T-Mobile Confirms Swype On MyTouch+/1.2, Whatever The Next MyTouch IS


Apparently, Swype is all the rage these days and while I have yet to discover its usefulness for my own purposes, future MyTouch 1.2 buyers will be among the first Android owners to use it. The above shot comes to us through one of our ninjas who received via email this confirmation of its inclusion, among other non-essential and non-juicy information. If Swype is not your cup of tea, no worries, it’s not mine either but for some, the ability to draw words and letters is almost as fun as when fire was first discovered. Maybe, I don’t know, I wasn’t around when fire was discovered.

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  • TFJ4

    I’ll rejoice when its released, so I can have a full version of swype on my Nexus =)

  • timdawg919

    I got swype on my nexus one and I’m loving it. Faster and more accurate then my typing at times. It’s good to have a choice

  • Hmmm. If the phone actually moves well, i might be going back to my MyTouch 3G again :D

  • elarella

    I got Swype for my G1. It is truly faster and more accurate than regular typing on the virtual keyboard. There is a slight learning curve, or should I say “getting used to” curve because it is a different way of typing. I like it and am looking forward to seeing it in future android models.

    • Cybersedan

      How did you get it on your G1, everywhere I see online says it’s only available for Nexus One and DROID, am I missing something?

    • Dalton

      Yeah…I’d like to know to ;)

  • Andrew

    Ooh Man!
    I cant wait!
    Hopefully I get this phone in the next couple of weeks and it wont go out of stock

  • JakeMG

    I think you don’t understand what swype is. It’s not drawing the letters, it’s a keyboard where you don’t need to take your finger off the keyboard. You just swipe from one letter to another and the predictive algorithm figures out the words. It’s actually really cool and can get you texting at like 50 wpm once you get used to it.

  • John

    Yeah, sorry, no.

    I’ll admit flat out, Swype IS better than the default virtual keyboard. Just HOW MUCH better, though? Not substantially, if you ask me.

    Problem is the MyTouch has a piddly 3.2″ screen. The screen is fine for a lot of purposes, none of which includes text input. Even in landscape mode, it’s a tad too small for text input. The keys are just too tiny for most human fingers. I don’t have very thick fingertips and it’s just not passable. 3.2″ androids NEED a hardware-based keyboard to be useful to me.

    I’m happy the Swype developer is getting his day in the sun (I develop, and understand how hard it is to make money doing this), but it’s not going to be something that sticks around very long. The only good Androids for inputting text either have huge screens, or hardware keyboards.

  • uscmed

    quick question and i couldnt find the right page for this but after the new map app update on the market my G1 now can do double tap to zoom. has that always been the case or a new feature in this map update???

  • newspeak

    @uscmed the double tap to zoom has been there all along as for swype I think its very good….been using it on my g1 for a few days now and its definitely better then the normal keyboard

  • lp894

    swype is frickin AWESOME. I have it on my Touch Pro 2….and I almost pee’d myself when i used it for the first time. it’s like meeting Windows Mobile, then turning around and meeting her even sexier friend Android LOLOLOL!!!! That’s the best comparison I can give to going from standard typing to swype

  • It’s actually really cool and can get you texting at like 50 wpm once you get used to it.

  • It’s actually really cool and can get you texting at like 50 wpm once you get used to it.