T-Mobile Confirms Existence Of The MyTouch 1.2


Remember back in early January, when we were the first to inform you about the myTouch 1.2 and its release date which our sources claimed to be February 10th? Now, thanks to one of our trusty tipsters, T-Mobile has confirmed the existence of the myTouch 1.2 via their internal systems. Additionally, T-Mobile also states the reason as to why the myTouch 3G (Black) and myTouch Fender LE were removed from the Care Upgrade Program. The inventory levels on the myTouch 3G (Black) were limited in order to prepare for the myTouch 3G “refresh”. And it looks like the Fender Edition did sell out, because of the “high demand” and partly because of the limited quantity. The new myTouch 3G with 3.5mm headphone jack is scheduled to release February 10th (just like we told you), and it will replace the original myTouch 3G (Black and white models). T-Mobile states that there will be a “limited supply,” so it looks like T-Mobile isn’t expecting a whole lot of sales to come from the new myTouch 1.2, and quite frankly I don’t see this device selling out. So who is going to get one of these bad boys? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

UPDATE: According to our sources, the myTouch 1.2 will include 256MB Of RAM (same as the Fender LE), and Swype.

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