T-Mobile Ain’t Nobody’s Fool


The bottom is line T-Mobile knows what is said, what is going around and they are hip, hop and down with it.  T-Mobile has brought forth the message that front-line employees are to have the standard “no comment” approach to all media inquiries regarding this offer.  I am betting a reporter from the Wall Street Journal is going to a random T-Mobile retail store and hoping the employees know the exact date of IPO. Riiiiiiiight! Seriously, it is a standard message but the report has to be causing some serious headaches from the Public Relations team who, for the record still will not acknowledge this website. Guess I need to talk to someone at the Wall Street Journal. Just kidding T-Mobile, I got too much love for you. Anyways, the rumors are bound to come up again as the year pushes ahead and we await 4th quarter results and a glimpse at the impact of the Even More/Even More Plus rate plan push.

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  • Danny

    If they have to go to great lengths to shut up their employees, you know something is going down soon. ;-)

    • David

      I wouldn’t consider this great lengths, this is standard stuff for a corporate company.

    • Viper

      Great lengths? They posted an announcement for their employees so they have an idea how to respond, rather than put customers on hold or ask their supervisors and such, bringing up their call times.

  • CMK

    Check the typo in the title. Nobodies should be Nobody’s.

    • Viper

      ^he speaks the truth

  • FILA

    haha well something is defiantly cooking if T-Mobile corporate caught wind of all this. They always deny at first then come out a short time later. Fuck me

  • Gina


    T-Mobile PR are the kings of denials. They deny everything.

    Typical corporation. Tells their employees to play dumb.

    • Viper

      nd why shouldn’t they? Customer service reps don’t need to be trained on the answers to questions like these.

      I mean really, even if a rep said, “No, there is no spin off” then they would get further bombarded, “So why the rumor? I think your bosses know something you don’t. I think you were lied to. Why do you think this came out in the first place? So are you confirming there is another IP instead?” bla bla bla. “No comment” works. Customer service is NOT PR and when PR has something to say then they’ll say it.

      Companies have to play nice with their investors so they won’t bail, and I’m sure nobody even at the top levels has all the answers.

  • J-Hop2o6

    when will they report their 4Q results? and when does Sprint release theirs? AT&T & Verizon already released theirs

    • CO_Yeti

      Tmo towards the end of the month, Sprint releases theirs in a week or so.

  • J

    Anytime talk about a possible buyout comes up, the same generic message gets posted. I wouldn’t make anything of it. Only difference this time is someone actually bothered to take a screenshot of it. They don’t need to shutup employees because there is nothing know by the employees. The employees generally find out the same day as everyone else.

  • JJ

    TMO should see a gain in customer growth for 4Q after a dismal performance for more than a year. This should be due to the EM and EMP plans that got released. Hope it makes a turn around.

  • justme

    don’t read anything into this. they’re just letting their cs reps know what’s going on – rumors – and how to respond when customers bring it up, which they undoubtably will.

    i’m all for the ‘deliver delight’ portion =)

  • tnoguy89

    If DK does take over i want a tmobile branded iphone

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    You all are forgetting the SEC.

    T-Mo, like any corporation, has to be real careful about what they say (which usually means “no comment”) or they could be charged with all kinds of crimes.\

    The last thing any corp. or exec needs is to be prosecuted for stock manipulation or insider trading, to name a few.

    As far as the SEC and other fed agencies are concerned, there is only one reason someone leaks, starts rumors or gossips about stocks, IPOs, etc. That is… to gain economic advantage, aka make money.

    So no one who knows what’s going on is going to be loose lipped about what he or she knows, unless they want a fed showing up with handcuffs. And you can bet they have to tell the employees not to feed the rumor mill because those acts can be violations of law (or at least wake up the SEC who will start sniffing around). Best thing to do is remind employees to STFU even if NOTHING is going down.

    (Sidenote: And with the Net it’s real easy to catch these people. I remember a trader who was posting rumors on Yahoo financial groups. He would post some bogus information then trade accordingly. He is in prison now.)

    The fact of the matter is, we won’t know what is going to happen until it happens, or maybe the night before. But it’s amusing to speculate, eh?