Motorola Cliq Maintenance Update Coming This Week?


First off, let’s all get on the same page and understand I am not talking about an Android update, but a maintenance update. Just a little over two weeks ago an “accidental” release from Motorola, designated update 1.3.8 leaked to a few Motorola Cliq users and included battery life, touchscreen, improved GPS tracking and various other bug fixes and improvements. More to the point is that a few TmoNews readers have written in stating that T-Mobile customer service has told them February 17th or 18th will see a Motorola Cliq maintenance update.  Just to reiterate, this is not Android 2.1.

While these updates are often good holdovers, we know that Cliq owners are much more interested in a concrete Android 2.1 update that might make the phone brand new all over again. For the moment though, this release will have to hold Cliq owners over until a more significant update appears but either way, it’s good to know Motorola is working to better the device for current and future owners.

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  • timmyjoe42

    I’ll take what I can get.

  • watbetch

    Sounds hott. Wasn’t there a new radio rom in that? I know it says it will improve GPS but what about reception?

  • Steven

    Yes watbetch it actually does improve reception. I’m using the leaked update(Thank goodness for Root eh?) and I have better reception. The new radio’s a bitch though…

    • watbetch

      You mean like trying to install it via the leak?

  • It just better fix that fckng touchscreen issue :

  • Wicked1

    Any word on if Moto has slipped multi-touch in it? I was hoping that’s why they pulled it back, after it was leaked

  • YAY!! Can’t wait, been needing this for a while

  • manus

    So is this 2.1? :) couldnt resist

  • Too bad it doesn’t run WinMo :-P

    • CO_Yeti

      You know what is actually funny, the the easiest device to run Android 2.1 at Tmo right now isn’t the mytouch or cliq its the touch pro2 dual booted with winmo and android. Something is very wrong with that!

      • watbetch

        What do you mean by that. I have run 2.1 on my TP2 and it was far from optimal, it was alright but certain things didn’t work right.

      • J-Hop2o6

        I love how we have Android 2.X.X on our TP2’s.. wayy before the Cliq, mt3g, g1, etc. users ;)

  • phonegeek

    i want a cliq and now this is more incentive to get one .. sadly the fellow consumers who are selling theirs on craigslist are hiking the price up due to the 2.1 update …or else they’re just money hungry like everyone else

  • phonegeek

    actually just checked out ebay the prices there are FAR worse

  • Heber

    HEy guys we need to ask for FM RADIO this new MOTOROLA have that feature really a i would like to have FM radio on my phone…..

  • Rex

    What about the physical keyboard light up issues? Hope they’ll be addressed with this update.

  • timmyjoe42

    Light up issues?
    I was hoping for the update this morning, but nothing yet.

  • katmandoo

    i miss my nokia

  • phil fix

    After some lookin into it seems to me that this maint. Update is pretty much the update moto gave us back in dec. I have emails from moto stating 2.1 and flash plug in by march but then they pull back again. Moto needs to get with the game. You would think since moto is brining 20 new phones out this year and 18 of which are android based w/blur why the 2.1 hasn’t been more of a focus for moto to get it to gether and pushed out the droid is a has been and cliq cliq xt back flip are motos front line for cell industry.

  • ausitn

    said my phone was downloading the update than said update was being recalled and could not download. sooo i still have the older version. Any answers or same problem?