T-Mobile Posts Samsung Vibrant Mini FAQ/Official Images

For the last few days the Samsung Vibrant has been the worst kept secrets in the T-Mobile world.  In light of all the hoopla these past few days, T-Mobile has posted a mini FAQ on their forums which sheds a little light on the phones and raises one major concern. The third bullet point highlights that the Vibrant is not going to be an HSPA+ device, ummm why not? Was this a Samsung decision or a T-Mobile one? Considering Samsung’s Behold 2 history, we’ll just a finger in their direction until we get more details. Seriously though, that’s a likely deal killer for many as T-Mobile hypes up their HSPA+ network and a future premiere device won’t be able to readily take advantage of it. Yes, we know that having the network itself helps the phone’s data speeds, but not to be able to take advantage of the peak speeds offered across the network brings a real sad face. Either way, check the details below and see if anything else interests you!



  • The Vibrant offers a 1GHz Samsung Hummingbird processor which is optimized for superior media viewing and game play.
  • The Vibrant has a 4.0-inch Super AMOLED touch screen display that gives you a bright, vivid viewing experience.
  • The Vibrant benefits from enhanced speeds with T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network, but it’s not an HSPA+ device.
  • The Vibrant is one of the slimmest smartphones on the market. The dimensions are 4.82” x 2.54” x 0.39”; weighs 4.16 oz.
  • The Vibrant’s 5 MP camera is equipped with digital zoom and autofocus. Comes with an HD video recorder too!


  • The Vibrant is ideal for consumers who are entertainment enthusiasts and want to combine entertainment and communication in one device. The Vibrant offers a ton of entertainment options. We’ll have more to share on this front when the countdown reaches zero.


  • The Samsung Vibrant is powered by Android 2.1 software.
  • The Vibrant supports personal and corp. e-mail, including MS Exchange, Gmail and most other POP3 and IMAP e-mail services.

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  • Bobomo

    Despite all the nay-saying, I’m still excited about this phone. Bring it on T-Mo!

  • Jsteuer

    excited. going to definitely grab this when it launches.

  • badaphooko01

    So its finally confirmed no FFC. Don’t think it will a deal breaker for me though. I will get it its around the $200 range. Now we just need a confirmed date.

  • Brian

    waiting for dual core processor phones for me. with those phones, ill be set for years

  • Smylax

    I’m not suprised by the lack of HSPA+. Disappointed, mildly, but not surprised. The only device T-Mobile carries that is fully HSPA+ enabled is the Rocket. Every other device is HSPA enabled, which is exactly what the Vibrant looks to be…

  • taaars

    Interesting, They took out the big middle click button. Also..wonder how much memory..8 or 16 gb…knowing Tmobile..8..but they could surprise us

  • disappointing… i was really hoping for the front facing camera… maybe there’s still hope since those are just press images? otherwise i’ll be sticking to the N1 until something better pops up… htc vision?!

    great phone otherwise! great decision to lose the home button and have a more traditional android layout. the euro galaxy s screams iphone copycat KIRF style down to touchwiz 3.0…

    however i have seen a video without the touchwiz ui overlay but just with vanilla android…

    great phone but dealbreakers for me are no FFC, no flash and samsung’s shoddy history with keeping the android OS up to date with previous phones

    • Steven G

      Seconded. I was about to return my MyTouch Slide, but without a front facing camera, I’m left to wonder why. They really need to sell me on this phone after selling me so well on their other phone.

  • will it be upgraded to froyo 2.2 in the near future like all the other superphones out there…?or be left hanging like a fart in wind like the behold 2

  • NiiDiddy

    Well, I am STILL GETTING THIS PHONE!! And I will enjoy it… :)

  • alex32

    still waiting for a tmobile htc android superphone…(and no..not the nexus one)

  • Holiday

    disapointed again…*sight* At&T here i come!

    • Logan

      Good luck with AT&T, lol! :D

    • djdarkknight96

      Bye…….waiting for dualcore….front cam….gingerbread……1ghz 1gig ram…….4.3+ display…….till then chilling with my N1 waiting on CM6!

      • NiiDiddy

        at least you have a good phone [N1]. my wife’s MT3G-Slide is a BILLION times faster than my slow, laggy MT3G. But I agree with you..people need to quit their bitching!!!

  • jeremy

    i will get it…… and sell it when the HTC dual core with a keyboard comes… ill bet that will be HSPA+… afterall evo has 4g crap… why not have a badass fall phone for Tmob…

    • J-Hop2o6

      thats what im doin, but i keep all my phones.. i just save up for the next.. but right now i use a Touch Pro2 (with EnergyROM Sense/M2.5 & Android 2.1 [2.2 FroYo soon] via SD card).. then i’ll get the SGS/Vibrant to hold me over until i can afford the HTC Vision.

  • T

    This is a MAJOR LET DOWN! Not only is it not capable of HSPA+, I also does not have a forward facing camera! WAY TO KEEP UP WITH THE OTHER COMPANY’S TECHNOLOGY! What was the point of making a whole website for a phone that is no different than any other android phone. They should have left it the way it was before. The Euro model. Major disappointment

    • Logan

      Major let down because it’s not a fully HSPA+ and doesn’t have FFC? Lol, alright… What a MAJOR let down!

      • NiiDiddy

        LMAO…superficial, huh?!

    • Matlock

      this phone is absolutely amazing, you are a freaking idiot!! I dont see the big deal over not having a ffc. 99% of phone users do not have a phone with a ffc, so it shouldnt really freaking matter if does or not! What’s the big deal over whether or not it has a FFC, When Im at work and I need to communicate with someone, you still cant use it!

      FFC are going to only become super annoying, cuz people are going to be using them out in public, and its going to be the Nextel Days all over again!!

      Big deal its not HSPA+ capable, its still HSPA capable, and that is still pretty damn fast!! so quit your bitching!!

      W/out those two things it will still be an amazing phone!!

      • TheAnalyst

        Even better…drivers with FFC. Yikes!

    • T

      Well, If T-Mobile wants to compete with the iPhone, they need to put something out that actually has a chance! I can deal with not having a front facing camera, but to release a high end device, then not even put support for their HSPA+ network that they are always advertising, then why release it at all? They might as well have put this phone out 2 years ago, because thats how old the technology they are releasing is.

  • imgunnaeatu722

    This phone keeps getting worse and worse the more I look at it.

    • bubbagump

      Same here.

  • suckittmobile

    This is absolutely ridiculous! I thought this was supposed to be a flagship phone. No hspa+? Are you f’ing kidding me? Exactly what is the point of hspa+? that would be like Sprint releasing the evo and taking the 4g capability off. The front facing camera was very important! If only because the Captivate doesn’t have it!
    Dear Tmobile,
    Did the other 3 carriers make you sign an agreement stating that you were not allowed to make a dent in the market? You’re making yourself look like everyone’s bitch!
    Mt3g sucks, it’s slow and unresponsive. Typing this message was very difficult, you promised an iphone competitor with mt3g and were not even in the ballpark!
    I have no patience left, goodbye tmobile!

    • NiiDiddy

      Fickle and Superficial. Buh bye!!

      • Logan

        I’m sure T-Mobile won’t be missing you! Bye!

      • NiiDiddy

        your right Logan :)

    • NiiDiddy

      yea i know. but you and your mama, plus the rest of the fam, dating back to the generations are fickle and superficial. leave tmobile already, ass!!

      • suckittmobile

        What a lame response. Douchebag!

    • NiiDiddy

      again fickle. and you think yours wasn’t lame?!? haaahahaha…people come see this asswype over here! …you still here?!? still talking crap?!? you not doing too shabby yourself with your stupid comments. take a hike. why am i actually responding to this fool?? go f yourself!!

      • suckittmobile

        Kiss my ass nuthugger! I think my complaint about lack of hspa+ was valid. I don’t want to pay a couple of hundred dollars for a phone, sign a contract and have the phone be absolete in a few months, so take yourself down from your pedestal and stop telling people what they can like or not like you fuc*ing clown!

  • Front Facing Camera Lover

    Ok soo iv been readin everywhere and looking everywhere and it’s against the odds but.
    WILL the Vibrant HAVE a Front Facing Camera or not? I know the image does not show any but I still can hope can I? Please if anyone can confirm it would really be nice :D *sigh I was really starting to like this phone until T-mobile took that feature out. otherwise this phone is AWESOME. No more home button, yet no more Front facing camera.:( Hopefully we at least get flash.

    In the meantime I might get a HD2 now since there getting REAL close to putting android on it. PLUS stores are selling it cheaper then before. Walmart $50 Radioshack $50. Maybe that can hold me until The vision comes out :D unless tmobile messes that up too. :P

    • jesus

      im sure if it had a FFC it would of been listed in hardware or in Entertainment.

      • joel

        Actually, there’s still a chance for a front-facing camera. Look up the Nokia Mode. See anything about a FFC on T-Mobile’s website? Yet, there is one.

        Not guaranteed, but it’s possible. We’ll know within a few weeks :)

  • Tyler

    I’m still trying to decide if this is an upgrade over my N1. I would have liked the FFC, but it’s not that big of a deal. Wonder how much storage space this will come with. The biggest let down on my N1 is the shotty 3G coverage and my screen responsiveness :(

  • djdarkknight96

    Good start, let’s see what really comes out!

  • Mike

    You know I think this phone is gonna replace my G1. As we T-Mo customers know were not on the #1 network so why expect the best phones. As far as this phone goes it blows the rest of T-Mos’ phones outa the water. No FFC!!!!….Do you really want to clog up the network and slow down the speed more???? It’s not HPSA+!!!…..When most of T-Mos’ world is still waiting on 3G, what’s the BFD????? It doesn’t have a flash!!!! Now that one I’m kinda upset about, but my G1 doesn’t have a flash so it’ll be nothing new ta me. All in all this phone is worthy of upgrading to. I wanna put my name on a list at my local retail store but to be honest the guys there would probably look at me and say ” What phone again? “. So come on T-Mo release this thing already. I’m getting antsy over here.

    • Deaconclgi

      I do enough bogging up the network by myself by video calling on my N900 over 3.5G for hours at a time……

  • jscarano

    Goddamn people there is no FFC its already been stated!

    • link?

      • jscarano

        Tmobiles twitter acct

    • there’s no mention of a lack of ffc on tmobile_usa twitter account

    • joel

      Not only has it not been stated ANYWHERE that there’s no FFC, there’s already an example of a T-Mobile phone having a FFC that they never mention. Remember the Nokia E73 Mode that came out a couple weeks ago? Look it up on T-Mobile’s website, tell me if you can find anything anywhere on the site about the E73 having a front-facing camera. No? Now read CNET’s review of the Nokia Mode. Here, I’ll even copy/paste the relevant section:

      “The E73 also has a front-facing camera, but don’t think this is in response to the HTC Evo 4G and iPhone 4. Most Nokia smartphones have had front-facing cameras and video conferencing capabilities long before these two phones put it on people’s radars. Though the interest hasn’t necessarily been there in the past, you can, in fact, make video calls with the E73 with an app, such as Fring, which is available through the Nokia Ovi Store.”

      So there you have it. It’s ENTIRELY possible that the Samsung Vibrant WILL have a FFC but T-Mobile isn’t advertising it. Hope it does so people will have one less dumbass reason to call this phone a failure. F*cking tools.

  • gb

    What they said about HSPA+ probably just means that it will be 7.2 dl capable, not full 21 hspa+. They used the same phrase in their press release when they announced that try were expanding hspa+ coverage recently. According to them, they don’t have ANY fully hspa+ capable equipment except for the Rocket USB Laptop Stick. All of their equipment will achieve a maximum of 7.2mbps dl. This is the same exact specification for the download speed of the European Galaxy S, btw. They didn’t change anything in this regard. (Unless they make the Vibrant with lower than 7.2mbps download speeds.)


  • jesus

    I Sent This Link To David(Tmonews Admin). :D

  • JD4

    I may just get the Vibrant then if this rumored Vision come out I will get that too. Hopefully that is a smart decision on my behalf.

  • Antoine

    Phone looks hot but wish out had a flash on it

  • chris

    Why the removal of the front facing camera of the original version of Galaxy S????
    Fring supports chat with video on android.I guess am not getting this puppy after all:( Now T-mobile starts to cripple phones like att,sad.

    • Steven G

      I think it has to do with different tiers of the Samsung Galaxy S. I don’t think T-Mo is in the biz of crippling their phones.

  • Hitch

    just don’t hold your breath for 2.1

    • gb

      I’ll hold my breath. It comes with 2.1

  • NiiDiddy

    People need to quit acting like their lives are over because of no hspa+, fcc, flash! weren’t you surviving alright before any of these things were ever announced? just stfu!!

    others need to quit bitching. phone manufacturers or service providers cannot please everyone all of the time…that’s why they try to put a variety of devices out there. fact is all of us on this website don’t even make 1% of t-mobile customers. people treat phones like a fast food joint. greed will kill people.

    i don’t care how anyone looks at it – this is STILL a great phone, and will be better than most on the market. it will get the job done. quit your effn’ whining and leave t-mobile…the fewer the merrier!! Sheesh!

    performance, responsiveness, speed…does what it says it’ll do. get you priorities straight. i don’t think ffc, hspa+ or even flash are priorities for ANY phone.

    • Steven G

      I’m not so much bitching about the no FFC, but that was the deal breaker for me. I’ll stick with my MyTouch Slide until T-Mo gets either a much faster phone or a phone with an FFC.

      • NiiDiddy

        performance wise, MyTouch Slide is not that bad. I got one for my wife using the father’s day deal and I loved it. Very responsive, and definitely faster than the original MyTouch3G, which I have. Had I kept the Slide to myself, I’d play the waiting game. But my MyTouch3G is just too laggy and slow and sometimes unresponsive. I also like this screen size, the largest Tmobile has with Android on it. So I think it’ll go me good still next year when I have another line up for an upgrade – i’ll scout new technology and devices then too.

    • Shannon

      I couldn’t have said it better myself!

      I think it looks like an amzaing phone and I’m more than likely going to grab one as soon as it’s released. No FFC? I’ve had ONE phone… my ol’ Samsung E315 from like 5 years ago (which still works great! haha). Is that considered front facing? The ABILITY to see my beautiful mug while taking a picture of myself? Been through MANY phones since and have not missed it at all. If it’s video calling, how many people are you seriously going to know who has it themselves??

      And the flash? Usually, the flashes on phones suck. Turn on a light if you need to or grab a real camera if the picture’s that important to you.

      Not HSPA+? I JUST got 3G in my area. I doubt I’ll be getting HSPA+ anytime soon. And if it happens, damn… I’m ONLY gonna have 7mbs speeds (or whatever it is). What will I ever do with such a SLOW data connection??

      People will find anything to complain about. Not every phone will have every feature that everybody wants. Get over it.

  • jesus

    Since everyone is to busy b*tching about no ffc or no flash, No one noticed the sims3 icon on the homescreen and also the avatar icon…

  • so I asked the @TMobile_USA twitter a question whether the press release photo of the vibrant that we’ve all seen is of the final product and this was their response.

    “@dothedenibop There is a countdown underway on the T-Mobile clue page. More details on the Samsung Vibrant at the end of the countdown. ^JM”

    so maybe they’re still keeping a couple of things under wraps… wishful thinking yes.

  • andrew

    it a good thing that didt get the mytouch slide

  • Nerdlust

    Any UMA options???? Weak signal at my house. I got the 8900 now…

  • wojax2

    still don’t understand why European and Asian markets get the best hardware(samsung galaxy s with ffc) and the u.s markets get gimped phones…im tired of this sh__!!. Any body else?…..

  • vinny

    Samsung is going to fly on the HSPA network. The only device that will be able to capitalize on the full top speeds is the rocket for laptops. The Samsung Vibrant is a killer phone. You knuckleheads are so fickled, snap out of it. The speeds this device will get will be killer on the 3G+ network. Relax, the speeds will be KILLER. Top speeds for download will be about 7200, not too shabby. sign me up T-Mobile. That is about 6 times faster then AT&T.

  • William

    The lack of camera flash and front camera aren’t that big a deal to me. But the lack of HSPA+ and Samsung’s questionable record on supporting upgrades is killing this for me. I have an upgrade coming and am looking more and more to the MyTouch Slide at this point. I’d love to go with an HD2, but even HTC can’t polish the turd that is Windows Mobile.

  • Scott

    During the Fathers day sale I picked up the HTC HD2… well because it was free and I was hoping I just might like the windows os but NO WAY… I was bored with it after an hour and lack of apps other than ones that were over $30 and not even a useful app. I quickly switched back to MyT3g even though it is slow and was REALLY hoping for a better phone from TMO in July. Anyways reason I say all this is the Samsung Vibrant as it has been confirmed is basically the HTC HD2 with Android instead of Windows but a smaller screen. For me it is a deal killer to not have a FFC even though the Galaxy S does, why did they take it off the Vibrant? Also no flash, atleast the HD2 has a flash which also works as a great flash light. And why no HDMI output? Let’s see… Verizon has the Droid X with HDMI, Sprint has the EVO why can’t we get a super phone with TMO that has all the bells and whistle and more to make people on the other carriers to say… man look at what TMO has.

  • Kerry

    I got the slide when it came out and it is a great phone, way faster than my G1 was. I bought it outright so I could save my upgrade for the Vibrant, or Vision.

    The Vibrant looks nice, but if the Vision comes with a keyboard that’s the way I’d lean. With that said I use Swype quite a bit and only bust out the keyboard for long e-mails/messages. Having the option is great though.

    At this point I have a decent phone in hand to play the waiting game with. Once the Vision/Project Emerald launches I can play with them both and pick one :)

  • jazz

    I’m getting this phone. I could give a ______ about it not having a FFC, I would never use it. Am I really going to stand there with my hand stretched out in front of me for a 20 min phone conversations? Hell no. This is a powerful phone, and I can’t wait.

    Couldn’t care less about it not having a flash either.

    • jscarano

      I have to agreed with you too. This if def gonna be my next phone…my g1 is getting old and slow.

    • needaphone


      After ready the specs, I’m ready to get this phone. Not exactly what I wanted, but I like the prices here.VZW is too expensive!

      • Wilma Flintstone

        Verizon isn’t that much more expensive than Tmobile anymore. A few years ago then yes, you’d be completely right but after doing the math, Verizon is only about $10 more than Tmo now for the same features, better phones and a WAAAYYYY better coverage area. Just thought I’d plug that in. Now At&t is still super expensive.

  • wojax2

    bye the way,this is turning out to be another huge disappointment again with t-mo. .They could of capitalized on the issues people are having with the IPHONE 4g. There are a lot of angry customers who would possibly thought of switching to t-mo if this phone was the REAL GALAXY S, and not some save-way branded gimped phone. Sorry t-mo you let us down again.. And for those who look forward to project emerald….don’t. It will be a failure (or a big letdown depending how you look at it). T-mo has great customer service and plans….They just don’t have THAT killer phone to use it for.I’m still here with them but,damn why do we get dumb down versions of phones?.(sprints galaxy s with flash and qwerty keyboard vs t-mo galaxy little s with no flash ffc or keyboard).I guarantee the day t-mo gets that killer phone that no other network has, thats the day when other carriers and their customers will take notice. Otherwise t-mo will remain the weird kid in the back of the class ,that no-one knows.

  • TranquilNight

    This is an amazing phone. That said, T-Mobile is seriously pissing me off. They hyped this phone up so much, and it turns out that not only is there nothing new and improved in this phone, but it’s actually WORSE! The phone is good, but does T-Mobile even care? I get why AT&T would not pimp it up, because they have the iPhone 4. T-Mobile has NO excuse. Did you see Sprint’s Galaxy S? Flash, keyboard, front facing camera, 4G! Wow! Doesn’t it look like they care? You know what.. I really hope you step it up T-Mobile, because our patience is running out.

    • Bill

      the galaxy will still reach speeds of 4mb down and 1.3 up in hspa+ just like the mytouch slide

  • They should call it the behold 3. the phone will have a warning label on it that says Samsung.

  • wojax2

    exactly.. and to think my wife wants me to jump on her sprint contract with her. Galaxy s with sprint?…ummm I don’t think I can jump ship like that,but it is tempting to say the least..

  • me

    Cry me a river . . .
    there are NO HSPA+ (nore the PLUS) handsets out there now
    Not on TMO anyway, only the rocket supports PLUS
    The specs actually say 5.4 MB HSPA (no plus)
    Give me this phone with 5.4 MB and I think I can handle it.
    I mean WTF are you gonna do with it?
    Your pron will still work fine, so chill out

  • me

    Cry me a river . . .
    there are NO HSPA+ (note the PLUS) handsets out there now
    Not on TMO anyway, only the rocket supports PLUS
    The specs actually say 5.4 MB HSPA (no plus)
    Give me this phone with 5.4 MB and I think I can handle it.
    I mean WTF are you gonna do with it?
    Your pron will still work fine, so chill out

  • swoosh042507

    shut up already with the front facing camera geez….its still gonna be a beast of a phone .

    • wojax2

      o.k….but with no flash also????…. its scary,but no beast..sorry

  • ObsceneJesster

    I really think that some of you shouldn’t even bother posting until you know what the hell your talking about. The only thing the Droid X has on this phone is a LED flash.

    Galaxy has faster GPU (PowerVR SGX540) while the Droid X has a (PowerVR SGX530).

    Galaxy has a better display being 20% more power efficient, better contrast and more responsive during normal and multi-touch operations.

    When compared to the EVO you are giving up the camera flash and FFC but you are gaining a better looking and more responsive display. You are also gaining a Hummingbird processor that makes the Snapdragon in the EVO look like the outdated-over-hyped POS it is.

    You can have your FFC and camera flash. I will take the phone that pumps out more power. The Galaxy S.

    • a winner

      wow someone on tmonews comments who knows what they are talking about and not some obnoxious crybaby fanboy bitching about EVERYTHING. :o

      I think this phone looks much better than the euro version with that bigg square button. if I was in the market our if it had a hardware keyboard I would definitely consider this phone.

  • jtothada

    yes it is a Epic let down!…..why brag on hspa 21mbps and dont have 4 smartphones that support it? and how can u competing with other carriers with out a ffc? this phone was a chance for tmo actually be a real contender but they dropped the ball yet again

  • Morbo

    Can anyone make out the icon between Facebook and Gogo?

    • J-Hop2o6

      Slacker Radio (think Pandora)

  • longsh0t

    My girlfriend is using an Xperia X10 currently but I will probably upgrade her to this. For myself, I’ll stick w/ the MyTouch Slide until the HTC “Vision” is released.

    As far as the HSPA+ news there are many MyTouch Slide users reporting download speeds of 6-8 Mbps which is more than 10x faster than the speeds I’m currently getting. If the Vibrant can at least match these speeds without being a full HSPA+ complilant device it’ll still be a HUGE improvement.

    Keep it coming, Tmobile!

  • bbc

    Ok, the people complaining about no FFC need to realize that both the iphone and Evo ffc are all but unusable. At this point it’s a gimmick. Sprint’s network can’t really handle it properly and AT&T can’t handle it at all. I’m betting you will use it 3 or 4 times and then not bother, and if you have someone that really likes video calling you – it will become a nuisance. You’ll start thinking, “ugh, I really don’t want to vid call right now.” That’s when you’ll wonder why you left Tmo, over such a silly feature.

    When I’m on a mobile phone I want to be mobile – not sitting in front of a stationary camera or holding one in front of me. This looks to be a great phone.

    • TranquilNight

      Yea, but still, why REMOVE? If it was never there in the first place, it wouldn’t have been such a big deal. T-Mobile needs to try EXTRA hard because their smartphone collection sucks. But no, they go ahead and remove features, adding nothing in return.

  • catsigh

    I hate to say it but this does put a damper on my enthusiasm. Why put out a superphone and drop the ball by not making it as capable as possible. I have been holding out for that superphone. I can’t afford to buy every time there’s a new model of hardware comes along. Even with the max upgrade, it’s a strain on my budget and I know I will be living with it for at least two years.

    When I jump I want to be on the bleeding edge of the technology because in a month or two another even more amazing phone will come along.

    At this rate I will be with the G1 through Christmas even though my contract expired in April.

    • TranquilNight

      Quite frankly, you should go with the Galaxy S. The reviews were all favorable, with cons being no flash. But really, flash doesn’t work good on phones anyway.. The display is unmatched on any device and Samsung will keep hold on it for 18 months. The new Touchwiz is actually really good. Reviews like it and it seems like the best custom UI yet. The processor and video power are of course amazing. The UI is very smooth. The phone is extremely light and the screen to phone ratio is very well optimized. Overall, you can keep waiting for the next best thing, but that will go on for a long time. We waited for a long time since Galaxy S was first shown, and new rumored phones (such as HTC Vision) haven’t even been shown yet. And ofcourse, the difference between G1 and Galaxy S is HUUUUGE, so you will really feel the newness and coolness. haha. In two years, you can upgrade to something that is also leaps better, and you will really feel the upgrade. Anyway, I hope whatever you decide, you will be happy with your choice.

  • shawn1224

    I can’t wait until 3-4 months from now when people start bitchin about how buggy the Samsuck Vibrant is.

    Oh trust me, it’s coming.

    • 2FR35H

      I doubt with how fast this thing is that it would have any lag to bitch about. Its faster than N1 and everything else currently. What I don’t get though is why the hell is it not a HSPA+ device. They are able to change the 3 buttons to 4 and remove the front faced camera in the last minute but they can’t add flash to the camera or make it HSPA+? What the hell gives.

      • mrbill

        My thoughts exactly!

  • corematter

    There might be ffc. If you look at the image there’s two little circles on the top left.

    • keele8

      If it had one don’t you think that would be in the facts since it is such a big topic on this phone? They would have for sure put that in the fact sheet if it was there.

    • Bobomo

      Top left circles are the proximity and light sensors.

  • JD4

    Someone on Twitter asked @TMobile_Usa:

    @TMobile_USA Put a LED flash on that Vibrant and promise future updates, and not go through the Behold 2 failed promise.

    @TMobile_Usa responded:

    @WarFaze89 Thank you for the feedback, maybe on the next one…we will see a flash. Updates will come as manufactures can develop them…^CG

  • NiiDiddy

    I actually put pictures of the Galaxy S and the Vibrant [or what we think we know as Vibrant from the above picture] side-by-side. Galaxy S has an optical pad of some sort with menu and back touch buttons, and Vibrant doesn’t; instead Vibrant has 4 touch buttons: menu, home, back and search. Of course we don’t see the front facing camera and we know there’s no flash.

    Not complaining…just pointing out certain noticeable differences just by looking at both pictures.

    • JD4

      It’s not an optical pad it is just a button. I personally like the four touch buttons better.

      • NiiDiddy

        @JD4 – thanks for the correction. And I agree with you, I think I like the four touch buttons better.

    • suckittmobile

      Thank you captain obvious! Welcome to three days ago. That was the first thing that everyone noticed, hence the complaining! You’re going around telling people to stop bitching about the phone and you’re clueless.

      • suckittmobile

        Btw that was for niididdy not jd4

        • David

          Your mama comment was deleted, don’t be insulting people’s mamas on this blog!

        • suckittmobile

          No problem. I did notice however that you left the other comment that insulted people’s mamas alone. It’s a bcouple if lines down, maybe you just didn’t see it.

        • keele8

          You should boot this guy David.

        • suckittmobile

          Why should he do that?

        • David

          Guys stay on topic…

        • suckittmobile

          David, I see you let a lot of poop fly around here and you got mad over a mama joke? Fu*k you and your f@ggot groupies! Diddy, you’re a fuc*ing retard, keele, you’re an ass kissing cu#t and chris you’re a fuc*ing coc*sucker! F u all, getting an iphone, at least it works like it’s supposed to, I’m out!


        • TranquilNight

          Cmon man, calm down. We are just discussing phones. :) Anyway, goodbye, enjoy your iPhone, just don’t make comments like this here please.

        • Negtne

          Dude seriously people like you are not wanted here!!!

        • JD4

          Is all that necessary? And an iPhone works like its supposed to, ha. Make sure you hold the phone the right way or you may loose your signal! Best of Wishes.

        • JD4

          was supposed to be @suckittmobile

        • Bobomo

          When the topic is “T-MOBILE SUCKS AND IMMA LEAVE AND GO TO SPRINT EXCEPT IM NOT REALLY IM JUST GOING TO WHINE ON THIS BLOG SOME MORE” then we should probably go ahead and change it.

        • chris


      • NiiDiddy

        Hey, I left your rude ass all the back over there, and frankly your rude comments mean nothing to me. You want to continue, be my guest. See how nicely JD4 commented…then you show up. I am glad you noticed it 3 days ago…well guess what I just did, so what???

        Still makes for a good phone, so if you don’t want the phone you don’t…la-ti-da! still doesnt warrant bitching. Actually if you didn’t notice JD4 actually like the four touch buttons. That makes two of us. Go and complain on comments where someone actually cares. I dont!!

  • flgirll_99

    lol – some of the comments on here are cracking me up!

    Well I’ll say I’m one of the few that doesn’t care about a FFC, HSPA+ and a flash on the camera. For T-mobile, this is a really good phone. I’m planning on buying it.

    Can’t wait until more reviews, videos and pics come out about the phone.

    • NiiDiddy

      2nd that!

      • Bobomo


    • Anthony

      you’re a girl, so your opinion is irrelevant.

      • NiiDiddy

        Awwww c’mon Anthony, be nice…can’t well all just get along? I hope you were kidding…i think everyone’s opinion matters.

  • Mitch Lantana

    OK. Not being HSPA+ isn’t a big deal… My Slide is doing 4.5mb/s downloads where the Rocket is getting 5.2. Not a big difference. The pics do show Avatar and The Sims on the home screen (along with Slacker, woot!), so that’s good for some. But the lack of a flash on the camera and a keyboard, along with Samsung’s reluctance to treat their existing customers well, why should I give up my MyTouch Slide for this?! I’m sorry, but the Vibrant can chill… I’m waiting on the Dell Streak!!

  • mando

    What’s up wwithe the front facing camera it had before. I’m dissapointed w/t-mobile, the top cellphone companies have incredible phones and we r stuck w outdated win. 6.5, sorry but very lame htc phones and especially motorola phones,(cliq or xt, even the names are stupid). C’mon t-mobile how do u expect to catch up?????

  • JP

    Having this phone be HSPA+ was a long shot, so can’t say I’m not surprised it’s not. Sucks it doesn’t have a FFC and a flash. Is it a necessity? No. Is it something good to have? Yes.

    What a shame. This phone had so much potential. With all the hype about the EVO and 4G, TMO had a perfect opportunity to use this hype to release just a bad ass phone. I can’t say I’m not surprised they decided to release a standard smartphone.

    The big question is when will this thing get 2.2? If Samsung had their way, probably never. They’ll probably just release another phone. Even if this was to get 2.2, I highly doubt it will go beyond that. Then what? You’re stuck with the Behold…Behold this pile of crap…And besides, it seems like any smartphone that’s released now-a-days had their fair share of major and minor problems. This phone is no exception.

    I just wish TMO will get their head out of their asses and get off the short bus and step up to the place with the big boys. Although…They’re probably just peachy being the follower…Being last…

    • james

      i agree, T-mobile does need to step up to the big boys. i wonder why they took off the ffc, if it had that i wouldn’t complain much for it not having flash. I wonder if the ATT Captivate has a ffc, don’t remember. I had a feeling when i found out that the galaxy was coming to all carriers that T-mobile’s would be lacking.

  • Totally agree with Mitch. Not being HSPA+ is not a deal breaker. But if Tmo gets the Dell Streak I’ll be all over that!

  • 2FR35H

    I think I will just wait for the dual core 800mhz HTC this winter. Dual core would be faster and I bet it would have the front facing camera as well with it hopefully the same internal memory as this. Maybe if they get Galaxy S Pro it would be more worth it.

  • mailman13877

    SMFH..See why I am leaving TMO on July 28th..They had a chance to have the best Android phone out but they take out the FFC with no LED Flash and to top it off no HSPA+.Their Slogan should be “We act to be on our competitors back but not to have em on our Backs”.You would think the company to release the 1st ever Android device in the US wouldlead the Android campaign but no the now look like they’re now getting the hang of releasing Android devices.
    @ All TMO lovers
    You guys are settlers.You pay all that $$ and get bad phones and service but yet you make excuses.When you get a taste of success you don’t settle but when your on the losing side you settle and hope the NEXT phone will be great but i promise that dual core phone will leave out things that will once again disappoint you.That’s been their trend as long as been with em since 2001 and im breaking loose.The 1st disappointment for the dual core phone has already arrived..It’s gonna be bulky due to the Qwerty..With swype and multi touch keypads why go backwards??I think Verizon should teach TMO the ins and outs.I have put up with TMO for the last time.Oh an don’t forget your dealing with SAMMY who promises Android updates and doesn’t give it.The fact that this phone will have atleast 8GB of memory tells me your going to have to jailbreak to get your 2.2 and beyond.

    • 2FR35H

      No I’m sure galaxy S will at least get 2.2 anything past is wishful thinking.

      I hate the fact that HTC Vision aka Mytouch Vision or T-Mobile Vision is gonna have a slide out keyboard along with 4.3in screen. 4inch is good enough for me. like you said its gonna be bulky there is no way its not if it has a 4.3 inch screen and a qwerty keyboard. Sounds unpocketable for sure.

      • alex32

        it depends on personal taste. I could care less how bulky and how much it weighs. if it has a 4.3 inch screen htc android gingerbread, 8 megapixel camera, and qwerty keyboard with dual core processor that is an EPIC phone. ill be the first in line for that

      • a winner

        who wants a giant slab in their pocket anyway. the hd2 is way too big for pockets and its one of the slimmest phones on the market. and there are too many non qwerty completely undifferentiated phones on the market a descent one is sure to be a hit l

      • shawn1224

        Speak for yourself. I’m 6’4 with big hands and my HD2 is the perfect size for my hands and pockets.

        I actually wouldn’t mind the Vibrant if it wasn’t being manufactured by Samsung but own the Behold II and know full well that they won’t support it later on down the road. The HTC Vision will be a game changer

    • Vinchenzo

      Umm… Why is HSPA+ such a deal breaker? HSPA is still faster than whats out there right now.

      Evo users have 4g and a FFC but their network speeds are slower than HSPA, has light bleeding issues and you can peel the friggin screen off of the phone. Also, the L337 piece of hardware is made of cheap flexible plastic.

      iPhone users can’t hold their phones with their left hands and have to deal with yellow splotches on their screens while their FFC is limited to wifi and anything you download is so heavily laden with DRM, you have to go through a tribunal of anti-Semites to get the media YOU PAID FOR on something else.

      Droid users have to deal with a company that boasts the “largest coverage” but in actuality, fails to deliver on their promises. The keyboard sucks balls and the slide on it feels cheap.

      Sounds like everyone else is “settling” I, for one, love my MT3G Slide.

    • Yuri

      Wait, bad service?

      I LOVE T-mobile’s service. I LOVE their ability to talk to people and work with them, I LOVE not having any issues getting a hold of anyone I need, and if need be, they will allow me to leave a number and a message and they will call ME back so I don’t sit there.

      The Vibrant lacks things no one would probably use. FFC will just be gimmicky, and I’d much rather use a dedicated webcam. LED Flash? That’s a useless thing people are tricked into thinking HELPS. It doesn’t. Xenon, sure, LED is a joke, though.

      The phone itself is much faster than any smartphone carrying a snapdragon in terms of CPU and GPU power. The phone has a better screen, much more efficient, while being less reflective and more sensitive to touch.

      The battery life, as far as I’m told, is great for a phone of that standard.

      I don’t understand why a little LED light and a VGA camera you’ll never use is such a dealbreaker. You know why it’s a dealbreaker? It’s because you want something just to say you have it. The phone, I guarantee you, is too powerful for the things you will do on it. There’s really little reason to complain unless you’re that worried about status.

      Here’s something no other carrier provides: The service and prices T-mobile offers.

      If you’re bitching this much, move to Japan. Then all of your problems are solved since their phones are years ahead of ours and always will be.

      • Anthony

        I use the flash for my BB camera A LOT. I’m sorry but A)I’m not a girl, so I don’t carry a camera with me, and B)I often take pictures during, you know, night time. What’s the point of even having a camera on the phone if you are just limited to daytime.

        You act like the people complaining about flash are the whiners, but in fact, its the people who dismiss it that are in bed with Tmo.

        Get a life…or a better job than being a Tmo employee.

      • watbetch

        Take a hike Anthony.

      • NiiDiddy

        Anthony, No one has a gun to your head asking you to like this phone or to even get it, so that’s a good start. Good for you that you use your camera with FLASH a lot. But that’s you and a ton of people; at the same time, that’s not the whole tmobile world. And not everyone carries a camera on them or care about taking pics all the time – in fact believe it or not, there are people out there who really dont care. I dont think it’s a social “no-no” not to have a camera phone to begin with, let alone one with flash. I know girls who dont carry cameras, so you must be one lol…you just do it discreetly through your phone. lol…j/k

        Seriously though, this phone will cater for those who don’t care for certain features. Stick with your BB and if you find a phone that has a camera with all the bells and whistles you want, then go for it. Watch this sell like hot cakes regardless.

  • 2FR35H

    HSPA+ isn’t necessarily a deal breaker for me but my point was that they might as well had just kept it regular galaxy S. What is the point in removing features? a front faced camera and led on the flash couldn’t cost too much nor even the HSPA+ part.

    • Bobomo

      They only removed the FFC. The original never had an LED flash or HSPA+.


    Tmobile messed up royally! They shouldve left it the galaxy s exactly how it was in europe or asia.why do we get this crap done to us. we dont care about avatar and sims otherwise we already have them on our computers.You damn right were complaining about the ffc . we want the hdmi output also. dln sucks only because most people dont already have dlna enabled devices.does anyone have dlna enabled device as of right now? tmobile doest listen to its cusomers and were pissed. i want to say tmobile kiss our……

  • Jonathan

    WTF! Not HSPA+ capable phone. Are you serious! Wowwwwwwww! Too add to that, no front facing camera. I was looking forward to this phone. Even w/o their being a camera flash, I was more than willing to purchase this phone. Now I gotta step back and decide if I’m going to stay with T-mobile. I’ll wait till the end of the summer. Hopefully the Motorola Basil is more promising than this phone, and hopefully it’s HSPA+ capable. So when are the Motorola Basil pictuers gonna be leaked… I’m still bummed out about Samsung. ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    • 2FR35H

      Search for Motorola Motoroi because that is the MOtorola Basil

  • Brandon

    Pretty disappointing. I work for t mo and I’ll probably pass on this one too. I hear htc has some goodness in store for this fall. I’ll wait. I only get a couple discounted handsets in one year.

  • Socalfrank

    I was leaning towards the Vibrant, but no HAPA+ is a deal breaker. I’ll wait for something else. Preferably with a ffc, by HTC with Sense UI and gingerbread.

    • mailman13877

      I wish it was that easy but TMO will never give their customers all they want in 1 phone.That’s always been their track record.They’ve always put in something major and replaced something major to the point it becomes a Negative instead of a positive.They released the 1st Android but have fail to succeed and also have never been 1st to release a major update which tells me Gingerbread will not come to TMO this year and i would also bet on that.You see when you settle by the time you tell yourself the NEXT phone will take the lead it’s now another year and by then your behind on new features so your say once more the NEXT phone.TMO is failing and big.
      Imagine how Verizon thinks..”Oh really you wanna bring out the Iphone 4 and Evo then take this..Incredible,Droid X and Droid 2 soon to come” and they all come with advancement in features not just 1 advancement but the are all big positives.How the hell you let the damn walkie talkie Sprint network come out with the EVO and all you can do is bring out a half assed iphone 3G rip?

  • Socalfrank

    By the way, EVO looks better and better with every new T-mobile announcement. I guess they are happy being the cut-rate, 2nd tier wireless company they are.

    • Brian

      2nd tier. 4th place.

  • rux

    EVERYONE VENT!!!! Still getting this.

  • andrew

    i wish tmobile could of gotten the pro version with keyboard

  • suckittmobile

    Vision is a rumor people. The features that it was listed to maybe have are general features that every phone is gonna have at that time in order to stay competitive and if the trend continues, Tmobile will have the least featured unit since they don’t have the power to demand anything,from any of the phone manufacturers. At least when it comes t high end stuff.


    who said there is no ffc????? do we know for sure sure yet??? and so are the data speeds going to atleast be the same as the HD2 and other h capable phones? cause if so that is plenty fast now. and if anything just sell it on Craigslist when the htc power house drops, thats what i plan on doing.

  • chris

    Please tell me that the no FFC is just a bad rumor!!!That was the only reason i wanted this phone!!Noooooooo

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Dell Streak is looking Better and Better. Any word on Tmo Release David? And I agree with David, Leave People’s Mamas out of this.

  • theBIGmack

    Why does it not include a front facing camera, and why did they change the buttons? *sigh* I’m still getting this. I am really tired of my G1.

  • mailman13877

    For all the TMO lovers that’s being HATERS by saying FFC will not be a success or isn’t needed then go on Engadget and watch their 3 face time videos taken by the iphone 4 an tell me you it won’t be needed.To top that the Evo has a better FFC than the iphone 4 so that video is good but imagine it thru the Evo FFC.That will definitely be big for when you go to sport games weather its for your team or your kids games.Mobile media like David will use it in events like the CTIA or Google IO and i can def use it so tell me why it won’t be big or it isn’t needed even if it has a usage limit?

  • Brian

    I was THIS close to coming back. After seeing my friend’s EVO and the iPhone4 , I think I’ll pass on the Vibrant. Needs a flash and HSPA or its just another TMO phone that doesn’t quite measure up. So close. Maybe next time.

  • soonTMO

    im a little disappointed.. just a little bit though..

    they couldnt put an LED flash because it would increase the weight and thickness of the phone and that is deviating from the whole idea of a thin/light superphone .. i think..

    but no FFC? i dont get it..
    but it don’t matter to me. i’d still get it on day one, im not gonna miss this one to wait for another phone, coz obviously by that time that the dual processor approaches its launch date, there would be another leak/rumor of a much faster and better device. then i might end up just waiting and waiting for something better. then wait again for aanother that’s even better.. LOL haha

    2 cents.. LOL

  • soonTMO

    how come my posts are on “awaiting moderation”?

    im confused.. am i spamming here? i don’t get it.. LOL

    • David

      It’s random and I have no control of what gets approve and what doesn’t, rest assured I refresh every minute or so to see comments awaiting approval!

      • soonTMO

        ahh ok . thanks.. no biggie! :)

  • Let me get this staight. TMO makes a big deal over HSPA. You bave all these twitter clues and then you release a device with no HSPA. WTF? And people on here say we are complaining. Am I the only one who noticed this? Why in the hell would they make all this hoopla over a device that does not even use the HSPA that they have been promoting for the past several months? If the mysterious Magenta project follows history and is a disappointment….. This will make people leave TMO and use Sprint or go to Clear when they release their Wimax phones with no contract.

    • swehes

      This device does use HSPA. Not just HSPA+. However with them upgrading their network to HSPA+ all phones that has capability to pick up HSPA will benefit because it makes the network in general much faster and better. Your HSPA device will have faster speeds than Sprints Wimax. There are good speed tests to show the results. This one is a good one. http://www.phonescoop.com/articles/article.php?a=376&p=2707

  • Jesus Christ

    I have heard your cries and apologize for tmobiles crappy phone selection, yes tmo is in 4th…. lets just hope cricket or some other carrier makes us #5 in 2011

  • 00Negro

    Interesting. I am starting to not understand just what Tmobile wants to accomplish with this phone. If the HTC HD2 had Android (and it may very well have it with the work XDA has been doing) it would stomp all over this phone. However, it doesnt. I am still using a G1 so I’m willing to risk the lack of an update because I have been rocking 1.6 for awhile now. Anything, to me will be an upgrade at this point. But, the lack of HSPA+ support? Yet, its rocking the new Hummingbird 1GHZ processor? This phone has all the potential to be very big, but these little omissions are hurting it. I can honestly say that. However, compared to my phone its much better. However, these days when everyone jumps ship if someone sneezes, I think Tmobile needs to at this point really look at their line up of phones compared to the competitors. I want to see this in person and compare, but the picture above looks like a half-baked Iphone 3G. I do not necessarily like that. However, these days anything that looks like a slab of glass and metal will have the “Iphone” look so that may be nothing at all. Personally, I dont feel like being bothered switching carriers to something else, plus where I live Tmobile’s coverage is excellent and I have no contract. I hate contracts. So full price is what it’ll be for your boy. We need a monster phone basically. I mean the Droid X is a beast. The Iphone 4 (even with its isssues right now) is good. EVO 4G awesome. And over at Tmobile we have the MyTouch 3G Slide……. crickets ……. Don’t get me wrong its an upgrade from a G1 thats for sure, but its a mid-grade phone. Either way, right now I KNOW I cant hold off anymore with this G1, I just cant. I could potentially wait to see what XDA comes up with, but how long will that take?

    I can see where alot of people’s frustration is coming from regarding Tmobile and their phone decisions. It makes no sense why they have taken things out, but cant add simple ones. But, then hint at the fact that on the next go round they will have it? Why that is smart buisness. (Even though Im using sarcasm, the sad reality is that it is.) But, for a company who has now been surpassed by Sprint, hardware-wise, you would think to keep customers they would be trying to blaze trails. They did with the G1, but then just sat back and watched everyone else just release phone after phone. Its time to act Tmobile. Like YESTERDAY! This is a good starting point, still better than 95% of what is on their shelf. I most likely will be purchasing one. Its better than what I have, but not the competition. I’m trying to RIDE OR DIE with you Tmobile. Do we necessarily have to die? Your looking shaky at the wheel right now… here’s for optimism.

  • gb

    I don’t understand the big deal you people are making out of HSPA+.

    Did T-mobile ever promise that this phone would be HSPA+ capable?
    Did anyone in the industry ever expect it to be full HSPA+ capable?
    Is the European version HSPA+ capable?
    Is there any other phone currenly on the market in the US that can achieve even close to the full 21mbps HSPA+ speeds?
    Do even the mighty EVO or the Droid X offer even close to 21mbps HSPA+ speeds?
    Are the upgrades T-mobile’s doing right now to the HSPA+ network primarily to ensure that the network is not the bottleneck as new, faster devices hit the market?

    Should everyone stop bitching about HSPA+?

  • Mitch Lantana

    I work for TMO and I’ll be honest… 90 – 95% of people out there could care less if the phone has a FFS or HSPA+. As a hardcore geek, I totally understand where you guys are coming from. But in reality, this phone will probably KILL to the average consumer.

    • dank414

      Not judging your intelligence, but people are sheep. They see iphone, then they’ll want something like it and start asking you if it does facetime bs, not FFC. They may care less but they’re not ignorant to what they see on TV and window displays. You’re going to be answer a lot of stupid questions regarding why it doesn’t have FFC. At least they can’t see HSPA+ haha. Bless you.

  • JD4

    In regards to no ffc or flash etc. Some people will never be satisfied though. At the end of the day there is no ffc or flash. Which in my opinion is just a conversation piece when bragging about your phone. If this did have a ffc and flash there would still be people complaining. We all have different tastes etc. You can’t make every one happy. Soon my opinion no need to tell people to stop complaining or get people to love the phone or to leave T-Mobile like you are. Overall a nice quality phone from T-Mobile and once again you can’t make everyone happy.

  • suckittmobile

    How major are the modifications that would have to be made to the galaxy S in order to run on hspa+? Did Sprint pay Samsung to convert the S to 4g? They have roughly the same size customer base, where do they get the extra pull that Tmobile doesn’t?

    • gb

      I don’t think you understand. 4G from Sprint is not going to be that much faster than the galaxy s is as it is configured now for T-Mobile. We’re talking practical speed differences of only 1 or 2 mbps BEST CASE SCENARIO. The EVO 4G is only designed to go as fast as 6mbps, and the galaxy s for t-mobile is designed for theoretical speeds of 7.2mbps.

      • swehes

        Actually. A HSPA device can utilize HSPA+ and will get better speeds than Wimax. http://www.phonescoop.com/articles/article.php?a=376&p=2707

      • 2FR35H


        You are missing the point. Sprint’s 4G is fairly new and their galaxy s version is 4G the point is that the same could have and should had been done with tmobile.

  • JD4

    Some people will never be satisfied though. At the end of the day there is no ffc or flash. Which in my opinion is just a conversation piece when bragging about your phone. If this did have a ffc and flash there would still be people complaining. We all have different tastes etc. You can’t make every one happy. Soon my opinion no need to tell people to stop complaining or get people to love the phone or to leave T-Mobile like you are. Overall a nice quality phone from T-Mobile and once again you can’t make everyone happy.

    • Anthony

      Ummmm really? Having flash for your camera is a conversation piece? No, what is a conversation piece is NOT having flash for your camera.

      • Daedalus

        I saw a great billboard to day driving to one of my offices. It was for the Panasonic Lumix Carmera and it said “If it comes with a ring tone it is not a camera!”

        I have to agree.

    • JD4

      @Anthony. Phones these days are trying to include everything. If a person wants to take pictures at dark use a digital camera. Thats what a digital camera is for. People, not you specifically, want there phones to include everything, the best music player, camera, etc. Sometimes simplicity is key and everything under the sun doesn’t need to be incorporated within a phone. But hey, that is just my opinion.

      @Daedalus. I saw that billboard. Great stuff.

      • Chris

        Maybe I’ll just take my business elsewhere, considering how Sprint has a camera that has these features. Or maybe AT&T.

  • TranquilNight

    So is the most likely release date still the 21st?

  • Sammy

    I don’t know if anyone payed attention to it but the first app on the phone if avatar, the second app is mobiTV, the theirs app is. The sims, and fourth app is the kindle reading app. And this is all in the first line

  • Sammy XD

    U know guys make this front facing camera a big deal nokia’s been putting front facing cameras for a while and the only reason it became a big deal is because of apple

  • Tmo made a strategic mistake

    TMO rolled out a lighting fast network (HSPA+), and as smartphone use increases in general, data use will also increase. Over the next 2 years (average contract period), we will see that apps in the Android market will perform better if data speeds are faster. Smartphone users will demand lighting fast (4G-ish) speed and computer-like superphones. Biggest reason to buy a superphone is if you like using data-intensive applications (or will use data-intensive apps over the next 2 years).

    Spending a ton of money on Samusng Vibrant that will have have “outdated” network speed as soon as its released makes 0 sense ESPECIALLY WHEN TMO JUST SPENT BILLIONS UPGRADING THEIR NETWORKS! You’re paying for a bigger super-AMOLED screen, but you’re losing out on the biggest point of having a superphone. It’s all about the data speed and apps. The rest is just bells & whistles.

    Bottom line – Tmo spent billions upgrading their network to HSPA+ b/c that is where the future is – faster and faster network speeds. So why buy a phone that is great at everything else EXCEPT network speed? The network speed is the CROWN JEWEL especially if you plan on owning the phone for 2 years (average contract period).

    Wait for the HTC Vision – assuming its HSPAA+

  • belch

    WHAT THE HELL IS WITH THE FFC??? What are ya’ll using it for? Didn’t Sam just release a behold II update?? soo yeah the Vibe will get updated, it’ll just be a couple of years late ;).. I’m getting this phone.. I’ve had my G1 forEVER and i’m ready, it looks great, specs are solid I don’t care about a camera pointing at my face and I was just in Vegas and I noticed a serious difference in 3G speed if the Vibrant is quick like that coupled with the hummingbird it’s gonna be eff’ing sweet.. thanks Tmo for gettin it you easily could have passed it up and told kids to wait for project emerald (whatever that is gonna be)

  • jimbo

    Talked to a htc rep today was at work they are the ones making project emrald and let me tell you the little info I was able to get from him wow the dual core thing is just the tip wow tmobile will have by far the best phone on the market

  • jimbo

    Had the chance to talk to a htc rep today was able to get alittle info out of him project emerald is a htc device can you imagine a 8mp camera on front and back? And a dual core proccessor don’t know the speeds he said would be well over 1ghz and can you picture the first 32mb memory card pre inserted? Suppost to be best phone ever made and I guess tmo spending a lot of money on it we will see

  • belch

    MMA Blog style… HELL YEAH! anyway.. when is the official release press conference?

  • Myg1

    Who wanted to see your ugly faces for twenty mins?..no two guys will be talking on the video calling for long and what makes you think your wife or gf wants to see your face all the times? Lmao Get real peoples this phone will still kill

  • OmenSean

    Almost everyone on here is bitch, bitch, bitch. Jeez. I’ve been with T-Mobile for a long time, and I consider myself to be a tech geek. I jumped on the G1 when that was first available, and I jumped at the opportunity recently to get a MT3GS. I love it. I think the Vibrant sounds like a great phone as well. And honestly, I could care less about a FFC, flash, or the HSPA+ speed. So many of the people on here complain about the fact that T-Mobile has no “superphones.” My MT3GS is more powerful than most of the people I knows phones. And it beats the hell out of my friends iPhone. All these other gimmicks that other companies are throwing into phones is just making everyone here think there phone is obsolete. News flash: Its not! Remember when all we had were crappy bricks, without cameras, and BT, and wifi, and internet? Jeez. Alright, I’m done my rant. It’s been building up for a few days reading things back and forth on this site. Take care everyone, and don’t let my rant offend you.

  • Jason

    Damn, another ugly tmobile phone. Ugh I look with envy towards the evo and droid x.

  • spyderwebb

    ill just buy the international version :-(

  • spyderwebb

    iv had the same G1 since the day it launched OCT 2008 the processor is fried it wont hold a charge for more than 2 hours and it force close every five minutes :-( i already dont have a FFC or flash so i dont think ill miss it i dont care if i need a string to talk on it as long as it still has the 4 inch screen and a SAMOLED screen ill be cool

  • Rilesman

    I can see many of the arguments of disappointment EXCEPT for one……

    Not an HSPA+ phone? Deal Breaker? Seriously….Seriously? That is like saying you won’t drive a Mustang because it isn’t as fast as a Porshe so you are going to a different dealer and buy a Yugo.

    Seriously?….because the Vibrant phone will have faster speeds than WiMAX while not fully utilizing the possible full speeds of an HSPA+ radio….and this is a deal breaker? I believe that is a stupid argument.

    Go have fun with your Yugo….I am looking forward to my MT3G kicking your butt.

  • joel

    Just so everyone knows, just because it’s not listed in the specs doesn’t mean there’s no front-facing camera. I mean, you know the Nokia Mode that just came out has a front-facing camera, right? And guess what- it says NOWHERE in the specs that it does. But it’s there. T-Mobile obviously doesn’t see it as an important enough feature to even mention, so wait for the reviews until you start cutting your wrists over this ;)

    • J-Hop2o6

      it really has a FFC? video/spec sheet proof anywhere?

  • TMOprophet

    wow this is a funny as crap post with funnier comments flying back and forth, I think everyone is just mad that the SGS isnt the superphone they were hoping it would be, well I sorry but samsung kinda sucks…good luck getting anything beyond froyo…HTC for me in the future. This SGS will be an epic fail..in one way or another. Just give it time..you will see..

    • Patrick

      you are absolutely right. T-mobile is really good at coming out with look alike phones and “kinda like that other phone” phones but it will be an EPIC fail. I like samsung, but they just dont have what it takes. Sprint= htc evo, verizon= htc incredible, Tmobile= my touch slide…. wtf. no. give us android 2.1 in the HD2 shell you idiots! oh but wait! the samsung Galaxy S!…..no.. just no…

      • Davidohio

        I think you should go to verizon and get the incredible, or sprint for the evo. yeah.

    • david

      I think your right. It is looking to be kind of a let down after all the buzz that has been going on about this phone. The only thing that is buging me is a 5 meg pix camera. What’s up with that?

  • Xfoo

    My 2 cents:
    5MP is totally fine for good pictures as long as the pixels are sensitive enough to allow proper light in. I’ve seen 8MP shots look like crap because the camera pixels are too small and not sensitive. It’s not about pixel count. It’s the technology that matters.
    I think the lack of a flash is a mistake. I have yet to see a good phone camera shot in low-light situations. Let’s face it. Most of us bust out the camera to take pics at night; at a party, after dinner, at the club, in front of the bar. It kills me when there’s no flash.
    The FFC was probably left out because the data network cant handle the potential flooding. That’s why the iPhone’s FFC is primarily reserved for wi-fi. Apple also has FaceTime to give video calling functionality. TMO doesn’t have the network, customer base, or the api to compliment FFC use. TMO is only the 4th largest US carrier; a lot smaller than Sprint, ATT, and Verizon by comparison. 2-way video calling is just starting out. Virtually no one uses that kind of communication yet. No reason (or funds) to back a technology that is not in high demand. It will happen, just not now and not with the Vibrant. Besides, if I ever look to witness anyone in a video call while they’re driving, I will personally take a dump on their head.

    • mpv

      this is a good post…

      • Scritz McGritz


  • TMOsucks

    Really, who cares about having a FFC? I’m sick of seeing all the crappy self shots on Facebook and MySpace anyways.

  • RICO

    This freaking sucks that T-Mo is leaving out 2 VERY important features: one the front facing cam and second not going to be an HSPA+ device. I think T-mo is going to regret this decision and seeing from what Samsung did to the Behold 2, I don’t think I want a Samsung phone anymore. I think this will push customers away as well.

    • RICO

      Tmo I hope you’re reading your customers complaints on this: Please give us an super HTC phone or Motorolla Droid with all the features initially on the Galaxy S. We trust them because they give us updates.

      • Patrick

        dude screw motorola. they suck, verizon can have the stupid droid. HTC is where its at. motorola is the most unreliable phone ever

      • 2FR35H


        The MOtorola RAZR would like to hav a word with you and so would the Moto Zine ZN5 and the Moto Cliq and just about every other motorola device out there. Where ever the hell you heard that motorola is unreliable is false.

  • taaars

    Damn..this FFC thing has a bunch of panties in a knot here. I see why most people are pissed, Iphone 4 has it…soooo..now everyone wants one. But what everyone here fails to see is how much they would actually use it. I for one think it would be a “neat” feature, but in the end I use a Bluetooth headset about 98% of the time with the phone in my holster as I do other things. Next, FFC on Iphone ONLY works via WIFI, third..the other person has to have it! in reality the ffc would be used by most people MAYBE 5% of the time, and even then it would be just for fun..not much else.

    and btw…Iphone 4 isnt faster than HSPA+..granted, it would have been nice to have it and toss it in apples face, but TMO never promised it, and it will still be plenty fast without it, as fast or even faster than the Iphone 4.

    • vinny

      You will benefit big time with the HSPA speeds with this phone. You will be able to download speeds up to about 7000, not too shabby, about 7 times or more faster then the I-Phone on AT&T’s network. Then of course there is all those dropped calls on AT&T’s allready overcrowded network, can you imagine this year with all the extra traffic. It is so bad the I-PHone made their own app for calling in dropped calls and lost signals. Great ha, I will stick with the best and fastest Network anywhere, T-MOBILE.

      • SEFan

        Interesting, and I hope you’re right. But a couple counterpoints must be made..

        1. The reason AT&T’s network gets so many complaints is that they have so many freakin’ smartphone customers, which they have because they brought at least one great phone. T-Mo’s network is party fast and reliable because they aren’t building the customer base to challenge the network.

        2. T-Mobile has been shouting about how their HSPA+ network, as it rolled out, was as fast or faster than so-called 4G in Sprint’s hands. So now they bring a flagship device, the superphone for the company, and it can’t do HSPA+?! What does that say to someone who might want to migrate over from, say, the iPhone and AT&T or the Droid on Verizon? To me it says the management has no interest in serious smartphone users, or said management are really dense about what smartphone users want.

        A fast, reliable network and great customer service are of limited use if you don’t bring the handsets to access it. That’s been T-Mobile’s problem all along.

  • raymond

    wow you guys are die hard t mobile takes away features and suddenly they dont matter u guys should consider the iphone it be perfect for u

  • raymond

    t mobile hyped up a phone they downgraded htc hurrry and make that phone -_-

    • watbetch

      They “take away” (more like Samsung’s capacitive button front glass panel for the North American Galaxy S is lacking the hole for the camera – check out the AT&T Captivate) a front facing camera and the damn sky is falling. It’s sickening.

    • NiiDiddy

      tmobile did not hype up the phone, bro. we all just took rumors and speculation to heart through the internet. not saying anything wrong here; i am simply stating…

      • Dale Murphy


  • Might switch to TMob

    Just saw that the new Vibrant will not support hspa+ – Why is TMobile promoting their upcoming coverage maps when as I understand it they do not have any devices that support hspa+?

    • mr. nice guy

      first the vibrant is supported in a way u will still get faster speeds than regular 3g but wont have the full potential second look at the coverage map again tmobile want more coverage first before they release a fully supported phone think about if they released that sidekick twist/vision phone and told everybody it was fully supported those not yet having coverage would do more bitching than u r rite now

      • David Thomas

        Exactly. Don’t believe him? Check out all the sheep on Sprint that bought an Evo 4G, pay an extra $10/month, yet have no 4G coverage in their area.

        T-Mobile is expanding in smart ways. It may not make them a huge contender (yet), but as a current customer, I’d rather see the network become available for the majority then release a capable phone, than to have 10 major markets covered and hype up a phone that most of the consumers won’t be able to take full advantage of.

    • tortionist

      They have a few phones that support HSPA, but they’re not HSPA phones, meaning they won’t go beyond 7MBPS or there abouts. They’ll run up to that speed. The MyTouch Slide supports it, as does the SGS, HD2, and several others, so your info is off. Besides T-mobile is supposed to be coming out with an HSPA phone at the end of the year that will support higher speeds.

  • Davidohio

    Lol my nokia nuron is hspa+ and I want android but not unless it is hspa+

  • mailman1387

    @ guy who used a Mustang and a Porsche comparison
    That was so dumb cause Mustang an Porsche are own by 2 diff manufacturers.Its more like another state sells a Mustang and then in NYC where I’m at they sell the same Mustang for $1K and take away its standard GPS and Multi disc Audio system.Of course we can do without them but its a deal breaker cuzz the original had both for less an the way humans work wether its right or wrong,We wanna brag bout the best even if we won’t use it often.
    @all the TMO lovers
    HSPA+ is there big AD but like they did with 3G,they didn’t release any phones for it for months although they had capable phones which cost them thousands of customer an that’s a fact.Same again.It seems that TMO has fooled you guys for so many years you’ll settle but I bet if u had the original SGS and then they released a better phone in other ways but took out the FFC an Flash you wouldn’t get it an would be pissed cuzz now you’ve tasted Greatness with the SGS.like I said,when ur a settler u’ll make excuses bout I can live without this an the NEXT phone will show u all but since 2001 only the G1 showed any1 an since that they sunk to the point that when it comes to getting an Android phone customers would rather pay $20 per month on another company to get a better Android phone with better service btw.With the G1 it was i’d rather pay $20 and settle for the lesser service but have the only android out.Now with all the Androids it’s costing them bigtime.Also you TMO lovers can bash us cuzz we won’t put up with it anymore but guess what.Your opinions won’t help em keep customers when people use their brains and compare Android phones/companies b4 they spend their money but our complaints are hurting them and u lovers cuzz the more TMO losses us to another company the sooner those rumors bout them possibly vanishing from the US in 2011 will come true an then you loving loyal SETTLERS will have to turn to 1 of the companies your in such denials about.TMO was in 4th place a month ago behing Sprint but close enuff to pass em by year end based on a survey but I bet since the EVO dropped TMO won’t get close to passing em b4 next summer cuzz the Vibrant ain’t gonna touch the EVO seeing its not on the EVO’s level.The SGS was but not the Vibrant.Oh and like all new things there’s always defects like the evo screen issue or the iphone 4 call issue..well Sammy is releasing a new UI an has already failed with their Behold 2 and also promised 2.0 and now is saying the phone can’t take it so they can’t give it.Sammy plus lame TMO will be a guaranteed FAIL an watch you lovers settle an get stuck in another contract.That dual core is all they can afford so watch them leave out FFC or flash cuzz dual core plus bulky qwerty(makes no sense btw) and HDMI is gonna cost em big time so if you wanna wait and settle to a Holiday Fail then go ahead but not me.

    • Rilesman

      @mailman1387 Don’t be a hater :) I was specifically talking about HSPA+ so the analogy sticks…but your tweak is a very good analogy for the FFC and Flash. So just to make your point…let’s change Porsche (surprised no one called me out for spelling it wrong) to a Ford GT. Now….the the analogy is sound.

    • David Thomas

      The wall of text would be more readable if you didn’t type like a 10-year old who just found 4Chan.

      Srsly cuzz u need to go bak 2 skoo an l2read.

      • Asparagus


      • Dashi

        I LOLD

    • Dashi

      Didn’t I Tell You To GTFO Yesterday? Who Said You Could Come Back? Bad Penis Jockey!

  • TranquilNight

    T-Mobile, as an underdog, shows no extra effort to make us happy, unlike Sprint. :(

  • Joe Buck

    Is this phone going to fix T-mobile’s small/unstable 3G footprint?

  • MW

    Vanilla android and its a deal. I cant stand these custom UI’s

  • Brando

    This sucks. I’m coming from a G1 so i have to get this phone. But then i got to get a new one after christmas? This blow Tmobile I am very very disappointed. Any one know any one in the talent indusrty in LA because I am going to need a new job to afford this. Oh and I doubt that it will have a ffc. This blows.

  • GreenTea

    No thank you Tmo. This is what a superphone looks like on Tmo? It’s not a phone that takes advantage of your fastest speeds? I don’t even need the FFC but at least make it fast. Other carriers tout their super fast speeds or their amazing device. Tmo is doing neither with this subpar new phone. May as well have been released with the other wack Samsung phones that came out last week. Ill stick it out with my G1 until you get something worth my upgrade.

    Sprint is really starting to call my name. Way cheaper and they have better phones. Service sucks but I’m more of a message/data user than a talker anyway.

    If only I could get a discount at Verizon… *doing some research*

    • J-Hop2o6

      it does.. SGS maxes out @ 7.2HSPA (no tmo phone surpasses 7.2HSPA–which is still fast.. faster than Sprints “4G” WiMax).. so how is it slow? Network is fast.. SGS 1GHz Hummingbird is fast (faster than Snapdragon).

      • 2FR35H


        Nope that is not our fastest speeds our fastest speed are HSPA+ which would theoretically be able to output 21mbps

      • J-Hop2o6

        so your sayin 7.2 isn’t fast? u must be on crack.. even if this phone was 21HSPA+ you’ll get NO MORE than 12mbps in real test results.

    • 2FR35H


      You seem to be missing the point. A phone as fast as this should be complimented with the fastest speeds possible.

      HSPA+ is the fastest for t-mo’s network.

      Sure it would be faster than our competitors still but its not the fastest possible.

      Many devices are HSPA+ “enhanced” aka 7.2mbps and that is nothing compared to 12 or 21mbps and I highly doubt it would be 12 /21mbps if t-mobile upgrades their network.

      If you are creating a new network why not start making devices HSPA+?

  • going_home

    Samsung what ?


  • Maverick777

    Man, these posts just goes to show that you simply can’t please some people no matter what.

    No FFC? Who cares. The AT&T version doesn’t have it either. Even if it had one, who are you going to use it with? No one except SGS users would even be able to receive the video calls. And T-mobile never promised it would have one. Only people that have seen/know about the European version would even know it’s missing.

    SGS Pro has camera flash? Who cares, aside from making a nice flash light, LED flash ruins most pictures. The SGS Pro is also thicker. Who needs a physical keyboard with Swype preintstalled. I have a TP2 and literally type just as fast with Swype as I do with the keyboard. AND you can Swype with one hand. Landscape keyboards are way too wide to do the same. If you’ve never used Swype, you owe it to yourself to try it out for at lesat a week. It’s the future of texting on a phone.

    I for one also prefer this 4 button layout to the 3 button international version.

    No HSDPA+? Not that huge of a deal. I get 5-11 mbps right now on my touch pro 2. It’s plenty fast enough for a phone connection. I’m able to tether multiple computers and stream and browse just fine. Could it be faster? Yes. But it’s already WAY faster than AT&T and much faster than Sprint most of the time.

    Still have complaints? Go to AT&T and Sprint when they get their versions. Then you can complain about AT&T’s network and the lack of the same features on the other phones. T-mobile 3g is currently faster than Sprints 4g where I’ve used it.

    Want a Moto droid phone on Verizon? Go for it. Their plans are more expensive and 1 ghz hummingbird is proven to be faster than 1ghz snapdragon. Plus you don’t get the Super Amoled screen or the built in memory. Prove me wrong, but I’m pretty sure this is the only droid phone that has both builtin memory and a microSD slot. So if you don’t mind losing those features for LED flash on the phone and are willing to pay more for service, more power to you. Have fun with big red. I’m still glad we have so many options these days for Android phones.

    For me, I’m glad T-mo is releasing this phone. It will the first one I’ll ever pre-order or stand in line for. The plans may not be as cheap as Sprint, but at least it’s still a world phone. that’s important enough for me to never switch to Sprint.

  • jshin

    This phone is Meh, specs are fine but its a samsung which = Meh.

  • Nobody

    i just came from Sprint and if by cheaper you mean more expensive with hidden fees and an equally unreliable network then yes… sprint is cheaper… i don’t care if the Eco morphed into a toaster and made me breakfast in bed I’d never go back to Sprint!

    • Patrick

      Well said brother.. Well said.

    • David Thomas

      Actually, I’d hop on board with the quickness if it could make me breakfast in bed.

  • Nobody

    Most of you b*tch about things the normal everyday customer hasn’t a clue about… go outside… your keyboards are begging for a break… this phone is gonna pwn with that sexy screen (best in the biz) and people will love that it runs android… plain and simple… f**k the ffc or the fact that it doesn’t ave hspa+ speeds! not even the evo gets 4g most places… re-freakin-lax!

    • Patrick

      settle down dude

    • David Thomas

      ITT: Jealous guy rages about people who have a passion for the latest in tech.

  • Myg1

    And who wants to see ur ugly faces for more than ten mins on video callin..lol even your wife or gfs don’t want to see you all the time..talking about trying to be cool n use video video chats..pay for something that you actually use instead of sking for something that other phones have…no phones are perfect so quit whining like a little kid

  • SoFla

    Who cares about the FFC… No big deal to me. But, No HSPA? What were they thinking with that one?

    • J-Hop2o6

      it has 7.2HSPA (like most of the rest of T-Mo smartphones).. check out T-Mo’s phones specs @ http://gsmareana.com

  • Davidohio

    I talked to a friend who is a manager at t-mobile and to t-mobile through twitter and both said the Samsung Vibrant is hspa+ and they don’t know why that post says it is not. So for now i am going to saw it is hspa+ . My nokia Nuron is hspa+ so why would this new android power house not be lol

  • Jmts80

    Looks like I will be holding on to my cliq xt for a while longer. =/

  • mailman1387

    @ Dude talking bout TMO never promised anything an ATT version has no FFC or flash an the service vs TMO

    Your not paying attention buddy..TMO doesn’t have promise jack.The fact that their litterally fighting for their USA lives means its standard that when mobile technology upgrades and becomes a trend they are supposed to catch on.That’s how business work like 3D..every is doing it,they didn’t promise.Why are you saying the ATT version is similar to TMOs version? The point people are making isn’t bout stupid ATT version its more bout the fact that every Companies main money making phone has something you can’t resist.ATT has Iphone which has FFC therefore SGS for ATT doesn’t need mention.Sprint has EVO which has everything an Verizon has Droid X which has everything the EVO has except FFC but TMO rips iphone 3G an takes away features an wants it to be their hot super phone.That’s BS.If you had either Flash or FFC I guarantee their wouldn’t be as many complaints an even I would stay with em if it had 1 of those but no they take FFC,Flash,HSPA+ and let’s not forget HDMI away so tell me what’s so super bout that? Can’t be the memory cuzz with Froyo u can buy that much for $50 or less.Since their service is slow what’s the point in a 1GHZ processor?It’ll be 2x faster than the G1 at most when with HSPA+ it should be 4x faster atleast.Last..Don’t look like a fool comparing TMO service to any of their competitors because its a proven fact that TMO is far behind especially in the major cities an I live in NYC an they care more bout major cities whether u like it or not lol.The cell and Data services are far behind the other 3 companies. So don’t compare services.why do you guys keep settling?


    i think all the people that say they wouldnt use he ffc should just keep it moving.Im one of the people that wants the ffc. and for the people saying we want one because of ip4 your wrong idiot because technically the samsung galaxy S has the ffc first. we all want exactly what we were showed when saw video and pics of the Galaxy S. wanting a ffc has nothing to do with ip4.if its in the orignial(galaxy s) why shouldnt we be mad that they took it out?its like getting a nice foreign car just for the us to remove the factory Bose system for a factory variant that doesnt nearly the same. all the g1er’s from day one(september 2008) were waiting for something to replace this phone. im not he only thats pissed and willing to goto spring and pay more. im going to a place where i can buy what i want with the features i want.i know its a phone damn it i want what i want point blank.knowing tmobile they took out the DLNA too.they put avatar on the phone like we give isht. most of by now have een that movie a trillion of times or atleast we all know how to download it and put it on the phone. and lets not talk about the sims. the last i checked no one was realling checking for that game anymore. its all about …….. whatever you play. WE WANT WHAT WAS SHOWED TO US(originally european galaxy s with the dlna and ffc).This will probably be a good seller but come on tmobile.You guys screwed up again.and now theyve announced a htc vision. yeah right thats ploy to hold us until another phone comes out. HTC EVO here i come. yea i will be paying more but ts going to be for what i want point blank.

    • mailman1387

      I agree mostly with you but understand that the people don’t want it because the iphone has it they want it cause the major companies are bringing it out and it happened to be the Iphone. Also the Evo was first in the US to have a FFC and then the Iphone. The SGS is UK so that doesn’t count cause FFC has been a standard on UK phones for bout 4 years now.


    @mailman… are you serious. the ffc HAS BEEN STADARD for 4 years in europe??Im a phone person and i didnt even know that isht.!WOW america in thelate in tech amongst many things are wAAAAAAY behind in the times!thats why the people that say they dont care about the ffc are keeping america behind because they dont want to do the new techs until its old news to other countries.its a shame that mos tmobile consumers are stoopid old people. no offense but come on tmobile your a european based company co why are you giving us these american variants??? we want the ffc because its on the origially and not because of the ip4. if it came STANDARD on the glalaxy S why remove it. id rather have the ffc then the SUPER amoled screen. regular amoled would have been fine.I dont know what the regular amoled looks like so why should i care about a super one? tmobile has shown clealry that they can remove features so why no add the hdmi output and the ffc and trust me us g1’ers would have been plenty happy but i forgot t-homo is ran by a bunch of CHIMPS!

  • raymond

    i just thought t mobile would make this phone great -_- the best option would had been to leave the phone alone and not touch it :( is the network to slow to support video calls?

    • mailman1387

      @ mandingo
      It isn’t standard on every UK phone but most of the top phones have had it since bout 4 years ago. Go to there UK site and you’ll see. That’s why phones on UK sites like the SGS n original tmo wing which had FFC I think came out an was free or $100 tops with contract. These features so called new to the US so they charge us $200 with contract. Smfh.
      The network isn’t to slow. TMO is just cheap that’s why they take on Samsung and now LG phones are coming. They say “hey nice phone Sammy but we’re gonna edit it cause if theses American kids get ahold of a FFC with Fring they’ll cost us to much seeing video chat is the shiznip on pcs,Xbox natal and even tvs.
      That may put us on top but hell naw we gonna support our UK family with everything they want and get our bonus from these US settlers who can settle for a lesser version of the original product..and the best part is they settle even when we show em the original product ahead of time. Haha we struck gold with these settlers.”

      • mailman1387

        Oh yea n if memory serves right even the great HTC HD2 UK version had FFC but there was no complaints cuzz the phone had everything else. See how TMO is..smfh.

  • 00Negro

    Update: So I just had the opportunity to check out the European version of this phone from a friend who imports tech over here to the USA from overseas. First off, the screen is lovely. Like, its great. I love it. The build quality is pretty good. Its better than my G1 or my GF MyTouch 3G Slide.. so thats a good start. By now we all know what Android is so thats already in place and its good and only bound to get better over time. Me and him were talking and both said that even though Samsung kinda left people high and dry with the Behold II update, Tmobile did take notice of that and I would think (hope) Samsung would not want to repeat this same scenario. I think focus turned to releasing their new SmartLife line of phones and frankly the Behold II just got put on the backburner. Not that what happened is justified, but that seems to be what has been going on. Now the version he had DID have this FFC we have all been talking about. Of course, we werent able to actually video call anyone, but you can kinda of play with it anyways. Cool, nonetheless. Necessary? No. Wanted? Yes. Seeing the phone physically, it is very confusing as to why they would go through all the trouble to remove this. Unless perhaps its still there. Honestly, it just feel funny.

    BUT, as far as anything else goes in the Tmobile phone lineup. With or without FFC, this phone is better by long shots. Hardware-wise we do still have the HTC HD2, but that phone is hinder badly by WinMo 6.5. So logically this is the next real “big” phone. Speed is awesome. And mind you Im comparing this to my G1. Think V6 Camaro (…yes I think the new ones are slow..lol) vs. Corvette ZR1. Lol.

    It’s good that Tmobile has released this phone for now. This project emerald buisness, once it pans out, could be something. If it is as great as they are trying to make it sound, I dont think anyone here who has purchased a Vibrant would think twice to putting the money up to buy that phone. I know I wouldnt think twice. For now if your up in the air as to what to do and enjoy Tmobile like I do, this may very well be a phone that can hold your off till years end. My G1 is on its last leg. I will buy this one and keep my eyes peeled on this year. If Tmobile has a monster brewing up their sleeves, then I will be there to partake. If not, well I have this to keep me occupied while they come up with something else. Against, the rest of the competition this phone will hold up well. Now if your having a Camera Faceoff with the Iphone 4 or EVO 4G, then yeah you most likely will lose. If however, your comparing each phone by way of apps, processor, useability, build quality, call quality, display, speed… etc. your in good hands for the time being. Its not the best thing on the market, but from talking with my friend I dont think Tmobile can really backtrack after this. If for anything this is an excellent foundation to build upon. Future phones can only be better.

    • J-Hop2o6

      nice little informative review

    • mailman1387

      TMO has proven future phone won’t always be better with the MT,MT3G and now this Vibrant.Also the Vibrant wouldn’t lose vs the EVO or Iphone in video call comp because it has a 1.3MP which is same as EVO an that beats the Iphone cause iphone has VGA but that doesn’t matter.What matters is its still a feature u keep even if its worst cuzz people want it.
      @All those saying it won’t be a big hit or who needs it

      If that was true then why would TMO take it out or say it will effect there data shares?Cuzz they know it will be used enuff to cost their cheap hinds. They took it out to prevent something cuzz they know it’ll be a hit. For most.It can’t be a negative other than costing em more on Data usage so that should tell you TMO lovers something.

      • J-Hop2o6

        also.. the US market JUST started to recognize/promote [more heavily] Video Calling, using the EVO & iPhone (wifi only–or thru a mifi) to push it mainstream.. so im guessing Tmo doesn’t see it being a necessity at THIS point in time until it really catches on in the US market (and to cut cost–phone wise).. and they’re prolly waiting for HSPA+ to be released in MOST Major cities first before making FFC on their network mainstream (HTC Vision? HTC “sidekick twist”?).. is FFC a nice feature? yes.. is it necessary? depends (like distance from family).. is it a deal breaker? no.

        like i said, look at the iPhone… FFC via WiFi-ONLY (unless you use mifi).

  • Sean

    T-mobile has the vibrant on their site already. If you type in “vibrant” in Tmo’s search box, it will bring it up and also a photo that says coming soon. It has some info. Interestingly, to the left side it is under an”X” category.

  • crazydog

    Is there a way to activate a HTC EVO in Tmo?

    • cooMANDINGO

      evo is cdma phone(no sim card) and tmobile uses a gsm(sim card) network. you have to buy an unlocked phone. goto expanys

  • Stillwaiting

    Is there any possiblity that this Tuesday we will find out that, like expected this phone will not come out with a FFC or a camera flash? I think so, but isn’t it also possible that they will reveal that other phones will be released down the road that will be added to the Samsung line up (similar to what Motorola has done with the Droid) and available from T-mobile?

    After all, Samsung did said they were going to be highlighting new smart phones at this event, not one phone. Now they could be showing off each phone that will be at T-mobile, Sprint, & ATT, but they could also reveal what’s coming down the pipeline, couldn’t they?

    As an example, there hasn’t been one mytouch phone, but several of them, so why wouldn’t this be the beginning of the Galaxy S line?

    • mailman1387

      The Virbrant will not have FCC or Flash cuzz the SGS didn’t even have flash.See what happens when you settle?you hope an let TMO fool you into new contracts.Also they said they would release new smartphones which just means new smartphone OS but that doesn’t mean the phone itself will be a hit.You can put android on a TMO phone with the same features the WING had an its a smartphone but it doesn’t mean great things are coming.As far as the Galaxy line I think not cause it would seem the Galaxy line has already been finished in UK an their best 2 phone was the SGS an the SGS Pro with qwerty.Even if future Galaxy line phones was coming….SEE WHAT I MEAN PEOPLE?? Settle an hope for the NEXT phone..before you know it your a year forward saying the same thing since your once again behind in mobile technology.This is why TMO is literally dying in the US.


    @mailman.. thast my point ! these americans took the same Settlers for real!! Thats why i hate tmobile so much. i goto expansys.com to see wat re new phones in the uk and like what the F! we getthe bottom of the barrel crap. i actually bought a sony ericcson P900 back in 2005 and people here were amazed. i had full moives on my phone. i had full albums video longer than 5 minutes. and this all back in 2005 while everyone else was playing wih their sidekicks! SMH so it seems as though i will be ordeing another phone from expansys.com. @mailman what are some features you gus have that us amercains clearly dont have,that we should hope for in the next four years? 00negro that was a little too much to read i had to skim through that isht to see what you were talking about.Tmobile fails yet again. The “settlers(tmobile customers and most american consumers)” have let tmobile come out with another wack ass phone and they dont care to say something about it. mobile will NEVER see 600,000 sales or presales in 1 day! They are stuck on cheap.There trying to be the american family phone but not doing a good job at it. They have the worst marketing.Tmobile had the g1 about year before anyone else had an android phone(sprint had the Hero Duh).1 year later the 3g .WOMP,the click,click xt,behold 2 ,mt3gs! WOMP WOMP WOOOMMPP. ff the back Verizon has the Droid(killed it).Sprint had the hero(with better marketing couldve been better).So with a whole year start how is it tmobile is Behind in the SALES of android phones? What part o their business moto says to fail and fail succesfully at everything from marketing to choosing phones?Wo ever choose the phones needs to be SLAPPED in the face and fired. theres no way you let SPRINT come out from behind and get a better phone then you and sell more than you. Sprint had nothing but th Hero and he Palm Pre.Knowing tmobile they see those huge numbers from Verizon,Att and Sprint and theyre shrugging their shoulders like atleast we have best customer service. Im like yeah for the customers you have left!!

    • mailman1387

      I’m in NYC bro not UK but I’m sort of a geek when it comes to tech lol.I’m always checking out TMO UK sites to compare their stuff.Idk what they have that we can wait for in the next 4 yrs that’s standard but based on articles it seems they are already bout to launch 3D phones an integrate the XBox Natal tech where ur body is the control but in cell phone cases sensors read your movements an u don’t have to touch the phone I’m guessing.The article was actually bout the Natal tech being used on laptops but cells in UK and Asia will test it b4 year ends I bet. This wont hit the US for another 2yrs from the launch overseas I bet.

      • cooMANDINGO

        tmobile just screwed up and thats sad. perfectly good phone and effed it up.i guess i will be buying from expansys when i get a chance.

  • taaars

    FFC is a gimmick here at best (the other person needs it, it can only be run over wifi, etc), From a business (and cost) standpoint TMO may have taken into consideration how many people would actually use the FFC for video calls, and crunched the numbers to see if a higher priced FFC would sell vs a unit that was cheaper without FFC, and in the end they may have saw that the FFC was just not worth it. Now…it also probably meant the difference in price with a 16gb and 8 gb + or – a FFC. Granted, I have no idea which one they went with, BUT if they had to exclude the FFC to get the 16gb at 199 with contract they made the right choice.

    • cooMANDINGO

      in my book tmobile messed up. damn crunching numbers. in order to make money ya gotta spend money.they let google put their hands in their pocket. you know many n1 wouldve sold if it was through tmobile. but noooooo they waned to crunch numbers then too huh? if you remove what made the device unique then how do expect ot sell the phone at all? So how is it SPRINT on its last leg was able to pull out a big boy like the EVO and sell it for $199? and lets not forget to mention the ip4 for $199. So for the removal of the ffc shouldnt the phone be like $100 with a 2 year contract since your talking about numbers.so if youre saying the ffc is gimmick so a camera,touchscreen,movies,avatar,sims all gimmicks. so why is ok for that gimmick but not this one? Tmobile needs to SELL PHONES to make business.Tmobile can never really make money on me because i never go over anything. Tmobile makes money off me because of the phones and the data service.So i guess the data service is a gimmick too?

    • mailman13877

      That’s BS cause if you use FFC with skype then it’s a hit seeing both parties won’t need to have a FFC.One party can be on the PC skype i would think therefore it’s a hit no matter what.Also because it’s all open source on android i would think once you have 2.0 software and up you should be able to talk on Fring and if you don’t have a FFC you can still see the person but they just cant see you.

  • taaars

    And leave +hspa and flash topic alone, it was never in the phone specs from the get go, it would have been nice if they did have them, but we always knew these were not present, so it was wishful thinking the whole time. (I may have been upset if they were removed in the end)

    • mailman13877

      No it wasn’t but when you take away the FFC then we have to find a replacement to make the product worth it and seeing they can edit the product then adding at least single LED would have mad up for it a bit.As far as HSPA+ they did bring it up if you re read this original article dude and since they mentioned it imo why release HSPA+ like 3G and then no phones for it for months but say phones are capable of using it?That’s dumb. See how the other 3 launched a phone at the same time..that how business is successful

      • taaars

        They mentioned HSPA+, yes..but this phone was built before that went into play, I can only guess “dude” that tmo may have tried to get them to include the hardware, but samsung would have charged extra, so it may have meant sacrificing other things. and the fact that HSPA+ is not in full swing, they figured just introduce devices when it is ready. And I say again..I WISH they had added it, but it wasn’t a let down since I wasn’t expecting it.

        Oh,, and the led..IT DOSEN’T HELP MUCH. The only flash that really can help camera is XEON flash..led light is limited, it would have been nice to have a flash, but again, not a deal breaker for me.

        the one thing..ONE thing I wish the phone had was an optical or touch sensitive trackpad.. really, I almost want to wait for an HTC device because of this, but oh well, will just have to see if I can live without it.

        And as I stated before there is a reason camcorders and cameras are still built separately, a camera is better for pictures first, video recording second, and vice versa. If they were both equal, there would be no need to make separate units. Phone today are taking better and better pictures..but are still very limited and will not replace a standard digital camera yet, even higher megapixels doesn’t mean better pictures, there have lots of reviews that have mentioned this.

        No one has even really seen what this phone can or cant do, thats why Im waiting for before I pass final judgement, because in the end this phone could suck rocks, but then again it can be a lot better than anyone expected ( I already like the fact they took out the physical press button in the center)…so everyone needs to take their meds and just relax, go watch the sunset or something and calm yourselves…

  • 2FR35H

    Settle for less and thats all you will get. I don’t settle for less because that is bullshiit.

    Every Carrier should have at least one exclusive phone that has everything.

    Verizon has Droid’s

    AT&T has iPhones

    Sprint has Evo 4G

    what does tmobile have that takes advantage and has everything? basically nothing.

    If this was at least a HSPA+ device people could boast about that but not even.

    Whats the point in having a fast device that doesn’t take advantage of the network?

    • mailman13877

      agreed..You get what you pay for an TMO is known as the cheapest cause they’re literally the CHEAP

      • Dashi

        @ Mailman
        You Really Have Nothing Better To Do Than Bitch About Tmobile All Day On A Tmobile Forum? At Least I Have An Excuse I’m At Work For T-Mobile Lol

      • mailman13877

        lol your a hater dude.You work for TMO an that’s why your hating on me cause im telling the truth.I’ve been a loyal customer for 10 years and they haven’t provided me with Jack squat other than the Wing and the G1 so now i am gonna bash em.Besides that the worst thing about you stalking me on here is that you work for them and it’s so funny how every time i ask TMO a question they never have an answer and refer me to the forum site saying they themselves get their support from the forum site.What the hell is tech support for.Hire some JailBreakers that have knowledge on both non root and rooted phones.

      • Dashi

        @ Mailman
        At This Point I Have To Agree With You That Tmobile Tech Support And Their High End Phones Suck But Never Less For The Medium To Low End Users It Is Great I Will Also Admit The Only Reason I’m With Tmobile Is The Fact I Work For Them At This Point. And At This Point Stalking You On Here Is Just For The Humor And Finally My (Samsung) Comeback For Anything I May Have Missed Is The Pen is In Your Mouth LOL XD

    • taaars

      I have a solution, for everyone, if you dont like it..go to another carrier..why moan and groan about it? neither you nor I own Tmobile So why get all your panties in a knot?…just cancel your contacts and go (or if your not in one..better yet..you get off easy!) , I had to pay 600 bucks to get out of verizon, and I left att because of all the dropped calls and poor reception the areas I traveled to, plain and simple. I will leave Tmobile if I find another carrier I like and has a phone I believe will suit my needs more, till then I stay, So I am sure all you disgruntled customers will be very happy at another place. So peace and and may you find what your looking for.

      • cooMANDINGO

        you mean CON TRACTS?

      • taaars

        (if I confused you and you don’t know what I meant, then yes, I meant contacts..so cancel all your contacts and go..be a hermit)

  • 2FR35H

    Galaxy S Pro will be the best keyboard android device out there… Until T-Mobile releases their dual core beast of which better be a HSPA+ device. I have faith in HTC I lost faith in Samsung. If the HTC Vision boasts a Super AMOLED that would be above and beyond perfect but I know that is just a dream.

  • badbob001

    Think of it this way: if the price of the phone is comparable to the iphone 4, especially when subsidized, then one would want at least the same features. So if the iphone 4 costs the same and has a FFC and a gyroscope, then WTF? I know T-Mobile is in 4th place, but should I accept less for my money out of pity? And don’t take my comparison with the iphone 4 as a foolish wish for features that never existed in the phone like hspa+. Other versions of the Galaxy S have the gyroscope and the FCC.

  • kast

    If history has taught me anything, then when T-mobile releases dual core phones, the rest of the carriers will be on quad core phones. It’s always a few steps behind. I love the service, but HATE the phones.

    Does anyone know where I can find photos comparing the SGS, iPhoney 4, and Evo cameras? Who needs a flash if the camera alone can take good images. I can live without FFC, but would like the option of a camera flash.

  • kai

    theres nothing wrong with this phone….as long as samsung can keep up and update to froyo.

  • darkknight49

    lol at everyone on the HTC bandwagon. I understand samsung’s reputation with the Behold but jeez people, HTC or nothing? How about waiting to see the phone in person before damming it to hell?

    • taaars

      Im not worried about updates, they rooted the phone already…I have both my MT3Gs rooted, and I have 2.1 running nice on them, and I prefer vanilla droid, so once I get this phone ( or another if a better one is announced) ill be be rooting it as well.

    • mailman13877

      No ones on the band wagon..Everyone has been buying HTC phones since the windows mobile days..remember the TMO WING and then the other 3 companies version of the wing or should i say qwerty slide up phones by HTC??Seems like HTC is new to you.

  • stephan brubaker

    How funny that everybody forgets that if it wasn’t for T-mobile, Android probably wouldn’t be what it is now. Probably wouldn’t be anywhere around because nobody had the balls to market a phone that was supposed to go up against the iPhone.

    Secondly I have never read anywhere where T-mobile themselves has called this a superphone. NOWHERE, bloggers and “news” sources have dubbed it that.

    How typical that the underdog goes out on the limb and takes a chance with a new mobile OS and after its success the bigger ones come along and snatch up the best phones.

    In the end if you are the phone manufacturer you are going to go with who has the most customers and the most money to make you. So let’s say that Verizon does come out with a version of SGS with a FFC, what’s to say that Verizon didn’t contact Samsung long ago and tell them we want to be the only one to offer a FFC. What’s T-mobile going to say, No we don’t want a version of it for ourselves.

    Stop thinking it’s T-mo who doesn’t want this or that feature and start thinking in terms of what really makes the industry go round. $$$$$ and whoever has the most of it makes the rules.

    • mailman13877

      your of base dude..First you need to Google “Samsung Vibrant Super phone” i bet you won’t say no one mentioned it to be a super phone. Second..If TMO didn’t release the G1 it would’ve been released by another company or like the N1 and it would’ve probably have a better name to lol.All jokes aside Android isn’t a success because of TMO no matter how you put it.Last…Samsung has no say in TMO editing their phone once they purchase it so at the end of the day that so called industry is TMO and they aren’t trying to make money cause one again buddy,do your research and you’ll see there’s rumors or them vanishing from the US in 2011 due to their Failures.You’ll even see that they almost went bankrupt in the UK recently.

      • Dashi

        All Your Base Are Belong To Us!!!!!!! LOL

  • stephan brubaker

    Well first ‘mailman’ if you would go through and properly read someones post you would see I said nowhere did T-MOBILE the actual company, not bloggers or other news sources state the Vibrant as their superphone.

    Second Verizon just like they did with the iPhone passed on taking up Android as did AT&T.

    I mean you keep say do research and apparently most of your research is from pcmag and other “news” worthy sources. Give me a break. Just because you are gullible enough to believe every piece of trash you read is pretty much a personal problem. Just walk through life with your eyes closed and everybody else guiding you.

    And please tell me that you are in the meeting sessions with Samsung and Tmobile when the product decisions are being made. and to say that Samsung has no control over what happens is really a dumb statement. T-mobile is not sending people over there to produce these phones for them.

    • mailman13877

      First of Stephan non of these companies really say super phones themselves with the exception of Verizon maybe so you get your facts str8 as these names come from bloggers and the media at events like CTIA.Second it doesn’t matter who passed on the android OS cause like i said..Google would have sold it like the N1 or through a smaller company and it would be just as successful.third the so called PC Mag sources are the same damn sources that let us know when a phone or some new tech is coming out and they come true for the most part like how you TMO lovers are believing with all your hearts a Dual Core phone is coming..Well TMO didn’t officially spread the news.Those PC Mag sites got it to spread around like a wildfire to your TMO loving a** ears.Tell me when Engadget has Failed on their sources genius?And Last..Samsung has no say on how TMO edits their phone cause once the phone ownership is final an Sammy gets the money then legally they now have to make the phone how TMO wants it and signed the deal for it.That’s how it works that’s why Google has no say on when TMO can drop Froyo like it was with Cupcake.

  • myg1

    @cooMANsingle 1gzh snapdragon..all i hear is just rants from u..check out ur post again on android phone fans..DINGO…dude u dont even know that a 800mhz dual core processor is faster than a

    • cooMANDINGO

      first and foremost your girl doesnt get my name wrong why should you! 2nd of all it could be a quad core .i still be tmobile screw it up.besides the g1,wing and mda tmobile has nothing but wack isht. its sad that i have to buy my phones from overseas because tmobile sells crap.like i said before tmobile phone service sells itself but if the phone suck then what?all im saying is….the ffc or anything else shoudld’nt have been taken out. despite the cost.in order for tmobile to see those great nmbers they have to go outside their vision of family plans. stop being the Big 3’s bitch. and as far as the rumor about the dual core kust that its a rumor. i will start a blog saying verizon will have a quad core with 3 cameras and i bet you will believe it. who ever came up with the emerald thing is lying. they just trying to hold us over to i dont know but im taking my hard earned money elsewhere. if you choose to settle like a dumb ass then go ahead.

  • myg1

    @cooMANDINGO…dude u dont even know that a 800mhz dual core processor is faster than a single 1gzh snapdragon..all i hear is just rants from u..check out ur post again on android phone fans..
    typos up there

  • myg1

    for those of u that keep calling Tmobile cheap…yeah its cheap and save u money thats why ur asses are still with them n thats why u have a computer to type on with the money u save..ive been with them since voicestream..never had a problem..its not like they say ohthis month ill make u go over ur mins so i can make money off of u..its a consumers responsibility to watch what theyre doing…

  • Really?

    I can handle no FFC. I can handle no camera flash. I could handle no HSPA+. But all three? This really gives me pause, especially after Behold II. I’d want to see some sort of explicit promise, on T-Mobile or Samsung’s website, of a future upgrade to at least Android 2.2 before signing up for Vibrant.

  • eYe

    I’m not getting this because it looks like iphone-wanna be. I could care less about lack of flash or FFC.

  • Myg1

    You must be talking about your sister that you thinks is you’r gf that calls your name?….why go on here end complain everyday? if t mobile doesn’t have the right phone for you them go somewhere else your still sticking with them cuz you can’t afford big red or att..the phone may not be right for you but its awesome to alot of peoples for someone like you that things a 1ghz is faster than a dual core 800mhz is a joke..you shouldn’t even be a techie mr thinks he knows it all..

    • cooMANDINGO

      LMFAO!!!! check this out cuz i dont really care about this stuff. and like i said before i just want them to leave the phone they initially made the phone(galaxy s). but since thats not happening i have every right and left to complain. im a post paid customer. ive been with tmobile since march 2003. if a company isnt delivering the best product available and gets your hard money every month you have the right to say what you want. i pay the monkey ass thousands of dollars of the years the least i ask is they come out with something comparable in attributes to the other phone companies. trust me dog i mo not cheap u CHOOSE not pay more thats it point blank!Tmobile is a european based phone company so why dont we have any cool euro phones that you cant get with the other companies i.e ip4,evo,incredible. those other companies have level phones that sell themselves while get a rehash of an aight phone from an ight company.I dont even know if we will have DLNA. they probably took that out too and i be you dont care.this is 2010, we have a black president which means its time for a change in mobiles service.spend money to make money.tmobile sill stay the 4th company because they dont know how to SELL PHONES!! the phone service pays for itself like i said before.Tmobile couldve had it last year with the n1 but noooooo they chose to let google sell their phones and use them through tmobiles network! FAIL. tmobile would have millions of those phones if they would sold it themselves. I dont know whos running tmobiles phone selection dept but hey need to punch in the throat with brass knuckles by anderson silva.The problem with tmobile is that there thinking on a small scale.

  • Myg1

    I’m saying tmobile is in the right direction..you will always say that yull leave magenta but always stick around for the next big phone too save money don’t worry they will have something else thats very competitive like the vibrant soon enough..

    • mailman13877

      once again here’s another SETTLER and his NEXT PHONE talk..smfh..how long have we been saying that and it never comes true.You also sound like an angry TMO employee who hopes TMO doesn’t lose their US life and put you out of a job cause if they were heading in the right direction then why would they be 4th in the race since they have came into the picture and has gotten no closer but has gotten further to the point the company is struggling and almost went bankrupt in the UK and is now rumored to be gone from the US next in the near future?TMO is full of it cause they say things like “we will release multiple smart phones this year” and you idiots believe em with your tunnel vision of android and haven’t notice..A smart phone isn’t only android so yea the said they would and did and how successful have those phones been..They dropped the HD2 which was ok,The MT Slide which is lame,The soon to be Vibrant which is lame again and wait the Nokia Nuron hahaha what a bunch of Failures.Yes the Nuron is under smart phones on their site so you see they brought you a lot of them but cuzz you guys have tunnel vision on greatness which TMO has never been you haven’t noticed their list is a Dual Core Failure away from being complete.

      • NO FFC!!!!

        So when are you leaving to go to sprint Mailman?

  • jak2black

    so what the hell is that suppose to mean.. it benefits from HSPA+ BUT… isnt a HSPA+ device…? huh

    • J-Hop2o6

      meaning it maxes out at 7.2HSPA (like most of T-Mo’s smartphones), instead of 1-3.6mbps.. get it? the only 21HSPA+ device in the USB datastick “Rocket”.. but yea, 7.2mbps is fast anyways so there’s no reason to complain.

      • Chaos-Goat

        Could be that it runs at 10mbps like the N900 does.

      • J-Hop2o6

        N900 is not carried by T-Mo.. but it has AWS and maxes out @ 10.2mbps.. check out the spec @ http://gsmarena.com


    naw they clowning im done! tmobile should be out with a crazy ill phone right now! im getting a phone off expansys and thats that. tmobile needs to tightn up foreal. i wonder if they also took out the DLNA from the device. i guess i have to wait until Tuesday to find out huh?

  • tmobluv

    ok i have thought long and hard about some of the things everybody has been saying and this is whats on my mind. i dont think we are going to see a hspa+ phone for a few more months its called marketing but with that in mind we should be seeing these phones by nov. by latest. see here is whats up yeah they have the fastest network but they wanna roll it out so they can play t.v. ads the nations fastes data network coving over 185 mil americans only on t-mobile and i hope and pray they have at least 3 of these phone one prob that htc another from moto and prob the iphone becuase they already said we would get it by years end beging of next and guess they will rub hopefully the big 3s faces about being able to usa ffc’s on there phones without wifi because of the fastest network then if they do all that we will be wating in long lines and pre ording phones becuase those big 3 which are only big after buying like 3 or 4 companys out hint buying there customers not earning. will lose so many cust. that they will feel it and companys wont be able to make enough phones for the spike i just hope when that happens they beef there network up more for the extra load those r my 2cents i hope something happens by the end of the year better phones and better network coverage cuz if not i will leave tmobile for a few years and comeback when things get better lol this is my 2nd time back

  • Im excited about the release and I will persue the phone but will this version have the front face camera (secondary camera)? It seems the i9000 Galaxy S has the secondary front camera. Whats up TMO?????

    • mailman13877

      no it won’t dude go on their site and type in Vibrant and the pic is already up saying coming soon and there is no front camera

      @all you TMO lovers
      Another thing you guys fail to realize is TMO is probably still the only company of the Big 4 that doesn’t support talk and data at the same time.I know Sprint and ATT does but not sure bout Verizon.Thats another major Failure cause when im in a call sometimes i need my data and i can’t use it till im of the phone unless i have a WIFI connection.So LAME

      • underdog378

        Verizon cannot talk and surf at the same time, don’t you watch TV? T-Mobile you CAN talk and surf at the same time on 3g or WIFI. Will not work on Edge/GPRS.

      • underdog378

        Oh and Sprint it only works when you’re on 4g if you have a 4g phone.

      • mailman13877

        Im on 3G in NYC with their so called HSPA+ and i get to surf sometimes but rarely on my G1.for the most part it doesn’t allow so i guess your lucky.If im just unlucky then they suck still cause i know people who have the same issues which means they can’t officially say you can talk n surk since every1 doesn’t get it.With the Evo my cousin literally get to surf while talking every time and my home girl is the same with her iphone 4 and 3Gs.

      • underdog378

        Don’t forget that you can’t talk and surf at the same time with ATT if you are on Edge network also.

      • J-Hop2o6

        mailman are u serious!? only GSM carriers WITH 3G can talk-n-surf at the same time (with the exception of CDMA carrier Sprint that has WiMax which can talk-n-surf).. so in the US that means T-Mobile 3G and AT&T 3G.. i was JUST talking-and-surfing 3 minutes ago on my 7.2HSPA TP2.. if u can’t do that, then something must be wrong with your phone.

      • cajunfighter

        @mailman13877 and @underdog378, both you are sort of right. Android phones on tmobile do not support data and talking at the same time. Windows and Blackberry os does support it, and only over 3g

      • NiiDiddy

        I can talk, email or text; talk and surf on my slow and laggy MT3G [Android] at the same time. I do it a lot when I have to access information for someone.

      • Eric

        I talk and surf all day on my Nexus. Not sure which T mobile you are talking about…

      • john smith

        i guess you failed to realize that you can talk and use data at the same time not on old phones but the newer ones you can so your must be using an old phone or are too stupid to know how to do it.

      • jadaketch

        It does have a secondary ffc as per gsmarenas review of it.

    • cooMANDINGO

      NO FFC ! They removed this feature thats why the last 50 messages have either been complaints or people saying they dont care that its gone. FFC is definitely not on this device(samnsung vibrant)/. they took off the dlna also ,most likely. dlna is wireless connection from phone to stream media like videos on to your tv.the evo has a hdmi output. this device may have neither. thats why this device before its fully out is already a disaster.

  • crazydog

    Is it possible to activate a HTC EVO on TMO?

    • mailman13877

      no it isn’t to my knowledge an if it was it would cost you more than half a thousand dollars to buy it and unlock it which isn’t worth it.Plus it’s a 4G phone so i doubt it seeing TMO has only 3G.

    • soon2TMO

      nope! because the EVO is cdma device which does not have a sim card slot, so it’s a no go.. but if it was a world phone, then yes you could get it to work on tmo..

      • NiiDiddy

        iphones don’t have sim cards in them, and you can use it on t-mobiles network [edge]…so you should be able to do the same with evo except for you will not be able to use full capabilities of the phone since it’ll be on edge over tmobile’s network. i think it’s possible – just not worth it.

      • Voice of Reason

        @soon2TMO iPhones DO have SIM cards.

      • Voice of Reason

        Excuse me, I meant @NiiDiddy not @soon2TMO


    mailman.. do you know if they removed the dlna also?

    • mailman13877

      doesn’t state it on the TMO site..when you click on the details tab it has no available details yet.

    • soon2TMO

      i don’t think they did.. the captivate on att does have DLNA and they are both similar devices basically so , i dont think they’d take it off. FFC is the only thing they removed afaik..

  • mailman13877

    Lol i watch TV in Perfect quality over TMO 3G connection but i can’t even compliment them cause it’s all thanks to my SlingBox.Smh TMO can’t even buy a compliment from me right now.

    • underdog378

      I think a lot of people here are tired of your annoying, worthless posts. If you really hate T-Mobile so much, then I think I’m also speaking for many other readers here by saying that you should leave. Don’t you have something better to do with your life on a Saturday than sit on a news site all day long for a cell phone company you hate and respond to every single persons comment and saying that T-Mobile sucks?

    • stephan brubaker

      will you please do us all a big favor, cancel your Tmo contract and go sign up with somebody else and go and bitch about how much you hate that company on another blog

      • underdog378

        Its hard for him to cancel his contract when he’s on his parents family plan!

      • mailman13877

        LMAO look at you settlers..Hating on me now.Sorry but i don’t do family plans nor am i a teen to need that kinda thing.I can and will hate on them cuzz they have done nothing to please me since the G1

  • Sheppydog

    No talk and data at the same time? What?! I was on my way home from work and was talking to my wife and looked up movie times to discuss which movie and what time we were going to, didn’t have any issues with that…oh and my GPS from google was running in the background and continued to speak into my headset. TMO was the first company to have WI-FI calling, @home calling, and get android phones. This company has been willing to help with the cost and investment into new research and development of lots of new technology that has benefitted many different sectors of electronics/communications worldwide.

  • eMoCzTmO

    4.3″ SCREEN

    • Wilma Flintstone

      You’re joking right? Please tell me you are joking. You honestly believe that by this years end, Tmobile will be the only carrier with a Dual Core 4.3 in HTc Device? You’re Dreaming!!! By this years end, At&t, Sprint and Verizon will have (Not Probably, they WILL) Dual core 4.3 devices that will be better than this one. At this time, I’m more interested in the Tmo version of the Dell Streak.

      There is also rumor that there will be 2GHz phones by the end of the year and I’m guessing that Tmobile will not be on the forefront of that market.

      How are you going to introduce HTC and Android to the Mass Market (I know HTC was out before the G1 but Tmobile made them popular with the Huge G1 release) yet you get shafted by the same people you helped become who they are and now you have the crappiest selection of their hardware and software that they give?

  • wojax2

    Ummm. I’m here to admit something people..I happened to be one of the disgruntled t-mo posters who posted some negative views on the t-mo galaxy s version without the FFC yesterday. I pondered jumping to sprint for the EVO or AT&T for the iphone 4,but after spending time with both devices today I have to admit, they are not really that great guys.The EVo first off looks exactly like my HD2,without the FFC camera and android(which by the way only works with videocalling and not taking self portraits.) The IPHONE 4g is tiny and just really is not impressive like everyone says it is. The screen looks good but it really isnt that eyepopping when compared to a iphone 3gs side by side. Honestly I was kind of disapointed to be totally real.I tried the FFC on the IPHONE 4g and yeah it looks good but you can only use it over wifi?. The camera on the EVO didn’t even look as good as my HD2!! .I don’t know whats up with the camera but, it really was underwhelming.I didn’t get too much of a chance to take a picture with the IPHONE 4g. Finishing this conversation about why the samsung vibrant wont be as good as blah,blah,blah ,is really senseless. Let me tell you as one of the haters of this phone at first I can tell you ,I will be selling my HD2 to get this phone..This phone will compete fine with the other phones guys. Trust me I’ve tried the latest and greatest out right now. No FFC or flash or not, this will still be a helluva phone..trust me.

    • NiiDiddy

      hmmm…very interesting, wojax2. thanks for sharing. i know i am going for the vibrant, and i was actually been behind the vibrant despite the lack of ffc and led flash. i also played with Evo and iPhone4 because I have a friend who owns both and trying to decide which one to keep. we were actually doing a bunch of comparisons only this morning. the Evo sucked in video play back [esp sound] and taking quality pics compared to the iPhone4. also tried calling skype with fring on Evo using the ffc and wifi – video feedback was terrible [we did it over home wifi]. outside of the screen display on the ip4 for me, i really wasn’t feeling it. besides, we were able to recreate every flaw/bug that has so far been reports with the ip4; especially with the antenna issue, you have to have like a hard protective case around it for the bars not to drop.

      all in all, after so many tests and comparisons, my friend will keep the ip4 though small, heavy and high sar. but for me, it was an eye opener…they are all not that perfect. i will get the vibrant.

    • Wilma Flintstone

      Sorry Wojax but your argument against the Evo is Weak. I agree with you about the iPhone 4 though.

      Why would you want to take a self portrait with the possibly 1.3MP front facing camera when you have a 8MP camera on the back that takes WAAAAAYYYYYY better quality shots?

      Now I also slightly agree that the vibrant is a decent phone but you can’t just overlook not having a FFC and Flash when you complain about not being able to take a self portrait on the 1.3MP FFC. You can’t overlook a bigger problem with the vibrant and complain about a smaller one to belittle the competition.

      • wojax2

        UMM, have you actually had time to use the device?….I have.

      • Wilma Flintstone

        yes I have and it’s alot better than this buggy HD2 I’m stuck with even with the screen problems. I can say, seeing as how I’m on my 3rd HD2 since launch for hardware and software problems, that the Evo is waaayyy better than you’re trying to make it sound. And seriously, your argument about taking pictures with the ffc is weak. Why would you want to take pics with the crappy ffc when you have a 8mp camera on the back that takes great pics? The ffc is not for taking snapshots, its sole purpose is to do video calls. Sorry Wojax but until you can give a valid reason as to why the Evo sucks then you don’t have a good argument against it. I agree that the iphone 4 sucks though.

  • soon2TMO

    umm 7.2 mbs is actually HSPA+, it’s just that this phone wont be pushing 21 mbs which is the fastest max speed of hspa+..

    as the spec says above, it will benefit from HSPA+ but it’s not a HSPA device that can push 21 mbs..

    and if 7.2 mbs is faster than sprints 4G and the evo having video calls via qik , then tmo’s 7.2 mbs should be able to handle video calls easily..
    so why do they have to take it off for?

    and also , i think it was TMO who requested to take that feature off from the phone.. probably because they didn’t want to go all out with this device since this is their first high-end android, but will pamper the customers this x-mas with all these nice features on their next high-end devices.. that would be a nice gift to ourselves.. LOL

  • spyderwebb

    i cant decide its either the EVO or the Vibrant both look good and the plans are good on both comps. and hellz no on the att iphone 20 dollars extra for tethering

    • Wilma Flintstone

      Simple, get the EVO. I’ve demoed it and it’s Great and it’s cheaper in the plans too. Sprint $69 for unlimited (Cell to Cell, Text and Web) against Tmo’s $80+ for the same thing.

      I know most people will try to argue that Sprints is only for Cell Phone to Cell Phone and that you only get 450 min Landline talk, well first, most people don’t call landlines that much anymore anyway, secondly, if you must call landlines, get Google Voice and you can call the landline from that for guess what FREE and Send Text for guess what FREE so your argument there is moot anyone that tries to argue that point.

      • Might switch to TMob

        +plus $10 to lease your hardware on Sprint with an EVO or any new 4g enabled smartphone. So Sprint EVO plans start at $79. Check explainthefee.com

      • stephan brubaker

        and if that’s the case, guess what you can do the same thing on T-mo. use Google voice and it will be Free so you just argued for Tmo too

      • stephan brubaker

        Also i just did some research and i hate to burst your bubble but the calls from google voice do apply to your Airtime charges. When you choose to call from google voice, it calls a number that forwards your call and displays your google voice number. Same as when people call your Google voice number.

      • Wilma Flintstone

        Sorry the bubble you tried to burst has burst protection insurance. Google Voice does not use any carrier airtime minutes. If so, I wouldn’t know people that use it daily and get charged nothing for it so your point is moot. I’ve even used it a few times to make long distance calls and guess what, I got charged nothing along with my minutes stayed the same.

      • wojax2

        Wilma. Other than android and a front facing camera, what is the difference between this and the HD2? I also own one of those and had to exchange it twice. The issues are software related not hardware. The EVO basically has the same hardware as the HD2. And dont use the 4g argument. T-mo’s 3g is just as fast.the screen=same the internals =almost exact…

      • soon2TMO


        i agree, the hd2 and evo are practically the similar phones except for the software differences, but hardware wise they are the identical..

        another difference is that the evo only has more features.. that’s all..

  • SW

    Most likely the camera was taken off due to site capacity reasons. A video call will suck a lot of throughput. All the throughput is shared on a cell site among all users. So you have a few video calls up and it will take away from that user tethering or trying to use apps. This is the biggest problem with data sticks as well. They use much more data then than phones because you are pulling more content over the computer compared to a handset. Also HSPA+ is not officially launched. T-Mobile may want to get the HSPA+ coverage footprint bigger before it starts advertising it so customer satisfaction will be as promised. Also about “Surfing and Talking” This is a feature of Wideband CDMA (WCDMA/UMTS) T-Mobile and ATT are the only true 3G networks that support this called MutiRAB. Not available on EDGE/2G. On EDGE the data session will stop while on a voice call and resume once the call has ended. So surf and talk away while on T-Mobile’s true 3G network.

  • PRVD

    I was told my a T-Mobile rep. the Vibrant would be available Wednesday June 30th.
    I hope that’s true.

    • TranquilNight

      I wish.

    • soonTMO

      i wish toooo!!!

    • soon2TMO

      i wish too..

  • Danny

    Complete and utter fail..

    Tmo is clearly run by people who are out of touch with today’s market.

  • Myg1

    @mailman your the Idiot that say tmobiles network can’t talk and surf at the same time…i do it all the time on 3g you don’t seem to know alot on how to work your phone and sorry I don’t work for tmobile I have friends that work for them…if you can’t wait to get another phone just leave or maybe your gone already your just now angry cuz your paying an arm and leg for your hard working money..this phone will do just fine most peoples will luke just the fact that its big and finally has a 1ghz..my my touch slide is already fast for doing what i need…i don’t need to have sll that extra stuff..im kinda sad that they don’t have flash thats all..but I’m fine..you all didn’t ask for this ffc and stuff before now you see that the evo iphone 4 has it and you wan’t it to be on this phone too..what do you want next in a phone? an home surround theater system with dts? Lmao..it’s technology…if you can’t settle for this phone just leave and don’t come back and bash it..

  • alex

    i can’t decide!!!!!! I am going to get a mytouch slide no contract, my contract ends October, but i really want to stick to he mytouch phones, i love the fact that there are a lo of gel skins, etc. and that HTC made it, but the Vibrant, has SUPER AMOLED,plays .avi formats which i have like 40 something movies on my ps3 that are .avi formats. I’ll probably just go with the Vibrant, and see if a super mytouch comes out, sucks though no FFC, im not really disapointed in it not having flash, because it was never promised, although what is the point of have a 720p 5mp camera with no flash?

  • alex

    has anyone realized if you go to tmobile.com, and search vibrant it comes out saying coming soon, but when you click details it redirects you where the other phones are.

  • Antonio

    T-mobile NEEDS to give MORE attention to customers commentaries…

  • Celtic
    • Stillwaiting

      So it will come with 16 GB of memory, that answers another question

    • taaars

      how you find that?..I went on the site..nada..but its good to know it will have 16gb, like I said before, the ffc may have been sacrificed for 16gb memory and to keep the price down

      • TranquilNight

        Yea lol if so, I’ll take it!

      • keele8

        There is a search box on Tmobile.com, just type vibrant and it will come up, or type in samsung. Either option brings it up, but when you click on details it takes you to the phones they are selling right now and there is no other info.

    • Nick

      Hah, good find. Can’t wait for pricing info.

  • lev

    What I do like about this phone is how thin it is,9.9 mm and how light it is, I mean I have the evo right now, 30 day trial, and love it, but, it is kind of big, and heavy, I am curious to see what will happen on this event on the 29th, and what peoples impressions will be of the vibrant, yeah it may be plasticky, but, the specs are pretty good, except for a few things, if anything, I am curious to see it in action

  • raymond

    i also have the evo and love it i have about maybe 26 days left to return it
    the battery dies fast though have to figure out the problem with that -_-

  • MM

    So what does everyone think will be revealed on the countdown? Seems like a very odd time to have a countdown end. I’m hoping they atleast give us the release date. It’s going to suck if the release date is another month away, come on already. Other carriers will probably have several new phones out by then…

  • ballsdeepinvajj

    there is no ffc camera and its supposedly being released on the 30th i just called tmo

  • eelpout

    Argh. This trend of removing trackpads from phones when they hit the US market sucks. Stupid iPhone, it’s your fault.

    • eelpout

      oops my mistake. looks like there was no trackpad to being with.

      • eelpout


  • JoeKavalier

    If this comes out on the the 30th (of June, not July) I’m on board. My G1 is getting on its last legs and I was just given a loyalty plan, so I’m saving a tiny bit monthly by staying.

    Having said that, if I gotta wait another month, then the Evo is where I’m going. Sprints plan is the same price as Tmo’s with the their Simply Everything plan and it’s a pretty solid device. Also glossed over is just how great the Family Plan pricing is for Sprint. They’re family plans got 30 dollars less a month than Tmo, with pretty much unlimited everything, with the free mobile to mobile being the most important difference. The only thing Tmo has over Sprint right now as far as I’m concerned is their customer service, which is not an insignificant advantage.

    There is a lot of Tmobile hate and love on this board that I think is a little bizarre. I like Tmo enough to have had them for 6 years now, but some of the points brought up by the “haters” are valid regardless of how eloquent their posts are. And you can’t blame them for having a problem with this device not being HSPA+ when the speed of it is what’s cited by any Tmo rep you call when you bring up 4g potential to them.

    An easy solution for Tmo would be to offer the Nexus One at a good price. It’s still a great phone and would probably fit the needs of a lot of hardcore gadget geeks and be a good solution for the people out there looking for a replacement for their G1’s. If only they could get Google on board it could solve a lot of Tmo and Googles issues with the Nexus One, and pull what many consider a “dead” device back into relevance.

    • Nick

      I’m in the same boat. Nexus is around the corner, but I really think the Vibrant is a much better phone. As far as the evo goes, battery live alone is reason enough to get the Vibrant instead.

  • I really like this phone and was seriously considering buying it. I just bought the HTC HD2 a few months back and love it. I really want an Android phone and thought this was it. I really like the specs and the design of the phone. I guess what’s throwing me off is that they took the front camera off. I know some may say this is silly but it’s that one little extra thing that would have put it over a number of new smart phones who don’t have it.

  • daffy

    Just wondering is something special suppose to happen when the countdown hits zero?

  • J

    Imho Judging by the posts on this board It seems that 4 a small few of u the lack of ffc, flash, or hspa+ is a dealbreaker but the majority say they will buy it anyway.. and this is probably the exact conclusion the big wigs @tmo came 2 after studying the data from numerous focus groups.. although ffc’s r in the grass roots stage(here n the u.s. anyway) it will def become standard in the next 2-3yrs.. tmo mightve been forced 2 hunker down make some tough decisions that might hurt now but pay off ltr I.e. investing billions n2 there hspa+ network.. tho some of u techies n die hard android fans might feel offended.. the fact is u don’t represent the base of tmo u.s.a’s customers.. their base is the teenie boppers addicted 2 texting and social networking so much so they work min wage jobs or beg their parents 2 buy em every new sidekick that comes out if even its disguised under a diff name er uh mytouch slide lol.. also tmo appeals 2 ppl who have moderate 2 bad credit and choose tmo strictly 4 that reason regardless of their phone line-up.. so its obvious that the vibrant isn’t tmo’s new flagship phone(I mean its jus a variant of the galaxy which is available on other networks) this makes me believe that the vibrant is merely a stop gap measure geared 2 hold off potential ip4 defectors all the while offering jus enuff features Samoled, hummingbird etc 4 u g1ers 2 use as an acceptable upgrade bcuz admit it or not the vibrant is a upgrade from the g1.. I’m lookn 4ward 2 seeing tmo do big things n the 4th qtr of this yr.. finally offering a new exclusive flagship phone that’s appeals 2 all their customers and may b enuff 2 attract new customers plus subscribers of other networks.. gingerbread cookies any1 lol.. so htc vision u say?! Hmmm might b enuff 2 break my addiction 2 unlocked iphone’s on tmobile(sad but true smh).. oh yeah @mailboy I’m curious what network r u switching 2 after ur contract ends? .. or r u gonna start ur own bcuz obviously ur a phone guru who’ll make a fantastic ceo one day dws(dripping with sarcasm)

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      J… great comments, but you need to press the “enter” key to separate new thoughts. Some of your best points are difficult to see because they are contained in one looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong paragraph.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Yeah, I am a little disappointed to see this is not a HSPA+ phone, but we have to remember that our T-Mobile handsets are still plenty fast. (Besides, speed tests statistics have shown that all carriers average connections LESS THAN 1 kbps!)

    Here’s a composite I made of test results I ran last month:


    And as “J” says above, this is not a T-Mobile flagship superphone. Those will come out for the Holidays 2010. (Further evidence of this is that the phone is debuting 1) during the summer; 2) without a lot of media hype; 3) near the iPhone 4 launch; and most significant 5) T-Mobile does not have the exclusive.

    Think about the non-exclusive aspect of all this. Why would T-Mobile trumpet the SGS if all carriers are getting it. I don’t know about you, but I would not treat the Samsung Galaxy S as that big a deal if all my competitors and the whole friggin world is gonna have it (Samsung said it plans on making the phone available in 145 countries, or something like that.)

    Yes, currently it will be the hottest and nicest Android-based touchscreen only smartphone in T-Mobile’s lineup, and that’s a good thing.

    Me? I am getting this phone because its specs are outstanding for an Android-based phone (IMHO it’s the best Android-based phone currently on the market, mainly because of the processor and SAMOLED screen), I need that Super AMOLED screen, so I can see the damn thing in the bright sun (I do a lot of walking here in San Francisco) and because it’s a great phone to tide me over until the holidays.

    So calm down folks. Yeah, if you want something that will be your phone for two year, I’d pass on it. No way this phone will be “current” after this holiday’s offerings debut. If you get this phone expecting to keep it until 2012, you will be depressed, probably as soon as November 2010!

    But those of you who have more than one line and/or are like me (I get new phones every four to six months, sell my “old ones” on eBay for near to what I paid) then buy the SGS when it debuts.

    My decision won’t be on whether to get the SGS since I plan to. I have to decide if I will sell my HD2, which I love (Windows 6.5 is extremely versatile, customizable, and there’s millions in the support community) or if I should keep it simply because it will always be a nice phone. Heck, just using it as a min-computer, video player and PDA makes it worth the price.

    I just bought a red Slide for my GF (because that’s a great phone for her) and if I buy the SGS, well… that’s too much money to have tied up in phones. So the HD2 may have to go on the auction block, literally.

    Sidenote: No LED flash, no FFC, no, no, no…. Yes, the list of “No’s” can get pretty long. I can understand people feeling upset about the SGS. But it is what it is and simply wait to get something else. I guarantee you that you will be super impressed with T-Mobile’s holiday offerings.

    And remember, we can find something wrong with any phone on the market (as recent as the iPhone’s yellow banding, dead pixels, and what has not been dubbed the “grip of death” antenna issue.

    Or look at the Evo. One could easily look at the Evo and say “What, it does not have a SAMOLED display? What, no 4G service here in San Francisco, but I still have to pay for it? What, it does not have physical keys on the front? ‘What’s with this “light leakage?'”


    • taaars

      Dont forget, Iphone4 are fairly fragile little units…so a case is almost a MUST for them (I have a case regardless, but some people dont like them).

    • TranquilNight

      Dude, NO phone will last a couple of months before better ones come out. Case in point: Evo 4G. That phone sure was a killer, for a short while that is.
      No need to be sad that better phones are coming out, because in 2 years you’ll get one that is A LOT better than the one you have, so the upgrade is very much so worth it.

  • soon2TMO

    why did my avatar changed??? i liked my old avatar.. LOL it’s easier to find my posts with those teeth! LOL

    sorry for the off topic..

  • MedicBMC

    Will the vibrant be able to receive updates?

    • mailman13877

      The vibrant should be able to get updates but based on the Samsung Behold 2 Sammy promised 2.0 and the phone can’t take it so now they are being taking to court or some thing like that..Engadget had a story on it recently.That’s why i wouldn’t mess with the Vibrant if i was you unless you know for sure.Im not telling you don’t get it but be cautious first.

  • mailman13877

    SMFH..look at some of you TMO lovers..You guys live in and imaginary world thinking TMO will do this and that but they wont.Dude posted b4 that there dual core will have FFC, flash and many features like he tells the future.Who told you that??The only thing TMO is bringing you is the wack MOTO Charm and i bet you guys are happy again..SETTLERS..how come MOTO never gives TMO the good phones like they do with Verizon??Cuzz TMO is to cheap to pay for em.What the hell is the Charm supposed to help em do for uping their image?

  • jscarano
  • TranquilNight

    There it is… http://galaxy-s.t-mobile.com/
    Guess what NO SURPRISES… July 21st.. Oh well..

    • Nick

      Tmo never fails to disappoint… Still getting it.

    • Jay

      And no new information? BS, when is it getting released? How much is it unsubsidized? Just release it already!!!

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      I think we should note that many of the rumors posted on this Site prove to be accurate. Some things were talked about over a month ago.

      And people did well on the Twitter clues too (the ones who guessed that the SGS would be coming with the Sims 3 on it.

      Sidenote: And I think it’s friggin awesome that T-Mobile is giving full length movies with the phones. What other carrier does that!

      The SGS will come with Avatar, that’s noteworthy in itself.

      Had I known that I would not have bought the DVD for $17 (albeit the DVD looks fantastic on my HDTV.)

  • MM

    Yippee i get to wait another month before i can get the Vibrant! Just release the phone already…

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      That’s only three weeks. I don’t know about you, but that’s like tomorrow for me. I have one major task that will keep me super busy until July 9, after that it’s 12 days to SGS time.

      And until that time I am going to have fun playing with my GF’s new Slide, that I am not going to give her until I am good and ready. LOL. She does not even know I got it and she is fine with the G1 anyway.

      Guess next week I’ll sell the HD2 on eBay. I can’t have $1350 tied up in phones. (Slide $344; HD2 $500 – inc. tax; SGS probably another $500) That’s insane. After all these are cell phones.

      Then again, smartphones and electronics are my heroin. I can’t help myself. Maybe I need an intervention.

      I digress, forgive me.

  • MM
  • StuckInTexas


    Not sure if I want to laugh or cry. Here is the Sprint version of the Pro, QWERTY, Flash, FFC and ……4G.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Wow… good find. Well we knew that was coming to Sprint. But since no one is getting the exclusive on the SGS, maybe T-Mobile too will be getting the Pro.

      Interesting, that now becomes the hottest Android handset with a physical keyboard. IMHO.

      And now that Verizon is getting the “Fascinate” that makes the SGS debut complete. (And U. S. Cellular is also getting it.)

      Guess Samsung was true to its word, everyone and their mothers’ uncle is getting the SGS.

      Sidenote: I wonder if Samsung is naming these. Kind of corny names. I’m gonna name em better.

      T-Mobile = Vibrant = Vibrator

      AT&T = Captivate = Constipate

      Sprint = Epic = Eunich

      Verizon = Fascinate = Fornicate

  • Ansel

    They just posted some new info about the Samsung Vibrant:

    and they just tweeted the official date of July 21st like everybody didn’t know it already lol:


  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Not sure if this was posted yet, but here’s a link to T-Mobile’s Vibrant page.



    Also, here is the official press release.


  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    This stupid site is doing that moderation thing again, where some of my posts with links don’t get posted. So here it is again. Just insert the dot com.


    Not sure if this was posted yet, but here’s a link to T-Mobile’s Vibrant page.



    Also, here is the official press release.


  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Here is what the T-Mobile page says, if you can’t get to the links:

    Entertainment never looked better
    The Samsung Vibrant™ is a sleek Android™-powered smartphone with a stunning 4″ Super AMOLED screen that makes everything you experience more beautiful.

    Preloaded with T-Mobile® exclusive The Sims™ 3 Collector’s Edition from EA

    Preloaded with James Cameron’s Avatar™

    Watch live and on-demand TV with MobiTV™

    Read the most popular books with Kindle® for Android

    Access to GoGo® Inflight Internet and Slacker Radio®

    Access to thousands of apps on Android Market™

    The Samsung Vibrant, a Galaxy S Phone, Exclusively from T-Mobile,

    – Get your hands on it July 21st –

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Sorry, did not see all the other posts. My page was stuck in my browser’s cache so your posts did not show up. Oh well.

  • MedicBMC

    Nicee! How much is MobiTV? I just went on there site and saw nothing about any pricing programs. I’ve got an iphone 3gs that I absolutely HATE and I just put in on craigslist. It feels good to be going back to android. I miss my G1 though R.I.P.

  • It’s too bad they did not opt for the QWERTY version, the Galaxy S Pro (which is available on Sprint). So much for offering choices… :-(

  • Tony

    everyone arguing about the front facing camera issue, its actually not that important right now video quality sucks with video chat services on android namely Fring i tried this with my mytouch (yes you can video chat with it) against my friends backflip (which worked wonderful for videochat as the camera slides out backwards making the camera and screen accessible at the same time) and call/video quality was horrid. we tried on wifi as well and the results were about the same even making a test call on fring’s servers was bad the audio and video suck. I cant really speak for qik though as i havent really tried it but i just want to tell everyone that video chat imo is hugely overated at this point in order to make a video call all the stars have to be aligned just right, they technology in the US is highly premature. Trust me if you did have the feature it would rarely get used. Maybe in a couple years the technology will prove itself useful but not right now. Just a thought to the people dismissing devices without a front facing camera, because the vibrant really does seem like a nice device.

    • pimpstrong

      thx i feel a lot more relieved hearing that from a hands on user. I was on the fence bcz of the FFC but I’ve moved passed it and its SGV FTW!

  • mu

    The real question is..do I get this phone or wait till November\December for the “HTC Emerald” secret…but not secret phone.
    Dual Core,Droid 3.0,etc…..

    I’m getting a phone…it’s just a question of should I wait?

    • pimpstrong

      at $450(anticipated price) I’m buying the SGV now and use my upgrade for the HSPA+ beast Crhistmas time.

      • Rob Arms

        I’m thinking of doing the same thing “mu”. I’ll go in and play with the Vibrant whenit comes out and decide for sure then.

  • mailman13877ISAMORON!

    mailman13877… You are a moron! First tmo is coming out with mass new android phones this year… the mytouch 3, another in the g line, a new tmo version of the nexus one, all in addition to the Vibrant… And if you can’t surf and talk at the same time, maybe it’s cause you don’t know how to use a phone and quit your complaining. A friggin tmo blackberry can surf the web and talk on the phone at the same time. Yesterday I was on the phone and downloading a facebook pic so i could then text it to someone while being on the phone with them all on the mytouch slide… which by the way, I’ve tested against the evo4g on download speeds. The slide beat it down. A lil’ better on download speed, twice as fast on upload, and twice as fast on latency… Same results I expected based off of the unbiased phonescoop testing they did in philly. Check their site, the results are posted. The tmo network blows att’s and sprints outta the water. Now just battling to get Verizon like network quality (on coverage, already twice as fast downloads with the hspa+). Oh and if you think the evo is cool, check out the info on the hd3… Not running winmo anymore sir… HD3 w/android w/HSPA+ (which is faster than sprint4g) = better than evo… You sir, are a MORON :) Have a nice day

    • Mike

      youre a moron. the hd3 “leaked” specs are fake.

  • Ryan

    http://www.mobilespeedtest.com/results/1121087547.jpg I am feeling good about the speed for now.

  • Well, the t-mobile is not going to fall back in the race with the other competetors in the market. This new vibrant look samsung mini would definitely be a success story, provide no other service providers realizes it.

  • Danim0913

    Its there anyway the avatar movies can b redownloaded if deleted?