Reminder: Behold 2 On Sale This Weekend


We know the Samsung Behold 2 isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but at $79.99 it might be a little more attractive. The sale runs from the 12th to the 15th. As we noted at the beginning of the week all Samsung Behold 2 accessories are 50% off through that same timeframe. Not a bad deal, but we recommend giving the phone a little trial run in store to see if it meets your wildest Android fantasies!

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  • FILA

    eh, its still a Sammy, no matter how many times you spin that cube

  • Sad sad phone, sorry for the uninformed people that will waste there money buying this outdated garbage

    • Donkey

      Please share with us why this is a sad phone. First, do you have the phone? Second, what makes you think this is a sad phone? Lastly, what is yor current phone that makes it better than the sad phone? I am just curious.

  • StevenG

    That’s like saying there’s a sale on cancer. I mean, sure it’s cheap, but why?

  • Curtis

    Oh come on people. This phone is actually quite nice. Just install a home replacement app like GDE or Open Home and that alone fixes most of the phones problems. You can also mod it and put a plain old Samsung Galaxy rom that absolutely flies on the phone and fixes practically every single issue people have with it. For $75 I might get a second one.

  • timmyjoe42

    I’m glad I didn’t win one in that contest. Oh wait. No I’m not. I still love my Cliq though.

  • Fort

    $400 dollars, $400 dollars!!!! Why not a BILLION DOLLARS.

    • Ritchie

      How about a trillion gabillion zillon dollars? muahhahaha, muahhahaha…when a problem comes along u must zip it…

  • Tool

    it freezes up and crashes alot…

    • shawn1224

      The problems lie in 1.5 not the hardware. The hardware is phenomenal, it’s just dressed up in an ugly prom dress from 1989.

      If Samsung would give this phone a damn update, they’d probably sell some units.

      • eYe

        Are you serious about that? Hardware (save for that AMOLED screen) is the same as every other Android phone T-mobile has, same old ARM11 processor, short on ram memory, lack of decent onboard storage. I don’t see how that’s phenomenal… mediocre at best.

      • Curtis

        Actually the hardware is the best phone in T-Mobiles Android lineup and possibly their entire category (sans Nexus One). It has undoubtedly the best screen available on any T-Mobile phone. That AMOLED is a big step up from an LCD screen. The phone actually has 320 megs of RAM which is more than enough for it. The G1 and old myTouch have 192, the new mytouch and clig have 256. I always have my TasKiller bar on screen and it consistently reports 100+ megs of free Ram on the phone. Prior to this device I had been using a G1 since launch and I can tell you the Behold II is a way smoother and fluid experience. The processor on this phone is different than the other android options. The Samsung uses the MSM7k Turbo chip that has better latency and has been overclocked to 600mhz successfully. It has a proximity sensor to dim and turn on the screen as you move to your face. And automatic brightness control. And there actually are some features of the TouchWiz OS that are nice and hold over even if you use a new home app (you need too), like the awesome control panel that drops down with the task bar, or the black theme that is so much easier on your eyes than bright white.

        I really think you guys are being to hard on this phone. Some quick and easy fixes makes this a really nice choice and for $80 that is a good deal.

  • FAY

    are you ppl serious, its $80. Thats the same as the tap and the highlight. your tellin me you wouldn’t buy an android fone for 80?!

    • StevenG

      I wouldn’t buy THAT android phone for $80

      • Ritchie

        Well ur not getting a great phone for 80, If you all complain about phones then dont buy them. Every one has issues you think that the iphone users are happy about there phone? they lack camera and other features, same as verizon all providers customers arent really happy with the phones they come out with. You all are to greedy, if you dont like it then say this phone wasnt for me. instead of saying its worthless i had the galaxy highlight and i licked it and that made me buy an android phone.

  • sampson

    The EM+ price actually went up, what a huge disappointment

  • Oce

    No thanks.

  • manus

    these sales make me kinda sad i switched to even more+

  • You will save more with evem more plus!! Pay hundred dollars for the phone and just pay the rest in installments, even more plus means that you don’t need to have an internet on the phone anyway. You get the internet only if you need it, if not you can just pay for the valie of the phone and then do you.


  • Awatt

    I concur we have been selling a lot at 309.99 plus! All the accessories are on sale as well.

  • Awatt, do you work for tmobile?

  • Brandon

    The Even More Plus Price is $309.99. Also our Samsung rep confirmed that the Behold II is getting a firmware update next month. I tried to get the version but he wouldn’t tell me. Just that they will have their update out before Motorola gets theirs out for the Cliq.

  • Efayd

    I work for T Mobile and no matter how much that price drops it won’t sell. People would rather pay that extra $70 for the my Touch.

    • Erick

      its mostly because of all those damn commercials

      EVERY myTouch user that i have shown my Behold II to has agreed that it is way better than the myTouch and most of the time they say they regret getting that one instead.

  • They are sales rep, i will not listen to anything coming out of there mouth, they will tell you anything to make a qucik sale.

  • Lebron1189

    Is the Phone $80 all together? Like withought and upgrade or can go in the stroe and buy it for $80 flatout???? Can anyone answwe this

  • Its 309 without any upgrade, its cheaper that way because you do not have to pay for internet for two years if you buy it without upgrade

  • Lebron1189

    Oh. That’s a sweet little deal right there. Jus don’t know how the phone works though

  • Awatt

    Yeah, 309.99 is without any contract or what not. You think people won’t buy it but we’ve been running through them pretty quick where I’m at.

  • impasse

    i think my big question here (that i don’t think anyone has answered), is does it require a data plan?

    • Kickstar13

      If you buy it with a 2 year contract you will have to get the Android data plan.

      • impasse

        is that part of the contract, or are we able to cancel after a certain amount of time? we’ve never had a data on our plan before (because we haven’t needed it), but if we could get a behold ii at this price and not have to use a data plan for the entire contract, that would be excellent..but probably wishful thinking, yes?

  • Yeah but if you don’t, then you are good. In the long run if you pay the full price for the phone, then have saved a lot.

  • Donkey

    I don’t know why people talk smack about the phone so much. Do they even own the unit or just talking smack by reading up on some non-sense from others posted on other sites? If you don’t like the phone, why bother posting about phone they don’t even own. Have they done comparison with other Adroid phones? Please.

    • StevenG

      I had a friend who purchased this phone and I was really excited to try it. I asked if I could see it and I asked their impression, they hated it. I tried it, I hated it. It’s slower than the G1 and the OS is just SO bogged down. Most of the “features” just make the phone harder to use.

      • Donkey

        I just ordered the phone yesterday. This will be my very first Android phone. I have been a Blackberry user for past 5 yrs and I am curious to find out Android based phone. The unit price is quite reasonable and monthly data plan is cheaper than BB data plan for sure. Soon I will find out if the phone is worth keep or else.

  • Efayd

    If you buy it at the contract price ($79.99) then you are required to get a data plan and must keep it on the plan until the contract is up or you upgrade to a different phone. [Before anyone talks smack about sales Rep, keep in mind that not all are money hounds. I would never push a phone onto someone if it wasn’t the right fit. I am honest to my customers. There are genuine people in this world you know.]