Motorola Charm on its Way?

Maybe you aren’t digging the MyTouch Slide or the Samsung Vibrant.  Well, it looks as though Motorola will be giving T-Mobile customer’s another Android pick, and it might be charming.  Dubbed the Motorola Charm, which we think might be the Motorola Basil from a while back, this portrait qwerty, candybar Android phone will surely make some people happy.  This is reportedly running the new and improved Motoblur, with scalable widgets and enhanced Facebook and Twitter integration, all powered by Android 2.1.  This new Motoblur should hit the Cliq and Cliq XT as well, so look for that in the future.  Aside from that, not much is know about this phone.  Stay tuned for more information and, as always, leave your thoughts in the comments!


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  • AlmostGone

    Another boring phone. EVO 4G or Droid x here I come.

    • bfhmd68

      Just because it’s not a giant 4.3 inch screen with a 1ghz processor does not mean its boring. This is a new form factor not yet seen with android on any major carrier, so no, it’s not boring.

      • Davidohio

        Almostgone needs to go already and get his evo or whatever and stop whining. This is a decent android phone but not for me.

      • Seamus

        it’s something different than what’s out there right now; not every T-Mobile customer is a power user and I’m sure there’s some Dash or Blackberry users that will find this phone at least a little interesting.

    • wack mode

      another boring comment hahaha this guy is wack get out of here

    • Chris

      Don’t threaten…leave! We all will be glad to see you gone, and when you do, lose this web address. LOL!

    • andrew

      this phones are for teens

    • HurryUpLeave

      You need to be “AlreadyGone”! Just leave you nimrod

    • david

      Hold up peps. Maybe this not the phone for you. Right? Okay no problem I’m sure that there will be some people that will go for this phone. The way I look at it is this has a crack berry look to it and that will be something that some other people will like. It’s not for me either and it might be more of a low to mid range phone. That’s cool. It’s all in the name of the OS system. Andriod!

    • Kyle

      I agree with AlmostGone. The fact of the matter is sure, there are phones for every demographic, and this may not be mine, but T-Mobile doesn’t carry a single high end phone that I want. Their only big high end phone is the HD2, but Windows Mobile is a huge turn off for me. And the Galaxy S/ Vibrant looks kinda nice, but I’ve seen how Samsung handles software updates *coughBeholdIIcough* and the word TouchWiz makes me dry heave. So I too am looking to jump ship for Sprint and some Evo 4G goodness. So the rest of you can go ahead and pretend that you’re happy with every phone that T-Mobile brings out aimed at middle schoolers, while those of us who are done being faithful to a company that doesn’t serve to our desires will go where the phones are.

      • dominique

        amen as soon as college starts for me Verizon here i come t-mobile..bye sorry

      • Chris

        Get that high priced Sprint why don’t ya? :) Don’t look to jump, jump now, now, NOW! I’m not happy with every phone that TM comes out with. Just tired of all these people saying, “I am leaving, if they don’t do this, or that”. Maybe you like paying more for service. Which is what you are about to do just so you can have a EVO.

      • Kyle

        Actually, that’s not the case at all, Chris. Right now, I’m on a family plan with 2 other people. I’m the only one who has data, and we share 1000 minutes and unlimited texting. For the same price on Sprint, we can all three have data, on a better network (I don’t get 3G coverage in Tallahassee, which is where I spend 95% of my year), 1500 minutes, with Any Mobile Anytime, and unlimited texting. Where’s it more expensive? I only see a much better value. Yes, VZW and AT&T are heads and shoulders more expensive. Sprint is neck and neck with T-Mobile on pricing. The only way it’ll be more expensive is the 10 dollar a month fee for the EVO, which I’m more than willing to pay for such an excellent phone. Just waiting on the other 2 contracts to end. I’ll ETF out of mine because I’ve got another year and a half.

    • mr.atx512

      to bfhmd68 and Davidohio ARE YOU SERIOUS?

  • bjfam83

    Sucks. Come on T-Mobile

  • Moniclaude

    I’m not interested. I just want more new blackberries to come out. Every andriod phone looks the same.

    • chris

      hahahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahhahaahhaha u say every android phone looks the same, yet u praise blackberry

    • hineschr

      This looks like no other android phone. Please link me to a similar android phone. I’ll wait

      • bfhmd68


  • WXman

    Sure. Rather than updating the phones they’ve got and keeping them fresh, they’ll just issue a whole new phone. That’s brilliant. Why not take care of your CURRENT customers first…so that they might want to buy another Motorola phone later?

    • RockTripod

      Apparently, you missed the AndroidSpin and Engadget articles stating that Moto is updating the original Cliq’s to this software.

      • Serotheo

        Yay :) lol wasn’t quite sure i understood the statement in the article lol, not a fan of blur but if its going to have this improvement i’m in, haha ( i have a cliq great hardware for mid range).

  • 007

    People will buy this phone because…….
    It’s a ugly version of blackberry….

  • Elias

    Oooh I’m liking this phone. This may finally get me to switch from my BlackBerry 8900. :)

  • jayy336

    Another LOW-END phone. COME ON T-MOBILE!!!!!!!. wheres your HIGH-END MONSTERS?!!?!? pretty much ALL of VZWs line-up is a high end phone, While T-Mobile stays with the Mid-range ones. Hopefully the HTC Vision changes all of that, i still believe in you T-Mo…..i think.

    • jayysux

      Yeah…along with VZW’s “high end” BILLS

      • dominique

        the way things are going with t-mobile I’m willing spend and extra 10 dollars a month own Verizon

    • RockTripod

      Vibrant, jayy. How is it that you have somehow missed that phone?

      • Kyle

        How is that you’ve missed the Behold II debacle? The lack of a promised 2.1 update and a terrible skin over Android. That is enough to turn me away from any Samsung Android phone, even if it is the most well-specced Android phone T-Mobile offers.

      • Matlock

        Hey to all the idiots who keep on pointing to the Behold 2, just STOP!!! The Behold 2 was a flop from the day it came out. In my store it, sat in stock without moving for the longest time. I dont think that any of my co-workers have sold one since the Cliq XT came out. So, now tell me would spend development money on a phone that isnt selling at all!?!?!

        The Vibrant on the other hand will be a very good seller and I believe will def get updates to future versions of Android!!

        So please stop comparing the SGS/Vibrant to the Behold 2!!

      • Kyle

        Hey Matlock. You can’t tell me the Behold II was a fluke. From my experience, every version of TouchWiz has been an exercise in ruining perfectly good OS’s. And when your overlay is ruining WM, that’s saying something. I will never buy a TouchWiz device. To be honest, I feel that something is just missing in Samsung’s smart phones. They make decent specced phones, but there’s always something wrong with them. If it isn’t TouchWiz, it’s something else. I won’t drop the money and sign 2 years of my life away to a phone that I hope is a change of pace for Samsung. They need to prove their phones are worth my money, as both HTC and Motorola have done, for me at least. And hey idiot. Samsung promised an update to 2.1. Commercial success or not, they should have delivered on their promise. If that’s how they treat their current customers, why would I want to buy a Samsung device?

  • drmosh

    Not everyone wants a big bulky screen with no real keyboard. This form factor is good for quick texting and typing…

  • Bobomo

    The complainers are out in force again!

    This phone isn’t my cup of tea, but the more phones the better I say!

    • Davidohio

      Agreed! I wish there was a blog for grown ups.

  • hineschr

    Looks a bit wide.

  • duhh

    Well Tmo might have one less outsourcer since looking at the picture you can see their name stamped in the screen shot. Might want to crop that picture a bit more :)

  • GreenTea

    Yawns…Another children’s phone

  • tpavey

    Looks like a Blackberry to me, meaning the same problems Blackberry phones have. The biggest issue is less than ideal screen for web browsing. The other issue is something more to do with Android and the fact that there is no standard aspect ratio. That makes a big difference when it comes to apps and such. This phone does not, however, have Blackberry’s superior email capabilities or business support at this time. I’m not seeing the target audience for this phone.

  • bubbles

    Does tmobile_usa have a deal with carriers to get all the lame devices. While this may satisfy blackberry devices, what about power users who want high end devices. I atleast happy ur getting the samsung galaxy, however if the original version of the galaxy unlocked works on tmobile_usa, i will get that one instead.

    • J-Hop2o6

      yea,, but w/o 3G smart one.. so you’ll be stuck on EDGE speeds.. smh

      but this phone isn’t for me, but this form factor is a first for tmo (is it the first ever?), so its a nice start-off addition.. is this the Moto Brasil that was in the screenshot link?

  • TmoNinja

    Seriously? If you don’t like it, either wait it out or go somewhere else. We have plenty of customers who enjoy phones that are small, mid-range devices such as this. In the store I manage this phone would sell just fine. I know how some of you feel. I’m a power user. I’ve been in a Nexus One, an HD2, an 8900, 9700, G1, etc etc. I have lines that I steal upgrades from family members on so I can have the latest and greatest phone. I call in and get early upgrades. I even get phones at full cost and sell my old ones on eBay, but if you don’t like what we have and you’re that unhappy and you haven’t learned by now, you’re welcome to the door. VZW, Sprint, etc. would be happy to have you. On the other hand, so are we, but don’t expect miracles. What we get, is what we get. That’s it.

    • Brandon

      Way to live the “Get em’ keep em'” value…. “manager”…..

      • TmoNinja

        Brandon, personally my location has been awarded multiple awards for low CHURN, high customer satisfaction, high customer VOC scores and audits. However, it gets to the point where customers need to understand that T-Mobile as well as other companies such as Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T do not produce the phone. Maybe, if customers were willing to pay more for the phones, we could get a better line-up. Notice the companies that keep getting these phones you all want, for example the iPhone and the Evo have higher data rates. They charge for tethering.

        Everyone in life has this sense of give me, give me now, and give me free. Customers need to get rid of their sense of entitlement. Nothing should be free. You want an Android superphone with the latest & greatest, well then be prepared to pay for it. Oh, and guess what. Don’t complain when a hard working store manager doesn’t want to offer Even More Plus plans any more. Because we get paid on CONTRACTS.

      • Bobomo

        @TmoNinja – Can I ask you a serious question? If a customer has a grandfathered voice/text plan and is out of contract, how valuable is it to a store for them to come in and sign a new 2-year agreement and add data, keeping the grandfathered voice/text?

      • TmoNinja


        It depends on the store. I know some corporate managers who refuse to let upgrade customers keep their grandfathered plans. At my store I have terminated sales reps for this practice. If you come to my store for an upgrade, and just want to add data and sign a new 2 yr contract, that’s fine and that’s the way it should be. Anyone who tells you otherwise is wrong and you should call customer care immediately.

      • Bobomo

        @TmoNinja – Thanks for the advice… I heard about stores holding out on HD2 upgrades and giving them to new customers only, and so I was a little worried. But I just didn’t know if reps get a bigger cut for adding a service like data, or if they get something good for getting a long time out-of-contract phone back onto an agreement, regardless of the rate.

        It’s nice to know how valuable your business is to a salesman, that way you know whether you can waste their time. If my business isn’t valuable to a sales rep – enough so that they would throw me some perks to buy from them – then I would just order through customer care and not waste their time.

      • TmoNinja


        Some stores were holding out on HD2 upgrades. It was pretty sad. As long as you’re upgrading, there is no reason to change the plan you are in if it fits your needs unless there is something that can save you money.

      • Brandon

        You get paid on post activations… even more plus are post activations… wow….. anyway, if you’re a store manager, why are you calling in to do upgrades on an employee rate plan? oh wait, you must be with the company less than 5 yrs and aren’t getting them for free… I call B.S.

      • Brandon

        @Bobomo – it depends what works best for you. If you’re on a grandfathered rate plan and are doing just fine with it there is no reason for you to switch to a new plan, even if you’re upgrading. However, a rep may try to right fit you into a new plan if for example: you’re using 200 mins a month and are on a 1000 minute rate plan. Their job is to try and save you money on your monthly bill as well. If anyone tries to get you to pay more for your voice/text and you’re not close to going over them, they are probably trying to scam you.

    • hineschr

      note. I am replying to your second post.

      What does data plans have to do with phone manufacturers. I’m not sure how it works not working in the phone industry or anything but it would seem like data plan costs are more tied to the carrier. I’m pretty sure HTC could care less whether or not sprint charges for tethering. So I do not see your point of how high data rates equal better phones for the providers?

      And in terms of pricing t mobile customers are perhaps paying the most for phones since t mobile offers them at unsubsidized rates. The most relevant subsidized phones never cost more than 200 anyway so again what point are you trying to make?

      • TmoNinja

        The data plans have nothing to do with manufacturers directly, but in the long run. T-Mobile makes money by charging you, the customer, for monthly services such as data services. If they could charge you more such as Verizon or AT&T do, then they would be able to build up their infrastructure to a level that companies like Apple would consider them viable bidders and serious contenders for devices like the iPhone. Instead, we have to play the waiting game.

        Verizon could have that device at the snap of their fingers if they wanted it. They have the backing revenue and the customer base. We just don’t have it. Even More Plus, while great for customers, is not a great business plan for T-Mobile. It loses the business money. Yes, the customers are paying an expensive amount for the phone up front, but for example at my store we do not sell Even More Plus plans unless the customer comes in with a T-Mobile phone purchased elsewhere. We will not sell you a phone at full retail price. We also do not offer EIP. My local district manager knows this as does his managers above him. We are not paid on Even More Plus plans, because they are non-contract. We would basically be losing inventory if we sold those phones full retail.

    • RockTripod

      Um, why are you saying you don’t get paid on Even More Plus plans? Yes, you do. A postpaid activation still gets a rep 50% of the MRC. Granted, an Even More plan does get the rep, and by extension the manager, more commission, but you do still get paid. In point of fact, you are being pretty unethical by not selling one of our rate plans. You do not lose money on the sale. You just don’t make as much. That’s kind of distressing that this is how you sell our products. Other than that, I agree with most of what you said, but that’s still a pretty big deal.

      • TmoNinja


        You are probably going on the assumption that the location is a corporate retail location which it is not. The location is a T-Mobile Limited location which is being told by T-Mobile corporate representatives not to sell Even More Plus. This is because as a Limited location we have to purchase our own inventory such as the devices and accessories. When our account representatives visit from T-Mobile corporate they actually are the ones who make the decision to pull all the merchandising advertising EM+ plans from our locations.

        Like I said, if a customer brings their own handset in I will gladly offer them Even More Plus so that they can save money and I do not deny that these plans exist, but in the instance of our economic situation it isn’t logical to push these plans in our locations.

        Now, if T-Mobile we’re take more responsibility for the inventory of it’s “exclusive retailers” in the Limited program then we would gladly sell phones at retail price and participate in EM+, but when their corporate trained account reps are the ones coming in telling me as a store manage NOT to sell Even More Plus, then I have to listen. Also, T-Mobile are the ones who wont allow Limited locations to participate in the EIP program.

        It gets complicated and sticky. We look like a duck, we quack like a duck, but we’re not a duck. We’re modeled to be a T-Mobile corporate, we operate like a T-Mobile corporate, but they tell us not to be like T-Mobile corporate.

      • Brandon

        Ohhhh this makes perfect sense now… he isn’t a “real” store manager… he’s one of those managers that has to send all of his customers to our locations to do the real work.

      • ExistentialTechie

        ooooh Brandon, come on. That’s not fair. What gives you the right to call him/her a “real” manager. I also work for a company in Florida that runs over twenty T-Mobile Limited locations. Unlike TmoNinja, we do sell Even More Plus though. We do try to limit the amount of retail phone we sell, but we allow it. The only thing T-Mobile corporate doesn’t allow us to participate in is the Equipment Installment Plan, as TmoNinja mentioned earlier.

        I have to admit I take offense when you say, we managers can’t do anything and have to send people to you. We can do early upgrades. Hell, we even opened at 8:00 A.M. on Father’s Day for the sale and participated and gave out our phones for free just like you did. We do SIM card changes, we give out free SIM cards when they go bad. We do bill pays. So please, enlightment me, how am I not a real manager?

        I understand that there may be some bad apples in the exclusive retailer program or under the Limited name, but T-Mobile Limited stores are quickly being made to mirror corporate stores. Soon most of our stores will not have Limited on the name. We’re working to have the Limited removed from our branding so that when someone comes in we’re allowed to answer that we are a corporate store.

        On the other hand, TmoNinja, Brandon has a point. You need to service your customers better. The Limited program is supposed to be EXCLUSIVE for a reason. Your owners went through a rigorous process to get into the program and go through many audits. Please re-think your position on thinks like Even More Plus. Yes, our companies pay for our inventory outright, but with the upcoming changes on things like T-Mobile offering to possibly purchase into our inventory that might change.

        Just my two cents.

    • hineschr

      Verizon is not some magician who can snap their fingers and end At&t exclusive agreement with Apple. Verizon has been kicking themselves for turning down the iphone for years. All the “droid does” and “there’s a map for that” ad campaigns we verizon’s little hissy fits for not being able to get the iphone.

      And please, tmobile makes plenty of money. Texting costs next to nothing for these companies. They are laughing straight to the bank.

      I see no reason why they would lose money when out of contract buyers are paying almost the same price as in contract customers on a month to month basis. I do not even work in the cell phone industry and I know profit is not made at the point of sale anyway.

  • pimpstrong

    Introducing the first ever HSPA+ phone. Brought to you by T-Mobile

  • mad dog

    Its fahqing ugly. It looks like a blackberry and a nokia had a baby. Off topic but I finally played with the mts. While it is zippy the 4 row keyboard rules it out for me. I have yet to find a current phone with a keyboard that matches the g1.

    • Dale Murphy

      the G1 does have a great keyboard.

      • Mardenator

        true dat.. i’ve been rockin’ a G1 for almost a year now

    • hineschr

      I hate keyboard phones that don’t have dedicated numbers row. Its a phone for crying out loud

  • Gpk

    Intresting but not for me. I will be keeping my cliq!

  • Ace


  • watbetch

    I’m just happy to hear that “Most of these enhancements are coming to the CLIQ and CLIQ XT” even though I won’t have my CLIQ for long.

    If T-Mobile prices this phone correctly, it should sell extremely well.

    I think we need to face facts, at the moment.. Motorola is putting all their chips on Verizon.

    • bfhmd68

      Very true. I was just thinking that earlier about Motorola and Verizon.

    • bfhmd68

      Very true. I was just thinking that earlier about Motorola and Verizon, but at least T-Mobile is second on Motorola’s list. Seeing as Sprint and At&t only have one Motorola Android device each. At&t (Backflip) Sprint (i1).

    • SoonerSaint12

      Yes, they are, but it’s more likely T-mobile isn’t be aggressive on getting new devices.

  • Barry

    well said Davidohio I wish ppl would leave go get their evo, Droid x droid2 iPhone4 cancer cure phones rollout and stfu. Am I thrilled over this phone not at all or the mt3gs but I’ll wait or maybe I’ll go who cares I know no one here does or wants to read about it. The thing we on this site fail to realize and I was blind to this until a couple weeks ago. there is a marker for mid-range phones like this we’re the “phone geeks” our device is coming I can’t c T-Mobile neglecting the demand for high-end devices much longer.

    • dominique

      you said you will wait but what happens if they don’t deliver, i believe t-mobile is focusing on there flagship phones which are the mytouch and the mytouch slide after awhile you are going to get tied of waiting for them like i am, i love t-mobile service and all but they need to build there smart phone line up are they will lose a great deal of customers and remain in fourth place.That’s my opinion.

  • Wicked1

    Man, Moto need to update the Cliq 1st before they start releasing phones withe new, improved Motoblur

  • Mardenator

    not to criticize Moto, but i just can’t see myself buying this phone.. ever. it’s a cool form factor (one that i actually like), but i wont buy it for 2 reasons. #1: the screen is too small. i’m not looking for a huge Evo-sized screen, but i want one that feels comfortably big. #2: It runs MotoBlur. That’s just a fail right there, even if it is 2.1. i had a Cliq for about 4 months, and i realized how crappy MotoBlur is, so i sold it and went back to my G1 & rooted it. Screw waiting for Moto to update the Cliq to 2.1 “in Q2 2010”.. htc ftw

  • El Guapo

    Wow I’m sure verizon and sprint are shaking in their boots

  • dsim91

    wow what a joke tmo gets the charm and verizon gets the DROID X . I feel like tmo customers are being punished, we get all the joke phones how pathetic .

  • raymond

    ?/?lmaoooooooooooooooo el guapo -_- i notice t mobile customers bash other phones -_- like the evo droid and droid x-_- really just because others have it doesnt mean we need to bash great phones -_-

  • random person

    pixi on steriods!

  • MyDixieWrecked

    Damn that phone looks really wide! Not sure sure how its gonna do with all new new bad boys out? I know the main focus is not to wow people with this phone, but don’t they know that the phone game has changed?

  • This phone does look wide, and I wish the screen was a little bit bigger (to me it seems like the OS looks pretty smushed on there, kind of like when you a see a really chubby baby and can’t help but to grab both of his or her cheeks and make them look like a fish). Haha, that’s the best analogy I could think of..

    Also, is the screen touch screen? If they made the actual form of the phone a little more appealing (maybe like the Dash 3G) then I think it will do very well (especially for those people who are looking for a mid-range Android phone).

  • skye

    verizon get the droid x…and we get this!!!get the f##k out of here motorola..give us a phone..not a childs play toy…this is nothing compared to the things you should be droping on tmobile..sure were the phone place company..doesnt mean we deserve this crap!!!!cliq..cliq xt..and this!!!at least something as beasty as the droid!!!

    • skye

      forth place company!!!

      • SPELLING

        …and first grade SPELLING from YOU! Moron!

  • alex32

    YES!. more crap phones from tmobile. woooow

  • DREW

    Yes I hope the vision is a phone that I can proudly say is the offical IPhone killer.. From what hear on the specs it just might be the phone tmoblie customers have been waiting for….

  • I sold my Motorola Cliq to some lady in Australia for 400 bucks on ebay ;)

    Got myself a UMA enabled Nokia E73 and couldn’t be more happy.

    Until a UMA enabled Android phone is released, I’m not going back to that OS.

    • mikeeeee

      i’m with you michael.

      i like my cliqXT well enough to keep it until UMA/ANDROID day.

      then i got 2 full upgrades.

  • Akulamenuri

    Im not sure who the target audience is suppose to be. Teens and tweens have the MyTouch and MotoCliq brands so this won’t serve a purpose for big texters, business types have the Blackberry for corportate integration so the familiar styling won’t net significant gains in this department, and power users won’t flock to yet another underpowered device when the CDMA competition is churning out Android devices with Snapdragon processors every month (May – Incredible, June – Evo, July – Droid X). At&t limits Android’s potential to please Jobs but T-Mobile is really getting the shaft. If the Nexus One would have been released in stores with an ordinary 2-year contract and without the ridiculous mandatory payment plan it gives T-Mobile a tremendous boost in the Android market share by having a Snapdragon device months before anyone in the US. T-Mobile, fire your marketing team and higher some of us so we can move you out of 4th place.

  • patrick


  • eYe

    This must be T-mobile biggest failure yet if not a single person on TmoNews said they would be getting this for sure. Say what you want but it is true, t-mobile is firmly in 4th place by now and its not going anywhere except for the 5th. The momentum is lost, people who would’ve otherwise stay for the right device are gone and under a contract with other companies. You say we will get Vision? That would be 6 months too late. Also, so much for all those people who were saying that Basil is Motoroi, feel free to pick up this piece of “Charm.”

  • Mohammad

    At the right side, why are some keys joined together? Looks like non-disjointed chromosomes.

  • jp

    F-n hell. This this is U-G-L-Y.

  • raymond

    i think like this sadly when t mobile releases this revolutionary marvel verizon and sprint will have already put out something that blows this device away -_- not trying to diss t mobile

  • This is not my cup of tea. It looks like a blackberry to me. It will be a middle of the road phone that will not stand out at all. I’m eligible for a full upgrade and want to use it carefully. I will wait for a top end phone.

  • cliqxt4free

    It really is mystifying to be on the outside looking in watching all of these subpar social networking phones dropping into the tmo lineup. I would have loved a nexus 1 but without the opportunity to use my subsidized upgrade, no way. And the HD2 releaed on Win 6.5? Puhleeze. The only reason I’m not crying from the rooftopsbin indignation is because I got my crappy little XT for free.

  • I just read on phonedog that HTC has a high demand for Amoled screens. They are going to offer a sony lcd screen option. This may have something to do with why there is such a long wait for the next good smartphone to hit TMO

  • TMOprophet

    Puke!!!!!, another UGLY, low to midrange, blackberry wannabe, teen and tween apealing, Motoblur covered POS, and I dont care what any of you say about how nice this phone is,,,your probably just a ignorant teen. OH and WATBETCH…I see you said u got the CLIQ…but you always seem to have some smartass comments for the BH2 owners..guess what I would take my BH2 update or not, over your crappy Cliq, The BH2 looks better, has a better screen and just flat out a better phone, I dont care if you’re getting 2.x on it…BH2 with 1.5 still better.

    • t-swaggr

      Cry bitch, cry!

      • TMOprophet

        WHY would I cry over a POS phone like this, Im not losing money on it! This is TMO’s problem. I isn’t my fault that they cant just get a nice phone for the real power users…However you must be one of the Cliq owning teenies…so this phone must be like way super cool to you…have fun A$$clown

    • El Guapo

      BH2 has 1.6. Believe me I know… unfortunately

      • TMOprophet

        Well mine as well as countless others still dont got 1.6====FAIL

  • Henry

    Great, another low-end, boring and ugly phone for Tmobile, it seems like if you want a powerfull and good looking for you got to search in some other carrier, cause tmobile only gives you phones for kids…. Tmobile is not doing nothing to atract customers like verizon is doing it…

  • going_home

    Why are almost all the phones aimed at teenagers and 20 somethings ? :(

    Most people I know, even if they do Facebook (and the majority think the social media is a mindless waste of time), could care less about posting on there from a phone.

    Motoblur smchmotoblur most adults could care less about social media so stop crapping up the new phones with the junk programs MOTO and HTC !

    Theres plenty of stuff on the Android market for the teenagers to download and use.


  • SoonerSaint12

    I’m beginning to see that T-mobile is geared towards people with little knowledge of the tech world. They are looking to sell crap to the general consumer, not great things to the smarter savvy consumers.

    • 12

      … yeah, and for every ONE of you whinny, loser “smarter savvy consumers” bitchin’ on here, there are 1000 “general consumers” that will BUY this phone! So who’s smart and savvy now? By the way, is the 12 after “SoonerSaint” your age…or IQ??? CRYBABY!!!

  • underdog378

    Are you jokers here serious? Do you REALLY think that this phone was released as a SUPER phone to compete with the likes of the EVO and Droid X?! Do you guys not know that all 4 companies release new low and mid range phones? For those who think that Verizon has all top end phones, I beg you to take a gander at the SUPER HIGH END Kin phones. I don’t think any of the kids on this forum could be happy unless T-Mobile replaced their entire phone lineup (from the clamshells to the vibrant) with a bunch of HTC snapdragon android phones. Pathetic.

    • Cybersedan


      Thanks for putting things in perspective, the way people on this forum talk you’d think that every phone in VZ’s line-up is a 1Ghz snapdragon Android phone with a 4.3 inch screen… geeesssh!!

  • Johny

    Androidandme posted something sayin thy wualicom however you spell it has just sent the first dual CPU snapdragon to htc nd they believe it also support tmo hspA+ service sorry for misprllin slot check their website Ull c wat I’m ttalkin bout

  • DREW

    Come on ” T-MOBILE” listen to all these customers that are complaining about the f—ing sorry ass phones that you are getting and do something about it.. I’ve been a loyal customer for 6 years strong, and from the sounds of these customers comments they have been to.. This goes out to the CEO of T-Mobile get off that nice leather chair that you are sitting on and get us a strong phone that we can brag about just like all those idiots are that are bragging about the damm Iphone…. All we ask is for a phone that is strong, has face, and is android, and that is browser fast, with a badass camera with LED flash.
    F–k I think i just described the EVO… Damm Im pissed hook us up Mr,CEO, we need you to show us some strength….

  • debra

    i dont think its that bad i mean look boost mobile got an android phone running 1.5 where this is running 2.1 there probally in the same boat but atleast everyone can have an android phone at high and low prices i mean i still see people using the gravity phones and other low end phones i dont thinks its that bad.

  • DREW

    Well Debra, wake up and smell the coffee. I am a phone whore and I need a beast of a phone, or I might think about switching companies after 6 years…

    • edward

      I wish everyone who made this comment WOULD switch companies, their very annoying and they seem to forget that we don’t really care.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        LOL… So true. It’s no longer amusing when people say they are thinking of switching, are going to switch, gonna wait a few more months and then think about switching, and on and on and on.

        But the most humorous ones are people who say they switched then come back here to post comments that they did and to say how happy they are. What is going through someone’s mind that they come back here to say they left T-Mobile.

        Well I have to go now. Tomorrow I am switching to Geico and leaving Nationwide. I need to find out if there’s a Nationwide insurance fan or news site so I can post the news that I am switching auto insurance companies.

        If there isn’t such a site I’ll make a YouTube video announcing my move to Geico. I am sure it will get lots of views.

      • eYe

        I bet T-mobile doesn’t wish so.

      • SwizzleStix

        @ eYe:

        Ok, so what does that have to do with douche bag comments on a non-Tmobile site? GO COMPLAIN TO TMOBILE, NOT A FREAKING TMOBILE RUMOR/NEWS BLOGSITE.

        So, when Taco Bell screws up your order, you just stand outside on the street corner at the nearest bus stop and bitch to people, or you go back into the Taco Bell and ask for the manager?

        People are weak and pussies and they come here because they are too limp wristed to take care of business. No one cares about you ‘switchers’. Go switch and STFU; actions speak louder than typed words anyway…

  • KenLo

    This is awesome. I would like to buy into the iPhone and Android hype but hate touchscreen. This is perfect cause i want the features like apps and functionality without giving into a touchscreen phone! I hope the screen is more than a traditional 2.5 inch.

    • B.

      Hey man, thins thing does have a touch screen as well, screen shots slearly say “pinch to zoom capability for web browsing” dead touch screen giveaway. still a pretty cool phone for the people (current blackberry users) its targeted at

  • Jsteuer

    Decent phone for a specific audience. Just because every phone isnt pushing the cell phone limits doesnt mean its horrible.

    Like Ive said before…I have my G1…and I still wouldnt upgrade to half these phones on ANY network.

    • MobileTruth

      Totally agree with you bro

    • Rick

      just got my g1 on 2.1 and it’s awesome! no bugs…runs smooth… and wow: pinch and zoom on a g1! :)

  • mailman13877

    Another Failure..What is TMO thinking?Their Android phones are on the level of the Android phones Boost Mobile has and is bringing out.jeez they’re lame..smfh

    • blablabla

      another failure? just because it’s not the phone that YOU personally want doesn’t make it a failure. Not everybody wants some high end 1 ghz giant ass screen phone.

      • Kyle

        But there is definitely a sizeable market for high end phones, and T-Mobile fails to deliver. I won’t switch to Windows Mobile for the one high end phone they have. Those of us waiting for a Nexus One caliber device available through T-Mobile grow weary of seeing mid range phone after mid range phone hit T-Mobile with nothing that we want.

      • eYe

        This is a failure because not because it is not a high end phone but because this phone has no target audience. BB users will not switch for this POS, tweens would much rather have MT3G Slide or Cliq or something like that. Not to mention the other dozen of mid-range Android phones that T-mobile already has.

  • raymond

    you tmobile fans are die hard the phone sucks point blank period they have tons of phones just like this one -_- people keep saying oooohhh but the poor people need phones to. . . the poor people are getting evos and iphones

  • adam

    ppl switch to samsung vibrent it has 1ghz processor hummingbird

  • Cameron

    for once i’ll be a woman of few words. UGLY

  • mailman13877

    You know what i don’t understand about you TMO lovers..With the other companies you no when a BIG launch is happening cuzz their phone holds up to the hype and with regular smartphones like that slide up Samsung Sprint has was barely advertised cuzz it wasn’t a top phone but the only company of the 4 that makes a big deal bout every smartphone like its gonna be a bgi hit and always fails is TMO.This wack phone woulda been a regular phone on the the other 3 and so would the Vibrant cuzz as you can see the others are getting their versions to but you font see em doing countdowns and clues like its the next best thing cause they already have a top phone.Every phone TMO release has to be a hype and it’s sad to see so many SETTLERS falling for their BS thinking phones like this Charm will take TMO to the next level.

    • edward

      Did anybody hype this? Did anyone say this was going to bring us to the next level? What are you reading when you make comments like this and what message are you expecting to convey when you post something similar to this on every blog post? Take YOUR BS else where since you obviously hate TMO so much that you need to follow their unofficial blog and bag on everything, it’s both annoying and sad really.

    • SwizzleStix

      Hype? Where? No one hyped this… this is a Tmo news/rumor site, they report ANY new phone that comes out, whether low, mid or high end. What I don’t understand is how some of you are so retarded.

  • Wunako

    I was hoping for a different phone… I rly like motorola running android but didnt like cliq or this one still waiting on motorai?

  • Tony

    If that thing requires costs more than $100 AND requires a $30 data plan, it will be yet another major failure for big magenta. How much “web” could that thing use really, assuming no tethering? If it can officially work with $10 Web2Go, it might be a hit.

    • Bigs12

      If you know your company then you would know that ANDROID phones REQ $30 web take it or leave it, one less dumb ass customer to worry about if you leave…. Now I hope they allow a cheaper plan for this phone… I think att did a good thing for the slow DATA users we should do that $5 non smartphone $15 Smartphone limited and $30 unlim data that would be good in my opinion…

  • Tony

    If that thing costs more than $100 AND requires a $30 data plan, it will be yet another major failure for big magenta. How much “web” could that thing use really, assuming no tethering? If it can officially work with $10 Web2Go, it might be a hit. A lot of people would buy a phone like this for their “tweens” but don’t want to shell out $30/month for data.

  • Hank

    If T-Mobile (and Google/Motorola) are saavy enough to market this correctly, it could be very successful as the first Android feature phone. I forsee Android filtering down to feature phones iin the next year or so…this could be the start of a trend. Imagine a RAZR like device running Android…it would sell. However, Android feature phones won’t take off if carriers won’t relent on those overpriced required data plans.

  • alank009

    Its funny the photo is still showing this phone running 1.5 OS. Look at the time 2.1 OS has a larger AM/PM after the time and 2.2 has smaller am/pm. 1.5 does not have any am/pm after the time.

  • shawn1224

    Too lazy to read thru this thread. What are the specs on this bad boy? It looks similar to the HTC Dash dimension-wise

  • Rilesman

    This could be a win. For all the haters, not every phone needs to be a beast and there are multiple form factors, features (or lack), and target audiences. This however, needs to be a lower cost phone I think.

    Too bad it has motoblur…I think a “business orientated” version would help draw away some BB users.

    I truly see the MT3G and the slide being the middle market in the next year….probably minimal hardware upgrades. Then T-Mobile would need a lower Android phone with a minimalist approach. Finally, need some BEASTLY phones to make me happy.

  • Not my thing but some people will definitely like it.

    In truth I’d love to see an Android flip phone because it would be perfect for my wife, but alas flip phones seem to be all but extinct.

  • BeerBellyBilly

    I like candybars. Hershey’s, Snickers, all of em. Oh, and my old Moto Q (VZW) and current Dash3G (TMo). Haven’t seriously thought of Androids because no candybars as of yet. If the procewsor isn’t too slow, this should be pretty nice with Droid 2.2 on it. Will be watching this one closely.

  • MulderFox

    Don’t give a crap about this phone but I do want the 2.1 upgrade for my Cliq XT. YESTERDAY!

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  • Cassie

    I had a Motorola Cliq, and because of the lack of good reception in my new home I switched the the BB 8520, but I must say….THIS PHONE IS SO FREAKIN CUTE TO ME. Now I’m mad, I want wifi calling on Android phones =( Only bad thing I can say is, I hope this phone isn’t as slow at processing as the Cliq is. I mean, I love my Cliq, but the lag almost kills me sometimes. Not that it matters *long drawn out sigh*…because there is no point in me getting the phone anyway without the wifi calling. -tisk tisk-

    • kathrin

      I guess this one is a FLIPOUT variant, which has a TI OMAP3 processor. (Coretex A8 architecture)

      It should be fast enough. TI OMAP3 600 MHz is almost equivalent to MSM7627 1GHz+ which is used for MT3G slide.

      However, I don’t think this comes with UMA.

      • Cassie

        No of course it won’t. Sucks for me, but you give and take right?

  • phonegeek

    i think ill get the cliq and root it to 2.1 until something better comes out

    • Cassie

      Why root it when it’s set to get the 2.1 update in the next few weeks? No sense there.

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  • sunbab25

    It has a cool touch pad from the back of the device so you can hold the phone with one hand while one finger maneuvers through the screen. Super cool, light-weight, and comfortably small to fit easily in your pocket. Don’t knock it if you haven’t tried it yet. You’d be surprised….

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  • jimmy

    i wouldnt take one if they gave it to me free, motorola is giving android and t-mobile both a bad name. after the way motorola has treated owners of the other moto-blur phones i cant believe tmobile is going to carry yet another crappy moto-turd phone