BlackBerry 9300 Gets Some Video Love

With all the talk of the Samsung Vibrant lately, it is easy to forget that other phones on the market actually do exist. With that in mind, Jon4Lakers of managed to get his hands on the BlackBerry 9300, a pre-production T-Mobile branded offering. At first glance it looks dangerously close to the BlackBerry 8900, save for the Trackball vs. Trackpad difference. Sadly, it is not running BlackBerry 6.0 but I guess that was to be expected. A guy can get his hopes up though can’t he?? Enjoy the vid and let me know if anyone, anyone at all still sits on the edge of his or her seat waiting to see what BlackBerry does not!


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  • Ace

    if it was running 6.0 I would be mad since my 9700 isn’t

  • Joe Buck

    Blackberry needs to slow down on releasing such revolutionary devices.

    • going_home

      Lol .
      What blackberry ?


    • Aston

      exactly! LMFAOOOO!!

  • WHATTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • On another note, it has T-Mobile US 3G (3G band “4”) so Jon doesn’t know what he’s talking about again..

    • kershon

      Lol lol. Good one Watbetch.

    • niididy

      @Watbetch – lmao…thanks for the laugh on the ffc jab. :)

      • Jesse

        Yes of course “T-mobile” screwing you over. I believe the name on the phone said Blackberry.

    • 3Grules

      What is with everybody whining over a front facing camera on every device announced lately? Don’t even tell me that it is because the new iphone4 has one! Knock it off already.

    • SoonerSaint12

      What are you talking about you clown? It’s an entry level blackberry and you don’t need a front facing camera.

  • kershon

    T-Mobile released os the other day. Correct me if I am wrong, but no mention of it on TmoNews either. Just saying.

    • BBLover

      I noticed the same thing.. it’s a conspiracy I tell ya! BlackBerry must be doing something right to still capture most of the smartphone market. Haters disperse!

  • Ted

    No 4g???????? I’m leaving you tmobile iPhone 4g here I come! :&

    • Brandon

      Ted you’re an idiot. :-p First it’s the iPhone 4, and secondly it doesn’t have 4g. Third, this article is about an ENTRY LEVEL Blackberry.

    • Yo

      Wow,….. Really? Tmobile could use without people like you

    • TranquilNight


    • Reece

      I’m laughing because I’m assuming you’re being sarcastic… Gotta be careful with that since I seen comments that exceeds the limits of stupidity on this site though lol

  • ugh

    EVERY blackberry looks the same. I was a diehard blackberry user and lover and finally moved on and did not look back once!

  • alex32

    after the curve 8900 that I have and the problems its bringing so not getting another blackberry ever. i admit that they are good reliable phones for email and everything..i can go 3 days with out a charge but im all for android.
    i should have never gave out my g1 for a just waiting for tmobile to bring out their own evo and ill never look back

  • Logic

    The phones you crave!

  • 30014

    As a former 8320 curve owner I can say that Rim is in trouble. I left for android and am glad I did. Blackberry may be king in the business world but on the consumer side Apple and Google are killing them, and it’s only going to get worse once wm 7 arrives. They need to stop refreshing the blackberry os and build a new one from the ground up. I’m not bashing bb all I’m saying is they are allowing themselves to get left behind. Rim has been typically slow to adapt to the changing market, if they want to continue thriving they must change quicker.

    • analog spirit


  • rolo

    i couldnt care less. bb’s multimedia capabilities r so far beyond the rest of the market i’m gonna drop mine & not look back.

  • I feel like Blackberry was that once attractive cheerleader in high school, but when you see her at your 20 year High School Reunion she’s kind of fat, with bozo the clown make up and smells like cigarettes.

    • Dashi

      don’t forget the ten kids xD

      • not 10…I think right now she has 4…give her time she’ll get to 10

  • tracksforhire

    why does all the blackberry phones over the past 2 years look the damn same rim is boring and suck azz

    • briaann

      the only one different is the BB touch and thats getting old . lol

  • Jeff

    Agreed. It seems as if they were going to take over the world a year or two ago. Now they lost their edge and this swype thing takes their advantage. Sorry rim but you need some new insight.

  • kai

    its a 8520 replacement with a lil chrome and 3g. boring…

  • dave

    Look guys, if BB changed like anything BB users would freak. BB users do not embrace change and new. Thats why they are the same boring phones!

    • analog spirit

      Yeah, evolutionary rather than revolutionary changes are RIM’s SOP. BB users (such as myself) wouldn’t freak, tho, as long as changes are carried out in an intelligent and user-friendly way. There is something to be said for being able to upgrade to a newer model and just instantly know how to use it, as the controls and their functions are all pretty much the same.
      The long-overdue (IMHO) BB 9800 touchscreen slider with OS 6.0 is a much-needed step in the right direction for RIM. I’d love to finally get rid of this old 8320 and get a 9800 on T-Mo.

  • andrew

    i like the blackberry slide

  • SiXiam

    Oh look a crappy Blackberry!

    Just joking guys, I canceled my service, which should be effective today.
    I’m off to Verizon and the Droid X…

    Goodbye G1, we had some fun times, but I’m getting a thinner, sexier, younger version of you and your getting put to pasture.

    • Broke

      I second that, but I’m getting the Incredible next month instead. Hoping for an even lower price with the release of Droid X to sway it. I found a way (Google Voice and employee discount) to make my bill less than the cheapest Even More Plus. I’m going to miss the T-mo family a lot. But the boost in coverage will sure be nice! Trying to load at work from myTouch takes “minutes” while my co-workers Droid got it up in seconds.

      Best of luck everyone, and I do mean that sincerely.

      • john

        In the words of lil cheney from the show lil bush “reh, reh, reh, don’t let the door hit you rah.”

  • getreal

    Wow! Revolutionary! I wonder how they crammed the video calling, Skype, HD vid, and HSPA technology into that small of a device. I currently have a BB9700 and am still on TMo. I loved both at one time. The new phones coming out recently are blowing this stuff out of the water. Very hard to resist.

  • Brian

    I don’t see this being release in the USA market. It’s basically a BB 9700. They overlap too closely. The bold 9700 actually shared most components with the Curve 8900…so I’m not sure this will work in the usa. The should make it the curve 9750 (using the 9700 base) and just add the media controls, OS 6, and flash support.

    • analog spirit

      My semi-educated guess is that they’ll probably replace the 9700 with the 9800 (whenever it comes out on T-Mo) as the top-of-the-line model, and replace both the 8900 and the 8500 with the 9300 as the midrange model (since the 9300 looks like basically a combination of those two), and then maybe keep on selling the 8500 for a while as the base model.

  • T Mo Rep

    Just what t mobile needs another blackberry that looks like every other bb in this world. Make sure to get to t mobile early on the release day for this one i would hate for them to sell out ;)

  • Miguel

    I just watched that embedded Flash video on my Nexus One (Froyo) while sitting on the toilet.

    Yeah, I agree with you guys.

  • RWWackoStu

    They need to rename this website “TMO news for Android fanboys, i-douche ball lickers and kids on summer vacation!”