Motorola Cliq Maintenance Update Coming This Week?


First off, let’s all get on the same page and understand I am not talking about an Android update, but a maintenance update. Just a little over two weeks ago an “accidental” release from Motorola, designated update 1.3.8 leaked to a few Motorola Cliq users and included battery life, touchscreen, improved GPS tracking and various other bug fixes and improvements. More to the point is that a few TmoNews readers have written in stating that T-Mobile customer service has told them February 17th or 18th will see a Motorola Cliq maintenance update.  Just to reiterate, this is not Android 2.1.

While these updates are often good holdovers, we know that Cliq owners are much more interested in a concrete Android 2.1 update that might make the phone brand new all over again. For the moment though, this release will have to hold Cliq owners over until a more significant update appears but either way, it’s good to know Motorola is working to better the device for current and future owners.

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