T-Mobile Confirms Existence Of The MyTouch 1.2


Remember back in early January, when we were the first to inform you about the myTouch 1.2 and its release date which our sources claimed to be February 10th? Now, thanks to one of our trusty tipsters, T-Mobile has confirmed the existence of the myTouch 1.2 via their internal systems. Additionally, T-Mobile also states the reason as to why the myTouch 3G (Black) and myTouch Fender LE were removed from the Care Upgrade Program. The inventory levels on the myTouch 3G (Black) were limited in order to prepare for the myTouch 3G “refresh”. And it looks like the Fender Edition did sell out, because of the “high demand” and partly because of the limited quantity. The new myTouch 3G with 3.5mm headphone jack is scheduled to release February 10th (just like we told you), and it will replace the original myTouch 3G (Black and white models). T-Mobile states that there will be a “limited supply,” so it looks like T-Mobile isn’t expecting a whole lot of sales to come from the new myTouch 1.2, and quite frankly I don’t see this device selling out. So who is going to get one of these bad boys? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

UPDATE: According to our sources, the myTouch 1.2 will include 256MB Of RAM (same as the Fender LE), and Swype.

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  • How underwhelming

  • Fernando

    I will be waiting on something else from magenta. I already have the MT3G and have dealt well enough without the 3.5mm headphone jack why upgrade in a few months to something that isn’t that mind blowing.

  • SteveG1

    Well I am guessing there were alot of people who wanted the Fender Edition for the new features but didn’t like the woodgrain finish. I think those people alone would be enough to continue to sell this phone out. I mean, if the Fender sold out so quickly, there has to be more people that want this phone. Theres no way they had enough Fenders for EVERYONE. I for one, could really care less about a MyTouched Up 3G or whatever they decide to call it. I’ll keep my G1 for now.

  • whyhellomichael

    February 10th release for sure.

  • jay

    Ok like 4real what good phones are coming out for tmobile soon and I need help I unrooted my friends mytouch but it won’t let him upgrade back to 1.6; what do I do

  • CO_Yeti

    So the Fender is sold out, Mytouch 1.0 is end-of-life and Mytouch 1.2 will have limited supply? I thought the Mytouch was going to be their brand device and the Mytouch slide doesn’t come out for awhile. There is either a big gap or something is missing! The mytouch sold well for what it was, why pull the plug now?

  • DJ

    Any updates on specs other than the audio jack? Extra memory and I will
    be getting one.

    • CO_Yeti

      yes same memory as fender edition

    • Kickstar13

      It will have 256MB Of RAM. Original myTouch 3G has 192MB.

  • How about some extra eclair?

  • Felix Repleon

    I will continue to rock my G1. I haven’t seen a phone that looks mind blowing released from T-mobile other than the G1. The Mytouch 3G 1.2ish reminds me of a neutered(as in removal of the keyboard) G1.

  • FILA

    If it was a free upgrade for original myToucher’s then yea, but the addition of RAM and a 3.5, no. Not without the upgraded processor, more RAM then there offering, Android 2.0 atleast and I really want a QWERTY, the mytouch slide doesnt even look appetiting

  • RockTripod

    It is not 256MB of RAM!! It is 288!! HTC did not build a third motherboard for an older phone’s refresh. T-Mo erroneously reported 256 megs when the LE launched, but even our HTC reps stated it has 288. So the new myTouch is the same HTC Magic the rest of the world has enjoyed, and can now run Sense UI easily enough once it is rooted. Every time I see it reported that it has 256 megs, a part of my soul dies.

    • CO_Yeti

      HTC reserves 32 megs for the BIOS and startup for most of their phones, so while it has 288 the device only shows 256. Problem with claiming it has 288 is that most customers don’t understand this and think they are being screwed because their phone’s information shows 256. You have to remember there are a lot of crazy people out there…

  • Cody

    I just bought my black Mytouch yesterday, could I return it to get the new Mytouch?

    • Kickstar13

      As long as you’re still within the 14 Day (30 Days in CA) Buyers Remorse Period you can return the handset.

  • AJ

    with 256mb of RAM, i just might get one.

  • Y314K

    Now there seems to be an extra rumor…

    3.5mm jack – known
    256mb ram – known
    + HTC Expresso aka Android 2.1 HTC Sense – new


    Will have to see what happens later this week…

  • James

    I just ordered my mytouch 3g on Friday (02/05/10). Should I have waited? When will this be available? Where can I find it? I have called TMobile and no one knows what I am talking about or referring to concerning the new version of MyTouch. I have 14 days to return once I recieve the product…any help will be greatly appreciated. It was a choice of either this or the Nexus One, but I wasn’t feeling the $530 price tag for a phone, so, I settled. Let’s hope this is better than, if not equal to, my Blackberry 8900.


    • SteveG1

      Not sure why T-Mobile didn’t tell you to wait, they are ussually really good about that stuff…I would return your phone soon and get this new MyTouch 1.2

      This phone should be available on Feb 10th

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  • The processor is called as somewhat recent model number but it and the GPU are most likely the similar pace since the 3GS. The old Touch using the similar Processor and GPU since the 3G was faster. Apart from having the clock pace turned up greater the Touch has less software programs to run since it