Verizon Now The Dominant Android Player, T-Mobile In Second Place?

I suppose in hindsight I really shouldn’t have been as surprised as I was over the results of a recent study regarding Android usage. I would have thought that T-Mobile, as the originating Android carrier would have remained the dominant player in the game, but the handset is really the buying decision now, not the carrier. With that in mind, according to a recent study by Chitika Research, Verizon is now the dominant player in the Android game with 48% of the market, mostly due to the 33% control the Droid has on the device front. T-Mobile claims just 23% of the market with the G1 leading the way at 8.12% followed by the myTouch 3G at 6.34%. We should mention that the myTouch Slide does not appear to be a part of this study.

Personally, this is just disappointing and I would love to see T-Mobile raise its stake in the Android platform and give Verizon a true run for their money. With the Samsung Galaxy S around the corner for all the carriers, T-Mobile should fare well in particular as it will be the most powerful device in their lineup. Verizon will have a tougher time positioning the Galaxy against the upcoming Droid X and HTC Incredible.

There is little doubt T-Mobile needs to step up its game and in a big way if it plans on at least holding firm in the second spot in the US Android game.

Chitika Research

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  • Tarzanman

    More like T-mobile in 3rd place. Sprint has the EVO, which is arguably the best android handset currently available.

    All T-mobile has is the NexusOne, with its buggy touchscreen and buggy 3G reception.

    AT&T is getting the Galaxy S, so even AT&T will be a match for T-mobile’s languishing Android lineup

    • Alex

      the study and ranking wasn’t based on power of the android phones in the line-up, but rather, the amount of units actually sold and is out there.

    • Matlock

      I own a Nexus, and so do several of my friends and none of us have had any such issues!! Im especially loving the fact that I now have HSPA+ in my area (Tampa), so my 3G speeds are even better than before. As far as the Evo goes, it has had quite a few issues with screen responsiveness and build quality!!

      Loving my N1 and HD2 More and more everyday!!!!

      • lev

        I have the Evo, and mine works perfectly, and had the N1, much more screen issues with the N1 I had, and my build quality is perfect, no problems

    • Davidohio

      Again with the over rated Evo. It is not all that based on the reviews from users and critics alike. Even the review on . Sprint’s 4G is spotty at best and the device has it’s share of problems. Besides, the post is not about which carrier has the most powerful device but has the most android devices.

    • mingkee

      I managed to fix the 3G issue by locking the phone down to 3G only.

    • kp


  • Barry

    That’s sad how is it you’re the first to have the balls to launch the platform and fall behind in second place? Cmon tmo step it up. Hopefully that sidekick is real we’re getting the basil galaxy now we need to get the scorpion and or one of those 2ghz Motorola devices.

    • MARIO

      What 2Ghz phones, I haven’t heard anything about that and I always google for the latest devices.

    • Davidohio

      Motorola announced it will make the first 2ghz devices but no date on when. I am sure t-mobile will carry one when it is finally released in the future.

      • Green Robot

        I am actually pretty sure that T-Mobile will not carry the first 2GHz Android device made by Motorola. Motorola seems firmly focused on Verizon as its carrier of choice for launching high end devices. T-Mobile will get old tech as usual.

  • Oblio007

    If they brought the Nexus One to stores they would get much more android usage. Most people dont even know about it because it was never in any stores and there were no commercials for it. People would think its a brand new phone.

    • Mohammad

      Yeah, I agree. Especially when it is subsidized.

      • phonegeek

        i agree too

    • Edgar

      I completely agree with you, I never even heard of this phone being released here, I found out about 2 weeks ago, they’d never advertise it.

    • tmogeek

      T-Mobile has passed on the N1. They don’t want to support the legacy devices already out there. Let’s hope they don’t delay the launch of the Galaxy S.

  • Vinny

    If T-Mobile is going to snag one of these power Android devices it better do it fast because I want a new Android phone and I’m not going to hold out much longer. I know many T-Mobile customers are thinking the same as me, we want to stay with T-Mobile but if they don’t want to pick up the Galaxy or the Desire or something that will compete with all the other top dogs I’m going to get myself the Droid X. The My Touch Slide isn’t my idea of a top of the line Android device. Come on T-Mobile pull the damn trigger and let us know what is going on. Save the games on the internet for the kids, either let us know what is coming fast or you will loose many, many customers.

    • Wunako

      agree 100% I’m NOT going with any more samsung cellphones, I might go to Verizon for Droid xtreme unless we get motorai or something top notch

      • Davidohio

        T-mobile is getting the motorola motorai from several blogs I have read.

    • Ryan

      AGREED!!! i am due for an upgrade and if they dont get on the ball before mid august im jumping ship and getting the EVO or Galaxy S Pro on sprint

    • clocinnorcal

      100% agreed. Been hollering that tune for a few months now, and still waiting to see what the rest of the summer brings. It was really hard to pass on the EVO but I did. Come on Tmo the ball is in your court!

    • I agree with all y’all, but i’m not jumping ship to Verzion expensive behind thou, lol. That HTC Sidekick Twist is what i’m looking forward too, that or the Nokia N8, & the Motorola XT720 is behind those 2 for what i’d take.

  • phonegeek

    well the galaxy s will be a great step up in the line up BUT we need some heavier hitters too that are tmo exclusive like verizion’s droid incredible and sprint’s evo yea we are getting the galaxy s BUT once we get our heavy hitter thats exclusive then people will come running to the stores to get one.. correct me if im wrong ( no seriously correct me if im wrong lol)

    • phonegeek

      and i do remember talk of their being a 4.3″ sidekick twist with front facing cam 1ghz processor and amoled screen.. i think lol

      • jake

        4.3 super amoled
        16gb internal storage
        front camera
        1Ghz processor
        and Branded as an HTC sidekick twist…thats what was said about emerald, nothing more or less, now hurry up TMO and give it to us!

      • badbob001

        According to this, Super AMOLED will be exclusive to Samsung devices for 18 months.

        So if you want Super AMOLED, you need to choke down a Samsung product.

    • Vinny

      phonegeek you are absolutely right. They need a top of the line phone that no one else has along with a few other great Androids. The Galaxy S would be a great start and maybe get the HTC Desire on their frequency before any other carriers. T-Mobile has a great chance to still dominate the Android market, they just need a couple of great devices to go along with their new 3+G Network and the customers will beat the doors down. Don’t know why they just don’t tell their customers what the future has for their Android phones. Many T-Mobile customers will leave for some of these other great phones on other Networks if T-Mobile doesn’t speak the hell up.

  • Henry

    It’s really sad to see tmobile always at the last place, first on subscribers, 3g rolling out and now on handsets; as verizon and now even sprint have the best android devices around. All tmobile gets it’s mid range devices… Tmobile needs a big shake, a real change once and for all to get it out of the 4th and last place… Not only free phones for one day, It’ll take more than that….

    • Wilma Flintstone

      Tmobile needs a “Change, you can believe in”. HAAA!!! Which is what they’re getting with the shift in CEO or whatever the new guy from the overseas branch is.

  • Henry

    Many people on the same page… We want better phones, top of the line phones, not some stupid mytouch slide. We’re tired of waiting for something as good as the competitors. we won’t wait for so long as we might jump to the competition, the big V, to get android goodness…

    • Davidohio

      The my touch slide is a really nice and fast android phone. I don’t know what you are talking about. user reviews. Speaks for itself straight from the mouths of the users.

      • She She

        imo my touch slide doesnt have any wow factor for me it definitely isnt a high end phone and it doesnt really stand up to what other carriers have

  • archboy

    It is sad to see TMo lose the Android Revolution when they started it all. Now days other than the Nexus One their Android line up looks like it came from the Nordstrom Rack in the clearance isle.

    You need to get your game face on.

  • well if the plans were as good i would leave friend has Verizon and an android phone funny im on edge and he is always on 3g

  • wojax

    I AM SHOCKED!!!..OK not really..t- mob is startin to fail on the android front. They keep getting 1-up by every other carrier in the U.S. WE get mytouch,they get the hero. We get the moto cliq,they get the droid .We get the HD2, they get the EVO. We get the galaxy s, they get the galaxy pro we get the nexus one, and you guessed it…..they get the incredible. Last place sucks….sorry ,but reality is a ….

  • HowdyDoody

    TMobile has a great service, awesome speed (see below) ATT nor Verizon can compete in this regard, Sprint can barely keep up with the EVO. You have 10GB cap before they throttle you down to 50kpbs (you can surf at 4.4Mpbs on a G1 and 5Mpbs+ on an N1). All that’s great.

    The let down are the phones, and no matter how much they offer coverage wise, a MyTouch Slide seems cheap (like all the MyTouch line, glad I never got one, the MyTouch Slide works half way descent, but its so UGLY looking, plastic feeling, something worse than a cheap toy) doesn’t cut anything, a Garmin locked down phone neither, a HD2 with WinMobile 6.5 is a stupid Joke. An iPhone 4 would just as foolish (see below).

    Like most here, if T Mobile doesn’t come up with a phone comparable to the Incredible or the EVO, like the Samsung Beam, or an updated version of the N1 that can actually use all of HPSA+.

    My surfing needs have been replace by Clearwire for 30 a month I can go where ever I want an have 7Mpbs enough to stream anything (I logged over 50Gb this past month on 4 devices, a limit T Mob would not allow). For my road needs 5GB is more than sufficient.

    Like others, I’m a gonner as well if they don’t come up with something descent. Cheap underpowered phones will not cut it.. you need top of the line. T Mobile could have gained market share, if they would have release a descent phone 3 times a year, all they came up with was pure junk.

    Apple fans can drool things they will never have!

    -The fastest network around
    -Cloud access
    -Swype (text 4 times faster then any iPhone)
    -Faster JIT
    -Gesture Control
    -Google Translation
    -Google Voice
    -Google Navigation
    -Google SkyMap
    -Google Docs
    -Voice to Text
    -Text to Voice
    -Authentic PDF reader
    -Multiple accounts
    -CHOICE of phones or providers
    -REAL multitasking
    -60% free apps 50000
    -8 MegaPixel Camera
    -Camera Flash
    -Removable microSDCard
    -Removable Battery
    -Real Keyboard
    -External Storage
    -VideoChat on 3G/4G

    -2GHz processors
    -8hr + Battery life real multitasking
    -Something better than gesture control

    -All that Apple can dream of and wont have

    • Wilma Flintstone

      Most of what you said is true and I agree with, but you missed some hefty points. What good is Tmobile’s super fast speed if you can’t keep it constant? For one, the speed shifts as much as a formula 1 racer. Tmobile needs to focus moreso on getting their current speed constant before deciding to boost the speed of an unconstant network.

      The fact that Sprint can barely keep up with the EVO is a good thing. It means that the units are selling similar to the HD2 when it released. Remember Tmobile couldn’t keep up with those either?

      Also, for some crapfest reason, will not work on my HD2, neither one of the 3 defective unit’s I’ve had. Not in Opera, IE or Skyfire. I don’t know what’s up with that but I have to go to to get my results.

      Now like I stated, most of your post I agree with, it’s just those few valid points and a few I may have left out that have a tie with me.

      Also, agreed, iPhone sucks. Glad you made the list of awesome that it will never be able to do due to Steve (Steal) Jobs. Steve is an excellent Marketer but a horrible owner.

  • HR

    It’s easy for Verizon to position against the Galaxy S.

    It doesn’t have a flash camera.
    Huge deal breaker.

    • Ricknexus

      Huge deal breaker?!?! You’re a moron. Why do you need flash on your cellphone camera??? Please tell me why.

      • Wilma Flintstone

        it’s actually a pretty big deal. What if you’re on a date with your significant other and the lighting is a little dark and you want to take a picture to remember how good they looked on that day? Oops, you have no flash so your shot will look like crap. What, are you going to carry around a huge 10lb Nikon camera just to be able to do the same thing you can with a cell phone? That’d be funny. I can see it now…

        You: “Hold on Baby, let me get a picture of how beautiful you look tonight”
        *Digs in duffle bag, moving around all the papers and stuff just to get to your Sony Handycam, Struggles to get brick out of duffle bag*

        You: “Hold up a second, let me adjust the iris, lens and let me get the whitebalance right, one second baby”
        *Significant Other catches a cab before you’re done*

        Other: “See you at home”
        You: “Wait baby wait, man I wish I just had flash on my phone so I could’ve just taken it out my pocket, turned on flash, let it autofocus and snap the picture or video if I wanted”

        *In the Words of William Shatner on the Priceline Negotiator Commercials*
        “It’s no big deal right?”

  • HowdyDoody

    here is the actual link for my top speed on HPSA on a G1.. don’t understand how it got there.. ran it twice and it worked both time just as fast.

    • tmogeek

      It’s a known fault of the sw. While results generally are accurate occasionally you will get a flyer. Use another site like for confirmation.

  • timdawg919

    While I have the nexus one alot of people don’t want to come out of pocket for non subsidized phone and not everyone will buy a phone without being able to see and touch it. The slide is ok but we should have the droid x or evo instead they bring out the hd2 a windows model instead of bringing it out running android. Come on tmobile get it together!

  • Have you been reading my tweets?

    “@TMobile_USA hopefully you’ll be getting a decent Android phone. As the carrier that help launch Android, your selection sucks.” –

    I don’t know why they aren’t strong arming HTC for better phones. We missed the Incredible, the EVO, and we get myTouch Slide? What is Magenta thinking?

  • JMC

    Answer to problem NEXUS ONE best phone anywhere . Get the NEXUS ONE android 2.2 FROYO and it should beat any Android phone in the market today. Its all about speed and software.

  • luis

    People complain about T-mobile all the time. Who cares what place it’s in and who did what first. I love T-mobile for the prices and the great customer service that it has. You wanna go to spriint a basically pay double for the samething go ahead. Me personally, I would never leave T-mobile for a phone.

    • Ryan

      you do realize that the price for comparable unlimited plans is almost identical right


      Sometimes I laugh at peoples complaints… as if the people in charge of T-mobile’s lineup actually read these things. LOL

      • She She

        well maybe they need to… i know they know about tmonews :)

    • alex

      me too although my parents pay ,and would never let me lol, plus cell phones come out so frequently, guys put it this way eventually Tmo will get a phone better than the Evo, Incredible, droid X, so just be patient or pay more, patience is a virtue.

  • JMC

    I forgot to say I love my NEXUS ONE

  • jake

    yeah the plans are the only thing keeping me on TMO, talk+text+web plans are way better than anything verzion offers. Otherwise I would switch to them, but their plans suck ass.

  • craig

    maybe im old school, but im still loving my G1. im not concerned with more devices in T-Mobile line up, but it would be nice to see more 3G coverage in areas and with more coverage with 3G i think you see more devices sold i would love to buy another device with 3G but with the coverage in my area being not good at all that put a stop to buying one, but im T-Mobile all the way

  • foxhound2185

    T-Mobile needs to step up. Hopefully that new CEO will get this company going the right direction. I really getting sick of my N1 because of the reception problem.

  • foxhound2185

    T-Mobile needs to step up. Hopefully that new CEO will get this company going the right direction. I’m really getting sick of my N1 because of the reception problem.

  • Joe Buck

    The 10-15 dollars a month I’m saving by using T-mobile is just not worth it anymore. The phones suck and you can’t even find 3G coverage with a search warrant.


    I’m not shocked at all by this news. Although T-Mobile the first introduce a Android phone it was also the first of a line of sub par Android devices. Verizon on the other hand patiently waited for things to develop and then smashed the competition with the one of the most successful Android devices to date – the Droid. They’ve followed up that momentum with the Incredible the upcoming Droid X and Droid 2. Where’s T-Mobile’s phenom Android device? We’re all still waiting. The good thing is the Galaxy S will take care of that. The sad part is by the time it arrives it will be 2 years since the arrival of the G1. Two years to introduce a high end Android phone and you wonder why Dotson is stepping down. The idiot screwed his customers.

    Gosh, even with Sprint bleeding customer they still managed to release some notable Android devices. Now that the Evo is here they now have the best Android phone and it’ll probably stop subscriber from leaving.

    With the upcoming executive change of CEO coming I really hope T-Mobile starts making serious strives in moving to #1 in categories other than customer service.

  • mad dog

    A lot of people on this site like to talk about the number of android phones tmo offers. My reply to them is quality over quantity. Add in that Verizon actually knows how to market and advertise their product and it’s easy to see how and why tmo is no longer #1 when it comes to android. I don’t see anyone being surprised by this except the tmo employees that troll this site.


      Please point me to a ‘quality’ Android on T-Mo you’re referring to? Oh? you mean the myTouch Slide? Yet another marginal improvement from any other Android T-Mo offers. If that’s your example of quality….good luck with that. I’m surprised we haven’t been bombarded with a slew of new crap commercials with more washed up Hollywood celebrities. Now that’s what I call an aggressive marketing campaign. LOL!

      • 30014

        I don’t think mad dog was implying that tmo has quality handsets. I’ve read several posts where people were touting that tmo offers the most android handsets. My take on his comment is that he would prefer 1 kick ass handset over several mediocre ones. That’s my take.

  • JMC

    Mr. Mad Dog Droid Eris was a total flop . Yes T-mobile has cheap Android phones but hey they have a phone for every budget. Thats good . You want top of the line Nexus One software Android 2.2 and it will do circles around any other company phone. No I don’t work for T-Mobile but I buy every phone that comes out from any carrier and so far Nexus One kicks ass . Thank You

    • Davidohio

      Wow how much per month do you pay out in phone bills with all those phones from all the carriers?

    • mad dog

      Don’t reply to my post with dumb ass comments. The droid eris is along the lines of the mytouch slide, I’m talking about the high end phones that create the buzz for the carriers. Since the n1 isn’t officially offered by tmo I don’t count it. My point is that tmo still doesn’t have a phone that will cause lines to be out the door.

  • clydesdale

    While I agree that T-Mobile has fallen behind on the device front, I think the biggest reason for the results is the incredibly weak marketing for the devices they do have… who the hell cares if Jesse James has a my touch? VERIZON has consistently screamed about what the phones can DO! And the sad part is that my first generation my touch (cyanogen 5) can do all of the stuff I’ve seen in the Droid commercials… I know the old my touch can’t really compete with a droid, but the general public doesn’t even know that T-Mobile has android devices at all…

  • branon

    At this stage even AT&T is beginning to look comparable or better than Tmobile.

    The Nexus One is available on both carriers, albeit unsubsidized.

    AT&T just preempted tmobile for the samsung galaxy/captivate

    And in the midrange category they both have competing phones- HTC ARia vs My Touch Slide and the rest of the pack.

  • tabasco1tx

    As a previous TMo rep I’m glad to see some shake up in upper management finally. The problem is that even tho TMo is global they never used that edge to get some of the same phones they have in europe. Maybe the new CEO will see the phone we have here and say “what the hell is this??!!!”. They have become a third string carrier because they act like one when it comes to phones. How long has it taken us to even get a basic LG phone? They let Moto off with giving us the Cliq(which I own and am using to type this) but let them just give Verizon the other Moto phones that are better. I actually like the Cliq,but I don’t like being stuck on 1.5…Thankfully some Devs have been able to get 2.1 working on it and have it almost as a daily Rom. I’m hoping the new CEO grabs the bull by the horns and gets us some decent phones and not the other carriers leftovers.

  • TMO sucks

    Too bad the President, CEO, or whoever else responsible for bringing handsets to the company don’t read these forums. They must be blind retards.

  • People like the phones they like. I don’t know how long TMO will wait. I see people
    s patience getting thin. I feel something is comming soon. The 19th was not is as many had hoped. I think that This may be a part of the plan for Google to expand the Android platform when the demand has peaked. Time will tell.

  • soon2TMO

    galaxy s is coming, moto basil is coming too (hopefully the xt720).. then bring the nexus one.. then we’re good!

  • soon2TMO

    mytocuh slide
    mytouch 3G
    cliq xt
    behold 2

    galaxy s
    moto basil

    ya tmo lacking on high-end android phones compare to verizon… but tmobile still has more android phones …

    • 30014

      Quality over quantity


      So what they have more Android phone. Most of the phone on your glorious list are relatively spec’d the same in a different casing. T-Mobile has a clutter of sub-par devices. Yay!!!! And even with all that garbage they still only garnered position #3 in Android market saturating.

      Marketing Lesson #1 – less is more.

  • Brian

    this is stupid. why is tmo not going around and swooping in on all these great devices since they were the first to adopt the android platform? it’s getting a little hard to watch. I need a new phone, and i need it fast. but, im waiting for tmo to come out with an android phone with a dual processor. How long am i going to have to wait for that assuming that other carriers will be picking up those phones later this fall?

  • soon2TMO

    ^^^ maybe because verizon is a more expensive carrier? so they ought to get the best phones to match with their skyrocketing rate plans???

    not sure . LOL

  • Tony

    I’m still using and loving my G1…it runs Cyanogen 2.1 with far more speed and fewer bugs than the “official” T-Mobile Android 1.6 OS. However, I’m almost through the contract and want something better. I also realize that the hardware will eventually die. I’ve been with T-Mobile since VoiceStream and have an awesome grandfathered family rate plan that not even MetroPCS or Cricket could match…otherwise I’d be signing up for an Evo at Sprint.

    The MyTouch Slide is way too similar to the G1…only slightly better specs, but a worse keyboard without a dedicated number row. The Nexus would be nice, if it was in-store and supported by T-Mobile. But even the Nexus is getting old as the months keep going by and other carriers keep getting better hardware.

    C’mon T-Mobile, your G1 pioneers are waiting, give us a good HTC Snapdragon Android product.

  • going_home

    Its because Verizon is releasing Android phones that make people say “wow!”.
    TMO’s releases have barely been better than their first one almost two years ago (the G1).

    We want a better than Evo phone and soon TMO !
    No more goofing around with second rate phones like the 3G Slide, we want the real deal NOW !


    • pimpstrong

      Tell me about it. Tmo carries 7 G1’s either with or without a keyboard to choose from. Oh and one of them has a .2″ bigger screen than the others

  • WXman

    Is it NOT 100% becuase of the phones. It’s also because a HUGE majority of TMo’s network is still GPRS junk.

  • YeahYeah

    This makes sense they have wayyyyy more subscribers so it would translate to more android users. Point blank….I also see a lot of anti Tmo people in here funny lets go on Tmonews to go on every post saying if T-Mobile doesn’t get xyz that we are jumping ship lol call customer care…

  • OneManGang

    You know people who keep ragging on the ‘Slide’ are just ignorant. I have owned , a Wing,G1, Cliq, and HD2(which I returned due to constant freezing and I could not even make a call). Out of all the phones the ‘Slide’ performs the best. People who dont own one complain about it being a midrange phone, but I have had mine for nearly two weeks and I can not honestly find one complaint about the performance or software, it has remained fast and responsive. My only concern(after coming from the ‘built like a tank’ Cliq, is the slide mechanism , it is a little lose for my taste but other than that it is great. An although the screen might not be 4.3 it still looks great for watching movies and you can truely appreciate it when you see it next to the cliq’s screen. I am not a fanyboy of anything I am just telling the truth, if the ‘Slide’ was crap I would be the first to say so.

    • Green Robot

      Slide is a great mid-range device, the problem is that T-Mobile is trying to have it compete with high-end devices and sell it at just below the high-end device price point. We all know it is a great device but compare it is not high-end Android phone no matter how hard you and T-Mobile executives try to believe that it is. Marketplace knows this and the customers are voting with their dollars.

  • mike

    unfortunatly that is Tmobiles way, they just do not have the money or the brain power to stay on top with the best quality phones, they will always be slow to buy, slow to announce and slow to keep up. if they are launching the galaxy S. then they know already, and since Samsnung went public, Tmobile should have went public, would help a lot of frustrated customers.

  • Green Robot

    So TmoNews is surprised that T-Mobile is not number one in Android market. Are you for real? What planet have you been living on? Oh, that’s right, you live on Planet Dotson probably.
    C’mon and face the facts (you and Dotson), cellular market has changed and it is about devices these days no matter how hard you try to deny it. The longer T-Mobile is denying it the further it will slip. Here’s another newsflash: they will be number three by the time this market study is done next time because Sprint will pass them by too.

  • Green Robot

    O, and what does this mean: “Verizon will have a tougher time positioning the Galaxy against the upcoming Droid X and HTC Incredible.” exactly? Verizon does not have to worry about its Galaxy S competing witht the upcoming Droid and Incredible. They have a broad lineup of high end android devices and they sell a lot of them. It is T-Mobile that needs to worry about their Galaxy S, which is going to be the only high end device that they have (at least for a while), competing with the same device on other carriers who by the way also have other just as attractive high end android devices to boot. T-Mobile’s Galaxy S will keep some of the current T-Mobile subscribers who are Android fans with T-Mobile but it will not attract customers from other carriers to switch to it. Why would I leave Verizon to get a Galaxy S on T-Mobile if I can stay with my carrier and just get it there.
    This is how T-Mobile is failing (over and over by the way)- they are just refusing to compete. Planet Dotson is one deranged place….

  • not4sakn

    Instead of releasing new high end devices, T-Mobile likes putting out remakes of phones that were major flops in the first place. Both Cliqs and the Behold 2 are the worst Android devices ever made and the Garmin phone will fit in there somewhere. It seems the company is always a day late and a dollar short. I can almost picture the CEOs from all major carriers and equip. Manufacturers sitting around a table with all the top phones to be produced and T-Mobile is the company who chooses the crumbs that have fallen from the table instead of going after the prime rib on the plate!

  • Sam96

    T-Mobile and their customers were part of google beta for android. once the product matured other big players took control of it. Money is a big deal and Verizon is proving it. Having said that t-mobile did a poor job in keeping its customer base happy. Yes their family and individual plans are cheap and for a good reason. Probably the only reason for retaining customers. MT3G line is their premier phone for android(they spent a lot of money in advertising). Yet they have done very little to support the phone. MT3G came out with a big hype and was not able to deliver the goods. MT3G 1.2 came out with a promise to upgrade to 2.X and customers are yet to see the upgrade or date for that matter. In the mean time other carries like Verizon has upgraded their phones. All they are busy with is another hype via twitter etc for another big failure.

  • Oce

    I have to be honest, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to remain loyal to Tmo. At some point, value and customer service alone are just not enough to attract/retain consumers. The cell phone demographics have rapidly changed/evolved over the last 5 to 7 years; where value used to be the number one factor in ones selection of cellular service, competitive pricing by all carriers have all but leveled that field and now more and more people seem to base their selection on available devices and services. Unfortunately, Tmobile doesn’t seem to be realizing this quick enough. It’s sad that many of us have had to resort to using unlocked/unsupported devices because of Tmobiles rather mediocre offerings. My wife and I have been using unlocked/jb iPhones for over 2yrs now and still Tmo offers nothing that I would consider a worthy upgrade. Don’t even mention the Nexus 1 b/c I’m on a family plan and it’s not marketed through Tmobile directly. It is a crying shame. I sure hope they can turn things around before it’s too late.

  • Brink182

    EVO s a ver BIG and powerful fun. But Sprint will charge you extra for all thos wonderful features. I would think that the N1 wouldn’t be in the study as it is avaiable for t-Mo & At&T plus T-mo doesn;t even recognize it as being part of there lineup as it is sold thru google no T-Mo. The EVO is too big in my opinion. I need ot buy new jean with bigger pockets if I was to get it. The N1 with android 2.2 is the fast procesing phone. According to the app Quadrant Standard.

  • She She

    8.12% of tmobiles users are g1 users who need to be relieved! if t mobile wants to keep us they should come with something phone and something other than a phone that all carriers will have… they need something thats different and better.

  • alex

    i am going to get the My touch slide=) not high end, but i am really digging the My Touch franchise, so many accesories, hopefully tmo launches a Super My Touch Slide with 3.7-4.o inch screen i love 4.3 but 4.0 is the sweet spot, not too big not too small=), MT3GS here i come.I do agree with everyone though tmo must step up their game, but i am really happy, and cannot wait until tomorrow, for the mT3GS for free, my dad is going to get it for me, i spoke with a tmo rep, and they said that they are only charging activation fee, no rebate, no nothing, so can’t wait until tomorrow, and i live in NJ so HSPA+ coverage for me!!:)

  • Steve

    T-Mobile’s problem is their phone selection. I have looked at all the carriers and T-Mobile has the best service, but the worst phones. The myTouch is a joke. They have also left out all the Fathers that already have a family plan with them for this big promotion for Father’s Day. They better get the Galaxy S or I will probably switch carriers.

  • Bigg

    Nexus one is the bomb!!! Even though I just sold it since I’m going to At&t next week, I bought another one for At&t, I just love it. Way better then the Incredible for sure.

    • Spencer

      I agree my nexus is a beast and has been reigning king of the smartphones for like six months which is forever in phone world! (writing this on my nexus one)

  • DannOfThurs

    @AndroidMafia on twitter last night summed this up too with a “<3 note" to TMO on Android dominance as well…it's great that we're all telling TMO how much we need'em to get their stuff together!

    ON that note…the LG systems coming onboard…a couple of changes here and there…HD2 coming out…think TMO is going to switch over to WinMo7 this year?

  • TheAnalyst

    These stats are no surprise to me. TMobile has been so focused on families, but are losing their “single” customer who are into high end tech gadgets.

    • rushmore

      What difference would MTS make? Tmo has not posted numbers yet, which suggests it has not exactly set the world on fire with sales.

      • D.C.

        That’s where you are wrong (rushmore) tmo has actually been having a hard time keeping the phones in stalk at the stores. I own one and its very great. Once tmo add these numbers in after the campaign and then is samsung galaxy coming and the project emerald don’t sleep on them now number doesn’t say anything . And families are the BIG number they are going for why ….cause they are the most loyal customers ,and don’t knock the slide it really isn’t mid range it competes with the high ends also in speed (snap would be nice but doesn’t need it ) but to think froyo will be here that makes this phone that much more valuable

    • alex

      true, but i love the mytouch franchise, but i wouldnt mind a my touch HSPA+ with,

      *New Sense UI(Expresso) you have the option to turn HTC Sense off
      *8mp/11mp camera
      *Android 2.2
      *Comes in white, red, and black
      *Loads of accessories
      *4.0 screen Super AMOLED screen with Atmel maXTOUCH sensors
      *Includes 8/16gb micro SD card expandable to 32gb
      *8g/16gb internal storage/32gb internal storage, people get to chose like iphone obviously the less memory it has the cheaper it is
      *Touch Sensitive track pad like the my touch slide
      *1st HSPA+ Device
      *3.5mm audio jack
      *Camera/video takes 720/1080p HD resolution
      *Xenon Flash
      *Camera in front 3mp/5mp
      *As slim as the Samsung Galaxy S
      *Pre-loaded with Flash 10.1
      *No qwerty keyboard, default on-screen keyboard is swype
      *My modes
      *Genius Button
      *Faves Gallery
      *9 customizable screens
      *Nice Flexible, good looking design appeals to teens/adults
      *Pre-installed with featured apps that are free/paid
      *Mini HDMI output
      *Has four hard key buttons, Menu, Genius Button, Back, and home
      *more features

      • rushmore

        I agree, the device should rock! :)

      • Anony Mouse

        definitely wouldnt mind an uber phone, but the multiple memory options are a little pointless. With apps2sd and other functionalities of the android OS, the iphone memory options are nothing more than a ploy. They do not offer expandable memory ….not because they cant…but because it is their way to control what you do on the phone. Everything is contained in the phone, so little risk of piracy and little and they get more money by people having to pay more for what…more memory? As if the extra little bit of memory really costs 100 bucks for the next step up. A 16gb memory card costs less than 50 bucks, they are triple charging their customers, or more, for so less. It is nothing more than a scheme to get money and do it in an underhanded way. Of course, it is apple, so you know your just getting screwed buying apple either way. Outdated OS, built in limits, extra cost for nothing, etc.

        Thats why I love android. you dont have to buy your phone based on the internal storage memory. You buy it based on the actual quality of the phone and then add memory as you need to.

      • Taylor

        You mean the Galaxy S?

      • Solidus433

        Arent the HD2 and the MT3G Slide both HSPA+ compatible phones? Wouldnt that then make the HD@ the first HSPA+ phone?

      • adam

        I don’t agree with swype as spanish writer, swype doesn’t do good in spanish just english. Please physical keyboard no virtual. Thank you! Everything you said your on point but u basicly discribing the htc incrediable

  • Ryan

    “but the handset is really the buying decision now, not the carrier.”

    Astute observation. If only Tmobile execs read your blog.

  • tony


    • D.C.

      Tony you only spoke for 10% of the tmo population, and that’s the spec freaks man shut up you sound like pure ignorance yeah there phones are nice but have you ever asked yourself is the carrier great ,they have one super human but no army to back up there beautiful devices . Tmo doesn’t want the unloyalist anyway and while you are talking I bet you haven’t used the phone I own it so I know . You can kick rocks

      • saywhat


        thats the old way of thinking, do you really think 17-18year olds, that would be opening up NEW lines, dont care about the phone specs?

        get a clue, people are far more intelligent now and they do in FACT understand what is at stake. I have the Mytouch Slide, after seeing the iphone4, and the Droid X….im seriously SERIOUSLY considering leaving, not because im not loyal…im a freaking employee….but because the droid X and iphone4 are BIG BOY phones, while everything in tmo´s lineup is for kids

  • rushmore

    I think the OP may be missing something in that people are leaving Tmo due to slow efforts in building a 3g network. They seem more interested in blowing money with celebrity ads, rather than upgrading their network quicker.

    • rushmore

      I suggest Tmo’s bleeding of higher end customers and lack of new ones is slow 3g expansion and lack of devices. Better devices will get them going in the right direction.

  • Anony Mouse


    Have fun jumping ship, because this is a case of “the grass is always greener on the other side”. I Have been a customer AND EMPLOYEE of other carriers, and I will tell you this. They do not give a rats behind about their customers. It is all about the bottom line. Tmobile is actually different. Tmobile does care about its customers, which is why if you look at their focus, it is around family plans, around keeping people connected, etc and not just cramming some high end device down their throats and sending them on their way to deal with the high bills and cr*ppy service. Sprints policy is to say it wish a smile so that customers will swallow your poor service better (they make employees look into mirror attached to their monitors at their desks so they can be sure they smile). Verizon is about keeping the customer bound in so that they are prisoners (stacking contracts, higher etfs etc) and att idea is to “wow the customer” by throwing money at them so they will shut up and placate the customer into thinking things are resolved. After all, money solved everything right? Service and actually caring about your customers means nothing does it?

    I am sticking with tmobile. I guess because I have friends and family I like to connect with, and I want a service and device that helps me do that. Not just have some uber powered vanilla brand phone that has hidden problems that I cant actually use because I am in my moms basement writing hate mail.

    Yes, i am coming up a bit harsh here, but cmon tony….you want to type in all caps, then you can get yelled at back.

    • Green Robot

      And how’s that working out for them? Not very well judging by subscriber numbers is it?

  • Scritz McGritz

    Is the FCC still looking into Verizon’s $350 ETF fees. Just wanted to know.

  • HaVoKTEK

    Umm Still want a high end device for the geek in me, and no I’m not switchin’ to get it!

  • ejay

    Well of course t mobile has little kid androids and verizon has the entire range of devices. they need some real devices and for the love of god get a better marketing team.

  • jayy336

    This is really NOT surprising at all. Look at Verizon’s Android line up and then look at T-Mobile’s. I’m pretty sure most everyone would agree that Verizon has the best Android phones, especially with the Droid 2 and Droid X coming up soon. I really like T-Mobile, they’re a pretty good carrier, but they need to step it up with the Android handsets, or phones period. They can’t expect to hit #3 with such a mediocre phone selection.


    T-Mobile is giving away free phones this weekend. It’s the most aggressive marketing campaign ever!!!! No seriously…it is.

    Rumor has it it was called the ‘Whack Project’ – I kid. But it could be because they need to offload the massive ‘quantity’ of Android devices stuck in their warehouses.

  • big aaron

    I switched from at&t when the G1 came out and I’m happy I switched. I’m not really a gadget guy so I can’t throw out phone model names and say A is better than B, nor do I really care. I’ve upgraded from the G1 to the cliq and I love my phone. It does more than I’ll ever need it to do and tmobile is tuned into their customers needs more than sprint or at&t ever were; at least in my experiences.

    • Anony Mouse

      Im glad you have had a good experience with tmobile. Many people tend to think of a phone carrier as nothing more than the device in the pocket. Well…the way it is right now…the more of a device you put in your pocket, the less money you have. Not because of device cost, but monthly cost and service cost. At least the customers will have more room for the phone in their pocket because they wont be using that room for any money. Its like going with tmobile and spending 50 bucks to have a camaro to drive on the open highway….or going to another company and spending 100 bucks a month to have a ferrari to drive in rush hour new york traffic after a major accident. It doesnt matter how good your phone is, if your carrier sucks…its going to drag your phone down with it.

  • swilkers808

    If you take into account the “quality” of the Android handsets, then no. TMobile is, IMO at this time, pretty much last. They have no powerhouse Android phone. First to release the Android then to last place with the hardware. Let the negative comments begin.

    • Anony Mouse

      No negative comments here….at least not from me. I will agree that tmobile needs to keep the ball rolling, and compete with more high end devices. I just find it funny that no matter what tmobile does, people always find reason to complain. Tmobile could release a phone that does twice what any competitors phone does and people would complain about a million things on it. Tmobile does need to get at least a couple high end phones, but I do like tmobile stance on families and sticking together over the other carriers who just want your money and sell you something shiny so the customer will be placated.

      • 30014

        You just don’t get it do u? Being family focused hasn’t grown t-mobile’s subscriber. They lost customers last quarter or did you not know that? Companies either change with the times or they fail. If you think their current strategy is working then you are just as blind to what the majority of us want as the tmo execs are.

  • Wing-in It!

    Not surprised at all!
    I am still currently using the T-Mobile Wing that was purchased over 2 1/2 years ago and waited FOREVER for Edge to get me to this webpage to type this out with broken keys and all. I say this to say that T-Mobile has been good to me minus trying to upgrade me to ugly, cheap looking phones. I was due for a upgrade a year ago but the phone choices are not what I had hoped for them to be. I’m tired of being envious of my friends and family (especially my granny) with their high tech android phones then get laughed at when I whip out my wing to make a call.
    Patience is running real thin especially when I set my mind up to purchase the SGS day one then to be disappointed when I hear another company announcing their version of the SGS first.
    I just don’t know what to do or think anymore.

    • Wing-in It!

      Thanxs! I can do without the keyboard as I was able to message on a friends IPhone easily. My new phone must have a “WOW” factor and Verizon/Sprint all have a bunch a “WOWZERS” right now. Will TMobile ever catch up?

  • Anony Mouse

    Still using the wing? My friend is doing that too. I am trying to give him an android phone and he wants to stick with the wing. if it works then stick with it. I would recommend the slide to you, if you are used to a keyboard, but to each his own, and I hope you get a phone that makes you happy.

  • jESUS

    They might be dominant , but theyre going to follow AT&ts Steps On Removing Unlimited Data.

    • Anony Mouse

      Verizon…yeah…just another way to make money. While Tmobile is allowing people to tether, and have lower costing data plans for unlimited. Other companies are charging extras all around and limiting what used to somewhat decent about their service.

  • CA legaldude

    Probably not the perfect place to say this (since we are talking Android)but I know at least a dozen or so people that are running jailbroken iphones through Tmo. Some would love an Android phone if there was one worth getting – mabye the Galaxy S when it comes out. I rooted my G1 and have been a happy camper for a good long time. Time to get with it Tmo.

  • raymond

    tmobile claims it helps us stick togather right now i feel like the super glue is slowly loosing its grip

    at first i use to think this site was the only site with t mobile users complaining but its not -_- other sites are posting articles talking about the same thing -_-

    yet we get hints and code names -_-t mobile if you where my child i spank you right about now

  • bjfam83

    So glad I left t-mobile and got the evo. I’m going to miss the tmo fam

  • Doc

    Yeah. It seems like ole’ magenta has been getting it all over the web. Mostly, I think, from Android fans. I have been hammering them too. I realize that T-Mo is playing the “family stays together” ans that’s fine. But they also need to realize that there are customers of theirs that don’t care about family plans.

    I agree with what some people are saying, that it’s really about the phones now. I know coverage is important too but, where I’m at, the big three all have good coverage. I also think there are alot of people that have more than enough for their cell phone bill already built into their budget. And, as we move farther away from the “house phone”, they know they’re always going to have a cell. So for those people, like me, having a contract isn’t an issue and carrier is becoming less of an issue. We want great phones.

    I love T-Mo. I have been with them since ’99. My contract is up in March. They don’t need to come with bigger and better (though it would be nice), just keep up. In my opinion they’re 2 uber phones away. We think 1 is coming. Let’s hope for a second one soon after.

  • remixfa

    i used to work for VZW. They dont “stack” contracts. Right up until tmobile changed family plans to be eligible to upgrade every year, VZW was actually nicer to their customers in that respect. You get what you pay for. There are actual studies that show people think higher of their service because they pay more for it and will be willing to pay even more for enhancements. Thats why everyone goes to ATT and VZW. Its perception. Granted VZW actually has the best network, but ATT is among the worst. But since your paying an arm and a leg for it, you think its better than it is.

    Sad fact. Tmobiles customers actually bitch more (again, ive worked for Tmo and VZW) because the plans are cheaper so they “feel” like the service isnt up to snuff. Yea, people complain about pricing at VZW but they wont leave either unless its a last resort. Tmobile has like 300% more churn than VZW. I have full 3g service in my friends house with tmobile and he has VZW and its a dead zone.. yet he refuses to leave VZW cuz he thinks its “better”.
    Perception is king.

    That said, tmobile really needs to get off this “people dont want high end phones” bull. If the iphones and droids and evo’s havent proven that to them by now, they wont ever learn. The galaxy, even though its an uber phone, doesnt count as it will be on nearly all carriers. They need an IN STORE flagship phone.

    • Malcolm

      Great comment and well said.

      • TMOprophet


  • Brian

    Verizon = first
    Sprint = Second (HTC EVO, Hero)
    TMO = 3rd

    Step it up, guys.

  • adam

    Brian I agree and sprint has 800 mph of samsung moment that got update 2.1 os with hero that make sprint second. Only thing tmobile has moto cliq,qt and mytouchslide that worth something to their lineup.

  • Mark

    I completely agree that that T-Mobile is in 3rd place in terms of handsets I would actually want to buy… only AT&T has worse Android selection.

    Sprint actually has really good Android selection in the Hero and Evo 4G. Hero beats out anything from T-mo other than they MyTouch Slide, and that’s debatable. And the Evo 4G beats anything T-Mobile has to offer, including the upcoming Galaxy S. And of course Verizon has fantastic selection in the Droid, HTC Incredible, and upcoming Droid 2 and Droid X.

    Also, T-Mobile’s continued support of Samsung is a pretty major turn off. The Behold 2 is a constant frustration to work with, and I will never own another product from that company…. so the Galaxy S is completely un-interesting to me.

  • JR

    Is this really a surprise? TMO was the first out the door and then fell asleep at the wheel. Just based off the sales of the G1 they should have at least half a dozen Android devices available by now.

  • Perry

    Been a long time customer, back to the voicestream days. Bottom line is most people stay with tmo for one of two reasons: the rates and the customer service which is the best in the industry. Whenever I call tmo’s cust service I am always amazed at how pleasant the experience is. But that being said tmo has to step up its game in the handset dept. A damn shame that the newest flashiest droid phone they come out with is just middle of the pack when compared to all the other droid phones out there. Really a shame when you consider tmo was the first to the android party and now we’re the last.

    handsets bring in customers. Sure some want cheap plans but the real $$ is in the sexy handset that has tons of features. Even on cost we’re dropping out of the race as sprint has the cheapest plan for talk, text and data in the industry.

    And all this talk about how tmo really cares about families yada yada yada is a buunch of bull. tmo is first and foremost a business, a business that is out to make $$ not “help” you connect or care about you. To think otherwise is pretty naive.

    I purchased a MY3G last November and am saddened that what I thought was a first class hi tech device is now relegated to the bottom tier of the android marketplace. Seems like every other carrier is coming out with better handsets and getting updates much faster than us.

    If tmo doesn’t get its act together then many more loyal customers will leave and go to other carriers. I myself have been contemplating switching to sprint due to better pricing and more cutting edge phones.

  • Alex

    This is not surprising at all, yes T-Mobile just release the My touch slider, but where are the power phones you can buy through T-Mobile. Yes there is the Nexus one that have to go through Google to get and your contact has to be complete up if you want the discounted model. T-Mobile needs a phone like the Legend or the Incredible with HSPA+, something for the Android fans to drool over. The touch slide I hate to say is not one of them. I just replaced my G1 with a Nexus One and it is awesome, yes I am aware that it may not be better that the Incredible but its a hell of a lot better than the G1.

  • Deadtime

    T mobile has decided it will only carry android phones that 16 year old girls want…sadly the folks who brought us the G1 now bring us such high end hits as the slide and the cliq….

    I left for the evo 4, never looked back.

    • Perry

      Sad but true Deadtime. The droid phones at tmo do indeed seem to be marketed more to the teenager than adults. The Evo, Nexus, droid and Incredible all seem to be targeted more to adults than tweens.

      On Sunday during all the hoopla with the father’s day sale I was at a sprint store playing with the Evo. When I compared it to my MT3G I was kind of depressed. A world of a difference in terms of performance and features. It was like comparing a toyota corolla to a lexus IS…night and day. :-(