• Mohammad

    A game for the Android OS?

    • Dave

      I should hope it’s bigger than that!

    • bchung

      How about tmobile have been advertising “Project Emerald” and the SIMS have that green emerald looking icon.

      • this comment sounds the best out of all of them

      • Deadpan

        Damn. And I was hoping a big green emerald to control people with.

  • J-Hop2o6

    Main article: List of best-selling PC video games

    The ten best-selling PC games. Please note that the sales figures for expansion packs are not used in calculation of the sales figure for the original game (with the exception of StarCraft and Guild Wars).

    1. The Sims (16 million shipped)[152]
    2. The Sims 2 (13 million)[153]
    * The Sims 2: Pets [expansion pack] (5.6 million)[154]
    * The Sims 2: Seasons [expansion pack] (1 million)[154]
    3. World of Warcraft (11.5 million subscribers)[155]
    * World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade [expansion pack] (3.5 million)[156]
    * World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King [expansion pack] (4 million)[155]
    4. StarCraft (11 million)[157]
    5. Half-Life (9.3 million,[21][22] may include PS2 version)
    * Half-Life: Opposing Force [expansion pack] (1.1 million)[21][22]
    6. Half-Life 2 (6.5 million,[21][22] may include Xbox version but does not include Steam sales)
    7. Guild Wars (6 million in North America, Europe, and Asia; includes Factions, Nightfall, and Eye of the North)[158]
    8. Myst (6 million)[159]
    9. Doom (5 million)[160]
    10. Counter-Strike (4.2 million[21][22])

    • J-Hop2o6

      T-Mobile and…. The Sims?

  • vincent

    its possible that its the iphone since it can be played on it?

    • David

      It’s not the iPhone, I’m 100% sure it’s not!

      • dethduck

        The Sims3 has been out for quite a while now on android, since last september at least.

    • Wicked1

      Um, the Sims can be played on Android. I have the Sims 3 installed right now, hahaha.

  • Garret

    What about something to do with the SIM card? Don’t see how it translates to a product/service – could T-Mobile be switching to the micro SIM?

  • mephisto890

    If they really wanted to make an announcement for the tmobile users, how about fixing the data connection issue with the RIM on Storm devices.

    • wack mode

      the storm suxx why would they want to spend there time trying to fix crappy phone.

    • Josh

      Sorry buddy that’s not a T-Mobile problem. How about you get yourself an actual T-Mobile phone, and then complain about service!

  • pimpstrong

    think of the sims as a collective group of people, sort of they way they are promoting their helping families stick together.

    • wack mode

      true true

    • beastly

      # of Sims/household = # of lines/account?

  • Corejam

    Would it have something to do with customization? In the sims, you can make everything custom for yourself. And Tmobile has tons of marketing campaigns, espescially with the MT, that you can customize your phones(look! a red phone!)

    No idea what this would mean though.

    • jkspike3

      so then a super secret high powered android phone no tabloid website knows about?

  • ZZZzzz…

  • jmts80

    hhhhhmmmmm…. I shall have to give this some more thought.

  • Mardenator

    only thing i can think of is SIM cards..

    • Steven G

      Yeah. It sounds lame, but my answer is “They both have SIMS”

      • Robert

        aka handset launch!

  • Tarzanman

    Hmm. They both let you manage your SIMS

    Also, neither of them have decent android phones. AT&T just announced their version of the Samsung Galaxy S

    • Mardenator

      apparently, a source just told Noah Kravitz that he is 100% positive the Galaxy S is coming to the other 3 carriers. see for yourself:


    • pimpstrong

      Samsung Capacative: A Galaxy S was announced today by Samsung and ATT

  • J.C.

    Okay. Knowing SIM is the best selling PC game and the iphone is the best selling mobile phone.

    All points in the direction of the iPhone. I care less of the iPhone, I prefer the Galaxy “S”.


    • Mardenator

      agreed.. the iPhone blows.. take that. Steve Jobs!

  • flm

    Something to do with family and growth…

  • Galen20K

    I hate how other companies keep releasing concrete information on future products and T-Mobile just keeps giving us more and more cryptic riddles and play games with our emotions sometimes to get our hopes up. I love T-Mobile so much but seriously, my patience is wearing very thin…..

    this is coming from a Ten year customer of T-Mobile here.

  • SublimeDavid

    It’s obvious guys, if the Number “#1” PC game of all time and T-Mobile have in common is the “1” Can I hear Nexus “1” looming? =). I work at one of the stores but thats my crack at it lol…

  • Danny P.

    I’ll agree with Garrett on this one in changing to the micro sim. At the same time, how is that a product/ service we should be interested in ? The iphone 4G is the only phone I can think of that uses the micro sim card. but david insists its not the iphone, so who to believe lol? I trust david more then I trust myself right about now.

  • JM

    Both are a little weird and creepy…

  • Phenomenon

    Yeah my best guess is that they both have sims… don’t know any other connection or how that is a clue…

  • NeXus

    Maybe they are coming out with new revolutionary phones, phones that will blow anything else out the water? something they can make smarter, faster, stringer. something that goes na na na na na na when ever it moves. lol

  • Phenomenon

    I got this off of androidandme.com:

    “Sims 3 is scheduled for a June 2nd release date on PC and Mac with the Android release to follow.”

    So maybe it’s the fact that they both support android or are launching something new for Android (something to that affect)?

  • jkspike3
  • Vinny

    I have to agree with Galen20K, why can the other carriers just come out and tell their customers what their future devices are going to be and T-Mobile is just playing games with us??? I like T-Mobile and have been with them for a long time, I am a very loyal customer. I am not a kid looking to play games on the internet, I want to know if T-Mobile is getting a top of the line Android device or not. If they are not getting one and getting one very soon I am leaving for Verizon for the new Droid X. I left Verizon after being with them for 8 years, Don’t want to go back but I want a super Android device and don’t want to waste time. I would rather stay with T-Mobile, get great 3G signal strength where I am and the new 3G+ network will be fantastic. Let your customers know what the future plans are for Android devices, your customers stand behind you and deserve some kind of concrete response.

  • trees247

    cheaper family plans….

  • Really?

    Lucky #7s! T-Mobile & The Sims both = 7 letters.

    TMO currently has 7 android phones (MT3GS, MT3G, Cliq, Cliq XT, BH2, G1, Garmiphone)!

    Take the 7 letters, divide that by 7 android phones, and you get 1.

    1 = new Samsung Galaxy S Android Phone!

    Then, note that “Samsung Galaxy S” has 14 letters in it. Take out 1 and you get 13…oohh…unlucky number!

    And, yes, you re-arrange the 13 remaining letters of “Samsung Galaxy S” and you get “It’s a Piece of S” (note that S = Sh#t, but since TMO is a family company, they have to leave it as just plain ole “S”).

    What does all of this mean? How ’bout a good helping of who cares?

  • The Southland Hustla

    Why the hell is it, that T-Mobile is like the first company to bring Android to the game, but yet they have no good devices, MyTouch Slide, REALLY, Genius Button is nothing. Verizon is leaving us in the dust as far as devices, and as far as promotion, you would think that Android is a platform that Verizon created. I am like so disappointed with T-Mobile, if Project Emerald is something to do with the iPhone coming to T-Mobile or something tied into the SIMS I am going to be really really pissed. Why can’t we just get the HTC HD2 Android or the Samsung, or this is just wishful thinking but hows about that Dell Streak?

  • ObviousState

    Galaxy S will be another dead end phone with no hopes of upgrading to future Android updates. It wouldn’t have anything to do with the best selling phone of all time. 4 out of 5 of the best selling phones of all time are Nokia devices and the 3rd is the RAZR. Original iPhone ranks 20th ahead of the 3Gs.

    -A correlation between Sims and Micro Sims can be made though and of course the iPhone uses micro sims.
    -A correlation between project emerald and the emerald icon above the sims heads can be made.

    On a side note, I hate how magenta believes something will be “HUGE” or will throw out hints to generate interest or try to generate buzz through secrecy when in fact nothing has lived up to the hype.

    1. Project dark: New plans that are supposed to revolutionize the industry. Contracts and No Contracts being offered with unlimited plans that are less expensive than the rest. A month or two passes and the other carriers lower there plans just enough for customers to not want to leave. Value carrier. Now EM+ customers get shafted not being able to take advantage of BOGO or father’s day promo.

    2. June 19th: “Stay tuned, this will be HUGE.” Ridiculous. A $100 MIR applies to all smart phones and then a retail partner/reseller like Radio Shack undercuts T-Mo by offering all phones FREE, single line or not, and no MIR.

    3. Widest selection of Android devices: Sure, we do have the largest selection of Android phones and were the first to make one available with the G1. How about quality not quantity? Best Android phones out are the EVO, Incredible, and the Nexus. At least we have the Nexus, wait… No we don’t because you can’t find it in-stores, on-line, or through care and google pulled it off their site.

    T-Mobile. Sticking to their guns as the value carrier and making no strides to move ahead of the pack.

    • pimpstrong

      “-A correlation between project emerald and the emerald icon above the sims heads can be made.” I think your on to somethin! Thats just blatently obvious if you look at the game cover. This would mean that It’s FINALLY Project Emerald time and I hope to God it is an EVO competitor and not the already known about SGS.

    • Tony

      I do like the Project Emerald and Sims emerald icon connection, but isn’t Project Emerald just an internal name? If it’s true, I’ll be very excited for a high-end Android QWERTY for T-Mo, but I don’t think they’d publicly reference an internal name like Project Emerald, which the general public has never heard of.

      • pimpstrong

        they could just let the codename be known this time around. could end up being a phone named the emerald or somethin

    • james

      I totally agree, they keep bringing out these subpar phones and nothing outstanding like the Evo, Incredible, droid, etc. Their best phone is the HD2. every carrier is getting the Galaxy S, and they are banking on that.

  • Borg

    Maybe a limited edition The Sims flavored MyTouch. It won’t be an iphone.

    • LNG

      Knowing how T-Mobile likes to push the customization of their phones, and since (judging from their commercials and the fact that they don’t seem to care about the higher-end devices) their core demographic is teenagers, I could definitely imagine this to be the case.

  • Pedro

    Steve (blow)Jobs!!

  • t-swaggr

    T-Mobile’s game of the month is Sims 3, which is just a free demo…


  • Naveed Cheraghi

    So here is what I have compiled over reading most of the comments, these are what seem most plausible-

    1. The use of number 1 game and tmobile together could be referring the addition of the nexus “one” to the t-mobile lineup
    2. Obviously Sims has the word sim which could be referring to sim cards in a phone. This could mean that they are going to introduce micro sims in a new phone coming up, only phone that could come to mind would be the iphone 4.
    3. Customization- In Sims, you are free at customizing your characters and their lives to a very high extent, maybe they are somehow going to be incorporating a customizable device or software in their lineup

    Personally, I hope that it has something to do with the release of the Galaxy S over anything, being such an amazing phone it is. We will just have to wait and see… like always.

  • Wicked1

    I hope they aren’t changing to a micro SIM. And why would I be interested in that anyway? Unless there are special features that come with microSIMs or something?

  • Wilma Flintstone

    PROJECT EMERALD!!! Green Emerald on the Sims games, Tmobile’s Project Emerald, YESSSS! IT’S PROJECT EMERALD AND I’LL BE WAITING!!! WOOHOO!!! HD2 pack your bags, you’re getting ready to be sold.

    • Corejam

      I wish I could be this excited, but after repeated letdowns, I’m forced to believe that this will be some kind of lame plan update.

      Oh also, Santa Claus isn’t real.

      • Wilma Flintstone

        sooo true. Good Point. Hype dropped some but almost anything is better than this 3rd defective HD2 I got so I’m still hyped because I can finally get rid of everything HD2.

      • NeXus

        WHAT!!!!!! what do you mean SANTA IS NOT REAL!!!!!!!!! NO!!!!!!!!
        we can make it (stronger, faster, smarter)
        na na na na na na 6 billion dollar phone. followed by the bionic andriod.. na na na na na na na!!!

  • Carlos

    Both are about family. It’ll probably something having to do with the family plans T-mo offers.

  • zapote21

    Sims 3 has been available for Android for ages…

  • deemota

    David, How can you be sure it’s not an iphone? Apple rarely leaks any info, so I assume if they were to do it, only a couple of people on T-Mobile would even know. So i’m guessing your sources wouldn’t find out til last minute.

  • jeff

    well sims is the number 1 video game so could it be video calling seeing how they didnt remove that feature from the nokia e73

  • bakaruru

    This has something to do with Sense UI > HTC Hero or Desire is coming to T-mobile USA.

  • pimpstrong


  • MB

    Man you guys are sooooo far fetched and easily entertained.

  • twistr

    Weren’t there rumors a while back about a T-Mobile marketing campaign this summer focusing on mobile-life? That would make sense with the SIMS tie.

  • Maybe T-Mobile will release some kind of T-Mo branded SIMS game/virtual world website where you can wander around in a virtual store… ha!

  • Patrick

    people keep asking why the ability to get a micro sim is important….i can think of a BIG reason. Think of how many people use the iPhone on the T-Mobile network…I think we all agree that’s ALOT of users. Now…there’s a new iPhone out that t-mobile users can’t bring over to T-Mobile because of the micro sim. Why is that a big deal? Because NOW…the iPhone can use 3G on the T-Mobile network. I’ve heard A LOT of people on T-Mobile that say they really want an iPhone but don’t want to lose 3G or be forected to use AT&T. Now…they don’t have to. It may sound small to you…but…it’s a pretty big deal to the T-Mobile iPhone users.

    • jerry

      iphone 4 still doesnt have tmobile 3g bands.

  • Craig

    First – let me say all of you iPhone haters make me laugh every time I read this blog. It’s like your religion or something. Ok, I get it, you don’t like Apple. Fine. You don’t have to stand in the middle of the street stomping your feet and screaming about it ALL the time. I for one think we can coexist just fine. I love Apple and my iPad and I love my Android phone.
    Second – in my opinion T-Mobile bombed big time with their June 19th “this is going to be big” deal. It was a ho-hum yawn to most T-Mobile fans. If this project emerald turns into the same type of ho-hum yawn event T-Mobile is in trouble. I see many people leaving if this happens. I love T-Mobile, but I want either a strong Android phone that competes with EVO or the iPhone… just something more than is available now. If project emerald doesn’t bring about a great phone I will be forced to look at Verizon.

    • MB


      You are the first post on here I actually respect. I completely agree with you.

      Bye the way, I am tethering my iPad to my nexus 1 while typing this message Apple and google can coexist!

  • me

    Rate plans. It’s T-Mobile, all of their “projects” are rate plans. It’s what they do. Probobly just add more minutes to a family plan and call it a day. A HUGE day

  • raymond
    • David

      I caught this article yesterday, its so full of holes I don’t even want to take the time to point out the flaws in the logic. T-Mobile can’t come up with the cash? Um ok. T-Mobile would be crippled? Ok, good business sense there. Fail.

  • Bartlebee Jones

    Hey ya’ll. I am an engineering student. I study in the RF field and hope to be a TMO engineer in the future. Occasionally I intern with/shadow some of our engineers. They seem to talk a lot about the new HSPA+ network, and one day recently, I overheard them conversing about how new sim cards are needed for phones to actually connect to the new hspa+ network. Neville Ray said a lot of our phones can “take advantage” of the new speeds. This does not mean that they are getting the HSPA connection, as they are only HSDPA/HSUPA compatible (just like if you have a wireless n router and a wireless g card/adapter, you are still using the wireless g connection), but the new fiber and software for the towers allow the towers/bsc’s to handle the current usage better and provide better throughput. Now this is a shot in the dark, but with us green lighting 75 million Americans with HSPA (100m by the end of this month, 185m by years end), maybe this is about the launch of T-Mobile’s first HSPA+ compatible Handset. It only makes sense.

    • pimpstrong

      that does sound good. but why does the iPhone use the new small sims if the phone isnt HSPA+?

  • Jon

    I’ve been with T-Mobile since VoiceStream — I’m a very loyal customer. But, with the surge of smart phones these last 4-5 years, I feel that T-Mobile is ALWAYS behind the curve.

    I was ecstatic for the G1 and now that I’ve almost had it for 2 years and T-Mobile has had nothing come out to even remotely contend with other carriers is troublesome for them.

    If this isn’t something big, that’s not a rate plan — I’ll be moving carriers in October when my contract is up.

  • Bhavesh

    I have only been reading this blogs for past few days. But here’s my take on it.
    Just as in the SIMS, not all characters are not same, family is the same way no two people are the same. Everyone has different needs and character, so I think by same comparison, T-Mobile is offering a new customizable Family plans, perhaps with more minutes, lesser price, more features designed for family ( can not think of what they could be).

    I am waiting for 19th, to sign up for new contract to get my hands on MyTouch 3G Slide.
    Bhavesh R

  • Mark

    It probably has something to do with the sales: “16 million phones sold”. If not maybe it has something to do with the network coverage: “16 million more people will get covered by the HSDPA+”? I’m just full of assumptions here XD

  • TalkMajor

    Hmmmmmm I remember reading something about the new Sidekick with the android os being in project emerald? Maybe that is a big surprise?

  • James

    Man…that EVO 4G is looking sweeter by the minute if this annoucment is a flop.

  • Bobomo

    Like other people have said, it’s going to be some family plan stuff. There is no way “The Sims” has anything the to do with SIM cards… why on Earth would they allow their brand name to be used that way? It’s probably a new website or some social networking nonsense. Most importantly, it will likely have very little to do with actual phones.

  • Cyndavmin

    Maybe its an attempt on Tmobile to take everyone’s focus off their lame phone lineup lol

  • raymond

    t mobile everybody is getting the sgs you have to step it up bring something to kill the competition if cingular gets this phone what do you have?

  • Fmh

    The 16 million customers who are left with Tmobile…?

    • Drew

      …More like 33.7 million customers last time I checked. The best selling game of all time is X-Com UFO defense, which takes place in a Galaxy…So yeah it’s the Samsung Galaxy.

      • mratx512

        buddy it’s got nothing even remotely related to that game. even their tweet specifies they’re talking about the sims. hate idiots that rather not see the truth.

  • akil

    they both have sims so maybe t-mobile is getting those wifi sims i heard about like 4 months ago? would be nice, or sims can be a symbol of your favorite contacts so they could be bringing back MYFAVES which would be great

  • Cyndavmin

    the samsung galaxy s looks awesome. not sure about touchwiz but tmoble definately needs a superphone like this to compete. right now tmobile looks like everyone’s stepchild. their touting their 3g upgrades but what good is that if their phones are mediocre at best!


    I’m going with Bchung’s comment.

  • Outtie

    This huge news is guaranteed to be completely underwhelming like the rest of TMo’s announcements. For those that asked, TMo doesn’t release their upcoming phones because the management realizes that the upcoming selection is rubbish compared to the competition. If they announce that in advance (as opposed to keeping people guessing/optimistic), people will jump ship en masse like I’m about to do ;)

  • Jim T

    Umm. They both sell you an initial product that’s virtually useless until you spend hundreds of dollars on upgrades and expansion packs?

    Maybe not the best comparison to make.

    • Aquita J

      That is soo true!

  • Yu

    in sims you play to make the sim people happy so they can get through the day…..so here that’s the connection…they want to make their customer happy.

  • raymond

    fmh they have 16 million customers in 4th place congrats ;) bet you feel smart ;)

  • Noel

    AHHhh!!.. T-mobile are a bunch puppeteers. They think they’re trying to running our lives. They fail.. because i’m switching carriers!

  • keele8

    Remember the leaked calendar articles from a few days back? It said something about a 3000 minute plan. I doubt this has to do with a phone, but a new rate plan or something like everyone else has said. I bet you this hint has something to do with that 3000 minute plan on that calendar that was leaked.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Well this is a no brainer, others have said what it is.

    First, the icon on the Tweet is Sims 3, not The Sims.

    Second, the collector edition of Sims 3 has a big honkin emerald on the package.

    Third, T-Mobile has project emerald.

    So I think what T-Mobile is saying what they have in common is the emerald.

    Next hint please.


    • deemota

      Dude, I think you nailed this. Makes total sense to me……

    • I always love reading your comments Michael. They’re the most sound and well thought out ones on here and are worth reading. You did nail it on the head…

      Can’t wait for the next clue. I REALLY REALLY hope this is about the super Android Sidekick successor phone because my TP2 is starting to bug me with all of the bugs and I am ready to come to Android but only for a very fast and smooth phone with a KB.

    • Aquita J

      Wow, that pretty much sums it up!

    • jake

      X2 I think you nailed it also…HTC sidekick, bring us some 4.3in android lov’n

  • T

    If it has to do with the “best selling” and a google search revealed 16M, isn’t it obvious it is the iPhone?

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Oh, is there some hint related to the fact that the Sims 3 game comes with a plastic emerald connected to carabiner?

  • G-Money

    If Project Dark was about rate plans, I’m going to assume Project Emerald is about rate plans as well. Falls in like with that leaked calendar. Maybe “project” is code word for “plan” at T-Mo.

  • keele8

    I knwo some of the screen on touchphones display 16 million colors. 16 millions copys sold, 16 million colors on a screen? Too much a stretch?

  • mreyes11

    those bastards.

  • Matt

    The Sims is outdated just like every android phone on T-Hobble!

  • marks.

    maybe there getting the best selling phone of all time?

    • eYe

      You mean they will get the Razr again?

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Look at the Sims 3 site, maybe some hints there?



    In any event, T-Mobile has to get a license from EA to use the Sims 3 logo and maybe even to be able to mention the emerald tie-in.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Take a look at this:


    But this can’t be something as basic as a game promo for T-Mobile, especially since June is half way over.

    • keele8

      You are probably right, the emerald is the key. But like you said Tmo would have paid for a liscense to use the logo. That is a lot of money just to hint an emerald. Maybe the hint is project emerald and the factory installed game on the project emerald phone is going to be The Sims 3 mobile?

  • Nokia N900USER

    Im Back lol. Well, here’s my take,
    I had to laugh when I thought of it. Maybe someone in Marketing at T-mobile is predicting 16 million units of phones sold for free on the 19th? What a big FAIL that will be if they do not reach their expectations for that day.

    My second analysis is 16 million units sold means T-mobile is predicting to sell 16 million units of ________. Anyone can fill in the blank for what they think they can sell that will compare to the best selling PC game.

    As far as HSPA goes, Im in Northern VA and I have been getting 3Mbps Up and 1.5Mbps Down for about a month or so. These speeds do not require new sim cards. As far as Project Emerald goes, it’s a toss between Hype, Let down and instant success.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    So it can’t be some 2010 game promo, that would be lame.

    It can’t be a Sims 3 tie in because that’s been out for a year.

    Maybe that Sim 3 logo is only for the emerald thumb drive / project emerald hint.

    And has Samsung used emerald green in any of its PR or promotions? They did have the home screen on the demo SGS phones an emerald green. Is that the default color for TouchWiz?

    Well I have to leave. This could go on for hours.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    The TMoNews headline says that T-Mobile “promises something big.”

    When and where did T-Mobile do that, promise something big? Was that from past statements?

    If not, all I’m saying is that this may not be a big deal. In other words, it’s on this end that people are making this something bigger than it is.

    Disregard, of course, if T-Mobile did in fact somewhere say (“promise”) that they would be dropping hints on something that will be a big deal.

    • JustMike

      Michael – that’s paraphrased from their “Big News” tweet yesterday:

      “Big news on the horizon…wanna guess what it is? Check back on Thursday for your first clue. #T-MobileClue” 1:10 PM Jun 15th via HootSuite


  • DjYoUnG

    OK here it is for everyone trying to guess, SAMSUNG GALAXY S. already know we are launching it late july or early august for sure, i have verified by people in samsung (territory reps). don’t believe me but u will find out soon enough :-P

  • edmund

    so just to see if i could hit something i tweeted this to tmobile:
    “it must be project emerald? like sims3 collector’s edition?”

    then sims3 twitter account retweeted me..

    maybe its just project emerald?

    • Phenomenon

      Nice one! lol So maybe it’s about the Sidekick Twist?! We all know about the Galaxy S already. So maybe there is something behind this “Emerald” idea

  • solidus433

    Maybe T-Mo signed a contract with EA to be the only carrier to offer the mobile verions of future Sims games.

  • Horrible

    This is so obvious… The SIMs is going to work on old Tandy PCs. That way the hardware matches up with T-Mobile’s phones.

    Wait… it’s that the SIMs was exciting 10 years ago.

    Better yet… it seems that T-Mobile believes the best selling game of all time was a little known game called “Searching for signal”.

  • seattledad

    Too late to care. I was wayching this site for news of a good smartphone. I’ve got a 32 GB iphone headed my way next week. I was very willing to consider good android handsets, but Tmo is too late to bring in a high end line of those for me and I suspect many other folks who were out of contract.

  • Matt

    I really just want to know when they are going to make the announcement. I don’t care about more speculation and rumors. I’m close to just upgrading to something they have now, but I don’t want something else to be announced and me be sorely disappointed that I waited so long for a high end phone to miss it by jumping too soon.

  • Horrible

    Actually, I just heard the truth…

    It’s the game “Doom” that was the best selling game all time and this company is DOOMED without some better phones.

  • wasup

    damn, the galaxy s is already out of stock in the UK, please tmo hurry with the release



  • ali

    Guys, I don’t has nothing to do with new devices. I believe they are coming out with a new Sims game where you are to build global telecom network. In it, you start out as a small regional telecom and build the empire from there. To make things interesting, you only have at your disposal 3rd grade equipment and your only weapons are customer service and rate plan fees.

  • Broski


    • Kevin O_o

      OMG FINALLY!!!

    • JustMike

      Let me guess.. the new carpet will be green, right? I think you’ve figured out the secret to Project Emerald.. free Garmin phone for you!

  • Daedalus

    Ok who cares about thier damn “teasing” information. If I wanted to think about things I would be doing the NY Times Crossword. I love T-Mobile and have been patient with them for years. But when they want to start playing “games” I am going to start looking at what other providers offer.

  • Horrible

    Seriously… I have never been so irritated with this carrier. I used to feel like they were at least trying to compete with the other carriers. Their high end phones are a fantastic piece of hardware (HD2) with clunky Windows Mobile 6.5 (even Microsoft doesn’t like this OS so they are making a whole new one) and the same freaking MyTouch phone with a new gimmicky slide feature. They didn’t even put a new screen on the thing. Why don’t they throw some wood stickers on it, put a 2.5 mm jack back in it, and call it the Clapton “Throwback” Fender MyTouch Spotty 3G. Let’s add in the Nokia E73 Mode. The screen is actually 320×240 res. That’s embarassing. Who is picking devices for them??? They are HORRIBLE. Whoever determines what devices they bring to the table should be fired. If not fired, kick that person in the nuts and take their wallet. At least he/she will know how I feel.

    I love the prices. I love the customer services (for the most part). I even love that they are the underdog. If anyone else bashes T-Mobile, I tell them they don’t know what they are talking about and I will defend them with every point I can think of. BUT they are literally doing nothing in the marketplace other than existing.

    • JustPutzing

      I agree with Horrible, totally wonder who’s picking their phone line up. T-Mo needs to fire who ever does their marketing and phone picks. I’m jumping ship as soon as the EVO is back in stock.
      Sorry T-Mo, it’s been a good 5 years.

  • alex32

    That all Sims games are horrible like tmobile’s phone lineup

  • Horrible

    I just got done playing The Sims. My Sim pre-ordered the iPhone 4 and called me an idiot for staying with T-Mobile.

    • alex32


  • Bobert

    TMO is going to make virtual reality sex possible by creating hot animated characters to pleasure me while I use my Nexus one.

  • taaars

    ATT just got the Galaxy S, well…its called Captivate, but, its a 16gb model…TMO, if you don’t get this phone (or something better),or if you dumb your model down…you will suck FOREVER!

  • crybabies

    Horrible, obviously the phone you have makes you the man you are. Or in this case, aren’t.

  • Theman

    Clearly michael hit that on the spot..it’s gottta be project emerald.

    • taaars

      I think hes right to, but still no idea what project emerald is…maybe we are all going to get free copy of Sims and they will all have phones we like to have on tmo network..

  • Justathought

    Wasn’t Sims first availiable on a Mac and Sims is on the 3rd generation with 4 coming as is the iPhone?

    • David


      • Daedalus

        Hummmm are you sure it is not the IPhone… J/K this would not meet my idea of a top of the line phone!!!!!

  • OLD.g1.user.needs.new.phone

    1. it is the sims not the sims 3 just fyi
    2. The sims was released in 22 countries.
    3. The Iphone was released it 22 counrties. (did more get added? i am not sure and would like to know)
    4. I hope it’s not, i think its not, it’s not the iphone…
    5. Their is a lot of common factors with it though.
    6. I just want a super phone with android.
    7. if it is the iphone i will be crushed and go to the darkside…. if nothing better comes out asap

    • David

      For the last damn time, its not the iPhone…

  • MM

    OK seriously Tmo needs to listen to their cutomers. People are fed up with the games. Whoever is head of promoting new phones & marketing should be fired immediately. It’s sad when customers have to wait and guess when and if a new product will be released to meet their needs. Who cares about the sims, i just want an android superphone already!

  • Bobert

    My buddy helps Steve Jobs pick out outfits for his vag and says Steve had an IPhone 4 with TMO logo.

  • Ramsey

    Hey T-Mobile! Guess what? We are tired of the games! They are stupid and we are not five. Why is it that at&t can simply announce things like they did today. That’s right… they are getting a Galaxy S of their own too. Officially announced today, by them and Samsung. Please just give us a reason to stay. I have had a G1 since they very first day they came out. Nothing has come out to replace this phone yet. The Nexus One I returned last week only works with 3G when held in your left hand held sideways. (doesn’t work when held like a phone) Please give us people that love technology something to brag about again…

    • j007w

      OMG You’re so right! I’m also still searching for a phone, a top of the line Android phone, that is worth replacing my G1 with. I’ve been with TMO since the VoiceStream days but the past week or so I’ve been thinking of switching carriers.

    • April

      Hmm…interesting considering the my touch slide is being toted as a g1 replacement. Updated android, check. Full keyboard, check. Just because you don’t personally like the options don’t say nothing has come out.

      • Scott

        The MyTouch Slide would have been an awesome G1 replacement last year. This year multiple Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T phones already smoke it. The MT Slide is supposed to be T-Mobile’s flagship phone, yet it’s middle of the pack and falling fast.

        So, no, T-Mobile has not come out with something that’s much better than the G1. It’s really hurting them. Personally, f I don’t have a G1 replacement by August, I’m switching.

        How on earth did you give up the Android lead so completely T-Mobile?

    • Jim

      April, just because T-Mobile touts a phone as a replacement doesn’t mean it’s a good one. Think about all the features you hear about with other company’s latest Android phones: Sprint’s EVO 4G is a great example. Then compare that to the MyTouch 3G Slide. A rather paltry comparison, in my opinion.

      j007w wants – and I echo this sentiment – a phone “worth replacing my G1 with”. I, too, want T-Mobile to give me a reason to stay – a good one.

  • Kurtis

    This has got to be Project Emerald. It most definitely has to be! But is it a phone? What is it! Could it be the Samsung Galaxy S? Or the Sidekick HTC Android phone that was rumored not too long ago? So many possibilities. They just need to hurry up and tell us!

  • Nick

    May be small sim card mini sim like iphone has and iphone with it ???????????/

    • Bigs12

      thats a good one

  • jake

    emerald all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!, no doubt about it, bring on more clues, ps we dont like these guessing games, just tell us already and launch the damn thing

  • Ahh Yo!

    Cellphone/smartphone or whatever you want to call it today, is not worth playing any kind of game(s) on it. Of course it sucks up too much battery when you get into more graphical games. And the screen is way too small to enjoy the full effect. The only game I would play/use is suduko or card games, when I feel bored, and that even too takes much battery usage.

  • mpv

    I love how they can’t even get the hashtag thing right (with that hyphen) – and they’ve used it several times now!

  • Barry

    This is a heated topic very entertaining… so much anger rage and frustration i love it and I do understand it… but people it would be bad got business to announce a huge device right before they’re fathers daddy promo right? Pretty sure things will clear up after Saturday. So if project emerald turns out to be a rate plan anyone going on suicide watch lol jk i feel the pain. This site should be http://www.tmonews/ therapy.com

  • Negtne
    • Phenomenon

      I posted that link already, its from 2009

    • April

      They are not referring to the release of a sims game. They are simply pointing out that there is a common link between something in the sims and the big announcement. I am also going with project emerald on this one just don’t what the heck that means yet.

      • April

        sorry just read your other posts :)

  • Negtne

    My first impression was ooh big deal! But then I was messing around on google and put in emerald sims 3, you collect gems and Emerald cut is one of them. I still think it’s a plan and not a phone 3000 em+ plan probably!!!!

  • Negtne

    I didn’t mean to post that link I copied it and accidentally put it in.

  • Iamright

    Oh snap. The bg of the sims logo is an emerald

  • #T-MobileClue Answer: The Sims logo includes an emerald. This is project emerald, which some suspect will be the Samsung Galaxy S.


  • A_O

    Here’s what i think, the Sims game has a little diomond shape design on the logo right? well hello .. a diomond shape emerald.. project emerald!

  • 2FR35H

    Project Emerald is Galaxy S

  • Negtne

    I sure the hell hope not, i have a friend who is a big dog at clearwire, out here in washington and his buddy works for tmobile corporate here in bellvue and yes he is testing a galaxy but he said he played with it and it feels plasticy, worse than my fiancés mytouch slide he played with a few weeks ago. He said it had a very nice screen but he didn’t like the touchscreen feel of it, he said it felt fake and is not something he would leave his evo for. Now me personally I will take his word for it, and after reading engadgets review I have made up my mind no samsung galaxy for me. But the icing on the cake was the announcement of AT&T’s version and sprints version. Anyone else feel like were getting leftovers for dinner?

    • Negtne

      And this isn’t meant to crush anybody or anyones hopes, just what I was told, and I have a massive amount of respect for him and trust his judgement so take it for what its worth.

      • tmo-emp

        i’ve seen some test phones in person. you can opt in for testing these sometimes. so it’s not uncommon to see crappy looking/feeling test phones. i’ve seen some where the housing is not the same as the released to market product. i’ve also seen some where the housing is the same as the released to market product. i.e., the casing is dull and prototype-ish. god i hope it’s the former.

  • Goomba2010

    Well the best selling PC game of all time is Starcraft. And with the launch of Starcraft 2 coming up here really soon I am sure that there may be a coincidence here.

    • David

      I don’t know why on earth you are staying its Starcraft especially after we’ve already said it The Sims. The image contains a dead on clue its related to The Sims and yet you think its related to Starcraft?

    • Negtne

      The Sims (16 million shipped)[152]
      The Sims 2 (13 million)[153]
      The Sims 2: Pets [expansion pack] (5.6 million)[154]
      The Sims 2: Seasons [expansion pack] (1 million)[154]
      World of Warcraft (11.5 million subscribers)[155]
      World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade [expansion pack] (3.5 million)[156]
      World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King [expansion pack] (4 million)[155]
      StarCraft (11 million)[157]
      Half-Life (9.3 million,[21][22] may include PS2 version)
      Half-Life: Opposing Force [expansion pack] (1.1 million)[21][22]
      Half-Life 2 (6.5 million,[21][22] may include Xbox version but does not include Steam sales)
      Guild Wars (6 million in North America, Europe, and Asia; includes Factions, Nightfall, and Eye of the North)[158]
      Myst (6 million)[159]
      Doom (5 million)[160]
      Counter-Strike (4.2 million[21][22])

      • tmo-emp

        guys, this is referred to as, pulling one’s leg.

  • soon2TMO

    umm sims is a fun and cool game , people like the game because it’s fun to play?

    so the same with tmobile being a customer oriented carrier?

    maybe it has something to do with rate plans, plans that will make every customers happy? and connect, communicate? etc, blah blah..
    cheaper/better plans?

    who knows.. LOL

  • soon2TMO

    i doubt this is about a phone… what is the connection of the sims with a device anyway? so it has the emerald thingy so this makes it “poject emerald”??
    or maybe it is the project emerald regarding new rate plans? better coverage? better minutes? something like that..

    LOL dont know.. just guessing here..

    when something comes on tmonews everybody on here always think it’s about a phone or a phone.. or some phone.. LOL

    • Negtne

      Lol not gonna lie, I got caught up in the hype but now I have given up hope. I love my rates only reason I am not leaving…….FOR NOW.

  • Barry

    I don’t see the relation between an emerald and the galaxy s idk if its a phone or not but I doubt it has to do with the galaxy.

    • tmo-emp

      emerald birthstone last date is july 21st or something to that effect. not too sure about all that astology/jesus/magic type stuff but i believe it’s in reference to the dates of birthstones.

  • sikkboy

    It’s obviously the iPhone. I mean come on people, who doesn’t get that easy clue??? ;-)

  • alex32

    i hope project emerald is that htc twist, and not that galaxy s.’nough said.

  • old.g1.user.needs.new.phone

    The sims was released in 22 countries. And the iphone was realeased in 22 countries to begin with. Does anybody know if it is more now? I hope if it is the iphone they at least get an android phone that can compete (not the sgs please. I need a flash for the camera) it has to be something big. With a new ceo coming in. A buddy who is a manager at a corprate store said that there is going to be some crazy changes made but wouldn’t tell me and since when does tmo use clues before announcements? Ddidnt do it for my faves or the hd2 it has to be the beginning of a new way tmo is going to work or else I’m out. And hello good phones on other networks!

  • beastly

    I know y’all are all excited about new phones, but I’d lay money on it being about rate plans. In the Sims, you can have up to 8 Sims in one house. My guess is family plans are getting bumped up to a maximum of 8 lines. That would be pretty cool (got a couple of family members griping about AT&T who would love unlimited everything for $55 a month) but it’s not huge. (My bet is that if I’m right, you will see all the other carriers following suit in the next 3-6 months.)

    Maybe the addition of a 3000 minute plan is part of it too, although I don’t see the tie-in with the Sims. Still, 8 lines sharing 3000 minutes, where you’re only paying $5 to add each additional line is a pretty good deal. Figure $70 for the first two lines, $20 for text, and $5 each for the next 6 lines, for a total of $120. That’s $15 per line for unlimited nights, weekends, mobile-to-mobile, and texting, and an average of 375 whenever minutes per line. Wouldn’t work for my family (we have some talkers) but it would be a good deal for some people.

    Probably there are some other tie-ins too.

    As for phones, I’m sure we’ll see a couple more good ones before the end of the summer, but I can’t imagine the Sidekick Twist being part of it. The Twist is supposed to be Android, right? But they just released a full-QWERTY Android: the Slide. Why would they recommission the same phone from HTC in a bulkier package with a twist-off screen?

    Don’t get me wrong: I liked the Sidekick. Fit well in your hands for texting, and had a really simple and easy-to-use interface. But if you make the ‘kick Android, you lose that interface, or else you skin and ruin Android. And if you keep the original form, people will look to choose between the big blocky ‘kick and the slim, sleek Slide, and ignore the ‘kick altogether. Unless I’m mistaken, the whole Sidekick Twist thing will probably remain just a rumor.

  • Brent

    New clue, super slim but full of muscle – probably an oyster – probably BB Pearl.

  • Garret

    Well…Clue #2 is out – “It’s super slim and full of muscle.” Sounds more like a phone/”thing” than a plan/service.

    microSIM is super slim…and i guess you could argue “full of muscle” – maybe?

    Galaxy S has been noted to be very thin in almost all reviews – and it certainly is “full of muscle” – 1GHz Hummingbird.

  • Maverick128

    You know the first thing I thought of was what I thought was obvious. T-Mobile phones, being GSM, use “sim” cards. lol. Not much of a clue then.

    I guess the Project Emerald theory is cooler.

  • Soup_daddy

    what if it’s the galaxy s or the sidekick twist preloaded with the sims 3.

  • wm

    The answer is, it’s about keeping people connected.

  • Joaquin

    It means that the phone can be personalize, cause in the game the Sim2 you can personalize everything. So that also means that cell will run Android OS.

  • PlaiduhPus

    I’ve been with T-Mobile since I was in high school. I’m 25 now so we’ve had a pretty good run. I’ve wanted to leave. Many times. But the prices keep me coming back. And after having dabbled a bit in AT&T and Verizon (because of my now husband’s past service providers) I’m glad I stayed. I keep holding out believing that T-Mobile will catch up to the larger providers. From a software AND hardware standpoint, the iPhone isn’t that great. Eventually it’ll become just another phone option and lose steam, just as the MacBook did a few years after it came on the market. Hype can only keep a run of the mill product going for so long. I think T-Mobile knows this and is banking on it. And I also think they are prepared to take over when the world finally does weary of the iPhone and AT&T’s dictatorship.

    Here’s my take: if you really hate T-Mobile so much, leave. Just go. If the grass is greener, go eat it. Don’t piss and moan about bad service (T-Mobile’s DEFINITELY got its share of issues) if you’re not willing to do something about it. Plain and simple. No one is forcing you to stay with T-Mobile. This is your choice. Stop threatening to leave and just do it already. Go to Verizon or AT&T or Sprint and realize that EVERYONE b*tches about their cell phone service and service provider no matter who provides it.

    Lastly, I like the little games and hints. I think it’s cute. I don’t want another AT&T/Apple that treats everything like a freakin’ government secret and then BLAMMO! there it is in front of you. I think the teasing and hinting is fun. Our society and culture is too obsessed with “Gimme Gimme NOW!!!”. Have a little patience…

    or leave.

    The end.

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