SG Vibrant has the front facing camera? My answer is, YES IT’S! ;)

    take a look at “VIDEO CALL” aka Video Chat

    Video Camera appear on it, right there!

    • Spac3Invad3r

      That’s not the vibrant

  • Macknifetx

    Well, since we are on a wish list for a phone: Give me a phone that will go to work for me, cook my breakfast, will totally replace my laptop without being too heavy, has a screen that will shrink when I carry it, but expand when it is sitting somewhere.

    I mean come one people. There are benefits to this phone but it will not be the perfect fit for everyone. If you are a fan of the Iphone 4, you could get one of those, just do not expect to be able to hold it and make a call. If this phone is not the one for you, that’s fine…get something else. Whether that is with Tmo or not is your choice. Last time I checked we live in a free enterprise system which allows us the freedom to choose. I already have Swype on my current phone and love it, so do not need the keyboard. As I have mentioned in a previous post, do not care about the FFC or the flash. I like this phone and what it has. Will I upgrade? Possibly . Just depends on the price it comes in at without an extension or with my partial upgrade credit.

  • kevo

    looks like a decent phone finally from Tmobile, but 1st G1 with no headphone jack and now no flash on this phone. why cant they just add everything in one phone like iphone or most of the new verizon phones. redic!! i like tmobile but they need to catch up with others asap

  • NoName

    Anyone having trouble playing the phonedog video?

    • Kickstar13

      It’s working perfectly fine for me. Even tried it on a different computer.

    • Mike

      I had trouble at first playing the vid…..switch the res. to 480p and it finally worked…try that.

  • vrsixx

    Although it’s been said before, I just want to say it again cause I have no one else to say it to…WTF T-mobile? I wouldn’t be so mad about the flop of this phone if every other carrier got a watered down version. It was released today that Verizon is getting the SGS or the Fascinate, and it’s got ffc, & flash. The whole reason I was excited for this phone was due to the fact that T-Mobile has been releasing nothing but sub-par trash. I can’t get the nexus one via upgrade and lets face it I’m not dropping $500 on it. That’s the only phone worth buying on your network for those who don’t want a BB or WM phone. I’m just really let down by this, I’ve been on my G1 for three 2+ years, a customer since VoiceStream and I feel like this is the last time I’m going to be let down by you all. So to wrap it up, thanks for providing us with the most basic flavor of the SGS, only real feature is the super amoled screen and 720p video, which I’d trade for a flash any day of the week. I will most likely be switching to a carrier that actually caters to their customers needs as it appears to be too much to release a phone to compete with the masses.

    • eYe

      G1 hasn’t been out for that long!!! It was released in October 2008!

  • Negtne

    You know what bothers me is the games in android. Palm and apple have kicked ass in this, why hasn’t android stepped up yet?

  • Joe

    Why is Tmobile so cheap some times? all other carriers will offer a 16GB SD card, but yes Tmobile can only offer a 2GB card. Don’t get it…..

    • soon2TMO

      ok so , which will you choose?

      a 16gb internal storage with a 2gb expandable memory storage..
      or a 2gb internal storage with a 16gb expandable memory storage..

      i’d rather have the 16gb internal storage at least i can get an 32gb sdcard card , therefore i can have 48gb storage in total..

      that’s a lot..

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Joe, that makes no sense. The T-Mobile version is BETTER. How so?

      The T-Mobile SGS will have 16GB on board and 32GB external. That means the T-Mobile version will have 48GB capacity.

      The competitor versions will have only 34GB capacity.

      So having 16GB on the motherboard is actually a feature that people should not be forgetting when talking about the Vibrant’s supposed negatives.

  • soon2TMO
  • soon2TMO

    the retail price of the vibrant is 449.00$, and 199$ for 2 year contract..

    the 330$ retail price was a mistake.. ya it would’ve been sweet if the phone will be retailed at 330$, but then again , this is a high-end phone after all. so 449$ it is..

    • Macknifetx

      The 330.00 would have been sweet, but yes, this is a high end phone. If you want a fast processor, like the hummingbird in the phones, it is going to cost.

  • Barry

    for the millionth time only sprint has a ffc Verizon added a flash that’s it.

    • darkknight49

      people can’t read apparently.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    You know, I don’t mind if people call me a moron, stupid or other insults, but where do you think it acceptable to post racist comments such as calling Trendaholic a “dumb Negro?”

    You need to contact David and have him take down your comment.

    • Kickstar13

      No worries. I’ll take care of it.

  • Ricknexus

    Why are there so many dummies on this site?!? This phone will rock. Those bitching about no fcc and no flash should just be banned from this site. They know nothing, absolutly nothing. This will be tmo’s best phone for a while, and you’d be stupid not to give it a whirl.

  • Cat

    TMO, Where the hell is FFC? I am deaf person. TMO if you removed FFC and do not add FFC in the super phone then I strike you out one. I demand TMO

  • Domi

    This phone looks amazing… But I wish it had a keyboard that would make it amazing… But skeptical about it, because of the Samsung Behold 2… They put out the phone then left it for dead… Are they gonna do that to this phone too? I would like it, but I rather not…

  • Kickstar13

    Can we please stop with the racist comments?

    • Ruufus

      mad dog’s bigoted comment at 5:21pm, “Dumb ass muslim.” needs to be removed.

      • mad dog

        Bigoted or not, I was just giving him a taste of his own medicine. My apologies to anyone else that was offended. My anger got the best of me.

        • Holiday

          i wasn’t offended

  • ali

    @Mohammad Khan, that was a stupid racist directed comment to Trendaholic.

  • ali

    I believe in free speech, but some comments need moderated /deleted

  • raymond

    i agree with ali

  • raymond

    i mean even if we disagree can’t we be civil :\ to many arguments get silly and turn into curse words, try debating and outwitting your opponent thats how you show intelligence -_-

    ahhhh what am i saying lamaskmasdol :D :X :O

  • Andrew Martel

    so it comes with 16gb built in plus 2gb sd card with avatar loaded onto it. anybody know how much of the 16gb will be used up by all hte preinstalled apps? i acutally like this phone alot. definitly gonna check it out on the 21st.

  • badaphooko01

    The more I see these videos on youtube about the international version of the Galaxy S the more I can’t wait for this phone to arrive. Don’t know if this video has been posted on here but this a face off between the GalaxyS vs the the iphone4 with in my opinion the Galaxy being the clear winner.
    There is a part 1 and 2, wath in HD to appreciate.

  • Jay

    Is it possible that Samsung or T-Mobile still add the FCC and Flash? Take a look at this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xl8LA0ij78g Notice at 2:08 the sign says, “Please note that devices on display are pre-production units.” Could this mean that there is still a chance of the Vibrant getting flash and/or? a front facing camera?

    • kevin

      you dont need these items just get fring and use the night mode option it has,,, that is exclusive to the vibrant b/c it set it different from the rest.

    • dank414

      You may have seen the site already but here’s link:


      at this point I think it’s completely doubtful that it’ll have camera flash/ffcamera

  • casey

    Does anyone know when T-Mobile stores will do pre orders. I need to get mine there so I can do payments. I think I read that 2gb of the 16 is for apps only

    • Peter

      Pre order start on July 1 2010, which is TODAY!

  • sdfas

    @Mohammad Khan pak u SOB

  • TheAnalyst

    Wow, it is just sad that videos of a mobile phone would cause racist comments on a blog.

  • Solidus433

    Phone looks pretty sick, but I couldnt wait any longer. I have been running 1.6 on my original MT3G since it was released. I have heard too many rumors as to when an update will be rolling around, but no promise or date. So, today, I ordered my 2.1 update in the form of the MyTouch 3G Slide, along with one for my wife(her first taste of android). I really wanted to hold out for this one, but the camera flash, along with the physical keyboard put the MT3GS over the top for me.

    • khaltz

      well you got 14 days to return the slide

  • casey

    Can we get back to the phones please. I posted a question earlier and can someone answer it please. I think this is going to be a great phone despite not having a FCC and a flash. But I done need those anyway. No one to video talk with ( everyone that I know has the evil iPhone 4 or blackberry ) the flash I don’t use at all. I’ve used the flash on my n1 once in three months so wont miss it.

  • eYe

    For all of you guys (and gals too!) wanting to pre-order, you might want to wait. Paul O’Brien from MoDaCo picked up SGS (unlocked) and noticed that it has some sort of hick-ups. The phone will freeze for a second or so once in a while and feels slow in general. He traced it to the fact that Sammy put /data/data onto internal SD and not an the faster NAND memory.


    • J-Hop2o6

      and if u read harder, he put up a fix for it (has to be rooted).. he moved the application data file from the SD card to the NAND.

  • Still Wing-in It

    Wow! Seems like I missed alot. Shame on you TMobile Wing for not loading this site today.

  • ejay206

    ………. So its like the nexus one with a larger screen but worse……………………….. T MOBILE FAIL!!! will i ever see a phone on t mo worth setting down my nexus for

    • Davidohio


  • mailman13877

    See man now TMO stops delays the cliq update and they released the price of the charm but not the vibrant???the vibrant is on sale today so why no pricing? I wanna no if this suck phone is gonna be be $330 without contract so I can get it.

    • Davidohio

      It will be $449 no contract and if it is a “suck” phone why do you want it?

  • Ned flanders

    If you havent seen or heard it yet… On the Samsung Galaxy, Verizon is using Microsoft BING for the search bar widget. That is a big fail on samsung and verizon part. The vibrant uses google for tmobile_usa.

  • Barry

    completely agree with Ned Flanders Tmo definitely has the superior model out of the other two sgs providers.

  • Ned flanders

    TMOBILE_USA version they say is the thinest, has 16 gig internal,1 or 2 gigs of rom for apps,I like tmobile_usa version the best and cant wait. This is a great device. We have been waiting for a high end device and here it is. The hummingbird proc kills the snapdragon proc and has the best screen on any android device, I dont mind the lack of flash on cam or a ffc. The touchwiz 3.0 looks good on this device, samsung has done a great job with it.

  • MikeTheProf

    Pretty sure I’ll pick this phone up with my upgrade. Should be a nice step up from my BB 8120. Think there would be a way for me to get a data plan less than $30/month, though? I have been with T-Mo since like 2004. I read some other sites about some preferred Android data plan. Any thoughts?

    • Johnny

      if you have an older plan (not ‘new’ even more plan) then your data is only $25 a month instead of $30. there is no “preferred” android data plan.

  • luis03

    All I want to know is if I can get rid of my stand alone mp3 player with this phone?

    • khari998

      yes you will be able to get rid of your mp3 player. if its an ipod, i dont recommend getting rid of it but if its anything else, you can trash it. the music player is as good as it gets for an android phone. it comes with 16GB of memory so you shouldnt really have to expand your memory at all. ive been using my phone with htc sense and i hate the music player on it. if anything im probably going to switch to a galaxy s device for the music player alone because I too mainly go for a phone that could be my camera and music player. thats really all i use it for. if your looking for a phone on T-Mo, you cant go wrong with this.

  • Wunako

    Well this phone is looking better and better, I stil have to wait till december though..

  • Jasder

    Tell me anyone will this Phone (The Vibrant) have the voice-to-Text loaded on it?

    • dcb

      It does not have the dragon dictation but is does have the standard voice input on the android keyboard setting

  • cwalker30

    Thanks @ItsMichaelNotMike for making a stand. and Thanks @Kickstar13 4taking care of business!!

  • flaroadie

    people its just a freakin phone. get a life!!!!

  • NFS
  • spunk2357

    i just called and confirmed i’m eligible for an upgrade, i think i’m gonna jump on this phone and i hope i don’t regret it later but it seems like a big enough jump from the G1 =)

  • ov1

    If tmo had the same option as sprint to pick up the Samsung galaxy pro why would Tmo not get the best of both world. I’ve been with Tmo for ten yes and this is my first temptation to leave. With my gap employee discount I can get their unlimited everything plan for 80 dollars

  • mailman13877

    Wow the phone is now $500 on without contract on TMO page..The fine print at the bottom now says $125 plus 3 more payments of $125 wtf is all that about..FAILURE

  • Samson

    This phone looks really nice.. Will it have the pinch to zoom feature on the screen?

  • cin

    Hey, I’m wondering if you guys can help me. I have an hd2, my second one, first one had problems, and I’ve been having problems with this one too. I’m thinking of selling this one and buying the vibrant when it comes out. would you guys recommend this phone?

  • cin

    I have an hd2, my second one, had problems with the first, having problems with this one. thinking of selling hd2 and buying this, would you recommend this phone?

  • cin

    I have an hd2 having problems with this one. thinking of selling hd2 and buying this, would you recommend this phone?

  • DH

    just checked, & you can pre-order the samsung vibrant on the walmart wireless site, but i’ve already pre-ordered mine via radioshack b/c their contract free price is $100 less than walmart’s.


    • raam89

      At Radio shack it say $499 but walmart its $479. How did u get for $100 less??

  • tmoled


  • dc

    something simple y would tmobile wont have a flash on this phone while verizon does?
    from my understanding tmo was the first with android n now is the the last one again when it comes to powefull phones even sprint has beatten them with the evo verizon now has the most android powefull phones all with 5mp cams with flash plus the new ones with 8mp.
    i mean we all are loyal to T-mo but they arent doing anything to make us super happy i mean dats how i feel when verizon anounces a new android device every month while tmo offers android phones every 3 to 4 months ?

  • Holiday

    it’s a samsung guys, it’s going to suck. broken promises.

  • RyN

    as you all may know Tmobile customers joined Tmobile because of their great family plan and is affordable…so in my opinion Tmobile customers are not that rich…lol.just my thought. If Tmobile decide to add ffc and LED flash which everyone is bitching about, it’ll probably cost another $100 or so…plus i think that super amoled is very expensive… so in the end it’ll probably bring out a great total of $300-$400 with 2 yrs contract. Some of you might can afford it but not all… the main goal of Tmobile is that they wants the majority of their customers or new customers can afford it…so those that said they’re gonna leave tmobile, unless they’re will to pay extra monthly otherwise they’ll be back..just for a stupid phone people will to spend more money monthly?…i don’t think it’s worth it…better phones comes out every year, you can’t keep up with them…now that being said, i think another reason why Tmo decided not to add flash or ffc is because they want to keep the phone as thin as possible and not many people are using or need to use ffc since it require wifi. ffc is still new so they don’t want to gamble with it cuz they don’t know how well it’ll work…maybe another 2 years or so every phone will have ffc…as for right now, this phone has everything that average cell phone users would wants. I can’t wait to get this phone and use it for 2 yrs, and hopefully in two years Tmobile will have a phone that will satisfy everyone…but let face it you can’t satisfy everybody…even iphone4 have complains…you can’t keep up with technology, so just get what you can afford and stop complaining

    • swehes

      You have to take into account that Samsung produces all their own component which makes this phone much cheaper for Samsung to make in comparison to like HTC or other phone manufacturers. AT&T seems to have a very low cost off contract. My understanding is that the difference between T-mobile’s version vs AT&T’s is purely software that gets preloaded and the shell of the phone. So why AT&T’s price to come out almost $100 less than T-mobile’s model doesn’t make much sense. We shall see what the actual truth to the prices will come out to be.

  • Tony

    I wonder if Samsung will give these away with an hourly raffle like they did with the Behold 2. If they are free, sign me up for one now!

  • Corey

    no flash…..why am i not surprised….every other carrier puts flash on their phones except us…the ffc i don’t really care about but it is what it is tmobile it what it is…

  • wtf

    did they keep the dlna intact?

  • Jim888
  • Lamar

    after reading up on this phone. I am sold. I dont need the FFC, the flash doesn’t bother me, since i have seen it work at night. I was very impressed. As long as i can control aperture i am good.

  • Scritzs McGritz

    I will def be getting the vibrant. I don’t think any phone out there right now can beat it. I am excited for the amazing gpu, screen, 720p video recording, (your gonna hate me for this one)touch wiz 3.0 and Avatar!!! Love that movie. At first I was disappointed about the fcc, but I quickly got over it since sprint’s version will be the only one to have it. One thing about this phone that does concern me are the samsung widgets. The tmo sgs has transparent samsung widgets (i don’t like that) and the verizon sgs has solid colored widgets. I hope I can change that.

  • thereisaffc
  • rednal

    It’s really unbelievable that anyone would say this phone compares with the iPhone. 2 other guys on my job and me had been waiting patiently for our carriers to release a great smartphone. One guy with at&t got his iphone a when it came out and is happy. The other guy’s with sprint and he has his EVO and is happy. Me, I’m with t-mobile and and am still waiting for them to release a great phone to compare. I cannot believe that the vibrant is being released without a flash for the camera. My 2 co-workers have their great phones with their carriers but I cannot get my “great phone” with my carrier.
    I’m coming to the end of the road with T-Mobile.