Introducing The TmoNews Scratch And Win Game!!

Attention attention, its time for a big big announcement. TmoNews fans are among the most loyal fans I have ever seen follow a tech blog. That loyalty and faith has helped us grow and receive the respect of our peers. So we believe its time to give back, starting right now. We are proud to announce the TmoNews Scratch and Win game. From this moment forward, I decree that you shall have a chance to win prizes! We’re still working out the kinks, so it might be weekly prizes and sometimes it might be bi-weekly and sometimes it’ll be phones and sometimes it’ll be something else. Maybe just maybe, we’ll give away a car somewhere in there. Just kidding on that last part. Seriously, I’m not giving away a car.

The great news, we’re giving you not one, but two chances to win, once on Facebook and once on the TmoNews Scratch and Win Homepage.

For your first prize we’re giving away a Blackberry 8520!! Black edition! Yours if you can Scratch and Win!

Thanks to our friends at Phonedog who gave us some direction and some hosting help to get the game started, we’re ready to go and give away some free stuff!

Scratch and Win

Facebook Scratch and Win


  • andrew

    reall fun game

    • Dashi

      didnt win but dang is that intence

      • andrew

        this is better then the phonedog version of slots

      • andrew

        this is better then the phonedog version of slots and plus there is better odd of wining

  • ahhh i did not win….. next time i guess..

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Soooo… How’s about that car? Haaa!!! Just Kidding David. Good touch for this site. Game is fun too. Good going

  • RayMatthew

    Awesome, lets see if I win.

  • That’s weird, I logged in and it said I already played the game when I clearly didn’t…

    Oh well…

  • Queue

    :) I won a free replay
    …then I lost :(

    Facebook one is a little frightening, I don’t know if I want all my friends and photos being accessed by a game.

  • IsThisRealLife?

    T-Mobile, the US wireless provider, is owned by telecom giant Deutsche Telekom. It is the No.4 cellular company in an American market that only supports two really successful firms—AT&T Wireless and Verizon Wireless. Even the third largest company in the market—Sprint—has 50 million customers. T-Mobile had 34 million customers at the end of last year. T-Mobile only had a profit of $306 million in 2009. That was down from $483 million in 2008. T-Mobile not only faces three larger competitors, it also has to begin to offer 4G service to compete with Sprint’s new WiMax service and LTE-based products from AT&T and Verizon. T-Mobile may seek a partner to offer a 4G network, but there are no super-fast broadband networks likely to be finished before its three rivals offer the service. As it now stands, T-Mobile has no future in the US.

    A merger with Sprint-Nextel has been mentioned several times. The combined company would have a customer base about the same size as AT&T or Verizon. And the transaction would probably make Deutsche Telekom a large owner of the combined operation. Another alternative would be a merger with Virgin Mobile. Virgin Mobil is smaller than T-Mobile, but the Virgin brand is very highly regarded and already extends across a large number of successful businesses. Virgin Group is involved in 200 businesses around the world. Another potential buyer of T-Mobile’s customer base is Telcel, which has 60 million subscribers in Mexico, is owned by billionaire Carlos Slim, who has already began to expand his business interests of the US. T-Mobile has little brand equity in the US. Maybe Deutsche Telekom will just change the firm’s name.

    • Phil

      That’s not very encouraging, especially since the WSJ correctly predicted the demise of a slew of other brands in recent years….

      • analog spirit

        Yeah, I saw that article too, and it is pretty disturbing (they said the same thing about Radio Shack, too). When they said, “T-Mo has no future in the US,” I was like, “Ouch!” I pray that they’re wrong about that…
        If Deutsche Telekom were to pull out of the US market and sell off or merge T-Mo USA (God forbid), I don’t know what I’d do, ‘cos I’m NOT going to AT&T, VZW, or Sprint. I’d probably just go back to my old Virgin Mobile prepaid service, which I had way back in the day before I was on T-Mo, and always worked fine, at least in my area…
        Man, I sure hope that doesn’t end up coming true. I’d really hate to see T-Mo go out like that. But if they were really in that big trouble, then why would they be investing so much in their new HSPA+ network? Unless HSPA+ is their “last roll of the dice,” so to speak. I’m not losing too much sleep over this, as it’s still way too early to say for sure, but I will be watching this situation closely as it develops.
        @IsThisRealLife?: Thanks for sharing that article.

  • Derek

    =[ First I got a free play then I had two phones then I lost.. lol

  • craig

    dont think you can win, but its fun anyway. :-)

    • Kickstar13

      Just because you haven’t won, doesn’t mean others cannot win. What would be the point of the game if there was no winning involved?

      Guys, you win some you lose some.

  • Mohammad

    Do I need a phonedog account? I have a tmonews account but not a phonedog account. I cant log in with my tmonews account.

    • Kickstar13

      You will need to create a new account.

      Or, you can also play using your facebook account here:

      • Mohammad

        I don’t have facebook. Why not use choose a random comment from here as a winner like BGR does? I don’t wanna have to sign up for yet another account. Too much information on the WWW. Have you ever tried googling your name or screenname?

        • David

          While I appreciate your conspiracy like theology, why don’t you just play the non-facebook version? I don’t want to just pick a random comment, because trust me…it’s not so random. Play the game or don’t.

        • Jesus G.

          Haha You Tell’Em David !!

        • timmyjoe42

          I don’t think theology was the word you wanted. :P

    • timmyjoe42

      Why is the TmoNews competition hosted by Phonedog?

      • David

        Did you not read the last part of the post?

      • timmyjoe42

        Oops. Was that there the entire time?

  • byron

    that is pretty cool that phonedog is helping you out

  • tmofan

    New customers only right. :)

  • tmob

    I dont understand why I haven’t played yet but when I try to play it says “you have already played”. I’m not trying to get any free games or anything :( but I think there
    might be some glitches. On a side note, you should give yourselves a pat on the back, you’re doing a great job.

  • man.. this sucks ,, i dint win won two re-trys but lost…. did anyone get yet???

  • jade

    need to fix the face book game. each time I get another turn it shows an error.

  • Dis

    The facebook app is beyond buggy. Kept loading in a shadowed iframe, then eventually loaded properly. Then the play screen was blank except for “don’t back up or reload”.. great, except its BLANK. Now I’ve already “played” today.

    So I traded my friends list, photos etc etc etc for nothing. What fail.

  • BillB

    I just won! Thanks guys.

    • David

      Congratulations Bill!!!