Samsung Behold 2 Special!


Look, I do not think it is any real surprise that the Samsung Behold 2 was not exactly the wild seller. I cannot recall ever actually seeing anyone using it, at least not publicly.  When shown against other T-Mobile Android options, the only real differentiator is the AMOLED screen. To some buyers that is not reason enough to purchase one, no matter how times the price drops. That being said, nothing says “buy me” like a $70 price drop as the Behold 2 will enjoy this coming weekend, February 12th-15th. Of course, if you are looking for a Valentine for that special someone, nothing says “I love you” like an Android phone. Seriously, someone tell my girlfriend that. Adding on to this deal is 50% off all Samsung Behold 2 accessories during the same February 12th-15th timeframe. There is no limit on the purchase quantity here, so if you were looking for multiple Valentine’s gifts, say for multiple dates, nothing says “I love you” like a silicon phone case. Hit the jump for a screenshot of the accessory sale!

Anyone planning to pick this up? Anyone? Bueller?


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  • Max

    huh!!! big fat NO!!

  • John

    I won the samsung behold 2 for free during that giveaway and I LOVE IT. Im sick of all the hate on this phone. SHUT UP and keep your ignorant comments to yourself because there is nothing wrong with this phone. I LOVE IT

    • I played with one and hated the cube UI. Was way too gimeckey for me.

    • Davidohio

      I agree! It is a great phone. Just ignore the idiots who think there is only 1 great phone out there and every other phones sucks…that is just plain stupid. Behold 2 is an awsome phone and anyone that owns one knows it.

    • Max

      it’s a free country i can express my self how i feel.If you want the settle for less on everything that’s on you buddy!! LMAO

      • 2FR35H

        Lol settling for less? you really don’t know much about this phone do you? that’s a shame.

    • 2FR35H

      You know what? I blame all those phone reveiwers for why we don’t got any good support for this phone from samsung I mean they want to promote the popular things and everyone just about killed that chance for us I doubt they even care if we get an update to 2.1 it seems like everyone is getting one in march but no sound for us.

  • Richard

    This has the best hardware of any T-Mobile sold Android device. It’s a shame Samsung edged it up so badly on the software side

  • Richard

    *effed it up

  • Yes.! What Max Said.!

  • Bugdog

    I’m with John and Richard on this one. With an android update, this phone will be money, but Samsung’s UI choices were disastrous.

    • 2FR35H

      Yeah unfortunately samsung doesn’t give a rat’s ass about us. So seeing an update for this phone is unlikely. Samsung already has a hold of 2.1 and tied it in with touchwiz for their new phone that is going to korea…… but nothing for us everyone is just creating new phone and noone wants to update this beauty.

  • Tmobile phones are getting cheaper, thats good. I see more customers for them!!

  • jon

    I wonder if this will include the noncontract/EM+ price? It got dropped to 379, if that’s also 70 off and you use bing cash back you could get a nice deal (I was already considering it without the $70)

    It’s not perfect, but it’s an Android phone, with an awesome screen, good camera, low SAR. So the cube is lame and pointless, no need to even use it though, correct me if I’m wrong but you’re never forced to use it

  • jon

    Blog owner, do you have any more info on this? Is it going to be on just the 2 yr price or both prices? Is the $70 a straight discount savings or in the form of some gimmick? Thanks!

  • Chad D

    I love how guys complain about the cube. Maybe if you didn’t waste time trolling blogs to leave unhelpful answers, and spent a minute using the phone, you would find out that you NEVER have to use the cube.

    Plus if you spent a second minute on google, you would see there is a thriving community which has detailed how to use a plain vanilla OS on the Behold.

    You really have to live a miserable life to troll posts and post lame opinions.

    I have a legit question, exactly which accessories will be on sale, the gel skins?

  • Sam

    Hey Chad D, what do you mean by plain vanilla OS, and where would i be able to find this?

  • Chad D

    plain vanilla = the OS that google actually releases, no touchwiz, nothing special.

    The behold 2 is basically the same as the galaxy.

  • shawn1224

    I won mine as well and I echo the sentiment that the Behold II is a sleeping giant. Easily the best phone on TMO’s network save for the Nexus. If you don’t own one of course you’re going to be regurgitating the lame reviews off the interwebs. Yea we know Samsung muddled it up with their touchwiz UI but you can get past that once rooted and running stock Galaxy ROM. Hell, even most home replacements run lag free on top of touchwiz if you’re not brave enough to fair the rooting process. Also the cube feature comes in handy when you’re running a Home replacement, I just use it as a shortcut to my multimedia features.

    Get back to me when you can find another TMO/Android handset that boasts album cover flow, stereo equalizer settings, magnificent camera software and toggle switches in the notification bar.

    Last but not least, if any current android phone can handle a full fledged 2.1 update, it’s the Samsung Behold II with all of its 320MB of RAM. Can current MyTouch (192MB) G1 (192MB) and Cliq (256MB) users say the same? Yea, didn’t think so.

  • POOT

    Hey all…. if your gonna bag on a phone make sure you know what your talking about…Yes, the touchwiz home is not very good. Thats why you can replace it with much better Home UI like GDE or Open Home…Replace the keyboard with better keyboard….download skins….do what ever you want. Its a good phone and well worth the money. The Android market is great to

  • POOT

    oh and the cube thing…pointless but once again it can be removed. The cube button (which was the biggest issue for me) cannot though :(

  • shawn1224

    As we speak, developers are busy trying to find a way to re-map the cube button to something more functional like a search feature.

  • Notahotshot

    “the cube button which was the biggest issue for me can’t be removed.”

    Why on earth would a button that you never have to touch be such an issue. I have heard people say the button is a deal breaker. Really? A button? After one time use I promptly put it out of my mind. It’s like it doesn’t even exist. If you don’t like the cube don’t touch the button, problem solved. Yeah it would be nice to be able to remap the use of the button but I bet there is probably more than one button on your tvs universal remote that you have no use for and so just don’t push it.

  • todd

    the phone’s sleeping alright…but it’s no giant. even with galaxy 1.6 it isn’t exciting