Customer Loyalty Also Has Free Phones For Qualified Family Line Upgrades?

Tread softly with this one, as its still early and I have no idea whatsoever what I am writing. This is an unconfirmed report and your mileage may vary in success.

We are receiving word customers who are FULLY ELIGIBLE on their phone lines, as in 22 months since your last upgrade can contact T-Mobile Customer Loyalty and qualify for free devices WHILE SUPPLIES LAST. Just to reiterate and clarify, it MUST be 22 months since your last upgrade as override eligibility will not be given on this offer. No rate plan changes are required (and this offer will not qualify for Even More Plus customers), shipping and upgrade fees apply and a 2 year contract is required. Something else to keep in mind as I am hearing it, if you purchase a device via this offer and then decide to return/exchange, you will not be able to take advantage of the specialized pricing (read: free) on a replacement device. This is a ONE-DAY ONLY SPECIAL and individual lines MAY NOT qualify for this offer. As the in-store father’s day special is reserved for family plans, so is this loyalty offer.  Happy hunting!

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