HTC HD2 In The Hizzouse!!!


Sometimes being in the tech blogging game has its rewards and this is one of those instances. I’ve managed to score an HTC HD2 from a “hush hush” source and they are allowing me some hands on time with a full review coming later on. First impressions are with all sincerity, damn impressive. The touchscreen works amazingly well, is responsive, accurate and while I’ve seen a hiccup or two inside Opera selecting links, typing up a text or sending an email has proven effortless. The camera is sharp and the weather effects are just freaking cool. The browser renders pages quickly and accurately, especially considering this is the European version so I’m running EDGE only here. The Sense UI all but completely hides the Windows interface and while you’re sure to see traces of it once you hit the menu, but if you didn’t know any better, Windows can be pretty well hidden. The built in Twitter app and YouTube app work flawlessly as YouTube videos rendered clearly on Wi-Fi and sluggishly but decently on EDGE. I have perused the app store but have yet to download anything. I plan on putting the Windows app market through plenty of paces during the next few days and will of course compare it to the Android Market and Apple app store.

Overall, first impressions are beyond favorable and those looking for this phone to fulfill their technology fetish are sure to be pleased. I’ll need some more time with it to play around, test it out and you know take as long as I “need” to ensure that I provide a quality review. Stay tuned for more!

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  • Chelo

    Jealous :(

    • JMTS80

      Me 2 :/

      • John

        Me 3!!! especially now that I have to wait for another year to get an upgrade price! I knew I should’ve waited!

  • Awatt

    If that’s impressive I cannot wait till the T-Mobile USA version hits since that’s going to be rocking better specs!

    • Victor

      same here!

  • MobilePaddy

    Hey David,

    Which rom version do you have? Is it the t-mobile us rom?

    Congrats…very jealous

  • al

    ha this thing has been out for months… i thought you got the tmo version or something… nothing to see here unless you’re a winmo nub i guess. have fun with it though.

    • mmafighter077

      Thats exactly what I was thinking… I thought it was going to be the tmo version. Still nice to see though.

    • John

      He states that he has the European version so it wouldn’t be a Tmo USA rom. Most likely a HTC direct unlocked!

  • peter fitzenwell

    Boo !!! windows …would be better with ANDROID xD

    • Mockerfab4

      Android sucks…

      • timmyjoe42


      • Mockerfab4

        Nope! Absolutely right!

      • tato22


      • Mockerfab4


      • David

        Winmo sucks…Android is way better, at least foe me (I don’t use it for business)

      • Mockerfab4

        Can’t do business = it sucks!

    • Mardenator

      Android kicks ass!


        BOTH windows mobile AND android are excellent operating systems, otherwise so many people wouldnt love them. Personally i like them both, while both have their ups and downs. It all depends on what you like!

    • Mockerfab4

      And that is precisely why it sucks!!!!!!

    • John

      Android can’t do a fraction what win mo can without downloading apps. Tethering? no. ftp access? no. One hand operation? fuck no! Go pinch and zoom that hater!

    • John

      HTC already makes one with Android. It’s called the Nexus One. Same specs same build. So run to Google and get one. It’s actually smaller than the HD2.

  • enjoijams

    Does this phone have a status bar similar to the one on Android?

    • John

      Yes! It’s called a home screen and has been available since 5.0 (at least. not sure about win ce)

      • enjoijams

        I have a Dash which has run 5.?-6.5(Cooked Rom). So I am very familiar with the home screen.

        Im referring to the new versions of winmo for touch screen phones with htc sense. If you can press the status bar and get all that info with touchable links.

  • B

    Almost looks like a damn Tablet

    • John

      It kinda almost is. Except it’s close in size as an iphone or nexus one. Much more functional than an ipad for sure, which by the way shouldn’t even be considered anything like a tablet.

  • Shawn1224

    A store rep told me that they’re trying to get android on the HD2. I doubt it but if they do i’m sold.

    • Matlock

      that store rep is a freaking IDIOT! Im a rep, and no they are not trying to have Android put on it! Some reps are stupid as hell! In my store we are all pretty knowledgeable when it comes to the phones, but if we dont know something we’ll research it really quick for the cust, or we’ll be honest and tell them we dont know. God, I hate stupid reps in stores!!

      • David

        I agree! It was probably an authorized agent…they tell customers anything!

      • Kevin

        Well, tmo isnt, but people are . Its running great on my tp2 except for a few things, and with the htc supersonic sporting much of the same hardware, it shouldnt be to difficult to get a great working android os on a dualboot setup on the hd2 in the coming months

      • brandon

        I bet that rep meant that “they” as in XDA developers, are trying to get android on the HD2. They actually have been able to dual boot winmo and android on the HD2 but there are still quite a few issues. No wifi, poor battery life, and countless others. There is a great chance though that a working android rom will be available for the HD2 in the foreseeable future.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Either that or some posters like to have something to say, so they post all kinds of BS.

        Bottom line is this is going to be an awesome device. Anyone in here chiming in about Android as being better does not know what he is talking about. You are no different than the one person at a party who spews a bunch of bullshit all night, just to feel like they are somebody in the know about this or that.

        Sidenote: Hey David, better post some nice shots with your review rather than a single shot of the HD2 sitting on your carpet. LOL. When you do post your review can you tell us how it feels in terms of size compared to other phones.

        I remember when we were all talking about the Touch Pro2 and before I got mine I thought it was going to be huge. But it turned out to be just right.
        But the HD2 looks a lot bigger.

        Make sure to give it the shirt pocket test, will it fit in one?

        Bonus Sidenote: On my Touch Pro2 I was running cooked ROMS with the HTC Sense shell (interface). You are correct, the shell hides WinMo quite well. It basically has HTC’s version of all the apps and programs one might use. And WinMo 6.5 is quite nice too.

        Really there’s very few of the old WinCE style menus and whatnot. Most are for adjusting and tweaking. I don’t really care what a menu and interface looks like when I am adjusting my display brightness or activating clear type.

        People that diss WinMo have not used the most recent devices with WinMo 6.5+

        Oh, I used MS Marketplace on my Touch Pro2. I liked it albeit there were very few apps at the time I did a review of it. But it functioned the same as other carriers and manufacturers.

        Pretty much all of the OS’s app markets now operate the same. There’s a description, screen shots and ability to download immediately. There’s the ability to sort by free apps, newest apps, by category/type and most popular. I have used RIM’s App World, Android Market and WinMo Marketplace. I like em all.

        Request: Can you ban the people who post in here comments that say nothing of value. The one’s saying “Oh I wish it had Android.” “Oh if it had Android I’d buy it.” “Oh, Android is better than WinMo POS” “This has WinMo, that ruined the phone.” “Oh, this would be better if it had Android” “Android.”…… “Android”….. “Android, Android” “Android.”…… “Android”….. “Android, Android” “Android.”…… “Android”….. “Android, Android” “Android.”…… “Android”….. “Android, Android” “Android.”…… “Android”….. “Android, Android””Android.”…… “Android”….. “Android, Android” “Android.”…… “Android”….. “Android, Android” “Android.”…… “Android”….. “Android, Android” “Android.”…… “Android”….. “Android, Android” “Android.”…… “Android”….. “Android, Android” “Android.”…… “Android”….. “Android, Android” “Android.”…… “Android”….. “Android, Android” “Android.”…… “Android”….. “Android, Android” “Android.”…… “Android”….. “Android, Android” “Android.”…… “Android”….. “Android, Android” “Android.”…… “Android”….. “Android, Android”


      • shawn1224

        Sorry I wasn’t trying to imply that winmo sucks, just that I prefer Android. Every smart phone I’ve had or currently own has been Android so in all actuality that’s all I really know.

        Even if it doesn’t get Android it’s still absolutely gorgeous.

      • clt

        Wrong…its very easy to dual boot…so if the store rep said they are trying to get android on it he might verywell be refering to dual booting

    • john

      That rep was a moron, however you can dual boot most winmo phones so for all those who are “wishing” on the android star, if you were capable of getting the phone and put a lil work into it you’d be capable of running an android hd2, there’s the solution, it’s not winmo sux, android sux, it is just that those who are truly wanting this phone, but want android, here you go…my first smartphone btw…a g1, this will be my next phone.

    • TheDude

      ItsMichaelNotMike, I wish I could uprank your post. I, too, am also tired of all of that – and not just in this blog post. In pretty much every one that isn’t Android.

      David? Ban em all… thanks :)

    • John

      My opinion on this is that the reason android is not on this piece of hardware is because the os can’t run on it properly. Win mo runs on it fine though, which goes to show how non beta win mo is.
      Besides, would Google actually allow their os on a device that would directly compete with their own? Especially from the same manufacturer that makes their phone?
      Curious what the Nexus Two would look like.

  • Gloria

    I think 3.7 inches is big enough for a phone. When you get 4 + inches it becomes too big and more of a tablet and less of a phone to use comfortably in the hand or pocket.

    I’m sure this phone is the 2nd coming of Christ for all the middle age WinMo fans out there but for the younger generation Android and Apple OS’ are our future.

    MS can keep putting lipstick on their pig all they want but the fact remains that industry trends are not looking good for them.

    • Matlock

      Umm, why do you have to be middle aged to be a WinMo fan? Im in my 20s and like WinMo, just as much as I like Android! BTW, Apple OS is crap! it doesnt do half the things WinMo or Android can do. All Apple OS is, is a VERY WELL marketed operating system! If Apple was not the marketing and advertising machine that they are than none of their products would be as successful as they are, and end up brain washing the masses into believing they are the alpha and omega of cell phone technology!

      As far as the size of the phone goes, I have big hands, to put it in perspective, Im 6’6″, so you can imagine how big my hands are. So when it comes to using onscreen keyboards, i cant do it at all, which is why i’ve stuck to having phones with physical keyboards. This phone’s screen is going to make typing on screen absolutely delightful, and much easier. Also, watching videos on the smaller screens is kinda lacking, this screen is gonna def make a difference!

      I am absolutely excited for this device and am jealous that Dave has this phone! Ive seen it a couple of times in my store, when Europeans come to buy pre-paid phones and sim cards, and it looks beautiful, just wish i could get a chance to play with it!

      • Craiger

        I agree with Matlock. Same here, I’m in my 20s. Windows Mobile is better than everyone gives it credit for. It’s time people open their eyes to the beautiful 4.3″ capacitive touchscreen of the HD2 and realize that WinMo is about to make a comeback, and it starts here.

    • John

      Most of us middle age WinMo fans are usually working professionals who don’t spend every minute playing mini games, facetwit, and use our phone as a portable media center. WinMo has always been a very functional mobile office and wouldn’t know what to do with out it.
      And those coworkers around me who decided to get an iphone or android are usually technically challenged or little behind the ball when it come to using it for work. You know the reason to make money. I know at least 3 people who has given up on them and either switched to a blackberry or WinMo.
      If the future is the iphone and android user, our economy is looking worse than it does now! So I’ve got only one question for you. How much money has your android and iphone made you?

  • Galen20K

    When I get my HD2, can I share my Android data with the same sim card on my HD2 or will it not let my HD2 use the internet with my Android plan? Would I need to open a 2nd line to use data on it?

    • Kevin

      Yes, you android plan will work fine. It just has special provisioning for the android OS, but I jump between my g1 and tp2 all the time (not to mention running android on my tp2), and the android package works perfectly on both. On the flipside though, android will not work with the smartphone data, atleast not on tmobile us system.

      • Galen20K

        oh ok Great! Thanks for the Answer Kevin, very Helpful.

      • John

        That’s because Android is not a real os which WinMo will infact configure itself to work on the Android plan. In addition, any WinMo plan on tmobile is actually cheaper than android’s. Blackberry is also just as cheap.
        My unlimited internet package is roughly $20/month on top of my unlimited voice which is roughly $50/month. So it’s around $70 a month before tax and surcharges. I usually don’t pay over $93/month as long as I don’t go crazy with messaging.

    • brandon

      I believe that the plans are both the same. When you have an Android internet plan, you have basically an unlimited internet plan.

      • John

        Not sure about that. I asked Tmobile, when the G1 came out, what would change if I upgraded to the G1 from my shadow. They said my data service would increase to almost $15/month on top of my voice. I asked them why and they said that the android data service is a different type of service. I assumed it had to do with the 3G network but they assured me that it had more to do with the Android protocol for it to work properly. Whatever that means.
        Any case, I have the Dash 3G now and my bill hasn’t seen an increase yet!! Not sure what the price is now for the android plan, but if it costs more no thank you.

  • dawald123

    Android is a stupid little kids os, i dont want it anywhere near this HD2

    • Gloria

      “Stupid little kids os….”

      You are showing your age my dear.

      There are always stop gap holdouts for old technology who will hang on till the bitter end just like those who swore they would die without a phone with analog backup. Some even argued that analog was better, more efficient yada yada.

      But in the end, its the OS that does not remain stagnant that will reign supreme. MS has been holding off on us for years counting on loyal 40 + years old faithful users to hold them through. They basically gave us a big FU and figured we were dumb enough to put up with poor technology, buggy software and lackluster hardware.

      You can thank Apple and Android for giving MS a quick boot to the rear in their last ditch effort to stay relevant.

      • JD

        What an ignorant comment. The iPhone wouldn’t exist if it hadn’t been for the middle-aged early adopters. Younger people couldn’t afford it. Most still can’t. At my high school iPhones are the minority.

      • John

        Gloria you sound like a tech noob. Have you ever used WinMo at all? Does anyone know what she’s talking about when she’s typing about analog backup? What is that?
        If you mean t-mobile’s mobile backup, WinMo has an app for that. Or microsoft My Phone, there an app for that. Maybe your talking about Dashwire, There’s an app for that too! Lastly maybe you’re talking about Active sync or Device center well there’s no app for that because it’s built in! even works on a Mac (that’s if the mac has the app for it). iphone has…itunes? really? seriously? Android has…oh that right NOTHING! you can’t even tether out of the box!
        Has it come to your attention yet the reason why there are 40+ years old users out there? WinMo is a real os being used by people who needs a real smartphone. Has it ever occur to you that MS’s hold out was more of a wait and see attitude to see a viability on interface options? Seriously, all it takes is a graphical interface and some pretty icons with pretty pictures with animation in order to compete with android and iphone!?
        By the way, MS has little control of hardware. They are a software company. If you’re putting blame, blame the manufacturers dragging their feet. At least HTC stepped up giving the wannabes their pretty interface which is still optional. How many different interfaces does iphone oh wait you can change that. Well how many different interfaces does android ….oh you can’t change that either!

    • Mockerfab4

      @dawald123 I agree with you for the most part, except for the “kid” part. ;)

    • Mockerfab4

      @dawald123 Agree with you for the most part, except I’d remove “kid”

  • BBSwany

    No offense David, but what’s the “hush hush” about if it’s a European HD2? Still would love a review though. :-)

    • David

      There are certain things I just can’t say or can’t explain!

      • brandon

        Winmo 7?!?

      • CO_Yeti

        That doesn’t make any sense. Your blog runs stories all the time about leaks, if the HD2 you have really is different than the euro version why hold back?

    • John

      I have a feeling David wants to play with it for awhile before he has to return it. Hence the delay in review!

  • gargoyle999

    It would be neat to checkout, but why would European version be “hush hush”? Sounds like T-Mo version will be better anyway. When you get that one early, let us know. We’ll keep the secret!!!

  • enjoijams

    Universal bands with free roaming on Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T 3G networks.
    Hahaha we can all dream. Its already running Windows Mobile 7! Wouldn’t that be a pleasant suprise.

  • David

    Oh David…I envy you :) I eagerly await your review.

  • Yaniv

    Its times like these that make me hate Dave.
    An ode to Dave…..
    Roses are red.
    Violets are blue….
    Dave is a lucky sob….
    that gets to play with the hd2

  • Ernie

    I am sooooooooo damn Jealous !!!! LUCKY DUDE!!!

  • It looks so hot. I’m just really sad it’s window. Wish they’d come out with an Android one with a similar form-factor.

    Long live Android.

    • efjay

      Good grief, if you want anddroid so much why not buy the almghty nexus one? Are you android fans so immature you are threatened by the presence of this phone? All you “i wish it ran android” sound like little, greedy, spoilt brats who wants everything for themselves and cant stand to see anyone else be happy.

      Doesnt matter how hard you wish, MS and WM ARE GOING NOWHERE!! They have acknowledged that they have messed up with WM so far but they are now committed to correcting that mistake and they will not be giving up the mobile space without an all-out fight, and they have shown this persistence many times before so better get used to seeing more and more WM phones with uber-hardware and hope that WM7 doesnt completely blow your precious android away!!

      • Richard

        Geez, somebody woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

        The reason some of us haven’t got the ‘almight’ Nexus One is because they’re having ‘ungodly’ problems with it.

        Besides that, what’s the issue with someone wishing that the Android OS came on what might be a ‘better’ phone. It’s bigger, it has a better camera, it has the sense UI that rocks. What would be the problem with putting the Android OS in it? Personally I’d prefer that myself… but since it doesn’t have that, and since I’m terribly unhappy with the issues the Nexus is having… I’m probably going to break down and leave Android and get this phone.

        It will be by FAR the best phone on T-Mobile, without question.

      • kershon

        Attaboy. Well said.

      • David

        Why has this thread turned into such a whine fest? Look, some people like winmo and some people like android. Obviously, the HD2 is NOT going to be android so that is that! It is a great device, especially for winmo fans. Both winmo and android have their ups and downs. The post from “it’smichaelnotmike” is just a huge waste of space. He obviously is a winmo fan, that’s fine but asking tmonews to ban anyone who likes android? Really? That’s just stupid. People are allowed to widh the hd2 had android, but they know it doesn’t. Don’t let it bother you to the point you rant on like that, wasting space typing “android 100 times….geez! Live and let live. Bottom line, this is a great device and winmo, although not for everyone, is a good os for some but not EVERYONE. And that’s ok.

      • David

        Lmfao! You are right about one thing, winmo is not going anywhere. Android on the other hand is going somewhere….UP! Android is still in it’s infancy (like winmo at one time) and has a big future ahead so don’t kid yourself. You LOVE LOVE LOVE winmo, obviously, we get it, but is is not the ONLY os out there, and not the best so get over youself.

      • John

        Thank you David for being the voice of reason! Now get off the comments page and start cracking on that review!

    • efjay

      Not WM’s fault the nexus 1 is a POS. You android fanboys are grasping at straws since your fav OS has basically failed to be the “iphone killer” you all hoped it would be so you vent your frustrations at WM. Dont worry, the pain will only get worse with WM7!!

    • kershon

      I wish they would come out with one that would run Blackberry os 5.0. Muuhahahahahahahahaha. whine, whine whine. roflmao

    • John

      Considering that the Nexus One has pretty much the same specs as the HD2, I’m sure that you can dual boot this gem (according to XDA) as long as you can get the Nexus One rom.
      My opinion is that since there are issues with the Nexus One to begin with, the HD2 most definitely will not function properly with Android installed. I’m curious how would WinMo would run on the Nexus One?

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Darn you DAVE!!!! You had me thinking that the Tmobile US version had been released. HAAA!!! I want the HD2. Come on March 24th. Til then, I’ll be playing Tatsunoko vs Capcom online.

  • Todd

    I want to know about the U.S. version…..not the European.


      The US version is the same expect for the boost in RAM and ROM, and of course the 16gb SD card you get with it( even though that’s not part of the phone

    • Kal

      Then go get one…

      • Todd

        I plan to when it comes out smart guy. ….obviously its not out yet genius.

      • John

        I think that’s what Kal meant silly goose

  • Ruiner

    We had a guy fly in from Belgium at my company last week. He had the European HD2 running on Orange World service. It was VERY slick. It was running a stock Windows Mobile 6.5 ROM with Sense (Leo) 2.5. Very fast, very responsive, and the resistive touch screen was nice; even if it was 4.3″. I currently have a Touch Pro2 running a custom ROM, but this thing was just FAST. I’m still not sold on the “no keyboard” thing, but perhaps I can learn to love it – especially now that T-Mobile is partnering up with Swype.

    Given that the T-Mobile version will have 1GB of ROM memory, the US version should be even better. I know that XDA developers are running “semi”-working versions of Android on the HD2 right now. Keep in mind that the rumored SuperSonic for Sprint will contain much of the same hardware (4.3″ screen, 1Ghz process, etc). Thus, if the SuperSonic comes over, it should make porting an Android ROM over to the HD2 even easier (one can hope, at least).

    In all honesty, it isn’t THAT big compared to something like the iPhone. It just uses the “space” better in terms of screen size. If you look at an iPhone, they could easily extend the screen further out towards the edges. It was slightly wider and maybe just a hair taller than the iPhone. However, it was thinner.

    All in all, this should be a rather incredible phone.

    • JB6464

      The HD2 has a Capacitive screen ! You need to get your story right.

      • Ruiner

        Sorry, I meant to say capacitive. I was in-between thoughts between it and my Touch Pro2 (resistive) at the time. So much for proof-reading, huh?

    • John

      It’s thinner than the iphone! I hope it has that rubber like coating on the back. the iphone sometimes feels like it’s all greased up. I’m always afraid of handling someone’s iphone because I’m use to beating the crap out of my winmo phones.

  • wacko

    woulda been a great phone if it wasnt windows mobile os had horrible experience with it on the lg ks-20 made me wanna kill myself

    • What a shame you didn’t. Dramaqueen. The fact is i’ve used the iPhone, Android, and Windows Mobile. On my Touch Pro 2, even my friend who has a 3GS commented on it’s responsiveness. We looked at the various Android phones at a T-Mobile store and they were less responsive than my resistive screen. Sure they are demo units, but Android can still use alot of refinement. Even the Nexus One is proof of that.

      • Mockerfab4

        I’ve had BB, WM and now using an iPhone. I owned an Android for 3 weeks – it was by far the WORST phone I ever owned! First time in 6 years as a Tmo customer I shipped a phone back. So be glad you didn’t get suckered into the demo unit like I did.

        Looking forward to the HD2. Hopefully it will get me to give up my iPhone finally.

      • David

        You should marry windows mobile and start a family.

    • Mockerfab4

      LOL! Not a WM fan..just dislike Android. Whatever it takes to tell the masses what a horrible phone it is for business, will hopefully get Google to FIX that issue. But it’s been 2 years and Google in typical Google fashion does absolutely nothing about it, so therefore it sucks.

    • John

      Your horrible experience is based on LG’s manufacturing and not totally WinMo’s fault. Unfortunately, just like MS’s Windows, WinMo can run on the crappiest devices (barely). And just like Windows, the better the hardware the better the experience. Which make the HD2 so enticing. The original HD was a huge improvement over the crapware made by LG, Motorola, and even Samsung (and Samsung was pretty good).
      Anyone out there remember WinCe running on tiny laptops (smaller than the smallest netbooks today)? or how fast they were on an HP PDA (that’s Personal Digital Assistant not Public Display of Affection to you young ones)?

  • HR


    Can you update on how this phone handles Gmail, Gcal, and what the video recording resolution is in your next review?


    • John

      my experience with WinMo now
      3 ways to use gmail. pop3, Skyfire or opera, or google’s app.
      I don’t use Gcal since WinMo comes with it’s own version but I believe Google’s app is integrated along with gmail. Again there is skyfire and opera also.
      Video recording hasn’t been the best on WinMo and usually needs some manual fiddling. At least with WinMo’s built in app. I predict that HTC will included an enhanced app since this phone would be a 5mp first! But expect video to look like something that you would get from Flip video or flip video HD.

  • Bryan

    This is the european version? does it have the HTC keyboard or Swype? I believe that the Tmobile USA version is going to include swype as the default keyboard. To me that is a huge disappointment, I am VERY UNIMPRESSED with swype on the mytouch 1.2 since it is impossible to type with more than one finger at a time. It seems like this phone would be even worse due to the increased width. The htc keyboard is also one of the best available on Android, so it should be even better with the screen width on the HD2. Hopefully xda-developers will have a cab file for the htc keyboard if it is not included on th TMo version.

    • John

      Why would you use more than one finger to use swype? it’s meant for 1 finger. in fact, I’ve seen it being used with 1 hand operation and thumb which it awesome. I’m pretty sure that feature can be turned off anyway so find out how to turn it off and let us know about it.

  • Thom

    As I recall, Swype will be able to be turned off.

    You can use the on-screen keyboard just like normal if you don’t like the awesomeness that is swype.

  • Paul

    This is such old news if this is not the USA version -_-

  • rushmore

    Great! Put a physical KB on it and I am in!!!! ;)

    • Thom

      You’re not going to need a physical KB with Swype.

      Check out some of the videos. Google “Swype” and see why it’s going to kick major ass.

      Buttons too small? Think you need a hardware keyboard?

      Think again. Why type, when you can Swype!

      • rushmore

        Need it for the game emulators ;)

    • John

      I would like to see voice to text on this phone! and text to speech also. WinMo already has voice command can’t see why they can’t add this feature

  • Mindtwister

    Dave….I envy you, even if it is the euro hd2!!! Have fun with it.

    To all of you here at Tmonews: I expected more informed comments from all of you. I don’t like to read pointless rants about which phone OS is better.

    I have used winmo phones since 2003, they are not bad, but I do agree that ms let the ball drop on the mobile space, I hope they make a comeback with winmo 7.

    I have a G1 (making this post while I walk my dog), android is great, but it needs polish, too geeky, 2.1 is better, but it needs to be more consumer friendly, if they want mass market appeal. My wife has the mt3g, and she always compares it to the iphone os.

    I have an unlocked iphone, so I can say I have used them all. Apple is great at marketing, and at user interfaces, which is why the iphone is so popular. Granted, android and even winmo can multitask better, but apple brought simple UI to ther masses, and now everyone has to do the same or surpass that.

    I really hope the hd2 lives up to the hype, because that is the only reason I will get back to winmo phones. It brings modern hardware to the playing field (on touch screen only phones)

    I hear great things from web os, but haven’t had the chance to use it.

    Just my 2 cents.

    • Twitch110

      I’m with you. Both on hopes that HD2 doesn’t disappoint, and SO SICK of all these ridiculous comments. Such a joke. Sifting out all the pointless comments is beyond tiring. Oh well…

    • John

      When was your last winmo phone? I’ve been around since the WinCE days and if I were to give an analogy of fuctionality and expericence, I would say winmo 5.0 is like Windows 95 and winmo 6.5 is like Windows 98 before se edition.
      I’m hoping WinMo 7 will be a leap forward to Windows 7 64bit and not something like Windows Me or Vista.
      Frankly I’m fine with Microsoft taking their time to develop the next phone os as long as they keep or improve the current functionality. Each version of WinMo has had there improvements which I’m sure manufacturers aren’t taking advantage of.
      What I’m mostly concerned about is Microsoft getting rid of built in functions for the sake of making money similar to what Apple’s been doing these past years. Oh you miss copy and paste? Well here’s new phone that we put back copy and paste! Tethering? Here’s a new phone that gives you tethering! You want to search for files on your phone? That will be .99 cents to put that feature back. I can go on forever with this.
      Why the apprehension? ZUNE will be an interface feature on WinMo 7. I hope it’s an interface feature which will be optional, like how sense UI is optional as slide is optional as windows default is. No locked down, only use ZUNE program on windows,and if you don’t like it go buy a different kinda phone version! that would suck!

  • Cybersedan


    Physical keyboards are going to become a thing of the past with only limited hardware supporting it… get used to it.

    I’ve been u sing swype for just over a week now, and I tested myself, I typed a paragraph using swype on my MT3G faster than I could on my BB 8900… I’m sold!!

    • rushmore

      No, I will not and neither will a large segment of users. Why do you think Google is trying to a N1 out this year with a KB? Need it for the “enterprise” segment.

      Plus, game emulators SUCK BUTT playing with a VK.

      • John

        Dude speak English please

  • Freddy2Fred

    For those of you that said that the HD2 isint coming with android is an idiot cuz they are making the HD2 with the android. Its coming to Sprint’s 4G network. Google it. Its there.

    • Mockerfab4

      Yup, and every HD2 post I’ve read, there is always several people mentioning the HTC Supersonic running Android which is essentially the HD2 for Sprint.

      But yet you still get people wishing Android was on this. You’d think since they loved Google so much, they’d I don’t know “Google it”. But what do you expect from that crowd…

      • John

        That’s funny!
        How about the fact that the closest thing to the HD2 in specs is the Nexus One!
        Buggy as hell from what I’ve read. Hows the Supersonic going run like on Sprint?

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    David… that was a joke about banning Android whiners. I would think you would know that considering your post from a month ago when people wanted that one person banned who was swearing and real negative.

    You said “No” because of his “free speech rights.”

    I assume you figured me intelligent enough to not believe that you would ban someone simply for expressing a thought, even if the thoughts are immature, moronic, stupid, ignorant, whining, irrelevant or worthless.

    What’s next, I am being paid by MS to post in here. (Don’t think so since I own a G1 too).

    And one more thing…


    • David

      Ummmm I don’t know which David responded to you, but it wasn’t me, and I won’t ban Android whiners or anyone else from the blog as they are free to express their opinions. To be honest, so long as its not a personal attack, I’ll let people debate and discuss however they want. I’ll be looking through the comments to see who acted as me, but they most certainly were not me.

      • David

        Hmmmm on second thought, you were responding to someone (albeit another “David,” though not the David who runs this site aka me!) legitimately as it seems as though you two were having a “debate.” Apologies, but nobody gets banned for discussing which OS they like more.

    • John

      I think David (or is it the other David) was mostly annoyed by the senseless banter of you typing Android 100 times on your post

  • B.Fam

    i am so sick and tired of people saying “I wish this was Android”, if you want a phone that runs Android, go buy one that runs Android. This is a WM phone. Get over it!

  • i feel you android is ok for the first 2 weeks then you realize how garbage it really is. i will have the hd2 right when it comes out.

  • Chris Meyers

    Hey “Gloria” Go back to the kitchen and cook or something.

    • John

      That’s uncalled for. We want smart people using smart phones. Not heathens using smart phones. So respect the ladys, even though they like the smartphone for dumb people. Sorry I meant iphone users.

  • Freddy2Fred

    I used to own a G1 and used other Android phones. Now I owned Windows Mobile for years. The Android phone is a iPhone wanna be but a open source. Windows Mobile is so much better. You can actually do anything on a Windows Mobile phone. The Android is soo plain and boring like the iPhone. Its really garbage. Theres nothing but apps and your pretty much gonna like 15 to 20% out of all of them. The rest are useless. At first it was cool but then you realize like NKOG said its garbage. I went back to Windows Mobile.

  • GetOverIt

    This phone has been out for how long????? So why are you over amp’d up android lovers still writing on post about how you wish, or the hd2 would be better if it had android….?????? Get A LIFE AND GET OVER IT! Thank you, thats all…..

    • John

      Yeah I want to hear more about the HTC Trophy!

      Actually a USA version hasn’t come out yet and it supposedly has better specs than the one you’re thinking about. So if this get a good review expect a better one when the USA version comes out.

  • maddynasty

    if the hd2 got android it would probably end up a paper weight like the nexus one….personally i hate android but thats just because i cant really do anything with it other than playing games…when i can multitask and connect my laptop, home pc, 360 and zune with ease on android without the use of having to root my windows mobile android can have my attention, i basically like that i dont have do “jailbreak
    ” or do somethin stupid like that to play emulators or wirelessly sync my phone to control almost everything in my room thank you simple microsoft command prompt :D

    • John

      But you can do all that on winmo.
      You forgot to mention that instead of rooting or jailbreaking, you can alway install a different rom when it comes out. instead of waiting for fascist Apple or Google to do it for you.

  • Mockerfab4

    LOL! These comments are funny! I’m soooooo glad this phone is coming out running WM.It could run WM1 for all I care. Its a vast improvement from the crappy MyTouch I bought into. This phone is going to kick some major a** for games, entertainment and business! Really can’t wait to see how Tmo will promote this with the NBA. Especially if they get MobiTV which offers NBA League Pass on the HD2. Hurry up 3/24!

    • John

      Not so sure about games, but entertainment for sure. I already use mine for music via mediaplayer and pocket divx plays nicely. How awesome would Winmo 7 be if it plays xvid/divx natively like it does on windows 7! And to have it playing on the HD2 would be sweet!

    • Twitch110

      That’s the part that worries me the most. I’m terrified that tmobile is going to bomb on the marketing side of it. They could have a ton more customers if they execute it correctly. But they’ve done such a horrible job in the past that i’m just not so sure that they can. Especially if the price is high. then again, they’ve never really had a phone as beautiful as this one. But man, this phone could be their game changer, i just don’t want to see it go to waste. This is the only phone out there that can make iphone users heads turn. That’s for sure.

      P.S. I’m with you too. I bought into the mytouch as well, and it freakin blows big time. It’s put a nasty taste in my mouth for android. Hence, the reason i’m going to give winmo a shot. I don’t buy into all the winmo hate. Too many android fanboys that just follow the crowd.

  • TheMan42

    So long as the phone runs WinMo it’ll be gimped. 6.5
    3 isn’t that great, I already have Swype on my nexus one, and beyond that, windows mobile still bogs it down. Google nexus one vs HD2, android still has the edge always. Btw I also own a touch pro 2 so I know exactly how well 6.5.3 runs at its best, and its still garbage. unfortunately the Android project on Win Mo is still extremely beta.

    • John

      WinMo 6.5 bogging down on a touch pro 2 means that you don’t know how shutdown your apps when you’re done via task manager which goes to say that you don’t know how to use Winmo. You see, Android shuts down apps for you so that it won’t slow down all. It doesn’t even give you a task manager to do that because it’s kinda like how mommy cleans up after you so your room won’t get too messy. Android also doesn’t allow you do too many things at one time because that would make you all confused and cranky. And we don’t want that while we make a call do we?

  • John

    To all of you android fans! This is about the HD2 running Windows Mobile 6.5 possibly 7.
    What you are looking for is the HTC Supersonic. Exact same specs as the HD2 with the addition of built in Wimax. Too many usless post of android lovers here not enough WinMo users.
    Go to the Sprintnews sites. You will not find what you want here!

  • Mockerfab4

    To all the WM7 fans, Engadget has got first looks at WM7. OMG…it looks slick. I know the big rumour about HD2 is that it will come out of the box running WM7. Or at least at some point running it. Anyway, it looks nice.

    • Mockerfab4

      WOW! The calendar looks great! For those business users like me who cannot function without Outlook, the new WM7 experience looks incredible! The calendar screen has a cool view where it color codes appts set up in exchange and those set up as personal.

    • Mockerfab4

      Looks like WM7 won’t be available until Holiday 2010. So looks like we’ll be waiting for this to be available to the HD2 much later then what was predicted in other posts. Not sure how I feel about that. If I end up liking WM6.5 running Sense and then have to completely switch gears with WM7…