Verizon Now The Dominant Android Player, T-Mobile In Second Place?

I suppose in hindsight I really shouldn’t have been as surprised as I was over the results of a recent study regarding Android usage. I would have thought that T-Mobile, as the originating Android carrier would have remained the dominant player in the game, but the handset is really the buying decision now, not the carrier. With that in mind, according to a recent study by Chitika Research, Verizon is now the dominant player in the Android game with 48% of the market, mostly due to the 33% control the Droid has on the device front. T-Mobile claims just 23% of the market with the G1 leading the way at 8.12% followed by the myTouch 3G at 6.34%. We should mention that the myTouch Slide does not appear to be a part of this study.

Personally, this is just disappointing and I would love to see T-Mobile raise its stake in the Android platform and give Verizon a true run for their money. With the Samsung Galaxy S around the corner for all the carriers, T-Mobile should fare well in particular as it will be the most powerful device in their lineup. Verizon will have a tougher time positioning the Galaxy against the upcoming Droid X and HTC Incredible.

There is little doubt T-Mobile needs to step up its game and in a big way if it plans on at least holding firm in the second spot in the US Android game.

Chitika Research

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