Motorola’s Charm Is T-Mobile’s Basil

It was just yesterday that we became aware of a new device headed Magenta’s way, the Motorola Charm. Just as we speculated, the Motorola Charm is indeed the Motorola Basil of which we first heard about earlier this month via a leaked T-Mobile Calendar. The image above was sent to us from a reliable source and as you can see, the device pictured (labeled the “T-Mobile Motorola Basil”) is identical to the Motorola Charm images that were leaked yesterday. As of yet, we aren’t sure whether the official name for this device will be “Basil” or “Charm”. We’re still diggin’ for more info, so stay tuned and don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments!

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  • going_home

    Cant wait.


    • El Guapo

      This is just embarrassing, how much worse can it get?

      • SwizzleStix

        You’re retarded. Tell me, outside of the iPhone, what are At&t’s other phones? Outside of the Droid and EVO what not, what are the other phones VZW and Sprint have? I’ll tell you: Mid to low range handsets and entry level smartphones, no different than most of T-mo’s phones. That’s all Basil is… idiot. Tired of you losers acting like every single phone has to be a ‘superphone’ and acting like the other carriers don’t have an equal amount of crap dumb and feature phones as well. Christ, have you seen all the LG’s on VZW??? STFU!

      • Wilma Flintstone

        you mean like this swizzlestix:

        I just had to do it. Ha(2x)!Anywho you make a good point.

  • jmts80

    Not for me but the more the Android phones T-mobile gets the better imho!

    • pimpstrong

      I’ll take a small, medium, and large Anroid over EIGHT small ones thank you.


    next please



  • analog spirit

    LOL How do they come up with some of these names? Basil? Seriously? And are they going to name their next phones Rosemary and Thyme? Saffron, maybe? How about Paprika? LOL
    Maybe I shouldn’t be giving them any ideas… LOL

    • beerbellybilly

      The Paprika…niiice :) All rusty and speckly-looking. Bet there will be a leafy-green one for NW US called the Oregono.

      • analog spirit

        LOL!!! Nice…

      • Wilma Flintstone

        the Oregono runs Android.

    • the guy

      and introducing the newest tmobile phone…

      the t-mobile lawry’s seasoning salt.

      • analog spirit

        LOL! Or how about 2 of them; a white and a black version, and call them “Salt” and “Pepper.” The Lawry’s could be the “special edition.” LOL

      • Still Wing-in It

        LOL LOL you guys are silly! If The Lawry’s has all the right specs, I would buy it!

      • wtfci

        No way. I actually like Lawry’s Seasoning Salt. It goes with much more than my T-Mobile products.

      • BeerBellyBilly

        I can’t wait to hear the main ringer on this phone: Parsley, Sage, Rosemaaarry and Thyyymme!!!” Always liked old Simon & Garfunkel :)

      • analog spirit

        OK, maybe we are being a bit silly here, but a silly name like “Motorola Basil” deserves a few equally silly comments thrown at it (maybe more than just a few). LOL

    • pimpstrong

      LOL nice

      The whole rest of the world gets the almighty “Samsung Galaxy S” while these US companies gotta be arogant and change the name to “make it their own” GTFOH!

  • 2FR35H

    I thought Motorol Motori was the Basil? so when are we getting motoroi love?

    • J-Hop2o6

      u can get it now… unlocked.. and its compatible with T-Mobile 3G also.. its called Motorola XT720

      • 2FR35H

        cool thanks

      • Alex

        How much and what website?

  • phone master


  • just give me my cliqxt 2.1 update already

    • WXman

      X4,569,391!! If they don’t start taking their phones seriously and keeping the software fresh (which TMO SUCKS at)…then NO ONE is going to want to keep buying this crap they release in the future.

  • MT3G user

    Will it be HSPD+ ? I think this is the only question out there for a TMobile Android phone.

  • Bobomo

    Was kind of hoping it was the XT720, because that has a nice camera for all the flash-whiners. But whatever, I think this might a cool phone for some younger kids who want to stand out in the crowd with a square phone.

  • NiiDiddy

    This would be a good Blackberry-like, Android business phone, imho. Though that’s probably not what they are shooting for with this model. It’ll work for those BB business folk who want to try out Android but don’t want to because so far there’s no Android phone with a vertical keyboard attached to the screen, like the BBs have them.

    • SwizzleStix

      Maybe, I was thinking this was more the teen-Android phone, a sort of long lost 3rd cousin to the Sidekick type thing.

    • wtfci

      Blackberry owns the enterprise. It is silly for the Android project to take a fickle approach to penetrating the enterprise. It’s a big market with huge profits. The iPhone is having a difficult time cracking it, but it’s making up for that with the mere volume of devices flooding the market.

      T-Mobile is selling to teens living off their parents money. That is their primary market.

  • tracksforhire

    am waiting on the HTC pepperoni with front facing camera

    • analog spirit

      LOL! Sweet…

  • Logic

    This is the perfect counter to the Droid X announcement!

    • NiiDiddy

      lol…sarcastic? :)

  • nell_z

    I dont mean to complain but damn… it so hard to get just a few GREAT Android phones instead of lots of subpar ones. Say for instance, Im not gonna knock this phone; there are plenty of people who want a Blackberry like Android phone. But what happened to the Motoroi that was coming? What about the FFC the Galaxy S has that we’re not getting? Not saying Im gonna leave anytime soon, but why is it that T-Mobile loves to keep the good stuff locked in and the mainstream stuff are the things we find out first? Why cant they take a page from Sprint or even Verizon? I dont get it…..maybe Im just bitching.

    • J-Hop2o6

      The Moto XT720 (aka Motoroi) is released now with T-Mobile 3G.. but no info if T-Mo will carry it.. but u can buy it now tho.. and all US carriers took out the FFC.. it JUST started to (officially) creep into the US market THIS year.. first the HTC Evo 4G (Sprint).. then the Nokia E73 “Mode” (T-Mobile USA).. and now the iPhone 4.. remember how the Euro version of the HTC TP2 had a FFC? but when it came to the US market, ALL 4 carriers stripped it out! so no, its not only T-Mo,, its the US market.. they are now making it more mainsream.. im guessing Q4 (2011 mostly) will be when its more widespread in the US market.

    • SwizzleStix

      I don’t think you’re bitching, but I think everyone needs to not be so caught up with every single phone announcement. every carrier is going to have dumb/feature phones and low-end smartphones in their stock because there are people out there who don’t want a superphone.

      Does T-mobile suffer from a lack of great Android ‘superphone’ right now? YES. INDEED.

      Does that mean every single new handest they add to their catalog is going to be a superphone? no. Bitching about Basil is like bitching about the Samsung Gravity. Uh, that’s NOT the point of this phone. No one said Basil is competing with EVO or N1.

  • Eddie Android

    Keep walking….

  • Eddie Android

    So I guess no XT720 huh?

    • J-Hop2o6

      don’t know yet.. but i doubt it since its released now.. but it works on T-Mo 3G tho.


    T-MOBILE = Providing great prices / Bring your own phone :)

    • GreenTea

      They are starting to lose that price edge. Sprint has better prices and better phones. Their service is the only thing that sucks. Considering I’m more of a data/texter anyway they are starting to look more and more appealing.

    • analog spirit

      I may have to do just that; bring my own phone. ‘Cos right now (and probably for at least the next month or two), T-Mo just doesn’t have anything that I want to upgrade to. So I wouldn’t mind bringing my own phone. I just wish I wouldn’t have to, in order to get the phone that I really want to spend that much money on.

  • tmobluv

    epic fail. anybody seen my complete i need season the food

    • analog spirit

      LOL! Yeah, it’s like Motorola’s marketing staff were in the kitchen rummaging thru the cupboards searching for some condiments to season something with, when they had their big epiphany as to what to name this phone.

  • LSxChevelle

    Good phone for some…not for me. All T-Mobile 3G phones can use the HSPA+ network. They are capped at 7.2mbps except for the Cliq and Cliq XT with a cap of 10.1mbps. I wonder if the Basil will be the same 10.1 cap?

    • Regular Joe

      Excuse me? No. Cliq and Cliq XT are 7.2. As far as I know the only 10mbps phone that works with tmob 3g is the N900.

    • Regular Joe

      And according to phonearena the XT720 is also 10.2Mbps…but def not the cliq or cliq xt

      • Matlock

        Also the Nokia E73 can do up to 10 also!!

      • pimpstrong

        According to phonearena the Vibrant is 21Mbps. I don’t know about them anymore after that.

  • steelpanther01

    I REALLY don’t want to beat a dead horse here, but really?! I’m typing this from a Cliq just because I’m still debating between an Evo and I’d hate to say it….iphone. its been real, its been fun…..but its not fun being the redheded stepchild of this company. Nice try…

    • lev

      Speaking from someone who has an evo for the last 2 and a half weeks, it is a phenomenal phone, best phone I ever used, paying about the same tmo was charging me, probably going to stay with it and cancel tmo

      • Wilma Flintstone

        exactly. Completely agree.

  • Danny

    another crappy phone,,,

  • SoonerSaint12

    Why can’t T-mobile even name a phone well?

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Boy I can’t wait until that new CEO or whatever he is comes from overseas and takes over. We should see much better devices like the overseas Tmo has once that happens. Key word being “Should” but it’s not a guarantee.

  • HaVoKtek

    Damn even more ridicule I have to face in the I.T. department. DAMN you t-mobil!!!!

  • CactusCat

    Hi guys. Not a regular here but have been monitoring the Tmo rumors for a while and like to read the comments. Really guys…come on. Let’s see, Tmo was able to offer the super cool (at the time) Nexus One just 6 months ago. Since then there have been some new offerings from the other guys which diminish the Nexus One somewhat (Evo, iPhone 4, etc) but to be honest the Nexus is still really a great phone. I’m an old timer Tmo user (about 8 yrs now) and this stuff cycles. I bought a G1 last year but had big time envy when the Nexus came out. So I got a Nexus locally from an individual and am loving it. But now… the rumors of the superphone… that’ll keep me very interested. And after my short stint with ATT (my orig carrier), I’m stickin’ with Tmo and don’t feel bad (red-headed step child?). They’ll have the Nexus in the stores soon and just give it a little time. Of course, as soon as the new superphone comes out, there’ll be something better from some other competitor a few months later. Hang in there guys…. Peace

    • Excuse me? Nexus One is a great phone and all, but what T-Mobile store you can walk into and buy a Nexus One? You can’t even see the phone in person anywhere, you have to buy it online essentially, not even from the tmo site!

      You cant really count the nexus one since you cant actual call t-mobile on the phone, or go into a store and actual buy one, OR EVEN HOLD ONE IN YOUR HAND. Let alone the fact that there is no upgrade discount on the pretty steep price of the phone.

      I have been with t-mobile for 7 years, and although I like the costumer service, and rates, the phones leave A LOT TO BE DESIRED. Even before the android days, t-mobile lagged behind even when feature phones where king. Remember how verizon had the LG Chocolate, and there was the RAZR, SLVR, enV, Crave, and tons of other high profile feature phone that T-mobile never got or got long after everyone stopped caring.

      Even LG, who is just this year starting to produce phones for T-mobile, started the relationship with 2 FEATURE PHONES!? IN 2010!? It must be some joke, that companies that offer such powerful and compelling offerings elsewhere, bring their F game to T-mobile, even giving small regional carriers attractive options.

      Sony’s only T-mobile offerings are two free with contract bare bones feature phones. Nokia has like 8 thousand offerings that no one wants, and the best the the company has to offer cant even respectably stand up to the number 2 or three phone of their competition. Im sticking with tmobile because of their customer sevice and rates, but their phones make that a very hard decision to stick to.

      • SEFan

        I’m with this guy. If the Nexus One had rolled as a T-Mobile phone a lot of the annoyance that’s been seen here of late would not exist. When it dropped the Nexus was a cutting-edge device. It’s still first-tier, but it’s still NOT a T-Mobile phone. It’s a Google phone that runs T-Mobile’s frequencies, just like the N900 is a Nokia that runs on T-Mo. Why couldn’t T-Mobile take full advantage of this device? What else were they bringing that was so great that they could pass on the Nexus? Cliq XT? Don’t waste my time. MyTouch Slide? Not bad; if it wasn’t a slider I might have bought one. But certainly not in the top ranks.

    • Getreal

      Hey Cactus,

      I have been with Tmo for 7 years now. In that period of time Tmo has always lagged behind the other carriers for devices. Now that the devices are getting more advanced, that lag is becoming especially greater. By the time Tmo gets the Nexus One the iPhone 5 might be here. The Nexus One, although revolutionary when released, is becoming more dated as the day goes by. It is not just the statistics that make the phones impressive but how they integrate hardware and software together to make a user experience simplicity. For example it is very easy to shoot video, edit it, and post it to a password protected site on iPhone 4. On Nexus one it might be, but most people don’t understand how to sync it and the fact that Google doesn’t advertise how “simple” it is, is a downfall.

      Like I have been saying, Tmo is and has been great. HOWEVER, the gap between company offerings is widening to such a degree that even I, as loyal as I am, am going to likely be jumping ship in the very near future.

    • pimpstrong

      Cactus just opened a flood gate all by his lonesome. I’ma just back up the fact that the N1 is an awsome phone that will be a top tier phone even a year after its release. But it is still NOT a T-mobile phone just as much as one of those unlocked Nokia phones or the International SGS operating on T-mobiles bands is not a T-mobile phone. Saying that the N1 is a Tmobile phone is only for the purpose of defending T-mobile’s line up of phones. Truth of the matter is as of right now they carry SEVEN small ass midranged Android phones and thats it. The Vibrant will FINALLY break the vicious cycle, followed by a murderous HTC and then hopefully once Motorola hits a wall after giving the VZW customers everything they could ever hope for, we will get some nasty beast of a phone like the DROID X

      • analog spirit

        Man, I hope you’re right about that… A GSM version of a high-end HTC Android phone (e.g. the EVO) and the Droid X for T-Mo would be glorious…

  • bfhmd68
    • me

      So where is the vote button on that page? There is no way in hell I’m gonna let that piece of SHT Mytouch win!!! That would be like someone letting MickeyDs fries win over a homemade fully stuffed with the works baked potato. You should not have wasted your money on a crap piece of h/w like that. W T F were you thinking?

    • Reece

      wow @ the mytouch slide actually winning



      ……….REALLY?! :|

  • Getreal

    Ugly and out of date. I wonder how they did it. Well at least I know where the Pontiac Aztec engineer went after he got canned.

  • epic


  • mtnman

    Well I think the reason Tmo don’t come out with the latest and greatest phones is because of them being No.4. In the cell phone business. Another thing is, I think is a lot has to do with upper managment and the out going CEO. Being No. 4 they don’t have the money to spend like the other 3 do, so they concentrate more on service and cheep plans. But tmo also has to realilize that most of the cell phone users today are either teens, or in their 20s and they don’t really care about the “Cheap” plan or the service. They just want the lattest and greatest, so when their with there friends they can show off and say ” I’ve got the blah blah blah phone, what do you have?” Now granted I graduated with a degree in IT, and I love to have the best phone as well, but in the end when I’m stuck by the side of the road at 1am, I have to ask myself what do I really want my phone to do?

    • bobeotm

      I don’t know if I buy them being behind because they are the 4th largest carrier. Because that doesn’t explain why US Cellular and Southern Link, companies that are MUCH smaller, would get android phones that are much better than any of our offerings. US Cellular got the droid some months back, which even though is an older phone now, is still better than anything Tmobile currently has (including the mytouch slide). Southernlink got a motorola phone that is better than any of the models currently sold on tmobile.

      I am not asking for the best phone on earth, Just one that actually makes some attempt at keeping up with the times and the competition. Heck, we even got the worst version of the Samsung galaxy s. Other companies got versions with slide out keyboards, dual cameras, and the like, and we got the most basic version that exists. Even smaller companies than T-mobile are going to be getting one. Why can’t T-mobile attract better phones, or at least make corporate policy to provide more compelling device options to their customers.

      • pimpstrong

        I’m with you for the most part but ATT also got the stripped down version of the SGS and VZW & US Cell will more than likely end up getting the same naked version. People are confused due to the fact that websites are using the SGS stock phote for those two companies that shows a FFC but there is no mention of the variants actually having one.

    • wtfci

      Good comment.

      I’ve asked younger people I meet if they like smartphones. By younger I mean the type that are just started to earn some money for themselves and ergo tend to sleep in different places other than their home more and more. In other words, those that need battery life and connectivity above all else. Must…stay…connected.

      These people hate smartphones. Some have two phones. They’re prime GSM customers. They’re pretty savvy about it too. They’re the guy that 25 years ago had a commuter car and the muscle car in the garage. You drive the model that helps you with that day’s objective.

      So when I see these new devices the first thing I look at is battery life. Then I look at full MSRP.

  • randy

    I’ve never wanted to leave tmobile so bad….how could they have not thought of the Evo 4g….

    • Viktory2K10

      Listen the evo is a great phone but t-mobile has there “4g” network going up just as fast as sprint (FYI in Connecticut sprint has yet to get there 4G up but t-mobile has upgraded most the 3G network to there “4G” speeds) so they should launch there “4G” phone soon (might be the HTC Vision but how knows) so hopefully they are just trying to get the crap out of the way (and I don’t mean the Samsung Vibrant)


  • TMOprophet

    THis is too funny, This Basil was supposed to be a cooler phone, wow leave it to TMobile.I think they are so out touch with the customer base right now.

  • JAG

    I’d like to try it, looks great

  • Gooodgawd

    I would love to sit in the TMobile buyer meeting with Motorola, Samsung or any other phone maker. This is pretty much how the conversation would go.

    Phone Maker – “Hey, want to buy any of our awesome phones?”

    Tmobile – “No, how about we buy every single piece of shi*t that you have?”

    Phone Maker – “Sold”

  • pimpstrong

    This is the lovechild of the DROID and the DROID X. And we get it yeeeaaahh!!

  • mikeeeee

    there are 33 million t-mo customers and churn is about 1% so 300,000 people are constantly changing.

    looks like the majority of people on t-mo news are whining about something or another.

    if they followed the churn, why are they still here month after month whining?

    if the basil/charm has all the features of a blackberry, +UMA, i’m getting it.

    i+ think it’s pretty clever, a BB9700 running ANDROID.

    just like the nokia E73, BB9700 running symbian.

    in a preceding post someone mentioned a shakeup at the corporate level.

    the new guys are going to have to make their bones and we’ll benefit.

    • Same goes for me. I sold my Motorola Cliq and got an E73 with UMA. I’m happy and personally love Nokia phones.

      If an Andoid device WITH UMA came to T-Moible USA then it would sell. You listening T-Mobile USA? And this is a stretch but if it had a real QWERTY keyboard; oh my…. << Thats all I have to say ;)

      • mikeeeee

        @quailallstar, i understand 3.0 is going to have HID bluetooth. if it does hunt down a ‘stowaway bluetooth keyboard’.

        it might work on a nokia E-73 with the nokia keyboard driver (i think it still can be had on nokia europe’s site).

        i had one paired with my E-70 and it rocked.

  • pimpstrong

    Where’s the T-Mobile McCormick?

  • SEFan

    Hmmm… I suppose if you aren’t comfortable with touchscreen-only devices, and don’t care for slideout keyboards this could work. An Android Blackberry I can see. But with Motoblur?? Guess we’ll see…

  • needs a phone

    where can you buy an unlocked xt720 for tmobile?

  • Borg

    When will the T-Mobile Bacon Salt be released?

  • raymond

    i’ve ported my number from t mobile to sprint been trying to call and figure how they are charging me for two whole months instead of just 1 keep getting put on hold and hung up on very mature t mobile -_-

  • Tarzanman

    Mid range phone announcements don’t bother me. Lack of high end phone announcements DO bother me.

    To you people bashing AT&T:

    AT&T already has a single high-end smart-phone to keep its customers happy.
    Sprint finally got one (the Evo) and Verizon has like 3 or 4.

    Basically, even with all their problems, AT&T is making a better effort at keeping their offerings competitive. I don’t think T-mobile needs a line-up of half-a-dozen smart phones. ONE, non-crippled, full featured phone would keep me (and others like me) satisfied.

    Its not the Vibrant, and I refuse to drop $200+ on an upgrade/phone I can’t try out and hold in my hands before I buy (a la the NexusOne).

    Now is the SUMMER of T-mobile subscribers’ discontent.

  • Inco

    So when do we get the Motorola Minestrone?

    • Reece


      That XT720 Milestone was what I was REALLY hoping for :(

      I’m very disappointed… that was gonna be my next phone & everything, what a letdown.. thought I was gonna get an awesome performer only to see a blackberry ripoff. Sad sad stuff here :(

  • dave

    I guess my only problem is that Verizon announced the droid x and we get the Basil. I mean even the name is lame. I think ill hold out until the Jesus phone from HTC comes out. God I hope this thing exist!

    • Reece

      For T-Mobile’s sake it better exist

    • Inco

      HTC/T-Mobile MyTouch Messiah, anyone?

  • Reece


    Really T-Mobile?! I was dreaming of the XT720 dammit! WHY?! MOTOROLA EVEN MADE IT COMPATIBLE FOR YOUR DAMN NETWORK!! This would’ve been a great lineup for those of us aware that the XT720 would be equal/better then snapdragons while better camera then what the Galaxy S has. This would’ve been PERFECT.. PERFECT!! YET… YOU GIVE US THIS INSTEAD?! REALLY?! AGAIN.. MOTOROLA MADE IT COMPATIBLE FOR YOUR DAMN NETWORK!! THIS WAS AN ALLEY OOP DUNK FOR A 12 FOOT TALL PERSON WHO DON’T EVEN NEED TO JUMP!

    Dammit, I was day dreaming of Scarlett Johansson or Beyonce… and now in the last minute switchup trap me trying to choose between RuPaul and Precious.. that’s just all types of awful :(

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  • RICO

    This is an ugly ass phone!