Broadpoint & T-Mobile USA Launch Service In Gulf of Mexico

Today, Broadpoint Inc. and T-Mobile USA announced availability of voice and messaging services to T-Mobile customers in the Gulf of Mexico via Broadpoint’s network. T-Mobile customers will now have the ability to roam onto Broadpoint’s GSM/GPRS/EDGE voice and data network, which extends over 100,000 square miles into the Gulf of Mexico. Voice service is currently live, and data services are scheduled to become available to T-Mobile customers in the Fall of 2010. Full press release below!


Broadpoint and T-Mobile USA Launch Service in Gulf of Mexico

New Voice and Messaging Service Enables Important Offshore Connections to Family and the Office

HOUSTON & BELLEVUE, Wash.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Broadpoint, a full-service telecommunications and network solutions company, today announced with T-Mobile USA, Inc. that T-Mobile customers are now able to use voice and messaging services in the Gulf of Mexico using Broadpoint’s network. The companies plan to extend the offshore roaming agreement to include data service in the Gulf for T-Mobile customers in the fall of 2010.

The expanded services will be provided to T-Mobile customers via Broadpoint’s GSM/GPRS/EDGE network, which extends over 100,000 square miles into the Gulf of Mexico. Especially critical in today’s offshore work environment, the availability of constant communications for T-Mobile customers in the Gulf will improve productivity, business flow and response times and offer the opportunity for reduced costs and mitigated risk for oilfield services and marine professionals.

“From recreational boaters to offshore workers in the Gulf, offshore communications are vitally important,” said Jennifer Medcalf, vice president, sales & marketing, Broadpoint. “We are very happy to be offering our services to T-Mobile customers.”

“The real value from T-Mobile is the quality of service and the security of knowing we’ll be with you when you need us,” said Gary Riding, regional vice president, T-Mobile USA. “Now customers can maintain those valuable connections to the family and the office, even when they are in the Gulf of Mexico.”

About Broadpoint

Broadpoint is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cellular One of Texas, Oklahoma and Montana, a premiere cellular communications provider in the U.S. Broadpoint’s experienced professionals and complete range of telecommunications and network solutions allow companies around the world to maximize their productivity in challenging remote environments. The company provides sophisticated cellular, satellite and 2-way radio communications; custom-engineered and emergency solutions; individual cellular service plans; and antenna and tower services; as well as broadcast support solutions ranging from simple uplinks to integrated satellite and fiber solutions. Broadpoint operates and maintains the first GSM/GPRS/Edge offshore wireless network, which covers more than 100,000 square miles in the Gulf of Mexico. For more information, please visit

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  • raymond

    ummm this is great >.> yeah im sure this is great

  • keele8

    This is good, it shows that Tmobile is expanding which means they are growing which means more good things in the future.

  • this makes me want to wait for a better phone then the most recent offerings.

  • yeah

    So… i’ll be able to make a call from the gulf of mexico but I can only access the 3G network in like 2 towns in my state? Awesome!

    • This means when I visit the oilspill I can send a picture message.yay!

  • haha I agree with @yeah

  • wack mode

    tmobile is goin to kick ass

  • wack mode

    tmobile is goin to kick at&t verizon and sprint ass

  • Barry

    Look at the big picture ppl were posting articles about them shutting down which I couldn’t see and this is a good sign to show that those are very false.

  • kershon

    wack mode I think you could be right. I believe there will be many changes as soon as the new CEO takes the reigns next month.

    • Davidohio

      You mean next year? I thought he was starting February 2011.

  • NO_FFC

    NO FFC!!!! I’m going to sprint,verizon, Att

    • sorandkairi

      Dang man,…. u going to all three…. u must a have a good bit of money to waste mr. troll….

      • NO FFC!!!!

        I want my FFC Dammit!!!! without one im leaving Tmo right now for all the other 3 carriers and getting the Droid X,Evo and iPhone. FFC FTW!!!!

      • sorandkairi

        By all means sir… go get them! Dont get me wrong, more phones with “Incredible” features would be great but… what can u do. And trust me, most of the time u wont be able to use them in a video chat with ur friends because they wont have one either….but by all means please go!

  • EMT5Ohhh!

    How about they work on their coverage on the LAND!

    • jaymax

      They are…their native network has been expanding at a fairly good clip.

  • raymond

    lol sora

  • HaVoKTEK

    @ NO_FFC
    That’s rich…lol bring that beef in here why don’t cha’?

    Anyways Go T-Mo looks like there are plan within plans that we the consumer aka fanboys don’t know. I see a TMO revolution just as soon as the new CEO takes charge. That may be good or bad (for us in terms of pricing). —That’s another story


  • 3g rules

    Oh boo hoo! Where do you live, coon bluff hollow west virginia?

    • 3g rules

      My comment is directed at “yeah” a few posts up lol. He said only 2 cities in his state have 3g.

      • yeah

        Boohoo? Yeah… it’s really nothing to whine about… who cares about coverage on a cellphone!

      • HaVoKTEK

        “Yeah” is retarded, or 12 years old…COVERAGE IS KING!!
        You would know that if your in the freakin’ sticks with a flat tire, off an exit, near a hotel that says “VACANCY”……..

  • Derrick

    since when is FFC the end all be all of cellphone tech? nokia had that on bar style phones almost a decade ago.

    • kathrin

      That’s because here is USA.

      Euro and Asia, front facing camera and Video calling is a very old news.

  • Davidohio

    Agreed. kind of petty about the ffc. The quality is crap and the other person has to have one as well on a wifi or hspa+ network and a dedicated hspa+ device if i’m not mistaken:) Anyway it’s not a deal breaker for me, i’m getting the vibrant for sure.

  • raymond

    ummmmm davidohio >..>

    sooo you could say the person needs to have a video phone or webcam :D

  • me

    OMG you dumb MF’s. Shut the fk up about the Galaxy and its lack of a Front facing camera (and spell it out you lazy fux). This is about another subject…. I sht down your THROAT fux!

    • 3g rules

      Nice. You must be 16 years old. Way to change your username to hide like a stupid coward. moron.

  • Justin

    Sweet, will be nice when do some fishing in the gulf for blackfish. To bad its no HSPA+ though :/

  • Jake

    Sweet, now all they need is to get BP’s Corporate Comms Account and they’re laughing!

  • Sector43

    would be nice if they will also put some coverage on my way to and from work.