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Congratulations To Our First Scratch and Win Winner!

Ladies and gentlemen, this is Bill, he is our very first winner in theĀ TmoNews Scratch and Win game!!!!! Wooohoooo, round of applause! Bill was the lucky winner of a Blackberry 8520! Bill won on June 21st at 8:55 pm so you never know when you have your chance to win! Want your chance to play? Good…because we are giving away ANOTHER Blackberry 8520 starting right now, so click on theĀ TmoNews Scratch and Win[read full article]

Introducing The TmoNews Scratch And Win Game!!

Attention attention, its time for a big big announcement. TmoNews fans are among the most loyal fans I have ever seen follow a tech blog. That loyalty and faith has helped us grow and receive the respect of our peers. So we believe its time to give back, starting right now. We are proud to announce the TmoNews Scratch and Win game. From this moment forward, I decree that you shall have a chance to … [read full article]