• Oce

    Is it an iPhone?

    • mkjones

      What a dum ass…lol

      • Dame

        I second that…

      • Mardenator

        at least he can spell. “dum ass”

    • papeshfoo

      are you retarded? or can you just not read?

    • iBustcherries

      I was obviously a joke jerk offs lay off the guy….

    • RussNann

      Isn’t it obvious Oce is just kidding. He’s not being a dumb ass, he’s being a smart ass. The joke is on you. Nice one oce….

      • Dame

        Isn’t that nice he’s defending his butt buddy.

  • soon2TMO

    Samsung galaxy S – it’s slim and powerful..

    So it is about a phone after all??


    With sims3 preloaded?

  • Josh M.

    It’s an Iphone. I’m only kidding of course. Might be a super Android Phone, something similar to an EVO. which is about time.

    P.S. It could still be an Iphone.

  • Max

    It is The Samsung Galaxy S.I guarantee it guys

  • flm

    mobile hotspot

  • B-Mobile

    i think its project emerald Sims 3 “green jewel” slim but powerful phone just in time for at&t’s iphone 4 and Verizon’s Driod X give them something to shutup about T-Mo lets go!

    • Wunako

      Thats a great guess i was just thinking about that

  • Vincent

    What makes you think that it is not an iphone? The new CEO of tmobile USA made the Iphone come to TMOUK, so why is there no possibility of it coming to Tmobile USA? Please enlighten me so that I dont keep thinking this way.

    • Phenomenon

      TMOUK always had the iPhone if I’m not mistaken

    • Josh M.

      exactly, no one will know until it actually comes to fruition. either way, after at&t’s supposed exclusivity ends, other u.s. carriers will have it. and until that day comes, i will wait for it. although 2gb data plan on at&t doesnt mean anything because there is still the basic hotspot wifi thats included with your service, oh, and there’s starbucks, free wifi starting on the 11th. 2gb is not bad, technicallly you can still have unlimited data, just pay 20 a month on the wifi hotspot and the lowest on data, it kinda works out.
      I still hate at&t though

  • Taylor

    If it’s not the Galaxy, then I’m gone..Gone.

    • DJ Indigenous

      I’m with you on that one, but I’ll bet you any money that it is the samsung galaxy s. I mean the project is called project emroled right….. galaxy s has a supper amoled screen right….putt two and two together and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that one out…!

  • alex32

    okay im glad to see its a phone!
    please let it be the htc twist, i really dont want the samsung galaxy s..but most likely it will be the galaxy s.

  • trees247

    Nexus One….

    • alex32

      on the second thought, you could be right actually. I forgot about the nexus one..lol

      • Josh M.

        nexus one already came out on tmobile. albeit it was only sold online, then pulled off, its still not NEW. although they might want to now sell it instore. i don’t think its the Nexus one, but I could be wrong. We will have to just wait and see.

      • ya, I’m in the Branded Nexus One boat given that clue and the timeline.

    • Newmexican

      Yup, that’s what I think too…. and I might get one, its about to retire my good ole G1

  • Phenomenon

    What do Sim3 and TMO have in common? Android

    Whats super slim and full of muscle? Samsung Galaxy S

    …it’s all coming together

    • Josh M.

      Can’t Be the SGS, because it’s also being released on other carriers under different names, so its not an advantage for T-Mobile. This announcement has to be for something that will give them some sort of advantage to attract customers. I say, its being sold to Sprint!

    • alex32

      could be as well, along with Sims starts with a letter “S” and the Samsung Galaxy “S” has the same letter. “slim and full of muscle” sounds like the galaxy s as well..and maybe with sims3 preloaded on the phone

      • Josh M.

        yea you are right, it COULD be. but galaxy doesn’t really sound like “super slim and full of muscle”
        galaxies are HUGE!

      • alex32

        true josh, you got me there lol. we’ll have to wait and see…but i have a feeling ill be dissapointed, but if anything ill wait

      • Josh M.

        Trust me, WE’re all gonna be dissapointed. I mean, project dark pricing was dissapointing, and I left tmo shortly after, sticking to prepaid until i see something that catches my attention, and right now its the iphone4….but at&t blows with the data cap, but ill find a way around that

      • Garret

        Actually Josh – if you read most of the reviews about the Galaxy S, the fact the device is very thin (due in part to Super AMOLED) is almost always mentioned.

      • Josh M.

        yea thats true also. :)
        but its not the only phone thats described as super slim and powerful.
        the HTC incredible is super slim and powerful, so is the galaxy S.
        but galaxy s is on other carriers like at&t who actually announced it before tmobile. my guess is its something that wasnt announced on another carrier, therefore exclusive to tmobile. I hope.

  • david

    While I do hope it is the Samsung galaxy S – might it also be the Nexus One – as I would go for it…

  • 007

    its Iphone 5.. lol

  • alex

    Htc Sidekick Twist, yesterday a guy posted on the first clue that the emerald from project emerald represents the sims

    • george

      Its the Nexus One people a rep told me

      • Brandon

        trust me.. the reps know nothing… fool.

    • alex32

      wheres the link?

  • puck70

    they’re talking about me

  • george

    he told me it was coming and soon,the reason why i called T-mobile was because i wanted to cancel my service and they of course tried everything to convince me other wise told him that they need better phones and thats when he told me about the Nexus One coming shortly and it fits the Davids Description if you think about it

  • pimpstrong

    It has to be the Nexus One or the Samsung Galaxy S but I hope to God its neither.

    • alex32

      same here

  • James

    Ahhhhh I don’t like this game!!!

    I know what I want it to be (HTC Sidekick Twist), but am pretty sure it’s going to be something I’m not sure that I want (Samsung Galaxy S).

    • Tito

      LMFAO! I couldn’t have said it any better XD
      I’m with you bud, let’s hope its the twist. Screw SGS
      Screw Samsung. Period. :)

  • Josh M.

    Just for Kicks I’ll say its a new BlackBerry! Why? Because no one mentioned it.

    • trees247


      • Josh M.

        what’s wrong with BB trees?

  • george

    Brandon idiot use your peanut size brain for once, and read the clue they are giving you

  • 30014

    If it’s the sgs tmo needs to quit playing games and just announce it. It’s not even exclusive to tmo, so why the games. It’s to late to make a splashy sgs announcement, at&t already stole their thunder.

    • Yep

      Agreed. This will be yet another FAIL if they’re teasing this announcement as huge news.

    • Josh M.


  • DavidDNF

    its the Galaxy s slim n full of mussle with a 16gb internal mem. plus a sd card slot.

  • bc
  • DH

    i really, really hope it’s the samsung galaxy s. . . i’m so freakn tired of waiting 4 Tmo 2 get their act 2gether & release out a powerful android (NOT windows mobile) smartphone w an amazing spec sheet!

  • Mike

    Samsung Galaxy 3 aka Samsung Galaxy Beam i8520


    1.Samsung is #1 phone seller in US. Sims is #1 PC game.
    2.It’s Galaxy 3. Clue showed Sims 3.

    I have to think that they chose the Sims reference for more than its shape and color. They could have made a emerald in Microsoft Paint lol Didn’t need to use Sims 3 for that.

    Oh well, it’s my guess.

    • Mike

      Oh wow. I got the phone model mixed up :( Galaxy 3 is not the projector phone :(

  • DH

    i really, really hope it’s the samsung galaxy s. . . i’m so freakn tired of waiting 4 Tmo 2 get their act 2gether & release a powerful android (NOT windows mobile) smartphone w an amazing spec sheet!

  • Bob

    Dell Streak(mini 5)

  • hd2

    its the re-release of the original motorola razr in emerald green!

    • pimpstrong

      HA HA HA HA HA

      • YourDaddy

        If so can somebody give me directions to the nearest cliff!

  • SublimeDavid

    Well as I posted before the best selling pc game obvious Numero “1” and Nexus “1” have in common is the “1”. Also super slim and full of muscle, A nexus one able to run Froyo with ease? 1ghz snapdragon etc seems to fit the cake. Us reps dont even know this maybe care does but we sure as heck havent been told about this phone coming out. I’m gonna best its N1 or the Galaxy S though.

  • Doug

    yeah, Galaxy S. however, i find it amusign that tmobile is playing games with people on twitter at&t flat out announced it a few days ago. tmo: behind on everything.

  • SublimeDavid

    such is the way of things I guess Doug…

  • djdarkknight96

    Alright, your all wrong….it’s a new sony playstation phone….with android os….just kidding. N1 baby!

  • MikeyLikey

    Ok I got it!!! Best selling game…The Sims, and what do T-mobile phones have in them…A sim card. Whats Slim and full of muscle?…Randy Couture.

    So it is very obvious that at every tmobile store tomorrow…you will have to fight a UFC champion, and if you win you will get a free T-Mobile phone…but not just any phone…it will be running Android 5.7 and have a 3 GHZ processor 5 inch holographic screen that will also dispense vodka and redbull.

    • Bobomo

      And yet, some people would still complain… “I NEED A KEYBOARD! FAIL!”

  • ag

    Tmobile you are lame for these games. Other companies announce their phones so people won’t go anywhere, you play stupid riddle games. I know about iphone 4, I know about the droid 2 and droid x, give me a reason to stay! Their marketing department is full of fail.

  • John

    I wrote a bunch, deleted it and will say this.

    It’s not an iphone,
    I doubt it’s a Nexus one, phone has been able to be boughten online for months now.

    Perhaps it is the SGS, but if it relates to the Sim3 and comes pre loaded with a mobile version of it? How much space would that take up and can I uninstall it?

    Besides that, it’s more rumors, more assumptions, only a few people really know and we’ll find out soon what the answer is.

  • Vinny

    I don’t like this game playing crap. AT&T just released the middle of the line Aria by HTC. Not a power phone but throw that in there line up with the other power phones they have coming very soon and T-Mobile will be last in a line up of Android phones which they started before everyone else. Act like a pro and put your future products out there like other top Networks do. Quit acting like a bottom of the line Network, let your long time customers know what the future is so we don’t jump ship and buy one of the other great phones that are being released. There is a very good choice out there so give us something to keep us with T-Mobile or customers will be jumping ship very soon. I have been a loyal customer for a long time, I want a great Android device, I want it from T-Mobile but I also want it now. Show us the product.

    • ag

      You wrote what I felt! But my lame g1 is a slow poke and the site is blocked on my work computer! I think I’m going to verizon for droid 2 or droid x and leave my wife on tmobile with her prissy touch slide.

      • Mardenator

        just root your G1 and install CyanogenMod. problem solved.. i’ve had 2.1 on my g1 for months now

  • DoctorPooper

    Maybe they will bring back the Zach Morris phone? The Brick? that would be awesome….it was analog powerful …never dropped signal

  • Spencer

    The first hint was actually at that space game (in a galaxy), so of course it’s the galaxy s, which we already know is coming to tmobile on june 21,i believe

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Let me tell you what you believe. July.

  • pks sauce

    mario galaxy
    9.9 mm thin

    samsung galaxy

  • Kevin

    Its the Samsung Galaxy S, what else could it be.

  • SublimeDavid

    Have we ever thought that out of this world might refer to the sims on a powerful android phone like the N1? Since we know that the galaxy is coming to tmo i’m wondering if out of this world refers to another one the sims world on a slim powerful android phone???

    Spencer says:
    June 18, 2010 at 2:22 PM
    The first hint was actually at that space game (in a galaxy), so of course it’s the galaxy s, which we already know is coming to tmobile on june 21,i believe


  • soccermom

    I think it’s the Galaxy S. AT&T also released Galaxy S as the Samsung Captivate, so this one is on every gsm carrier.

  • Cervantes

    HD2. W/ Android.

  • Phil

    Jitterbug Phone? :-)

  • Davidohio

    It is not the nexus one. Google discontinued the nexus one for good and no retail stores are getting it. They will announce the Galaxy s. That’s all. No big deal really, although it is an awsome phone except for not having a flash. Maybe t-mobile’s version will have a flash? We can only hope right?

    • Josh M.

      you can definitely still buy the nexus one.

    • 30014

      Where did you get your info about the n1? Please don’t post comments if you don’t know what you’re talking about. The n1 is Google’s personal baby, so it won’t be discontinued anytime soon.

  • Josh M.

    We can All agree that its definitely 150% an android OS phone right?

  • t1 connect

    It’s a wp7 phone bound for gnome in q4?

  • Nokia N900USER

    Now that we know its a phone, let me put my second analysis. The best selling phone of all time on t-mobile is what phone? If it is the sidekick, then the phone T-mobile is teasing about is not the Samsung Galaxy S. It has to be the project emerald phone that is exclusive to T-mobile. Sidekick in its prime brought a lot of customers to T-mobile.
    And for those who think its the nexus one, It isn’t. That phone is already launched and it’s a google phone that didn’t have T-mobile design contribution.

    For the iphone lovers, Wait!! Its just a matter of time even if it’s in 5 years lol.

  • ggfb20

    How about a NexusOne with a camera on the front as well, or a Galaxy S with an LED Flash…

  • alex32

    this is what tmobile usa said to someone on twitter…
    “This is the last clue for the week. But we have a really neat puzzle in store for next week. Get your thinking cap ready.”

    they are still going to play games..ugh

    • mjh1348

      I saw a tweet last night on tmobile_USA to someone that said it was definitely a game. Sorry, I couldn’t find it again to reference it.

  • chris

    I got a good guess. not that I think its full of muscle or anything, but it might be that T-mobile is going to offer DATA plans for the iPad. im going to be disappointed if that is the case. I want the White version of the HTC EVO that is showing up in Radio shack. something that is better than the NEXUS ONE because the only phone that can hold that title is the EVO.

    • 2FR35H

      Um you are forgetting Galaxy S and that my friend is slim and full of muscle its done.

    • Mardenator

      give it up. the Evo is a CDMA phone. it won’t work on Tmo. and no, it probably won’t be an iPad. Tmo can’t even get a damn iPhone. u think they’re gonna spring for an iPad?

  • Jonathan

    it could an upcoming t-mobile phone that’s souped up (1 ghz processor, 8/16 internal memory, etc…)

  • Garet

    Motorola Milestone is coming to T-mobile
    The Sims sold millions of copies = a Milestone
    The Milestone is slim and full of muscle.

    • Marcel

      Good guess

    • Naveed Cheraghi

      ya, that actually makes perfect sense

    • briaann

      NEXUS ONE fits that catogory

    • EAA575

      That’s a very great guess. Kudos to you.

    • soon2TMO

      the milestone xt720 is deinitely not slim! FYI.. LOL

      • JB

        I have to agree with this guess. To take it a step further, isn’t the DROID the best selling Android phone, like the Sims being best selling video game? And being CDMA, it doesn’t have a SIM Card. So this clue could easily be hinting at the Milestone…the GSM version of DROID, with SIM card.

  • bill

    They are formally announcing the Samsung Galaxy S….lame. The Galaxy S is just a tad thicker than the iPhone

  • its a iphone jk jk i hope its not id love for it to be something compared to the evo

  • M

    Could be the next version of the G1. I took part in a survey recently that showed off features of the next version of the G1 and asked for naming suggestions. It does indeed have a very beefy processor in it.

  • dub

    Come on people. Sidekick Twist announcement time.

  • going_home

    Nexus One ? Maybe its a real phone release ?


  • its the Galaxy S, 100% – My old roomate is friends with the admin of the official TMO forums, its 110% the Galaxy

    Announced Date 23 Mar 2010
    Network Type GSM Quad-band phone capable of global roaming (850/900/1800/1900 MHz)
    UMTS tri-band global 3G (2100/1900/900 MHz)
    Data Help

    dummy popup info
    EDGE/UMTS/HSDPA 7.2 Mbit/s/HSUPA 5.76 Mbit/s
    3G Capable Yes
    Size Dimensions Help

    dummy popup info
    4.82 x 2.53 x 0.39 inches (122.4 x 64.2 x 9.9 mm) Size Compare
    Weight 4.16 oz (118 g)
    Battery Type Li – Ion, 1500 mAh
    Talk 13.38 hours (803 mins) of Talk time
    Standby 750 hours (31 days) of Stand-by time
    Main Display Resolution 480 x 800 pixels
    Type 16 777 216 colors, Super AMOLED
    Physical Size 4.00 inches
    Touch Screen Capacitive, Multi-touch
    Camera Resolution 5 megapixels Resolution
    Video 1280×720 (720p HD)
    Features Auto focus, Smile detection, Digital zoom, Multi shot, Effects, Self-timer, Panorama, ISO control
    Multimedia Video Playback MPEG4, H.263, H.264, DivX, XviD, WMV, AVI, 3GP, Flash Video
    Music Player MP3, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, FLAC, WMA, WAV, AMR, OGG, MIDI
    FM Radio FM, RDS
    Memory Memory Slot microSD/microSDHC
    Built-in 16384 MB
    Software Smartphone Android 2.1
    Processor 1000 MHz
    Memory 512 MB RAM
    Input Predictive Text Input Yes
    Connectivity Internet Chrome-lite, HTML
    USB microUSB
    WiFi 802.11b/802.11g/802.11n
    Bluetooth 3.0, Stereo Bluetooth
    Headphones connector 3.5mm
    Other Features PhoneBook Capacity depends on system memory; Ring ID, Picture ID, Search by both first and last name, Multiple numbers per contact, Caller groups
    PIM Alarm, Calendar, Calculator, World Clock, Stopwatch, Countdown timer, Memo
    Voice Commands, Recording, Speaker Phone
    Email IMAP/POP3/SMTP/Microsoft Exchange

    • aaronhak

      i thought tht from the get go ever since they said an exciting event on June 21, i knew it has to be the galaxy s

  • pimpstrong

    why would Tmo ask what they have in common with a Game and then release the Game or something. !@#$ The Sims. (1) its about that big green (Project)Emerald on the game (2) its about a slim high end smartphone. NEXT!

  • busu

    i bet the next question is gonna have something to do w samsung. any takers ? lol

  • Digitalthug

    Im hoping its about Project Emerald which will reveal the Sidekick Twist, and the even bigger surprise being that it will be the first HSPA+ phone!!!!!!!! A geek can dream, right?


      The first HSPA+ phone came out a while ago. The First 3G compatible device is now a HSPA+ phone if HSPA+ is in that region. That’s the glory of it!

      • Digitalthug

        NO NO. Sure all the current 3g phones are HSPA+ compatible. I mean the first actual HSPA+ phone that will be able to do the full 21mbps. All current ones only do max of 7.2mpbs in an area with HSPA+

      • 30014

        There are no hspa+ compatible phones currently offered. Even if you’re in a hspa+ area your phone won’t be able to use the new networks full potential. Please do some research before stating opinion as fact.

  • alex32

    so here are maybe the phones that could be..
    motorola xt720
    nexus one
    htc twist
    galaxy s
    (maybe motorola milestone?)..is the motorola milestone verizons droid?

  • Shannon

    I hope it’s the Galaxy S. Even though I got better ways to blow my money, I really want a nice looking phone that packs some punch. But I can do without the Sims. My daughter, on the other hand, would love to have it on Android. Haha

  • Bimmerz

    Well so much for it being the Sidekick Twist, as that will not be “super” slim (from what I’ve read). And a double bummer, that it’s probably the Galaxy S – NOT a PRO version.

    Oh well, it is what it is… Still keeping fingers crossed for the Sidekick rumors to be true, and or possibly also getting the Galaxy S PRO. as well as the basic Galaxy S – be nice to have a choice. :)

    • Mardenator

      actually, i Tweeted last week that i would love a Galaxy S Pro on Tmo, and they replied, telling me to “Stay tuned”..

  • mike

    its the galaxy s, i just saw it yesterday at my corporate meeting



  • Kawika

    So lets break this down The Sims have the green emerald; TMO has Project Emerald; The Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 has the green emerald looking thing on the back; it’s super thin and a full of muscle. Just my thoughts.

  • sean

    It points towards the Galaxy S. The clue yesterday was regarding the Sims franchise which is an emerald color…project emerald…you can also do an image search for the Galaxy S and you’ll notice that the background screen in emerald colored for the phones advertising.
    Today’s clue is with regards to the super slim body of the phone.

  • Corey

    Nokia Nuron II… I mean come on, what else could it be…

    • Wilma Flintstone

      behold 3

      • Mardenator

        i sure as hell hope not! the Behold 2 BLOWS! Samsung needs 2 decide which OS to put on their phones. Android or TouchWiz? you can’t have your cake and eat it too (i never understood that saying, but it fits).

  • David L

    It’s GOTTA be Slim Goodbody?

    He’s obviously slim, and his muscles are shown right there on his full-body unitard…

  • Galaxy S

  • smackiesfunkies

    nobody has mentioned the avatar pic
    last clue had something to do with the picture too right?
    maybe tmo is gonna offer adoption services

    I have the n1 so I hope its not that and the s is cool but id rather have a new huge HTC

  • keele8

    I know this is most likely a phone but no one has really talked about other options. I have said this before but the leaked calendar showed that 3000 minute plan. If they introduced a low price for this plan that could be the slim part, meaning slim on price, and full of muscle would be the huge ammount of minutes you get. I don’t believe this but thought I would through it out there as a different perspective.

    • 2FR35H

      It doesn’t really make sense to say slim and packing muscle to describe a phone plan so it is most definitely a phone release.

      They would never use muscle to describe minutes. Muscle describes power what is so powerful about 3000 minutes when there is unlimited minutes?

  • xXGeassXx

    Mario “Galaxy” – Video game tie in.
    1Ghz hummingbird processor said to have 3X GPU than Snapdragon – slim but full of muscle

    Answer = Samsung Galaxy S

  • TwoCents

    If it’s not a phone, it may be a tablet!!….

  • TwoCents

    Oops! I misread – thought the update said it “WASN’T” a phone. Haha!…. Carry on….

  • TheAnalyst

    Definitely the Samsung Galaxy S.

  • Stillwaiting

    What does T-mobile and The Sims have in common, as other have said, Emerald, and as mentioned on this site, the reference to Project Emerald, but I also think of the Emerald City when I think of The Sims and T-mobile’s US Headquarters or the Seattle Area. What cell phone company has it’s US headquarters in the Emerald City???

    HTC…a search of this site reveals a speculation that Project Emerald is the HTC Vision a modification of the HTC Desire (which by the way is reportedly being released to regional carriers in August to regional carriers I see) . But is this regarded as a slim device? Would it use microSims or multiple sims?? Is there a reason for that? (Sorry, I don’t know much about these things.)

    I’m still going with this as my guess…HTC Vision

    but it could be the SGS (second guess) It’s going to be lame if they are making all of this fuss over something that is already known, and that is being marketed by Samsung itself.

    I really doubt it would be the N1.

  • Flgirll99

    What Sims and Tmobile have in common is the emerald….SIMS emerald in the logo and “Project Emerald” being Tmobile. And Project Emerald could be the Samsung Galaxy S. The Samsung Galaxy S is super slim but a powerful phone (i.e muscle).

    That’s just my thoughts.

    Then again….this whole thing could be a total let down and result in some new rate plans.

  • Omeer

    I don’t think it’s a phone. My gut says it is a phone but I’m starting to feel I know T-mobile better than that. I don’t think T-mo is capable of “hyping up” a high end device launch let alone launch one. Project dark was also rumored to be a phone(s) launch which just turned out to be an array of cheaper plans and services. So, don’t get your hopes up. What does the SIMS and T-mobile have in common? Emeralds. You collect emeralds in the SIMS game and emerald is the name of T-mo’s new project. It’s slim but full of muscle probably refers to a plan that’s low cost and beefy in services i.e. minutes, data, texts. I refuse to believe it’s a product launch because how many times have we heard rumors about high end phones only to be disappointed EVERY time? I’d say 100/100. Super phone rumors about T-mo only end in rumors. I can’t honestly recall any rumor that have been yet realized.

  • Michie

    I agree, it’s gotta be the Galaxy S! :D

    The Sims = Samsung’s Smart Life
    Slim but full of muscle = 9.9 mm thin, 1GHz processor

  • tmobluv

    look i hate this site it full of a bunch of id10ts. i am so tired of the im going to get an evo or something i mean really you do realize that sprint and those droid dummies still run cdma i mean really that crap is so old i dont car how powerful a phone they have if they run cdma u might as well keep tmobile i mean we have as u guys put it a bunch of mid level phones im glad considing att has what one good phone and they are losing being the only people too have it and sprint and verizon has like a bunch of the same phones so im stick with tmobile fastest data network in usa on gsm which means i can text talk and surf web at same time on my cliq which i have no problems with so if u wanna leave tmobile nobody is holding a gun to your head jump ship have fun with old tech cdma crap

  • DREW

    I say its the desire


    Web OS Device

  • aaronhak


    everyone it might be interesting to note that it is the thinnest android phone ever created so…. its gotta be that

    and the samsung galaxy s is suppose to be a phone that gets u thru ur day… look at samsungs keynote on the device its about a mans everyday life…. like the sims game

  • Hello everyone. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I have some to share with you! I called t-mobile today, and argued with costumer service till I got up to a regional manager. He informed me that Project Emerald was not going to be a phone, but rather a change in rate plans for Internet services. T-mobile doesn’t know anything about launching a phone. It always manages to hype up every small thing they do, and everytime they do, we all jump on thinking its a new phone. Hey guys, let’s change the toilet paper in the bathrooms, and call it project fluffy, okay???

    • Phaelenx

      I have a hard time believing you argued your way up the chain then managed to twist confidential information out of a manager when more than half the time the customer service people are just as in the dark as we are. Case in point, before I got my TP2, I asked them about it and they had no clue what I was talking about and tried to sell me on the MyTouch. Its all a waiting game at this point. For the 10 years i’ve been with T-Mobile they’ve never been the first for anything and always the last for something. But when that something came it was really good.

      • dsim91

        The tp2 was out before the mytouch so stop making thing up get your lies straight

      • Craig

        T-Mobile was first with Android, I’d say that has been pretty successful.

    • 2FR35H

      @Trent Large

      Oh yeah and when its proven to be a phone what are you going to say? why should we believe you?

      • Hi 2FR35H!! I truly hope I am wrong. I have been waiting for a true Smartphone from T-mobile for awhile. If my info is wrong, ill apologize to everyone, but for now, ill have to believe what that manager told me. I’m still with you all following “project emerald” though.


      HEY I finally found the answer. http://www.oaktreeent.com/web_photos/Telephones/Motorola_Cellular-One_Cell-Phone_web.jpg. It took me SO many seconds. BUT this is the ANSWER!

    • Mb


      You are a moron and a lier go piss off

    • soon2TMO

      hahah and that’s what i said…LOL

  • tmofan

    What I don’t get is why anyone that visits this site, or any other tech site, thinks that anything that T-Mobile launches officially would not be already know by these sites. When I see comments like, “it can’t be the Galaxy S or the Nexus One” I laugh. TmoNews/Engadget/BGR/Gizmodo, etc get info for new phones months before launch. How could this be any different? I’m going to guess its the Galaxy S

  • lev

    Why does t-mobile always beat around the bush with these childhood games, just say what the hell it is and stop effing around! heres a riddle, what has 2 thumbs and has the HTC Evo… This guy!!!!!!!

    • Grundy

      Then why are your on a t-mobile site? … Nobody cares

  • Anony Mouse

    @tent….ummm…Customer service doesnt have regional managers….well they have managers that cover a region, but they dont take phone calls. They are in charge of managerial duties, but dont take calls. Only in house managers take calls, and i doubt they would have told you about a special project details just because you escalated. Now I am not holding my breath either, but I wouldnt believe you talked to a “regional manager” and he spilled the beans to you.

  • Daedalus

    Ok Here is my offical guess.

    Yesterdays clue: It is The Super Mario Brothers, The pipes are Green as well Emeralds.
    Todays Clue: Super Thin but lots of Muscle that is Luigi.

    So here we go we take those clues add them up and what do we get… TMO going down the Crapper!!!

    Come on TMO quit playing stupid games, quit insulting my intellegence and damn well announce something!!!!!

    • Anony Mouse

      Cant announce something if they dont want to competition jumping all over it. Rather get something out there and get the competitors playing catchup. I do hope tmobile isnt just hype this time around.

  • Barry

    like I said in the other blog I can’t c the relation between emerald and galaxy but at least we can be positive its a handset: ) but why would they put this much hype into a phone the other 3 carriers are getting? this has to be something exclusive to Tmo…at least I hope.

    • Daedalus

      It is a Green MyTouchSlide!!!! My daughter will want the first one!!!!

  • Daniel

    a MICRO SIM CARD!!! it will work with the IPhone 4!

    • 2FR35H


      Lol I hope you are being sarcastic because that guess is far from being true.

    • dsim91

      Why not a micro sim tmo has a lot of iphone user’s that will be looking to upgrade to the iphone4 and thety will be needing a micro sim don’t dismiss this idea so fast it makes sence

  • APlayerfromtheHimalya

    I have that damnable behold II and my trusty n900, which I use today. PLEASE TMobile/samsung offer a special discount to those of us that were damned and picked up that phone with so much hype. It’s the S, it’s green, it’s thin, it’s powerful…period…

  • Marcus Armstrong

    Mann im tired of ppl lying about them knowing what it is bcuz u say “I got a bud at TMO corporate and he said” or i called cust service and escalated the call and spoke to a manager and he said” type stuff. They will always say they dont kno. These ppl have signed documents to not share proprietary company info to the public or they lose their job or can be sued. I worked at DISH Network cust service and it was the same way. They prob sat thru Q4 2010 training for whatever phone or rate plan it is but they not gonna tell u nothin!!!!!!! Just face it, u kno T-Mobile is hypin us up for a whack Mid-Range Android Phone w/ a 600MHz processor that they will sell for $199 after a $50 rebate like they always do. if they come out w/ a 1GHz Android mutant super beast phone, it would shock the world. it would save millions of T-Mobile customers walkin into Sprint and Verizon stores so called “Browsing” LOL

  • Khan

    U know everyone of u is saying it’s the Galaxy S but it cud be that motorola basil that was leaked and it cud be something like the droid x who know just my suggestion

  • JR

    Wow, all of you are really buying into this “Secret” clue game. hahaha

    It’s pretty funny to read all the arguments and speculation.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    After painstaking research, and countless hours in the lab, I’ve come up with the conclusion that it’s the ability to make a Slim and Muscular Sim on the Sims Game and on the game, you can work at Tmobile? Come on, that’s it isn’t it Tmobile? It’s GOTTA BE!!!

  • kevin

    sims = tmobile’s sim card
    super thin = galaxy s baby
    I need this phone or at least a 1 ghz TMOBILE ANDROID PHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Regular Joe

    Just a thought, a clam or oyster is pretty slim and is full of muscle. Haven’t heard anything of the sort but it would be a pretty clever clue. Maybe a codename for a new device ;)

  • nell_z

    Just looked at the cover art of Sims 3. Whatever it is, its Project Emerald. It makes perfect sense; the cover has a big emerald on the front (duh). So that cancels out the Samsung Galaxy S, Motorola Milestone XT720 and iPhone. It would have to be the HTC Twist. Im guessing the slim means it will probably be as slim as the Droid which can be easily done with the Sidekick design. The muscle part might mean fully specced out to where the EVO 4G is, maybe with the 1.2 GHZ Qualcomm we’ve been hearing about…….

  • shane

    Samsung makes the weakest phones. There all garbage let us revert back to the behold 2

    • j-bone

      Samsung does not make the weakest phones…USA just does not get the good stuff.

      • Frank

        Samsung may not make weak phones but the phones they bring to the USA and lack of support make them weak. They will do whatever is in their interest.

    • Frank

      Yes, we all know that samsung failed with the Behold2 , wow 1 phone. Get over it, there is nothing we can do. Lets just hope they don’t fail us with this one.

    • 2FR35h


      Oh yes I agree The 4 inch Super AMOLED that gives you better better view of the 720P Video in direct sunlight is sooo weak

      Not to mention the 8/16gb of internal memory that not many Android phones have.

      Oh and yeah the FM Radio sucks because every android has has that.

      Oh lets not forget wireless tethering and live wall papers on 2.1 android oh yeah that real weak because many Android phones are past Android 2.1…

      Oh what else am I forgetting… hmm could it be the 1ghz Hummingbird processor that is MUCH faster than Nexus One’s Snapdragon processor? hmm…

      Oh shoot wait a minute all of the above makes this phone a BEAST!

      What is weak to me is your assumption that this phone is weak.

  • Newsman
    • Stillwaiting

      And how about this one


      maybe, I should just jump ship

      • David

        Super original article idea.

    • andy

      I think the WSJ is a joke. Every time they report something about company the opposite is true. lte in america will bel slow. that fastest network services will be T-mobile. why would i switch to another carrier.

    • taco

      I hope you don’t read opinions like this take it as fact. This isn’t news

    • tpavey

      The top prediction in that article was that Kia is going to go away. Looking at Kia, they have released 3 major overhauls/new models in the last 2 years and they are fixing the Sportage soon. Huyndai is moving up to have more quality but slightly less cost than Toyota or Honda and Kia will take over the old, budget, Huyndai position….

      What I’m saying is that the predictions are crap. Face it, most of this Wall street stuff is said by idiots who never need to be right because they get paid either way. They say stuff that has a low chance of occurring because if they are right they will look smart and get a big bonus the next year. They basically gamble playing a game with zero chance of loosing a small chance of hitting it big.

  • raymond

    its not the galaxy s -_- why hype a phone the other carriers are getting :|

    i do hope it is the htc twist like others have said a true beast -_- i know i dont want to move to sprint r verizon but

    after awhile anyone can adapt -_-

    • Doug

      because even though other carriers are getting it, it will still be the best horse in the TMO stable.

  • TonyJohns

    I’m a fan of T-Mobile, but this guessing game is complete bull. They need to just announce what is upcoming so people can make the proper decision on if they want to stay or leave. This is not elementary school! I have a feeling whatever it is is going to be a big disappointment.

  • mreyes11

    its the galaxy s guys. its only 9.9mm thick and is the best android phone out there yet

    • j-bone


    • Bobert

      No flash for the camera?
      Have you seen the contacts UI?
      It looks like it was created by a 5 year old

      • Ryan

        Yes because a camera flash is the number one criteria for determining a good phone. And the contacts UI is actually very nice.. Swipe on way to call, swipe another way to text. And yes, it is the top Android phone to date.

      • 2FR35h


        Flash Camera is not needed for a great phone.

        Oh so you think you can make a better contact UI? I doubt you can even make a functional button.

  • jeff

    this is just sooooo stupid. just announce whatever. you want more interest in tmo, expand your coverage.

  • Sean

    Pfft. It’s going to be a subsidized netbook with service.

  • wasup

    I just hope they keep our “S” looking like the original “S” and not something like what att is getting, ps: can’t wait for the “S”

  • Barry

    I don’t understand why they need to compete with 4G when hsdpa+ has been documented as being faster. T-Mobile just needs a couple new exclusive high end devices to get them on track. Because people obviously like style over substance is the only reason these companies are on top And Verizon just said they wont have unlimited data any more either. They can definitely take advantage of this now.

    • Bobert

      How long before TMO caps their data?

  • Barry

    oh yea when is this guessing supposed to be over? and they announce the device?

  • Tony

    iPhone 4.. Suprise!

    • Bobble

      we can all dream, can’t we? I am ready to part with my trusty Blackberry. I would like to go for a high end Android phone, but the iPhone 4 display looks sweet.

  • chris

    i’m sick of all this guessing too…honestly i hope its not the galaxy s, but the galaxy s pro..i’m sick of holding off for an upgrade and all the hype of cool phones, but when they come out they are disappointments, and other companies the the similar but much better phone. Give me an incredible for tmobile and i’ll be ecstatic. What i want from a tmobile phone. Big screen, GREAT BATTERY LIFE, at least 8mp camera, hdmi out, ANDROID and not winmo, slide out keyboard, and front facing camera would be nice but i can live without it. GIVE ME THIS PLEASE TMOBILE!!! and i hope samsung doesn’t make it cuz we can see how reliable they are with updates…same thing that killed me from getting the winmo blemished hd2..no plans for win 7 update. grr..TMOBILE GIVE US THE PERFECT PHONE!

    • Ethan

      Chris, if this ever happens, let me know….I think we have the exact same requirements for our phones :)

  • raymond

    is it because we have i guess what you call cheap plans :\

    is that why we can’t get higher end phones :\

    and its not the samsung s why wld tmob hype a phone that other carriers have


    thats like me bragging about a lunchbox that is issued to every worker :| we all have it so why get excited about it :|

    • 2FR35h


      Name one US carrier that has a Galaxy S. (And Samsung Captivate doesn’t count because its not a Galaxy S it just has specs similar to it)

      • TMOprophet

        you moron, the Captivate is the Galaxy S, Captivate is just what AT&T is naming it, its the same damn phone, NOT SIMILAR, ITS THE SAME. And while at&t may be the only officially confirmed carrier, everyone knows TMO will have it shortly, and the other carriers might not get it simply because they dont need it, sprint and verzion have better phones already, why would verzion bring in the SGS when they have the Droid X and Droid 2 launching soon. Samsuck wanted the SGS on all carriers, just because they wanted huge sales volume, but samsuck is out of luck cause they are better more attractive phones out there already, whats even funnier is that with this being a huge fail for samsuck, guess what all the retards who buy it will get screwed out of updates just like the bh2 owners did. Thats samsung for ya, if a phone isnt a epic success like they want, they abandon it. And they will, simply put, if I could chose between an EVO, Droid X, or SGS, and not being biased in my decision, I would probably go with the droid X or evo, just better looking phones. And I am sure that while not everyone would agree, there would be many that would agree with me.

  • Riddles? Really! How about they just get the next gen Nexus phone done. I’m trying to be patient so I can make a decision but this is getting a little silly. I don’t think I’m the only one.

  • raymond

    n i agree the guessing game is crappy. . . serious question do the other companies have guessing games and code names they hype?

  • Khan

    U know everyone of u is saying it’s the Galaxy S but it cud be that motorola basil that was leaked and it cud be something like the droid x who know just my suggestion

    • taco

      “Could” not “cud.” Basic grammar is not that hard, but failing to use it makes you look 100% retarded.

  • raymond

    if you relate it to project emerald then it isnt galaxy s -_- i reguse to believe project emerald is galaxy s

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Well they are supposed to be hints or clues, not direct statements. So:

    So as I mentioned yesterday:

    1. The Sim 3 emerald thumb drive is in common with project emerald.

    Project Emerald is unknown, but most assume it’s a phone.

    Assuming the first clue hints to Project Emerald then we go to clue two.

    2. Slim but powerful, that’s obviously a handset. (Unless you think T-Mobile is branching off to compete with SanDisk.)

    Since at the end of June Samsung is announcing the availability of the Samsung Galaxy S (and Pro too?) and the Samsung Galaxy S is predicted to arrive at T-Mobile in July, it seems to me that the timing of these clues can lead to the best guess… it’s the iPhone… oops… sorry, I mean the Samsung Galaxy S.

    • I would be extremely disappointed if “Project Emerald” turned out to be the Galaxy S. I thought it would be some super phone especially with the Top Secret name of Project Emerald.

      • jake

        Yep me too :( emerald is supposed to be an HTC

  • thainese

    enough of this speculation bs n’ jus make it happen, att already beat us to it they got a clone of galaxy s already, jus different cover n’ name everything else is the same, im a tmo customer but dam aren’t we getting same android over n’over? jus different design minor to zero improvement on hardware side, sigh im gonna laugh if galaxy s isn’t comin to tmo, i’ll jus get myself an unlock phone like n8 or desire perhaps?

  • raymond

    mike u may be right and i see the logic in ur post but i want logic to be wrong this time lmao

  • Steven G

    I kind of like the guessing game.

    Also, the answer is a clam.

  • Casey

    I think its the galaxy s. I’m going to get it when it comes out next month

  • bakaruru

    it is the iSim phone…..duh.

  • bjjoseph

    idk it sounds like the nexus one
    super powerful….
    oh tmobile u sadden me…
    i want a beastly phone…
    the mytouch just aint cuttin it for me

    • Bobert

      Ya maybe the Nexus but why all the silky games for it to only be the Nexus?
      I love my Nexus but I am holding out hope that TMO will hopefully knock our socks off.

    • Bigs12

      i think your right, I hope nexus 1 or 2, i like the SGs myself so if it comes it mine..

  • NEXUS ONE!!! Slimmest phone I’ve ever owned and coming to T-mo stores soon.

  • G-Unti

    Its a micro-SIM. That is all……

  • E double e

    Come on guys. We all know what it is….. the sad thing is everyone wants the mother load of all phones, but the truth is only 1% of us really know how to use them to their fullest. I want more apps wahhhhhh. Shutup you only use about 5 of them anyway!!!! I want a snapdragon processor…. just because…..i really need it….. to ????????? well i just reallt need it. So to all you that truly know how to use a monster phone the Galaxy S is coming….all you others take android 101 get yourself a mytouch slide and keep track of all your FAVES…

    • Bigs12

      WELL SAID….lol now that was funny but so true….. i said it before but what do i know

  • E double e

    And TMOBNEWS why are you advertising other carriers phones on your blog ?????????????????

    • David

      Random ads by Google I can’t control, they are set up by type of blog, I can’t specify by carrier.

    • Bigs12

      pay for the site and have what you want on here, its a free site no membership etc…. take what you get and relax

  • E double e

    Sorry. Keep doing what you’re doing. Dig your blog to the fullest!

    • Bobert

      99% of us knew this. Guess your the 1% who didn’t.

  • Danny

    Same old crybaby’s and complainers for each article. I’m a geek too, but some of you guys take things too seriously and need to get a life. It’s the freaking weekend. Relax and go have some fun.

    Have fun with the guesses. For what it’s worth most of you will be sticking with T-Mobile regardless of how disappointed you may or may not be. Heck you are posting on a T-Mobile fansite after all.

  • Jmts80

    I kinda like the speculation and anticipation. Hope its something good. :)

  • funkychinky

    T-Mobile may not be perfect, but their HSDPA is fast. I regularly see 3000-4000kbps download speeds. This is a nice surprise. Combine that with a G1 and Cyanogen 5.0.8 and you win. It is almost fast enough to stream 720p from YouTube tethering.

    I think T-Mo was smart and that it was a cost effective solution to build on top of their existing technology rather than implement an entirely new network. Because they didn’t have the same cash outlay as the bigger guys, maybe they won’t have to limit data plans…

    It is not this gen of phones, but the next ones that will really be great. Hopefully Gingerbread’s enhanced UI will make things nicer, but if not, there is always a hack.

    I’m rooting for you, T-mo

  • I’m guessing the Samsung Galaxy S.

  • Carlozx

    It’s the HTC Sidekick Twist don’t got all stressed up over it

  • soon2TMO

    it’s all pretty obvious… this clue refers to the galaxy S, and it will have Sims3 preloaded on it..

    but the project emerald thing will be about some type of rate plans or something.. i think! LOL

  • jimbo

    Sidekick brand is dead with a dnr the new brand for tmobile is the mytouch and when they say slim is it tmo’s profit margins

    • soon2TMO

      cheaper rate plans is not profitable for a carrier who has a lot to offer.. as much as i dislike the idea of tmo rasing their monthly rate plans, but then i guess that’s what we get for having high-speed data(hspa).. this is business after all..

      • soon2TMO

        but if tmo has cheaper rate plans and has a lot to offer, why is it at the #4 spot?? LOL.. maybe tmo does not really have a lot to offer..

        ughh i dont know..

  • soon2TMO

    but the real question is.. will tmobile get the original version or a redesigned one?

    i dont care if they change the look ,as long as they keep the front cam..!

  • rich

    Too late. Jumped ship and bought an EVO. Love it!

  • HowdyDoody

    If its the Galaxy S, they can keep it and Ill probably go for the next Android phone that Sprint offers.

    Galaxy S is a wimp, Galaxy beam maybe, but the issue with Samsung is they never fully upgrade their phones. Ask any user of a Moment or a Behold, they are stuck with UGLY upgrades.

    The Moment has a gorgeous screen, ok keyboard, and thats it. Too bulky otherwise I know girlfriend has one my G1 outperforms it in download speed, cause of TMobs network. So please give us something descent, not second rate phones.

    TMobile I stress this point NO IPHONE. You do that, and you will loose a LOT MORE CUSTOMERS than you might gain. You might gain a few today but most Android fans will leave and never come back.

    • covert

      “TMobile I stress this point NO IPHONE. You do that, and you will loose a LOT MORE CUSTOMERS than you might gain”

      Dumbest comment I think I’ve ever read.

      • jake

        it not stupid at all, its the principle of the thing, we are android fans and loyalists, we dont want apple’s crappy IPhone, actually I think your comment is the dumbest I’ve ever read…so how do you like them Apples..oh wait I forgot.. you really do like Apples….go join AT&T or shut up

      • TonyJohns

        Agreed. If T-Mobile got the iphone, there would be more customers joining than they can handle!

        Hate it or love it, the iphone will bring the needed subscribers to any carrier that can obtain it.

      • HowdyDoody

        Takes one to know one I guess.

        Rofl, one thing for sure, TMobile looses a descent amount of accounts with me. And thats big in their budget, Regardless of your comments.

        Want an Apple 4G, great have one. I rather have a phone that can use HPSA+.

        Can this be iPhone 4, specs are:

        UMTS/HSDPA/HSUPA (850, 900, 1900, 2100 MHz)
        GSM/EDGE (850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz)
        802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi (802.11n 2.4GHz only)

        TMOBILE specs are:

        UMTS/HSDPA/HSUPA (1700/2100 MHz)
        GSM/GPRS/EDGE: (850/900/1800/1900 MHz)

        From these facts Apple 4 does not support GPRS (General Packet Radio Servicesis a packet-based wireless communication service that provides rates from 56 up to 114 Kbps) used in some remote areas.

        The kicker though is HSPA+ which makes a World of difference.HSPA+ (Evolved High-Speed Packet Access, 3GPP release 7. provides data rates up to 56 Mbit/s on the downlink and 22 Mbit/s theoretical, actual speed for a user will be lower. At cell edge and even at half the distance to the cell edge there may only be slight increase compared with 14.4 Mbit/s HSDPA unless a wider channel than 5 MHz is used.)

        So iPhone is OUT of the Question.

        Now is it the MileStone or a variant:

        UMTS/HSDPA/HSUPA (850/2100 MHz)
        GSM/GPRS/EDGE: (850/900/1800/1900 MHz)

        UMTS/HSDPA/HSUPA (1700/2100 MHz)
        GSM/GPRS/EDGE: (850/900/1800/1900 MHz)

        Possible, but its a year too late for this phone and its not thin.

        A Nexus one, again HALF A YEAR too late, if it goes for 100 maybe, but in the grand scheme of things its 6 months old, and still not even an EVO or a 4G have it outdone.

        Its not the Galaxy Beam cause its thicker.

        So its gotta be a variation of a new device I hope they seriously think about that.

        If its a modified version of the iPhone, T Mobile will have some users now, but Android fans will feel betrayed, and yes we will never do business with them again. Thats t Mobile loss.. And unlike Apple fanboys, Android fans dont change over to Apple cause we know its a better OS all around with more features that we develop and dont have some one telling us its ok to run it or not.

  • byron

    why would tmobile hype the galaxy s, if everyone knows that its coming for tmobile, is like att giving clues for the iphone

    • jake

      agreed, why play stupid guessing games about a phone that everyone has known is coming to TMO for a while now, if this is the SGS then this is an epic and total fail….WHile I really hope that its an HTC sidekick, chances are that its the SGS and will be like suprise,,oh wait you all knew about this already..sorry. However if it is the HTC sidekick it will have been one of the best kept secrets, the SGS is no secret and no suprise. Knowing TMO they will try to make a big deal out of old news…….sorry guys

      • jake

        This could possibly ending up being the biggest face-palm in TMO’s history

      • SirMac

        Who is everybody? Im a phone guru and I didnt know about this site until the hd2 came out… Out of every tmobile customer, you really think over 80% of the regularly (keyword) come to this site or actually care about a new phone thats coming out, unless of course they ask a representative. We all know the info they give us is false or confidential… I would have liked to see the hd2 be advertised similar to how the evo is being advertised, but no one knew about the phone unless they came to tmonews or asked a rep…

      • TMOprophet

        Ok, not everyone, just mostly everyone who has enough interest to follow the rumors and facts. It not only this site either, there are alot of great sources for upcoming devices, Engadet for example is nice, mainly cause it reports a lot of FCC filings. I cant speak for every TMO customer, however for me I stay on top of the rumor mill mainly cause I want a high end android phone with a 4.3in screen, now this is something TMO has failed to give us, meanwhile several other carriers already offer them. So until I have a phone that meets my needs and wants, I will follow this stuff intensly, once TMO can deliver I might ease off the online research, by the way I am stuck with a BH2 and not loving it

  • Brandon

    Galaxy S, I talked to a rep today, not sure how accurate her info was but she dropped some info saying there being told the Galaxy will be out by the end of the month..

    • jake

      I regretfully have to agree, its the SGS, although I doubt it has any connection to the emerald, the fact is that we havent seen anything in the FCC filings that might be the sidekick twist from HTC, and these things just dont go unnoticed., Once again sad to say its only the galaxy S..If verzion ever gets better rates Im going to switch to them..this is just getting stupid

  • clocinnorcal

    Come on Tmo, just tell us…..Jeeeeeez! What would it hurt? You might actually ease loyal customers minds.

  • maddog

    It’s. The galaxy s guy just saying am getting it go t-mobile

  • Nexus One?

  • sheltrak

    C’mon ppl its obvious…. since sims is the best selling PC game it has something to do with the SIM card. They are “beefing” up the narrow sim card to offer new features, hence slim and full of muscle!

    • 2FR35h

      You do realize how stupid that guess is right?

      Who the F_ _ K hypes up a SIM CARD? really a Micro SIM CARD is your guess?

      • SirMac

        I wont redicule your opinion, but you know tmobile isnt the only carrier that has a sim card, whatev they are hyping up pertains specifically to tmobile…

      • sheltrak

        whens the last time tmo hyped up a phone that ppl never knew about b4 hand. shyt, whens the last time tmo put out a phone that ppl “jus had to have”?? ppl knew 6 months b4 the hd2 came out that tmo would be selling it. tmo never does nething their customers hope for. they r #4 for a reason. A hyped up SIM card is stupid but i wouldnt be surprised. ppl r always talking about what they hope and want from tmobile instead of what is plausible from tmobile, THE NUMBER 4 CARRIER.

  • Ahorn

    Anybody think what is tmobile missing that verizon and sprint have? What about a unlimited hsdpa+ mifi like box?

  • Homer

    Trust me I want it to be a phone over anything else! I think project emerald has to do with internet, Anybody think what is tmobile missing that verizon and sprint have? What about a unlimited hsdpa+ mifi like box?

  • Alex

    This is truly exciting. I like the secrecy. I am going to say that project emerald is not this. Again, the manager at 24th and 7th ave in NYC, was very clear that TMO will announce it next month. We shall see. This could very well be a DROID X type of phone. I think TMO knows how embarrassing it would be if all this was for the Galaxy S. The phone is great, hope they fix those nagging issues and update it to Froyo in a short time after its released.

  • Getreal

    @Newsman re: 247wallst article Tmo disappearing

    When I was reading the article I didn’t notice 247wallst as a company that wouldn’t exist in 2011 or the US Federal Government.

    I would highly doubt DT would bring in their CEO from Germany, pump in tons of money upgrading their network to HSPA, and be supported by one of (if not THE) largest telecom company in the world, to just “go away” in 2011. We have a better chance of seeing some obscure wall street website (247wallst) or the Federal Government collapse than a cash rich company like DT stop supporting a money making TMO USA.

  • Bobble

    This is why TMo needs to clean out their inventory of obsolete phones on Father’s Day.

  • isaac

    Nexus one?

  • wm

    Either that or the upgrade to the N1

  • safetymouse

    Galaxy S. I hope.

  • lollipop

    ithink its the galaxy s wit sims3 preloaded on it

    • soon2TMO

      that’s what i thought too.. if sims would not be preloaded on it, then what would be the point of using SIM in their clue, right?

  • mike

    im gunna say iphone. Isn’t the iphone the best selling phone as the sims are the best selling pc game? (clue #1) and the iphone is slim with muscle for sure (clue #2)

    • Joey

      Blackberries are the best selling phones. And I’m not saying that to be a Blackberry fanboy (which I’m not). But it’s true. Iphone, I think, is 3rd best selling.

  • DannyAg

    This much speculation only leads to disappointment. Leaving people wondering builds very high expectations that can not be met. Customers like being surprised a lot more than being teased. Give the news already!!!

    • Spike

      True. With iPhone 4 out there killing it, teasing isn’t going to do jack. Its time for all the carriers to lay it out there to entice people to hold off on buying some other phone.

  • Henry

    could this be Project Emerald??

  • MM

    Patiently waiting to upgrade for the past 8 months. I’m really not in any position to be teased or play guessing games. I need a new Android superphone not just for personal enjoyment but for business purposes as well. Watching every other carrier release high demand phones makes it very tempting to switch. I’ll be honest i’ve left Tmo once because of the same issue, but came back because of their excellent service and coverage in my area. It’s a no brainer current Tmo customers want a high end Android phone now. I’ve been reading these forums long enough to see i’m not the only one in the same boat. Wake up Tmo, let us know whats up and coming!

    • Steve

      I agree, MM. I am also waiting for TMO to get a high end android phone. The myTouch line is not very good and the HD2 is a windows phone. The Samsung Galaxy S would be great.

  • pocholo

    Hmmm could this bee the sidekick by HTC! ?!

    • Mardenator

      no.. Sharp and Danger make the Sidekick devices. even though Tmo has the name Sidekick trademarked, Danger was bought by Microsoft (if you can’t beat ’em, buy ’em). so Htc would have to create a whole new device with diff software.. even if they called it a Sidekick, it wouldn’t be a Sidekick..

      • pimpstrong

        Mardenator Failed

      • ButnakedAvenger

        HTC Sidekick twist holmes. And motorola made the slide, if I’m not mistaken.

      • Leachpunk

        Yeah total fail. T-Mobile has already stated that they are interested in rebooting the Sidekick line of phones with a new manufacturer and service.

      • pimpstrong

        ButnakedAvenger Failed too LOL

  • desperate 4 iphone 2 come 2 tmo usa

    Luv the tmo 4 their affordable plans and great customer service.. loathe them bcuz their phones suck smh.. the iphone comin 2 tmo usa = heaven on earth

  • homer

    Why hasn’t anybody asked david what he thinks it is? He knows!

  • Patrick

    my guess would be the Galaxy S then. It’s the thinest phone on the market right now isn’t it? Yet it comes with a Hummingbird processor right? I know it’s not a snapdragon…I THOUGHT i heard it was a hummingbird but I could be wrong too. But I DO know it’s 1ghz with 8/16gb internal memory and an expandable MicroSD card, 16m color screen…..that sounds pretty powerful to me.

    Then again…the Nexus 1 also has a 1ghz processor in it.

    • Mardenator

      yeah, the Galaxy S has a “Hummingbird processor”, but we don’t know how much or less powerful that is than a Snapdragon. but it is 1Ghz

      • Reece

        Hummingbirds poops on Snapdragons fyi

    • Chris

      not just that, i think people are forgetting one of the most important factors with me getting the galaxy s. Galaxy S’s graphics processor is so far on par with ipad and iphone 4. so technically saying, its a great combination with 1 Ghz and Android OS

  • raymond

    it cannot be the samsung s sir that would make t mobile look foolish as we already expect the galaxy s -_- you cant suprise someone with info they already had

    • Leachpunk

      5% of the people are expecting the Galaxy S, and the other 95% don’t have any clue what phones are coming out. So I’m pretty sure that it would be a surprise to the majority of people.

  • Holiday

    i know!..another low end phone that claims to be in the “no phone left behind policy” but really will!! riddle solved. thanks tmobile, this game was fun..

  • youngmula303

    Galaxy S, for sure

  • tipsofme

    The galaxy s, like every other samsung unit will suck. Its going to be the same toy like feel we have been use to seeing from them for the past 3 years…. NEXT!!!

  • da kine

    what does sim3 and tmo have in common? SIDEKICK (simsidekick & tmobilesidekick)

  • da kine

    oh and whats slim and powerful.. that im not too if the said htc sidekick would be considered slim but i guess it could be powerful

    • David

      It’s not a sidekick…kthxbai

      • homer

        Come on david you have a lot of pull and know a lot of stuff, is it something we should get excited about or is it another let down? You gotta at least give us that lol c’mon your the man!

  • da kine

    too sure! that is…

  • raymond

    why david why did ya kill our dreams t mobile keeps screwing up if they waste time making a big deal about the galaxy s it had better be souped up beyong recognition -_-

  • MattCC

    Could it be… a tablet?

  • Joe

    Galaxy S

  • It is not the galaxy s. Come on people THINK why would t-mobile leave clues for a phone we know is coming. Plus all the carries are getting so why would they push someing that everyone is getting and so these clues might be for a phone that only they will have like the “sidekick twist” which would be a T-mobile only phone plus they been trying to not give any info on big phones till the last minute.


    • Chris

      you know its coming because you saw leaks… Technically, S wasn’t even announced YET!

      • jjasonham


  • homer

    They would push the phone because they have not announced it yet. And even if other carriers have it, this would be a big deal to tmobile customers because they have no high end android phone. David already said its not the sidekick, its not the iphone and has nothing to do with rates. Its either the galaxy or the motorola basil…..

    • homer

      I restate that in tmobiles eyes this is a big deal it would be there high end android phone everybody wants “in there weird not knowing what people wants eyes”

    • How can it not be the sidekick?


      • homer

        I have been following on here and twitter he said not iphone, not micro sim, not sidekick and has nothing to do with rates. The guy with the name david runs this site if you look at his comments there in purple. Read what he is saying. he knows what it is, He will not tell us whether its due to contract or what not so go back and read what he is saying that its not.

      • homer

        The only things he hasn’t said no to was the basil or xt720 or sidekick.

      • TMOprophet

        because looking at the timeline of what is know, the most likely device to be confirmed in the near future is the SGS, now I really want to see the sidekick comeback in its rumored form, however I guess one way to look at this is that maybe TMO is talking about the HTC sidekick and that when then finally come clean, it confirms a launch date for the phone, most likely a date far beyond the SGS, so say post july….I think someone already pointed out a good connection for clue 1 and that being the sim sidekick thing in common with tmobiles sidekick, just a different way of speculating aside from the emerald similarity. So you will probably see the SGS launch before the sidekick, cause samsuck and tmo want to maximize profits and sales on the SGS without undercutting by adding another high end phone right next to it, so logically the SGS will come first then the sidekick will come out and make everyone who bought the SGS jealous for not waiting.

  • aaronkt

    he didn’t say it wasnt a remake of the HD2 with android on it either.

    • it is not the HD2 with android because the specs of the “sidekick twist” was equal to the HD2 more so the EVO

      on the Galaxy S i’ll too iPhone-like to me for running android and i would like something with a keyboard


  • homer

    That is very true! I could only dream but t-mobile has been pretty predictable with there lineup. If it were to happen which I doubt it would be a mytouch hd or something.

  • homer

    That is very true! I could only dream but t-mobile has been pretty predictable with there lineup. If it were to happen which I doubt, it would be a mytouch hd or something.


    What is it David?

  • Barry

    Nexus one maybe? Its gotta be the moto basil emeralds are green and so is basil.(chef in me coming out). Its thin, powerful cause the processor is said to be as powerful as a snapdragon… its gotta be.(heres my in denial answers) since it isn’t the sidekick how bout htc twist lol htc scorpion maybe something we have no clue about. Just for fun maybe it’s the Dell streak. David knows cause he’s denied what it isn’t. How bout you give us a bunch of answers with the truth lying in there and we figure it out from there

  • Barry

    Oh yeah I’m with Homer in thinking of some kinda high end MyTouch device since that seems to be their brand name IE droid. I wouldn’t mind a high end MyTouch device as long as it has high end specs.

  • Patrick

    WE(as in not the general population) know that the Galaxy S is coming to T-Mobile…but think about it…according to the Galaxy S website, no Galaxy S with the AWS 3G band on it even exists. As a T-Mobile Rep and they’ll say “it MIGHT be, but we’re not 100% sure”. Ask a Sumsung Rep(which I did) and they’ll tell you SOMETHING big from Samsung is coming to T-Mobile this summer. I think Galaxy S is the best speculation for a phone.

    Sidenote: Whomever says the Galaxy S is gonna suck, from all the reviews I’ve read, everyone says the Galaxy S is one of the best samsung devices out there and that it’s Touch Wiz UI doesn’t even slow the device down like OTHER samsung android devices.

    • Chris

      Touch Wiz UI won’t slow it down because its not the TOuch Wiz UI anymore. Its called Smart Life UI from Samsung. Basically, a more polished Touch Wiz, faster and better coded…

  • raymond

    galaxy s is nice but -_- i mean if you use a computer you know about the galaxy s -_-

    i hope they change the phones specs around give it the extra power it needs to be up with the evo but i still don’t think its the samsung galaxy -_-

    • pimpstrong

      what exactly would the SGS need to be “up with the EVO” Anyone please answer this for me.

  • raymond

    wait i notice people saying samsung and tmob said they have something big coming n july -_- why wld it be the sgs if its getting put on the other carriers what if its something totally different O.o

  • Homer

    If it is the galaxy, I won’t get one…..If it’s the motorola xt720 same boat. I have my cliq and my fiancés behold sitting here collecting dust both still running 1.5 I have lost faith in motorola and samsung for t-mobile.

  • raymond

    galaxy s is amazing but i need a little more >.<

  • Homer

    I am neither a apple fanboy, nor an android fanboy, nor a windows, a palm or blackberry. I like phones, i like electronics i love gadgets…….Each phone has its advantages and negatives over the next. I know it won’t happen, but they already have the hd2, they have a ton of blackberry’s they need a high end pure android phone (not this overlay crap or outdated models the minute they come out) they need a good WebOS phone, and yes they need the iPhone. T-mobile has amazing prices (and as you can tell with there system not crashing yesterday they have the capabilities to be a huge company with lots of customers) and if they can add a blockbuster lineup they would be unstoppable!!!!!!! I really do hope that t-mobile executives read this blog because they could learn a lot!!!!!

  • lev

    I have the Evo right now, and the Slide, so I am curious to see what it is, that will help me make my final decision whether to keep the Evo or stay with tmobile I love Tmobile, but truth is we as customers feel short changed compared to the other carriers, so we wait and we wait, yeah, tmo has great prices, but sprint pretty much matches what they do, so at this point I truy hope its something spectacular

  • jlatnyc

    I know David said its NOT the iPhone, but searching and analyzing makes me think its the iPhone. It uses the microSim & its the thinnest iPhone YET! I will surely would love to see this, although I’m an Android supporter carrying the iPhone would catapult Magenta into 2nd place QUICK!

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      jlatnyc… I know David said its NOT the iPhone, but searching and analyzing makes me also think its NOT the iPhone… :)

  • TMOprophet

    Well I say thats plenty of speculation for now, if we are going to have to play this game we mine as well have the next clue please?

  • TMOprophet

    Are they doing another clue later today???????????? Just wondering

    • pimpstrong

      Puzzles, they said on Twitter… F!@#ing Games!

  • jlatnyc

    We all know how secretive Mr. Jobs & company are. They asked the FCC to not disclose the cell radio frequencies indefinately (is that even allowed, LOL). So you never know.

  • androidDUKE

    its the dell streak fully upgraded to froyo yum!!!!

  • androidDUKE

    think about it yes its big but just under 10mm the sims was the best sellllin game of all time and i heard these things are selling like hotcakes in the uk

  • indus3outsider

    Contrary to what the site say, I believe it’s the iphone. 1; tmobile just basically dumped a bunch of HTC stock via ” free phone promo” because they know once they offer the iphone, well u know the rest. 2; even though not 100% compatible with tmobile, its not a far left fix. 3; the Sims is the best selling game per console (pc) and so is iphone on att. 4; brochure leak w iphone in it. 5; iphone is slimmer w more muscle. 6; the guy that bought iphone to Germany is now incharge of u.s market. 7; att exclusitivity is almost over .8; apple wants it the way it was when there were no htc. As htc seen it, why have one carrier when u can have em all and Apple now sees it that way.

    • pimpstrong

      Ah man. I think your right! IT IS THE iPHONE!! LMAO

    • David

      It’s not the iPhone, plain and simple. Get. Over. It.

    • Leachpunk

      Apple wants it the way it was when there were no htc…..

      Is this a quote direct from Apple? Because HTC has been around since 1997, I believe that is before Steve Jobs even came back to Apple… So let’s see this quote.

  • Robbie

    David is there anyway you can give us another clue since TMOUSA is taking their sweet @$$ time in doing so.

    • pimpstrong

      yeah when is this damn game of theirs suposed to continue. so it can finally be over.

  • droiddoes

    @david what do you think about the dell streak with froyo could it be that oh please give this to me tmobile i dnt want samsung although the galaxy s is hot i’d rather have 5 in than 4 in(i kno thats was she said lol)

  • Nokia N900USER

    I am not sure it is the Galaxy S. AT&T just announce their version. I think it is another motorola phone. There are pics and spec for Droid 2 out already and I think Cliq is due for a refresh or total redesign. BTW Droid 2 has a 1ghz processor so new motorola phone for T-mobile should have a similar spec sheet. I do not however know whether its the basil (might change form and shape). I think Galaxy S will come to T-mobile but will have four keys at the bottom.

    • David

      Its not a Motorola phone, its not the iPhone…I don’t know why people don’t listen to me.

  • ralcos

    It’s gotta be the Galaxy S!! It’s already FCC approved for TMobile in the US. Also, it’s right in line with the big Samsung Announcement of Android phones on the 29th!

  • lev

    Well, what is it David? you have told us what it is not, so clearly you know, are you sworn to secrecy?

    • David

      Not at all, I don’t know what it is for sure, but I know what its not.

      • Robbie

        do you have any thoughts on what i could be, the galaxy is gonna be one helluva phone but i rather get something from htc seeing how my last two phones have been HTC

  • Coco

    Tmobile just put one out again…

    TMobile_USA Have you guessed our big news? Clue #3 “Never miss your favorite TV shows or the score of the big game.” #TMobileClue

  • Edo

    its the Nokia E73 mode. I was playing with one yesterday at a tmobile store and went into the games folder and noticed that it came preloaded with sims3 on it. Also, the phone is super thin. Now can we stop spreading stupid rumors about iphones.

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  • iFloss™

    It’s the Samsung Galaxy S. It’s super slim with a lot of muscle. That’s all I can think unless we have the HTC EVO on T-Mo or Droid X which I doubt both of them.