Samsung Galaxy S Passes Through FCC

Well, what do we have here?  Courtesy of the FCC, word comes that the Samsung Galaxy S is on its way to the good ole US of A.  The quirky thing is that the FCC report (and maybe I am just reading this wrong as I don’t pretend to have any idea what these reports say) shows AWS 1900.  However, its ONLY AWS 1900 which means, in any case, a second band is missing no matter what carrier this is heading for.  However, the other interesting highlight is that it passed under the model number T959.  For those of you who are not yet familiar with Samsung’s naming system, anything that ends in xx9 is usually headed the T-Mobile way.  We’re still running with our rumored July 21st launch date for this bad boy but all things should be answered on June 29th at Samsung’s press unveiling.

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  • Justin

    WOW I am tight Spring is getting the Samsung Galaxy S PRO which has LED Flash and a Keyboard and 4G!

    • hatersgonhate

      stupid tmo needs to get the PRO. This thing is trash compared to the PRO.

      • mykenyc

        Only difference is it have a keyboard kick rocks your life is not over.

      • SayWhat?!?

        Thats not the pro its the Samsung Moment 2, besides it looks nothing like the Galaxy S. Why would you want 4G when we have Hspda anyways? It seems people are always complaining and never are happy with what they get? I remember a few months ago everyone was complaining that Tmo needs a super phone , now you’ve potentially got one and still are not happy. Wow. I for one am gonna buy this phone on launch date that screen is too beautiful to pass up on.

    • gerber

      it looks too fake. that looks nothing like the original galaxy s.

      • Negtne

        Not only that what about the flash on the rear camera? The galaxy pro has that too!

  • GreenRobot

    Hurray, finally some good concrete news. Now all we need is an announcement and a release date. Hope there are going to be enough of these things on hand so that T-Mobile will allow upgrades from the start. I am so looking forward to finally having a decent Android phone. I waited so long…

  • Only cellphonesignal it said 1700/2100 was passed too.

  • Jazz

    I hope this comes to TMO, I really want it. I was debating the nexus one, but I think I’ve finally settled on getting this one. I really hope the July 21st date is correct.

  • thguy

    they changed the button’s for the tmobile version. we got a preproduction model with an iphone like button. now it has 4 buttons, home, search, back, and something else i forgot. the screen is amazing.

    • mratx512

      got any pictures of it to post?

    • soon2TMO

      i hope you are right!!!!!

      and LED flash perhaps? but if they dont change anything, i dont care, i’d still get it anyway… haha

  • Jack

    I was very hesitant about this phone initially due to the lack of flash for the camera and the Touchwiz interface, but I think it’s won me over. It’s very snappy and I’m sure I would be used to the Touchwiz after a day. If not, I bet I could deactivate it in the settings. The big, fast, super amoled screen is killer.

    • mallman

      nope cant deactivate

      • underdog378

        You can turn off touchwiz on the international version, care to share your legitimate source that says otherwise for the north american version?

      • J-Hop2o6

        or u can DL a Home Switcher (like Laucher Pro) from the marketplace for free.. it changes the Home screen and app drawer.. but everything else should be left intact like the pic/video album UI and camera UI.

  • Vinny

    I hope T-Mobile snags this phone because this is the kind of device they need to top off their inventory of phones. They have so many low to middle weight phones and no real great Android phones. I want this phone and so many customers will jump on this. Go T-Mobile, the fastest network in the USA.

  • wack mode

    wow i cant wait for the samsung galaxy s im buying thet outright

  • DannOfThurs

    Now to wait for Galaxy S Pro + keyboard :D

    • mallman

      plus led flash

    • 2FR35H


      You mean moment 2 cuz thats not the Galaxy S Pro.

      • 2FR35H

        I mean @DannofThurs

      • soon2TMO

        “GALAXY S” at the back of it, so it may be the Pro version of the galaxy S..

  • “On”* my bad, lol

  • rahul

    man i really need a confirmation asap. because i have the evo, and although sprint 3g where i live and service/customer service has been absolutely amazing, i would like to return it to get the galaxy s on tmob. i was a 10 year tmo customer before switching to sprint last week, but i wouldnt mind the switch back. mainly because of all the issues people have been facing with the evo and i only have a few more weeks left before my 30 days is up!

    • lev

      I too have the Evo and 3g has been blazing fast over here as well, however this device has no flash, its plasticky, no led indicator, and its samsung, which means by the time they get Android 2.2, 2.3 will be out by then, Do not get me wrong, I think this is an awesome phone, but it lacks a few things, I personally love HTC Sense, and Samsung uses their own Touch Wiz UI, I have another 2 and a half weeks with the Evo before I make my final decision, I am more interested in hearing bout the Sidekick Twist, supposedly 4.3 inch screen with keyboard, but as of right now, Evo is the best phone I ever used period.

      • fujitsujeff

        Yeah, it’s about time to upgrade from the G1 4 me, but I might have to settle for this phone if the Sidekick Twist information does not pan out. I really wish they added a flash, an annoyance I have with the G1, can’t snap any pics unless your standing outside on a bright sunny day.

    • soon2TMO

      that’s why im not fan of HTC… just look at the Evo’s front camera, it mirrored!!! but the one on the galaxy s is not..

      HTC=poorly made! as if they rush making these things… LOL

  • themetatron

    After the behold 2 fiasco, and a Samsung corruption Google search, I would never recommend or buy Samsung. But good to see tmobile getting a top level device.

    • keele8

      I have some concerns along the line of themetatron’s comment. It seems that anything Samsung has had with Tmobile has been a big train wreck as far as updates and customer service goes. Although this phone looks amazing and the specs are right on board with what most of us want, I worry about a behold II moment down the road once they release another phone after the galaxy S. Will it be left out in the cold as far as updates? I know only time will tell but sometimes you just have to go with what Samsung has done in the past. I am looking more towards the Nexus One because I know goolge won’t abandon that phone for a long time. Not saying it couldn’t happen in the future but I believe it would be way in the future. I am curious what others think?

      • Ryan

        Don’t compare the Galaxy S to any of Samsung’s previous phones and the problems they had. Samsung has stated that this is their iPhone4 competition. They’ve never publicly declared war on another device/company, so there’s a very good chance this phone will be supported.

        I am a former Behold II owner and I had my doubts, but all signs are pointing towards a change in support for the Galaxy S.

      • keele8

        I hope you are right. But the Behold II was in direct competition to all the phones on the market at it’s time of release and they dropped it without hesitation. My concern is what would keep them from doing the same on this phone? Plus there is already the Galaxy S Pro going to sprint with the keyboard. I am worried they are already moving forward with better phones before this one is even released on Tmobile. It might just be too big of a risk to go with Samsung.

      • Ryan

        Valid concerns, but I think that them making multiple versions of the Galaxy S is a good thing. They’ll have multiple versions of the same phone across many carriers world wide. Wouldn’t that suggest that they’d continue support on the phones? With them all using the same interface and source, an update would be easy to implement across the entire spectrum.

        Not to mention that if they pull another shenanigan like they did with the BH2, they’ll piss off even more people. I’m going to guess that they’ve learned from that mistake. Plus, remember their excuse for not updating the BH2 to 2.x was the “hardware limitations.” They won’t have that excuse to hide behind this time around.

      • JaylanPHNX

        The other thing that a lot of people haven’t considered is that the Behold II was a sales failure. It would have been unwise for Samsung to devote the kind of resources needed for a 2.x update, when they were busy working on the Galaxy S. The same situation for Galaxy S is being avoided by putting it on every carrier they can get to take it. It’s all about the business sense, and while it can be argued that failing the Behold II customers was bad PR, it was for a marginal group, where-as the Galaxy S should be a world-wide, mass-market device. I have no doubts that it will be supported.

    • tindola

      I will buy this as soon as it is rooted and there is a decent ROM out there for it. As much as I love the specs of this phone, i don’t want to be at Samsung’s mercy for any updates. My G1 with 2.1 has just about hit the wall. lol

  • ivorypeppers

    sounds like my next phone. on a side note, i was at a Sprint store lastnight checking out the evo and the guy asked what phone did i have so i pulled out my HD2. he said oh this is better than that and went on bragging. after he was done i kindly let him know that i have had all the operating systems and you are telling me nothing new. so then he wanted to compare 3g speeds i said you know t mo data is faster than sprints be i doubt it. so we went to a couple of sites at the same time and i completely smoked him each time he could not believe it. then i kindly explained to him how the operating system depends on what the user wants and not what thessalesman will shove down the customers throat(that’s what he was trying to do to me). needless to say he was very speechless after i was done with him and his evo!

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Great story…

      Same thing here, people are always impressed once they actually SEE my HD2 in operation.

    • Alex

      hahaha that’s an awesome story! anyone who’s having problems with their hd2 needs to flash hspl and a rom because doing so will completely revamp the phone. the hd2 has a huge community over at xda and they’re always pushing out new roms/updates. mod your hd2 and you won’t complain anymore, trust me =]

      • eYe

        Let’s see… your average mom and dad get a pair HD2s and start flashing roms and SPLs, all while voiding their warranty. Yep… great idea.

      • ivorypeppers

        exactly. ive put many custom ROMs on this thing and haven’t looked back since

  • Garret

    In this PDF (, under Title it says: “SGH-T959(TMB)”.

    While TMB could mean any number of things, for someone desperate, it means “coming to T-Mobile ASAP.” :)

  • CradleOfChaos

    I dont care how nice that looks. Im done with Samsung. I never liked their phones, and after that little stunt they pulled with the Behold II upgrade, they lost my business.

    • pimpstrong

      LOL your loss.

  • All this skinning of android… these idiots are making Frankenstien out of Einstein WTF are they doing?!? Hopefully this crap will stop after this phone.

    • Bobomo

      You should read some reviews. It’s not just a skin – they actually added functionality to Android, and improved the audio player that everyone is always complaining about.

      • mallman

        everyone??? not me. stock android kills touchwiz. additionally, all third party UI’s have a much much slower rate of updates to android. custom UI = fail IMO

    • 2FR35H


      You haven’t even see this touchwiz before so you are being kind of biased there saying stock kills touchwiz.

  • ObsceneJesster

    I am glad all of the Behold II owners got dicked over. Thats a couple less people competing with me when I go to buy this bad boy on day one. I can’t wait until Samsung updates this device to 2.2. I am making a list of everyone saying it won’t and when the update happens, I won’t let any of you live it down.

    • keele8

      Didn’t say they won’t update, just concerned about how long updates will come before they have a newer phone that they care about more and drop the Galaxy S, if they do it. I hope they don’t.

    • pimpstrong

      LOL @ Obscene. I’m with you man 100%

  • DannOfThurs

    TMO don’t let the keyboard version be a sprint-only!!!!!

    • keele8

      I second that request (or is it a plea?)

  • Green Robot

    I just saw some videos of Galaxy S released in Singapore. Several more things to be excited about. Apparently, in addition to plaing divx/xvid encoded videos out of the box, this thing can even play .mkv encoded 720p files with ac3 audio track. I’m in heaven.
    Also, while it does not have HDMI out, its 3.5mm jack includes composite video out just like some of the newer Nokia phones. I saw a video of it being connected to a TV using NOkia CA-75U cable and it was displaying on the TV exactly what was on the phone screen. It’s no high def HDMI but definitely good enough for a quick and dirty photo, video, game on any TV with composite video input. BTW, Nokia CA-75U cable can be bought from Amazon for $9.95. I’m so excited…, I just can’t hide it….

    • Garret

      What’s cool though is that the phone supports HD streaming via DLNA:
      “Wirelessly through my TV set, PC or other DLNA certified® device. AllShare™ via DLNA in my GALAXY S phone, makes all GALAXY S’ content—pictures, music, can be viewed or played wirelessly through my laptop or PC, TV, or other DLNA certified® devices. That includes HD video, with increased multi-codec support for industry- standards—MPEG4, H.263, H.264, WMV, RV, DivX, Xvid.”

      Here’s a full list of supported video to:
      HD Video Player & Recorder (1280 x 720) @ 30fps
      codec: DivX, XviD, MPEG4, H.263, H.264, WMV, VC-1
      format: 3gp(mp4), AVI(divx), MKV, FLV, H.263Sorenson

      • Green Robot

        Yes, DLNA support is cool. How can you take advantage of it though if you don’t have a DLNA capable TV though? I’m planning to get a LED Sharp Aquos soon but I don’t know if it supports DLNA.
        That list of supported video codecs is great. I’m really looking forward to this. I will be really angry if this does not materialize on T-Mobile for some reason.

      • 2FR35H


        the official website of Galaxy S states that it would only work with after 2010 Samsung tv’s

      • soon2TMO

        bluray players and PS3’s have DLNA… so you could stream your vids,etc on you SGS via blurays/ps3..

      • Garret

        @2FR35H – if I’m not mistaking, the 2010 Samsung TVs comment is with regards to the mobile remotes.

        @Green Robot – most TVs with networking do support DLNA – in a real quick search, the only LED Sharp Aquos I could find was this one: LC-40LE700UN – didn’t see it having DLNA support. I’ve been really, really happy with my Samsung LED – UN46B7000. Thing is, I’ve seen it as low as half of list price, as often as I’ve seen it as list – so keep an eye out for the sales.

  • swrogers

    Keep in mind, those of you that are worried about there not being official updates, that Samsung has already released the Galaxy S source code ( While that in and of itself might not mean much, having the guys over at XDA working on this device will mean that it should most definitely see some good ROMS released for it. I would have no qualms about buying this device…..and I am no fan of Samsung.

    • keele8

      Thanks for the info, that changes things for my concerns. That will make it just like my G1, google has dropped it but I am still getting updates through XDA. Running 2.1 right now on a “dead” phone. I think I might give this phone a try knowing that.

      • swrogers

        I don’t know that I would get it on day one though. The XDA folks will still have to find a way to root the device and load up the custom code. Still though, I suppose it’s only a matter of time. ;-)

    • smackiesfunkies

      awesome. that deff changes my Outlook on getting this phone. as long as they released the source code we can have custom roms:D just needs root

  • chotpy

    (TMB) was also placed next to the label of the Samsung Behold.

    YAY for ya’ll, Galaxy S is coming! BOO FOR ME, I want…a physical keyboard…without mytouchiness ;-;

  • Get Over IT!!

    Im sick of all the complaining about updates and stuff you don’t see an old computer that came with windows 95 running windows 7 now or sony and microsoft still making playstation 1 and xbox games as hardware changes so does the software and old hardware don’t support new software motorola just annouced a 2ghz proccesor so everything always get outdated and can’t last forever so enjoy the device for a year or two then go buy another one or buy two cans of soup and a string to talk on like when we were kids

  • Bobomo

    I spent entirely too long perusing the FCC docs last night and I can assure you this has the proper 1700/2100 bands for T-Mobile 3G. However, for some reason, it also has 1900 3G bands as well. I can only think of a couple explanations for this: 1) T-Mobile has somehow secretly bought up some 1900 spectrum… this seems highly unlikely. 2) Samsung is going with a universal GSM 3G radio. Not sure why they might do this, or what the end result would be, but it could be very good news for international travelers, if those bands are able to be accessed for roaming. 3) Something to do with HSPA+?

    • God

      It’s most likely a Euro phone for international travels. The 1900 and 1700 support ATT and T-Mobile, and the 2100 for Europe of course.

  • mingkee

    The band plan is like Pharos Traveler 137
    Band I/II/IV (AWS/1900/2100)

  • Manufacturer+carrier promises and announcements regarding Android have become absolutely meaningless. Even T-Mobile, which I otherwise am very satisfied with, has proven this.

    Unless you can root/flash phone to stock, you’re getting screwed over. It has been demonstrated by now that any supposed “enhancements” or UI overlays rarely benefit you in any significant way. In other words, would you have chosen the phone WITHOUT it? Then it has added zero value to you and has probably cost you performance, battery life and cost (the manufacturer had to pay for that development, y’ know).

    Imagine if you just had a nice piece if stable hardware that could be upgraded indefinitely? Why would a manufacturer or carrier want that?? This ain’t charity after all…

  • Matt

    Windows 95 came out 15 years ago and those computers could never run Windows 7 so stop using the arguement that people need to stop complaining about the Behold II not being updated the Behold II is 6 months old with better specs than the Mytouch 3G (more ROM) and that phone will have 2.1 soon and eventually 2.2. If microsoft made a new version of windows right now and everyone but say HP gave everyone free updates then HP customers would have every right to cry foul

  • God

    Jesus Christ, TMONEWS.
    Can you guys get someone to post who isn’t technologically illiterate?

    “it’s ONLY AWS 1900 which means in any case, a second band is missing no matter what carrier this is heading for”

    What in the holy hell does that mean? I know what it means. It means that you guys don’t know a cell phone network from a hole in the ground. It means that you’re spreading your ignorance of basic cellular technology and misinforming your readers. It means that you’re fulfilling the stereotype that bloggers are too lazy or stupid to actually KNOW what they’re talking about, so they make up stupid remarks to make up for their lack of even fundamental knowledge of the subject matter that they’re supposedly trying to cover.

  • phonegeek

    sprint doesnt need another superphone let alone W/keyboard cmon tmo grab that too while your at it and hurry up with that sidekick twist.. we’re trying to stay strong here your customer service has been so good to me…

    • Bimmerz

      I agree with you 100%! I’d be all over the Galaxy S “PRO” if T-Mo were to get it, but I still wouldn’t pounce on it, on day 1 of its release. As I am still too curious about the “Project Emerald/Sidekick Twist” rumor (with hopes that it’s true).

      Also given the mixed “Samsung” reviews from people, I’d want to wait a month or 2 and see if it’s really – all that.

    • soon2TMO

      i thought sprint only have ONE superphone.. Evo right?

      tmobile has the HD2.

  • SnakeEyez

    Great phone and I planned on getting it but there are a few issues that concern me. I could do without the flash (my tp2 doesn’t have one) or the LED indicator, but one thing that really bugs me is the battery. I read on xda-developers that the battery is not a lithium ion battery and its a lithium pol battery. The reason why this is an issue is because lithium pol batteries can be overcharged after the battery is full unlike lithium ion, which damages the battery. So if you charge your phone while sleeping (like most of us do), once it reaches 100%, it’ll keep charging the battery which will make the battery capacity muuch less over time. I hope that they can change the battery to an ion (highly doubtful tho).

    • SnakeEyez

      NVM this, just did some more research. Even though it says not to overcharge the phone in the manual, it is probably a misprint. Li-pol batteries have been used in other phones and they’ve had no overcharge problems, so this super phone shouldnt either.

      • JaylanPHNX

        Yeah, especially since the ads for this phone have featured it’s nightstand dock rather heavily. ;)

  • B-Mobile

    I’ve had the G1 for 22 months now and the marriage is over: i love the phone to death but its just past its prime. Ive waited and debated on every phone that t-mo has dropped (just like we all have) and i think i am sold on the one: just wish this phone has a damn led flash a la nexus one. the only thing that will keep me from buying the Galaxy is if some info on the sidekick twist drops before July 21st then ill wait on it, other than that i grab this one up and be happy

  • mikeeeee


  • Chris

    Getting this myself. Don’t care about the keyboard. Once you go with a virtual keyboard, hard to go back. So much faster typing on a virtual keyboard anyway. And no reason I would want to leave TM. I got all I need with them, unlimited everything. How could you go wrong and jump ship to Sprint and have unlimited mobile to mobile? Come on, they can do better than that and do unlimited everything to. This is one of the main reasons I am staying put.

  • Bobomo

    Keep in mind this phone could still end up with a camera flash. The same source that predicted a keyboard version for Sprint (which was just leaked) also predicted that all the US versions of this phone (except AT&T) would have a camera flash.

    And remember, while we are assuming this phone is the Samsung Galaxy S, all we REALLY know is that a phone called the SGH-T959 is extremely similar in specs to the SGS. We haven’t actually seen any final US hardware, just T-Mo firmware running on Euro/Asia hardware (Howard Chui video).

    • JaylanPHNX

      Very good points. Also, as far as flash goes, I’ve never taken a good picture using the flash on my phone. My Cliq XT takes great pictures (better than my stand-alone camera), but the flash always (always!) washes everything out. Come to think of it, so did all my stand-alone digital cameras. Unless you want washed-out pics of people in the dark, a flash for digital cams is over rated and often unnecessary. I’m sure a lot of photogs will oppose that view, but it’s my personal experience and personal opinion. I won’t mourn the lack of flash on my Galaxy S.

    • Green Robot

      I have been wondering about the Howard Chui video. Just because that Galaxy S had some T-Mo programs installed, does it really mean that it was a T-Mo firmware. Can’t you just take any unlocked Android phone, stick T-Mobile sim card in it, go to Market, and download and install all of those T-Mo specific applications anyway? I thought that it was possible. If yes, than all the Howard Chui’s video really meant was that Howard Chui was using the phone and installed some T-Mobile apps on it. Am I wrong?

      • Bobomo

        I don’t know… perhaps Howard Chui could answer that question! :D

        The biggest piece of evidence, though, was the fact that the server name was SGH-t959. Also, I can’t imagine why he would go to the market and download “Help”?

      • Green Robot

        True Bobomo. This does follow the naming convention used by Samsung for T-Mobile phones. It is just a naming convention. I just found it curious that people took few downloaded apps as hard evidence of this being a T-Mo phone, that’s all.
        I will not be 100% sure that this is coming to T-Mobile until I can reach in my pocket and pull out my very own T-Mobile Galaxy S out of it. Call me a sceptic but T-Mobile has had a long history of disappointment so I need some tangible evidence at this point. At least as long as Dotson’s in charge…

      • Bobomo

        @Green Robot – I understand your skepticism and feel the same. I won’t truly believe it until I lay my hands on it. However, the preponderance of evidence is becoming too much to ignore. I think the FCC report, which contained both the T-Mobile specific model number (T959 – and there’s no reason to believe they are suddenly changing naming schemes randomly) along with “(TMB)” next to it, really sealed it. That, along with the Bluetooth SIG report and the Wifi approval make it seem like there has to be an agreement in place.

        And while it’s possible Howard Chui downloaded a bunch of T-Mobile apps (he’s in Canada I think, so that seems unlikely) and somehow changed the DLNA server name to match the T-Mobile specific nomenclature, it seems more likely that some PR guy sent out the wrong phone and Howard just video’d it and posted it without realizing what he had. It certainly seems more probable than him going through a bunch of effort just to screw with us! :D

      • Green Robot

        I think that you are correct Bobomo. The amount of evidence is getting very very convincing at this point. It is unlikely that T-Mobile would cancel this now. They would be utterly foolish to do so and it would just spark even more people to migrate to other carriers. A lot of people are complaining about their lineup and this would just push more people to leave. I’m pretty convinced that it is coming and I am looking forward to finally getting a responsive modern Android device.

    • soon2TMO

      you may be right! the Tmo version of the galaxy S may actually look different but with similar specs as the international version galaxy S…

      we’ll see..

  • ali

    Guys, the AWS 1900 means this : 1700/2100(tmo) And 1900 (at&t) 3G bands. So this is the north american release of Galaxy S — That means be assured you will not get any support. Even in the remote chance developers are able to make mods, it will be restricted to overseas devices and these mods will not likely get ported to the north american galaxy s.

    • Bobomo

      Do you have any actual facts to back up your assertions, or are you just another butthurt Behold II owner spewing BS?

      If anything, having both 3G bands is AWESOME for T-Mobile users, because it means: 1) They’ll be able to roam on international 3G networks; 2) Samsung plans to bring this hardware to AT&T and probably all the Canadian carriers as well. This means a larger install base and more likelihood of support and updates.

      The Behold II isn’t getting updated because it sold like crap on the nation’s smallest network. The more of these phones out there, the better for everyone.

      • ali

        Actually, if your read the fcc specs, you will notice that this device will not let you roam overseas at all !! The voice GSM band are 850/1900 only — that means you won’t even get a signal if you decide to go to europe. And the 3G bands, well, you can forget about roaming on those frequencies too because they are specific for North America 1700/2100mhz AWS [tmob] and band ii 1900mhz [ at&t].

        just look at this article

      • soon2TMO


        are you aware that the international unbranded version of the galaxy S has different bands than in the US? so if they don’t release a version specifically for US bands, then how will the device work at all? through edge?
        so they have to change these bands..

    • ObsceneJesster

      Blah Blah Blha No Support? Your funny.

    • 2FR35H


      How does getting tmobile 3G bands assures we won’t get support? You do realize the 3g bands has absolutely NOTHING to do with support right?

      • ali

        Yes it does, it means won’t be getting a global device and that means is going to be a USA/north american only version . So the sales of this device will be nothing like that overseas[ where gsm market rules]. Its all about the $$ my friend.
        From a developer standpoint, the number of developers for this device will be much much lower than the international version. This means less features can be ported when android 2.5 or 3 or whatever comes out in 6 months.

      • soon2TMO


        you know i panicked there for a second from reading your posts.. LOL, not literally though.. anyway, this will be the same galaxy S that is being released worldwide, but US versions might look different, we’re not really sure just yet..

        and about your idea of the US version that might not be supported with updates due to different bands from the international version, i think you are wrong on that one… the reason that the US version will not use the same bands as the others is because in america carriers run their businesses differently, tmobile will not allow a customer use a tmo branded device on another carrier like ATT simply because it’s their competition and same goes for ATT.. the only differing factor here is the 3G bands/roaming but the phone should be the same and updates should be the same.. samsung would easily push updates OTA to carriers then from carriers to customers.. even if it doesn’t sell that much in the US, the international version will still be supported, so why not the american version? they are the same devices anyway , right?

      • soon2TMO

        you know honestly, you just made me become a little doubtful about updates on this phone..LOL BH2 dejavu? LOL

        since the PRO version does look different, US version may also loook different but it will have similar specs.. so it could be a different phone altogether? i hope not!
        well the boxes invitations that some blogs have received did look like it was the galaxy S device (the flying saucer) LOL..

        i dont know.. we’ll see! ughh

    • Vinny

      Ali you are talking bull, T-Mobile is a bigger company then any other when you compare world wide status. This is not a one build drop it phone, they are all ready building a keypad version. This frequency that T-Mobile has is going to be the fastest and most reliable in the country in about one year’s time. If you had the pleasure of using their new 3G+ speed you wouldn’t want any other network. T-Mobile came out of the gates in last place and they are slowly pulling ahead of many networks. If you would rather try your luck with some of these other carriers where you can barely get a call thru then so be it,I am lucky enough to enjoy the fast speeds from T-Mobile’s service and will not change. I have had all the carriers and I will stay with T-Mobile “the fastest and the cheapest”.

      • ali

        No bull here. And when I’m referring to support, it has nothing to do with tmo so don’t get too feathers ruffles :-) Support from Samsung for their mobiles is notariously poor, especially for t-mobile specific models. Just look at the samsung memoir, samsung moment, and behold 2. Good hardware, very poor software fixes.

  • ObsceneJesster

    Blah Blah Blah No Support? Your funny.

  • TheAnalyst

    I’m lovin’ this phone and hope TMo gets it next month. It seems like many people are upset that it isn’t the Pro, but quite frankly I wouldn’t want the pro. I don’t need a keyboard and see it as just an extra chunk of plastic attached to the phone.

    • Green Robot

      I’m just fine without keyboard. I’m getting it…

    • Green Robot

      I don’t care about the led flash either. I had a phone with LED flash for about a year or so and I honestly don’t ever remember having to use it. I would say that if you want a phone with good camera with flash, you should probably wait for Milestone XT720 to land (if it ever does). Now that is a camera phone. Galaxy S’ camera is really for sporadic casual photo/video at best although 720p video at 30fps is nothing to sneeze at if you ask me.

      • TheAnalyst

        Agreed! I have a phone now with a flash, and honestly it doesn’t work all that well. If you want good photos that require a flash use a camera. I don’t need a flash, b/c it isn’t too often I’m taking photos in dark settings. Actually, the night setting on my phone works better than the flash.

    • Bobomo

      It seems like people are always upset about something :D

      Unfortunately, no product is for everyone. I’d like a camera flash (and this still might have one) but I’m not going to let one LED stop me from buying what will likely be the best Android handset of the summer – and certainly the best available for T-Mo.

      • 2FR35H



    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      People are not upset about the SGS not having a keyboard, they are simply expressing a preference to have one. That you don’t want it, that’s your preference. (I’m sitting on the fence. I am still trying to master Swype on my HD2. Others love it, but I don’t use it enough to say I like it yet. Note: the SGS comes with Swype.)

      In any event, this is all premature in terms of knowing what will be showing up at T-Mobile (despite our saying this is all rumor so don’t make assumptions, eventually rumors turn into fact quite fast on these sites).

      So far we don’t know if the SGS is coming to T-Mobile; we don’t know if the SGSP will be coming to T-Mobile and we don’t even know what configurations the two phones might have if and when they come to T-Mobile.

      Of course, it’s pretty solid that next month that the SGS will come to T-Mobile.

      As to the SGSP, considering that Samsung is NOT giving any carrier an exclusive on the device (since they want to get it in as many people’s hands as possible) people should not read into the fact that the leaked Sprint SGSP pictures means that the SGSP will be exclusive to Sprint.

      So I suspect that T-Mobile will also be getting the SGSP. Based on this if someone wants the SGSP I’d suggest waiting to see if evidence pops up that T-Mobile will be getting it.

      And I would not be surprised if T-Mobile debuted both models at the same time. Based on the Sprint SGSP appearing ready for launch (the pics show Sprint branding and a fully functional phone) seems that T-Mobile could well have a T-Mobile branded version ready for launch.

      Everyone should keep their ears to the ground to detect any rumblings about the SGSP showing up too.

      • keele8

        This is even more probable since the leaked calendar article shows that on teh 21st of July (the rumored release date for the Galaxy S) says “headsets to launch” not just headset. How cool would it be if the released the Galaxy S and the Galaxy S Pro the same day! That would be a huge step in the right direction for Tmobile, and would draw a lot of new and existing customers to this phone.

      • keele8

        This is even more probable since the leaked calendar article shows that on the 21st of July (the rumored release date for the Galaxy S) says “headsets to launch” not just headset. How cool would it be if the released the Galaxy S and the Galaxy S Pro the same day! That would be a huge step in the right direction for Tmobile, and would draw a lot of new and existing customers to this phone.

  • Vert

    I would prefer one with a hardware keyboard. Easier to type while driving.

    • Cybersedan

      Thanks for sharing that… I hope I don’t travel the same roads with you.

    • underdog378

      Where do you live? I need to know so that I never have to share the road with you.

  • Blair S

    Looks like it has no GSM 900MHz or 1800MHz capabilities which will make international roaming nearly impossible.

    • J-Hop2o6

      all GSM phones are Quad-Band 2G/GSM.. so they only talk about the 3G part.

      • Blair

        Not true. Most Samsung GSM phones sold in the U.S. have been limited to 850/1900. Some had 1800/1900 or 850/1800/1900. Few had 900 capabilities, which is the most common GSM band abroad. Only recently did GSM quad band phones sold in North America become more common. See the Samsung t239 or the Nokia 2720, for example.

        In any case, the FCC must test all capable bands to make sure it will not interfere with other networks (GSM or otherwise) and will not exceed guidelines for transmission power.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Starting TODAY the SGS has shipped to European customers (or even you if you want an unlocked version, that’s being sold by vendors)!

    Take a look to see the first iteration of it. No LED flash (that I don’t care about anyway).

    And I took some screen shots to get the drool started. (Use a napkin, thank you.)

  • stephan brubaker

    Really all this boo hoo’ing over no led flash. i mean it’s not like you guys are going to be walking around taking professional pictures with a 5mp camera anyhow.

  • wack mode

    hahhahhahah that so fukn true stephan hahahaha

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    This is a test, I am seeing if I am getting “Comment awaiting moderation” on my comment because I have three links in it. Perhaps any time I try to post three links the Site (David) flags me. So I will try the post with two links.

    Starting TODAY the SGS has shipped to European customers (or even you if you want an unlocked version, that’s being sold by vendors)!

    Take a look to see the first iteration of it. No LED flash (that I don’t care about anyway).

    And I took some screen shots to get the drool started. (Use a napkin, thank you.)

  • swoosh042507
    more info on the galaxy s and a motorola device click the link enjoy guys!

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Well that did not work (only two links), maybe I have been flagged as a bad person. (Let the flames begin, your agreeing with that. :) )


    Test without links:

    Starting TODAY the SGS has shipped to European customers (or even you if you want an unlocked version, that’s being sold by vendors)!

    Take a look to see the first iteration of it. No LED flash (that I don’t care about anyway).

  • SteveBerman

    I’ll pass. I don’t want to permanently have 2.1. Sorry Samsung and T-mobile. It’s too late. You’ve lost me. I’m going to a grown up carrier that has coverage and decent phones.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    OK, it appears that the (new?) site setup is to require moderator approval for comments that contain links, or maybe only on posters who post too many links over time?

    Anyway, what I was trying to post were links to Vodafone’s site that shows the SGS is shipping today (with the time difference it has shipped today) to Vodafone customers.

    Here’s the links, simply put “.com” (without spaces) where I have “dot com”

    http://www.rantuniverse. dot com /SGSVodafone.jpg

    http://www.rantuniverse. dot com /SGSVodafonebackfront.jpg

    If this comment does not post, I give up.

  • Bobomo

    One other note about the 1900 bands – the T-Mobile webConnect Rocket, which is the only T-Mo device running HSPA+, says in it’s spec list that it operates in the 1900MHz range. Not sure if that means anything, but it’s there.

    “UMTS/HSPA+: AWS Band IV / 2100 / 1900 / 850”

    • JP

      Hummmm. Very interesting…Makes me wonder if along with the release event, if they’re going to come out and say it’s the first HSDPA+ phone. I wasn’t too excited about the phone, but this does make me raise an eye. The interest is definitely building.

      • Bobomo

        Yeah, I don’t want to speculate too much, because there is no other evidence of this – but the t959 passing with an extra UMTS band made me curious. Wikipedia doesn’t have T-Mobile listed as operating on the UMTS 1900 frequencies at all, but who knows…

    • soon2TMO


      great find!!

      this could be a HSPA+ capable phone! even the Pro version itself is 4G.. so this might be it!

      great! :)

  • D Griffin

    If anyone else bothers to go to the FCC link and looks at the “RX Exposure Info”, specifically on pg 1, it lists under the transmission frequencies:
    1712.4 – 1752.5 Mhz (AWS WCDMA)

    On pg 27, table 15.3 it lists the associated SAR data for that frequency band

    There are only two carriers worldwide that support UMTS Band IV. Do the math folks.

    • wack mode


  • eYe

    Just saw Droid X leak. Definitely not interested in this Samsung anymore.
    Can you say 4.4 screen, 1ghz proc, 8mp camera with flash on Verizon network? I’m drooling all over the keyboard here.
    And before everyone starts…I am aware that Verizon will cost me more. Exactly $30/month more. I think it’s fair for an ass-kicking phone on a network that will not drop my calls 3-4 times a day.

    • wack mode


    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      As I keep saying, 2010 will be a wild ride on phone launches.

      If one has the patience (I don’t) the better thing to do would be to wait until November to buy a phone. This is because, as you have seen, the carriers will be bringing out phone after phone from now until the holiday debuts.

      Remember, we are seeing the carriers’ summer phones. Holidays 2010 is supposed to be the debut of all the superphones (including handsets designated Microsoft’s Windows Phones Series 7).

      It’s hazardous to buy a handset now because literally a month later you will be looking depressingly at your phone because something hotter just debuted, with that one spec or feature that you really wanted.

      Of course, if you are like some of us this won’t matter, if you are the type who sells his or her phone on eBay after four to six months. My HD2 is going on eBay next month. LOL.

      • Green Robot

        Incidentally, just imagine how Slide will look by that time.
        This is just a note to all the Slide Defender League members.

    • Bobomo

      $30/mo over two years is $720. I can’t imagine the Droid X is $720 better than the Galaxy S.

      But to each his own. Enjoy it.

      • eYe

        This is really funny because I said that anything over 4″ screen is too big but I think I’m in love with that thing after seeing the video. I also said that I will not buy anything other then HTC but, again, after seeing that vid I may give Moto a chance. Samsung is just not my cup of tea.

        But to address your concern and the $720 number: $30 difference would be for 4 lines so we’re looking at measly $7.50/month per line for the ability to go through a day without dropped calls and decent data speeds. I think it’s worth it. Droid X is just a bonus.

        But you’re right, to each his own.

        p.s. I still hope that T-mobile brings N1 in stores, I would really give them another chance for that.

    • JP

      It’s a huge phone. At 4.4″, might as well get a tablet instead of a phone.

      • wack mode

        hahhaahh thats true

    • ObsceneJesster

      Have fun lugging that tablet around with no front facing camera, a slower GPU and a inferior screen. Maybe the screen is bigger but it aint no Super Amoled.

  • wack mode

    then wtf r u on this blog go to verizon blog or sumthing

  • badaphooko01

    Can we expect a $199 price tag on this phone? If so how? when the MTS is $179 and the Samsung is a much superior phone.

    • Dashi

      Yes Samsung Is Just Doing SO Great With The Behold 2 Customers -.-

  • Nick

    This is T-Mo’s answer to Sprint and AT&T? What a joke..

    I’m stuck with T-mo till march, 2011.


  • derrickps3

    if you ask me it look like the behold, this should have been the behold 2 >:(

  • diddley

    So is this 1900 band the hspa band? If it is wouldn’t this mean the iphone would work on hspa?

  • TonyJohns

    It’s a bummer this phone doesn’t come with a flash or LED indicator. That is a deal breaker for me. When I am taking pictures at the club, I need a flash! And a led indicator is just a necessity for me. Coming from a blackberry, I come to be able to look at my phone, and know exactly what kind of notification is waiting for me w/o even turning on the phone.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      I didn’t know that strip “clubs” allowed you to take pics.

      Slip an extra $20 in the g-string and tell the ladies to slow down. That should solve your needing a camera flash.

      (I know, I know, you can’t pay me enough for this kind of advice. For sure, my advice is a bargain at twice the price you are going to pay me.)

      • TonyJohns

        *Takes a look at his previous message*

        I don’t see any mention of a strip club. Let me check again, Yeah, nope, not a mention.

        Nice try.

  • TheAnalyst

    This website states that TMo is getting Galaxy S. But it could simply be based on the hype.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      That site was mentioning “rumors” as the basis for saying what is said.

      The rumors was the story that TMoNews posted way back that mentioned Howard Chiu’s YouTube tour of the SGS (that he pulled down, but that I reposted) and where TMoNews also posted the screen shots I took that evidenced T-Mobile apps on the phone Chiu was talking about.

      Actually that TMoNews posting was famous in that many sites posted a link to David’s “exclusive” on this Site. Many sites even posted the screen shots he included. It was interesting that many sites also posted to Howard’s YouTube video, but on clicking to view on the link each site provided they got a message “Removed by Author.” I digress, forgive me.

  • sopa

    Why do we get the Samsung Galaxy S but Sprint gets the Samsung Galaxy S Pro? I want the Pro one cos it has the physical keyboard, that’s what i prefer. I don’t want to go to Sprint though, not yet anyways. Maybe when my boyfriend moves here and if he will let me jump on his plan then I will go to Sprint. I need to be on a family plan cos I don’t talk much, I’m more of a texter. I use about 100 minutes a month and about 4000 texts a month. I would rather stay with Tmobile though, my contract is up so I don’t have to stay on but I’m on my sister’s plan & she doesn’t wanna leave. Give me atleast 3.7″ screen, physical keyboard, front & back camera, 2.1 or 2.2, a fast processor and whatever comes with the newer high end android phones. I kinda want the Pro but not too sure about Samsung though.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Patience Padawan… no one has said who is getting what yet, much less when. All we have is circumstantial evidence that MAYBE the SGS is coming to T-Mobile (albeit it’s strong evidence) and a couple of leaked pics of the SGSP showing Sprint branding. This is kind of flimsy info upon which to rant that T-Mobile won’t be getting the SGSP.

      Do what I do… hope.

      See above, IMHO T-Mobile will be getting the SGSP since Samsung is not giving the exclusive to any carrier on the SGS. I assume that will include all iterations of the SGS, including the Pro.

      But really the big downer on all this is that there’s going to be some great phones coming out in Sept.-Nov. (dual core, 1.5 MHz, HDMI port, dedicated graphics, 1080p HD recording, SAMOLED, etc.) With that in the works, I am going to have to resist picking up an SGS or SGSP, unless I will buy it, then sell it on eBay in November.

      • jason

        Won’t happen. A qwerty slider on TMO would be counterintuitive. It would compete directly with the MTS which is new and bears TMO’s beloved “MyTouch” franchise. It would basically render the MTS obsolete within a month of launching it and would be a sever self-inflicted failure of an in house franchise device.

    • DannOfThurs

      I was teetering on Sprint too when I saw the GalaxyS Pro (keyboard needed for work stuff). I was willing to even eat an extra $10 fee per month if it needed one. Friends with Sprint told me that customer service there has improved a ton.

      Everything’s great, no voice+data on 3G, works on 4G. HOWEVER – big issue for me – 4G will WORK BADLY OR NOT AT ALL IN BUILDINGS. Seen, verified. WiMax’s signal is not cleared / licensed / strong enough to go pass through walls. Since WiMax is 4G…that pretty much killed that for me.

      So now, I’m kinda like the second child who knows that on Christmas all he’s really going to get are hand me downs from the older brothers…great TMO service, great TMO technology, phones are getting better but we’re still not where we need to be :)

      //happy yet frustrated G1 user

    • Mardenator

      actually, i think we’ll get both.. i posted on Twitter yesterday that i would love it if the Pro came to Tmo. Tmobile_USA (Tmobile’s official twitter account) later replied, saying only “Stay Tuned.. see for yourself:

  • soon2TMO

    i doubt that tmobile will get the Pro version, why will they get it when they already have the keyboard-less one?

    if that leaked photo is indeed the gaalaxy S PRO on sprint (it could be anyway coz it says at the back of the device “galaxyS”) , then it could also mean that sprint may not get the non-keyboard version galaxy… it’s one or the other, but can’t have both.. i think…?

  • soon2TMO

    if they altered the design of the galaxy S on the Pro version, this could mean that they might change the US version of the galaxy S as well.. who knows, samsung might add an LED flash! and if they change the front buttons to the way the Pro looks like, i’ll be stoked!… someone else mentioned that TMO’s version might have the home,search,back,menu button and that will be great.. :)

    can’t tmo release it sooner?????

  • Eldon

    No flash? Touchwiz? No software updates from Samsung? Don’t even think about it.

  • soon2TMO

    is it possible that the galaxy S version in the US will look like this??×540.png

    • J-Hop2o6

      Thats the Galaxy S Pro (w/ a slide-out keyboard).. so i doubt it.. but we’ll find out once Samsung reveals the US version(s) at their event at the end of June.

      • soon2TMO

        and i wish that the Tmobile version would like look like that minus the keyboard! samsung could add an LED flash with that, i honestly would prefer the one with LED flash for night clubbing photos you know what i mean…

        ya i wish the phone would look like that!

      • J-Hop2o6

        yea i hope the SGS Pro (WITH KB!) will come to Tmo also.. its a real nice keyboard that looks like it will compete with the TP2 keyboard (which i use currently).. and yea, i know wutchu mean.. its better to have LED than not to have so u can atleast see SOMETHING.

  • soon2TMO

    from boygenius report..

    824.20 – 848.80 mhz (GSM 850) = voice/edge
    1850.20 – 1909.80 mhz (GSM 1900)= voice/edge
    1712.4 – 1752.5 mhz (AWS WCDMA) = tmobile 3G
    1852.4 – 1907.6 mhz (UMTS II) = att 3G

    does this mean that when this phone is unlocked, 3G could be used on both carriers?
    or this test is simultaneously done for both tmobile and att??

    and if the looks of the US version is different than the unbranded version, then it could have LED flash!

    ya ya ya im just excited to get this phone so bare with me.. LOL

  • ShadowFoxBiH

    well check this out for all you galaxy s lover;
    “Samsung VP marketing said at a press conference in new Delhi that galaxy s won’t be updated to Android 2.2.”


    • ObsceneJesster

      Thanks for the link…I got to see that the Galaxy S will be updated to 2.2 and that they are currently working on it. Looks like he updated his twitter from saying it won’t to it will.

  • ObsceneJesster

    Oh and in regards to him saying it won’t be updated to 2.2 was either a mistype or he just heard wrong but what was really said at the conference in New Delhi was that the Galaxy S will not ship with 2.2

  • Vlad

    Is anyone else but me extremely repelled by the TouchWiz UI?

    Am a former user.

    • Green Robot

      Not all TouchWiz’s been created the same. You probably used some old TouchWiz. Read the engadget review/preview from today – they are usually critical of such things but actually seemed to like this version and found that it adds functionality while remaining fairly unobtrusive. In short, don’t be afraid to TouchWiz….

      • jason

        i think i just TouchWizzed my pants. A little.

  • tony

    i’ve been with tmobile for many many years and im tired of only seeing the tailights of the other carriers year after year. tmobile is not as ambitious as the other carriers.its time for me to make the switch. samsung galaxy s or no s(too little too late) ! contract over in october and lots of new better and powerfull smartphones coming out for christmas season. time to just watch and see who has the top dawg ! i live in a place were all 4 top carriers coverage is just fine.

  • wtf

    @ tony you should’ve left a long time ago if phones are your #1 concern. This is actually the first top notch phone that tmo has had since the 1st android phone (g1)

    • Mr Know It All

      First top notch *Android* phone on T-mo since the G1 that is.
      T-mo still has the best current WinMo phone, and as far as Blackberries, the Bold is the one to have.
      I don’t care if YOU or anyone else doesn’t care about WinMo and BB, the point is that if someone is looking for a BB, T-mo isn’t ‘lacking’. If you’re in the small minority like me, who actually doesn’t mind WinMo and knows how to use a WinMo phone well, then T-mo is still the carrier of choice.

      Yes, I get that everyone is all about Android and iPhone (former Android user here) and in that aspect, T-mo is still behind. But that doesn’t mean every single phone they have sucks, just their Android phones.

      With WinPho7 around the corner and iphone rumors, I’m thinking T-mo is just making a slow build up to something greater near the end of 2010, beginning of 2011.

  • sami

    hey everybody, go to and go to the specifications page for the samsung galaxy s. At the top, they recently added this:

    “Also known as Samsung T959 Galaxy S for T-Mobile USA”

    The galaxy s is so close to being official that i can almost taste it. its like 99.99%

  • tony

    wtf…i agree. this is the first top notch phone since th G1. THATS THE PROBLEM AND MY POINT. i got the G1 when it first came out..still got it (its getting a bit long in the tooth wouldnt you agree?). two top notch phones in the past 3 years? wooohoooo t-mobile way to lead !. wtf cell phones are my #1 concern? isnt that what the carriers exist for, what else is there to this? carriers is nothing more than 1. reception 2. price ,other than that its all about the phones. but hey….when dissapointed with t-mobile phones or mobile entertainment experience just say to yourself “well atleast t-mobile has friendly service” heh heh. seriously tell me you dont really envy the otherside of the fence?

    • Mr Know It All

      Your point of view makes you a whore/slave to contracts for the rest of you life. Enjoy.

    • Mr Know It All

      Actually, no, I’ll expand here.

      At&t has great signal everywhere… for a price… and for a customer service group who are notoriously a bunch of assholes.

      Sprint, where I live, has horrible signal quality and every single person I’ve ever met on Sprint STILL, TODAY, have to ‘go outside to get a signal’. What good is a “super phone” if you can’t use the f****g thing?

      Verizon is the only possible option in my city I’d ever consider. Now what does VZW have that I want? NOTHING.

  • alex32

    amazing camera with no flash?? no thanks

    • Green Robot

      Interestingly, lack of flash has not been a problem and has not been complained about for the past 3 years and suddenly, now that iPhone 4 has an LED flash, it becomes a huge problem. It would be nice to have to make people feel better but LED flash is only marginally useful and most reviews of phones with LED flash that I’ve read point this fact out. Now if it had an honest to god xenon flash, it would be whole different story. Perhaps we should all forget this “lack of LED flash” BS complain and start the real complaint: Galaxy S does not have a xenon flash – that really sucks!

      • TheAnalyst

        I agree Green Robot. As I said before, I have a 5 megapixel camera with an LED flash now on my current phone and honestly, the flash sucks! If you want good photos with a flash, use a real camera. Cell phones are not meant to take professional photos.

  • Ag

    Why is it that tmobile is so far behind I’m the “super phone” game? I have my eyes on that Motorola Droid X monstrosity or whatever it’s going to be called. Tmo hasn’t even mentioned anything regarding the Nexus One being in stores. How long am I supposed to wait?

  • Negtne

    You think it will be priced from $700 to $1000 like they say?

    • Green Robot

      This is one thing that I am worried a bit about. T-Mobile is pricing their mid-range devices in the upper price range compared to other carriers so I suspect that they’ll want about $300 with 2-year plan for this thing. Still substantially cheaper than the $529 I would have to pay for N1 though.

    • ag

      If it’s priced that high, I am definitely going to bite he bullet and get iphone4!

  • catsigh

    Looks like the Galaxy is going to AT&T – T-Mobile NEEDS to get a great phone. They took on the first Android phones but are being left behind by the other carriers.

  • The Southland Hustla

    I swear to God if T-Mobile doesn’t get their act together by this 4ths quarter I’m going back to Verizon, yes i said back, because I came from them to T-Mobile, well actually because of the G1 which I still have, and don’t get me wrong it’s a great device, but when I keep getting the icon in my upper left telling me my phone is running low on memory, and i have to uninstall some of old my apps (which mind you I use ALL my apps) so that a new one will work, COME ON! Yeah the G1 was the innovator but time progresses, lets get something solid, powerful and above all useful, I wish T-Mobile was getting the Dell Streak, but again maybe that’s just wishful thinking, I’m real happy with T-Mobile and have been for the past 4 years but this could be the deal breaker for me, if I can’t get a worth while device I’m just going to have to jump ship. I am a loyal customer and should be rewarded (not really I’m paying for it) with a good useful device.

  • Bubbles

    Yeah looks like AT&T just announced their version of the galaxy s. I hope Tmobile_usa puts some info out soon.

  • Marcel

    Phone dog is reporting that att and samsung have announced a deal to bring this phone to att- not tmo.

    • David

      Guys, its NOT just for ATT, it didn’t say exclusive! The Galaxy S IS coming to T-Mobile, I assure you.

    • TheAnalyst

      AT&T is getting a different version of the phone. Samsung has created several versions for multiple carriers. It is pretty definite that TMo is getting the Galaxy S, as so many sites (tech news sites) are now saying it without a doubt.

      • Sami

        so wait….does that mean t-mobile is getting the original version (the one shown in the picture above)? i sure do hope so because out of all the versions of this phone that i’ve seen so far, this one is by far the nicest.

  • TheAnalyst

    Yes, it looks like I TMo is getting the one in the image for this post.

  • soon2TMO

    ..and will we see a leak or something about the tmobile version? or tmo will get the original version? bring out the leak … i wanna see it already lol

  • tony


  • soon2TMO

    ^^ im lost.. LOL

  • Bubbles

    I hope tmobile_usa gives some info soon. My contract is up and I going to stick around to see when it gets released. The droid x looks good on verizon, but i really dont want to switch.