T-Mobile Ain’t Nobody’s Fool


The bottom is line T-Mobile knows what is said, what is going around and they are hip, hop and down with it.  T-Mobile has brought forth the message that front-line employees are to have the standard “no comment” approach to all media inquiries regarding this offer.  I am betting a reporter from the Wall Street Journal is going to a random T-Mobile retail store and hoping the employees know the exact date of IPO. Riiiiiiiight! Seriously, it is a standard message but the report has to be causing some serious headaches from the Public Relations team who, for the record still will not acknowledge this website. Guess I need to talk to someone at the Wall Street Journal. Just kidding T-Mobile, I got too much love for you. Anyways, the rumors are bound to come up again as the year pushes ahead and we await 4th quarter results and a glimpse at the impact of the Even More/Even More Plus rate plan push.

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