Are You Taking Advantage Of Today’s Father’s Day Sale?

Update: If anyone has pictures today taken from their stores, send them to and I’ll get them posted!!

So the day is finally here, the big one day only Fathers Day Sale Extravaganza! All phones are free for new customers or existing customers adding a line and we want to know if you are taking advantage of this offer. T-Mobile stores are stocked, staffed and ready to roll but you are taking advantage of the offer? We want to know here at TmoNews so we’ve put up a handy little poll for you to vote in and hopefully one of the choices fits your feelings. We’ll be looking forward to the results!

Don’t forget for those of you who want to upgrade and haven’t done so in 22 months, last minute news has come in to help you out!!

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  • Mohammad

    Yes, did an upgrade for a free neuron w no upgrade fee.

  • savechad

    I am a new customer but added my wife. She had an existing account with T-mobile but it was out of contract. I simply started a new family plan in my name and added a line for her. My question is how do I go about linking her old #to the new line. It seemed like it was going to be a hassle but they said it might be possible. I was hoping a nice T-mo employee might have some ideas. Thanks in advance. Go Team Magenta.

    • Dashi

      It’s Called A Same Number Request And It’s A Pain And Only Works About 50% Of The Time But It’s Worth A Try If She Was Really Atached To The Number

      • savechad

        Thanks. I’ll give it a go. Its worth it cause she has about 300 work contacts.

      • targa9932001

        Ask for a MSIDN Reuse. Usually ports over in 24 hours.

      • SnapDragin

        What Targa said, some info to add make sure you explain that you were out of contract on your old number and you would like to reuse for the msidn form request. Shouldnt be too difficult as long as cust care rep is familiar with request. If they mention doing a change of responsibility tell them to ask their supervisor what the msidn form is. pronounced :mizdin:

    • DEE


  • Nokia N900USER

    So this is kind of funny. T-mobile is quietly changing the price for their internet to $30… WOW

    • damien

      Been $30 since november, some customers were able to get the $25, but they were phasing it out

    • dgw

      I added a line for my daughter, and got her a mytouch 3g… Since my family plan is grandfathered, her internet is $25.

      Here in CT, you don’t have to mail in the rebate – it’s taken off right at the store….

      • Eamon

        I added a line today too, a blackberry bold. At first they told me it will be $30 for the internet while I was waiting, but when I actually added the line they gave me internet for $25 also. I have a mytouch on a grandfathered $25 internet though, I guess it carries over.

    • Tom

      Added Line, was $30 + $10 for texting. Rep called loyalty line, got grandfathered rate from my original g1 plan. On top of that, Being one of first customers this morning they gave me a free android app book. Works for me.

  • fragchild

    Go my my mom a free mt3gs and free activation at “the shack”. Much better deal for individual plans.

    • tmogeek

      Wah? It’s father’s day. Nice of you not to make mom wait a whole year, but what did dad get another necktie?

      • manus

        maybe he doesnt have a dad. way to judge people

      • phonegeek

        Wow I know you weren’t thinking but think before you speak some of our fathers for the most part are m.i.a. …….but anyway go magenta tmo can only get better ESPECIALLY next month

      • Jrsykind

        Get a life. D*ck.

  • grumpy

    Not with the current crap phones they are pushing

    • tmogeek

      The Slide is no slouch. Bought the wife one on the rollout. I’m with you though, I’m not letting go of my N1 for anything less than something like the Galaxy S, or Pro.

  • BVR

    Sorry to say, Canceled line under my name and started a new family plan under wife’s name. Got two My Touch 3G Slide for me and wife, and added 3rd line for father in law and got Nuron. We will have to send in the MIR to get $300 refunded. The Rep was nice enough to add corp discount which waived the activation fee and 15% discount on re-occurring charges.

  • Bobomo

    Patiently waiting for the t959.

  • Tmob

    I’m sorry but I can’t just get excited over the current phones. If they had already released a super phone like the galaxy s, nexus 1, iphone(yeah I said it) they would’ve got a ton of new customers. I bet you they would’ve had huge lines of people wanting to signup but I hope magenta still does well today. *Sigh* still can’t get away from my G1.

    • DEE


    • going_home

      Tmob, my sentiments exactly.


  • justme

    If they had a superphone I’d be in line; heck, I’d have been there before the doors opened. But they don’t, so I’m not, and that’s that.

    Wish them the best of luck with the sale nevertheless, and congrats to everyone who scored the phone(s) and plan they wanted!

    • justme

      DD decided not to get a smartphone and went the low tech Family Plan route instead, adding a line for her bf. She walked out w/ a Neuron and a Samsung T-somethingorother and they’re both happy campers.

      We did end up having to go to two stores. At the first, all the staff was on register – not a one on the floor to help w/ questions. Second store was much better, though their stock of the low end stuff was _really_ low.

      While we waited, I got to play w/ the mytouch slide – which wasn’t bad at all (zippy & espresso wasn’t as icky as I’d thought) – and the managers N1 (loved the N1!). He also said that yes, the SGS is launching on 7/21; here’s to hoping.

  • Domi

    No deal because I wanted the mytouch slide and I cant get it cuz of my 11 month… Why cant the loyalty spead to the 11 month upgrade… I mean not a full price cut but at least 179.99 or something…


    • Tokinotabumblb

      Are you on an individual plan or family? You can try calling retentions to cancel your line(s). If you have a family plan, say you want to cancel because you want to take advantage of the sale. If you’re on an individual plan, say you want to cancel because Radio Shack is giving away free phones for even individual plan. I’m so sure you will get a huge discount like $179.99, or maybe even a free phone. Good luck!!

  • Ben

    I’m out of contract, would like to add my wife but do not like signing new contracts at all and having higher monthly bills. I don’t care if the phone is subsidized. For once I would just like someone to say, $50-$100 off the retail price if you add a new line. I know they make all their money on contracts so I’m kind of screwed.

    • Bobert

      $50-$100 off the retail price if you add a new lIne

  • Hammer

    I like my BB 9700 and have been with TMo since 2003. Have my eye on the new EYEphone. I also own 37,500 shares of DT stock, so I am pretty loyal, but that new apple phone looks great. If TMo doesn’t release a new device soon (ipgone) I will likely be gone. It will be a sad day because I love my provider and would love the iphone 4.

    • NiiDiddy

      …so get the iphon unlocked and use it on t-mobile if you really want to stick around. i have friends who do…unless you dont want to pay for full price (in other words get it discounted with another carrier).

      • Hammer

        The problem with that is, is that the iPhone 3g portion doesn’t work and I heard when I sync to iTunes it resets the device so I have to jailbreak it again. Kinda hate work arounds like that, also since they would void the warranty.

        I would gladly pay $500 for the phone if it were an official T-Mobile launched device.

  • Ready2Upgrade

    out of contract on one line for 28 months. Currently have $10 data plan. I’m assuming that even if give me free mytouch slide with 2 yr exension and don’t upgrade to android plan, that I will sometime soon be using the $10 plan and have a popup on the phone that requires an upgrade. Does that sound right?

    My main reason for sticking with Tmo is the cheap data plans I have (have tzones on currently under contract line).

  • Tony

    Ben, you are sitting on over $400K worth of DT stock. I think you can afford a new phone at full price.

  • Bobert

    ha found out i was eligible to add a new line think i will wait for a better phone though

  • John

    Well I called tmo since i had a full upgrade on one of my lines. And they were quite persistent that the promo was for new customers and or adding a new line. I been with tmo for 8+ years and I dont need another line nor wanted to add a line then cancel a line.

    Long story short. I went to RadioShack and got the Mytouch Slide on an upgrade for 100 dollars with the purchase of a 6 dollar pack of screen protectors. I feel thats a good deal as it was at least 80 less then tmo and 40 less then walmart…

  • Ricardo

    Got a bold 9700 and a mytouch 3g! Woohoo!!

  • Jeffro64

    Well, tried everything with customer loyalty. It basically boils down to if you aren’t eligable for upgrade and don’t need another line no deal. They did tell me they could offer the slide for $179.99 though instead of full price.

    No worries though… I’m sticking with T-mobile and hoping they start putting out much better phones in the near future. I never have minded paying full price or less for a new phone, but i’ll wait on the Slide because I have a Nexus 1 now. :)

  • alex


    • Bobert


      • badaphooko01

        this is the funniest comment i have ever seen!!!!

      • Mohammad

        I second that.

  • Jon

    Waiting for a better phone to hit.. My wife was out of contract and bought a Slide a week or so ago.. I so wish we could call them up and get our money back so she can get the loyalty for free.. waste of $200…

  • raymond

    great deal whack phones

  • timmyjoe42

    I’m on a Even More Plus plan, so no deals for me. My wife really wants a Nuron though, but doesn’t want to drop $180 plus the $10 a month internet for it. I think she would love having facebook on her phone. LOVE IT I say!

  • Green Robot

    Went to store to get my wife an equinox for free but they refused to do an upgrade even for that. Way to treat customer tmo. :(

    • Green Robot

      Hey line’s eligible for full upgrade by the way. Trying over the phone now but cannot get through to them. What a let down….

    • Tokinotabumblb

      Call to “cancel service” because you want to take advantage of the sale for today and I’m so sure you’ll get a great deal for ANY phone you want! I did it today. I feel really guilty, but I’ve been with them for 8 years and I really wanted to take advantage of the sale today. I was saying I wanted to cancel my 6 month old second line and re-activate it at the store to get it for free. I have a really great discounted plan as it is, so I accepted the $199 offer for a MyTouch Slide.

  • Scott

    T-Mobile should re-run this promotion when they have some decent phones.

    • JaylanPHNX

      I’ll second that. After-Christmas promo, anyone?
      (Even though I’m a EM+ customer, but whatever)

  • jake

    agreed!, they should have pulled out a suprise phone to go along with this promo as well, the lineup sucks

  • Green Robot

    Still trying to get se equinox for my wife for free but they are now telling me that their system is down. This is getting ridiculous. How are you people getting free upgrades?

    • Vinchenzo

      Dude… go to Radio Shack. That phone is free on an upgrade… also, the Neuron is also free on upgrade.

  • Mario

    Hi guys, thanks for this website we managed to score mytouch 3g slide and 3 hd2’s .. here is what happened to us. Due to four existing lines, i was only able to get one, so when I call Cancel department to get rid of at least one more, they game the same deal as the store for all the 4 lines i had already out of contract, I did not need to cancel our numbers and we getting the phones for free and express shipped. Might want to try that if you got turn down by the long lines or store only deal!

  • Bobert

    You didn’t get The code?

  • i wont be upgrading cause i am tired of being locked down by contract. i watch my brother go there with his own phone and walk out the store with a better plan than me. when im out of contract here i come!

    • craig

      you are telling me i can go into this place with my G1 phone and get cheaper plan? im not under contract, but im on pay as you go, but still looking at those plans they are better than pay as you go, because i dont use the internet that often thats where i would save.

    • Matt

      There are plenty of clues about which towers that Simple Mobile is actually using….They link to the Nexus One from their website and their 3G is 1700/2100…

      • yup matt and thats why im bout to pay the etf and just get out of contract. damn shame affiliate sells there service for cheaper than them. ah well it will be like i never left.

  • Green Robot

    Finally got the free Equinox. Had to be transferred to a higher power which involved some waiting though.
    The guy tried to have me upgrade my line too but I told him I’m waiting for them to release a high-end Android to do an upgrade. He actually asked me if I’m waiting for the Samsung Galaxy coming out next month. I said yes but I don’t know if it’s coming since there is no official word from T-Mobile about it. He answered that it’s all over the tech blogs and that they are pretty accurate about these things. That’s pretty much a confirmation from a T-Mobile higher power support specialist account guru type so there you go. They should just announce the darn thing and make if official. Why wait?

  • AG

    No, I’m on the EM+ family plan so I can’t take advantage of the fun and games.

  • going_home

    I didnt upgrade because in my humble opinion they dont have any phones that are
    an upgrade from the G1. I bought off contract a 3G Slide and returned it a week later severely disappointed . When they come out with a real phone I will consider it.


    • Jeremy

      What did you not like about the slide?

      • going_home

        The main thing was I paid $429.00 for a phone thats at best a $250.00 phone.

        The camera with flash is an upgrade over the G1, but the keyboard on the G1 is much better.

        Yeah 2.1 is faster than the 1.6 vs the G1 has.

        The Slide comes with a great virtual keyboard app called “Swype”.

        Swype is a free download for any Android phone now @ .

        But in general I was looking for a huge upgrade over my G1 and the Slide is not the one.

        I was just very disappointed that I had waited almost two years since I got my G1 and this is the phone TMO is promoting as the 2nd coming ?

        We already had a high benchmark set with the Nexus One 6 months ago, and expected so much more than the fail we got with the Slide.


      • El Guapo

        The slide is barely an upgrade over the G1.. the screen resolution is the same! Who on earth would get locked up for 2 years on a phone that is 320×240. Every other carrier has Android phones with hi-res screen. Come TMO this is just embarassing.

  • draws

    yeup, got two white bolds for free

  • Jeremy

    Took advantage of the Radio Shack deal. Got the 3G Slide in black. The only color The Shack carries. Sad about that as it is a fingerprint magnet. But happy with the phone. Far better speed than the G1 which was taken away from me.

  • Straynger

    Amazon is offering all phones for .01 cent for any 2 year contract.

    • JustMike

      Thanks for the tip! Just picked up a white mytouch slide for my wife for a penny plus activation fee — no stinkin’ rebate. This is on an existing line eligible for full upgrade, no need to threaten canceling my service, free two day shipping, and all colors are available. Can’t beat that with a stick!!

  • Seth

    Oh the price of being a young whippersnapper … Went in to T-Mobile to add a line/free phone and not a soul greeted me or gave me the time of day. Walked around and played with phones for about 10 minutes and finally left. First bad experience with T-Mobile.

    • TheDude

      Should have wondered aloud (loudly), “Hmmm, how many lines do I want to add today??” Somebody with commissions in mind might have perked up.

      Yea, I’d be turned off by that experience, too. I’ve always been warmly greeted – unless they were super busy and hardly had any idea I had even entered the store.

    • i try not to bother with the stores they suck! cant pay my bill without ID and i also found them to be rude at my local store.

  • TheDude

    I will take the “Add a single line, not a family line” option. Oh… *heads to The Shack*

  • whyhellomichael

    today was my mine (and several other markets that i know people in personally) biggest sales day. stores that normally do 5 activations on a saturday doing 40+acts. we were SLAMMED from 8am to close. we did have a chance to fire up our grill and give out some hot dogs and hamburgers to who ever wanted!! was an AWEEEESOME day. so stoked.

  • Phylum

    Like a glutton I picked up 3 phones :)

  • josh

    it boils down to what rep you talk to. i had a family plan with two lines. one line at 18 mo and anouther at 13 mo. i can say i have a new hd2 and my wife has a mytouch slide for free and 20 dollar data plans on both. thank you customer loyalty. :)

  • Brandon

    My store was busy as hell today! We did 100 post activations!

    • Vinchenzo

      My wife did 43 activations by herself but, she is at a monster store :)

  • AuggieDoggie

    Anyone score the Samsung Gravity 3 today? Seems like it is no longer on Tmobile’s web site.

  • RockTripod

    Holy Christ. Just got home from what had to be the longest and most lucrative shift I have ever worked. 44 sales in 1 day is a store record.

  • eddie

    I couldnt resist…i added a line…had the slide by 9am :-)

  • Cybersedan

    Sounds like today shaped up a lot better for T-MO than most were predicting…

  • Went in today and got the MyTouch Slide for my brother NO MONEY DOWN. Turns out some people depending on the state unfortunately will carry the bogus upfront rebate thingy. But I was fortunate to not have to pay anything here in CT.

  • LuvtheSlide

    Hello everyone. My friend went into a radioshack today and got 2 lines on contract and two free phones. Then his bestfriend works for a corporate store so he called customer care and stated that the customer just returned the phones back to radioshack and to please cancel this contract, buyers remorse. With no questions asked, customer care cancelled it as returned phones since it was a corporate store. Think he got away with two free phones? I gave him my opinion. Whats yours?

  • tipsofme

    Yeah he got away with it… Lots of people do. Its just sad people are so trashy. What goes around comes around though… My store today did just over 100 new lines of service… Id say this worked out better than expected to say the least!!!!! Todays goal was 20 new lines….

  • damien

    Our store did exactly 100 activations today as well, we have 15 reps in the store, and still had about 1-2 hour wait due to activations department being so backed up. Possibly could of had more if it wasnt for the long wait in the store. our store is one of the busiet in the whole area.

    • Superhappy

      We did 85 acts (81 post, 4 other) with 4 reps and myself Floor Coaching all day. Couldn’t have been more happy to see so many people wanting to sign up with Tmo! Also big thanks to all of the very patient customers today. Average of 1 hour wait… Can’t wait to see the official results. Best 12 hours work day of all time!! :P

  • Maximino Acosta

    is the deal only going to be for today for tmobile?for the deal will u still be charged for the phone that you want in 3 payments or you want be charged anything like that in your bill…can somebody tell me more details about the deal tmo has thanks

  • Y314K

    Well… Been waiting for TMobile to get a real Android phone for over a year now…

    Decided to stop by a couple of T-Store’s on Friday just to see if there was any chance for the Nexus One on TMobile today… None

    Everybody was very nice… But I think TMobile should make TMoNews & PhoneDog’s & a few other blogs part of their weekly training cause I knew more about future phones then the rep’s.. But hey.. It’s my hobby…

    Run the numbers over night and decided I couldn’t pass this sale up….

    So I went back to the closest TMobile & hooked the dude that I had chatted the day before with some commissions & switched from ATT(Out of contract) to TMobile(2 Year contract)…

    3 Family Lines (750 Mins)/ 2 SmartPhone Data Sub’s + Unlimited Messaging for everybody…

    Got a MyTouch3G Slide for my sister/ She loves the keyboard going from a ATT LG VU… Nice Android Starter phone…

    A Nokia Nuron (Will be my TMobile phone till I get a Nexus One or Dell Streak or other Awesome TMobile Android Device… Really hope HTC SideKick project is real)…

    & a HD2.. Which will be going on eBay shortly… Need it to build my Nexus One or Dell Streak nest egg…

    So I am ready to learn to like/love Magenta…. I just hope one or two of the dozens of rumors we hear about Android on magenta finally turn to gold…

    (Some thing I learn today… All 3 of my lines should be upgradable next June/July as long as the upgrade phone is a SmartPhone that isn’t free… Free phones are not part of the early upgrade prog…)

  • Josh

    I love how half the comments were “call and threaten to cancel a line and get a deal”… cry babies much? i am on an EM+ plan..converted last month. I have about 10 months left under my old contract. I realize i missed out big time with the sale but that’s just the way the ball bounces. I bet half the people here don’t look in the mirror, realize their life sucks, then decide to try to threaten to cancel to get a new one??

    If policy and big business is the enemy, why live in America?

  • SoutheastTMORep

    GOT A HTC HD2 FOR SELL!!!!!!!!!!

    • Seth


  • Ben

    So it seems that there was an argument in one of the last posts ( not on this thread) about a Anony Mouse and TmoRep i read yesterday saying that rebates were for bogo well i live in Spokane Wa and i had no rebate to fill out and neither did any of the people in the store today. Now that was for me i dont know about everyone else.

  • Ben

    oh and i asked the rep and he told me and i Quote “no i do not have a record of any rebate to turn in it may be other stores but not in washington” like i said maybe it was just in spokane but i didnt have one, and i am really sorry for those who did i hate rebates with a passion

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Ben… you can look at the flier I posted with my comment in that thread.

      It mentioned rebates in three spots.

      “Mail-in rebate may apply”

      “Mail in rebate may be required”


      “Must remain on account at time rebate is processed.”

      So regardless of your experience, the promo did mention rebates. However, by saying “may” T-Mobile was saying that it may not apply in certain stores or in specific situations.

  • Brian

    I was a tmo customer for years and mostly pretty happy with them. But 2 or 3 years ago they stopped getting competitive with their phone offerings. It’s like they just gave up when the iPhone came.

    G1 and MyTouch = cheap, plastic-y and underpowered. If you want a blackberry you’re probably good, but other than that – just crap on selection. I finally left last summer and because of their great customer service and low rates I really want to come back, but not until they get phones comparable to HTC EVO, iPhone, Droid, heck even the Hero. C’mon TMO. Whats the problem?

    • big poppa

      Dude?! Whats ur problem??? They were not competitive until 2 to 3 years ago! If u want a high end device get a HD2, looking for Android n dont like the MTSlide? Get a N1! Cant afford it? Put it on a credit card n u can use the money u will save by switching over to make ur CC payments.

      Sheesh… there are so many whiners on this site.

  • mr Sassafrass joe

    Yeah, T-Mobile this was an amazing project you pulled off, just imagine how much you undercut the competition. As for you people that are upset it was not available for upgrading. I am tired that you just want everything free and for a deal all the time. Its this simple, T-Mobile is doing you a favor by discounting an expensive phone. the “contract” is for 2 years. Once it is over, you can re-sign again or not. There should be no discounts until that time, and if you dont like it you shouldn’t have signed up in the first place.

    I use t-mobile and signed a contract and you know what, i dont b*tch and complain about discounts like the rest of you. Its just business. Get over it. You got your discount, let new customers get theirs.

    sorry im just venting.

  • jimbo

    Thanks for the last post I’m a tmo rep and all I heard today was btching and moaning over no free phone when you buy a house/rent and sign a commitment do they go o you have this but imma give you a free month of rent f that a contract is a commitment tmobile honers it gives are end now stop btching folks

    • Ben

      to be honest im not trying to diss you in any way, but i did get two months rent when i leased my apartment and released this year

  • sudan sam

    I work at a core store and we sold over 60phones 50 post!!!!!

    • timmyjoe42

      Is that a good number?

  • Bill

    I’ve been with T-Mobile when it was PowerTel, VoiceStream and today, T-Mobile. We have Family My Faves 1800, Family Unlimited Text, T-Mobile Web (aka Unlimited T-Zones) – all grandfathered. I’m not upset or pissed about yesterday’s free phone giveaway to upgrade to a family plan. We all have Touch Pro 2s and 1 HD2 and 5 lines of service for $169.86 before taxes & fees. That’s a pretty good deal and I’m not willing to give it up no matter how sweet the deal. Don’t get me wrong I’d kill for an HD2, but neither will I trade the keyboard on my TP2 but I can dream of an HD2 with a keyboard!

  • mike

    sudan sam- i also work a corporate store that did 50 posts, which seems like a lot but really isnt. i work in south florida, and the average store in miami did 100 post activations.

  • mr Sassafrass joe

    Im a tmo rep too and our store was around 100-115. For the big sale, 50 is kind of mid-range for what stores were able to pull off.

  • Speedo

    Went to Radio Shack and the girl said I was not eligible for a new phone until October even though I have not renewed since May 2008. Tmobile bought out Suncom around October 2008 so I guess that is why the computer showed I was not eligible. The MTslide was $99 with a contract renewal at Radio Shack. I called customer service and they gave me the MTslide for free while I was standing in the store. I did have to wait 20 minutes for CC to call me back, but it saved me $100. I still have a line available for upgrade if they ever get the N1 or something better.