CLIQ Scheduled For Android 2.1 Q2 2010


As you may recall, previously there was word on the interwebs that the Motorola CLIQ would be receiving Android 2.1 “sometime in March”. Motorola has put this rumor to bed once and for all with a new timeline that they’ve posted in their support forums revealing a list of future upgrades to Android 2.1 for all Motorola Android handsets. As displayed in the image above, the Motorola CLIQ is scheduled for an upgrade to Android 2.1 in the second quarter (Q2) of 2010. Quarter 2 consists of April, May, and June. So it looks like CLIQ owners will have to wait another month or two to get the awesomeness of Android 2.1. This is just another reason why I prefer plain old Android, without a proprietary interface.

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AndroidSPIN Via Motorola

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