HTC HD2 For T-Mobile U.S. To Feature Swype?


Now that we have a better idea as to when the highly anticipated HTC HD2 will debut, it looks like Magenta’s version of the HD2 just keeps getting better and better. First we get that extra memory boost (which hints toward a Windows Mobile 7 update in the future), and now it looks like the T-Mobile branded HD2 will have support for curing cancer Swype. Swype was created by the inventor of the T9 predictive typing system used on most phones today because he felt that new text input methods for small touchscreens are sorely needed. Swype provides a faster and easier way to input text on any screen. With one continuous finger or stylus motion across the screen keyboard, the technology enables users to input words faster and easier than other data input methods—at over 50 words per minute. Maybe this will get the few of you that won’t settle for any device without a physical keyboard, to purchase the HTC HD2? Especially since it’s being said that this version is “slightly more accurate and looks much more polished than the original.”

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  • Mardenator

    still wont buy it until it runs android

    • Twitch110

      Really? Haven’t heard that one before. That’s way cool that you’ll only buy it if it runs android. Seriously, we’re all happy for you.

      • dboy


    • Mockerfab4

      Amen that it doesn’t run Android! Now hurry up Tmo and release this puppy! ;)

    • Y314K

      Don’t worry… Looks like we will have the option to get the perfect phone on March ’10…

      To bad it won’t be on TMobile…

      • B

        Isn’t that same model (Android) rumored to come to T-Mobile later in the year?

      • efjay

        The perfect phone? Can the perfect phone do BT voice dialling yet?

      • Conrad

        Can the perfect phone talk to my perfect computer? Seriously, the android os is nice, but until it learns that not everything in my life needs to be in the cloud (In fact, I would prefer MOST if it were not) I will stick with the os that lets me pick and chose which information I store and sync through the cloud.

    • David

      Who cares you will buy it or not. We will buy it.

      It runs Windows Mobile and that’s what matter and we care about. This phone getting better and better each day!

    • David

      Who cares you will buy it or not. We will buy it.

      It runs Windows Mobile and that’s what matter and we care about. This phone getting better and better each day!

  • Gizmalien

    I really can’t wait to get this phone, and knowing that it may come with swype only sweetens the pot.

  • tato22

    cant wait for it i can have my n1 and this cool beans

  • Wilma Flintstone

    I’ve heard that there has been a recent find that All HD2’s can unlock the extra memory and such that made Maggy’s version better. I’m not completely up on what Swype is but from the sound of it, it sounds cool. This phone will satisfy my wants until the Motorola Shadow comes out.

    • B

      Maggy?? Is that Magenta?

      • Sanjay

        I like that. Maggy could be TMO’s new nickname. Catchy.

    • JD

      Maggy reminds me of Roger Waters…so it’s fine by me.

  • Cybersedan

    I will probably end up getting this phone just because the hardware is simply incredible, if for nothing else.

    But adding swype definitely makes it more attractive.

  • My only reason for possibly not getting this phone was because it didn’t have a physical keyboard. If it has Swype I’m getting it for sure.

  • dboy


  • podstolom

    So how does this swype thing work exactly?

  • Tehseen

    can i preorder this today????????

  • Noel

    Choices choices choices..Magenta is definately stepping it on the high end devices front. Well we’ve been demanding top of the line phones so now they are delivering. Well the HD2 even though it is a windows phone w/ the sense ui onboard takes it to another dimension. I would say u can’t go wrong w/ this phone..forget not it is made by of the best phone manufacturers taking the lead on Android phones. Check out the hardware nd specs..1 GHZ Snap dragon processor, 4.3 inch capacitive touch screen, Htc sense ui, 5 meg cam w/ flash, windows 6.5 or soon windows 7, tons of Rom nd Ram, now swype included..fellows u can’t go wrong w/ this baby. Hmmm..i’m thinking Nexus one or HD2??

  • tmobilerep

    the new mytouchs will also include swype..

  • Kenboy

    Here’s an example of swype running on the Droid

  • Paul

    I wish it had tv-out.

    • Oce


  • Kenboy

    I just installed it and went through the tutorial..It’s awesome

    For those of you who may want to give it a try…

    Here’s the link

    • angelo

      ya it is awesome

  • Jeanette

    It’s still WinMo which means freeze-up city all day long. Oh yeah and a slow to no response resistive screen.

    I have the the Touch Pro 2 from T-Mobile (on my 3rd) and all of them constantly do this. It’s annoying.

    • Sanjay

      I am having this issue too. It has gotten worse since the 6.5 upgrade. I’m thinking a bug that needs fixing. Need to know more about Swype as it may help. But now I’m leary of getting another 6.5 phone. I hit “close” on a messaging page and it literally takes 5-10 seconds to close. Crazy!

    • Oce

      It has a capacitive touchscreen as in not resistive. First winmo phone w/capacitive screen.

    • efjay

      Try and know what you are talking about before you spew the typical WM negative misinformation. The HD2 has a capacitive screen.

    • Kickstar13

      The HD2 has a capactive touch screen. Also I don’t think it will be as slow anymore due to the new 1Ghz SnapDragon processor the HD2 sports.

    • Twitch110


      I’m no windows mobile or android fanboy, but that will happen with ANY phone that doesn’t have power behind it. My mytouch does the exact same crap your winmo phone does. That’s partly why i want to make a switch. I freakin HATE my phone. It’s just lame. I’ve always thought android was incredibly overrated, btu gave in with the mytouch because i had an upgrade. I’m just thinking it’s time to try something new. I have faith that the HD2 will not disappoint. We’ll see though.

      • Mockerfab4

        Feel your pain. Fortunately, I gave up on it during the redemption period. I don’t get the Android hype…it was by far the worst phone I’ve ever had! I switched back to my iPhone and now I can’t wait to upgrade and test drive this HD2.

    • paul

      What utter rubbish. If a device is freezing it is usually due to sofware conflicts with crap software.
      My HD2 is bullet proof, unless I add crappy apps, then it is a case of uninstalling.
      Swype seems to be behind a lot of the TMOUS frezzing issues.
      I believe there is something on the sd card that causes this, because when I remove it, the freeze problem ends.

  • Chad D

    I love swype on my android, can’t wait for it to officially drop!

  • vikingfan45

    sprint getting the supersonic htc hd2 but with android SPRINT HERE I COME

  • Todd

    I can’t wait. This phone is going to OWN!

  • JBLmobileG1

    Speaking of the new MyTouches having this feature… anyone know how much they will be? I am thinking and hoping around $150…. unless they throw in a 16GB card like then Fender had I don’t see why they’d charge more… if anything less. Also… like the Fender Edition… will it have the built in music software for Android that’s sorta like itunes? Really… the only difference is the paint job and the hardware will be the same with a few software tweaks?

  • pdxduckfan

    I have a big boner for the HD2. I’ve been using the Touch HD here in the states for a year….purchased it in Hong Kong….love it. I can’t wait for the 3g upgrade!

  • efjay

    Latest leaked roms suggest the HD2 will have an e-reader tab in Manila. Another plus point for this amazing phone.

  • casey

    we need 1500 mAh battery

  • Jwest

    wait, so the HD2 isn’t going to be a tmobile exclusive? I thought the announcement said it would be.

    • Kickstar13

      It’s going to be a T-Mobile exclusive, but it is not known for how long.

  • z

    the killer for me is that there is no guarantee of winmo7. i have a feeling this thing will be relegated to stay exactly where it is at launch, which is sense overlay of 6.5.

    • Oce

      Dude don’t worry, this thing was built for winmo7. There is no way this thing will not be winmo7 ready. Even if Tmo doesn’t offer official winmo7 update, xda will be there to the rescue. Besides, those who know better rarely use/wait for official rom releases.

  • mcasao

    Cancer is never funny…

    • Ryan

      chill out dude. There was no offense toward ppl with cancer.

  • cbf

    I’ve actually used the Swype on the Touch Pro 2 with a cooked rom and it was fun to use and fast as well. The best thing about the WM phone is the ability to voice dial as well as listen to music thru your bluetooth headset and not thru your phone speakers. Walking around with your BT and streaming music is the best…..too bad Android can’t do that….(yet). I wish it did among other things.

  • JBLmobileG1

    I just picked up Swype for my G1. It works pretty well but takes some getting used to. I am surprised this site didn’t bring it up because you can use it on any Android phones even without being rooted. I found this out on (don’t worry you guys I like tmonews better).

    • KAF

      yea I just got it also for my G1. sweet!

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  • Ducklas

    For those who think battery life is not enough…there is an extra battery with kickstand. It will double the battery life of the HTC HD 2!!! and will be available in Europe in April…it will be a lil bit thicker but i dont care…i will buy it :-)
    Afterwards it will be tha perfect phone ever!

  • cool, but unfortunately this article isn’t quite accurate. The iphone/ipod touch platform launched this a while back in the app store. One of the developers created this identical method of text messaging. Decent idea, but I still prefer the conventional typing.

  • DatBoiSkoolz

    My God! All this phone needs to be accepted as perfect is an app that can read brain waves an act out commands from your thoughts, March 24 please hurry! Faithfully waiting since October, but as i have been waiting the USA version keeps getting better and better and better, great things comes to those who waits. HURRY!