Is HSPA+ Coming To Your City? Find Out Now!

Now that Magenta has started rolling out its super fast HSPA+ with plans to cover over 100 major metropolitan cities (over 185 million people) by the end of 2010 and 75 million customers to be covered by the end of June, the question most of you want answered is, will your city get HSPA+? Well, the good folks over at T-Mobile have constructed a new map displaying current cities with HSPA+ coverage and cities that are scheduled to get HSPA+ in the future. Even though the map does not show exactly when these cities will get HSPA+ and simply reads “Coming Soon”, it’s definitely nice to know your city will indeed join in on the awesomeness that is HSPA+. Check the HSPA+ coverage map here. And while you’re at it, make sure to check out some of the videos explaining exactly what T-Mobile HSPA+ is and what it has to offer to consumers.

T-Mobile HSPA+ Fun Facts (You may know some of these or you might not, either way here they are):

  • Theoretical Capability of peak download speeds of up to 21 mbps
  • Theoretical Capability of peak upload speeds of up to 5.7 mbps
  • You don’t have to buy a new phone to take advantage of the new network—many existing T-Mobile® 3G phones and laptop sticks work too
  • Runs on state-of-the-art fiber optic technology
  • Up to 3 times faster than competitors standard 3G networks (Compared to AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon)
  • HSPA stands for High Speed Packet Access


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  • Tanya

    Should I hold my breath? Really and truly, we’re going to SKIP 3G here in Mobile and go straight to HSPA+?

    • sorandkairi

      Yeah … i guess! I’m in Montgomery and i was super suprised that Huntville and Tusk. got 3g before us… go figure!

    • jshapz

      ya i doubt it. i live in my mobile too. apparentley the air force base in biloxi is using our 3g towers for government stuff. this is what my friends say that work at tmobile. i dont think the HSPA+ is a different frequency but if it is we may get it here.

  • Chad

    Great to see HSPA coming 45 minutes away from me, but I’d be happy with 3G in my area.

  • jESUS

    YESSSSS!!!! Phoenix Az Coming Soon.

  • JM

    Took advantage of it here in Houston. It is impressively fast. Clear has competition…

  • RayMatthew

    WOW, I checked your post pic then I went to check my area which is Houston. I checked my speed. SUPER FAST!!

    • chevyBoy

      it its super fast! i noticed the speed boost on my HD2 lols!! it keeps up with my computer lol

  • T

    T-Mobile updated their pink cities a few hours ago, this map is out of date.

    • Kickstar13

      Thanks for catching that. We’ve updated the image.

      • T

        No problem!

  • Bob

    Looking forward to Sacramento release. Some dates thrown around would’ve been nice.

  • Jrsykind

    I’m loving it! Getting about 2.5 mb down and 0.4 up using FCC Mobile Broadband Test app on stock G1. Live outside Trenton/Princeton, NJ.

  • wack mode

    hell yea


    Tmobile needs to first expand their 3G coverage into more rural areas. Like not out in the middle of nowhere but between the big cities. The nearest 3G for me is 45 mins away north and 1 hr south. This is the reason I might switch to the new DROID X from verizon. I know its more expensive but paying for data with edge speeds is just not worth it anymore. Still love Tmobile.

  • mike

    come on south florida !!!!!

  • Coiler

    I am wondering how wide of a coverage area this will affect. I live about 20 miles from SLC, UT and the 3g speeds here are mediocre at best. When they roll out HSPA+ in SLC, will that affect my location positively or have no affect?

  • Solrac924

    awesome. HSPA+ coming to El Paso!!

  • carts

    My download speeds havnt changed much still at 1.6m. Upload has gone up tho. midtown atlanta

  • T

    I am so happy! My HD2 is running super fast, and when I connect it to my computer and run a few speed tests its always 3-4 mbps down, .80-2 mbps up!

  • T

    I am so happy HSPA+ is finally in Tampa Bay! My HD2 is running super fast, and when I connect it to my computer and run a few speed tests its always 3-4 mbps down, .80-2 mbps up!

    • Johnny

      im in tampa too! speed is incredibly fast on my hd2 as well! loving it!!

  • Mgoggles

    Weird…..No Washington DC listed as current or coming soon? Give me some love TMobile!

    • Will

      It’s live in DC. In fact, compass shows it as live.

  • Rubinz

    And the people in between those cities, denied?

  • sw

    DC is active works great for me. Actuially have the Rocket and got 7Mb down no problem.

    • Mgoggles

      I thought DC was already lit. Just surprised to not see it listed.

  • whodatfever

    It’s in New Orleans and I’m getting awesome speeds but not everywhere. In the heart on New Orleans I’m still getting 500-600K. On the outskirts I’m pulling anywhere from 1.6-4.3!!

  • badaphooko01

    Anybody see the change for the Atlanta area? I can’t test because I don’t get 3g in my house until I leave the subdivision. Also are you guys seeing the H symbol instead of 3g?

  • John

    I’m getting 4.5 down here in north Dallas. McKinney actually.

  • andres

    I am in orlando amazing how fast is this now…coollll…G1

  • eYe

    It would be nice to see some dates…. coming soon could mean a lot of things… as soon – 2 months from now or soon – in December. But it’s nice that T-mo already started rolling it out.

  • Me

    I assure you, if you have 3G you will soon get HSPA. The limitation is actually not T-Mo it is actually the backhaul AAV carrier (may it be COX, VZ, ATT etc). If an IP circuit is available, all they have to do is plug it in and up you go to HSPA.

    So if you have T-Mobile 3G, and no HSPA don’t blame T-Mo blame the backhaul which is not yet able to support an IP circuit. This forces T-Mo to rely on good old ATM like ATT does on their wireless network.

    So why is ATT not HSPA? Because their hardware doesn’t support IP backhaul.

    Also, it is HSPA not HSPA+.
    To get the + you must have MIMO and 64QAM. No MIMO here yet… sorry.

    • JonnyB

      huh? lol
      All i know when Southern California gets this fast network, thats when im jumping ship, for now im enjoying my HTC hero from Sprint and upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy S Pro on August:]

    • Rubinz

      What about HSDPA? That’s what my Nexus One is connected at and the max dl speed is <500kbps.

  • Perry

    Where do I go after clicking on the link?

    • Perry


  • MagentaMagic

    Looks like Columbus, OH is on the coming soon list… (I could not find this live map on the site, so I’m guessing by looking at the image provided here.) Would be great to bump our 3G market up and blow the other guys out of the water!!!

    • William

      Hopefully they smooth out the coverage here in Franklin County in the process. Dublin has pitiful 3G coverage, Hilliard is spotty, as is Grove City. Parts of the inner city also have some severe issues. A boost in speed will be great, but a boost in power and coverage would be better.

  • tato22

    miami coming soon i dont know how Orlando and Tampa got it first but cant wait

  • melissa

    come on t-m0bile bring 3G to puerto rico .. i dnt wanna go to at&t or claro or sprint becuz they do have 3G

    • Gabriel

      Yeah….still no 3G over here in Puerto Rico, what a shame, every year they come with the same bull!@#$ “next summer”….they lie about bringing 3G last summer and this summer they come with the same thing….im apying those $200 early termination fee and moving to Sprint.

  • Patrick

    I love you Indianapolis lol

  • Brock

    Keep in mind, the only device that takes full advantage of HSPA+ is the Rocket USB stick. The best any TMO phone can do is 7.2 Mbps (theoretical), 2-4 (real-world).

  • Delaware has awesome hspa speeda but I guess we get lumped in with Philadelphia yet again :-(

  • Danny P.

    2 questions …. 1) is New Jersey part of the New York area in this coverage map?
    and 2) Is HSPA the same as what T-mobile named ” Very Fast Mobile Web” ?

    HSPA coverage map doesn’t list New Jersey or even North Jersey as part of PA. Yet, the very fast mobile web in the personal coverage map does show Northern New Jersey. So now I’m wondering if they are both the same and if Jersey even has HSPA?

    • hineschr

      I seem to have hspa+ for a few months now in many locations in northern nj. I think since it is not too widespread yet they haven’t officially announced it for the state. Its weird I’m either in HSPA+ or edge which is like going from fios to dial up. Tmo really needs to work on that aspect of the network.

  • Gardo

    Yeah at Puerto Rico they always say coming soon, it has been like that for the past two years and we are still in the coming soon. Oh and I mean 3G, not Hspa+. It’s a shame that for an island so small that they could cover with three or four antennas they don’t do it. Believe me I’m considering paying the $200 fee, I just don’t trust T-mobile anymore with all their lies.

    • watbetch

      T-Mobile 3G hasn’t even been active for 2 years

  • RCorn

    Raleigh, NC isn’t even listed as “coming soon”…

  • Bengiepr

    Come on Tmo we want HSPA+ here in Puerto Rico it’s too late to implement 3G here in the island the competition will laught at you. My Nexus One is anxious for having decent speeds don’t let us down you have a lot of customers here, also bring more decent phones or the competition will beat you even more.

  • HSPA+ is coming to my city! :D

  • Ben

    HELL YEAH coming to SPOKANE, WA NEXT month from what the rep told me, but who knows its coming tho

  • Ben

    and you know whats crazy how some major cities still dont have 3g and i live in spokane wa and i do, we barely make mark on in the US and we have it. Come on tmo get it to everyone so we can all hold hands and sing a long, hahaha

  • Roger

    Damn that link appears to be down now. :(

  • mike

    Im in North Jersey im getting speeds 3-4 Mbps down and 1.2-1.8 Mbps up. thank you t mobile

  • Otpradio35

    YES!!!! Im in Metairie, La(the city right next to New Orleans) and my MyTouch just hit 7.4 Mbps down and 3.6 Mbps on the up with Oms Latency!!! I used the FCC Mobile Broadband Test app from the market place.

  • Tony

    Nice! Colorado is coming soon! Also, where my mom lives on the MS Gulf Coast looks like it will be getting coverage soon as well!

  • catsigh

    In St Louis 3G is spasmodic. Sometimes I have it but often it’s Edge. Stablity would be nice if nothing else.

  • joe

    Test Date: Jun 18, 2010 7:05:59 am
    My Download speeds in San Antonio Have jumped up,

    Connection Type: Utms

    Download: 3617 kbps
    Upload: 391 kbps
    Ping: 187 ms

    A detailed image for this result can be found here:

  • sorandkairi

    What’s up with Mississippi. Jackson, even tho i’ve moved, doesnt even have 3G! Come on T-mobile!

  • sw

    So just to clarify, Puerto Rico. Is not just 3/4 antennas. Try several 100 sites. The key driving point for 3G is population and $$$$. It will take millions to launch 3G in Puerto Rico. I’m talking a brand new network. Just like any carrier, population is key to drive profit. If you think Sprint is putting their latest technology there, keep waiting. I will tell you T-Mobile has one of the best networks on the island. Good luck.

  • drmd

    Site now working. Any news about Detroit/auburn hills MI

  • bakaruru

    Coming soon to Chicago. This service should have been rolled out to us first. GO HAWKS!!!!

  • Macknifetx

    In Phoenix we are still dealing with 3g. I click on the link to find out if we are getting it but it would not connect to the site. Hope we get it soon.

    • jESUS

      yes Tuscon and Phoenix Are Listed As Coming Soon :D YEESS!!! Lol

  • alex

    The website is down

  • sikkboy

    the website is down. anyone know exactly what “los angeles” covers. i live approximatelytwelve miles from LA, so I’m curious. thanks!

  • matthew

    1.66 down and .65 up in NW San Antonio, TX.

    • Chuck

      that d/l is better than twice as fast as I’m getting in downtown Atlanta over 3G

  • Hey! 4.46 down in Moreno Valley CA (55 miles east of LA)!

    • leonowski

      Thanks for posting this! I live near there and just ordered an HTC HD2. Good to know HSPA+ is working out here!

  • Hmmm… T-Mobiles website is down and not loading for me at all.

  • Jak Crow

    The S.F. bay area doesn’t even have 7.2Mbps speeds. Why should we believe tmo is going to bring 21?

    • Tj

      Only HSPA+ phones will handle the 21mbps. current 3G phones will max out at 7.2 doesn’t mean you’ll always have that much, although it would be nice

  • hmm. The speeds are faster than my DSL. Whenever “coming soon” happens (we’re one of the cities), I may drop DSL and use my Froyo wireless hotspot feature for my Internet Access.

  • Macknifetx

    Since the site is down, has anyone seen when Phoenix will be getting this?

    • Kickstar13

      The coverage map does not display launch dates.

  • Blink

    According to the image above Oklahoma City and Tulsa are “live” but on T-Mobile’s site it is blue and says “Coming Soon”. Anyone know why it has changed?

  • sam

    We have so many people in the former Suncom regional area ticked off that don’t see 3g coming much less 3.5 or 4g. I’ve have 2 TMOBILE G1’s (2 YR CONTRACT)since they came out and was told to look forward to 3g service. Well 4 more months my 2-year contract is up and all any TMO reps can say is they have no idea when or IF we’ll ever get it. I’ve read that several metropolitan areas with populations ranging from 275000 to 500000 have had 3g for sometime. The metropolitan population as noted in Wikipedia for my area is over 500000. TMO bought Suncom then quit using AT&T towers in our area. I now can’t even get a signal in most areas that i am in. My 3rd line used by my father is of no use as he can’t get a signal at his home anymore. Should TMO charge 3g data plan prices for Edge speeds that many times won’t load browser pages? For about $12 more (total) a month i can essentially get a similar plan with a competitor with real 3g….would no doubt be worth it. My stepdaughter now has an AT&T IPHONE so we can get any information fast as long as she’s with us…she pulls websites up in seconds as we get error messages. I just feel ripped off paying the same price (as someone who can get 3g) for a very inferior data plan with Edge. SPRINT, VERIZON AND AT&T ALL HAVE 3G SERVICE IN MY AREA…TMO’s HPSA+ is not coming soon…the last TMO rep i talked with told me that TMO just doesn’t have the funds to budget to get everyone up and running with 3g much less HPSA or HPSA+. I see why TMO is #4 and not gaining. Can’t wait till October…my 2 year anniversary of a smartphone on a dumb network and the end of my TMO experience.

  • Good day to all,
    I would like you to know that I’m super duper happy as I have a super duper fast connection provided by tmobile now. I used in my old & dilapidated G1 and I got 6.5mbps then 2.6 uploads in Houston then when I tether it in my netbook then use again the I got this
    Its mind blowing as I hit one time the 16mbps but I didnt recorded it but the 14mbps u have it.Then my latency_ping are between 45-60 in my location-shadow creek ranch in pearland ( a bit outside of downtown houston ) then 70-150 in other locations.I did the test between 9:30am-10:00am as many people starting to use the service as my clear if that time of usage will be horrible.
    I have CLEAR now in the house that I’m paying for $40/month as I bought the modem,so no leasing fee for me just $40/month. That internet of mine hit the highest is 16mbps in early in the morning between (2-5am) but before or after that time I will hit only 3-6mbps download then 800-900kbps upload unlike tmobile from 1mbps-3mbps upload.
    I’m always travelling around Texas & I found out that Austin,Houston,Dallas & San Antonio has the highest download speed to compare to any cities when I compare in Westcoast & Eastcoast cities.
    Then if ever they will make more fiber optic backhaul they can minimize the latency problems others have now.I used to have that problem in my location but now its GONE.
    I’m not the kind of person wasting time to bash any company but now I will because I was with AT&T and they are full of lies company as I had my iphone 3gs & my wife & we never seen more than 2mbps connection the whole of Texas or whenever I was in California or New York. All PEOPLE WHO WILL SAY THEY SEE 3MBPS OR BEYOND (its not real), THEY ARE AT&T PEOPLE OR JUST ANYBODY WHO WANTS TO DEFEND AT&T EVEN AT&T DOESN’T CARE FOR THEM. Mine is real experience with my wife… I work in IT company & I always use the one that I think is not just cool but I can tweak & use the heck of it whatever it can offer unlike iphone that YOU can just unlocked & jailbreak (like what i do) but android & windows can be hack & put lots of fast & best ROM that apple iphone cant do. Our iphone is now an mp3 player in our cars, wants some pictures? Then my wife using the EVO as her company pay for her monthly then she just bought it from Sprint. Its a sweet phone but the speed is not consistent & theres time it will be switching a lot of times from 4g to 3g. But still wayyyyy better than verizon & AT&T. Take note, only Tmobile & Sprint didn’t have the cap now they will just throttle you if your beyond 5gb but no more paying overages (Tmobile then sprint in 4g mode). Can Verizon & AT&T do that? Nope & never because AT&T made the worse decision in lowering the internet usage to 2gb for $25 (Tmobile has $20 for unlimited no cap with super duper fast internet 16mbps versus 1mbps by AT&T) then Verizon is thinking now to do that also as Sprint & Tmobile will go for no capping.
    Theres a lot of fanboys especially in APPLE stuff like iphone that has the basic stuff that was available 10 years ago but Steve Jobs will say magical & unbelievable, he’s the no. 1 liar in the world (I have a friend who still working in APPLE) I’m just new here in Texas as I’m from California & work with IT company near APPLE. But Texas is the best place to make money now (hehe) then cheaper way of living… He said to me that Steve Jobs is very good in marketing hype but he’s not the real guy who’s thinking & making apple stuff to work, he’s just the marketing guy of APPLE. Then all of his components are made mostly of asus & samsung (not them as other blindly knows) only software & design are theirs, I can attest to that, so wheres APPLE real product-NONE. They are just a big marketing & design company, if you don’t believe go to California (to their main headquarter) see if they building any pieces of material to use for their products – none, most of what they are doing is just software & how to market their product. I was there with my friend & I know what I’m saying. Ask ASUS & SAMSUNG then FOXCONN, they will tell you that no parts are made by apple, they will give the design then what materials will use ( APPLE ) then they will wait for delivery then they will use their technology & manpower to build APPLE products ( FOXCONN ).
    FANBOYISM towards APPLE is not bad but you should know the reality of what the company you like & love what they really offer to you & if they lying to you.
    Back to Tmobile, they are the company to watch for & they are not like AT&T that will make advertising 1st before they will do the action, as tmobile will do the work & everything before they will announce in a simple way unlike AT&T like APPLE, they love marketing hype like shortage of Iphone in the 1st day as they know how many people will go & get them but they will not release many units to show they don’t have unit to sell, believe me or not those iphone & ipad was made already & its millions now in FOXCONN factory but they will release only hundreds thousands then it will show to their system they don’t have stock anymore even they have more, for the people to be more excited & feel the APPLE products are so good that people lining up & their hysteria in getting in store or online, thats MARKETING 101, YOU HAVE TO MAKE PEOPLE EXCITE IN YOUR PRODUCTS THEN THEY WILL THINK YOUR PRODUCTS IS SO GOOD THAT PEOPLE NEEDS TO WAIT FOR LONG TIME.
    I hope people will get it now as I want you to be more well aware of what those companies been doing to you, they making you follow them even they are shortchanging you.
    I want to share more my ideas, experience & knowledge about all these stuff – just don’t go with the hype, test drive it – tweak it & if you feel it has everything u want & its more cheaper – go for it… you can email me at ( i can give you the best advice in telecommunications & computers stuff if I have enough time to answer )
    To all those people bashing each other because you like this or that, think first & I suggest that research in google then don’t defend what you have that you feel is not giving you the real deal. WE LIVE ONCE NOT TWICE , LIVE TO THE FULLEST ( get the best stuff that you think is appropriate & can make things more easier to you not just LOOKS & BRAND NAME of the products.
    Always take care gurls & guys… GOD BLESS YALL…

  • adam

    hey hey hey! something is wrong with the map! it no longer says that Los Angeles, CA is live anymore!
    whats going on?! :(

  • DannOfThurs

    HSPA+ map today shows a lot of the sites in the image here as non-HSPA+ – I’ve been noticing issues in the SE across various states (again)…might be issues :(

  • Beto

    El Paso is Coming Soon!

  • ShortySk8n

    T-Mo says Vegas has it. But I get 356kb on & off the strip (I heard it was only on the strip?) on my G1. So what’s the deal?

  • chad

    9.96 down and .95 up in mckinney tx.

  • dominic

    4.3 Up and 1.7 down on Nexus One Dallas TX

    • dominic

      I mean 4.3 down and 1.7 up oops

  • Turtle6988

    I am a tech for T-Mobile, the way the launch works is we bring up HSDPA+ as the backhaul and equipment is installed at the sites. T-Mobile will not announce the launch until a certain percentage of sites go live in that market.

    • jshapz

      any word on Mobile,AL ?

    • Lexcore

      What ABOUT PENSACOLA FLORIDA any word??????????????????

  • Might switch to TMob

    Just saw that the new Vibrant will not support hspa+ – Why is TMobile promoting their upcoming coverage maps when as I understand it they do not have any devices that support hspa+?

  • Heezy

    I’m located in Houston, TX and I’m getting 3.4 down 1.6 up.

  • snk

    tmo has just turned on their hspa+ network in Puerto Rico this morning.