Pre-Order The Samsung Vibrant On July 1st

Want to make sure you get the T-Mobile Samsung Vibrant on launch day, just in case it’s sold out? Well, beginning July 1st, customers can pre-order the Samsung Vibrant at any RadioShack store. But here’s the catch, to pre-order, customers must purchase a $50 gift card, which will be applied toward the retail price of the device. You will then be able to schedule an appointment to pick up and activate your Vibrant at RadioShack stores with anticipated availability starting July 21. Customers who pre-order at RadioShack will receive a $50 gift card by mail after purchasing their phone with qualifying voice and data plan on a two-year contract. Additionally, you can also pre-order online at beginning July 1.

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  • sorandkairi

    I’ll get this one for the wife.

    • ryan

      well guys im on my way out the door to cancel my T-MOBILE account! im so sick of the crap! #1 reason is the behold 2 update! i did save a few bucks over the last 8 years but enough is enough! i dont care how much i have to pay as long as i LOVE my phone. i sold the behold 2 and got a htc hd2. . . . GARBAGE! win mobile SUCKS ASS!

      • Uhh OK

        So why are you telling us? What do I care?

      • joe

        You are a retard and we would like to thank you for leaving.

      • hasheesh

        ^^sounds like the t-mobile rep who was glad to cancel my service with no ETF! hahahah ^^

        Posted on my iPhone4 (after i found a way to “hold it properly)

      • itsmichaelnotmike

        What a BS post. Like you really had those phones.

        You are probably JUSTSOMEDUD under another account name.

        Besides, your post sounds moronic.

  • Nvus01

    Wonder if T-mobile will follow and allow pre-ordering of this device…

  • alex32

    no thanks.

  • wack mode

    i’ll get this one for my hoe

    • keele8

      20 bucks says you don’t have one.

      • Phaelenx

        $50 bucks if she knew you talked about her like that you’d be buying her more than a phone

    • rickb928

      50 bucks says you don’t know which end to hold. Dumb post, try using ‘Ho’.

      • phonegeek

        FINISH HIM!!!

    • McDaygo

      I’m gettin one fer my rake.

      • Ramsey

        I would rather have the ho then the phone… How much for the ho again? what is her release date?

      • itsmichaelnotmike

        Seriously… I am getting one for my rake, and if she treats me right, one for my shovel.

    • havoc

      fvcked around wit one at da store. there baller as fvck an id love to get me one of them but way to expensive fo a nigga.

    • itsmichaelnotmike

      Why does your farm implement need a phone?

  • tmobileWHY?!

    i hate complaining about a good phone coming to t-mobile and then this comes out and i should be happy…. but i’m not, this wasn’t the answer i wanted for a good t-mobile android phone and it looks like im going to keep on waiting

    • jmts80

      Dude I feel the exact same way! I hate complaining about a good phone coming to T-mo but its just not good enuff. My Cliq XT will have to hold me over for a while longer.

  • blah

    I wonder who will actually go through the effort of pre-ordering this?

  • Sam121

    i have a question if im upggrading to this can i still preorder it at radio shack, or is it only for new customers

    • slayer

      i work for the shack and most likely u could pre order if its an new activation or an upgrade, and if you pre-order it by putting $50 down, u get a 20 dollar accessory credit so you could get $20 worth of accessories for free.

  • Bobomo

    Probably for new customers only, right?

  • Brad

    Will be picking up two of these, but not at Radio Shack. C’mon TMO, how about some info for pre-ordering this thing direct?

    • MK

      Why not at RS? That makes no sense. It will likely be a better value. They’ll either throw in accessories as stated before or something else surely.

  • NO FFC!!!!

    Lets get the Ball rolling. NO FFC!!!! BOOOO to T-mobile.

    • sorandkairi

      U still trollin huh?….. good for u; keep up the pressure, i’m sure that they’re going to cave sooner rather than later…. just for u!

      • 3g rules

        Lmao! No ffc! Who cares! Would you like some cheese with that wine NO FFC!!!?? Hmmm apple released the iphone4 with a ffc and now everybody is crying that they want one too. Ugh.

    • NO LED FLASH!!!!


  • Krispy Kreme

    it is tempting, but i think i will wait for the project emerald device. swype is marginally average at best (shapewriter is better), i really want a physical keyboard.

  • Brian Irelan

    Wonder if there will be a no-contract pre-order. No way I’m paying $680 for this phone.

  • dAN

    Anyone know if Radio Shack offers the same 20 month financing that Tmo retail stores offer?

    • slayer

      i’m sorry but at the shack we dont do the installment plan, i spoke to my tmo rep about it and all i got was they are trying it out on other companies before trying 3rd party dealers like us.

  • Bob

    I won’t pre-order. I’m happy with my HD2 for now. When T-mobile releases a good phone, I’ll be ready. If this one had the camera flash, I’d be in.
    But no Flash + No FFC = No Upgrade for me.

    • crazydog

      Are you kidding? Hell, any android phone is better than that HD2 brick, even the Behold 2.

  • Alex

    To preorder, customers must purchase a 50 dollar gift card…

    Wtf, that shouldn’t put you off as much as having to purchase the phone from a Radiocrack employee who has no clue what they’re doing…david, could we please take it easy on the free advertisement for the indirects, I’m sick of teaching people about their phones and doing their cellebrite transfers after they go somewhere like radioshack and activate three lines.kthxbai

  • badbob001

    I suppose the radioshack route is only for new customers?

    So no press conference like what Verizon had for the newer Droid phones, where Google attended? The future is not looking so good.

  • Chris

    Has anyone heard anything about buying this for EM+ people? I doubt we can do this at RS on the 1st considering they want or well require you to activate there on the spot and sign a 2 yr agreement. Wack mode and his “hoe” LOL!. All of the others that are still complaining about this phone. You should find another hobby. The good thing is, we won’t have to worry about you being in front of us to get this phone. So we are all glad you don’t like it.

    • itsmichaelnotmike

      Right on chris… no lines since all these people say they won’t be getting it. LOL.

      I am typing this on my GF slide and what a fantistic phone. To say tmo does not have great phones is nonsense.

      I just paid off my hd2 that was on even more plus installments so to make room for a vibrant purchase.

      So the fewer people buying the vibrant, the better for me.

  • TheLight

    sorry for the rant fellow Magentas but this G1 owner since the beginning wants his TRUE successor meaning:
    4-5inch Super Amoled screen
    5-12 Megapixel camera, FFC
    Qwerty Keyboard,Dedicated Numbers, Genius button
    1GHZ+ processor
    2-4GB Internal Memory, 12GB-64GB Expandable
    720p Recording and HDMI out
    I have a personal preference that doesnt like Samsung so Id rather them let HTC make it.. Just what I want (i have the right to voice my opinion trolls!)

    Even Sprint got the better Samsung phone…I guess thats why marketing was so cheaply done…but effective

    • Lori

      So go to Sprint.

      • darko

        i’m with you, Mr.Light.

    • GreenTea

      I concur. I still have my G1…the ONLY thing stopping me from going to Sprint is the crappy signal cause I’d def save $30/month by switching.

    • TheLight

      Neveeerrrrrrrrr!I adore my beloved Magenta..but this is just what I want.. Not a bashing against T-Mobile… get it right guy, I’d never go to anyone but T-Mobile. I talk to much sht to my friends to ever switch.. Original G1 owner and natural techy…Im not going anywhere…I see the future full of 4G speeds and cheap data service with text and voice calling costing next to nothing…I have a dream my up cummin

      • Lori

        I’m just saying that pretty much everything you want there is the Epic 4g, so if you are after the perfect device — go to Sprint.

        I understand that you may still be devoted to T-Mobile, but you also must (after being a longtime customer) realize that they have pretty much NEVER had the cutting edge, high end devices that you seem to be after.

        I’m also a longtime customer and while I wish/hope/dream for these high end devices from T-Mobile, I’ve come to terms with their lack of them….. and the Samsung Vibrant is about as close as its going to get (t least for now!)

  • yeah

    Including the Sims and Avatar sealed the deal for me! Who cares about hardware when you’re getting a FREE movie and video game!

  • Lamar

    no need to pre order, this phone will be available everywhere

    • badbob001

      Unless pre-ordering through Radioshack means you can get it for $149. It’s unclear to me if the radioshack route gets you two giftcards (one at pre-order and one later in the mail).

    • Fujitsujeff

      agree completely. I’m mostly likely upgrading my G1 to this phone come July. With the phone available by 5 different carriers, and people flocking to the Iphone 4, Incredible, Droid X, Droid 2 (when available), and Evo, i highly doubt this phone will be hard to find. It’s not like it’s exclusive to T-mo like the G1 …

  • TheLight

    sorry for the rant fellow Magentas but this G1 owner since the beginning wants his TRUE G1 successor meaning:
    4-5inch Super Amoled screen
    5-12 Megapixel camera, FFC
    Qwerty Keyboard and Swype,Dedicated Numbers, Genius button
    2 Mics/for noise cancellation purposes
    1GHZ+ processor
    2-4GB Internal Memory, 12GB-64GB Expandable
    720p Recording and HDMI out

    I have a personal preference that doesnt like Samsung so Id rather them let HTC make it.. Just what I want (i have the right to voice my opinion trolls!)

    Even Sprint got the better Samsung phone…I guess thats why marketing was so cheaply done…but effective

    • badbob001

      Why did you post this again? You forgot dual-core cpu and 1GB of ram. Ook, might as well go for a universal phone with quadband 3g and cdma support as well (qualcomm has hardware to support this).

      If you want Super amoled on a non-samsung device, you will probably need to wait at least a year.

      • TheLight

        So whoever from T-Mobile that reads this and people agree , the most likely T-Mobile will consider that the have a consistent target that consumers want that they can progressively profit from. I get your point about the wanting of a superphone but thats exactly what “I” want. Thats why I said this also. I also read about that samsung being exclusive with the SuperAmoled Screens last week but these specs were commented way back before all of this.

        So this is my point, Verizon, Sprint, At&t all have their superphone and T-Mobile still doesnt. I dont want to come from my G1 that only downfall is the hardware is outdated..then go to a device that isnt with the most current technology like other carriers but Magenta still charges prices like they are. The Vibrant is a nice phone but it cant be the TRUE G1 SUCCESSOR for a few reasons(5 row qwerty keyboard being one).

        But I will change the specs just for you badbob001:

        sorry for the rant fellow Magentas but this G1 owner since the beginning wants his successor meaning:
        4-5inch Super Amoled screen”like”
        5-12 Megapixel camera, FFC
        Qwerty Keyboard,Dedicated Numbers, Genius button
        1GHZ+ processor
        2-4GB Internal Memory, 12GB-64GB Expandable
        720p Recording and HDMI out

    • alex32

      agreed, thats the kind of htc i want..i hate samsung

    • TheLight

      I didnt re-post this..But whoever from T-Mobile that reads this and people agree , the most likely T-Mobile will consider that the have a consistent target that consumers want that they can progressively profit from. I get your point about the wanting of a superphone but thats exactly what “I” want. Thats why I said this also. I also read about that samsung being exclusive with the SuperAmoled Screens last week but these specs were commented way back before all of this.

      So this is my point, Verizon, Sprint, At&t all have their superphone and T-Mobile still doesnt. I dont want to come from my G1 that only downfall is the hardware is outdated..then go to a device that isnt with the most current technology like other carriers but Magenta still charges prices like they are. The Vibrant is a nice phone but it cant be the TRUE G1 SUCCESSOR for a few reasons(5 row qwerty keyboard being one).

      But I will change the specs just for you badbob001:

      sorry for the rant fellow Magentas but this G1 owner since the beginning wants his successor meaning:
      4-5inch Super Amoled screen”like”
      2 Mics for noise cancellation
      5-12 Megapixel camera, FFC
      Qwerty Keyboard,Dedicated Numbers, Genius button
      1GHZ+ processor
      2-4GB Internal Memory, 12GB-64GB Expandable
      720p Recording and HDMI out

      This is the phone I want…if T-Mobile gets something close atleast having qwerty 5 row keyboard,1ghz processor, flash, and bigger screen that would be a great phone I would consider. But I’d shell out the cash for superphone that I could keep for 2 years and make my friends jealous without breaking the bank every month like other carriers.

      and someone told me to go to sprint for the end of discussion since they have the qwerrt version…lol…you fool, lol…Neverrrrrrr! Just voicing my opinion

      • 2FR35H

        64gb max for external is not maybe for another year or 2. 32b is the current max external.

        HDMI? what for? who really connects their phone to their tv? what use does that serve?

        In any case what you describe sounds to possibly be the HTC Vision that will be launching in October except for the Super Amoled part.

        The Super Amoled is manufactured by Samsung and I know they aren’t just going to hand over that technology in the first year of their Super AMOLED device maybe not until 2 years.

        HTC is running out of Amoled Screens and they are the only other carriers to Amoled screens aside from samsung.

    • TheLight

      ok thats creepy…it did it again…lol

    • ryan

      wow! i would pay a grand for a phone like that!

  • MxPxFan

    Errr i won’t be pre-ordering through RadioShack, because the information isn’t clear.

    Does this apply for existing Tmo customers that qualify for an upgrade or is it just for new customers?

    they mentioned in the other article on Tmonews front page that you get a $50 gift card mailed to after purchased. Is this a Visa Gift card or a stupid RadioShack Gift Card?

    And finally why RadioShack?

    They suck, if you want people to buy your new phone, don’t make them jump through hoops to get it.

    • sami

      i have the same question. is it a visa gift card or radioshack gift card that will be mailed to your house?

      • slayer

        i work in the shack and i’ll explain, u pay $50 for the pre order which is a radioshack gift card and a pin receipt at the store and we give it to you personally, then what u do next when the phone arrives, come in with the gift card and pin receipt and pick up your phone and use the gift card to pay a difference and if it was pre ordered, the shack might throw down $20 accessory credit so you could get $20 worth of accessories for free. is that clear understanding?

  • HaVoKTEK

    Check out what’s being said about this underwhelming phone over at ARStechnica

  • HaVoKTEK

    Not to stir up the hype bash machine, but this ws just toooo rich to miss…

    “Unfortunately, Samsung’s track record on Android updates for the previous iteration of the Galaxy is less than stellar. Most of the marketing material from Samsung and the mobile carriers fails to specify if or when Galaxy S users can expect to receive the 2.2 update. The sole exception was Sprint, which says that it expects to have an update soon after the initial launch.”~~~arstechnica

  • Fred

    I’m new here, but does this phone have a flash for the camera? I did not see flash listed in the specs.

    • Technogen

      No, but it doesn’t need one the camera sensor that Samsung used has extremely high quality low light ability.

  • Cassie

    All you people can do is c o m p l a i n. I find it funny though. =) Those of you that are with T-Mobile more than likely have a very nicely priced rate plan, and a decent phone. Ahh we all want the best of both worlds don’t we? I’m happy with my fuscia red bb8520, my even more unlimited plan and uma calling. Wouldn’t have it any other way. Point is this really, and is the same in general economics: Having more of one thing typically results in having less of another. Hence better plans in general = average and slightly above average phones in general. Let’s meet at the margin and be happy with what we have! and if you don’t have it, don’t complain!

  • Perry

    Can I get these for the new contract price at Radioshack if my contract is up? Mine expires July 4th and since this comes out on the 21st, I wanna see if I can get the new contract price.

    • dee-xt


  • Jesse

    Does anyone know if this phone will get android 2.2? Or any specs about the battery life? Thanks.

  • Farger

    I’m glad so many people are not upgrading…It almost guarantees I will get a phone on launch date… :P

    • Chris

      I agree with you there!

  • pimpstrong
  • Belcher

    WTF is this radio shack VOO DOO nonsense! The last time I was in Radio Shack.. It was a mistake, I was looking for the ice cream store next door.. LOVE this phone.. the more I see it I like it. Kinda wondering about HTC Vison if I shoud wait and if its just hype.. Probably have to pre-order that @ home depot or something :)

  • DGS

    Did anyone get a real close look at what the t-mobile OFFICIAL images from Samsung?
    To the left of the speaker there seems to be some item… is that a FFC if not then what is it?

    • Lori

      Probably a light sensor.

    • Lori

      oh, and an led for notifications, i bet.

  • JL

    Dear T-Mobile,

    As I was expecting the Galaxy S phone I saw in Las Vegas and you chose to deny me that phone. I am considering as soon as my contract expires on my third line, to leave you company. You have the better rate plans and exceptional service, but you choose to not reward your base of customers with a super smart phone. The Sims are you serious? C’mon I already have Avatar, on my iPod.I was really hoping you would step um this time and do something extraordinary. But you have shown why you are and will continue to be a forth rate phone company.

  • Darien

    @DGS what are you talking about? look at the pictures of the sprint version. they both have the same small spots on the left side. while the right side is where the ffc was. sorry its not here, wont be, get over it.

  • coolmen777

    Couple new links for you folks..
    Samsung’s American Galaxy S phones pose for family portrait:

    Samsung says all Galaxy S phones will get Android 2.2
    “amsung has mercifully confirmed at an event in New York this evening that all Galaxy S versions — including the Captivate, Epic 4G, Vibrant, and Fascinate — will be receiving updates to Android 2.2 Froyo later this year and offer compatibility with Flash 10.1. “

  • derrickps3

    after owning a samsung behold 2, i have decided to take a loooong break from owning their phones……….right now i am loving blackberry, which i am owning for the first time in my life. i hope this phone satisfy alot of costumers who join tmobile and who are already with tmobile

  • DGS

    @Darien yep your right.
    But do you know what they are?

  • drmosh

    I’m getting this… well not this one… the better one on Sprint!! EPIC 4G! Goodbye TMO!!! So long and thanks for the nice plans… but until you start getting some real phones it’s sayonara!

    • Chris

      Will you leave now please? And when we do get as you say “real phone” don’t come back. LOL!

      • drmosh

        more wishful thinking like I already posted… when was the last time t-mobile had a flagship phone better than the other providers?

  • NiiDiddy

    Still picking this up….soon!

  • badaphooko01

    I can’t see why all the complaining. This phone is freaking awesome, I have been following the release of this phone before it was officially announced and was beginning to doubt on even buying it after reading the hundreds of negative comments the past two weeks. After watching numerous reviews ,HD video capture samples and the 3d gaming experience on youtube, I would be fool not to upgrade my from aging G1. I personally am excited for the release of this device and will be there day one.

    My question is will Tmobile have this phone available in their stores or is it only Radio shack? I qualify for a full upgrade come July 3rd, will the Shack let me do my upgrade with them or do I have to go to Tmobile.

    As for the FFC and flash those would have been nice but defiantly not a deal breaker. With my current plan there is no way I would switch carriers saying that I love Tmobile they provide the best product for the value.

  • Myg1

    For those that bitch about galaxy not having just announced all galaxy s models will have 2.2 and adobe flash 10.1 by end if year..enough said this phone is mine for 2010

  • Darien

    to anyone jumping over to sprint, go ahead, just dont come crying in another few months if tmobile actually listens to its customers and gives us a phone that no other carrier has.

    cause it will happen, i personally think its because they knew the evo was coming out for sprint, the droid x for verizon, and the iphone 4 for at&t.

    letting all other carriers unload their devices at the same time and then releasing a superphone no other carrier has would be a smart plan to finally stick it to those jumping ship.

    then again could be wrong, but hey ill be happy with this device until it happens

    • drmosh

      Hahah wishful thinking… when has T-Mobile ever had a cutting edge phone?

      • bfhmd

        The G1…

  • mailman13877

    If anyone pre orders this phone they are idiots.Also STOP saying people want the FFC cause the iphone has it cause the EVO HAD IT FIRST seeing the EVO came out 1st..Jeez you guys love to make it bout the iphone.
    I was ready to give TMO a last chance but now idk cuzz this official release is even more disappointing. If I stay Im gonna get the Nexus One which is still the best phone for TMO by far.The N1 can do everything and more when jailbroken.I’ve been rooted since i got my G1 2 years ago anyway.

    Nexus One or leave TMO..What you guys think??

    • badaphooko01

      Why a N1? Even though I am a big fan of HTC, the N1 has almost become dated. The only advantage is that it will get updates faster than other phones but thats really it. Also the term “Jailbroken” is only for the iphone because its severly locked up by apple. Android is an open platform which does not need to be “jailbroken” just obtain root access to install custom roms. In addition there is no conformation it will be ever available in Tmo stores. If I had my choice every thing being equal. I would still go with the vibrant. There is youtube video that compares the multituoch and 3D rendering between the Galaxy and the Desire. The Galaxy wins hands down.

  • mailman13877

    Also where is that Jack A** who swears he personally held the Vibrant and was so sure it had FFC and that me hating on TMO makes me a loser????

  • just some dude

    No flash = no thanks. I mean is it to hard to put one on there, especially on todays souped up phones. Its almost like they forgot.

  • INeedASmartPhone

    Sprint’s Galaxy S model (Samsung Epic) has a FFC and a QWERTY keyboard, but wait … Avatar movie (darn it).

  • corematter
  • ali

    I’ve seen t-mobile’s short introduction page to the Vibrant. However, they have still not released its full specs. How can people pre-order a phone before knowing all the details ?

    • badaphooko01

      lets see:
      Hummingbird 1ghz. processor = check
      4″ super amoled screen = check
      16mb internal storage = check
      $199 under contract or possibly Free! = check
      Tmobile’s best smart phone running Android = check
      capable of 720p Hd video capture = check
      In need of a high end phone to replace my G1 = check
      Where do I sign?

  • Danny

    I’d really like to get excited over this phone but every Samsung phone I’ve owned has been less than stellar.

    Tmo seems to be run by people who are out of touch with todays market.
    truth be told im not saving much if any at all being with Tmo, not when Sprint has the $79 plan and phones adults actually want.

  • tecjunkie

    How much will this phone be outright at radioshack?

  • bakalao

    i wonder if t-mobile’s customer service team know they are selling this phone soon. :-)

  • Matt

    t-Mobile’s CS definitely knows they are selling this phone soon. I contacted them tonight about it and they didn’t really have any type of information other than the webpage offers, but they definitely acknowledged that they are getting it in July.

  • jimbo

    We know its going to be a amazing device even withough the front faceing camera and fyi change to upgrades done through care now you have to pay for the device at time of purchase not billed on next bill if you do eip its the first payment to order the phone starting on the 1st

  • Matt

    tecjunkie, rumors are that they will be offering the Galaxy S for $450 outright. T-Mobile’s CS couldn’t confirm this for me, but this is what the HD2 is, and there have been multiple people who have heard that. If the $50 GIft card and MIR applies to outright, then I’ll preorder one on Thursday.

  • jimbo

    Also who calls care anymore tmo news has more info than most reps hell most reps read tmo news to get the info

  • Matt

    I don’t know the last time that I called CS for any company. Live chat is the best invention for CS ever. I had to contact them about a question I had concerning my account and asked about tupgrading to the Vibrant while I was talking to them.

  • emobile86

    I would leary of buying a Samsung phone, I like the look but what about the upgrades, there’s no use in having 1 Ghz processor, 16 GB Memory, and an update to Android 2.2 if I can’t rest assure that there will be more Android updates to come!

    • wtfci

      You can root the phone and install your own ROM.

  • soon2TMO

    should i do the EM plan or the EM+ plan??

    hmm i dont know which one..

  • Wilma Flintstone

    I’d buy this if it was around $99-$129. $199 to me is too much for this phone.

  • soon2TMO

    ^^ are you kidding me?? so this should be more expensive than the mytouch slide??
    ughh.. LOL

    if that is your argument,then i say that no current phone should be priced at $199 coz no smartphone right now boasts a dual core processor.. LOL

    no flash?= it has a night mode which is a nice alternative
    no FFC? = the droidX doesnt have one either which means that it’s not the justification of a phone’s price..
    no HDMI?= this has DLNA, it’s better, oh and it has TV out..

    fastest GPU/CPU?? hmmm ya this is the one
    super amoled? yup this one too
    thin/light? uh huh..

  • robbie

    it makes no damn sense why they wouldnt put a FFC on this , they have a faster speeds then sprints 4g network this would be a perfect phone to show it off but they didnt they failed me once again so its off to the EPIC 4g baby sorry tmobile i will miss you thou

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  • soniccool

    Pre-ordering tomorrow at the shack! Cant wait! My first smart phone =)

    • Dagdae

      Congrats! I just bought my wife her first smartphone and it has been interesting to see all the “A-HA!” moments as she discovers what can be done with it…and that was only the MyTouch Slide! You’re gonna love this phone, I’m sure. And the fact that you’re posting here lets me know you’ve probably done your homework as far as what this phone’s capabilities are. That coupled with the raw power of the device should make a great experience for you. Enjoy!:)

  • JustMike

    The preorder site is live at the above link!
    ..but not actually accepting preorders yet – you get some kind of error popup.

    The page does confirm that you’ll get a $50 Radio Shack gift card by preordering before 7/18, but it does not say anything about requiring you to purchase a gift card also.

  • Green Robot

    So will Radio Shack allow for pre-order for upgrades or not. Any information on that?

  • MxPxFan

    I’m on a Myfaves Family plan, so does this mean i have to switch to a plan without Myfaves to get the upgrade price. If so i’ll be paying be paying full price, thats if full price is $330.

  • mZimm

    They probably won’t make you change your plan to upgrade, but you’ll definitely have to add a data plan if you don’t already have one. There is zero chance that the full price for this phone is $330 though…I’m just hoping its under $550…

  • straightballer

    I would rather pre order directly at t mobile usa, however if tmobile_usa doest do pre orders by friday, i going to the local shack and pre ordering this awesome device, cant waitbtil it is rooted. I likebthis better than droid x.

  • RR

    Can we preorder now at midnight?

  • mikhail

    is anyone able to pre order??

  • badbob001

    I just pre-ordered from Radio Shack. Be sure to choose the plan: keep my existing plan.

  • 3Y/O Razr

    Thoughts on which is less likely to get screwed up, and which is likely to arrive on July 21: in-store pickup or online order?

    • Chris

      Says on the Shack site, these will be shipped on the 21st, which will put us getting them no sooner than the 22nd if you choose next day shipping of another $19.99. So if you are wanting it on the 21st I would suggest picking it up in store. Least you don’t have to worry about being home when the FedEx dude brings it.

    • Green Robot

      I called the Shack and talked to some really weird dude over there. I decided to try the store tomorrow and see what they say since the weird Shack dude on the phone wanted to charge me $9.99 for shipping. I’ll see what the people at my local Shack say. Hopefully they sound more reasonable than the phone dude and I can preorder through them. Pickup on the 21st sounds better than “shipped on the 21st for $9.99” does if all other things are equal.

  • Chris

    Has anyone thought of ordering directly through the TM website and using for the 35% Bing cashback rebate? You could get this phone for about $325.00 after rebate by doing a search through them. They are ending the Bing cashback as of the 30th of July, and if the TM website gets them listed on there when they are released. Was going to order through Radio Shack website, til I got to thinking about this. So it is a thought for anyone wanting to get this phone off contract and get it cheaper. Debating if I want to wait on preordering. Anyone else want to throw their two cents worth in on this?

    • The Bing Cashback program no longer exists.

      • I mean the 35% option is gone. The rest of Bing Cashback goes away at the end of July

      • no, wait. I’m an idiot. It is still there. hmmmmmmmmmm

      • Chris

        Yeah, pretty good deal if TM will have them online to where you can buy while this is still going on. I may hold off on the preorder and see what I can do. Big chunk of money to get back. Whatcha think Jay?

  • soniccool

    Just pre-ordered at the store, the receipt was like 5 feet long. Haha, Really simple pre order.

    • Green Robot

      Sounds good. Heading to the Shack tomorrow morning…

      • soniccool


      • soniccool


    • al

      How does the $50 gift card work when you pre-order at the store? Do you pay just $50 at time of pre-order, get a gift card, then give them $150 plus the gift card when you go in to pick up the phone?

      • 3Y/O Razr

        That’s how it worked. You get the gift card right away, and you can apply it to the phone if you want to. He wasn’t kidding about the 5 foot receipt, either.

  • FooFyter

    Just pre-order online. Bought 2 Vibrants & upgraded plan. best part… NO TAX & will be getting a free $50 gift card without having to buy one as previously mentioned. The full price tax for both phones would have been about $81. They did charge a bogus $18 activation fee per line…which is dumb because my SIM is already activated. No worries still getting about $131 in savings.

  • MxPxFan

    For those that pre-ordered at the store that have a G1 or any other Android phone with the data plan that has 400 text’s. Were you able to keep your current data plan with your 400 text’s?

    Cause on the website its telling me i have to upgrade to the Android Unlimited Web data plan that DOES NOT come with any free text messages.

    • Green Robot

      I fiddled (messed with) the online order and also found it discouraging when it comes to keeping your grandfathered messaging/data portion of the current plan. Consequently, I ended up calling the Shack to talk to them over the phone. The weird Shack phone dude assured me several times that my plan will not be modified since I already have a form (albeit grandfathered one) of Android data plan on my line which by the way, is a part of a grandfathered family voice plan. I would suggest calling them or even better yet (my plan at this moment) stopping by a brick and mortar version of the Shack, instead of using the impersonal/inhuman version of the Shack on the Interwebs as your best bet to ensure the unscathed survival of your current voice/data plan as it is. Just my several cents adjusted for inflation…

      • MxPxFan

        LOL, let me know how it goes. Cause i would like to order it online to save on tax. But it i can insure my data plan by going into a actual RadioShack. Its worth paying the tax. I’m sure others would like to know as well.

      • Green Robot

        @MxPxFan I did go to the Shack and preordered there. The Shack lady was nice and helpful. She verified my upgrade eligibility and assured me repeatedly that my current grandfathered family plan and the grandfathered Android data plan will not be modified. Sounds good to me although we’ll see when I actually pick up the phone what happens. I’ll save $10 on shipping but I’ll pay tax which is a bit more – according to my calculations a bit over $6 more. At least I get the phone on the day of release I suppose instead of waiting for it to arrive a day or two later. This also ensures that I’ll get in case T-Mobile decides to hold Vibrant for new subscribers only for few weeks like they did with HD2. I checked earlier today online on the T-Mobile site and the Slide is still not showing up on my list of phones I can upgrade to for example – very silly of T-Mobile if you ask me but whatever makes them feel better about their little operation over there…
        We’ll see how this all goes on the 21st.
        O, and by the way, the 5 feet long receipt is an exaggeration – this thing is only 3 feet long…

      • MxPxFan

        @ Green Robot, thanks for replying. I didn’t expect to see a response, so thats awesome. I think i’ll head over to the radio shack near my house today. Thanks again.

    • JustMike

      I ordered over the phone (because the website doesn’t work for family plans) and they reassured me over and over that I’d be able to keep my existing voice and data plans from my G1.

      We’ll see if the offline eligibility check gets the green light from T-mobile.. $150 + shipping after the free gift card for this phone is a pretty good deal.

      • al

        Do you get the $50 gift card for each phone ordered online or just one card for the whole order? When I went part way through the online ordering process with my existing family plan, it appeared to only give a card for one of the phones.

      • JustMike

        I only ordered one phone, but the website says one gift card per phone. (click on pre-order, then click on $50 Radio Shack Gift Card under the phone price)

      • badbob001

        Huh, didn’t you click the ‘view all plans’ link and pick the option to keep your existing plan?

      • al

        I ordered 2 phones for my existing family plan online and the invoice clearly indicated that I was only getting one $50 gift card. This is at odds with the website which does state one gift card per phone. I’m hoping this is just a case of them having to verify my account first, but it’s not looking good.

      • al

        I contacted Radio Shack about the gift card confusion and just got an email confirming that I will get two $50 gift cards for the two phones I ordered online, even though the invoice states I’m only getting one.

  • bubbles

    Cant decide if I wanna pre order at Radio Shack or wait for T Mobile USA, I will give T Mobile unitl tomorrow, if no new info on ordering, I going to the shack.

  • PlowRox

    Well, I hope this isnt a sign, but last night on the way home from work.. aprox 630ish pm cdt. I stopped by my local radio shack to check out the Vibrant! Alas not only did they not have a sample to look [fondle] at/with but turns out I was the first person to even ask about it all DAY!

    Also the removeal of the front cam is just heart breaking! not a deal breaker, unless they offer a better phone soon.

    Waiting with anticipation!

  • Marshall

    Hey does anybody know anything about upgrading? Should I pre order it or wait til it comes out then upgrade? Will it be more expensive? Thanks

  • Ned Flanders

    Just left Radio Shack,I pre ordered the Vibrant. Cant wait to get it, will pick it up in store on 21st. My friend is headed their now to order 2 of them. Now I have to decide if I wanna keep my N900 or sell it.

  • Green Robot

    I actually feel that I am taking some risk preordering this thing. There are still no reports on whether T-Mobile nixed wi-fi hot spot functionality for example – I suspect that they did. Then, there are those reports of major slowdowns when starting up applications due to the unfortunate location of the app data directory on the internal storage memory instead of NAND memory – hopefully this is fixable with firmware updates by repartitioning things. Samsung is supposedly looking into these reports which is at least somewhat encouraging. I don’t even have the device yet and I already feel like my wait for the Froyo update has already started. Hope that it is coming sooner rather than later….

  • Humphrey

    Wait, so if you pre-order at the brick and mortar store, you have to BUY a $50 gift card, that can later be applied toward your purchase on the 21st? That keeps the price of the phone $200.

    However, if you pre-order online, you get a FREE gift card, in addition to paying $200 for the phone?

    That’s like getting a free case or charger (or both!)

    It seems as if you’re earning a free gift card if your order online, vs. getting nothing if you order at a brick and mortar.

    Or do you buy your gift card at the store, and then receive a free gift card in the mail also?

    • Green Robot

      They will send you the second free $50 gift card few weeks after you buy the phone regardless of whether you buy it at the store or online. You get your free $50 no matter which way you go, don’t worry.

  • Humphrey

    Yup, just called Radioshack to confirm. You buy a gift card as a deposit, and receive a 2nd $50 gift card in the mail, about a month after activation.

  • Electrodyne

    The drawback: when you get a gift card at Radioshack, any value your money had, it is now only an RS gift card. Change your mind about the phone after your pre-order is done and yes you can get a refund…refunded as a $50 RS gift card. Your universally spendable cash is suddenly company scrip money, usable only at RS.

  • DH

    just checked the walmart wireless site again, & they’ve lowered their contract free price for the vibrant to $479.99 + free shipping! i pre-ordered my vibrant on for $499.99 + $4.99 shipping = $504.98, so may change my pre-order to walmart.

  • LP

    if you go through the pre-order process with walmart its states the phone is available to be shipped 7/10/10