Google Reduces Nexus One “Equipment Recovery Fee”


The FCC has been eye-balling the four major U.S. carriers regarding Early Termination Fee’s and when Google dropped their bombshell, it certainly raised some eyebrows. Thankfully, Google has thought twice about their own ERF on the Nexus One. Starting today, Google has reduced the “Equipment Recovery Fee” on the HTC Nexus One from $350 to $150. While its better and a recognition of the disapproval of the original outrageous fee, all the major players still have a long way to go to solving this issue.

Still, if you’re wanting to cancel your T-Mobile service (You had better not) within the first 120 days you can pay $150 plus T-Mobile’s $200 ETF, costing you a total of $350, whereas before it was $550. Nice move Google, but how about getting rid of the ERF all together? Statement from Google courtesy of the Wall Street Journal below:

“A Google representative said the company had been working with T-Mobile to lower the equipment fee.”

“Google’s overall financial philosophy with regard to operator service plans remains unchanged: We make no profit from commissions from operators or from equipment recovery fees, and our recovery fees are based on operator charges to Google for early termination of service,” the company said in a statement.

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