CLIQ Scheduled For Android 2.1 Q2 2010


As you may recall, previously there was word on the interwebs that the Motorola CLIQ would be receiving Android 2.1 “sometime in March”. Motorola has put this rumor to bed once and for all with a new timeline that they’ve posted in their support forums revealing a list of future upgrades to Android 2.1 for all Motorola Android handsets. As displayed in the image above, the Motorola CLIQ is scheduled for an upgrade to Android 2.1 in the second quarter (Q2) of 2010. Quarter 2 consists of April, May, and June. So it looks like CLIQ owners will have to wait another month or two to get the awesomeness of Android 2.1. This is just another reason why I prefer plain old Android, without a proprietary interface.

Feel free to express your thoughts in the comments!

AndroidSPIN Via Motorola

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  • Davidohio

    Good things come to those that wait. Good news, thanks!

  • Plain old Android isn’t helping us G1 owners. I really wish T-Mobile would finally say one way or another regarding any future G1 updates. :-(

  • Mooch

    planned, eh? Sorry to be Mr. Negative but not everything goes according to plan.

  • Wicked1

    Awww, that Sucks! Hopefully its April rather than June. Glad for an actual timeline now. They could have at least ujpgraded us to 1.6 if they were gonna make up wait ao long for 2.1

  • mytouch3g owner

    well i see nothing better with plain old android, if i still have to wait till Q2 for mytouch3g upgrade, it’s like i might as well have a skin over it like sense or blur, since it takes just as long to upgrade. :(

  • MG

    I think there should be more unity on the Android front if they want to compete with Apple. When apple releases an update, it is global not for only Europe or only North America. Everybody gets the update. With Android, there is “with google”, “sense”, plain old Android, Droid and then every carrier has their own bull. I think more uniform would be better. I understand that personlizing is important but it should be done so that the updates are not affected. Just my 2 cents.

    • smiley

      looks like we got ourselves a commie

    • John

      Are you kidding me! Apple has 3 different phones out directly designed and manufactured by Apple with very little difference between all 3. Google has at least 7 different phones coming from at least 3 different manufacturers all of which has completely different designs and functionality not to mention drastically different internal specifications! How the hell is unity going to be accomplished.
      Apple couldn’t even do this perfectly for each phone each year? In fact each itinerant of iphone has had an issue at one point. 2g had battery issues that was due to software and let’s not forget the fact that it just stopped working for groups of people. 3g had 3G issues and activation issues when it first came out and 3G is still an issue. Lastly 3GS didn’t get copy and paste right away and how long was it that multimedia messaging took to work? With all the control that Apple has over their own phone there were still issues and they weren’t even updates! Also when it comes to apps, right now you can download apps that may not work for your version of iphone!depending what year you got the phone! How stupid is that? where’s the unity in that? Can you imagine what utter failure the iphone would be if Apple came out with all 3 phones at one time? Disaster!
      There are 3 operating systems that can do what you wish for and not one of them is Apple’s nor Google’s. These are Blackberry, Symbian (recently to a lesser degree) and the jack of all trades master of none Windows Mobile! All three which takes months even years to get an update from but more or less issue free.

  • Black Kristos

    Yeah, I am getting pretty tired of Tmo slacking on the MT3G. I know they must be waiting to sell some MT3G 1.2 crap, but it’s lame. If I don’t see anything in the way of solid acknowledgment by the start of Q2, I am rooting.

    • Rooted and Happy

      No probs with Cyanogen here and I will be waiting for his 2.1. The existing 2.1’s are lacking unreleased drivers and whatnot. And, I want a complete rom for everyday use.

      One Click Method worked great for me. My phone is an absolute powerhouse.

    • John

      Are most android users a bunch of whiners? It takes months for a blackberry, symbian update and almost a year for a Windows Mobile update!
      Even Apple’s iphone doesn’t get a real update as often as Android does. So what’s the crying all about? Does android suck so badly that you can’t wait for the next update? My sister and coworker has android and I usually remind them to check if an update is out yet.

      • john

        when all those phones get updates…..ALL THE PHONE get the phone….not just 1 phone out of like 30 phone worldwide

  • Mega G

    Don’t root… it’s not worth the bother. Too buggy. Even Cyanogen is getting to be to slow and crappy.

    • Alex

      Haha…you obviously dunno what you’re talking about. Rooted mt3g with 10mb ram hack, overclocked processor, and a class 6 microsd = pwnage. Never have to wait for an update again. =]

      • Mega G

        Perhaps I am using the wrong one(s)… Where did you get your 10mb ram hack, etc?

      • Alex

        I’m currently running Cyanogen’s latest ROM, 4.2.14. The 10mb hack can be found on youtube. I only saw one video that had it so look carefully. Cyanogen’s latest has a lot of stuff from eclair and it runs very smoothly. If you want the absolute fastest ROM right now, it’s Super D.

  • timmyjoe42

    I guess that I would rather wait and have it work right than have it be buggy.

  • randy

    I don’t understand why they don’t just make all the updates compatable with each phone its rather annoying to be honest I was stocked when android first came out cuase all the opportunities it was opening up now it just seems like more of a hasstle than anything…
    Whatever happened with that update that was accidently released for like 15 mins, anyways to get that on the sd card and do a manual update like back on the 1.5 update for g1

  • Phatmanxxl

    Yes root, Im already running 2.1 on my MT3G and its great! I cant wait to see the cliq with eclair also, 1.5 is so old news.

    • FILA

      I seen how its done, multiple ways now for MT3G, but how did you root? Did you use one of them one touch program apps or what? And is the 2.1 ROM real, I need a refresh. How does your myTouch run, any faster after root?

    • Mega G

      I wouldn’t mind giving the 2.1 on the MT3G a shot.. got a link? So far I’ve been disappointed with overall stability of the Cyanogen stuff since Google neutered his efforts.

  • FILA

    Yea so hopefully G1 & MT3G gets 2.1 before Cliq owners

    • Ritchie

      Ull wait with the rest of us.

  • Jimmi

    We should of know that it wasnt goona come out in march after hearing the cliq xt and the backfilp were both gonna be released with android 1.5

  • I would not buy cliq anyway, just another crappy phone by tmobile but with 2.1 upgrade coming, it sure sounds enticing!!

    • John

      tmobile didn’t make the phone motorola did. you don’t like the cliq get a different gsm phone and pop your sim in it. it’s just that easy. no need to complain.

  • Erin

    I upgraded to this phone, I’m really happy with Blur, it suits me better. Not having navigation in maps kind of sucks but I didn’t really use it much anyway. At least an update is coming.

  • Shane

    THIS IS BULL SH*T. I wonder how many ways motorola can find to totally F*ck the consumer. Screw this i’m getting a my touch.

    • Kyle

      How is Motorola screwing you over? The Cliq is scheduled to get it very soon. I have the newer myTouch and there’s been NOTHING about when it will receive 2.x.

      • john

        motorolo screws up and the update so i don`t no when the cliq will get the update

  • Andrew

    I cant wait until the MyTouch Slide comes out so I dont have to deal with this bullshi*

  • BronxBebe

    Sighs anything is better than the SKLX09 & now the MS Turtle is roaming on the FCC it’s possible the SK has died.. If not they need to step it up a few notches & kill the closed OS..
    Video killed the radio star… lol..

  • John

    Frankly proprietary interfaces should be optional and shouldn’t delay any updates. In fact there should be a choice weather users can wait for the interface update rom or just update the stock version.

  • ProudG1andCliqOwner

    I don’t think the G1 will get 2.1 ever I think 1.6 will be all it gets. They skipped 1.6 and 2.0 so us Cliq users could get the best out for the handset and thats 2.1!

    • john

      lets hope motorola doesn`t mess up the 2.1 update like they did for all the other android update.

  • john

    Too much complaining. Waiting for updates. Not really a major prob. Want something new then root it, find a Ron u like and calm down

    • john

      rooting your phone can mess it up…y would u want to do that. the other thing is that the update has alot of thing my cliq (android 1.5) can`t do. i can`t use some apps and all the new goodies 2.1 has.

  • mike

    Yes rooting ur phone will screw it up if ur too stupid to read the instructions correctly.I rooted my g1 and am currently running oncyanogen and everything runs smoothly.apps2sd is an awesome lil bit that ur android updates won’t get u and cyanogen has plenty of the lil eclair extras.just be careful not to overclock too much or it could burn up ur cpu.all I’m waiting. For is the adobe flash 10.1 plugin:p

  • Erick

    Let that be a lesson to us all. Don’t buy Motorola. Buy the innovator phones, the software updates will be instantaneous as opposed to painfully slow 6 months behind.

  • john nelson

    when is the cliq xt gonna receive an update ?