Motorola Updates Android Update, Cliq and Cliq XT Listed

Update: In my absentmindedness, Alex was kind enough to help me remember this has been posted before, and again here. Turns out, nothing has changed but for now we’ll leave the post up as a reminder for Cliq and Cliq XT owners.

It’s not unusual for us to get vague answers regarding future Android updates and certainly with the Samsung Behold 2 situation fresh in our minds, they are fair questions. Motorola has again updated their Android update calendar leaving both the Cliq and Cliq XT scheduled for the 2nd quarter. Of course, we’ve already received word that the Cliq is scheduled to receive Android 2.1 in July and that certainly falls within the 2nd quarter. Anyone keeping track recognizes the second quarter ends in just about two weeks so lets hope Q2 really doesn’t mean Q3.

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  • andrew

    this is taking forever

    • slideordies14

      i agree…and tmonews just made me wet my pants in excitement over the possiblity of getting an update…then solice set in….:(

      • Dashi

        I Already Have Said F It Im Adding A Line On Sat To Get The My Touch Slide For Free

  • PoloKidd

    who cares about that phone…what happened to Mytouch 3g’s getting an Android update….we came out before the Cliq and Cliq xt

    • Queue

      Not exactly sure why Motorola would include the MT3G on their chart…

  • bakaruru


  • mikeeeee

    i promise to keep a hot battery ’til it arrives.

  • MulderFox

    July is not part of Q2. You have two contradictory sentences in there.

    • mmaxxsooner

      And no one knows if the 2nd quarter Is for Motorola the company or calendar quarter. Hell motos 2nd quarter could be june to aug.

      • MulderFox

        According to the Motorola chart, Q2 = Second Quarter of 2010. Q3 = Third Quarter of 2010. It is calendar quarters, there is no debate about that.

    • john

      There is a whole 15 days difference between mid july and the end of q2.

  • mp

    I read today on the Motorola forums that T-mobile has the update in their hands, but is waiting to push it out.

  • cam

    Mytouch 3G is not a Motorola phone, anyway the MT3G is gonna be updated to 2.2 froyo and just pass on 2.1 eclair all together…

  • Wicked1

    They need to hurry up! There are games and apps I have, that I can’t install because we are still on 1.5. And you can’t believe anything on the T Mobile forums, they don’t know. Moto, T Mobile, or whoever needs to hurry up. I’m contemplating going to “The Shack” on the 19th to get a free phone, but I don’t want to extend my contract, and I heard they only have the Cliq & Cliq XT, Behold 2 anyway, don’t want those. I doubt they’ll have the MyTouch Slide

  • Rodney

    Speaking of updating my cliq, Iphone 4 or Droid X? I’m definitely done with T-mobile, but just curious which I should go with. At&t’s data cap might be too low for me, but I like GSM and Apple. This is a tough one.

  • Mike

    Rodney, this is a tmo blog…therefore we don’t give a hoot if you are done with tmobile and we certainly are not going to suggest another carrier…We like tmobile…wow

  • Jmts80

    My cliq xt really needs this update. That will hold me over until something awesome comes along

  • tired of waiting

  • MichMan

    Hey, at least I didn’t purchase a Behold ii. That puppy is NEVER going to 2.1, and only has 3.5 HSDPA as opposed to the Cliq with 7.2. We’re less than 3 weeks away from getting this update, so chill.

    I’m sure that TMobile has some testing to do. Motorola Flipout is the first Motoblur phone with 2.1. It ships in July. We get our 2.1 update in July. Hmmm… Makes sense…

    • RayMatthew

      And the Droid X comes out before July. We could be getting the new Motoblur software as the X has. It would all make sense too.

  • Justin

    Why cant they just give us the update? i mean is it really that hard? xda already has a hack named “eclair4cliq” and it is the nexus one 2.1 on the cliq and runs so smooth, even has live wallpapers but no motoblur, as i can tale from most motoblur users the service is “pointless” and i dont really understand the concept either so… but motorla, tmobile, whoever just hurry up. we are getting pissed!

  • Shae

    i love my cliq xt but this 1.5 is getting old. i mean come on already. im sooooo tired of waiting. this is ridiculous. i mean lets get it here already.
    im so ready to bounce from tmobile because of this bull.

  • dcountryman

    so i got really excited early this morning i decided to check for an update on my phone, sure enough something popped up guess what it wasn’t?!?!?!?! 2.1 thats for sure, I just got a update for 1.3.43….=(

  • DannOfThurs
  • DannOfThurs

    And it just switched back to “planned for Q2…”? :(

  • Horror

    the XT is a good phone but its stuck on stupid with this 1.5 firmware if its not updated by the end of this month im switching to the mytouch slide, i dont understand why they are choosing to lagg with this i feel like im being cheated out of my money.

  • D Sly

    Just got off the phone with motorola, was a triple escalated call, and I got hung up on once, but they essentially told me that they didn’t know when they were sending the update out, they had no release information on that, and that the website wasn’t guaranteed to be accurate since it was in the forum, even though that was posted and updated there by THEM, and there is a direct link to that site on the cliq page with the specific question of when android will be available listed there. For my trouble, they are sending me a $12 bluetooth. Moto Sucks.

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  • Johnny

    They updated the Moto Android 2.1 rollout site again Cliq and Cliq XT are now listed as in testing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Josh

    Yah I was under the impression when I bought the cliq xt that I could watch video clips on my Favorite site then I found out I need flash, which this phone doesn’t have it just has this stupid flash lite,only good for watching youtube. I think they are hyping the whole droid thing up,seriously whats can a droid do an iphone can’t.

  • will

    It’s September 28th. I’ve had the cliq xt since July and I am still stuck with 1.5, with no notification of an update.

  • G William

    Here we are in the 4th qtr and still no 2.1 upgrade for the Cliq or CliqXT! Looks like Moto has no intention of upgrading these phones as now TMobile has stopped selling the Cliq… looks like Tmobile should stop selling Moto products all together, if Moto will not support and upgrade these phones… I’m starting to smell a class action lawsuit Tmobile and your going to be apart of it as your selling obsolete phones with no manufacture support…. iPAC sound familiar?

  • edte

    Its sad that Motorola is a big liar, Ive always preferred there products, heck thanks to moto the whole having a thin phone become bid and thats cool, have you seen the evo4g its like caring an ipad as your mobile phone (i own a cliq xt and its thin!! thanks moto) but i hate how there such liars. when i bought my phone i was told it would get the 2.1 upgrade in a few weeks um fast foward to like 7 months later and no update :( shame i liked moto but i will never buy or recommend there products i guess its time to see what htc and samsung can offer

  • edte

    *big not bid lol

  • edte

    *big not bid lol

  • bre

    Finally the update is here! I went searching for more info on the update and I ran into this link. I loaded it on my phone and I am loving the response time and the new features of my phone. Enjoy! Be sure to read EVERYTHING before loading it.