All Phones Free, After Rebate Of Course

Unless you’ve been living underneath a rock for the past few weeks (or don’t read TmoNews daily, in which case you should start, like now), you probably know about the HUGE sale Magenta is having this Saturday to celebrate Father’s Day. But here’s something you might not have knew: all phones are free….after rebate. Of course this offer is still awesome, but if you’re like me you probably don’t like dealing with rebates and the like. Below is a chart displaying how much you can expect to pay up front on Saturday and how much you’ll save in rebates.

POS Amount After Price Overide = Price You Pay In The Store

Promo Retail MIR = Mail In Rebate

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  • I_Hate_Rebates

    What a crock! It doesn’t surprise me, but really, what person reads the “All Phones Free” line and then says to themselves “I wonder if they really mean that?”. I know mail in rebates are a fact of life, but I guess that’s why “The Shack” is doing the same FREE promo – with no rebates required.

    Too bad, TMo couldn’t figure out how to do the same thing for one day.

    • watbetch

      It’s to deter deadbeats that want to get 4-5 lines, sell the phones and cancel them in 3 weeks. I’m all for it

      • Dashi

        plus radio shack is only doing lines 1 and 2 LOL

    • J-Hop2o6

      They should just do this same deal every saturday.. that should bring in families.

  • dethduck

    Seriously! It’s 2010! Why the hell do people still do MIRs? Do they say it’s after a MIR in the commercials? I would hope so, be a bit disingenuous if they don’t.

    • Danny P.

      I’m sure its in one of those itty bitty fine print at the bottom of the screen. Why does everyone hate rebates so much? You get your money back, who cares if it takes 2-3 weeks, think of it as getting money from nowhere in 2-3 weeks.

      • Davidohio

        Because some people are whiny babys and want it free upfront or are cheap about paying sales tax. I would pay $4 for a my touch slide.

    • Mark

      The reason why companies use MIR is for accounting purposes it allows them to shift gains and losses to different quarters, which for accounting reasons is huge. It would benefit the company even if everyone sent in the MIR which is why they dont just put the products on sale. People that dont send in the MIR’s are then just a bonus.

  • I_Hate_Rebates_2

    Free with Mail In Rebate is not FREE – because you’re still out the sales tax!!

    • info411man

      In California you pay tax on FULL RETAIL PRICE of phone regardless of actual price paid for phone before or after rebate.

  • agreed! why do they make the consumer go through this?? i never really understood rebates anyway. probably in the hope that we dont/or forget to mail it in, then they make more money…..stupid, just give us the dam discount. so by definition they are not free, if you have to pay!!!! because FREE by definition means: costs nothing; requiring no money to be paid. so if i want 3 or 4 smartphones for the fam. i need to spend 3 or 4 hundred bucks this saturday. geee, thanks TMO! maybe i will forget….to go!

  • alex

    man, but just talked to dad getting MT3GS 2mm:) goodbye, CLIQ XT hello MT3GS, and you have to pay activation, i know because i talked to a tmo rep yesterday night.

  • Scott

    What a bunch of crap! Rebates are the worse thing in life. By the way Tmo screwed me out of a 100 dollar rebate just last Christmas! I sent everything in perfectly, the rebate status online said accepted…but I never got my check in the mail.

    • djohns505

      Thats because the way companies like to do it is, you could get your rebate anywhere between 2 weeks, or 8 months. It took me 4 months to get a rebate back from verizon on a phone.

    • kai > check status…….if it says shipped and u still haven’t received…just call them to issue u another rebate card.

      • tpavey

        I shouldn’t have to do this. They could just as easily credit my account $33 per month if I keep the account active for 6 months or something. The rebates are designed so that only a certain percentage get filled. They are not ONLY to shift monies around.

  • jarrel

    and you are not eligible if you are a current tmobile customer, it only applies to new customers:

  • Anony Mouse

    If it said accepted then you should call and have them remail it. Did you even call customer care?

    Also, rebates may be a nuisance to everyone, and that is why we like to come up with these conspiracy and underhanded theories about how evil a company is for making us do rebates, and why tmobile should be more like the shack….but the truth is that tmobile’s overhead for cell service is more than “the shack” . radioshack gets paid either way, tmobile doesnt. tmobile takes a loss on you buying a discounted phone, and therefore rebates are meants to minimize that loss so that the manufacturer covers some of it. Otherwise, we may be paying higher monthly costs to cover the expenses, like the other poor saps have to do at sprint, att, and verizon.

    • Miguel

      Who do you think pays Radio Shack for each activation… the U.S. Government? It’s T-MOBILE!! So if they are able to pay Radio Shack enough to be able to afford this promo, then they should be able to offer it themselves.

      • Anony Mouse

        They may “pay” radio shack for each activation, but they do not pay tmobile for the phones. So whether they sell the phones for 0.00 or for 1000000.00 tmobile still gets the same cash in their pocket. However, if you know the inner workings of things, it is common for the activation fees to be “waived” by dealers at radio shack….when in fact radio shack charges the fee, and then tells the custoemr to wait one billing cycle, or more, for the waiver to show up, when in fact no waiver is coming, they just want to customer to wait one month til they are outside their buyers remorse, and then they can call and complain to tmobile customer service directly, or the dealer calls in after the customer goes into the store and asks the agent why the fee is still not waived, and the dealer tries to be deceptive and get tmobile to waive it and so on. There are about a million tricks that radio shack and other dealers do to get activation fees waived… why dont they waive it themselves? because it negatively impacts their commission.

        So in short, tmobile doesnt get paid as much as you think. The benefit is the fact that they have a monthly subscriber. The initial cost of the phone is based on the seller, not the carrier. Tmobile, radio shack, abc wireless, or whoever it is negotiates their own deal with manufacturers for phones. As authorized sellers radio shack has capability to buy and sell tmobile products. Though, it doesnt mean they buy from tmobile to sell in their store.

  • kershon

    Another disappointment from T-Mobile. Free is, or should be free. Not mir or activation fee crap. If The Shack can do it for one day, so can T-Mobile. I am on em+ family with 4 lines. I switched from contract when em+ came out and am still runnning out my old contract. If things don’t change by then, ie we get some kind of superphone to compete with vz and sprint, I am gone, gone, gone. I don’t care if I will pay more per month as long as I get the phone I want and the coverage I need. If I didn’t have big etf I would be in their competitor’s stores right not.

    • sara j

      Ha ha ha if you didn’t care about paying more you would have paid the ETF fees a long time ago and never would have switch to an EMP plan. EMP plans are the definition of cheap customers. What was it a 5 or 10 savings you received. I hope you enjoy paying 30 – 40 more with verizon!

  • kershon

    Another thning. I have been promoting this so-called free day to all my friends and relatives. Now I find out they will have to come up with cash upfront. Talk about looking like a idiot to them. Never again will I promote and defend T-Mo until they give me something to be proud of.

  • kershon

    Another thning. I have been promoting this so-called free day to all my friends and relatives. Now I find out they will have to come up with cash upfront. Talk about looking like a idiot to them. Never again will I promote and defend T-Mo until they give me something to be proud of.

  • Deaconclgi

    Why is the Nuron listed as costing $119 on a 2 year contract? …….something seems fishy…..

    • Anony Mouse

      because the nuron does cost 119.99, but then normall has a 50.00 MIR which makes it under that hundred dollar mark. Thats the correct pricing it has been for a while now.

      • Deaconclgi

        Oh, ok, Thanks for the explanation.

  • Phylum

    I’m on the fence on a lot of the issues brought up in the comments.

    I personally am not a fan of MIRS, yet, I second the ‘who cares if it takes’ n weeks to get it back! It’ll be a nice ‘surprise’ when it arrives.
    My take on MIR’s: Companies do MIR’s because they’re banking on n% of customers being too lazy or forgetting to do it. (I will be sending mine out same day at the post office a block away!) Also, as someone else mentioned, its possible they’re trying to curb people from getting a bunch of phones and flipping them to offset the cost of tax+ETF.

    This promotion is such a good deal that even though I only need 2 lines, I’ll be walking out with 3 because the cost of even a subsidized phone is less than the $5/mo line fee over 2 years. I’m walking out with a 3G Slide, HD2, to satisfy my gadgety needs, and whatever else my wife selects.
    Like many folks, I’m a current TMO customer out of contract. And while, yes, I do feel slighted that I can’t convert to a family plan and get the discount on all the lines (including my own; confirmed by 3 customer service reps and 1 in-store sales rep), I plan on tapping into an option that’s already there: cancelling my lines, signing up for 3 brand new lines, then requesting my old numbers back. Its silly, takes a bit more time, but again to me its worth it.

    While there may be more at stake here, the only things that come to mind as to why they’re doing this are the following
    1) Impress ‘the powers that be’ by saying “See, look how many ‘NEW’ customers we got in one day!”
    2) Clear out as much inventory as possible so that they can make way for new devices.

    Oh one last thing: Send your MIR’s certified and take photo copies of any originals they request! Happy Shopping!

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      That’s the trouble with rebates, they are a “surprise” when they actually do arrive. It should not be like that.

      Fact is:

      There’s a LOT of people who no longer will buy because of the rebate requirement.

      1. Businesses know that a large percentage of people won’t fill out rebate paperwork, so they make the rebate process as arduous as possible so that people buy based on a rebate, but then put off or never complete the claim paperwork. (Staple this, circle that, include that, mail all this by…)

      2. Businesses also know that many people forget they have a rebate coming, they simply don’t have time to keep track of things. So businesses don’t send the rebate checks knowing that most people won’t remember much less contact the company to ask “Where’s my rebate?”

      3. Businesses also try to make the follow-up claim process difficult, knowing that few people will have scanned or photocopied their rebate paperwork originally sent in. Even if they did copy it, it will most likely get lost. So businesses require that proof to make a claim, knowing most buyers won’t have it.

      4. Finally, businesses know that the odds are rare that they will ever be held liable for its illegal rebate practices.

      I have been burned enough on rebates from Microsoft, T-Mobile and smaller companies to the point that when I see “Mail In Rebate” (as opposed to instant) I pass on the deal. That’s my choice of how to deal with it, while others have no problem spending an hour or three filling out paperwork, calendaring when the rebate is supposed to arrive, contacting the company when it does not, contacting them again when it still does not arrive and finally getting a check three months later. But hey, it’s a nice surprise when it arrives. LOL.

      • Anony Mouse

        So tell me…does the governement plant microchips in your cheese too?

        Let me address your concerns on a more rational and less paranoid basis.

        1. Some business do know that customers wont complete MIRs. Though, it is mmore because the seller cant offer the discount, so the rebate is a way for a manufacturer discount to also be included. Some discounts come from the seller themselves, and some seller can be deceptive, but mainly it is the customer responsibility here. You cannot blame a company and say they are being deceitful when you point out yourself that customers have problems because of their own laziness.

        2. Tmobile has a website, a direct phone line, customer service, and more to help you keep tabs of your rebate. Wow this is so difficult, and I can see how having all of these rebate tracking options is so horrendous and underhanded by the company. The rebate terms are so hard to find….right there on the rebate for and the website. ……

        3. Actually having gone through many follow up claims processes myself I will assure you that it is a good deal easier than you make it out to be. So long as the customer did their end of the deal (fill out a simply form, cut off the side of the box, and mail it in…soooooo hard) then there are plenty of ways to followup.

        4. Actually there are many laws regulating rebate claims. While it is true that not every little rebate dispute winds up in court…the truth is not that its due to underhanded and deceitful rebate practices, but because someone fill outs the wrong info, or buys the phone one line and then gives it to their friend and the friend sends the rebate form in, or the customer waits 8 months to mail the form in, or simply…the customer calls and lies and says they mailed stuff in but never did.

        I know you have not had good experiences in the past, but I will bet a year’s salary that your end of the rebate arrangement was most likely not fulfilled properly in some way and you chose to blame the rebate company or seller for your mistake i.e. waited until the day after to mail in forms, or mailed them in with wrong info, etc). if I am wrong , please let me know, with an account of what went on in your bad experience.

        ….and no, I am not saying that all rebate experiences are perfect and bad ones are the fault of the customer. What I am trying to say is that your extremist view that all fault is on the seller and rebate company and the customer’s laziness is being exploited to grandiose scale. No…the government doesnt put microchips in my cheese…and no I didnt have a GPS/Brain Washing device impanted by the devious hospital doctors at my birth because they were working for big oil to keep me buying gas.

        BTW, tmobile rebates take 6-8 weeks, not 3 months. Usually they take less than 1 1/2 months. Assuming the customer does their part and mails the stuff in. Tmobile even gives options to fill out paperwork online so you know they start the process and have your info on file. What takes 3 months is the customer not filling it out, not mailing it in, and then calling in 3 months later to wonder why they didnt get their rebate. …and the paperwork doesnt take hours to complete. if it does you must just now be learning how to spell so that one piece of paper you have to fill out can take a while then.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Firstly, I was talking about rebates in general, not T-Mobile, so your comments about T-Mobile are irrelevant.

        Second, it’s your post that smacks of being irrational. Moreover, you sound like a defense lawyer. A typical trick to distract and to try and win a losing argument is to name call, label others as idiots, and to make unfounded assumptions (like the reason people are not getting rebates is because the consumer must have not filled out forms properly or whatever).

        Fortunately, cheese ball defenses like yours did not carry the day and laws were passed to stop the abuses.

        Labeling my post as exhibiting signs of paranoia clearly shows you are completely unaware which states have laws regulating rebates, which federal laws pertain to rebates and the history of abuses that led up to passage of such laws.

        Of course all this begs the question, if rebates and businesses having such were never a problem and there was only occasional abuse, then why do most states and the fed have laws regulating rebates and gift cards.

        And being such an expert, I assume you are aware of a recent lawsuit against a rebate clearing house that settled with the defendant admitting it wrongfully kept $84 million in rebates.

        And of course you know about the case against Young America where state’s Attorneys General sued Young America for wrongfully converting $129 million in rebates that should have been paid out.

        But yeah, you are right, there’s no problems with rebates and this is all paranoia on my part. That $213 million on just those two cases is just my imagination gone wild. And so are these:

      • ItsMichaelNotMike
      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Also mouse … I accept your one year’s salary bet. Let’s have TmoNews handle the escrow on it.

        By the way, how much is it I will be getting from you? I am concerned that it might be based on your getting minimum wage in some Arkansas bait shop.

    • Mohammad

      You’re forgetting its not only $5 a month x 24 month for that 3rd line but you also have the $30 data x 24 month that you’ll be paying.

  • Erik

    9700 bold was free yesterday with no mir why was this not posted on this site? :(

  • keele8

    Well this for sure proves that those of you that were hoping for some Nexus Ones or some other unannounced phone being there as a first come first serve promotion for free on this day isn’t true. There is the list of the phones, the prices, and the rebates. No unkown phones or the Nexus One on there. I know some of you had hope this was more than just a free phone promotion but there is your answer.

  • kakyak

    Free Phone /= Free Phone After Rebate

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    In these hard economic times a person who will be responding to a FREE phones come-on is one who will be attracted to the concept of NOT having to pull out his wallet to get the phones.

    On hearing beforehand or while in the store that FREE means paying $200 to $500 and waiting two months for a rebate check, well IMHO that’s the best way to assure this promotion will be a failure.

    • jinx8402

      What chart are you looking at? None of the phones will require 200-500 dollars in store before getting the rebate check. The max I see on that list is $100.

      How much is the ETF fee? Isn’t $200? If it is, say a person goes in, starts a new plan, and gets 4 myTouch Slide for free. He goes on and sells them for $300 each (lower than retail, so someone would jump on that). He cancels all four lines so that is 1200-800 = $400 profit for this person, all while T-Mobile takes a huge hit. Yeah, that’s not sound business for T-Mobile.

      MIR aren’t the greatest, but for something like this I can understand it.

      • I_Hate_Rebates_2

        Let’s see, I know there are gamers out there, but really, do you believe someone is going to really do this? My point is that if “The Shack” can do it, then why not TMo? MIR suck – end of story. They are there to protect someone and it’s not the consumer.

        If you promote something as FREE or have a very discounted price – it should be the truth. But if I have to pull out my wallet and pay something, it is not FREE, it is whatever I paid for it. So the promotion should be All Phones are $100 or less – and FREE is you want to fill out a few forms and wait a few weeks [well, free less the sales tax].

  • raymond

    yayy t mobile slap us around some more we enjoy the beatings

  • raymond

    i am also dissapointed the samsung galaxy is coming to each carrier -_- t mobile what r we waiting for

  • Richard

    Did they also raise the MIR from 50 normally to 100 for this promo on some devices?

  • Tmo rep

    Hey guys I’m a tmi rep and this is completly bogus. That chart is for the bogo plan we been having for a while. I just showed it my supervisor and we a good laugh, and then I got into trouble for looking on the Internet lol . Any way from what I was told by my super it is all FrEE.

    • Anony Mouse

      @Tmo rep, your an idiot if you expect up to believe you are a rep. First off, tmobile supervisors are not caller “supervisors” or “supers”. They are called a host of other names, and referred to as such by employees who really are employees. Second, the BOGO list does not change the pricing or rebates of the phones. In fact, the phones that are “free” for the second line are actually no more than a 50.00 rebate. So the 100.00 rebate listings blow your make believe story out of the water.

      So if you are a “tmi rep” then tell me what your store number is or your site number is.

  • Tmo rep

    Wow I dint realize I was in a grammar contest and if you did read it i said super, Jack ass. And my store # 9209.You know what is funny I try helping out and dumbasses like you start stupid crap. I don’t remember offending you in anyway, so why don’t you take your negativity somewhere else. And again to make the dumbass above me happy my SUPER said it is still for bogo smart ass. And who the hell are you repping for.

    • Anony Mouse

      Hehe…who am I “repping” for? Wouldnt you like to know. Second, Ill be sure to give your store a call here when I have the time so we can caht and see what you really know.

      Also…I did say you said “Super”. you said: “and if you did read it i said super”. My prior comment: “tmobile supervisors are not caller “supervisors” or “supers”. ”

      Tmobile managers have specific designations and you saying yours is a “super” and the way you go about your business is very telling. , but I am not going to start an argument here. I just know that tmobile has firewalls in stores to prevent internet access, and firewalls in their centers as well….and if you are accessing the outside internet you are either 1) on your phone doing it 2) using your own computer at your work station or 3) not working at a tmobile store, but at an indirect dealer or 4) lying.

  • Radioshackhitman

    Radioshackk wont hav the mail rebates n will havee freee fonesss

    • Anony Mouse

      I am glad they are doing that. It adds to the fun on the day, and will allow some other options for tmobile customers and activations.

  • Tmo rep

    Hahahahaha i love, this I do admit I did read your post wrong, my apologies sorta. But again I’m not scared at all go ahead I hope you do call I would love to talk to you to clear up your extreme confusion. So when ever your ready but you better hurry I’m off to lunch soon. Oh and I do realize that tmobile has certain designated names and postions for again SUPERVISORS didn’t realize it was a crime to call them that hahaha. Man o man I love this blog, everytime I come here there is always one person starting crap, o well. Again I will be waiting. Oh and to let you know I was showingu SUPER on my HD2 the post and well lets leave it at that.

  • Anony Mouse

    lol, well Ill be sure to call. Whats your name and the number to your store?

    • Tmo Rep

      Really I thought you would have that working at tmobile or in your words “wouldn’t you like to know”. Anyway moving on

      • Anony Mouse

        I assume you changed your login info or your a different person (considering your letter “r” in rep is now Rep and not rep and your logo that was set for your specific login info and set automatically by the website has changed.

        Also, who said I worked for tmobile? I never did. I can find your contact info other ways, but I see you are so willing to talk about having me call but not actually give me your name and number so I can call. All bark and no bite.

  • Enrique

    Why does these blogs always have someone starting something. If he or she said something let them be maybe they are lying maybe not. But what’s the point of making drama, I mean really u want to call he or she’s work, that just shows insecurity. Just leave it alone. And tmorep if your lying just leave now, it’s not worth it, Anony mouse just leve it be let hope it’s not true and ifnot is I will be heading to Radioshack.

    • Anony Mouse

      Deal. I am willing to drop things and move on. I just do not like people lying about stuff blatantly. Lying gets under my skin badly.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        God what a pathetic little punk you are. You are probably Just Some Dude reincarnated.

        Your misspellings, name calling and deriding posts give you away. Kind of comical how you just can’t behave. Guess it’s in your nature to be bellicose, rude and an SFB.

  • Tower

    What makes it worse is if it a MIRC (Mail In Rebate Card) Which means you cannot withdraw your money and get cash. Not all places will accept it. You cannot pay some bills with it. And there is hidden fees if not used, and you have to use the exact balance so if you have 44¢ left you might lose it. I know 44¢ is nothing but still you cannot use it.

    • Anony Mouse

      Yeah. i would rather the cash in pocket, or in bank and use my own card. Though, the cards were done to prevent fraud and stolen rebate checks, etc. Though, they work just like a visa card, and you can call and pay your tmobile bill with them and use the money you would have spent to your bill on something else.

    • kai

      take it to ur bank, and get a cash advance on the amount of the card….. ur bank will not charge a fee to do this and you’ll have ur cash in hand….u can also call in to request a check instead of a rebate card.

    • Smylax

      Actually they are visa cards and can be used anywhere visa is accepted. Which is everywhere…

  • Tmo Rep

    Wow attention to details for sure. Nope still me I’ll be waiting.

    • Anony Mouse

      Well, im still waiting for your name and number. Though, I know I will never get that so I am moving on. Lets go on to other topics now.

      • Tmo Rep

        Sounds good

      • David

        Bottom line, I’m saying its real…

  • Rick

    Activation fee: $$$
    POS (and then waiting for my own money back?!): $$$
    Existing customer on a loyalty plane who might have switched to a family plan: $$$$
    TOTAL: $100+ out the door for a phone I’m not really interested in and a new 2 year contract.

    Uhm, I for one, am not going to be standing in line at 8 am… I don’t care if an Evo like phone comes out and makes me breakfast every morning. For what I’ve seen already, I’m not even gonna go to the store!

    I’ve gotten 12 people in the last 7 years to join tmo…and only 2 of them switched in all that time. When they hear what I’ve learned, and see that I’m moving on…because loyalty isn’t really rewarded, or appreciated, they’ll follow suit. (For those who say good riddance, thanks. But, remember the power of word of mouth advertising and referrals. Who do people really buy from…advice from Barkley? Or advice from friends and family? I think people who know me really respect my opinion on tech advice.)

    I would have handled the inferior line-up of phones (mt3gs isn’t a super phone), the constant abuse from friends with iPhones and other superior units (I’m an Android fanboy and always defended Google’s phone OS), or even the lack of signal in the area where both my homes are (“Wait…let me go outside so that I can get a better signal…”). But after seeing all the hype on this let down of a promo, and now being informed of this joke of a rebate policy, I’m done.

    My folks are on a family plan with Verizon. I’m not in a contract, so I’ll be added to their account and get an awesome phone. Won’t even look back at my year old G1 (nor miss the Wing and previously owned MDA). And for those who say good luck with that…thank you. My parents get great service, their prices are competetive – I know, I got them the unlimited plan for comparable fees, and they’ve got COOL phones.

    Looking forward to all the replies from the die hards in complete denial. Just remember, I’ve been with these guys from the start. So try to teach me something new!

  • Anony Mouse

    lol no name or number then huh?

    ok. So how about we hear from some people who aren’t lying. Anyone have a specific phone they are looking at getting? (assuming your going to get one)

  • Old Greg

    Anony Mouse is just about the only person blogging who has any real understanding of the industry. I would go as far to say business in general as well. The mass majority share the consumeristic American entitled attitude that is, “everything should be given to me because I deserve it.” Again, I don’t say everyone, just those complaining about MIR and contracts etc.. You know who you are. Everyone has to get their piece of the pie in every business or we cease to be a functioning economy. Our current government structure is built on handouts and the american people are perpetuating the mentality by crying because they deserve more. This is why our nation is failing. I have had T-Mobile service for 8 years. They have worked for me. I have paid on time every month and I feel they owe me nothing because I understand the business. I have paid my bill, they have provided service. Its that simple. If I break my T.V. I cannot get made at Direct T.V. for charging me monthly for service that I am not using. Be accountable in life. Man up to responsibilities. Quit whining because you dont get everything for free and we will get out of this recession. I never respond on blogs and after reading the complaining left here I will no doubt continue on with that trend. First time and last time blogger!

    • Anony Mouse

      Old Wise Greg lol. I like the analogy of breaking your TV. I think we should all take a lesson from the saying “this isn’t a charity, its a business.” We may not like something, but the business analysts and market research and all that say it works. T-Mobile may not be top dog in the nation, but their business practices are so sound that their parent company DT actually started mimicking T-Mobile (not the other way around) and getting all the other companies under DT to adopt T-Mobile philosphies. You don’t see other companies adopting Verizon or ATT philosophies do you? In fact, ATT wireless has such bad philosophies that it wasnt until after the launch of the iPhone, that cingular wireless was given the true right to call themselves ATT. As I have said in many other postings, ATT didnt like their wireless branch until it became profitable for them. They didnt care about the customers, they just wanted to start making money, and made cingular stay cingular until they had proven themselves “worthy” enough to bear the name ATT. Not because of ethics, business practices, how they treated the customer etc….but because they put money into the executives pockets.

      Thanks for your input Old Greg. hopefully you don’t avoid posting your feedback in the future.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      You are indeed two peas in a pod, both legends in your own minds.

      While you two think you know so much, you don’t. Mouse just says a lot of unfounded nonsense and you speak in generalisms that any couch potato can spew.

      But what really gives you two away is your misspellings and poor grammar. Just a couple mental slobs who like to name call, call out, and deride.

      And of course you two miss the main point. The majority of comments in here are critical of rebates. One could argue that such is indicative of how potential customers feel about rebates.

      It does not matter what you two think of people who complain about rebate programs, calling them dumb asses for not filling out forms correctly, labeling them whiners, or accuse them of “crying because they think they deserve more.”

      The fact is, there are people who will not buy a product when there’s a MIR attached to it. The fact is, if a company has a MIR it will lose a certain amount of business because of that.

      So yeah, call the potential customer an idiot and have a good laugh while ridiculing them. Who cares what B & B do on the Net.

      Sidenote: That MIRs are no longer perceived a good promotional device is indicated by retailers, who mostly now have instant rebates (where the manufacturer’s rebate is given at the register) or not having rebates at all.

  • kai

    just ask the rep at where ever u buy a to fill out rebate paperwork for you….that way theyre somewhat responsible for your rebate….if you don’t get it back for whatever reason…..then u can go back and say, well so and so filled it out for me…..and if the rep doesnt wanna fill it out for you, the salesman right behind him will…..

    • Anony Mouse

      it is good to do sometimes. Get the agents name and ID though. It is good advice to get the sales agent to fill it out for you, but you should mail it yourself. Though, you can also fill out the paperwork portion on

  • Benjammin

    hey guys i just spoke to rep by the name of Jennifer and she swore up and down that there was not any rebates, and if there were she would have been told it. Well homing that is true I made her note the system that when i go get my 9700 tomorrow that it will be absolutely free. No rebate so we will see what happens

    • Smylax

      If it was a rep from care she wouldn’t know because this is only available in store. And just because it’s notated doesn’t guarantee us honoring it.

    • Anony Mouse

      Directly from the tmobile website about the promo “New activation on qual’g family plan w/ 2-yr
      agmt req’d. Mail-in rebate may apply.”

  • Gago

    You must be kidding me! MIR!!!! Hell NO! MIR is a deal breaker. Good luck with that.

  • rev2redlineguy

    Sad to say but I think alot of people are going to be in for a big surprise when they walk into the store, find the phone they want, then all of a sudden..”that’ll be $1oo & something dollars please.” I can understand TMO trying to protect itself from taking major hits for these phones but c’mon, don’t deceive the consumer. If it’s not free, then tell people it’s not FREE! TMO, if it wasn’t for customers like us, you wouldn’t you wouldn’t exist. I guess the real truth comes out tomorrow once these customers go in to see what happens. Good luck to all those in the morning.

  • DiscoFilmore

    “in these hard economic times” “Oh it’s not free, boo hoo” …Do you people who are complaining seriously read what you’re posting? If you’re such a cheap ass who has to throw the excuse for hard economic clearly shouldn’t be complaining for a max purchase of $100 for service. Sounds like your broke ass needs to hit up cricket. And the remainder who cry about not going in and getting something really good for free, no one is forcing you to get the service. Go get a damn jitterbug and shut your mouth. If you’re too retarded to fill out a MIR, then you don’t need a phone. Go back to your section 8 housing and use your cricket phone. It’s amazing how many people feel like they are entitled to something without effort. Good luck with your hard economic times douchebags.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Hmm.… another name-calling, mental midget making idiotic assumptions and calling people retarded, douchebags, and broke asses. (Interesting, the Section 8 reference. People don’t know about that unless they are living in Sec 8 housing. Hmm… now I understand your envy turned into rage.)

      Sidenote: Great use of insults. I had to actually look up to see if douchebag was one word or two.

  • raymond

    i don’t care about paying for a phone . . . i just wish they offer something high end

    htc evo 4g with t mobile service -_-

    i have no choice but to wait so atleast allow me the pleasure to complain its all i have -_-

  • Hugo stiglitz

    Why was anyone surprised by this? Even with their current promotion of BOGO on smartphones there’s rebates involved. I KNEW this was going to involved rebates. I’m actually surprised you guys thought that at a retail locations, which have a much higher overhead than ordering online, they were going to be letting people walk out the door for up to 4 phones priced at 400+ retail(assuming you’re getting a smart0phone) without paying a single dime. C’mon people. We don’t live in perfect, that’s why we have walgreens.

  • LiveToDie

    Just came back from Tmobile store. Chat with a rep. He said there are few phones having MIR. He confirmed three times when I asked for GarminFone,HD2 and Nokia E73. Let’s see tomorrow.

  • Benjammin

    so yeah guys i just got off the phone with tmo again (its been buggin me) so there is a mail in rebate on new activations or adding a line. So i asked about the 9700 they said 100 dollar MIR. But i just got off the phone with radio shack and they told me that no MIR all in store and they will wave my activation fee. So i dont have to pay any down and i get a new phone not the color i want, but the phone i want. ALL GOOD TO ME, and I may be cheap and be complaining but you know if its says free it should mean FREE not “FREE BUT”

  • jimbo

    Good luck with the activation fee waiver from the shack get it put in your contract if they waive it it comes out of there pocket and the mir is good also remeber you activate a line for a smartphone 30 a month in data on emp 25 for data and plans are 10 to 20 cheaper for example two lines unlim ttw 139:99 a month on even more 2 lines unlim ttw 179.99………….40 a diffrence in a year that’s 480 a year there is on slide tax and all more savings emp than even more just info to know

  • jimbo

    also 30 a month add a line even more plus on even more 40 a month so with 5lines ttw save 70a month on even more plus what I’m going to do is get 5 phones for my whole family cancel all 5 lines get etf have my wife activate a emp account save $540 in my two years with tmobile that I normally would of had a contract for

  • Don

    Just to clarify something about the rebate cards, if they’re the same ones that were being issued last year, you can walk into any Citibank and hand them in for cash (No, you don’t have to have an account with Citi). No hidden fees or anything like that, you just sign a receipt that you cashed it out and you’re done.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Went into a T-Mobile store and got some info from an HTC rep who was visiting the store. (Will mention later, he knew all about the SGS and some other things. Saw the AT&T HTC Aria that he was carrying. Nice phone. Took some pics, will post later).

    I grabbed a flier for the free phones promo. Has really small fine print that says as follows. And here is a pic of it:

    While supplies last. (So no rain checks if they don’t have the phone you want.)

    Taxes, fees additional.

    Available only at T-Mobile-owned stores “and participating locations.”

    One device on newly activated line on qualifying family plan.

    Mail in rebate MAY be required. (Except Rhode Island, Connecticut, or Miami-Dade County).

    Must remain on account at time rebate is processed.

    Credit check and $35 activation fee required.

    Up to $200 per line early cancellation fee applies to two-year agreements.

  • Lala

    Rebates cover over head plus deter fraud and authorized dealer and other from signing up and canceling. The know how to avoid ETF. Please stop being lazy I fill out rebates all the time for customer so they don’t mess up. I hate people coming back and saying oh i didn’t get it back. Visa cards easy for them to track if it been redeem. Some people don’t have checking account to cash them. I know lots of customer trying to get over on tmobile. Anyway rebate or not 100 dollar on data phones is cheap.

  • RS

    Should be this way for all phones, anyway – just like a cable box.

  • lfinnewyork

    Yesterday I called T-mobile, telling them of my plan to open 3 new lines today at the store, in order to get new phones ( as per their June 19th all phones free promo, today only ) on my existing 3 line family plan contract which will expire in a couple of weeks. I will then retire my 3 old lines, but hoping to be able to port back the old numbers to my new lines. To my surprise, I was transferred to Customer Loyalty Department, and was told to call today at 6AM for better deals for loyal customer wanting upgrades.

    Guess what? I called this morning and I was able to get 3 FREE new phones, no shipping and handling, $18 upgrade fees was waive on all three lines. I paid only $9.99/monthly for all three lines for unlimited texting, the 1000 minutes for $79.99 was grandfathered in, and best of all only $20 /monthly ( what I paid previously for the old Sidekick ) for Data Execution Plan for the new MyTouch 3G slide which would have cost $30.

    They are not advertising this deal, but certainly worth a call for old customers wanting to get new phones without losing their numbers in order to get free phones and better deal with T-Mobile. I don’t know if this offer is good only for today or what?

    I have no regrets and have stayed with T-Mobile for many years already. I am a satisfied customer.

  • justme

    MIRs aren’t my favorite thing, but I could deal as this is a great offer. My problem is that – though my dd would be tickled with a mytouch slide – Tmo doesn’t currently have a phone I want; not one that’s worth extending my contract for. If they had something along the lines of Droid or EVO I’d be all over this :{

  • yourmom

    I paid nothing today for 4 lines and one of them was even an HD2.
    No MIR, no thing. My bill says $0 and I never even gave a credit card or any sort of payment.

    Am I in for some sort of surprise?

  • yourmom

    the HD2 is bascially the same thing.
    A few small things like forward facing camera, but mostly the same.

    You can also dual boot an HD2 to run Android.

  • NiiDiddy

    got MyTouch Slide for my wife today. I got it as a 4th line on the family plan, but T-Mobile store did an override to where I didn’t have to have features on the new phone, that way I can just swap SIM Cards with my wife’s old 8320 Curve. All they did was update her features on her line. Now since her phone (curve 8320) is due for an upgrade anyway, I am waiting to to use that upgrade for my phone (currently have a 1st Gen. Mytouch)…waiting patiently for the Galaxy S or something cool to come out in the next few months and I’ll go for it. In the meantime, I am playing the waiting game, while my wife enjoys her new MT-Slide courtesy father’s day sale. :-)