T-Mobile Formally Announces Father’s Day Sale

T-Mobile has officially confirmed their Father’s Day Free Phone extravaganza, with a one-time sale this Saturday.  Surprised? By now we already know most of what we need to know so we’ll just let you read on for details. We’ll update with any details as they become available!

T-Mobile Celebrates Dads with Unprecedented, One-Day-Only

Every Phone Free Event on Sat., June 19

T-Mobile Declares “No More Ties for Dad” for Father’s Day;
New Poll Notes Most Dads Would Trade-in Every Tie in Their Closet for a New Mobile Phone

BELLEVUE, Wash. — June 15, 2010 To help celebrate dad, T-Mobile USA, Inc. today announces the mother of all Father’s Day offers: on Sat., June 19, for one day only, every phone in every T-Mobile store is free.* This first-of-its-kind promotion will “untie” families from giving dad the traditional, same-old gift, instead offering him something he craves a new smartphone.

T-Mobile will break the traditional gift-giving mold by offering every phone in every store for free. This Saturday, starting at 8 a.m., simply visit a T-Mobile retail store and switch to any family plan, or add a new line to an existing family plan, and walk out of the store with a new phone for every new line with a two-year agreement customer’s choice while supplies last.

“For this very special day celebrating dad and the entire family, T-Mobile is thrilled to offer an industry-first promotion that helps families stay connected,” said Adrian Hurditch, vice president of marketing, T-Mobile USA. “This unprecedented event champions dad and helps families stick together with the latest phones all for free.”

With affordable unlimited calling, texting and data family plans, T-Mobile is giving our most connected customers options that take advantage of the latest devices. With the Father’s Day promotion, dads can choose from a selection of 30 devices, no phones excluded, including a variety of brands such as HTC, Motorola, Nokia, RIM, Samsung, SonyEricsson, and Sharp. All phones will be available while supplies last, so customers are encouraged to arrive early to stores to secure the latest and most popular new devices, including the most recently launched smartphones from T-Mobile:

  • myTouch 3G Slide™: Combines a slide-out QWERTY keyboard with an incredibly crisp, high-performance touch screen powered by the latest Android™ software. The device hosts unique new features that will help dads connect more easily, more quickly and more often, including the Faves Gallery™, myModes and Genius Button™.
  • HTC HD2: Offering the largest touch screen size on a smartphone in the U.S., this slim and sleek device comes ready with a blazing-fast processor and access to millions of eBooks, movies, television programs and more, keeping dad constantly entertained.
  • Garminfone™: For the adventurous dad, this new Android™-powered smartphone is fully-integrated with Garmin’s premium navigation experience and includes voice-guided and on-screen directions, real-time traffic, weather, and gas price updates.

“No More Ties” – Dads Want Smartphones

T-Mobile’s celebration of dads couldn’t come at a better time with new T-Mobile survey results showing that more than half of dads received Father’s Day gifts they didn’t want. In fact, 53% of dads don’t recall the gift they received just two years ago.

According to the poll, one in four dads would ban ties as gifts for Father’s Day, and the majority of dads (56%) would trade all ties in their closet for a new phone. Nearly three quarters (74%) of dads polled said they would be excited to get a new phone for Dad’s Day, and more than half believe their current phone is out of date.

Dads want a gift they’ll actually use, with two-thirds admitting they’ve received a Father’s Day gift they’ve never or hardly ever used. If dads had their way, not only would they ban ties but 19% said they would ban golf balls, 17% would ban coffee mugs, 14% would ban cologne and 11% would ban desk sets.

Dads have one day to get the phone they’ve really been craving – and he can ensure the rest of the family can join him in staying connected. T-Mobile’s free phones Father’s Day promotion is one day only, June 19, in every T-Mobile store across the country. For additional promotion details and a list of participating stores, visit http://www.t-mobile.com/celebratefamilies.

*The offer is valid at T-Mobile owned and operated locations only. New activation on qualifying family plan with two-year agreement required. Limit five lines per family plan. Mail-in rebate and restrictions may apply. Store hours may vary. See store for details.

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  • Mohammad

    So for eligibles upgrades on family plans the offer doesn’t apply?

    • Green Robot

      That’s what it looks like after all. Have to add a line to your existing plan to get a free phone. I really wonder how this is going to work out for them. Does it really make sense to open 2 hours early for this? I hope that they will announce sales figures for this day because I am really curious.
      I’m definitely not adding any lines so this is irrelevant to me personally.

    • Hmm

      Yes, it’s T-Mo’s focus on the family since 4 lines brings in more money than 1 line and they stay with a company for longer. So they’re trying to pull in people from other carriers. typical that if you’re an existing member and fully eligible for full discount that this would not apply to you.

      • Anthony

        EXACTLY. Family plans make more money for T-MO, but then they go and SCREW us by not offering the same upgrades as otherse.

        Give me a break.

      • TMo4Life

        They are still offering the BOGO for family plans if you are fully eligble. Quit whining. The goal is to get more people to sign up with Tmo so that they can have more $ to do other promos in the future. Tmo takes better care of their existing customers than any other provider and all you do is complain that it’s not good enough.

  • Danny P.

    I’m assuming the last line of the paragraph means upgrades are not part of the deal? Well that just makes it all worth while now. :(

  • Ian

    I was already to sign up, until I read the line about NOT being able to change phones. I’m holding out for a Samsung Galaxy S, but if they are coming to other carriers, T-mobile just lost 3 plans. I don’t see this being a successful sale at all.

    • Dude the Samsung Galaxy S will be Sprint only and the next 4G phone. Pics for proof — http://gizmodo.com/5563688/samsungs-galaxy-s-pro-to-be-sprints-second-4g-phone

      • David

        Dude, you need to some research, thats the Galaxy S “Pro,” which is not the same as the Galaxy S.

      • Ian

        thank you david!

      • slap88

        Sprint is getting the Galaxy S Pro which is a Galaxy S with a slide out keyboard

      • my bad!

      • shawn1224

        Not that’s a stand up guy who can own up to his mistake, very uncommon on the interwebs.

        Well done Matt.

  • trees247

    Half off would even be good…

  • G333NJ


    sorry for the caps..but this is ridiculous

    another fail by TMO………

    • Hutch

      I am right there with you.. I was willing to settle for an HD2 or a Slide.. but the best they could do was 130 for the slide or 150 for the HD2 which both fail compared to other phones on the market.
      I’ve been with TMo for 8 years now and I am highly considering leaving for better coverage and an iPhone for the same monthly money…

      • Mobile Guy

        Good luck GETTING an Iphone,if you haven’t already pre ordered it will be a month before yo can touch one!

    • do a bogo

  • tonybean

    Haha I love that just because this promo doesn’t benefit your situation, the promo in itself will be a failure for t-mobile. (Gotta love the haters!)

    This promo will be great for t-mobile. Its the first of its kind. A promo isn’t going to benefit 100% of its customers!

    • Matlock

      I know it will be great for T-Mobile, but it still doesnt warrant the need to open the stores an 2hrs early on Saturday! I’m just glad I dont have to open on that day, I would have been pissed.

      • Dashi

        LOL I Work For An Exclusive Dealer In The Mall So I CAlled My Co-Worker And MADE Him Switch Shifts With Me So I Can Open (At 10) So I Could Come In At 7:45 ThroughThe Employee Entrances To Be First In Line At The Coprate Store!!! WOOT!

    • CROJAS

      No it doesnt benefit everyone for sure. There are some of us faithful customers who do hav family packages with 4-5 lines of service that deserve an upgrade just as much as a new customer…

      • TMo4Life

        Which is why Tmo is offering the BOGO on all smartphones.

  • TMoFan

    Seems like a great way to clear out your smartphone inventory and get new customers before an iPhone launch on your network?

  • oov

    Just talked to customer service and they said that upgrades were NOT eligible for this promotion. In addition, this promotion is available ONLY at retail stores, not online or over the phone. Only new customers or new line additions to family plans can take advantage of this.

    However, you might be able to cancel a line in your family plan, re-add it, and then get free phones. But you’d have to get a new number on that line.

    Anybody have any advice as to what to do if I’m eligible for a family plan upgrade? However, I HAVE to upgrade my contract over the phone to get loyalty discounts. I might just have to get the BOGO offer instead…

  • Davidohio

    Look, it is what it is. Only family plans are eligable, no single lines. I am sure many will get their panties in a bunch over this because they want a free smartphone even though they complain that t-mobile only offers low end junk phones. Like I said, it is what it is. Why anyone would be mad because they can’t get it and wait until the Galaxy S comes out and then exchange it for the Galaxy S is just stupid. Take your 3 lines to another carrier, you still have to PAY for the phones and sign a 2 year contract and pay a high monthly bill. Idiot.

    • steve

      Davidinohio You’re the idiot. Why should someone settle for a POS phone (all t-mobile phones) to get a “cheaper” bill. Show me ONE PHONE outside the nexus one that will beat the iphone, droid incredible, EVO. That’s right…you have nothing.

      T-Mobile’s coverage sucks. I travel the US And Canada for business and colleagues have Verizon or AT&T. AT&T is just pitiful (iPhone). Verizon has the best coverage if you can get a call. T-Mobile is great in populated areas, but step outside and good luck if you get a signal. Want 3g data? Don’t even try it. I live on the outskirts of a major city on the east coast. 20 miles outside and we do NOT get 3g with T-Mobile, but Sprint/Verizon/AT&T work great.

      What part of Ohio are you in? Go around Canton and south, you get awful coverage. Cleveland/Columbus/Cincinnati are great, just like all other major cities.

      • DSB

        No actually, Davidinohio was accurate in his discription of you……..Do you have T-Mobile service Steve?? If you are that unhappy with the coverage and the phone lineup then go to another carrier if it works better for you!! No carrier has blanket coverage and nsome work where others dont…..and as far as the phone lineup goes, just because the other carriers have one super phone then that makes their entire phone lineup better??? Only to people such as yourself who like to brag that they have a 1GHZ processor in your phone….sounds like you are trying to compensate for something….The HTC HD2 is basically the EVO with respect to hardware and I would put the MT Slide up against any phone out there…..I have never been without coverage on T-Mobile no matter where I have been and I am sure there are alot of other T-Mobile customers with the same experience but if you think the coverage suck the please go to another carrier, please!!….and for those who are complaining that existing customers cant take advantage of the June 19th offer, while it does not apply to upgrades current customer who add a line are eligible and we still have the BOGO going on for existing eligible customers who want to upgrade…..T-Mobile takes better care of its existing customers than any other carrier so please stop whining about this!!

      • Don’t even mention the HTC HD2. it runs windows, therefore it is terrible. Windows Mobile OS will suck until 7. Then it’ll be awesome.

      • Dashi

        Let’s Do The Math Here….

        I-Phone= Apple
        Apples Look Like Ballz
        Ballz Get Sucked
        There For
        I-Phone = Sucky Ballz

        My-Touch Slide Vs. Droid Incredible
        My-Touch Slide Monthly Bill Unlimited t,txt,web $99
        Droid Incredible Monthly Bill Unlimited t,txt,web $120
        Droid Wins On Specs But Mytoch On Price

        My-Touch Slide Vs. EVO
        EVO = Win
        But Frankly I Hate Sprint And As Far As The 3G Shove It I Got Where I Need It And Don’t Care Bout You CHEERS!!!

      • Mobile Guy

        The MyTouckh slide? give me a break! obviously you haven’t had the oppertunity to get your hands on the Incredible. Hands down the best phone currently on the market.

      • Mobile Guy

        The MyTouch slide? give me a break! obviously you haven’t had the oppertunity to get your hands on the Incredible. Hands down the best phone currently on the market.

  • pimpstrong

    And this marks the begining of the end of the mad dash to get Mom Dad Sister Brother suited up with a Midranged phone and a $30/mo data plan so they can Tweet and update their Status. Awsome move IMO, and now I’m looking forward to Tmo moving on to jumping into the superDROID game… It’s coming

    • Wilma Flintstone

      I’m just waiting on Project Emerald. Supposedly Tmo’s SuperDroid. Come on Maggy, you’re losing customers everyday you stay hush hush about it.

  • jay555

    Man, they’re really pushing these family plans. Maybe I’m missing something but wouldn’t it make sense to also give a free phone to anyone who wants to sign up for a new individual plan too? Won’t they make more money off of an individual account than off of a second line added to a family account? My other gripe is that the Nexus One is still not available at T-Mo stores (what’s taking so freakin long?). That’s the only decent enough phone that I would consider getting as a new customer.

    • pimpstrong

      It will influence individuals to bring somebody else on board and in turn it will probably bring Tmo $30 more a month for Data. There’s no money in minutes anymore.

    • shawn1224

      Radio shack is offering the same all phones free day Saturday for family plans as well as new individual plans. Also with Radio shack, you don’t have to worry about the mail in rebate. Everything is free walk out price. Tmobile , you’ll have to pony up $100 then wait on your rebate.

  • G333NJ

    Well , TMO needs to market these promotions better , I see they are trying to get new customers, but what about the loyal customers.

    SOMETHING BIG IS COMING 6 / 19……. lol ( only for new or current customers looking to add a family plan)

    • technologic

      That wasnt marketing material, unless you work for Tmo, you weremt supposed to see that.

  • alex32

    i would take advantage of this..but tmobile’s line up of phones are horrible.
    I’ll still wait with my old 8900…im sure a high end android device will come at the end of the year. If the iphone 4 comes i am willing to go with that phone too

  • kt

    So if I upgraded my individual plan to a family plan, and added one line. Would I only receive one free phone for the new line, or would I also be able to get a new free phone for myself?

    • pimpstrong

      i assume you must have a FULL upgrading sitting around to get yours free too (I guess). Who knows what they will do for partials.

  • stackz

    does this count for flexpay 2 year contract

    • jesus

      I have flexpay also and i went to a store and they said couldnt get a free phone… because of Flexpay

      • flex pay contracts if you have one phone and add a second its free but you still have to pay double for switching your rate plan and double for features out side your cycle date

  • apooltoswim

    Just got off the line with customer care. I have an existing family plan with four lines. They first told me that I could get five new phones (4 upgrades plus one new line) if I added a 5th line on my plan. They then put me on hold, came back, and said that ONLY the new lines added to a family plan qualify for free phones. Don’t add new lines to your plan in hopes of multiple free phones, guys–sounds like only new lines are getting new phones, no matter what. Also, even the BOGO doesn’t apply to the Mytouch Slide, she said…I thought I had read that it did, so that’s odd.

  • Steve

    Since when does this site have those crappy double line links all over the posts? From Intellitxt or somebody like that? Jebus, even _Dad_ and _date_ has a double line link. And every one of those links brings up a pop-up Flash crap ad? I’m seriously thinking about not reading this site.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    I bet somebody is going to come on here talking about “does Tmobile even care about it’s existing customers anymore”. Just watch. After most of the phones that Tmobile sells are “New Customers get deals only” Nexus One, HD2, Mytouch Slide, Garminfone, Blackberry and more. After seeing how Tmo continues to shaft existing customers over and over again, I can guarantee you that someone will come on here and say it. So let me get this out of the way before they do:


    Sorry for the Caps, just had to make sure that the people that “will” come on here and say the same comment over and over, see it and realize that Tmobile as well as all the other phone companies do not “Care” about any of it’s customers and that it’s all about making amoney any way they can even if it’s shafting the existing loyal customers.

    Now, on topic,
    This is a great way to rack up on the people that actually are going to get free phones with a monthly plan. This will generate alot of new customers for tmobile and hopefully with all those free phones out of the stores, it will make room for the Project Emerald device that will be mine once it hit’s my local Maggy.

    • technologic

      If you are upset, you can always call and cancel. If you are nice, and polite and within a few months of an upgrade, they will offer you some deals that are hard to refuse. I don’t know how well that works though if you have ever been late or had your line shut down for non payment, but that wouldnt make you a loyal customer in my book. I tried this they other day and was offered 2 MTS’s for $129 with no upgrade fee, free shipping, and reduced internet plans (2@20 a piece).

  • djdarkknight96

    All I have to say is to the people with upgrades available and out of contact.

    1.add a line
    2.cancel old line
    3.request your old number back
    4.free phone for you
    But remember there is an activation fee!

    People have been doing that for a long time. Also BOGO ends the 20th but we are also doing 12 month upgrades full discount for family plans 89.98 (talk only). So if it’s been one year since last upgrade not 22 months you get you discount early! Just wanted to help out the loyal customers upset at the free promo for new customers!

    • Mohammad

      But you lose free myfaves add on if you had it in your old line.

      • pimpstrong

        true. as well as my Grandfathered $25/mo unlim data.

      • Bob

        No, you don’t lose MyFavs. When you add a line, the new line gets the MyFavs as part your your family plan. Then you cancel the old line, the new line still has the Myfavs.
        You do lose the old data plan on the old line.

    • Ian

      Also keep in mind sales(BOGO) only apply to the FULL discount 22 months. so don’t come in with 12 months of tenure expecting bogo

  • MudDug

    So, if we’re on a family plan, but off contract, can we sign up on a new family plan contract and get a free phones?

    At the beginning it said people who sign up for a “new family plan” (which I interpreted to mean contract) would be eligible, but then in the news release it says “new customers”…

    • MudDug

      Just chatted with a rep and they confirmed no deal for us. Really frustrating for loyal customers…it’s great Tmo wants to bring in new customers but if they took better care of their existing customers they wouldn’t need to bring in so many new ones. The incentives are all out of whack (for all the carriers), why wouldn’t you switch when your contract is up, there are always better deals for new customers!

      • hi!

        I couldn’t agree more. How long until a carrier realizes that some sort of “frequent flier” type program would be a goldmine.

        Like you correctly stated, when you’re out of contract you almost HAVE to change carriers. Why wouldn’t I go for the EVO when I’m out of contract?

  • Mark S

    Time to add a line!

  • Green Robot

    Meanwhile, back at the farm, Apple’s servers were straining under the huge volume of people pre-ordering the super expensive iPhones on AT&T’s super expensive plans. There is a lesson in this somewhere Mister Dotson…

    • hi!

      EXACTLY!! I feel bad for all the poor reps who have to get up early on a Saturday for nothing. This isn’t going to interest anyone. Then a few short days later literally millions are going to line up days in advance to get the new iPhone

  • stackz

    just callec tmobile CC and yes flexpay contract will get this deal too

  • jimbo

    Slide will be on bogo on offical release date 16th on bogo best android phone on the market compared to droid and not evo but no force closes works amazing yeah spec’s suck but its worth it look at the hd2 all the specs but its a failure freezes slow get the slide you will be happy proud slide owner here

  • Just call me Tmo Rep

    Ok first lemme say my grammar is not going to be on point but pay attention I am a tmo rep at a retail store its all about supply and demand in my store which is in the bronx we help customers to our best ability even though u might not have a full upgrade and one line does and ur tryin to do the bogo most of the time we will let it go or if u add a line and tryin to do the bogo we’ll let it go… It all depends on the store sometimes and the manager of the store i can say i do care about my customers becuase before i was a rep i was a customer myself since 2006 so i try my best to make sure my customer can get what they need sometimes my manager even pays a flex pay customers first month bill if they don’t have the money or even pays a existing customers bill if they need help sometime if u get your phones and add ur lines thru care they will never really help u unless u say transfer me to retention and say im goin to cancel my line plz listen to what im sayin because i kno and for everyone who is out of contract and want new phones and don’t mind switching your rate plan i say GO INTO A STORE CANCEL THE LINE CHANGE UR NUMBER HAVE THE MANAGER CREDIT UR ACCOUNT 15$ FOR CHANGING YOUR NUMBER ADD THE LINE AND REQUEST THE OLD NUMBER BAQ…. NOW IF YOUR ON LOYALTY AND U HAVE ONE OR MORE LINES I SAY DEFINITLY DO IT AND YOU CAN BE PUT RIGHT BAQ ON LOYALTY ALSO TELL THEM U WORK AT MCDONALDS OR GO TO SCKOOL THATS 15% OFF UR BILL AND WAIVES ALL ACTIVATION FEES it all depends where you go ppl and what type of rep your dealing with if anyone is in the nyc area and is looking for some benefits come to the bronx area and shop around if anyone has any questions feel free to ask i will definitly try to help your situation

    • DSB

      I also work for T-Mobile and that is activation fraud…..so you need to just stick to the promotion as intended and upgrade existing customers with the BOGO if they are eligible……this promotion is designed to acquire new customers, not to do fraudulent activations and create false churn! If a customer wants to cancel existing service and activate under their spouses name to get this deal then there is really nothing we can do about that but you dont need to offer anything like that to the customers because one, it doesnt help grow our customer base and two, you and your manager can be fired for that! Be smart people!!

  • Stillwaiting

    So if I understand what has been said, if I add a line to a current family plan, the phone for the new line is free, but any other phones would only be offered at upgrade pricing?

    If this is the case, and I do add a line, do I have to renew the contract on the other two phones?

    It seems like the loyalty department is offering the best deal to me to with upgrade prices on the phones lower than what I’m able to get in the store, I’d rather not renew those lines in the store, but rather with the loyality department so I can also get the $20 unlimited data plan on the old lines. There’s no savings if I have to pay $30 versus $20 by getting one “free phone” in the store if I have to renew the other phones as well.

    Any assistance is appreciated

  • dp1228

    I assume this offer requires an Even More (2-yr contract) plan. What is the ETF? If it’s only $200/phone, I would like to pay the ETF for 2 phones and switch to Even More Plus. That move would pay off in only 13 months (pay $400 up front to save $30/month on plan). Effectively, I would like to treat it as a MyTouch Slide for $200 no-contract sale if possible. Anybody know if that will fly?

  • jshapz

    Hey guys for all the people who really want new phones and have credit. just start a seperate family plan and get 2 phones for free then cancel the contract for $200 each. not the best strategy but its better than paying retail price for a new phone. ex: 2 new mytouch slides for $400 compared to one at retail $469. just a suggestion for everyone.

  • http://deals.t-mobile.com/ AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sanjay

    What sucks and is beginning to get to me about T-mobile is that they mostly only offer deals to new customers and leave existing customer out. The pricing on new smartphones for the even more plus customers is just ridiculous.

  • rickb928

    Now if only TMO had an Android phone I really wanted. Not yet they don’t.

    So my G1 continues to slog on. Maybe this fall…

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Based on the response on the Net, this promo is a success, measured on Net response. It’s being talked about and gets T-Mobile’s name out there.

    Since this was a national press release submitted to all the news media outlets, let’s see if it gets covered on the national news.

    That’s half the battle, getting media to talk about you.

    The second half will be to see if the promo increases new activations and puts T-Mobile on the plus side for the quarter.


  • Leaving t-mo after 8 years

    I agree with lot of sentiments here. I leave in large metro where T-mo has good coverage like all 3 other carriers, including sprint 4G. When I saw first unofficial reports of this deals, I paused as both of my lines are out of contract for over 12 months now.

    I wanted to get some decent phone but T-mo would not let me upgrade to new phone while keeping my old $20 unlm data plan. If I was going to pay $30 for data plan and only get sub-par phone to other carriers i.e iphone4, incredible or evo, why bother staying with T-mo.

    As soon as confirmation came in that existing family plans are no-go, Sprint – here I come. I would receive my 2 new EVOs by end of the week and my corp discount is 27% with sprint vs 15% on T-mo (none the less – at t-mo my loyalty plans wouldn’t get corp discount).

    I enjoyed giving my business to T-mo for 8 years and may if they have decent devices in Summer ’12, I wouldn’t mind coming back. I guess you MUST play switch carriers game every time your contract is up when your current carrier would rather give better deals to new customer (unless staying put makes sense).


  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    For those of you who always diss T-Mobile (and this promo), saying it has nothing on the front burner, lousy handsets, terrible coverage, etc. I’m telling you “T-Mobile is working in it.”

    Here is a transcript of what was said on the news the other night:

    “More cell phone towers will soon be going up in San Francisco as four of the nations biggest wireless companies try to improve their coverage.

    San Francisco city planners says T-Mobile has the most ambitious plan.
    T-Mobile proposes tripling the number of antennas it has in the city to boost reception and services.

    Verizon, AT&T and Clearwire are planning scaled down versions of the same project.

    T-Mobile has 582 antennas in the City. They want 1530 within the next five years.”

    Hey, there’s a tip. A good source of what’s going on with carriers is to check out things with govt. planners, the guys who have to approve towers, etc.

  • tmolady

    I hate people not seeing that tmobile already had plenty of loyalty offers for existing customer. Remember 6 months ago whrn the unlimited loyalty plans came and you could get 2 lines unlimited talk for 89.98 when new customers were paying 149.99? There are offers for long-term customers and new customers and they can’t always be the same. I’m sure that t-mo will be offering a new loyal offer soon that new customers will be complaining that they can’t get. It’s a business–not a charity.

  • Seth

    Anyone notice that the Samsung Gravity 3 is on the promotion page for T-Mobile?

    I didn’t think that phone came out till after Father’s Day.


  • ObviousState

    Found out this tidbit today. The smart phones will be free after $100 mail-in rebate. What an awesome effing deal. Sooo worth opening up 2 hours early right? I truly wonder if T-Mobile really cares about ever jumping ahead of any of the other major carriers. I feel as if they are content being in 4th, not being competitive, and just want to come off as the value carrier that cares about you “sticking together” with your family. Understand that the majority of folks that come across sites like these and read/post on these boards will never be 100% happy with T-Mobile. So far, the other carriers have the stronger, more reliable data network and the better device. The best device on our network is harder to find than Bin Laden at this point. Sure we have more Android devices than the other carriers but they have the better Android devices.

  • la_resistance28

    So… when is T-Mo promoting this weekend’s Free Phones promo? Been watching the NBA Finals (T-Mo is an official partner of the NBA), and they keep advertising their $5 Add-a-Line, and sponsoring “NBA Families” spots, but no mention of the Free Phones deal. On one hand, I can understand them not wanting to cause TOO much of a frenzy on Saturday, but on the other hand, there’s been so much online hype, they’re asking reps to open 2 hours early, and they already have commercial buys for the NBA Finals! If you’re gonna put so much effort into this, why not promote it properly?

  • Be Real


    Todays news has its guidelines as does any special promotion.
    Existing customers will not be able to take advantage of this offer UNLESS they add a line. If they add a line they CAN get an upgrade for free. Flexpay ANNUAL DOES qualify. All sales ARE final, no exchanges. Which makes sense… retail stores are sure to be out of stock after Saturday waiting for replenishment. I also read someone say earlier that you could cancel a line and activate another with a new number to get the promo… NOT TRUE. When a line is canceled it must be canceled for 90 days before qualifying for a discounted device and a new number ( As with ANY Carrier) BUT you can add a line THEN call into care to cancel an already existing line.

    You guys have tio remember T-Mobile is the underdog right now… The company is trying to do all they can to compete with other carriers and its impossible to compare them to the bigger, more established companies like AT&T( who is only what it is due to the merger) & Verizon. Wait Till AFTER the 19th to critisize this promo if you dont know everything yet….

  • This Guy

    RadioShack will have ALL T-Mobile phones for FREE on Saturday as well. However, you won’t have to wait for a mail-in rebate. The savings are instant!

    At RadioShack:
    – All Phones will be FREE
    – No mail-in rebates
    – Lines 1 and 2 are eligible
    – Single or Family plans are eligible
    – Upgrades and FlexPay are not eligible

    • tmo guy

      O.K if you want to do a single line you can. With no act fees or rebates at tmobile just say you want to price match radio shack.

      • This Guy

        RadioShack will also have $35 Bill Credit promotion.

        So, Free Phones and you get $35 back per line!

        At RadioShack:
        – All Phones will be FREE
        – No mail-in rebates
        – Lines 1 and 2 are eligible
        – Single or Family plans are eligible
        – Upgrades and FlexPay are not eligible
        – get $35 back per line with bill credit promotion!

  • hicube

    Does anyone know if Nexus One qualifies for this father’s day promo?

    • Kickstar13

      No the Nexus One is not sold in T-Mobile stores (at least for now).

  • MudDug

    I just wonder if Tmo will consider the number of current customers they lose in the “success” of this program. I’m sure it’ll be easy to say, hey this deal worked b/c we got X number of new subscribers. Yeah for us! But what about the loyal customers that leave over the next 3, 6, 9 months b/c they are pissed they can’t get in on these new customer deals. Yes, Tmo has good rates, but making current customers mad is about the dumbest business strategy I’ve ever encountered, even if all the other carriers are doing it. A mad customer usually doesn’t act rationally, meaning they’ll leave for a worse deal especially if they can get a better phone, which is the case currently. I don’t get it…

    Of course, maybe they have the iphone coming and figure they’re going to get lots of customers from that so they don’t give a hoot about losing some subscribers. Dumb either way.

    • Hutch

      That is exactly what I am thinking and because of the enterprise plans at ATT I can go there for the same monthly charges…
      They act like a discount on the slide and HD2 to the 150 range is huge where after discounts I can get the iphone for around that or i could possibly go to Verizon and do the same with an incredible or a little longer wait for moto’s next offerings…

      I just don’t get it…

  • jake

    this is lame, nothing for existing customers, Im off contract now, doesnt customer loyalty mean anything to TMO, they are so hard up for new customers, I got a better idea than this crappy promo, try launching a kick ass phone that will have lines outside the store of people waiting to get it, way more customers could be brought in this way, the EVO for example, brought sprint a lot of people back to sprint who had left. I am amazed at how retarded TMO’s strategists and higher ups really are. Just resign and let someone else do your jobs. Heres a new campaign slogan for you, Its called “Tmobile out front, bring you the latest and greatest in smartphones, while leaving no smartphone behind” Hey maybe I should get hired by these idiots, my idea is way better than their current planning, then again any monkey with half a brain could figure this out.

  • lets see here, why do people think that tmobile does not care about their existing customers. lets do some basic math here.

    preferred customer still saves more money than the new customer, not to mention if they have any other preferred features on their plan. also, they have probably given many discounts for other upgrades, overages, rate plan changes, whining! the best part is that new customers will eventually get the same discounts too! so why don’t you “loyal” cusotmers shut the “F” up and stop whining! you guys are like the only child that does not like to share!

    • Hutch

      Your math is wrong as I have talked with TMo.. I was offered the HD2 for 150 but by the time everything was said and done the phone was still 185.

      You also are leaving the part out this is not just for new customers it is for adding a line, or converting service to family plan which throws your math off as well.

      Basically if I were to kill my line which my contract is expired I could then add a line and take advantage of the deal and get preferred pricing but lose my current number for 8 years.

      If you already have preferred pricing on a single line and your contract is not expired and you convert you can take advantage of this plan and convert to a family plan and upgrade 1 phone free and get the second phone free.

    • jake

      and your like the idiot in-law that thinks he knows everything in the world!
      NOt eligible for upgrade yet
      stuck with crappy Bh2
      off contract
      ….and your telling me that this promo is a better deal for me, I already talked to some TMO reps, the only way I get a new phone is by buying it straight up or going thru a stupid long warranty claim deal….
      So unless you have any more incorrect info then shut your mouth

  • makes sense!

  • Mark

    I got a question:
    If my dad wants to get a new phone, say the blackberry bold 9700, and he gets it during the EXTRAVAGANZA phone sale. We already have a family plan but my dad never got one since he doesn’t use it all the time. If we add him into the plan again by getting that phone, would it still be free? Need your answers.

  • Jake

    So no nexus one? Or is there a chance still?

    • MB

      Nexus will NOT be sold at Tmobile store…..end of comment

  • eric c

    Okay, I work for tmobile and would like to set a few things straight, one the my slide is a much better overall phone then the htc incredible, if you have used the incredible you will know and agree it has plenty of defects while so far the mt slide is mint. And to start off the hd2 has nearly twice the processing speed of your beloved I phone. The hd2 has a 1 gigahertz processing speeding as the 3g is nearly half. I would love to rant but I’m opening up the gates. This promo is amazing it had 190 million ads nationwide the last 3 days.our sales numbers are expected to be close to black Friday and the day before Christmas.

  • tmobileAA

    I too work for T-Mobile. The phones I sell in this area are terrible. The service itself in this area is sub par at best. But, that doesn’t mean that T-Mobile isn’t a good company. If you have a myTouch or myTouch slide in a big city area T-mobile is great. As for the HTC HD2, application markets are the new selling point for any carrier. The HTC HD2: Windows Mobile :( It is a very fast device and can do amazing things yet it lacks the most marketable feature right now to date, an application market…namely, ANDROID. And with that the HTC HD2 slides down the list of top phones.

    Now for the Fathers Day Sale (FSD). The FSD is geared towards the new customer and not just someone that hasn’t had a phone before or not with a carrier at the moment, but it is focused on pulling customers away from other carriers and getting them locked into a 2yr contract with T-Mobile. That is how the war is played in the cell phone business. This is where your Churn rates and Prime conversions and so on come into play. This is how we determine who is the leading carrier per quarter. So for T-Mobile’s stance, this is a great deal. As for exsisting customers, there’s no easy way to put this….you’re going to get “crapped” on. After being in the business for over 9 years you learn to manage. Is it a poor choice for T-Mobile to not give a better discount on upgrades? The honest answer is No. The bottom line is money talks. If they were to give better discounts on upgrades today then they would have less phones to sell to new customers and lets face it, new customers is were the money is.

  • Loverofthekeys

    What about the sensation 

  • Loverofthekeys

    What about the sensation 

  • Loverofthekeys

    And will it be for Upgrading costumers  

  • Raffeal247

    I wonder if the new HTC Sensation 4G will be free on ‘Sunday” June 19th!